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         Student Teaching Teacher Resources:     more books (100)
  1. Academic Competitions for Gifted Students: A Resource Book for Teachers and Parents by Mary K. Tallent-Runnels, Ann C. Candler-Lotven, 2007-11-19
  2. 101 Word Games (Resource Books for Teachers of Young Students) by George P. McCallum, 1980-07-10
  3. Understanding Your International Students: An Educational, Cultural, and Linguistic Guide (Michigan Teacher Resource) by Leslie Kosel Eckstein, Kimberly Kalaydjian, et all 2003-02-03
  4. Activity Box: A Resource Book for Teachers of Young Students (Cambridge Copy Collection) by Jean Greenwood, 1997-03-13
  5. Getting Students to Talk: A Resource Book for Teachers With Role-Plays, Simulations and Discussions (Language Teaching Methodology Series) by Aleksandra Golebiowska, 1990-10
  6. Chemistry: A Modern Course, TEACHER RESOURCE BOOK (Includes planning guides, performance objectives, chemical safety and storage guide, student reviews, investigation, and enrichment masters, teaching masters and skills masters, reduced answer pages, reference tables) by Robert E. Smoot, Richard G. Smith, 1987
  7. Help! they don't speak English starter kit for primary teachers a resource guide for educators of limited English proficient migrant students, grades Pre-K-6 (SuDoc ED 1.310/2:427918) by U.S. Dept of Education, 1998
  8. Inventing, Inventions, and Inventors: A Teaching Resource Book by Jerry D. Flack, 1989-05-15
  9. Teaching and Learning about Computers: A Classroom Guide for Teachers, Librarians, Media Specialists, and Students by Joanne R. Barrett, 2003-02
  10. Art and Crafts with Children (Resource Books for Teachers of Young Students) by Andrew Wright, 2001-06-07
  11. Fair trial vs. free press: A resource manual for teachers and students (ERIC reports) by Todd Clark, 1975
  12. Math Teachers 5th Edition Student Resource Handbook with Student Survey Set by Gary L. Musser, 2002-06-12
  13. Mathematics for Elementary Teachers: A Contemporary Approach Student Resource Handbook by Gary L. Musser, 1994-01
  14. Using resources for teaching success. (Student Slant).(Column): An article from: Childhood Education by Aaron Parsons, 2003-06-22

61. The Linguistic Funland TESL Page: Resources For Teachers Of English As A Second
Since 1994, the Linguistic Funland has offered extensive resources for teachers of English Recruiters sites, job postings, teaching English overseas.
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Search the Funland
See what kinds of net resources are available!
View the Site Map

Lost? Find your way around the site here...
Job Opportunities in TESL
Find books on ESL/EFL from Borders,, Kaplan, and more!
Find PenPals!
Join other teachers seeking classroom penpals!
Download CGI Scripts
Free Perl CGI scripts to make your website more interactive What is ESL/EFL? ... What do your colleagues think are useful net sites? This Month's Poll: What ages are your students? 5 years or less 6 - 10 years old 11 - 15 years old 16 - 21 years old 22 - 30 years old Over 30 years old Search the Funland! TOEFL and Testing English for Specific Purposes Teaching Materials and Books Software TESL Certification/MA programs ESL Education (College) ESL Education (K-12) Sites for Children/K-12 students Exercises/Activities for Students Submit YOUR Site to the Funland! Projects by ESL Students Electronic Magazines By/For Students Services for Students Articles and Essays of Interest Subscribe to Mailing Lists E-mail Pen Pals Organizations and Journals Fun, Interesting, and Cultural Sites

62. Homepage For New Math Teachers
resources for New Math Teachers Her love and dedication for teaching and for her students radiated from through her lessons. From SUNY Cortland where I
Welcome to Terri Husted's Homepage!
A Homepage for New ( And Not So New ) Math Teachers
This homepage was created to give new math teachers ideas and suggestions to help with their teaching. Even though I've been teaching for more than twenty years, I do not have all the answers. My first advice to anyone starting in teaching is to be careful of those who claim they know the perfect method of teaching. Teaching is an on-going learning experience. You will be challenged to use many approaches and methodologies. You must keep a balance between teaching skills, concepts and problem solving. Children learn mathematics in different ways and at different rates. What is often forgotten in math education is what is most important: You , the teacher . The way you present your lesson involves all of you and the connections you make with your students. Your honesty, your beliefs in what you do, the climate you create in your classroom, truly carry your lesson. These are the elements you bring into the classroom which are most remembered by your students. Also, when you take time to see math as your students see it, you will become a better math teacher. It is time in educational reform that we focus on the qualities of good teachers and not just good programs.

63. LifeWay: EXTRA!
student EXTRA! provides supplemental teaching ideas to enhance the timeliness and effectiveness of the printed Family Bible Study curriculum. Childhood
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All of LifeWay EXTRA Advanced Search Click the to see the
EXTRA! supplements. EXTRA FAQ What is EXTRA!? How to use EXTRA! WEEK OF 10/2/2005 Adult
Adult Extra! provides supplemental teaching ideas based on current events to help enhance the timeliness and effectiveness of both the Family Bible Study and Explore the Bible printed Bible study curriculum.

Student EXTRA! provides supplemental teaching ideas to enhance the timeliness and effectiveness of the printed Family Bible Study curriculum.

Childhood EXTRA! provides supplemental teaching ideas to enhance the effectiveness of the Family Bible Study printed curriculum for preschoolers and children in grades 1 through 6.
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64. Untitled Document
We Shall Gladly Teach Preparing History Graduate Students for the Classroom, by Terry Seip Org. of American Historians (OAH) teaching Resource

65. Illinois State Board Of Education
Gives teachers and administrators greater access to information from State resources. Illinois Learning Standards and student Assessment Bullet Item
CeRTS OTIS IWAS Teachers ... Online Teacher Information System
Gives teachers and administrators greater access to information from State Board certification files, such as the status of an application and what certificates and endorsements a teacher holds. OTIS consists of two portals or doorways to data.
Certificate Renewal Tracking System
Allows you to submit your Statement of Assurance and receive notifications electronically.
Hot Topics Forms
Find forms for obtaining, renewing and registering certificates, as well as information about on-line systems for submitting applications, checking status of certificates, and keeping records of professional development.

66. TeacherNet
teaching resources For, Friday August 12, 2005 II was teaching my preK students how to peel and slice a hardboiled egg and had read more

All Assessment E Childhood General Home School Lang. Arts Literature Math Parents Science Social Studies Special Needs Spelling Handwriting Technology Bulletin Boards Internet in Class Good/Bad Days Handwriting Spelling Lang. Arts E Childhood Social Studies Parents Literature Classroom Home School Math Assessment Special Needs Science Technology Multiage Class Music and Fine Arts Gifted Learning Disabled Teaching Resources For: Monday September 26, 2005
Spotlight Link
The Bridge

is a resource for teachers and librarians seeking insight on a particular book.

Becoming a Teacher

Classroom Calendar
Highlights Crafts

Timely Remark
I explained to my seventh graders that a metaphor compares two unlike objects which have similar read more... Ms. Gwartney's Classroom Opa-Locka Elementary School Redwood Elementary School ... Design and Hosting by Interactive Ink, Incorporated var sc_project=597145; var sc_partition=4; var sc_security="0a71d313";

67. Teaching Best Practices
One stop for pointers to Carnegie Mellon online resources and information you might reflection on participants experience as students and teachers, and
get, order, find, request, contact, reserve a... get a current roster for my classes? submit grades online? reserve materials from the library? order textbooks? find a course schedule? find the final exam schedule? find the academic year calendar? get a Blackboard course site? request library instruction for my classes? find out more about the classroom space? reserve a computer lab (cluster)? find out what software is installed in a cluster? request software for a cluster? find out what AV equipment is available for my classroom? place an order for AV equipment for my classroom? find regulations governing academic procedures? look at the faculty handbook get help with teaching? get help with using technology for teaching? find a point of contact for a student in need?

68. MarcoPolo - Teacher Resources
the highest quality educational resources to teachers and students. Learn more about MarcoPolo s teacher resources by clicking the links below.
About MarcoPolo Content New Lessons MarcoPolo Calendar ... Plug-Ins
Teacher Resources
MarcoPolo Teacher Resources
MarcoPolo provides the highest quality educational resources to teachers and students. Developed by world-renowned organizations who are experts in their fields, these standards-based resources include lessons plans, student materials, reviewed Web resources and interactives. Learn more about MarcoPolo's teacher resources by clicking the links below. About Learn about the development process and quality of MarcoPolo lessons and resources developed by our Content Partners. MarcoPolo Content Learn about MarcoPolo standards-based lesson plans, reviewed Web sites and interactives. How to Use MarcoPolo Find effective ways to integrate Internet content into your classroom teaching. MarcoPolo Resources Check out these MarcoPolo teacher resources. Explore the entirety of MarcoPolo lessons and resources with the MarcoPolo Search Engine or by directly accessing the MarcoPolo Content Partner Web sites.
Site Index
Glossary Link to MarcoPolo

69. Teaching College Students With Disabilities
II. Resource Agencies and Sites. III. Faculty and student Guidebooks teaching students with Disabilities Suggestions for Faculty
Teaching College Students with Disabilities
A Selection of Online Resources for Faculty and Staff
This extensive collection of resources was compiled and reviewed by Al Cavalier , School of Education, University of Delaware. CTE gratefully acknowledges Dr. Cavalier's work, and posts this document with his permission. This list was last revised on July 10, 1998. TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Relevant Legislation
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act The Rehabilitation Act Reactions and Opinions
  • II. Resource Agencies and Sites III. Faculty and Student Guidebooks IV. Online Articles on College Students and Disabilities
  • Surveys and Statistical Profiles Articles on Educational Strategies Information on Disabilities
  • V. Technology
  • Assistive Technology Resource Agencies and Databases Web Accessibility Disability-Related Freeware and Shareware


    70. Professor Glesner Fines Legal Education Resource Pages
    To Read More About It teaching resources Newsletters This course is for students who have a peer teaching responsibility in the law school (eg,
    Teaching and Learning Law
    Resources for Legal Education
    Professor Barbara Glesner Fines
    University of Missouri - Kansas City School of Law
    Teaching Law:
    For Peer Teachers
    Teaching Law:
    For Faculty
    at UMKC Law School
    Conferences on Teaching May 1-4 Conference on Clinical Legal Education, San Diego, California June 13-18 Mid-Year Meeting, Portland, Oregon Conference on Teaching Property Law for the 21st Century, June 15-18 June 24-26 Workshop for New Law Teachers, Washington, D.C. Institute for Law School Teaching
    Eleventh Annual Summer Conference
    July 9-10, 2004 "Active Teaching and Learning" Gonzaga University School of Law Spokane, WA CALI
    14th Annual Conference for Law School Computing
    Thursday - Saturday, June 17-19, 2004, University of Washington School of Law, Seattle, WA
    Register SOON at Return to top
    Professor Barbara Glesner Fines
      The TA Cyber-Handbook (from Tufts University Center for Academic Excellence: surveys and indexes the on-line Teaching Assistant Handbooks of twenty-one prominent universities) (University of California at Santa Barbara)
    Return to top

    71. English Language Teaching, Lesson Plans And Activities For English Teachers
    english teaching resources English language teaching, free english lessons, Using IT with ESOL students A set of tips and a lesson plan for teaching
    Free Resources Professional Support Jobs Lesson Share ... Forum Home Brought to you by Macmillan September update - new this month Free resources section. 100s of free English teaching r esources. Lesson plans for teachers of English: all levels, tests, games. American and British English. Scrivener's teacher's tips Addressing the SP in ESP English for Specific Purposes (ESP) involves more than just working with texts and examples relevant to a particular professional area. Here are some ways of addressing those elusive SPs. Ask the Authors A forum for issues and questions about methodology, vocabulary, professional development and grammar. Latest answers include Scott Thornbury on may and might plus Word order in passive questions by Kerry Maxwell and Lindsay Clandfield. Teaching Grammar In depth analysis of aspects of English grammar written for English teachers with practical tips on how to teach each area. Latest: Adjectives I Teaching with minimal resources An article from Adrian Tennant on listening in English language teaching.

    72. Assessment Resources For Teachers
    Designed for teachers and administrators to find the latest information about the Texas student assessment program.
    Home District Locator Index A-Z Divisions ... Advanced Search Student Assessment Navigation: Student Assessment Home A to Z Directory Contact Information Frequently Asked Questions ... Resources for Researchers
    This page is designed to help you find the information you need quickly. If you can not find the information you need, please refer to the directory or contact the Student Assessment Division at (512) 463-9536. About the Student Assessment Program
    An overview on the statewide assessment program with additional links to the reading proficiency tests in English, the alternative assessment, the history of the statewide assessment program, and the law that mandates the statewide assessment program. Test Development
    Replacement Recommendation Form for Serving on an Educator Committee
    Standard Setting Information

    Test Development Process
    Test Administration
    Accommodation Request Form
    Alternate Test Date Request Form
    Incident Report Form

    Modified Scheduling Request Form
    On-site Testing Request Form
    Packaging Student Assessment Materials
    Test Administration Manuals State Approved Group Administered Achievement Tests Testing Calendars RPTE/LEP Resources Assessment of LEP Students LPAC Decision-Making Process Manual Reading Proficiency Tests in English (RPTE) RPTE Educator Guides ... RPTE Released Tests SDAA Resources

    73. Teaching With Electronic Technology
    *Julius Caesar resources for students and teachers of Shakespeare s play Julius Caesar, a new addition to The Perseus Project, a digital library for the
    Teaching with Electronic Technology
    Great, I say, because of the excellence of the things themselves, because of their newness, unheard of through the ages, and also because of the instrument with the benefit of which they make
    themselves manifest to our sight.
    Sidereus Nuncius
    Pull-Down Menu of Website Teaching with Electronic Technology Humanities Scholarship Schools on the Web Art and Natural History Museums Online Journals and E-Zines Michael's Hotlist Michael's Home Page Other Home Pages T he World Wide Web sites collected on this page reflect the considerable variety of uses for computing and related forms of electronic technology in teaching. They are arranged in no strict order, but tend to proceed from rather general and theoretical resources to some instructive examples of specific applications of technology to teaching and learning. Like many other web sites, this one changes and grows as I find time to revise and update these links. I am grateful to those who have made suggestions, corrections, and introduced me to additional resources. Michael L. Hall

    74. Career Services
    Resume Critiques for student Teachers If you are a CU student, please email your Overseas teaching (available in Career Resource Center, Willard 5)
    Teacher Resources Internships Career Employment Academic/Admissions Tests Teacher Resources Diversity Initiatives Frequently Asked Questions
    Fall 2005 Events for Student Teachers
    Monday, September 26, 2005
    Click here for event agenda (pdf)

    Friday, December 9, 2005
    On-Campus Interviewing for K-12 Teachers
    8 a.m.-5 p.m., Career Services, Willard Hall, Garden Level
    • For more information, call the CSO Help Desk: 303-492-4100 Participating Schools
      Cherry Creek School District
      Delta County School District
      Denver Public Schools
      Eagle County School District
      Falcon School District
      Fountain-Fort Carson School District Lewis-Palmer School District St. Vrain Valley School District Thompson Valley School District Widefield School District Woodland Park School District
    On-Going Resume Critiques for Student Teachers If you are a CU student, please e-mail your resume to

    75. Chemistry Teaching Web Sites
    http//, This site if for students and teachers of all printable resources and references; online activities; lab materials; teaching
    Chemistry Teaching Web Sites
    This web site is designed to help chemistry teachers find useful information on the internet. There are a few of the more interesting and helpful sites listed below. This is not even the tip of the iceburg; there is much more information available, it is just a matter of finding it. I hope what I have listed so far is helpful to you. Remember that this site is still under construction! High School Chemistry Sites College Chemistry Sites Government Agencies Alta Vista Search Engine ... Free Stuff The following sites are of interest to both high school teachers and high school students. You may also want to check out the college sites as well. This site contains everything from what search engines to use to lab safety. This site is a must for all high school chemistry teachers. This site if for students and teachers of all levels. You must purchase a membership.
    • printable resources and references
    • on-line activities
    • lab materials
    • teaching ideas and lesson plans

    76. Abcteach -- 5000+ Free Printable Pages And Worksheets
    Great for new teachers, student teachers , homeschooling and teachers who like creative ways to teach. Join the popular membership section!!
    Member Log In
    Popular: Month to Month ABC Activities Rain Forest Teaching Extras ... Portfolios
    welcome to a b c t each
    This is the place for kids, parents, student teachers, and teachers.
    Free Printables: 5000+ free printable pages and worksheets. What's new?

    A B C Activities, Reading, Reading
    Comprehension, Math, Writing, Handwriting, Colors, Shapes... Theme Units Animals, Habitats, Holidays, Month to Month, Sports, Countries, States, and more... Research/Reports Research Forms, Report Helpers, Book Report Forms, Maps, Flags, Writing... Reading Comps Reading comprehensions for fictional and informational reading practice. Useful for teaching test-taking skills. Teaching Extras Assignment Sheets, Awards, Bookmarks, Calendars, Center Signs, Certificates, Labels, Classroom and Theme Signs N E W Languages Foreign language documents. Spanish and French.

    77. WWW Resources For French As A Second Language Learning
    resources for Students and Teachers of French as a Second Language. Jump to Exercises and resources for Students resources for Teachers French in

    Resources for Students and Teachers of French as a Second Language
    Jump to: [ Exercises and Resources for Students Resources for Teachers French in Canada outside Quebec Quebec ... French Newspapers pages Gathered here are some WWW resources that I have discovered that I feel would be of interest to students and teachers of French as a second language. If you know of other ones you think should be added, and I am certain there are lots more out there, or if you wish to make suggestions for improving this page, please send me mail. Make sure you visit the home page of my new textbook . This text for learning French as a second Language can best be described by these key-words: communication, Canadian, authentic, learner-centered. It was written by a team of professors at the Second Language Institute of the University of Ottawa and was published by Prentice Hall in 1997. Alysse Weinberg
    Second Language Institute

    University of Ottawa
    Last updated January 14, 2003
    Visits since June 9, 1996:
    Visites depuis le 9 juin 1996. Return to top.

    78. TeachersFirst - Opening Page
    Classroom resources and lesson plans for K12. Materials, reviewed by teachers and sorted by subject area and grade level. Professional resources.
    TeachersFirst is a rich collection of lessons and web resources for K-12 classroom teachers, their students, and even students' families. Materials are arranged by subject area and grade level, making it easy to locate lesson plans and associated web resources quickly. Registered users:
    window.document.form1.pagename.value = window.document.location; You'll find an easy-to-use menu at the top of each TeachersFirst page. Just click the colored tabs above to access thousands of resources. 1. CLICK on one of the four menu tabs.
    2. THEN - click on one of the FOUR CHOICES on the tab panel.
    TeachersFirst features original content as well as thousands of great links to other sites. Sometimes you may explore far from where you started.Now we've made it easy to get back to TeachersFirst. Just click on the "back to TeachersFirst" graphic at the top of your screen. No matter how far you explore, you're only one click away from TeachersFirst.
    Contact Webmaster
    Search: All Products Books Magazines Popular Music Classical Music Video DVD Baby Electronics Software Outdoor Living Wireless Phones Keywords: Help support TeachersFirst. Shop using this link.

    79. Elementary Theme Pages By Jim Cornish
    Newspapers in Education NEW! Math Story Problems Cartooning Writing Prompts Literature Circles NEW! HELP! Reading resources For Parents and Teachers HELP!
    Theme Pages
    for Elementary Students and Teachers
    prepared by Jim Cornish, Gander, Newfoundland, Canada
    The background image is Sarracenia purpurea , the pitcher plant- the floral emblem of Newfoundland and Labrador.
    Mission to Mars
    TomatoSphere (A Mars-Related Project)
    Space Shuttle Mission Profile

    NEW! Healthy Kids NEW!!
    Maps and Map Skills
    Number the Stars Novel Study
    Homechild Novel Study ...
    Newspapers in Education

    NEW! Math Story Problems Cartooning Writing Prompts Literature Circles NEW! HELP! Reading Resources For Parents and Teachers HELP! Other Themes by Subject Earth Science Ecosystems Life Science Meteorology ... Passages Choose a theme page from the list below to display lists of links. Science Weather Clouds Hurricanes Tornadoes ... Volcanoes Ecosystems Fresh Water Deserts Oceans Rainforests ... Boreal Forest Animals Ezines Ranger Rick OwlKids Canadian Museum of Nature Life Science Birds Fish Human Body Systems Insects ... ArtsSmarts: Newfoundland Pine Marten Meteorology Weather Clouds Hurricanes Tornadoes Space Astronomy Solar System Space Shuttle Hubble Telescope ... Canadian Astronauts Physical Science Simple Machines Matter Inventions Flight ... Paper Airplanes Archaeology/History Archaeology Ancient Egypt Anasazi Vikings ... Beothuks Geography Nations Maps Flags Nation Profiles ... Japan Language Readers Theatre Novel Studies Myths and Legends Children's Books Reviews ... Homechild Novel Study Arts

    80. Readers Theatre Resources For Teachers And Students
    This site from Gander Academy is designed for P E students and teachers. It lists readers theatre related resources on the Web.
    Gander Academy
    Readers Theatre

    What is Reading theatre
    Reading theatre Scripts Writing Scripts
    Recommended Print Resources
    Important Information for Downloading Some Scripts

    What is Readers Theatre?
    What is Reader's theatre?

    Reader's theater is minimal theater in support of literature and reading.
    What is Readers theatre?

    Reader's theater is minimal theater in support of literature and reading.There are many styles of reader's theater, but nearly all share these traits:
    Readers' Theatre
    Readers' theatre is an interpretive oral reading activity. Students use their voices, facial expressions and hand gestures to interpret characters in scripts or stories. Teachers and students may adapt favourite stories for readers' theatre through collaborative script writing activities. Readers Theatre: Concepts and Elements The very fact that the name of the genre contains the word"readers" indicates that it has a strong focus on the text. Text is the most important concept in the Readers theatre. Evaluating Readers Theatre
    Top of Page
    Sample Reading Theatre Scripts Readers Theatre Scripts Reader's Theater Editions are scripts adapted from stories by Aaron Shepard and others mostly humor, fantasy, and retold tales from a variety of cultures. The grade levels for performers fall mostly between 3 and 9. Copying, sharing, and performing the scripts are permitted for any educational, noncommercial purpose.

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