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         Sufi:     more books (100)
  1. Sufi Book of Spiritual Ascent: (Al-Risala Al-Qushayriya) by Abd Al-Karim Ibn Hawazin Qushayri, Abu'L-Qasim Al-Qushayri, 1997-06
  2. The Vernacular Mystic Poetry of Islam Spain: Sufi Songs of Andalusia (The New Middle Ages) by Lourdes Maria Alvarez, 2008-12-23
  3. The Last Barrier: A Sufi Journey (Element Classic Editions) by Reshad Feild, 1993-04
  4. Sufis and Scholars of the Sea: Family Networks in East Africa, 1860-1925 (Indian Ocean Series) by Anne Bang, 2003-10-17
  5. Twelve Years With the Sufi Herb Doctors by Najib Siddiqui, 1983-09
  6. Old thinking, new thinking: The Sufi prism by Fazal Inayat-Khan, 1979
  7. Early Sufi Women: Dhikr an-Niswa al-Muta'abbidat as-Sufiyyat by Abu 'Abd ar-Rahman as-Sulami, 1999-01-01
  8. Master of The Jinn: A Sufi Novel by Irving Karchmar, 2004-09-01
  9. Tales of the dervishes: Teaching-stories of the Sufi masters over the past thousand years, by Idries Shah, 1967
  10. Journey to the Lord of Power: A Sufi Manual on Retreat by Ibn Arabi, 1981-04-01
  11. Sufi Studies: East and West : A Symposium in Honor of Idries Shah's Services to Sufi Studies
  12. Sufi Matriarch (Intercultural research series of anthropography) by Kevin R.D. Shepherd, 1986-03-31
  13. Special Problems in the Study of Sufi Ideas by Idries Shah, 1983-06
  14. Liberating the Soul: A Guide for Spiritual Growth (Sufi Wisdom Series) by Muhammad Nazim Adil Al-Haqqani Naqshbandi, Shaykh Adil Al-Haqqani, 2002-07

61. Message Volume Index
The sufi Message volumes are the teachings of PirO-Murshid Hazrat Inayat There are currently fourteen volumes of The sufi Message of Inayat Khan that
The Sufi Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan Books and papers available on this website:
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The Sufi Message Texts


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The Religion of the Heart The Sufi Teacher Katum... a prayer Ten Sufi Thoughts ... Today's Bowl of Saki BEAUTIFUL NAMES OF ALLAH 99 Beautiful Names QUR'AN Al-Fatiha The Opening Al-Ikhlas The Purity Al-'Asr The Time Listening to the Prophets ... Guidance POETRY BY WAHIDUDDIN Resurrection In the Garden of Lovers Rendezvous with the Beloved MUSIC BY WAHIDUDDIN The Music Page VIEWPOINTS... The Divine Play Mindfulness Living for Love The Breath ... Celebration of Christmas ROOTS OF WORDS... hast thou forsaken me? Vanity of vanities, all is vanity Fear the Lord ? Jesus...Iesous...Yeshua ... the name wahiduddin SUFI TOPICS Wazifa Sufi Poetry PBS Interview with Pir Zia Dervish Whirling MU'INUDDIN CHISHTI Sayings JALALUDDIN RUMI Masnavi - Book I Fihi ma Fihi #4 The Chickpea SANSKRIT MANTRAS Gayatri Mantra SWAMI VIVEKANANDA Freedom SWAMI RAMDAS In the Vision of God SAINT FRANCIS OF ASSISI Prayer of St Francis JAMES ALLEN As a Man Thinketh PADAMPA SANGYE The Hundred Verses SHANTIDEVA The Bodhisattva's Way DANCES OF UNIVERSAL PEACE Introduction to the Dances Song of the Month la ilaha illa allah Love, Harmony and Beauty

62. Persian Classical Music
History, similarities and differences with other Central Asian styles, relationship with sufi poetry, the dastgah system, composition structure, instruments, and links.
This page is the index to my hyper-media report on the traditional classical music of Persia (Iran). Of the many ancient societies that have shaped the history of human civilization, Persia has been one of the few which has persistently maintained its identity, and individuality through the ages; this is reflected in its classical music. The purpose of this site is to allow the casual observer an opportunity to explore the musical tradition of this ancient civilization. You will need a WAV player to hear the sound clips in this report. Click here if you need to download a player. Below is an outline of the ideas presented in this report. To view any topic in greater detail, simply click on it.
The following characteristics are shared between Iranian and other Central Asian music:
  • The music is mainly monophonic, with each instrument in an ensemble following one melodic scheme.
  • The music is based upon a modal system; with each mode engenderring different melodic types, called

63. Sufi Studies Society
Offers a program of talks on aspects of sufism and sufi literature. (Grand Rapids, Michigan, US)

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Persian Sufi Poetry Sufi Symbolism Art and Images Stories and
Allegories Sufism: A Path of
Love and Knowledge
Sufism and
World Community
... Acknowledgements
This website is
under construction
Three articles on
Persian Sufi Poetry
Three Articles on Persian Sufi Poetry Knowlege, Unity, and Tolerance in the Sufi Tradition Metaphysics and Aesthetics in Persian Sufi Poetry
Farhang Jahanpour reflects upon the relationships between Sufism, Persian Poetry, and the Dialogue of Civilizations The Sufi Studies Society provides a forum for the study of Sufism both in its historical context and as a universal expression of human spirituality. The purpose of the group is to provide a forum for people to learn more about Sufism and traditional Persian poetry. It is not an academic group, nor is it a Sufi order. The society offers a forum for studying the writings of Rumi, other Persian poets, and central texts of the Sufi tradition, including philosophical, mystical, and other works. To receive further information and invitations to events sponsored by the Sufi Studies Society, join our free

64. Sufi Music
RealAudio collection of sufi music from Sindh.
Sufi Music
Sufi Music
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65. Sufi Events Calendar
For a complete listing of events around the world, view the sufi Events Announcements List at Journal of sufi History listing of scholarly conferences
Sufi Events Calendar For a complete listing of events around the world, view the Sufi Events Announcements List at YahooGroups.
To submit an event, please join the Sufi Events List
and submit the information.
Related Pages

66. Al-Ghazali-index
A student project by Henry Snyder on this sufi philosopher. Includes biography, intellectual background, and a review of a portion of The Incoherence of the Philosophers.
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Abu Hamid Ibn Muhammad Ibn Muhammad al-Tusi al-Shafi’i al-Ghazali
Hello. Welcome to my al-Ghazali (Algazali) Pages.
I am Henry Snyder . As part of my Ancient/Medieval Philosophy class this year, I am working on a bunch of web pages dealing with the Theologian/Philosopher/Sufi whose name appears above.
The project is split into four components. They appear below. As I complete each component, I will post it. Only the words below that appear in pretty colors are active links, folks.
  • Biography
  • Intellectual Background
  • Overview of a selection from "The Incoherence of the Philosophers"
  • Evaluation AND...a special bonus JUST FOR YOU:
  • A Comparison between al-Ghazali, Maimonides and Siger of Brabant! Or, you can go to the project tapestry homepage, for to look at my classmates' pages. Thank you, and have a lovely day. I have a guestbook. feel free to sign it.
  • 67. La Via Dei Sufi. L'Islam. La Religione: I Principi Della Fede, La Preghiera. Il
    Islam Sufismo Islam Sufismo

    68. Islamic Mysticism (Sufism)

    69. Rumi
    Mowlana Jalaluddin Rumi. Pick Language, Deutsch, Dutch, Greek, Espanol, Estonian, Farsi, Francais, Italiano, Melayu, Portugues, Svenska, Russian, Turkce
    Home Page
    Books on Rumi


    Works of Rumi

    Pick Language Deutsch Dutch Greek Espanol Estonian Farsi Francais Italiano Melayu Portugues Svenska Russian Turkce Rumi : Listen to the reed, how it complains of separation ... Like a thief reason sneaked in and sat amongst the lovers eager to give them advice. They were unwilling to listen, so reason kissed their feet and went on its way.
    You are broken-hearted too, you shall find cure in love;
    If you listen to me and pursue this ailment.
    Like a thief reason sneaked in and sat amongst the lovers eager to give them advice. They were unwilling to listen, so reason kissed their feet and went on its way.
    You are in love with me, I shall make you perplexed.
    Do not build much, for I intend to have you in ruins. If you build two hundred houses in a manner that the bees do; I shall make you as homeless as a fly. If you are the mount Qaf in stability. I shall make you whirl like a millstone.

    70. Sufi Reiki - The Evolution Of Healing
    Harlow, Essex Explanation of the therapy and list of local courses offered.
    Part of The Mir Sufi Centre
    Make Donation FAQs Welcome Message from the
    Grand Master
    Newsletters Events Calendar ... Donation Objectives About Sufi Reiki What is Sufi Reiki A Brief History Seven Degrees Integrity Distant Attunement What is Attunement Just the Beginning Distant Attunement
    Support Make a Donation The FAQs Get Involved Contact Us
    Sufi Reiki and the Sufi Reiki logo are trademarks.
    The Mir Sufi Centre is registered as a charity
    in England (no. 1106275).
    Latest Updates New Website Launched

    71. International Sufi Healing Order
    The primary activity of the sufi Healing Order is spiritual healing.
    "The purpose of The Sufi Healing Order is to awaken humanity
    to a greater realization of the Divine Spirit to heal."
    - Hazrat Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan
    Vol. 2, Respiration
    Home Healing Requests Contacts ... Links Welcome to the International Sufi Healing Order
    The primary activity of the Sufi Healing Order is spiritual healing. We offer "The Healing Service", a group prayer circle asking the Divine One to heal those who ask this of us. Through ritual, prayer, and attunement to the Divine Spirit, The Healing Service offers the possibility of healing to those who request it.
    Members of the Sufi Healing Order also visit the ill, those in distress, and the infirm, bringing them the Divine Presence as a balm and a healing, as well as offering personal care and support. Members receive training in spiritual healing and integrate this into their personal and professional wellness counseling.
    To obtain FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF files on this site: (If you have challenges with this page, please contact our

    72. Sufi Poets —
    A collection of sufi Poets with brief biographies and selected poetry.
    Personal tools Sections Search You are here: Home PoetSeers Spiritual and Devotional Poets Sufi poets Featured
    Navigation The Poet Seers The Great Poets Spiritual and Devotional Poets Sufi poets Rabia al Basri Omar Khayyam Attar Ibn Arabi Lalla Mahmud Shabistari Al - Hallaj Sultan Valad Hazrat Inayat Khan Rabia Poems Al - Hallaj poems Lalla Poetry Attar Poetry Hazrat Inayat Khan Poems Sufism Ibn Arabi Hindu Poets Christian Mystics Indian Poets 20th C Buddhist Poets Rilke, Rainer Maria Chinese poets Anonymous Contemporary Poets Jewish Mystics Zen Quotes and Poems Related Local resources
    Rabia Poems Hafiz The Divan Rumi Poetry Hafiz Poems- The Gift
    Sufi Poets
    Document Actions
    Sufi Poets
    Sufi Poets include:
    Photo Credit
    Sufi Poetry at
    Books on Sufi Poetry Books on Rumi Poems Books on Hafiz Poems
    On Sufi Poets
    Sufi's are lovers of the truth. Through love and devotion they seek to become one with their beloved. Through poetry many of the great Sufi mystics have been able to encapsulate and share their spiritual experiences.  

    73. Dances Of Universal Peace & Sufi Info MN WI IA Home Page
    Schedule of dance events in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa. Includes articles and links to related sufi sites.
    On this page -> Dances of Universal Peace Sufism and Other Information
    To A
    Dances of Universal Peace
    Sufi Information
    Toward the One,
    The Perfection of
    Love, Harmony, and Beauty,
    The Only Being,
    United with all the illuminated Souls
    Who form the Embodiment
    Of the Master, the
    Spirit of Guidance.

    Learn more about this Invocation and other prayers by Hazrat `Inayat Khan. The mission of this site is to post schedules for the Dances of Universal Peace,
    and for various Sufi events in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa, and to provide related information which may help people to better know and understand the Dances of Universal Pece, the Sufi path and life What's the Top News on this web site? Please note that there will be NO One Heart - One Love Camp in Dodgeville, Wisconsin in 2004 The Archetypes of the Heart With Puran and Susanna Bair January 17 - 19, 2004 St. Paul, MN Ease and Concentration - The Sufi Way with Rahimah Sweeney February 20 - 22, 2004

    74. Movimento Sufi Internazionale In Italia E Ticino_Sufismo
    Sito ufficiale del movimento sufi internazionale in Italia e Ticino presenta l'insegnamento sufi di Hazrat Inayat Khan.
    Hazrat Inayat Khan IL SUFISMO E IL MESSAGGIO SUFI Sufismo significa saggezza. Tutti sappiamo che i Cristiani sentono che c'è saggezza nell'essere Cristiani. Gli Ebrei sentono che c'è saggezza nell'essere Ebrei. I Musulmani sentono che c'è saggezza nell'essere Musulmani. Gli Indù e i Buddisti, e così molti altri, sentono anche che c'è saggezza nell'appartenere alla religione cui appartengono. Infatti, se i Cristiani scoprono veramente la saggezza, allora sono Sufi, sia loro scelgano di chiamarsi così oppure non. Se gli Ebrei scoprono veramente la saggezza, allora sono Sufi. Se i Musulmani scoprono veramente la saggezza, allora sono dei Sufi, e lo stesso vale per i Buddisti e gli Indù e per tutti coloro che seguono qualsiasi religione. Un Sufi, per definizione, è un'anima religiosa, tuttavia, il Sufismo non è una religione, né un culto o una scuola. Il Sufismo è proprio solo una "porta aperta", un atteggiamento di simpatia interiore verso tutte le credenze. Tutte le religioni sembrano essere tutte derivazioni di uno e dello stesso impulso, il grido del cuore, la brama dell'anima per Dio. Un Sufi sente la necessità di fare certe pratiche che non sono tenute segrete egoisticamente come nel caso di vari culti e sette. Queste pratiche sono salutari da un punto di vista fisico come anche psicologico. Per esempio, le pratiche di respirazione sono incoraggiate per sviluppare la finezza dell'energia del Prana nel respiro. Non è il volume del respiro che è importante ma piuttosto l'intensità della luce del Cosmo che il respiro trasmette. Altre discipline come le pratiche di concentrazione aiutano estremamente l'allenamento della mente. Sorprendentemente, più siamo capaci di concentrarci su un dato pensiero e tenerlo saldo più siamo capaci di liberare la mente da un pensiero che non è voluto. Ci sono talmente tante persone che sono infelici perché sono ossessionati da pensieri che disturbano, e non sanno come sbarazzarsene.

    75. Untitled Document
    Camino de desarollo integral del individuo. El sufismo no ni una secta ni una religi³n.
    La Tradición Sufí. El Camino del Corazón Dentro del Islam existe una corriente heterodoxa y en gran medida oculta, llamada sufismo o "Tassawuf", que a lo largo de los siglos ha dado a los mas grandes poetas, místicos y filósofos del Islam. Muy a menudo estos maestros sufis y sus seguidores han sido perseguidos y asesinados, víctimas del fanatismo islámico de la época. Esta persecución sistemática de los sufis en sus países de origen ha llegado hasta nuestros días, donde prácticamente han sido exterminados de lugares como Afganistán, Irán, Irak, la Península Arábiga, Túnez, Argelia, Libia... Por esta razón es difícil encontrarlos a plena luz del día, aún en países donde el Islam es tolerante y abierto como Marruecos, Turquía, Siria o Egipto. Mucho mas difícil es contactar con los círculos sufis en Occidente, ya que siempre se han caracterizado por el hermetismo, la discreción y la ausencia de intereses materiales en sus actividades. Hay un dicho tradicional que resume su actitud ante la vida social (Dunia): "Los sufis están en el mundo pero no son del mundo". Se dice que no existe el sufismo sino los sufis. No hay una corriente filosófica o histórica determinada que pueda llamarse sufismo, ya que este es un vocablo acuñado en el siglo XIX para englobar a un amplio espectro de corrientes místicas creadas por seres muy especiales sin mas aparente conexión que el Islam como fundamento de sus vidas. En este sentido, sufismo viene etimológicamente de suf y hace referencia a los trajes remendados de lana que muchos de los místicos sufis vestían como signo externo de su desprendimiento por los bienes terrenales.

    76. IAS :: Departments :: Sufi Women Organization
    Part of the International Association of sufism, the SWO is devoted to creating a harmonious cooperation, friendship and direction to honor the works of
    IAS RESOURCES About IAS Events : Upcoming Events History Education Center Articles on Sufism Words of Wisdom IAS DEPARTMENTS Sufi Women Sufi Youth Sufi Psychology Sufi Kids ... Sufi Music IAS PROJECTS UN Human Rights Prison Project Literacy Project Resource Libraries ... Project Khaneghah IAS PUBLICATIONS Bookstore Sufism Journal Peace Products Audio Collection ... Newsletters CONTACT IAS International
    of Sufism

    14 Commercial Blvd.
    Suite 101
    Novato, California
    94949 USA
    Tel: +1 415 382 SUFI

    77. IAS :: Departments :: Sufi Music
    The debut album from the renowned sufi music ensemble, Taneen. All songs feature the rich, compelling love poetry of sufi mystics (Rumi, Hafiz,
    IAS RESOURCES About IAS Events : Upcoming Events History Education Center Articles on Sufism Words of Wisdom IAS DEPARTMENTS Sufi Women Sufi Youth Sufi Psychology Sufi Kids ... Sufi Music IAS PROJECTS UN Human Rights Prison Project Literacy Project Resource Libraries ... Project Khaneghah IAS PUBLICATIONS Bookstore Sufism Journal Peace Products Audio Collection ... Newsletters CONTACT IAS International
    of Sufism

    14 Commercial Blvd.
    Suite 101
    Novato, California
    94949 USA
    Tel: +1 415 382 SUFI

    78. Sufisme
    Plaatst het sufisme nadrukkelijk binnen de Islam. De schrijver vindt dat veel westerse sufi's niet genoeg moslim zijn en geeft hiervoor argumenten.
    Sufisme (mystiek) Home Page Door Drs.I.Bayrak INHOUD Al walie (de geliefde van Allahu Ta`ala) Het mystieke zesde zintuig, de dauq Fanaa' Inleiding De lof is aan Allaahu Ta`ala . Wij prijzen Allaahu Ta`ala en vragen Zijn hulp en vergiffenis. Wij zoeken onze toevlucht bij Allaahu Ta`ala voor al het kwade die van de shaytan (satan) en onze nafs (ego) komt. Als Allaahu Ta`ala iemand op de rechte weg leidt, is niemand in staat hem te misleiden. En als Allaahu Ta`ala iemand misleidt, is niemand in staat hem op het rechte pad te krijgen. Wij getuigen dat er geen godheid is dan Allaahu Ta`ala en wij getuigen ook dat Muhammad (sas) Zijn dienaar en Zijn Gezant is. As-salaat (gebeden) en as-salaam (groetenis) zijn voor de laatste der Rasoel (Boodschapper) en de Nabie (profeet) van Allaahu Ta`ala, Muhammad Mustafa (sas). As Salaam aan hem die de mensheid uit de duisternis van ongeloof en onrecht heeft gehaald en As Salaam aan een ieder die zijn boodschap volgt. Laatste jaren neemt het sufisme in Nederland en ook in West Europa sterk toe. Zo nu en dan lees je uit de monde van sufisten uitspraken, die je haren doen overeind staan. Deze sufi's houden een Europese Islaam op na. Ze hebben zeer reformistische denkbeelden over de kernpunten van de Islaam. Hieronder zal aan de hand van een tweetal geschriften van Shaykhu'l Islaam Ahmad ibn Taymiyyah (rah) (661 (1263)/728 (1328), te weten "Al-furqaan baina 'awliya'r rahman wa 'awliya'sh shaitan" (onderscheid tussen de walies van Allaahu Ta`ala en van de duivel) en

    79. Dargah Hazrat Inayat Khan Hope Project Charitable Trust
    A sufi service project in India. Information on their programs, with reports on their activities.

    Dargah Hazrat Inayat Khan
    The Hope Project Charitable Trust Hope Project strives to provide people, specially the poor and vulnerable, with opportunities and resources so that they can realise their hidden potential and are able to help themselves.

    80. Al Sufi (903-986 AD)
    Abdal-Rahman Al sufi (or Abr-ar Rahman As sufi, or (according to RH Allen 1899) Abd al Al sufi published his famous Book of Fixed Stars in 964,
    Abd-al-Rahman Al Sufi (December 7, 903 - May 25, 986 A.D.)
    Abd-al-Rahman Al Sufi (or Abr-ar Rahman As Sufi, or (according to R.H. Allen 1899 ) Abd al Rahman Abu al Husain, sometimes referred to as Azophi) was living at the court of the Emire Adud ad-Daula in Isfahan (Persia), and working on astronomical studies based on Greek work, especially the Almagest of Ptolemy . He contributed several corrections to Ptolemy's star list, in particular he did own brightness/magnitude estimates which frequently deviated from those in Ptolemy's work. Also, he was the first to attempt to relate the Greek with the traditional arabic star names and constellations, which was difficult as these constellations were completely unrelated and overlapped in a complicated way. Al Sufi published his famous "Book of Fixed Stars" in 964, describing much of his work, both in textual descriptions and pictures. In his descriptions and pictures of Andromeda , he included " A Little Cloud " which is actually the Andromeda Galaxy M31 . He mentions it as lying before the mouth of a Big Fish, an Arabic constellation. This "cloud" was apparently commonly known to the Isfahan astronomers, very probably before 905 AD. In this book, he probably also cataloged

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