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         Student Teaching Teacher Resources:     more books (100)
  1. Mathematics for Elementary Teachers, Student Resource Handbook: A Contemporary Approach by Gary L. Musser, William F. Burger, et all 2002-09-25
  2. Exploration of the utilization of personnel in the supervision of student teachers when feedback via films and systems for the analysis of teaching are ... (Educational Resources Information Center) by Bruce R Joyce, 1967
  3. Job Corps: a resource for teacher education by American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, 1970
  4. From students of teaching to teachers of students teacher induction around the Pacific Rim (SuDoc ED 1.310/2:415194) by U.S. Dept of Education, 1997
  5. AIDS: Teacher/student resource package by Jill Golick, 1988
  6. Teaching Students with Visual and Multiple Impairments, A Resource Guide
  7. Expand your thinking: A student resource book : teacher's guide by David Hyerle, 1989
  8. Mathematics for Elementary Teachers with Student Resource Handbook Set, 6th Edition by Gary L. Musser, 2002-06-21
  9. Interpretive series by Nicholas Helburn, 1972
  10. Big Apple Circus study guide: A resource for students and teachers by Viveca Gardiner, 1999
  11. Enrichment Opportunities Guide: A Resource for Teachers & Students in Math & Science by California Department of Education, 1988-12
  12. Enrichment Opportunities Guide: A Resource for Teachers and Students in Math and Science by California Department of Education, 1988-12
  13. A Treasury of the Southwest: Resources for Teachers and Students by Jane Kurtz, 1992-04
  14. Teaching for thinking : an annotated resource list (SuDoc ED 1.310/2:297295) by U.S. Dept of Education, 1988

41. The Earth Science Educator
The educational portal site of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center's Earth Sciences Directorate. It contains hundreds of teaching and learning resources available from within the Earth Sciences Directorate and provides teachers and students with quick access to a set of rich and scientificallyoriented educational resources on a wide range of Earth Science research activities.
+ NASA Portal
+ Goddard Space Flight Center

+ Vision for Space Exploration
Explore Our Websites ... Explore Our... Education Links
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Chief Editor: Tom Hood
NASA Official: Dr. Franco Einaudi

42. VRoma: A Virtual Community For Teaching And Learning Classics
A community of teachers and students who create online resources for teaching Latin and ancient Roman culture.
A Virtual Place A Collection of Resources a spatial and cultural metaphor of ancient Rome , where faculty and students can meet in real time, interact, collaborate, hold classes, and access databases, texts, images and teaching materials. The simulated environment of the VRoma MOO contains two types of spaces: Rome Officina Eamus VRomam! Let's Go VRoma! We welcome anyone with a serious interest in ancient Rome to join the ranks of VRomans and log in to this special place. The VRoma Project uses workshops and presentations to engage teachers and students in a virtual community dedicated to using internet technology to foster the teaching and learning of Latin and Roman culture. This web site features various types of resources created by VRomans, including a large archive of digital images relating to classical antiquity, help files and other materials about the MOO, teaching resources and course materials, information about the project and its participants , and relevant links to other sites. All of these resources are available on the web and do not require logging in to the MOO.

43. ForedBC -- For Education About Our Resources And Environment
Nonpartisan organization providing environmental education teaching resources for both teachers and students in a variety of subjects and grade levels.
The world’s termites outweigh the world’s humans 10 to 1. Design by , Inc.

44. Argyle Middle School, Montgomery County Public Schools, MD
Information for students and teachers at Argyle Midle School. Also includes resources for teaching in Grades 68.
Today's Date: Dr. Debra Mugge, Principal Montgomery County Public Schools
September 2005 Su M Tu W Th F Sa
/td> Home



/td> News Florida Trip Parent Meeting 6th and 7th grade parents and students are invited to learn more about the Habitat H2O field trip to Tampa Bay, FL by attending the informational meeting Wednesday, September 28th at 7PM in Argyle MS's Media Center. Please contact Ms. Hoffman for more information at Downcounty High School Choice Info Meeting Parents of Grade 8 students are invited to attend one of the evening meetings to learn more about the choice process and high school academies. Presentations will be available in Chinese, English, French, Korean, Spanish, and Vietnamese. The meeting will be held at Argyle MS on Thursday, October 27, 2005. For more information click on the link above. PTSA Refections Program This link will provide you with information about the NEW Reflections program sponsored by the PTSA.

45. Kathy Schrock's Guide For Educators - Critical Evaluation Surveys And Resources
an article dealing with the need to teach critical evaluation skills cooperative learning lesson plan and teacher s guide; Evaluating Web resources
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With the advent of the World Wide Web and the huge amount of information that is contained there, students need to be able to critically evaluate a Web page for authenticity, applicability, authorship, bias, and usability. The ability to critically evaluate information is an important skill in this information age. To help you get started with this process with your students, I have designed a series of evaluation surveys, one each at the elementary, middle, and secondary school levels. The elementary, middle, and secondary surveys have been re-designed and updated in August of 2003.
Critical Evaluation Surveys
Use the HTML version for viewing, the PDF or Word version for printing! The Word version is locked, but, when you get the message that tells you that, simply choose to "READ ONLY" and it will open.
Information by the Author

46. English Language Resources For Teachers And Students Of English
English language teaching resources. ELTWEB Links for teachers and students of English, Over 5 million hits in 2004 Add your site today!

47. Teaching Methods/Subject Area Resources Links
Educational WWW resources for K12 Students and Teachers (by Subject) University of Ottawa-resources for Teachers and Students of French as a Second
Teaching Methods Web Resources Scientific Basis for the Art of Teaching The Role of Planning in Teaching Curriculum Theory Technology in Education ... Global Education
Teaching Methods Resources
Scientific Basis for the Art of Teaching Teaching in Historical Perspective
The History of Education Site

Blackwell History of Education Research Museum

Cogito: The Cognitive Paradigm

Center for Dewey Studies

Effective Teaching
Principles for Effective Teaching
HVCC's Center for Effective Teaching Home Page

NCREL: Pathways to School Improvement

Education Hot Links

Academic Learning Time Educational Psychology Interactive: Academic Learning Time A Systems Model of the Teaching/Learning Process Effective Teaching Class Notes Learning to Teach National Center for Research on Teacher Learning Overcoming the Education-Training Divide: The Case of Professional Development Troubleshooting Your Class Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators Constructivist Perspective The Institute for Constructivist Theories of Learning Constructivist Teaching and Learning Models WWW Constructivist Project Design Guide
The Role of Planning in Teaching
Instructional Objectives Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives Arts Education Evaluation Effective teaching strategies and the design of instruction Behavioral Objectives Writing Behavioral Objectives Individual Education Planning: Behavioral Objectives Bloom's Taxonomy Taxonomy of Educational Objectives: Cognitive Domain Critical Thinking Selecting Curriculum Content Arts Education: A Curriculum Guide for Grade Eight Reading Curriculum Guide Contents A Curriculum Guide for the Elementary Level Instructional Design

During the year, I will be adding resources for teachers to this site. Here teachers can discover new ways to assist struggling students within
Home Page Ontario Curriculum Libraries
Just For Kids
... Themes
During the year, I will be adding resources for teachers to this site. These resources will be teaching tools and topics that will cover many facets of education. If you have additional sites that you have found to be useful or any topics that you would like me to research and display the results here, please use the handy e-mail link to send them to me. I would also appreciate you letting me know if any of the listed links are no longer active in order for me to keep these pages as up-to-date as possible.
Table of Contents
Special Education General Special Education Sites Attention Deficit Disorder Behaviour Exceptionalities Communication Learning Disabled ... Holidays Page
Special Education
General Special Education Sites
  • Special Education - BC - On-line Documents

  • This site has several on-line resource documents for teachers. Topics include: Visual Impairments, Hearing Loss, Gifted Education, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, etc.
  • CEC ERIC Clearinghouse on Disabilities and Gifted Education

  • ERIC EC gathers and disseminates the professional literature, information, and resources on the education and development of individuals of all ages who have disabilities and/or who are gifted. This site has a wealth of information!

    49. WI Focus: Faculty Resources, UH Manoa
    Complete list of. teacher resources Both teachers and students have found that our 10minute video explains one of the main goals of writing-intensive
    Complete list of
    Writing Matters
    (newsletter for instructors of WI courses) Available as a web page (HTML) or an easy-print format (PDF).
  • Effective Writing Assignments: HTML PDF Responding to Student Writing HTML PDF Writing and Research HTML PDF Overcoming Writing Errors HTML PDF Helping Students Make Connections HTML PDF Working with ESL Students' Writing HTML PDF HTML PDF Teaching Forms of Writing HTML PDF On-line Interaction HTML PDF Using Writing to Improve Reading HTML PDF Getting Students to Think HTML PDF
  • Quick Tips
    Tips for Teachers of WI Courses - What to do the first day and how to design and respond to writing assignments. Handling the Paper Load - Dispels myths about responding to student writing. (Also available as an easy-print PDF version - Items students find helpful on a WI syllabus. Teaching a Summer Session Writing-Intensive Course - Tips on teaching a six-week (accelerated term) WI course.
    Assignment Design and Sequencing
    Effective Writing Assignments Writing Matters #1 - A look at how students "read" writing assignments and how to devise effective guidelines. (

    50. Resources For Teachers And Students
    resources for teachers and Students. Symbols of Immigration to America The Plight of the Indentured Servant (teacher resources)
    Preloading images
    Resources for Teachers and Students Symbols of Immigration to America
    History of Immigration to the United States

    History of the Immigration and Naturalization Service

    The Immigration and Naturalization Service Today
    Finding Information on One’s Own Immigrant Background
    Symbols of Immigration to America
    The First Americans
    Beyond Clovis
    Monte Verde (Chile)
    Map of Possible Arrival Routes
    Bering Land Bridge
    Statue of Liberty ... Images of Ellis Island (Library of Congress) Angel Island (California) Quarantine Station Immigration Station History of Immigration to the United States Migration, Emigration and Immigration The Immigrant Experience (Links, links, and more links) Immigration in American Memory (Library of Congress) An Immigrant Nation: United States Regulation of Immigration, 1798 - 1991 Immigration Legislation Since 1790 [summaries] Historical Articles Historical Census Statistics on the Foreign-Born Population in the U.S.: 1850-1990 This Month in Immigration History ... General Web Links of Interest to Historians History of the Immigration and Naturalization Service Overview of INS History Early Immigrant Inspection Along the U.S./Mexican Border

    51. | Teaching Resources
    Find the resource in the teaching WITH THE NEWS section of the Choices Program provides students, teachers, and citizens with a wealth of resources for
    Search this site:
    Curriculum Standards

    Election 2004

    Endorsements and Special Projects

    Join Us
    Teaching Resources
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    to receive e-mail bulletins from NCSS
    Already a e-mail subscriber? Sign in to change your mail preferences Please note: this login does not provide access to NCSS Member features such as the article archive. NCSS Members use a separate login screen: click here. Website Help Info about this website Site Map Printer-Friendly version E-mail this page to a colleague
    Teaching Resources
    Submit a new resource
    Listings for free resources or from non-profit organizations are published free of charge. Use our online form to submit your new resource information.
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    Syndicated new resource listings Using RSS newsreader software, you may subscribe to new resource listings. New listings will be delivered to your newsreader automatically. RSS feed of new resource listings Newsreader software for MacOS X Newsreader software for MacOS 9 and Windows Last 25 Resource listings as of 9/26/05; 5:58:51 AM

    52. TeachingLD: Information And Resources For Teaching Students With Learning Disabi
    teachingLD Information and resources for teaching Students with Learning Send us your question about teaching students with learning disabilities.
    Teaching LD
    TeachingLD is a service of the Division for Learning Disabilities (DLD) of the Council for Exceptional Children . DLD is the largest international professional organization focused on learning disabilities. The purpose of TeachingLD is to provide trustworthy and up-to-date resources about teaching students with learning disabilities. Take our Guided Tour
    CEC is coordinating efforts to help Hurricane Katrina survivors with professional (and personal) needs. Click here for a new page on giving and getting help. Is dyslexia really different from other reading problems? What's your take? Discuss it here Join us for the Bridging the Gap Between Research and Practice Conference in Charleston, SC November 7 and 8, 2005. Our unique conference prepares participants to go from conference session to classroom with evidence-based practices. More information available here Read the DLD Executive Board's letter to the U.S. Department of Education regarding the proposed rules for implemting IDEA 2004.

    53. OED | Teaching Resources And Publications
    teaching Academically Diverse Students. Discussion Strategies. 8. Leading a Discussion Maintaining Instructional Quality with Limited resources

    Office of Educational Development Awards


    403 Sproul Hall
    Berkeley, CA 94720-5920
    Mail Code #5920
    (510) 642-1811 fax A number of publications are available to be checked out from OED (located in 403 Sproul Hall), if they are not available in your department. These include: Publications Online Availability A Berkeley Compendium of Suggestions for Teaching with Excellence html Encouraging Student Writing PDF Sourcebook for Evaluating Teaching not available online Tools for Teaching selected chapters
    What Good Teachers Say About Teaching: Essays From Berkeley html The unofficial Summer Reading list archive Tip Sheets New! Making Classroom Groups Inclusive html pdf Midsemester Evaluation html pdf New! Responding to Midsemester Evaluations html pdf Oral Presentation Techniques: General considerations for presentations Delivery dos and don'ts How to make your speaking easier and more effective html pdf html pdf ... pdf Sample First Day Questionnaires html pdf Teaching in Difficult Times html Ten Ways to Make Your Teaching More Effective html Teaching Discussions Teach-net maillist html Davis, B.G.

    54. English To Go - English Lessons, Learn English, Teach English, Lesson Plans, ESL
    free english lessons, free teacher resources, high school english lesson Our aim is not only to teach English, but to give students and teachers the
    English to go - English lessons, Learn English, Teach English, Lesson plans, ESL resources, ESL reading
    Excellent English language photocopiable lesson plans based on current news events from Reuters, new stories for English teachers, EFL teachers, home schoolers and K12 teachers. Just print and teach.
    english as a second language, english courses, english for academic purposes, english grammar, english grammar lessons, english learning, english lesson, english lesson plans, english lessons, english lessons online, english resources, english second language, english teacher resources, english teaching resources, esl activities, esl cafe, esl games, esl lesson plans, esl lessons, esl materials, esl resources, free business english lessons, free english lessons, free teacher resources, high school english lesson plans, language lessons, learn english, lesson plans, lesson plans for teachers, teacher lesson plans, teacher resources, teaching english, teaching english as a foreign language, teaching english as a second language, teaching esl, teaching materials, toefl tests, tefl jobs, tesol journal, efl, elt, esl, esol, grammar, k12, tefl, tesl, tesol, toefl, toeic
    our company
    English-To-Go supplies English language training materials english lesson

    55. School Supplies, Teacher Supplies, Educational Supplies And Free Stuff For Teach
    SCHOOL SUPPLIES, best resource for teacher SUPPLIES, educational supplies, free stuff for teaching Strategies on Improving Your Students Nutrition
    Home School Supplies
    The Best source for School Supplies and teacher supplies.
    A large selection of school supplies , teacher supplies and educational supplies You will also be interested in our continually updated Teaching Articles Section.
    Choosing the best school supplies, teacher supplies or educational supplies is an important step in helping you achieve your teaching goals for the school year. Your classroom budget will only stretch so far. You will find that our featured merchants carry many quality school supplies and their teacher supplies and educational supplies are also cost effective. There is also free stuff for teachers. These items can definitely help you stretch your money! When my daughter started her teaching career, I decided to do some research into educational supplies, ideas and teaching strategies that would help her in her new role teaching Grade 4. She had left home some years earlier and so I wasn't there to help her along. This web site was inspired from this. I have some teaching experience myself, as I currently teach at the college level as well as online. But my expertise has been with much older students. Throughout the search for information to help her, I have had an exciting time. Many of the great merchants I found and lots of supporting teacher sites are now found on this web site.

    56. LEARN NC
    I m looking for general resources on I need a strategy for teaching my On August 25 and 26, teachers and students can watch live video from the ocean
    LEARN North Carolina
    For Students
    • Primary: K Elementary: Middle: Secondary:
    About LEARN NC

    LEARN NC, a program of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Education
    Start your search for education resources here!
    What can you do with LEARN NC? What kind of resources are you looking for? I'm looking for general resources on... I need a strategy for teaching my students about... I want to improve my teaching of... I need resources to use with students for a lesson on... I want my students to work independently on... I'm a student doing research on... I'm a student, and I need help studying... I'm a parent, and I need to help my child with... Find it!
    Scheduled events
    Tips and tools

    57. Links For K-12 Teachers - Including Resources To Help Students Prepare For State
    Computer teacher resources Parents (español). Differentiated Instruction PreKindergarten Assessment resources have been moved to a new page
    Arts Math Topics Assessment Assistance Science: General ... On-Line Practice Modules Planning Templates Task Card (5x8) Task card (full sheet) Assessment Planning ISIS: In School Integration Support ... Pop-Up Stopper Free Edition PC only at this time; for IE users only.
    Enter text in the search box
    Search the Internet4Classrooms site

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    Visitors since November 2000
    Memphis, TN
    Internet4Classrooms is a collaborative effort by Susan Brooks and Bill Byles
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    58. NSTA - Teacher Resources
    Targeted Web resources to help you teach key science concepts and save Internet Students with Disabilities NSTA is strongly committed to developing
    sort by date rank
    advanced search

    The Science Store
    Get out of the classroom and into the field, where students can get up close and personal with the environment.

    NOW NSTA members get 20% off NSTA Press books! The NSTA Science Store offers the best materials for science teaching. Browse for books, videos, posters, and other products. Shop online or phone or fax your order. As an NSTA member , you'll always enjoy a 20% discount on NSTA Press publications and 10% off on all other products. We also invite you to visit the NSTA Science Store at any of our conventions.
    NEW! NSTA SciGuides
    • Targeted Web resources to help you teach key science concepts and save Internet searching time
    • Lesson plans, student work samples and vignettes using the targeted web resources
    • Web-based resources aligned to the National Science Education Standards
    Click here for more information on SciGuides and to view a video demo. Online Career Center
    Do you want to hire the most qualified science teacher? Are you looking for a challenging new job or career change? NSTA’s Career Center has the resources you need to successfully accomplish all your career-related goals.

    59. ASL Activities, Books, & Materials For Students Of All Ages
    ASL Activities,. Books, teaching Materials for Students of All Ages LISTSERV for Teachers of ASL. Other (Foreign) Sign Language resources
    ASL Activities,
    Teacher Resouces Student Resources ASL Teacher Associations ... Great ASL/Deaf Listservs
    ASL Teacher Associations:
    American Sign Language Teachers Association
    Florida American Sign Language Teachers Association
    LISTSERV for Teachers of ASL
    Other (Foreign) Sign Language Resources
    Signed Languages from Around the World
    What else (ASL/Deaf) is on this page/site:
    ASL Activities Books Lectures Reviews ... Videotexts
    ASL Activities
    ASL Does The Tango
    Spatial relationships: Chinese shape puzzles combined with Argentine dance movements
    ASL: Row, Row, Row
    Fluency, body language, facial expressions, sign parameters
    Go Fish!
    Turn taking, attention getting, yes/no-questions, targeted vocabulary: numbers, colors, clothing, classifiers, names, etc.
    Roadmap Easy rh-q ... Why Me Lost Why? wh-q
    R eceptive/expressive (giving/reading) directions, signer's perspective, city/street vocabulary
    To get to the top of the ASL page, click here.
    ASL Lectures
    ABC Stories
    See an example of this unique literary form of ASL word play
    Ask to the Falcon, Ask to the Ant

    60. OTRNet: Mathematics Texts, Online Maths Investigations And Resources For Teachin
    Online resources for constructivist maths teachers including texts, written by classroom teachers support constructivist learning in a student centred
    defaultStatus ="Hit Ctrl and D to bookmark this page !" Mathematics Education Resources Apologies for inconvenience caused by our fax service recently being out of commission. It is now functional again - 08 9252 0980. "Connecting Classrooms to Curriculum" OTRNet aims to provide mathematics resources that support curriculum improvement and provide a richer learning experience for students. The materials available through OTRNet have been prepared by teachers. Click on one of the links below for full details of resources available or use our Maths Education Web Links or Pedagogy Web Links to link to other useful sites. Integrated Maths Modules Thirty five modules now available on a range of secondary mathematics topics. OTRNet are now publishing a series of classroom resources for learning secondary mathematics known as Integrated Maths Modules. These innovative resources written by classroom teachers support constructivist learning in a student centred environment with students working cooperatively Paul Swan's Resources Dr Paul Swan has written a wide range of resources for primary and middle school mathematics education.

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