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         Super Nova:     more books (57)
  1. Nova's Super-Galactic Pop-Up (Nova the Robot) by David Kirk, 2005-10-20
  2. Super Chevy Nova's Handbook HP1339: Restoration and Performance for 1962-1967 Chevy Novas by Editors of Super Chevy Magazine, 2000-09-01
  3. Super nova and the rogue satellite by Angus MacVicar, 1969
  4. Super nova and the rogue satellite by Angus MacVicar, 1970
  5. Super nova and the frozen man by Angus MacVicar, 1971
  6. Brunswick Super Nova Volume 724 by Patricia Haskell, 1972
  7. Annihilation Super Skrull #4
  8. Complexo de Clark Kent: Sao super-homens os jornalistas? (Novas buscas em comunicacao) by Geraldinho Vieira, 1991
  9. The Super-Nova Story- by Laurence A. Marschall-, 1988
  10. Observed photographic magnitudes of the super-nova 145.1937 Persei in N.G.C. 1003 (Communications from the University of London observatory) by Arthur Beer, 1938
  11. Nova : Volume 1 : Issue 1 (Nova, 1) by Marvel Comics, 1994
  12. An analysis and performing edition of Fantasia a 4 voc. super Io son ferito Lasso (fuga quadruplici) by Samuel Scheidt by Bernard Lawrence King, 1973
  13. Policy Analysis Methods and Super-Optimum Solutions by Stuart S. Nagel, 1994-12
  14. Resolving International Disputes Through Super-Optimum Solutions

101. HubbleSite - Supernova Blast Begins Taking Shape - 1/14/1997
Hubble Reveals Structure of Supernova 1987a Explosion Debris This Hubble picture shows the supernova, designated 1987A, and its neighborhood.
news GALLERY DISCOVERIES FUN ... releases Supernova Blast Begins Taking Shape
View all images
Though the brightest supernova in four centuries lit up the southern sky almost exactly 10 years ago on Feb. 23, 1987, astronomers have waited a decade for the ballooning fireball to become large enough ? about one-sixth of a light-year ? to be resolved from Earth's orbit with the Hubble telescope. Hubble's sharp "eyes" have resolved a dumbbell-shaped structure ? one-tenth of a light-year long ? that consists of two blobs of debris expanding apart at nearly 6 million mph from each other. This Hubble picture shows the supernova, designated 1987A, and its neighborhood. The four frames follow the evolution of the supernova debris. Read the full press release text Credit: Chun Shing Jason Pun ( NASA/GSFC ), Robert P. Kirshner ( Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics ), and NASA Find more news releases:
About Star Supernova
From about us contact us Cosmology Exotic Galaxy Miscellaneous Nebula Solar System Star Star Cluster Survey more options Search all
of HubbleSite:
Have you seen this?

102. ... Supernova Le Blog De Personne
Translate this page hébergé par Blog poétique et lesbien. publié par Supernova dans TEXTES (poétiques et forcément lesbiens)
supernova ...
Mercredi 21 Septembre 2005
Bonsoir les zouzous (!) , mon nouveau chez moi c'est ici publié par Supernova dans: Home
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103. SuperNova And Pocket Peaker From FMA Direct
We test the SuperNova Fast Cycle battery charger for stick packs, First off we ll start with the SuperNova, it packs quite a lot of punch in a small
ORC Home Rock Crawling Race Land Use RC Cars RC Cars Main ORC Home Product Review:
Charging your batteries... Super Nova 250S
Fast Cycle Battery Charger And Pocket Peaker Glo-Charger
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104. Chandra :: Field Guide To X-ray Sources :: Supernovas & Supernova Remnants
The general picture for a Type II supernova goes something like this. When the nuclear power source at the center or core of a star is exhausted,
Animation of Supernova Explosion
Quicktime Movie
Every 50 years or so, a massive star in our galaxy blows itself apart in a supernova explosion. Supernovas are one of the most violent events in the universe, and the force of the explosion generates a blinding flash of radiation, as well as shock waves analogous to sonic booms.
There are two types of supernovas: Type II , where a massive star explodes; and Type Ia , where a white dwarf collapses because it has pulled too much material from a nearby companion star onto itself.
The general picture for a Type II supernova goes something like this. When the nuclear power source at the center or core of a star is exhausted, the core collapses. In less than a second, a neutron star (or black hole , if the star is extremely massive) is formed. As in-falling matter crashes down on the neutron star, temperatures rise to billions of degrees Celsius. Within hours, a catastrophic explosion occurs, and all but the central neutron star is blown away at speeds in excess of 50 million kilometers per hour. A thermonuclear shock wave races through the now expanding stellar debris, fusing lighter elements into heavier ones and producing a brilliant visual outburst that can be as intense as the light of several billion Suns!

105. Chandra :: Photo Album :: Images By Category: Supernovas & Supernova Remnants
Chandra Images by Category. Supernovas Supernova Remnants. X-ray sources produced by the violent explosions of massive stars.
Chandra Images by Category
-X-ray sources produced by the violent explosions of massive stars.
Tycho's Supernova Remnant
(September 22, 2005) Supernova 1987A (August 17, 2005) Cassiopeia A (June 13, 2005) (April 19, 2005) (December 14, 2004) Kepler's Supernova Remnant (October 06, 2004) Cassiopeia A (August 23, 2004) (June 02, 2004) SNR 0540-69.3 (April 20, 2004) (March 24, 2004) (December 19, 2003) SNR 0103-72.6 (May 26, 2003) DEM L71 (March 12, 2003) Crab Nebula (September 19, 2002) Tycho's Supernova Remnant (September 06, 2002) Cassiopeia A (August 19, 2002) SNR G54.1+0.3 (June 25, 2002) (May 22, 2002) (April 10, 2002) (October 22, 2001) (September 06, 2001) B1509-58 in SNR G320.4-1.2 (September 06, 2001) Sagittarius A East (February 01, 2001) (January 10, 2001) IC 443 (December 11, 2000) Cassiopeia A (June 27, 2000) SN 1987A (May 11, 2000) (April 10, 2000) (January 14, 2000) Cassiopeia A (December 21, 1999) (December 14, 1999) Crab Nebula (September 28, 1999) (September 20, 1999) PSR 0540-69 (September 20, 1999) (September 20, 1999) (September 01, 1999)

106. Supernova 1987A
This was the first nearby supernova in the last 3 centuries, The supernova is in the center. The two bright stars are just in the field of view and
Supernova 1987A
In 1987 a supernova (designated by astronomers) was observed in a nearby galaxy called the Large Magellanic Cloud . This was the first "nearby" supernova in the last 3 centuries, and for the first time astronomers not only observed the light show, but also detected 19 of the elusive neutrinos (the detectors observed electron anti-neutrinos, to be more precise) produced by the collapse of the star's core. The burst of neutrinos preceded the first sighting of the supernova's light by about 3 hours, in agreement with the expectations of current supernova theory. It is estimated that for an instant in 1987 on the earth the neutrino luminosity of SN1987A was as large as the visible-light luminosity of the entire universe . The adjacent figure is a 1994 Hubble Space Telescope image of the region surrounding SN1987A. The supernova is in the center. The two bright stars are just in the field of view and are not associated with the supernova. The bright yellow ring is thought to be gas and dust heated by the supernova (the expanding shell of the explosion itself that will produce the supernova remnant is still too small to be seen in this photograph). The two large rings are not yet completely understood, though they appear to be associated with the supernova. Click here for more discussion of the mysterious rings.

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108. Image Ssc2005-14c
This remnant marks the most recent supernova in our Milky Way galaxy, and is one of the most studied objects in the sky. Each Great Observatory highlights
Spitzer Space Telescope
Images Newsroom ... Search / Site Info
Press Releases
What's Happening Archive


Update Notifications

Media Contacts

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/O. Krause (Steward Observatory)
Cassiopeia A: Death Becomes Her
This stunning false-color picture shows off the many sides of the supernova remnant Cassiopeia A. It is made up of images taken by three of NASA's Great Observatories, using three different wavebands of light. Infrared data from the Spitzer Space Telescope are colored red; visible data from the Hubble Space Telescope are yellow; and X-ray data from the Chandra X-ray Observatory are green and blue. Located 10,000 light-years away in the northern constellation Cassiopeia, Cassiopeia A is the remnant of a once massive star that died in a violent supernova explosion 325 years ago. It consists of a dead star, called a neutron star, and a surrounding shell of material that was blasted off as the star died. This remnant marks the most recent supernova in our Milky Way galaxy, and is one of the most studied objects in the sky. Each Great Observatory highlights different characteristics of this celestial orb. While Spitzer reveals warm dust in the outer shell about a few hundred degrees Kelvin (80 degrees Fahrenheit) in temperature, Hubble sees the delicate filamentary structures of hot gases about 10,000 degrees Kelvin (18,000 degrees Fahrenheit). Chandra probes unimaginably hot gases, up to about 10 million degrees Kelvin (18 million degrees Fahrenheit). These extremely hot gases were created when ejected material from Cassiopeia A smashed into surrounding gas and dust. Chandra can also see Cassiopeia A's neutron star (turquoise dot at center of shell).

109. - SuperNova Cycle
our most popular supernova cycle products, see full range supernova lights front, lights - front from all brands

110. Chaco: 1054 Supernova Petrograph
Our sun is too small to create a supernova. The star that created the Crab The star that caused the 1054 supernova is about 4000 light years away,
Possible petrographs: 1054 Supernova (now Crab Nebula) above, Halley's comet below.
photo by Ron Lussier
1054 Supernova Petrograph
Dan Greening The Anasazi residents of Chaco Canyon were attentive to the movements of the heavens, that much is clear. The famous Sun Dagger on Fajada Butte in the center of Chaco Canyon is a solar calendar that heralds the winter solstice when a band of sunlight passing through between two slabs intersects the center of a spiral. A square of light floods a notch in the wall of Casa Rinconada's Great Kiva on the summer solstice, and locations marked within the Great Kiva are thought by some to create a simple stellar observatory. There are many similar phenomena throughout Chaco Canyon and San Juan basin to the northwest. Sometimes a correlation suggests a dubious conclusion, another might seem obvious. Regardless of the validity of any particular claim, there is little doubt that the Chacoans cared about what happened above them, because there are so many correlations. If you look through a telescope tonight, in the constellation Taurus, you will see a formation we call the "Crab Nebula." This cloudy, glowing mass comprises about 90% of the remains of a supernova that first appeared here around July 4, 1054.

111. CD Baby: SUPERNOVA: Supernova
The music of Supernova is reflective of the diverse cultural and artistic Supernova. Supernova performs original genre defying compositions and
CD List price: CD Baby Price:
IN STOCK. ORDER NOW. Will ship within 24 hours! Electric and Acoustic Jazz String Quartet. TRACKS lo-fi: dial-up hi-fi: broadband
Mr P.C.

Forward to you

Giant Steps

First Circle
Billie Jean

(Click a song name to hear it in lo-fi MP3. Need help?
LINKS Check out the
Supernova String Quartet website
Email Supernova TRY THIS OTHER CDs you will love Ludvig Girdland Tobias Neumann and Invert and Douglas Bruce Johnson GENRES you need to try CLASSICAL: New Age JAZZ: World Fusion MOOD: VIRTUOSO Find more artists from USA: California - LA NOTES Through their performances of original genre defying compositions, and a commitment to improvisation, Los Angeles based Supernova has established a loyal following in Southern California. Devoted to stretching the boundaries of the string quartet, the group is redefining the sonic potential of its medium through the use of electronic effects, harmonizers, and looping. The music of Supernova is reflective of the diverse cultural and artistic backgrounds of it's members. Their music freely mixes influences ranging from Beethoven to Bill Evans, Coltrane to Ravel, Prince to Pat Metheny. Ludvig Girdland - Ludvig was born in Sweden and started playing the violin at the age of four. At the age of 10 he was accepted to the Gothenburg conservatory where he joined a program for young talent. By age 15, Ludvig

112. Supernova 1987A
The story of Supernova 1987 A. Ocurred in Large Magellanic Cloud, 170 thousand light The remnant from Supernova 1987A has been expanding since 1987.
The story of Supernova 1987 A
Ocurred in Large Magellanic Cloud, 170 thousand light years from us. Progenitor star: Sanduleak -69 o 202, a blue supergiant. Discovery
  • 24 February, 1987
  • in Tarantula Nebula in Large Magellanic cloud,
  • by Ian Shelton, University of Toronto,
  • at Las Campanas Observatory, Chile.
Is the theory right?
At the core of the theory, so to speak, is the production of vast numbers of neutrinos. Neutrino detectors available at the time. Prediction: each detector should see 10 or so neutrinos from SN 1987A in a space of about 10 seconds. Results. Timing (times in Universal Time)
  • 7:36, 23 February, neutrinos observed
  • 9:30, 23 February
    • Albert Jones, amateur astronomer, observes Tarantula Nebula in LMC
    • He sees nothing unusual
  • 10:30, 23 February
    • Robert McNaught photographs LMC
    • When plate is developed, SN1987A is there.
  • Some 20 hours later, Ian Shelton's discovery.
  • It took between two and three hours for the shock wave to get to the surface of the star.
  • This agrees with the model prediction.
One surprise:
  • It was thought that type II supernovae came from red supergiant stars, but the star SK -69 202 was a blue supergiant (~ 20 times smaller than a red supergiant.)

113. SuperNova Science Center
This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

114. Supernova Remnant Catalogue Or Catalog Of Galactic Supernova Remnants (SNRs)
Listing of over 200 supernova remnants.
A Catalogue of Galactic Supernova Remnants
2004 January version D.A.Green
Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory
Cavendish Laboratory , Madingley Road, Cambridge CB3 0HE, UNITED KINGDOM The documentation for the catalogue. The summary listings for all 231 SNRs. To download a version of the catalogue for printing. The detailed listings for all 231 SNRs. The abbreviations used in the detailed listings for journals and telescopes. Frames based browsing of the catalogue. A list of other names for Galactic SNRs. A feedback comments form. Please cite this catalogue as: as this paper entitled ``Galactic supernova remnants: an updated catalogue and some statistics'' includes the summary data as an Appendix. This paper also discusses various statistical properties of Galactic SNRs. In addition, if you make use of the detailed version of the catalogue, then please also cite:
  • Green D.A., 2004, `A Catalogue of Galactic Supernova Remnants (2004 January version)' , Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory, Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, United Kingdom (available at ""

115. Supernova (2000/I)
Supernova Cast, Crew, Reviews, Plot Summary, Comments, Discussion, Taglines, Trailers, Posters, Photos, Showtimes, Link to Official Site, Fan Sites.
Home Top Movies Photos Independent Film ... Register to personalize
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Showing page 1 of 32 main details combined details full cast and crew company credits user comments ... goofs soundtrack listing crazy credits alternate versions movie connections merchandising links release dates ... technical specs laserdisc details DVD details literature listings news articles taglines ... photo gallery on tv, schedule links showtimes official site miscellaneous photographs sound clip(s) video clip(s) Your Vote 1 (awful) 10 (excellent) You need to be a registered user of the IMDb to rate a movie
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Supernova /I)
Directed by
Walter Hill


Writing credits WGA
William Malone
(story) and
Daniel Chuba
(story) ...
Add to MyMovies Photos IMDbPro Professional Details Genre: Sci-Fi Thriller (more) Tagline: All hell is about to break loose Plot Summary: Supernova chronicles the search and rescue patrol of a medical ship in deep space in the early 22nd... (more) (view trailer) User Comments: Much better than its reputation has it, but no gem

116. SNEWS: The SuperNova Early Warning System
Click here for the noframes site.
Click here for the no-frames site. Click here for the no-frames site.

117. IT Conversations: Jonathan Schwartz - Supernova 2005
In the openening session from Supernova 2005, host Kevin Werbach interviews Jonathan Schwartz, This program is from the Supernova 2005 series.
Listener-supported audio programs,
interviews and important events. Search Audio
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Jonathan Schwartz President, Sun Microsystems Supernova 2005
Jonthan Schwartz
Play now: Download MP3 Help with Listening Link to it: Permalink Create a Clip or Excerpt [runtime: 00:39:50, 18.2 mb, recorded 2005-06-21] In the openening session from Supernova 2005, host Kevin Werbach interviews Jonathan Schwartz, president of Sun Microsystems. They cover a lot of ground, but the dominant theme is the ways in which technology and control of technolgy are decentralizing: moving into the hands of users. As Kevin suggests, consider a world in which one billion people will have camera-enabled mobile devices. Innovation certainly isn't dead, says Jonathan. As computing continues to get cheaper (a trend that began when employees demanded PCs from formerly centralized IT departments), decision making also migrates to lower levels within organizations. It's massive decentralization. It's even having an effect on media and entertainment, as users demand that they be able to listen and watch what they want and when they want. It wouldn't be an interview with Jonathan if the subject of blogging by executives of public companies didn't come up. He describes what he's learned about public and internal blogging Are they really separate? and the importance of openness and transparency, even in public, or perhaps particulary in public.

118. Supernova Remnants
Supernova remnants are the dramatic objects produced by the violent explosion At Penn State, we have been observing the Xrays from supernova remnants

119. SuperNova []
Translate this page SuperNova. Em desenvolvimento Contato (71) 33247-6650 SOFTEX Salvador, s/n Biblioteca Central, Campus de Ondina - UFBA.
Em desenvolvimento... Contato:

SOFTEX Salvador, s/n
Biblioteca Central, Campus de Ondina - UFBA

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