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         Storytelling:     more books (100)
  1. Storytelling in Yellowstone: Horse and Buggy Tour Guides by Lee H. Whittlesey, 2007-03-16
  2. The Healing Heart: Communities : Storytelling to Build Strong and Healthy Communities (Families, 2)

141. Utah Storytelling Guild
Nonprofit organization nurturing and fostering the art form of storytelling in Utah.
Find out more about the Utah Storytelling Guild, what we do, and who we are. Interested in Storytelling events? Click here for a complete calendar of storytelling events you and your family might be interested in. Our Storyteller Directory contains contact information for some of the best professional storytellers in the intermountain area. The Guild consists of several local chapters, to better serve you and your community. Click here to learn about the chapter nearest to you. Come join us! We'd love to have you come be a part of the guild. Click here to learn how. As a Guild member you'll receive "The Taleswapper", a bimonthly newsletter. Click here for the online version and archives. We have lots of fun in the Guild. Our gallery contains pictures of members and events. We have links. Lots and lots of links.

142. Boxes And Arrows: Customer Storytelling At The Heart Of Business Success
The storytelling techniques that we use to communicate and predict the thoughts, The storytelling of business change. Productfocused Business-focused
  • Current Previously Categories Authors ... Discuss this Article July 16, 2005 Read more articles in
    Customer Storytelling at the Heart of Business Success
    by Experience Planning Group, edited by Parrish Hanna Executive Summary
    The customer at the center
    All business decisions impact customers. Customers have real lives, real challenges, and real desires. Businesses have day-to-day and long-term goals of revenue generation, profit margin, market penetration, market, and brand value. We use customer observation, empathy, measurement, and ultimately understanding and predictability to spark new ideas and provide comfort and/or reassurance with strategic and tactical business decisions. The ROI of business decisions ought to be a reflection of satisfying both business and customer desires in mutually beneficial ways. Customer-centric discussions, strategy and results continue to increase their prevalence in the boardrooms. Personas are a clear, comprehensive, human way to tell those stories.
    Most importantly, identify who your customers are
    An evolution of personas and scenarios
    Beginning a few years ago and continuing into the future, the use of personas and scenarios within our Experience Planning group and global marketing solutions company will continue to broaden in dimension, usefulness, and most importantly, business impact. The storytelling techniques that we use to communicate and predict the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors of customers as they experience and interact with a company are useful in a breadth of business contexts. The following is a list of shifts or evolutions that we have experienced in our application of personas and scenarios to the business landscape. They continue to grow in complexity, vision, and usefulness in various business contexts.

143. Second Street Puppets
Order animal or people puppets with friendly, warm faces and soft, cuddly fur for storytelling in childcare centers, kindergarten, and libraries. Many designs and sets.

144. Storytelling
Articles on the technical aspects of storytelling.
Free Courses

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145. The Forest Storytelling Festival 2005
The Story People of Clallam County invite storytellers from around the world to Port Angeles, Washington. October 15 17, 2004.
The Eleventh Annual International
Forest Storytelling Festival October 14 - 16th 2005
Held at the Port Angeles Senior Center
For information call
Cherie Trebon (360) 417-5031
Pat Peterson (206) 935-5308
Email: Pat Featured Storytellers: Kathy Currie - Actress and Storyteller, Poulsbo, Washington
Gay Ducey
- Storyteller Extraordinaire, Berkley, California
Eth-No-Tec - Tandem Tellers from San Francisco, California
Tim Tingle - Choctaw Native Storyteller and Author, Texas
Paul Wilson - Cowboy Poet and Musician, Naches, Washington Robert Rubinstein - Workshop Presenter, Eugene, Oregon

146. SAAC - Storytelling Association Of Alta California
The storytelling Association of Alta California (SAAC) aims to be a regional voice for story listeners and storytellers. (Northern California)

  • About Us


    Bay Area Storytelling Festival
    Storytelling Links


  • WELCOME TO SAAC! SAAC is the Storytelling Association of Alta California, a not-for-profit membership organization dedicated to promoting storytelling as a living art form. Learn more about our organization here. Browse our Web site to find storytelling events classes, workshops , and storytelling festivals in Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area. Looking for a place to tell and hear stories?
    Check out our swap groups pages for an informal storytelling group near you. (Thanks to the SouthBay Storytellers and Listeners Swap Group of Los Altos for making this Web site possible!) SAAC members receive Storyline , a quarterly newsletter of events and resources for the storytelling community in California. SAAC co-produces the annual Bay Area Storytelling Festival at Kennedy Grove Regional Park in El Sobrante, each May. More info at
    Would you like to be a friend to SAAC and the Bay Area Storytelling Festival? Make a donation through our online partner

    147. Miss Carol's Magical Puppetime
    These delightful and interactive puppet shows combine puppetry with music, magic, storytelling, comedy and audience participation; good for all ages.
    Miss Carol features her own handcrafted marionette puppets in a cabaret variety show where puppets perform a vast array of acts referred to as vignettes (short skits). They sing, dance, play musical instruments, do comical things, tell stories and jokes, perform circus tricks like juggling, and perform magical illusions and more. They appear very lifelike and may walk right up to audience members. As the puppeteer pulls a few strings, the marionettes captivate audiences and leave them spellbound. Included are vignettes from many familiar childhood favorite fairy tales, animal tales, nursery rhymes and original adaptations and parodies. Additional entertainment choices are also available to add to the above described variety show such as having your own theme orientation (see " themes " under "Meet the Puppets" above) , adding a fairygram (see " fairygrams " under "Meet the Puppets" above) , putting on and using finger puppets, petting puppets and/or helping to manipulate a marionette, playing musical instruments, helping with magic tricks, having their faces painted, and/or making a puppet or special favor the children can keep.
    To schedule an event call Miss Carol

    148. Digital Storytelling Finds Its Place In The Classroom
    It is paramount in the case of using digital storytelling in the classroom. It will spark student interest in digital storytelling and provide several
    Digital Storytelling Finds Its Place in the Classroom by Tom Banaszewski Educator/Multimedia Author, Maria Hastings School, Lexington, MA MultiMedia Schools • January/February 2002 MMS Online Extra •
    iMovie Tips:
    Managing the iMovie-Infused Classroom
    I recently spent over an hour scouring the Web for iMovie teacher tips for a class I am teaching for my colleagues. Dozens of iMovie tip sites provided excellent tutorials and sample iMovies, but not one took the role of the teacher in mind. As with many technology workshops, the focus is on learning the software, but what is running through most teachers’ minds is how to teach with the software or how will it look in their classroom. I have used the iMovie program for over 2 years with fourth and fifth graders. Whether you have only one computer or a 20-plus computer lab (Count your blessings if you do!), the following suggestions should keep your projects from becoming your entire curriculum. Advanced
    Record voice-overs on a digital camcorder, import them into the student’s iMovie, then extract the audio from the video clips. Intermediate
    When students are scanning images, be sure they each have a folder into which they can save the scans.

    149. Welcome To
    Doug Lipman's site offers articles, Hasidic stories, newsletter, and information on his storytelling seminars.
    Hasidic Stories . . Soul of Hope Doug Lipman Contact Doug is now three domains:
    (please change your bookmarks) The
    Hasidic Stories

    Home Page
    is now at Devoted to the appreciation and sharing of Hasidic stories.
    Free Newsletter!
    Enter your first name and email address for this monthly newsletter , plus occasional updates and announcements. (Your email address will not be given to others.) First name:
    Email address:
    Or send an email to: Your subscription terms
    The Soul

    of Hope
    is now at a Jewish mystical adventure tale
    by Doug Lipman
    Doug Lipman
    is now at
    Storyteller, Musician, Coach, Consultant for questions or comments about this site, email to Or phone (781) 391-3672. Toll free: (888) 446-4738. Fax: (781) 391-6341.
      Doug Lipman P.O. Box 441195, W. Somerville, MA 02144

    150. The Storytellers - Editorial - CMO Magazine
    Sure, it s just storytelling, but marketing that succeeds turns into the lie we tell ourselves—and that hurts us and the people around us.
    The Resource for Marketing Executives IDG Network: Search SITE TOOLS Printer Friendly version Email this Page Subscribe to Magazine Subscribe to Newsletter User's Comments
    The Storytellers
    By Seth Godin ADVERTISER Just tell me the facts, tell me a story instead. Be remarkable! Be consistent! Be authentic! Tell your story to people who are inclined to believe it. Marketing is powerful. Use it wisely. Live the lie. Anyone can tell you the specs of a house or talk to you about the taxes. But he doesn't. Instead, Arthur does something very different. He takes you and your spouse for a drive. You drive up and down the hills of a neighborhood as he points out house after house (houses that aren't for sale). He tells you who lives in that house and what they do and how they found the house and the name of their dog and what their kids are up to and how much they paid. He tells you a story about the different issues in town, the long-simmering rivalries between neighborhoods and the evolution and imminent demise of the Mother's Club. Then, and only then, does Arthur show you a house. It might be because of Arthur's antique pickup truck or the fact that everyone in town knows him or the obvious pleasure he gets from the community, but sooner or later, you'll buy a house from Arthur. And not just because it's a good house. Because it's a good story.

    151. Storytellers Inc Of Indiana
    Promotes the art and use of storytelling in daily life through an annual festival, concerts, workshops, programs and other events.

    152. Storytelling In Australia, With Daryll Bellingham, Storyteller.
    storytelling in Australia with Daryll Bellingham includes information about Australian storytelling, including performances, workshops, projects,
    stories in education sharing the stories art of storytelling community ... new storytelling notes Storytelling in Australia Australian cultural websites Search courtesy of the Culture and Recreation Portal Daryll Bellingham, Storyteller
    P.O. Box 5300, West End, Q4101,
    Brisbane, Australia
    Tel. 61 (0)7 3846 3135
    Mob. 0417 478408
    Last update: 11th February, 2004.
    URL of this page:

    153. Galumph Performance Troupe
    Using the tools of puppetry, song, and storytelling, Galumph invites the audience to share in the creative process. Located in Minnesota.

    154. Archetypes Storytelling Cards - Creative Inspiration For The Third Millennium
    Inspired by the Tarot, these lavishly illustrated cards embody universal concepts found in every person, object or situation you might encounter.
    Centuries or perhaps millennia ago, began the art of the Tarot. While Archetypes TM is not a Tarot deck, it can still be used as an effective divination tool.
    First of all, simple " yes-or-no " questions are meaningless to this form of divination.
    Remember, you are responsible for your own fate; the cards merely point to a direction that things may go. No matter what a reading may say, the future is fluid and open to interpretation; use the cards with this in mind. Use Archetypes TM storytelling cards to develop fascinating situations, random traits or even entire characters for your games and stories.
    Inspired by the Tarot, these lavishly illustrated cards embody universal concepts found in every person, object or situation you might encounter.
    Never settle for another cookie-cutter character again! Simply deal a few cards to reveal whole new paths and motivations for your games and tales.
    Single card meditation
    Three Card spread
    Simple cross
    Detailed Spread ...
    There have been 130227 visits to this site.

    155. Welcome To The Official Tellabration! Website
    An international night of storytelling held each November on the Saturday before Thanksgiving(in USA)! Check listings for an event near you.
    News: Register your 2005 Tellabration! event The official date for Tellabration! 2005 is Saturday, November 19th. Learn about Tellabration! and its History Become a Tellabration! Producer Find a Tellabration! Event in your area Tellabration! Scrapbook Memories Visit the National Storytelling Network Website Come!
    Be a part of a worldwide storytelling event!
    as a a a producer...
    TELLABRATION! all over the world each November on the Saturday before Thanksgiving! (11/19/05)
    A trademarked program of
    National Storytelling Network
    For comments or questions about Tellabration!, please contact:
    For comments or questions about this site, please contact:

    156. MOST - Mid-Missouri Organization Of Storytelling
    Nonprofit group of storytellers and story lovers based in Columbia, Missouri.
    Other Storytelling Sites Regional MO-TELL- Missouri Storytelling Inc.
    River and Prairie Storyweavers
    National National Storytelling Association
    Storyteller Net

    Mid-Missouri Organization of Storytelling (MOST) is a non-profit organization of both storytellers and story lovers dedicated to promoting the joy and art of storytelling throughout the state of Missouri. M.O.S.T. meets on the first Sunday of each month during the school year at the Columbia Public Library at 2:00pm. The next meeting will be on Sunday, July 3rd from 2-4 p.m. at the KOPN radio station . Call phone number below for confirmation. M.O.S.T. is active in sponsoring storytelling events in Mid-Missouri as well as providing workshops for professional growth. For more information, contact:
    Anthony Clark at 573-449-1822 or send an
    MOST Members and Storytellers
    This page was last updated on Jun 18 2005
    Web site hosting provided by COIN

    157. Storytelling
    Everyone loves a good story! Let these tales take you to new places.
    Arcade Sports Action Adventure ... Strategy
    to do STORYTELLING Long description BONUS.COM TV CENTER
    "Josie Has A Secret" is a novel about family, friends and MAGIC! ENCHANTED FAIRYLAND
    Magic is all around us! MOTHER GOOSE PAGES
    Favorite nursery rhymes and bedtime stories. THE STORYPLACE


    Tell us AntBee! SIGN A STORY Read Goldilocks and the Three Bears in sign writing! ALICE IN WONDERLAND Play with the characters from this great story!

    158. Arcadia - Home Of Storysmith The Free Eduycational Storytelling Game
    Storysmith is a paper based storytelling game for children. You can read about, and download it from this site for free.
    Thank you for visiting Arcadia, home of the free STORYSMITH educational storytelling game and a lot more... Find out about us and what we do using the links to the left. Subscribe to our NEWSLETTER MOBILE RECORDING SESSIONS FOR ANY ORGANISATION
    Sing and Record with Music Maker 101!
    TRACK SAMPLES (mp3) 'singing kids chaos!' and 'straight guitar sample' PATRON
    Mr. Gary Gygax
    (inventor, Dungeons and Dragons) Endorsed by
    The Sheriff of
    Nottingham Arcadia is a Not for Profit organisation - please help by donating directly. Alternatively, shop here (parents - this link leads out of the Arcadia site). This is our only commercial link, please check the ethical and environmental record of any retailer you intend to use.

    159. Storytelling.html
    In this article, I want to discuss one of the nonformal methods I use storytelling. storytelling is an integral part of my approach to design,
    Tom's Home Page
    Tell Me...
    Design as Storytelling*
    Thomas Erickson
    Apple Computer, Inc. (now at)
    Consider the following description of an architect beginning work (Wong , 1992):
    He placed the site plan on the table and rolled out the tracing paper over the plan. In order to become familiar with the site, he started by sketching 'bubble diagrams' and making annotations on the tracing paper. He was able to see through the translucent tracing paper to the site plan underneath The design built progressively with each new layer of tracing paper, amorphous forms transformed into partitions of space.

    I like this description. Just roll out the tracing paper and start sketching. Get familiar with the site. Play around. Explore alternatives. And over time, a design gradually comes into being. This feels like such an natural, easy, enjoyable way to begin.
    Pity the poor interaction designer whose terrain is less tangible. Rather than an easily mapped site, our terrain is a situation, a set of tasks embedded in an environment that is as much cultural and social as it is physical. How does one come to grips with something that is so fluid and ephemeral? Beginning does not seem so easy.
    Yet, I claim that beginning is not so difficult. The difficulty is that interaction designers have not said much about how they begin the process of design. Little is said about what to do before you know what to do. Because interaction design has strong roots in the social sciences with their positivist approaches to studying and analyzing behavior, little has been written about non-formal methods, approaches which might serve as an analog to the architect's playful, exploratory sketching described above.

    160. Storytelling In Wisconsin
    Information and links to storytellers, guilds, and storytelling events in Wisconsin.
    Become a member of the
    "Storytelling In Wisconsin" email group
    an online networking forum for Wisconsin storytellers and storytelling enthusiasts! Request an invitation to join at EVENTS and NEWS September 4-5, 2005
    29th Fox Valley Folk Music and Storytelling Festival

    featuring Janice Del Negro, Lyn Ford,
    and Hardy Garrison
    [Geneva, IL]
    September 10, 2005
    Ghost Stories Into the Night

    at Blue Mound State Park
    [Blue Mounds, WI] September 16-17, 2005 3rd Annual La Crosse Storytelling Festival featuring Teju, Kevin McMullin, and Celia Farran [La Crosse, WI] Read more about how
    storytellers nationwide are producing benefit concerts as part of the "Story Tsunami" Project In Memoriam Jackie Torrence Click here for a list of storytelling events around Wisconsin! WELCOME! This site is your online source for Wisconsin storytelling-related information ... connecting you with guilds, storytellers, and events, throughout our great Badger State. If you have additional information (or would like to update or add to an existing listing)

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