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         Substitute Teaching:     more books (100)
  1. Substitute Teaching from A to Z by Barbara Pressman, 2007-09-17
  2. Substitute Teaching: A Handbook for Hassle-Free Subbing by Barbara Pronin, 1983-11-15
  3. The Substitute Teaching Survival Guide, Grades K-5: Emergency Lesson Plans and Essential Advice (J-B Ed:Survival Guides) by John Dellinger, 2006-01-23
  4. "The Components of Effective Substitute Teaching They Don't Teach in College" by Renee Kee, 2007-10-24
  5. The Substitute Teacher's Organizer: A Comprehensive Resource to Make Every Teaching Assignment a Success by Jan Herbst, 2001-11
  6. Substitute Teacher Handbook K-8, Fifth Edition by Geoffrey G. Smith, 2000-05-01
  7. Mastering the Art of Substitute Teaching (Substitute Teaching Series) by S. Harold Collins, 1985-06
  8. Substitute Teacher Handbook 9-12, Fifth Edition by Cynthia Murdock, Kevin R. Jones, et all 2001-01
  9. Substitute Teaching by D. T. Gray, 2003-04
  10. The Substitute Teaching Survival Guide, Grades 6-12: Emergency Lesson Plans and Essential Advice (J-B Ed:Survival Guides) by John Dellinger, 2005-02-14
  11. Substitute Teaching Essentials by JOHNSON, 2007-06-01
  12. Substitute Teaching and Loving It by Donna M Wanner, 2007-05-04
  13. Subbing in the City: The A to Z of Substitute Teaching by Sally Goddard and Arlene Armstrong, 2006-07-06
  14. Math 101 for Busy Families by Diane M. Hirakawa, 2007-09-01

1. Substitute Teaching: An Insider's View
An article providing guidance to current and potential substitute teachers. Discusses situations substitutes may encounter and offers suggestions.
Curriculum Lesson Plans Organizers Rubrics ... Substitute Teaching: An Insider's View
Tutorial Categories Classroom Teaching
Teaching With Technology

Substitute Teaching: An Insider's View What's All the Hype? By: Deborah Bouley I assumed that substitute teaching would be a breeze. I asked myself how difficult could it be for a responsible, intelligent, 40+ year old career change graduate student to enter a classroom and deliver pre-written lessons? After all, I had over 20 years of business experience. I was a financial analyst, a sales analyst, a sales manager, a financial manager, a human resources manager, a customer service manager, and an Executive Director at some of the most profitable companies in America. I began traveling the United States for business at a time when women who did such were labeled in peculiar and sexist ways. With my education and work experience was I not fully qualified and prepared to substitute teach? Well...!!! There are no mentors or supports in the field of substitute teaching. There are few, if any, training programs to educate us in regard to what we can and cannot do and should and should not do with the future citizens of our nation. In fact, in this my second year of substitute teaching, I have never even seen a job description of what the job entails. Interestingly enough, I have never received any type of feedback in regard to my strengths and weaknesses in teaching in any of the over 175 classroom experiences I have had.

2. Substitute Teaching - Tricks Of The Trade -
A description of the good, bad, and the ugly of substitute teaching. Also offers a list of suggested magazine articles, books and videos.
SUBSTITUTE TEACHING -Tricks of the Trade- Written by: Mr. Sturgeon, Substitute Teacher. As a Substitute Teacher, You are the Captain of the Ship. SUBSTITUTE TEACHING -Tricks of the Trade- A complete description of the good, bad, and the ugly of Substitute Teaching. From the Book, SUBSTITUTE TEACHING, -Tricks of the Trade-, this homepage describes what a Substitute Teacher does, and why some choose this type of work. TABLE OF CONTENTS Directions: Click on a topic below to see more information on it. Introduction Prelude - The Advantages of Being a Substitute Teacher Chapter 1 - A Typical Day of a Substitute Teacher Chapter 2 - Preparing for Battle ... Appendix B - How to Become a Substitute Teacher OTHER TOPICS Reasons to Become a Substitute Teacher Useful Information for Substitute Teachers Where Do Substitute Teachers Work ? List of Busy Work ... Click here to email me: Mr. Sturgeon.

3. Substitute Teaching Institute
The institute (at Utah State University) provides training, handbooks, videos, research, and guidance to substitute teachers and submanagers.
bookstore pressroom subsolutions my account (log in) SubManager Basics Subweek National SubManager Association Subsolutions Conference ... E-Newsletter
STI'S newsletters for SubManagers and Substitutes are the most widely read resources for how to effectively work in the world of substitute teaching.
Training toward substitute strengths is one of two topics in this newsletter.
In this issue you'll find a lesson plan for use when the teacher doesn't provide you with any direction. SUBSCRIBE NOW!

4. Index
Information, tips, and links to important web sites.
Welcome to a world of educational resources and solutions. This site is in a constant state of construction as I work to find new ways to meet the needs of educators around the world.
Check out my 'New Services' page. Education Man to the Rescue ! Dear Visitor,
I have been running this site for four years. During this time I have helped almost 400 individuals in their search for employment. I am proud of my work and glad to have been of service to all of these potential teachers.
I am presently teaching a grade 5/6 class in an innercity school and I have 30 students. Meeting the demands of these curious youngsters is proving to be a challenging task and so, I am sorry to say I am no longer able to provide direct assistance in locating work as a substitute teacher. If you would like to see some of our work check out our new First Nations Legends page. The link is at the bottom of this page.
When my workload decreases and I am able to manage my email more effectively I hope to restart my online services.
I thank those who have provided me with positive and inspirational feedback and look forward to hearing from visitors through my questbook.

5. Tips, Tricks, Ideas, Suggestions, And Methods For Substitute
Robert Jackson, retired educator, gives lots of tips, tricks, and practical activities for substitute teachers.

6. Substitute Teacher Survival Website
This website was created to survive those "blisters" and enjoy the "blessings" of substitute teaching. Dennis W. Mills, Ph.D.

7. National Substitute Teachers Alliance - NSTA
National Substitute Teachers Alliance NSTA - Partners in Education

8. CNN - Temp Agency Branches Out Into Substitute Teaching - January 22, 2000

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Temp agency branches out into substitute teaching
January 22, 2000
Web posted at: 8:31 p.m. EST (0131 GMT) In this story: Spelling the flu-stricken Teachers union expresses concerns RELATED STORIES, SITES WASHINGTON (CNN) Schools in need of substitute teachers have a new option: They can call Kelly Services to fill their temporary classroom staffing vacancies. Kelly, the No. 2 staffing agency in the U.S., began offering substitute teacher staffing nationwide last November. School districts in 10 states have signed on. Schools have had a hard time finding qualified full-time teachers, and the situation has been worse in the case of substitutes.

9. Substitute Teaching An Insider's View
. Classroom Teaching . Teaching With Technology substitute teaching An Insider's View What's All the Hype? By Deborah Bouley

10. Substitute Teaching Institute
The substitute teaching Institute (Utah State University) provides training, handbooks, videos, research, and guidance to substitute teachers and
STI Home Page
For Substitutes Welcome to the exciting (and sometimes exasperating) world of substitute teaching. Since you might be new to the classroom as a teacher, the following links will help you get prepared for your new job. They will also identify STI resources that can help you make a real difference in the lives of children. What your SubManager, teachers, and administrators want from you.
What you need to know to thrive as a substitute.

Traps and pitfalls to avoid!

Our web site offers the following aids to you as a substitute teacher: Substitute Teaching Institute, 6516 Old Main Hill, Logan, UT 84322

11. Welcome To Greenfield-Central Community School Corporation
A K12 public school system with information on events, school board, substitute teaching and enrollment information.
Administration Center
110 West North Street
Greenfield, IN 46140

Welcome to the Greenfield-Central Community School Corporation website. Our school system is an excellent environment for learning and we have attempted to highlight the many facets of our school system in our website. We invite you to browse through the many links that are available and experience a small sensation of the family environment that we provide our students and parents. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call my office at 317.462.4434. Dr. Linda Gellert Superintendent of Schools
The Mission of Greenfield-Central Schools, in partnership with parents and community, is to effectively prepare students to be lifelong learners and contributing members of a changing world.

12. Substitute Teaching Institute
the most widely read resources for how to effectively work in the world of substitute teaching. Training toward substitute strengths is one of

13. Melissa's Myriad Tips For Substitute Teachers
Other sites you might be interested in include substitute teaching Substitute Teacher Homepage

14. Substitute Teacher Today
Online newsletter offering tips, advice, editorials, and links to other sites about substitute teaching.
Free Web space and hosting from if(window.ivnRotate) window.ivnRotate1 = new window.ivnRotate('ivnRotate1',0,document.awsSearch1.Keywords) Popular Searches:
Substitute Teacher Today
Lesson Plans Bag of Tricks Classroom Management ... Contact Us "There is no substitute for a good substitute teacher."

Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week May 3-7, 2004! Thanks for all you do for our children! You're Visitor Number
STT...We did it FIRST. We still do it BEST.

Since 1995, Substitute Teacher Today has been working to change the stereotypical view of the substitute teacher. From our days of mass mailing six-page newsletters to a website with free lesson plans, checklists, management tools and great links....we have been the leader in helping substitute teachers do what they do best: TEACH. Good luck in all your endeavors and thanks again for visiting our site! Get a FREE book!
Send us a Lesson Plan, Classroom Management Idea, or items to add to our Checklist for Substitutes! If we use your idea, we'll send you a FREE copy of the ultimate manual for substitute teachers: Substitute Teaching 101: The How to and What to do Guide.

15. Teachers On Reserve - How To Apply To Become A Substitute Teacher
or teaching permits. e. Proof of T.B. clearance taken sometime within the last year. 5. If you are accepted as a Teachers On Reserve Substitute

16. Teachnology Teacher Forum - Substitute Teacher Needs Help Please!
The most widelyused substitute teacher handbook, now in its sixth Amazon had several books about substitute teaching but all had mixed reviews.

17. Games To Be Tested In Classrooms
The cost of substitute teaching will be met by EA so that teachers' involvement in the project does not impact on their students' regular

18. Welcome To California
Our division is charged with the evaluation and issuance of teaching credentials, certificates, and permits for public school teachers for the

19. Teacher Jobs, Register Free For Recruitment
substitute teaching by text4teachers Copyright substitute teaching. Home substitute teaching Policy Fees FAQ t4t Verified

20. SDCOE: HRT \ Substitute Teaching
2005 JCCS Substitute Teachers Handbook (pdf). Site Index Mission/Goals School Districts Directions and Map Staff Directory Employment Contact
Site Index Mission/Goals School Districts Directions and Map ... Web Mail

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