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         Suriname Culture:     more detail
  1. Executive Report on Strategies in Suriname, 2000 edition (Strategic Planning Series) by The Suriname Research Group, The Suriname Research Group, 2000-11-02
  2. The production of sugar and the reproduction of slaves at Vossenburg (Suriname), 1705-1863 (Caribbean culture studies) by H. E Lamur, 1987
  3. Evolving culture: A cross-cultural study of Suriname, West Africa, and the Caribbean by Charles J Wooding, 1981
  4. Alabi's World (Johns Hopkins Studies in Atlantic History and Culture) by Richard Price, 1990-05-01
  5. Co-wives and Calabashes (Women and Culture Series) by Sally Price, 1993-06-01
  6. The Guiana Maroons: A Historical and Bibliographical Introduction (Johns Hopkins Studies in Atlantic History and Culture) by Richard Price, 1976-11-01
  7. The Politics of Passion: Women's Sexual Culture in the Afro- Surinamese Diaspora (Between Men--Between Women) by Gloria Wekker, 2006-04-04
  8. John Gabriel Stedman's collection of 18th-century artifacts from Suriname by Richard Price, 1979
  9. The Javanese in Suriname: Ethnicity in an Ethnically Plural Society by Parsudi Suparlan, 1995
  10. Culture, structure and ethnic enterprise: The Surinamese of Amsterdam (EUROMED working paper) by Jeremy Boissevain, 1985

21. Caribbean CHOICE - Your Gateway To The Caribbean!
Suriname Flag suriname culture and History. Suriname is located on the northeast coast of South America. There is the Corntyne River in the west of the

22. Members Page
has been to Suriname and took in a great deal of the diverse culture of that country. a law graduate with special interest in suriname culture.
Member's Page Home Books For Your Diary [ Members Page ] Oware Web Links History Diaspora ... Culture Members Page Content CO-ABITARE MEMBERS' ACTIVITIES THE ROODE LOOPERS POSTCARD FROM DOMINICA ... MEMBERS' ACTIVITIES CO-ABITARE Co Abitare (living together) is an exhibition of carpets made by the Venetian Artist Anna Moro-Lin, on show at the Museo di Palazzo Mocenigo in Venice until 28th February, 2004. Anna was waiting for the New Year 2003 to arrive with me in London when she began to plan her Art project for 2004. In January 2003, Anna asked her friends to write a short piece about themselves. She received forty replies, including poems, autobiographies, drawings, a music score, a family tree, and a prayer. Anna was astounded at the response and began to think how best to incorporate them into a work of art. She said that the carpet idea came to her when she was in a garden in Venice with her students and she began to concentrate on the landscape. She mused on the unseen but most essential part of the garden, the Roots. These Roots, she said, create kepos (a Greek word meaning creativity space). According to Anna a carpet often represents a garden; it occupies space and its shape establishes the borders with the outside world. She continued "Our link with the carpet is not only physical. It is mentally possible to stand on one and collect your thoughts, concentrate, pray, fly..."

Offers general information about tours and expeditions.
German web: Nature and Culture
Come discover Suriname - Friendly, Pristine and Welcoming
Suriname is a land of enormous cultural diversity and one of the few spots in the world where the tropical rainforest still completely virginal. The Republic of Suriname is the second smallest nation of the South American continent (63.675 sq. miles), as well as the least explored and least densely inhabited tropical country in the world, with 420,000 inhabitants consisting mainly of Amerindians, Afro-Surinamers or Creoles, East Indians, Javanese and Chinese. About 90 percent of the Surinamese population resides in the country's costal area. Suriname has tremendous ecotourism potential and in fact, was in the early 1970's one of the first countries to carry out successful rainforest tourism. Suriname has extraordinary ecotourism allure, an undisturbed rainforest wilderness and cultural attractions that are unique and mot to be found in the rest of South America. The country's unusual blend of African (including the Bushnegro cultures of the interior), Asian, European and native Amerindian culture elements contribute to Suriname's tourism appeal. These attractions offer significant opportunities for Suriname to capitalize upon its competitive advantage over other tropical tourism destinations.
Postal address
S.T.O Suriname Travel Organization

24. The Guianas
Provides information on the lives and culture of the preColumbian Indians of the Guianas.
The archaeology of the Guianas
A focus on
Life and culture of the pre-Columbian Indians of the Guianas
The history of prehistoric archaeological research in Suriname
Suriname before Columbus
A hafted Amerindian stone axe recovered from the Suriname River
Une hache de pierre amérindienne emmanchée découverte dans la rivière Suriname ( ...
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Last update January 2005

25. Page Title
Features history and culture of the Aukan people, current ministry projects, volunteer opportunities, prayer and giving information, and a photo gallery.
One Year Anniversary
March 14!
On March 14 Aukaners will gather together to celebrate the one year anniversary of the radio station being on the air. During the year, the radio has broadcasted nightly from 5:00-10:00. Stories from the Bible as well as announcements and current events have been broadcast.
Go ye therefore and teach all nations........
Welcome to:
Presenting the
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Aukan Website
Quick Links: Who are They? History Culture Where are they? Suriname The Jungle What Projects? Medical/Dental Radio The Word on Tape Aukan Visual Bible ... Water Wells Want to Help? Pray Give Want to Come? Volunteers Needs Volunteers Preparation Volunteer Archive Who Partnering? Lassiters Shireys IMB YWAM ... N2 All Nations Bow Fishing the Tapanahoni March 2004 See a 16 foot snake Click Here Who is this? Suriname Flag Aukan Radio Station Miracle!! Honorable Gaanman Gazon Pray for the Aukan Nation! This website is a ministry of There4 International, Inc. Click Daa Moli, an Aukaner from the village of Poketi beats a traditional drum in celebration of the new Aukan Radio Station People stand as Honorable Gaanman Gazon enters for the dedication Service Click for Tower Pictures Click to Listen to Aukan Music!

26. Travel In Paramaribo - Suriname - Culture -®-®Information about travel in Paramaribo,suriname,Accommodation,Hotels,Restaurants,Car Rentals,,Travel Agencies.!
Paramaribo - Culture Suriname's ethnic mix is reflected in the religious allegiances of its people. The most important Christian denominations are Roman Catholic and Moravian Brethren, but many Christian groups also practice traditional African beliefs such as obeah and winti. About 80% of the East Indian population are Hindu. Although Dutch is the official language, the vernacular Sranan (also known as Surinaams), an English-based creole, is widely spoken. Hindi, Javanese, Chinese, Djuka and Saramaccan (both English-based creoles) and various Amerindian languages are also spoken. The development of a strong national arts scene has been hampered by the fact that many of the country's intelligentsia live abroad (mostly in the Netherlands), partly because of greater economic opportunities and partly because of military repression. However, gamelan offers an insight into the cultural life of the Indonesian community; sculpture and carvings express the values of the Amerindian and Bush Negro populations. Suriname's food is an exotic mix of East Indian, Indian, Creole and Chinese cuisines; the cheapest eateries are warungs, Javanese food stalls serving fried noodle and rice dishes.

27. WillGoTo : Suriname, Culture
suriname culture. suriname culture Events (0/0). World heritage (UNESCO) (3/3). Museums (0/0). Music and song (0/0). Same category in a different
Travel guide and directory Suriname
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28. Suriname Destinations, Guides, Information, Shopping, Tourism, Commerce At 123pl
suriname Destinations Web Resources Guides Information People culture Tourism Commerce Finance Economy Shopping. suriname Destinations Web Resources Guides
Please Click here to go to the Suriname page. Suriname Destinations Web Resources ... Shopping
Suriname Destinations Web Resources Guides Information People Culture Tourism Commerce Finance Economy Shopping
If you are looking for any of the following topics: Look no further. You'll find out about Suriname Destinations Web Resources Guides Information People Culture Tourism Commerce Finance Economy Shopping at you will find the expert information you need.
Web Resources
If you are seeking the following information - then we are for you. You are in luck. We will discuss Suriname Destinations Web Resources Guides Information People Culture Tourism Commerce Finance Economy Shopping . As an information source, we teach about Suriname Destinations Web Resources Guides Information People Culture Tourism Commerce Finance Economy Shopping . As a student, you will learn about Suriname Destinations Web Resources Guides Information People Culture Tourism Commerce Finance Economy Shopping .

29. People And Culture
Humans first settled in the Southern savannas of suriname some 10000 years Our modern art scene also draws its inspiration from our cultural diversity.
People and culture
History Humans first settled in the Southern savannas of Suriname some 10,000 years ago, while Arrawak Indians were the first to settle in Suriname's coastal area around 500 AD. Around 1100 AD, Carib Indians also settled in Suriname. Suriname was first seen by whites at the end of the 15th century, namely by the Spaniards, who were not interested in colonizing the area, however. Alonso de Ojeda, who accompanied Columbus, is generally considered Suriname's 'discoverer,' but it is not certain whether he set foot on land. Domingo de Vera took possession of the area for the Spanish crown only in 1593. Suriname became a colony that changed hands between the Spanish, English and Dutch. Plantations were set up during the next centuries as the main economical activity. The labor force on the plantations consisted of African slaves, many of whom escaped to the interior and fought against the white colonists. These escaped slaves and their descendants have developed a unique culture with many African influences. Slavery was abolished in 1863, and contract laborers from China, India and Indonesia replaced the former slaves. However, the plantations had no future, and Suriname's economy soon acquired another base. Bauxite was discovered in the Marowijne area at the beginning of the 20th century, and soon bauxite mining became the most important economic activity, particularly during World War II. Suriname became an autonomous part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in 1954. Full independence was granted in 1975. Now, Suriname is a constitutional democracy seeking its own place in the world.

30. Calendar Of Events
30 Miss Alida Beauty Pageant with emphasis on Africansurinamese culture; 25 Independence Day ( to celebrate the day suriname became an independent
Calendar of events
January 1 New Year’s Day
February 14 Valentine’s Day March
- Holi Phagwa Hindu spring
festival (date varies)
April - Good Friday
- Easter
- Four-day Evening March ( Avondvierdaagse or Wandelmars ) of folkloric groups through Paramaribo’s streets (all these dates vary) May 1 Labor Day
June 30 Miss Alida Beauty Pageant with emphasis on African-Surinamese culture; also held in connection with Emancipation Day July 1 Emancipation Day (to celebrate the abolition of slavery on this date in 1863); center of activities is Paramaribo's Waterfront, with vendors selling food, drinks and other wares - Swim Marathon Domburg-Paramaribo on the Suriname River - SURIPOP Festival for composers (every two years, date varies)
August September October - Diwali Hindu Light Festival (date varies) - Savanna Rally, a test of man and vehicle in the rugged terrain of Suriname's savannas (date varies) - National Art Fair exhibit of Surinamese artists and artisans (date varies) - Sa Ameva Beauty Pageant for Maroon women to celebrate Maroon culture and commemorate the signing of a peace treaty between the Maroons and the authorities in 1762 (date varies, usually first week of October)

31. Hendrison Bungalows
Once you have visited suriname, and enjoyed its diversity of cultures and the suriname s culture is endless. A colourful mix of so many different people
Info Suriname Info Malaria Destinations Tourpackages ... Bersaba Suriname Little is known in the outside world about this tropical paradise. Suriname is what the old very tales called this land " El Dorado" which means the place of Gold. In 1998, an area of 6,000 square miles was declared the Central Suriname Nature Reserve. It is the largest protected tropical forest area in the world. Once you have visited Suriname, and enjoyed its diversity of cultures and the magnificent unspoiled stretch of rainforest, you will be amazed.
The interior of Suriname is unique and, without question, it is a MUST to visit the Maroon and indigenous, Amerindian communities there. The way of life of these people has by and large remained untouched over the centuries. Since tourism to the villages is still in its infancy, they have not yet been corrupted. The inhabitants are usually as curious about you as you are about them. Become acquainted with the culture and hospitality of this fascinating environment, where the past can still be felt. The fascinating Amazone area will show you the beauty of wild life. In the jungle there are more than eight Westerners, life in the interior is of an unfamiliar purity; one valuing nature and closely different apes, hundreds of colourful tropical birds, and numerous unknown plants and insects. For - knit communities.

32. Suriname / Suriname :: Culture & Tourism Links : Kulturális és Idegenforgalmi
International catalogue of culture and tourism. Internationaler kultureller und touristischer Katalog. Nemzetközi kulturális és idegenforgalmi katalógus.
ország Afganisztán Albánia Algéria Amerikai Szamoa Andorra Angola Anguilla Antigua és Barbuda Argentína Aruba Ausztria Ausztrália Azerbajdzsán Bahamák Bahrain Banglades Barbados Belgium Belize Benin Bermuda Bhután Bissau-Guinea Bolívia Bosznia és Hercegovina Botswana Brazília Brunei Darussalam Bulgária Burkina Faso Burma Burundi Cape Verde Central African Republic Ciprus Chile Comoros Cook Szigetek Costa Rica Csehország Csád Dánia Dél-Korea Dél-Afrika Dominika Dominikai Köztársaság Dzsibuti Ecuador Egyenlítõi Guinea Egyesült Arab Emírségek Egyiptom El Salvador Elefántcsontpart Eritrea Észak-Korea Észtország Etiópia Falkland Szigetek Faroe Szigetek Fehér-Oroszország Fidzsi Finnország Francia Guiana Franciaország Fülöp-szigetek Gabon Gambia Ghana Gibraltár Görögország Grenada Grönland Grúzia Guadeloupe Guam Guatemala Guinea Guyana Haiti Holland Antillák Hollandia Honduras Hong Kong Horvátország India Indonézia Irak Irán Írország Izland Izrael Jamaika Japán Jemen Jordánia Jugoszlávia Kajmán Szigetek Kambodzsa Kamerun Kanada Katar Kazahsztán Kenya Kína Kirgizisztán Kiribati Kolombia Kongó Kuba Kuvait Laosz Lengyelország Lesotho Lettország Libanon Libéria Líbia Liechtenstein Litvánia Luxemburg Macau Macedonia Madagaszkár Malawi Maldív Szigetek Mali Malájföld Málta Marokkó Marshall Szigetek Mauritania Mauritius Mexikó Micronesia Moldova Monaco Mongólia Mozambik Nagy-Britannia Namíbia Nauru Németország Nepál Nicaragua Niger Nigéria Norvégia Nyugat-Szamoa Olaszország Oman Oroszország Örményország Pakisztán Palau Panama Pápua Új-Guinea Paraguay Peru Portugália Románia Ruanda Saint Kitts és Nevis Saint Lucia Saint Vincent, Grenadines

33. Javanese In Suriname Strive To Preserve Origins
At 9 August 1890 the first Javanese went ashore in suriname. Scarcity of dalang and experts in Javanese culture hampers the Indonesian Embassy from
Javanen van Suriname - Vertellingen
Javanese in Suriname strive to preserve origins

By: Santo Koesoebjono
The Jakarta Post, March 14, 1999
There was a full moon. Scores of descendants of Javanese indentured laborers had come to attend a wayang kulit (shadow puppet) performance.
The festivity was part of the tradition called bersih desa (cleaning the village) held after the fasting month. The majority of the audience were the elderly, whose emotional attachment to their culture of origin is stronger than that of their children and grandchildren.
The performance took place in the illuminated open hall in the home of a Javanese family. People sat on floor mats or chairs, facing the grouped leather puppets neatly arranged on banana trunks. They watched the show from behind the dalang (puppet master) and gamelan (musical instruments) players.
On the other side of the screen a number of women played cards for money. Others watched television. Children played under the street lamp outside. The hostess putting on this traditional event offered all the guests a meal comprising a plate of rice with three different dishes, dessert and soft drinks. In the meantime, the gamelan continued playing and the pesinden (female singers) singing and smoking before the wayang performance started at ten o’clock.

34. Towards A New "Javaneseness"
At 9 August 1890 the first Javanese went ashore in suriname. that the Surinam Javanese culture has been influenced by other ethnic groups in suriname as
Javanen van Suriname - Vertellingen
At 9 August 1890 the first Javanese went ashore in Suriname. Between 1890 and 1939 some 33,000 people migrated from Central and East Java to Suriname, a country four time the size of West Java and located in the northeast of South America (Ismael, 1949; Suparlan, 1976; de Waal Malefijt, 1963). They were lured into working in plantations by the Dutch colonial administration. They were promised riches by the end of the five-year contract when they would return to their villages. These promises turned out for many of them to be false. By the end of the contract many Javanese were not rich. Around 7,600 persons were "carried back" in the first half of the 20th century (Ismael, 1949). At present the Surinam Javanese migrants are divided into three main groups. The first group is the majority who remained in Suriname, got married and formed the Javanese diaspora . This community strives to preserve and develop its culture in the new homeland. The Javanese form the third largest ethnic group in Suriname after Creoles and Hindus of Indian origin, and represent some 20 % of the total population of around 400,000. In contrast to the Hindustanis, who also arrived as indentured labourers, the socio-economic development of the Javanese in Suriname is still poorly documented (Hoefte, 1998) .

35. Suriname: UNESCO Culture Sector
culture Collection of National Copyright Laws Latin America and the Caribbean The law applicable in suriname is the Copyright law of 1913.
Send Contact var static_ko="15504"; var static_section="201"; var static_langue="en"; Africa Arab States Asia and the Pacific Europe and North America ... Suriname Suriname This law is not currently available on our website.
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36. Suriname: UNESCO Secteur De La Culture
Translate this page La loi applicable au suriname est la loi sur le droit d’auteur de 1913. Cette loi n’est actuellement pas disponible sur notre site.
Envoyer Contact var static_ko="15504"; var static_section="201"; var static_langue="fr"; Recueil des lois nationales sur le droit d'auteur Afrique Etats arabes Asie et Pacifique ... Suriname Suriname La loi applicable au Suriname est la loi sur le droit d’auteur de 1913. Cette loi n’est actuellement pas disponible sur notre site.
Responsabilité Mise à jour: 2003-10-22 1:44 pm Ressources

37. Suriname - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Main article culture of suriname. Due to the mix of population groups, the surinamese culture is very diverse. Hinduism in suriname Music of suriname
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Republiek Suriname Flag Coat of Arms Motto : Justitia - Pietas - Fides
: Justice - Piety - Loyalty) Anthem God zij met ons Suriname Capital Paramaribo ... Independence
From the Netherlands
November 25


3/km² ( GDP PPP
Suriname dollar SRD Time zone ... DST ART ( UTC not observed UTC Internet TLD .sr Calling code The Republic of Suriname , more commonly known as Suriname or Surinam , (formerly known as Netherlands Guiana and Dutch Guiana ) is a country in northern South America , in between French Guiana to the east and Guyana to the west. The southern border is shared with Brazil and the northern border is the Atlantic coast. The most southern parts of the borders with Guyana and French Guiana are disputed (upper Corantijn and Marowijne rivers—the map shows the Guyana and French Guiana versions of the border).
Main article: History of Suriname Though Dutch traders had established several colonies in the Guyanas region before around , the Dutch did not get full control of what is now Suriname until the Treaty of Breda , settling the end of the Second Anglo-Dutch War After becoming an autonomous part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in independence was granted in . A military regime led by D©si Bouterse ruled the country in the , until democracy was re-established in edit
Main article: Politics of Suriname Suriname is a democracy based on the 1987 constitution . The government's legislative branch is the National Assembly, consisting of 51 members. These members are elected every five years.

38. Atlas: Suriname
Facts on suriname flags, maps, geography, history, statistics, disasters current Upto-date information on Government, Economy, Population culture
@import url("/css/atlas-styles.css"); in All Infoplease Almanacs Biographies Dictionary Encyclopedia
Daily Almanac for
Sep 26, 2005

39. A Virtual Travel To Suriname - Destination Suriname
Destination suriname, a virtual travel guide to the former Dutch Guiana. This page aims to give you a broad overview of suriname s art, culture, people,
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the countries of the world Home Continents The Americas Suriname
Destination Suriname, a virtual travel guide to the former Dutch Guiana. This page aims to give you a broad overview of Suriname's art, culture, people, environment, geography, history, economy and government.
Beside a country profile with facts and figures, the page contains links to sources which provide you with all the information you need to know about this South American nation, e.g.: official web sites of Suriname, addresses of Surinamese and foreign embassies, domestic airlines, city- and country guides with travel and tourism information on accomodation, tourist attractions, events and more like weather information, maps, statistics and local newspapers from Suriname.
Official Sites
Map News Culture ... Additional Links
Country Profile

of Suriname Background:
Independence from the Netherlands was granted in 1975. Five years later the civilian government was replaced by a military regime that soon declared a socialist republic. It continued to rule through a succession of nominally civilian administrations until 1987, when international pressure finally brought about a democratic election. In 1989, the military overthrew the civilian government, but a democratically elected government returned to power in 1991.
(Source: CIA - The World Factbook) border countries: Brazil French Guiana Guyana
related countries: Netherlands
Official Name: Republiek Suriname short form: Suriname

40. Suriname - LANIC
The Archaeology of the Guianas Life and culture of the PreColumbian Indians of the Internet in suriname TILAN, Trends in Latin American Networking
Academic Research Resources

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