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         Student Teaching Portfolio Teach:     more detail
  1. The portfolio as a tool for stimulating reflection by student teachers [An article from: Teaching and Teacher Education] by D.D. Mansvelder-Longayroux, D. Beijaard, et all 2007-01-01
  2. Learning to Teach with "Guide to Field Experiences and Portfolio Development", Interactive Student CD-ROM, and PowerWeb/OLC Card by Richard I Arends, Richard Arends, 2003-05-15
  3. Learning to Teach, with Free "Manual for Planning, Observation, and Portfolio" and Free Interactive Student CD-ROM by Richard I Arends, 2001-05-18

1. Teaching Portfolio
TEACHING PORTFOLIO FOR X. Y.* August 1, 1994 A. Goals For each course, I identify the concepts and procedures that I want each student to master.

2. Preparing A Teaching Portfolio
A Teaching Portfolio Products of Teaching. Samples of student work along with the professor's feedback to show the range of student

3. Abcteach 5000+ Free Printable Pages And Worksheets
is the place for kids, parents, student teachers Teaching Extras Assignment Sheets, Awards Portfolios Portfolio

4. Teaching Portfolios
re in the mood, go see Barbara Simpson and tell her you'd like to open a Teaching Portfolio. Student Evaluations Ideally, you should have

5. Teaching Portfolios
The program also sponsors symposia on teaching and learning topics such as Establishing a Teaching Portfolio and Evaluating Student Learning.

6. Student Teaching Portfolio
Lesson Plans Student Teaching Portfolio General Policies Evaluation Of Student Teacher California Standards for the Teaching

Teaching Portfolio social studies, American history, Economics, lesson plans, and web page design

8. Creating Electronic Portfolios
in creating your teacher portfolio electronically. Your portfolio is to display your teaching student papers, even a video clip of you in

9. Wardell's Teaching Portfolio
TEACHING PORTFOLIO Sample notes are included later in the portfolio. Each student obtains a copy of the notes, and then I use my copy as

10. Portfolios
Student Portfolios Classroom Uses. The Teaching Portfolio - Article by Hannelore B. Rodriguez-Farrar, introduces and explain the Teaching Portfolio

11. Portfolios
student portfolios Classroom Uses; The teaching portfolio - Article by Hannelore B . teaching portfolios - Tools for developing and assessing a faculty
Curriculum Lesson Plans Organizers Rubrics ...
  • An Introduction to Science Portfolios - Using portfolios as an assessment tool will allow your students to successfully demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of scientific concepts using their own talents and abilities. Authentic Classroom Assessment in Action - 3 "snapshots" of Ms. Rodriguez's fourth-grade class from the beginning, middle, and end of the school year. Following each is a synopsis of how she is using the principles of good authentic assessment. Education for the Future - Supports systemic change in schools and districts for increased student learning, assisting schools with systemic reform largely through School Portfolios and Data Analysis. Electronic Portfolios - Everything you need to know about electronic portfolios. How to Produce a Teaching Portfolio - Extracts from Peter Seldin's book "The Teaching Portfolio". Mt. Edgecumbe High School: Digital Learner Portfolios
  • 12. The Teaching Portfolio
    In creating a teaching portfolio, the key questions are why you teach and of Both my teaching and teaching Skills student teaching Evaluation Data from
    Faculty Graduate Students Departments Staff ... Home
    The Teaching Portfolio
    Hannelore B. Rodriguez-Farrar
    The Format
    Articulate a Personal Teaching Philosophy or Statement About Your Teaching
    Gather Your Evidence
    Organize Your Evidence
    Write Reflective and Summary
    Statements About the Evidence
    Share Your Draft with Others and Revise
    Rewrite Your Curriculum Vitae, and Refer Readers to Your Teaching Portfolio
    Appendix: Sample Teaching Portfolios
    Excellence in teaching has become a stock phrase in most faculty job descriptions; yet how does one demonstrate this to current colleagues and/or future employers? One answer is a Teaching Portfolio which is a description of an instructor's major strengths and teaching achievements. It describes documents and materials which collectively suggest the scope and quality of an instructor's teaching proficiency. Over 400 institutions nationwide use Teaching Portfolios in personnel decisions regarding faculty appointments. Demonstrating an effective teaching philosophy is becoming more important at all institutions of higher education; thus, you will revise and update your Teaching Portfolio throughout your career as an instructor. The primary purpose of this handbook is to introduce and explain the Teaching Portfolio concept as a way to demonstrate one's teaching credentials to colleagues, department chairs and potential employers. Individuals and/or departments may also use Teaching Portfolios for other uses such as a means for assessment and development of courses, a way to compare individuals for teaching awards, for contract renewals and for documenting general departmental teaching effectiveness.

    13. CTL: Speaking Of Teaching Newsletters
    1 Using student Evaluations to Improve teaching (21k) PDF icon Vol. 8, No . 3 - Promoting a Culture of teaching The teaching portfolio (22k)
    SPEAKING OF TEACHING Stanford University Newsletter on Teaching
    Vol. 13, No. 1- The Socratic Method: What it is and How to Use it in the Classroom (23k)
    Vol. 12, No. 3- Why Good Teachers Have Bad Classes (60k) Vol. 12. No. 2 - Teaching in the U.S. Classroom (32k) Vol. 11, No. 3 - Faculty/TA Teaching Partnerships (448k) ...
    Juggling Teaching and Research (20k)

    14. Electronic Portfolios: Students, Teachers, And Life Long Learners
    The teaching portfolio student teaching Electronic portfolio teaching portfoliosprovide faculty with an opportunity to reflect on their teaching
    Electronic Portfolios: Students, Teachers, and Life Long Learners
    What's a digital or electronic portfolio? How can I develop a student or teacher portfolio? How can text, photos, diagrams, audio, video and other multimedia elements be integrated into a portfolio?
    Electronic Portfolios are a creative means of organizing, summarizing, and sharing artifacts, information, and ideas about teaching and/or learning, along with personal and professional growth. The reflective process of portfolio development can be as important as the final product. In many cases, they are used as part of faculty and student evaluation along with other assessment tools such as standardized tests. A portfolio is a sampling of the breadth and depth of a person's work conveying the range of abilities, attitudes, experiences, and achievements.
    Read and watch Dr. Helen Barrett on Electronic Portfolio Development

    15. Structural Geology, Granite Geology, Geodynamics
    Resources for students in geology and geophysics, including lectures notes, slide show and virtual field trips. Topics include structural geology, tectonics, and geology of granite.
    Introductory Statements Learning how to learn is the single most important goal one should have when entering Uni.
    My job as lecturer is to help students to become independent learner and to get ready for real-life challenges.
    From science students, employers expect generic skills such as: Solid numeracy skills
    High problem-solving ability
    Confidence to deal with large datasets and complex information
    Above average computer skills
    Excellent written and oral communication skills I teach my classes in a way to enhance these skills.
    Program: Year 2002 Year 2003 Year 2004 Year 2005 Course Evaluation CA
    Year 2005
    1st YEAR
    GEOL: 1002: Earth Processes and Resources
    2003 Geol 1002 Course Evaluation
    Folds, Faults, and Mountain Belts. 2nd YEAR flick the mouse... GEOS 2123-2923: Geological Methods 2003 GEOS 2202 Course Evaluation LECT: Introduction to Structural Geology and Tectonics PRACT: An Introduction to Map Analysis and Stereonet Technics Field Trip: Yass Field Trip 3rd YEAR flick the mouse... GEOS 3003: Structural Geology: The Dynamic Earth 2003 GEOS3003 Course Evaluation Module 1: Week 7 to 9: Thermal and Mechanical Aspects of Lithospheric deformation Module 2: Week 9 to 11: Advanced Tectonics: The Analysis of Regional Finite Strain Fields Pract: Advanced Map and Structural Analysis EReports Week 11-13: Modern Concepts in Structural Geology and Tectonics GEOS 3008: Field Course in Geology and Geophysics: POST-GRADUATE

    16. Teaching Portfolio
    The Outline of a teaching portfolio that now follows is selfcontained, andcan be considered and used C. teaching Evaluations. 1. student evaluations
    Office of the Provost
    A "teaching portfolio" is a compilation of information about a faculty member's teaching, made by that faculty member, often for use in consideration for tenure or promotion. It is not, in itself, an instrument for teaching evaluation, but a vehicle for presenting information which may include results of evaluations and which may itself contribute to evaluation. It can therefore be selective, emphasizing the positiveto serve as a showcase for the faculty member's achievements in teaching, not necessarily a comprehensive or balanced picture of everything. Purposes for the teaching portfolio include: provision of data for personnel decisions, including tenure and promotion; supplying data for aggregate information that might be communicated to, for example, legislative bodies; support of cases for internal or external awards; and, perhaps most importantly, provision to the faculty member of special and significant opportunities for reflection about his or her teaching. There are other possibilities. The very fact that the teaching portfolio is now in place should serve to underscore the increasing emphasis on the value of teaching at WSU and in higher education nationally. At WSU, this emphasis will be expressed in other ways, circumstances permitting.

    17. Preparing A Teaching Portfolio
    Portfolios provide documented evidence of teaching that is connected to the Products of teaching. Samples of student work along with the professor s
    A Teaching Portfolio
    A Guidebook
    Prepared by
    The Center for Teaching Effectiveness
    Main Building 2200
    The University of Texas at Austin
    What is a Teaching
    It is a factual description of a professor's teaching accomplishments supported by relevant data and analyzed by the professor to show the thinking process behind the artifacts. Most portfolios are NOT collections of everything that the professor has done in the way of teaching over his or her entire career. Rather they are selected samples that illustrate how that individual's teaching is carried out in the various venues in which teaching occurs. Edgerton, Hutchings and Quinlan (1991) describe portfolios as follows:
  • Portfolios provide documented evidence of teaching that is connected to the specifics and contexts of what is being taught.
  • They go beyond exclusive reliance on student ratings because they include a range of evidence from a variety of sources such as syllabi, samples of student work, self-reflections, reports on classroom research, and faculty development efforts.
  • In the process of selecting and organizing their portfolio material, faculty think hard about their teaching, a practice which is likely to lead to improvement in practice.
  • 18. How To Produce A Teaching Portfolio
    The teaching portfolio A practical guide to improved perfomance and student course or teaching evaluation data which produce an overall rating of
    How To Produce A Teaching Portfolio
    The following are extracts from Peter Seldin's book
    "The Teaching Portfolio - A practical guide to improved perfomance and promotion/tenure decisions, 2nd Ed."
    The Teaching Portfolio
    (Chapter 1)
    Choosing Items For The Portfolio
    (Chapter 2) The ISBN number of the book is 1-882982-150-0. It can be ordered directly from the publishers.
    Anker Publishing Company, Inc. P.O. Box 249 Bolton, MA 01740-0249, USA Tel: (508) 779-6190 Fax: (508) 779-6366 email: Contents
    • About the Author Contributors Preface to the Second Edition The Teaching Portfolio Choosing Items for the Portfolio Preparing the Portfolio Using the Portfolio Answers to Common Questions About the Teaching Portfolio Some Final Thoughts Preparing the Portfolio: A Personal View

    • Joseph A. Weber
    • Developing an Institutional Portfolio Program: A Step-by-Step Report

    • Karen E. Mura
    • Improving Teaching Through Portfolio Revisions

    • John Zubizarreta
    • The Electronically Augmented Teaching Portfolio

    • Devorah A. Liberman and John Reuter

    19. Creating Your Teaching Portfolio
    Teacher Education faculty will also conduct teaching portfolio workshops Evaluations of work during student teaching, your work and your students’ work. Portfolio Handbook.htm
    ED HOME FACULTY PHILOSOPHY PROGRAMS ... FEEDBACK Millikin University Creating Your Teacher Education Portfolio INTRODUCTION back to the top As you progress through each level of Millikin University's teacher education program, you will be required to create a teaching portfolio that represents your efforts to become an effective teacher. The exploratory teaching portfolio will be required for admission to the teacher education program. The pre-professional portfolio will be required for admission to student teaching. During your final semester, in Senior Seminar, you will convert your pre-professional portfolio into a professional portfolio that will become an important tool for you to use as you seek a teaching position. Creating your exploratory and pre-professional teaching portfolio is a gradual process that should involve much personal reflection. Through preparing your portfolio, you should become more aware of your strengths as a future teacher and of those areas where improvement is needed. After the completion of your exploratory portfolio, your pre-professional portfolio will change with each new semester.

    20. Teaching Portfolios - B-W
    A professional teaching portfolio is an organized collection of Typically youwould use evaluations from your student teaching and your Methods
    Teaching Portfolios
    Career Services Academic Programs Admission Campus Intranet Campus Resources ... Meet the Staff
    Teaching Portfolios
    Professional Teaching Portfolios You know the saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words." In looking for a teaching position, a professional portfolio can be worth even more. A professional teaching portfolio is an organized collection of materials that can support and provide evidence of a teacher candidate's skills and experiences. This is an essential marketing tool for your job search and should present your unique personality and qualifications. Gathering Information for Your Portfolio
    At the end of each semester, think back through your activities and accomplishments. Were you involved in a field experience? What was a highlight of that experience? Did you attend any special workshops or seminars? Keep a file of important documents. You need not keep everything; choose the best and most important for your file.
    It is important to gather information after each semester. You will find it difficult to remember your accomplishments, and nearly impossible to document them, if you wait until your senior year to begin. Portfolio Contents Each person's portfolio should be a unique showcase of individual talents. The following list of possible documents should help you in preparing your portfolio.

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