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         Storytelling:     more books (100)
  1. Legendary Brands: Unleashing the Power of Storytelling to Create a Winning Market Strategy by Laurence Vincent, 2002-10-18
  2. Storytelling Scotland by Donald Smith, 2002-03-15
  3. Telling Tales: Storytelling in the Family by Gailde Vos, Merle Harris, et all 2003-08-29
  4. Frame Work: Culture, Storytelling, and College Writing by Gary Colombo, Bonnie Lisle, et all 1997-01-15
  5. Crash Course in Storytelling (Crash Course) by Kendall Haven, MaryGay Ducey, 2006-11-30
  6. Cajun Folktales (American Storytelling) by J.J. Reneaux, 1993-09-25
  7. Stones, Bones and Stitches: Storytelling through Inuit Art (A Lord Museum Book) by Shelley Falconer, Shawna White, 2007-10-09
  8. Annie Stories: A Special Kind of Storytelling by Doris Brett, 1988-01-03
  9. Because God Loves Stories: An Anthology of Jewish Storytelling
  10. Storytelling in Cambodia by Willa Schneberg, 2006-09
  11. Screenwriting is Storytelling: Creating an A-List Screenplay that Sells! by Kate Wright, 2004-10-05
  12. Digital Storytelling with PowerPoint by Mark Standley, Meg Ormiston, 2003-01
  13. Holiday Folding Stories: Storytelling and Origami Together for Holiday Fun by Christine Petrell Kallevig, 1992-03
  14. Relating Narratives: Storytelling and Selfhood (Warwick Studies in European Philosophy) by Adrian Cavarero, 2000-05-04

121. Storytelling Guild Of Eastern Idaho
Entertaining, educating, and elevating audiences in, where else?, Eastern Idaho. Newsletter, upcoming events, links.

122. The Art Of Storytelling
team has been working hard to bring you this site all about storytelling. information and tips for all ages, how to have a storytelling Festival,
The Art of
American Folktales
Welcome to our site! Central School's ThinkQuest team has been working hard to bring you this site all about storytelling. You will find stories to tell information and tips for all ages, how to have a Storytelling Festival activities to print, and a lot more! We hope you enjoy this site and all the work we've done.
Can you find the items from famous American Folktales in the picture? Click on a famous folktale character's name to read their story, and find out about how to tell their stories. Can you find: Casey Jones ' engineer hat, Paul Bunyan 's axe and a tree, Pecos Bill 's lasso, Annie Christmas ' beads, Swamp Angel 's covered wagon, and Mike Fink 's ship? Have fun! Created by students from Central School , Glen Rock, NJ for ThinkQuest Junior , March, 2000
Citations and References
Please visit our Guestbook and share your Storytelling Experiences!

123. Flipside Movie Emporium: Storytelling Movie Review
Positive review by Michael B. Scrutchin, who calls the film a comedy of the bleakest variety.

in theaters on dvd the fringes ... about
Storytelling B+
Fine Line Features Year Released:
MPAA Rating:
Director: Todd Solondz
Writer: Todd Solondz
Cast: Selma Blair, Leo Fitzpatrick, Robert Wisdom, Paul Giamatti, Mark Webber, John Goodman, Julie Hagerty, Lupe Ontiveros, Noah Fleiss, Jonathan Osser. Review by Michael B. Scrutchin In Storytelling , a pretty college student named Vi (Selma Blair) shares a story with her fiction writing class that's greeted with repulsion and disbelief. One girl huffs, "Why do you have to write about such ugly people?" Her peers say that her story is hateful, disgusting, and so shocking that it isn't believable. But every word of it is true. It's not fiction at all or is it? When Vi insists that her story really happened, her professor, Mr. Scott (Robert Wisdom), says that everything becomes fiction once words are put down on paper. Maybe he's right. After all, the truth is subjective not only to the storyteller, but also to the reader. Writer-director Todd Solondz knows this. He faced similar outraged response over his previous film, the shocking tragicomedy Happiness , which focused on a bevy of characters most movies wouldn't dare give a cursory glance, including a child-molesting pedophile. Was Solondz just trying to shock people? Was he exploiting his characters? Was the film mean-spirited and downright misanthropic? It depends on who you ask.

124. You Are Special Ministries
Sharing the Christian message through storytelling. Information on events, stories, mission statement and newsletter. Based in Ontario, Canada.

125. Northlands Storytelling Network
The largest regional storytelling organization in the United States, a community of storytellers and storylisteners throughout the upper Midwest (Minnesota,

Board of Directors


Member Benefits

Directory of Members
Northlands Journal

Welcome to Northlands Storytelling Network (NSN), a community of storytellers and storylisteners in the upper Midwest. Northlands serves storytellers and storytelling enthusiasts in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan and also welcomes those from other state s. Northlands Storytelling Network is a charitable and educational organization dedicated to encouraging and expanding storytelling in ways that allow all people to understand and share the benefits of this art.
Our mission is
Nurturing Storytelling Linking Storytellers Proposals due by August 8th!

Northlands Annual Spring Conference April 27-30, 2006 Madison, Wisconsin This site is a member of The Storytelling Ring . The Storytelling Ring allows you to visit other sites on the Internet that are dedicated to the art of storytelling. Each is connected to the others in a circle, allowing you to go from one to the other and finally back to the first by simply pressing the "Next" button on each site. Or you can view a list of sites on the ring. For more information on the ring itself, including how to join, click on the logo below. Prev Skip Prev Next Skip Next ... Northlands Storytelling Network PO Box 1055 McHenry, IL 60051-1055

126. TPRS Publishing
TPRS is Total Physical Response storytelling and is also known by some as Teaching Proficiency through Reading and storytelling.
Workshop Schedule

View TPRS Map

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800-TPRISFUN 800-877-4738 local: 480-821-8608 fax: 480-963-3463
P.O. Box 11624 Chandler, AZ 85248 Important notice: It has been brought to our attention by several customers that mail correctly addressed to TPRS Publishing is being returned to them as "undeliverable as addressed." We have had numerous conversations with the USPS regarding this issue. They have told us a new machine recently installed is causing the problem. If you receive mail back from the post office, please put it in a new envelope and send it back to us. Or if you prefer, please call us. Thank you for your patience. Welcome to our website! What is TPRS?
TPRS is Total Physical Response Storytelling and is also known by some as Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling. For more information on this method of teaching languages, please click here Who is TPRS Publishing?

127. Total Physical Response Storytelling:
Article by Valeri Marsh explaining the employment of this communicative teaching technique in the classroom.
Workshop Schedule

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800-TPRISFUN 800-877-4738 local: 480-821-8608 fax: 480-963-3463
P.O. Box 11624 Chandler, AZ 85248 NEW! JOB POSTINGS for TPRS Teachers NEW! Cuéntame Más 2005 Revised Edition is here!
Click here to listen to samples from our new CD of music to accompany ¡Cuéntame Aún Más! (2nd year Spanish materials) Sample chapters of student text and Teacher's Manual are also available on the website. Download a printable 2005 TPRS Publishing Brochure
Total Physical Response Storytelling:
A Communicative Approach to Language Learning by Valeri Marsh
edited by Carol Gaab and Contee Seely Language teachers for years have relied on Total Physical Response (TPR) as the most effective method for long-term retention of vocabulary. Popularized in the 60's and 70's by Dr. James Asher, TPR allows students to acquire vocabulary in a manner similar to how a child learns his or her first language. All language input is immediately comprehensible, often hands-on, and allows students to pass through a silent period whereby they build a comprehension base before ever being asked to speak. Once language is internalized, production emerges, thus setting TPR apart from traditional "listen-and-repeat" methods. In a TPR lesson, teachers model actions which students then mimic as they simultaneously hear vocabulary words and commands in the target language. As a particular action is associated with each vocabulary word or phrase, students rapidly and naturally acquire language while establishing long-lasting associations between the brain and the muscles. Students who learn language via TPR will not soon forget it. Nevertheless, TPR by itself has three serious limitations:

128. E-Venues - Feis An Eilein
Skye Festival of traditional music, song, dance, storytelling, theatre and film from the Gaelic and other traditions and beyond. Programme, artist profiles, and ticket details. In July.
Home Logon Feis An Eilein Tickets Venues Area Travel ... Accommodation F ilte Welcome to the Skye Festival We are now busy planning the next F¨is. The Festival in 2006 will run from Tuesday 25 July - Saturday 5 August. There are 70 events in a small, beautiful venue in the southern end of the Isle of Skye. Come and listen to music from Scotland and other places around the World. You can enjoy these even if you speak very little English! There will also be theatre, film, dances, a book festival and walks and workshops during the day. All our events are suitable for families. F ilte oirbh gu F¨is an Eilein F ilte don Fh¨is! Bidh 70 tachartas a' gabhail  ite ann an sg¬re bheag  lainn aig ceann a deas an Eilein Sgitheanaich. Thigibh a dh'¨isteachd ri ce²l bho Alba agus bho iomadach d¹thaich eile air feadh an t-saoghail. Gheibh sibh tlachd asda seo ge bi d¨ ch nan a th' agaibh! Bidh deilbh-chluich ann cuideachd, dannsaichean, f¨is leabhraichean agus ceumannan-coiseachd is b¹than-obrach air feadh an latha. Tha gach tachartas freagarrach do theaghlaichean. Powered by e-Venues var sc_project=534416; var sc_partition=3;

129. MCACI Storytelling Festival
The Mariposa County Arts Council promotes and supports cultural arts, for all ages, throughout Mariposa, County, California, US.
OUR 2006
Leeny Del Seamonds
Bill Harley
Kala Jo Jo
Bil Lepp
Dovie Thomason Sickles
Clara Yen
Mariposa—where the magic of storytelling is a tradition!! 2006 event Brochures will be available in December 2005.
Call the Arts Council at (209) 966-3155 or 800-903-9936, or write us to add your name and address to our mailing list. Nineteenth Mariposa Storytelling Festival will be: March 10-12, 2006 Evening performances were completely sold out in January – so call for your brochure in December! 2006 STORYTELLERS PHOTOS FROM OUR 18TH MARIPOSA STORYTELLING FESTIVAL HELD MARCH 11-13, 2005!! featuring Gay Ducey, Diane Ferlatte, Syd Lieberman, Home Arts In Education Mariposa Evenings Tellabration ... Membership Mariposa County Arts Council

130. Kansas Storytelling Festival
The Kansas storytelling Festival opens on a Friday afternoon and closes the Within this charmed pocket of time the Kansas storytelling Festival offers
Updated February 2005 Home History Businesses Organizations ... Tour Click here Ise Foundation set up to receive contributions to restore "Sod and Stubble" house, school
Click here to Buy a Personalized Depot Brick! - Here is a chance to have a "Railroader" in the family! Kansas Storytelling Festival The Festival will be held ~ April 22-23, 2005 ~ Downs, Kansas Celebrating the 12th year of storytelling in Downs, Kansas! The Kansas Storytelling Festival began in Downs in 1994. The Kansas Storytelling Festival opens on a Friday afternoon and closes the following evening. Within this charmed pocket of time the Kansas Storytelling Festival offers two evening concerts and many separate sessions of stories, workshops and music. There's something for everyone; Puppets and Stories for Children, Homespun Tales, Historical Portrayals, Poetry, Music, Railroad Stories and more.
On Friday afternoon and all day Saturday, storytelling sessions are held simultaneously at different locations, all within comfortable walking distance. Stories continue almost until the evening storytelling concerts. Don't forget to visit the food court at noon. It's near the Gazebo, right in the center of town. Downs, Kansas, is called the "The Town of Many Stories," and rightly so. We tell stories. We listen to stories. We save stories. Each April since 1994 we honor stories by hosting the Kansas Storytelling Festival.

131. Storytelling (2001)
Plot summary, cast and crew information, trailer, and user comments.
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Directed by
Todd Solondz

Writing credits WGA
Todd Solondz
(written by)
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Photos IMDbPro Professional Details Genre: Comedy Drama (more)
Plot Outline: College and high school serve as the backdrop for two stories about dysfunction and personal turmoil. (more) (view trailer)
User Comments: AMAZING!

132. Cariadoc's Miscellany: Period Sources For Story Telling
The purpose of this article is to suggest to readers who might want to try storytelling for themselves some of the places where period stories are to be
[This is an article from Cariadoc's Miscellany Miscellany Introduction
Period Sources for Story Telling
One of my favorite activities at events is to wander from table to table at a feast or from campfire to campfire at a camping event, telling poems and stories. I know of no better way of pulling people out of the twentieth century, if only for a few minutes-especially if the story is presented as a medieval story told by a medieval storyteller. Thus, for instance, a Muslim storyteller can follow a recitation of "The Raven Banner" (written by Malkin Grey and based on an incident in Njal Saga ), which contains a reference to Odin, with the explanation that Odin is, as he understands it, a Djinn or Demon whom the Northmen worship as a god, thus confounding the unity of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful. In much the same way, a Christian storyteller telling an Islamic story might make some comment concerning the false doctrines of the Paynim. In both cases, the point is not to start a religious argument but to make the teller's world-view into a medieval frame for the medieval tale. This is, incidentally, an entirely period device; both the Indian collections described below and the Nights are structured many layers deep, with stories inside stories inside stories.

133. A Storytelling Store
storytelling tapes, CDs, videos, and books. Online ordering available.
The Storytelling Store
Historic Jonesborough, Tennessee
Many new items!
Contact Us
Shopping F.A.Q. "Just Looking?" Enter a period by itself to return ALL items in your selected search category. Search in:
tapes books videos Hits per Page: Find: Enter word(s), partial word(s) with wildcards (*)
and/or phrase(s) enclosed in quotes. The Storytelling Store
P.O. Box 872
Historic Jonesborough, Tennessee
Phone: 704-933-1004
Fax: 704-933-1017
visit: Storytelling Links
This site is a member of The Storytelling Ring List Sites Next site Previous site

134. John Shield’s Storytelling Home Page
Articles and stories written by a retired storyteller.
Welcome to the John Shield storytelling site. Click the links below to enter the fun world of performance storytelling. What is storytelling? How important are props and costumes to the art of storytelling? Or is it just the teller, the audience and the story? An interview with June Barnes from Swag of Yarns in which I tell of my career and philosophy as a storyteller. Reading between the lines An article from the Townsville Bulletin about my work in storytelling and literacy. Important reading for parents. How to learn a story What makes a good story? A very important question for storytellers and those who want to engage them. Book Reviews Titles I have enjoyed or that have inspired me as a storyteller. Traditional Thai puppets A visit to the Joe Louis Theatre in Bangkok to experience this amazing form of storytelling. The Mahasarakham University storytelling camp for 2003 was a great success. Page shows photos of some highlights. Storytelling in north east Thailand My first visit there and meetings with Thai storytellers. My whereabouts and availability updated 22 April 2005.

135. Youth Storytelling
This site, run by Nationally known storyteller and teacher Kevin Cordi is the first national effort to enlist youth storytelling clubs and troupes for young
Youth Storytelling.Com Voices Across America Youth Storytelling
Voices of Illusion Youth Storytelling

Kevin D. Cordi Storyteller
Youth Storytelling Special Interest Group

136. Queensland Storytelling Guild
Queensland, Australia promoting and encouraging storytelling. Includes listing of events, local tellers, contacts for other Australian guilds.
national festival resources membership contacts ... home
National Storytelling Festival Launch - 'marriage' of the Listener, Kevin Follet, to the Teller, Alex McCallum, by the 'Reverend Story', Meg Philp - 26/10/02 - Queensland Storytelling Guild
exists to promote storytelling in the community by bringing together people from all sections of the community to share stories and the art of storytelling. We believe that storytelling is an art form that touches old and young alike. To practice the art of storytelling is to enjoy, maintain and renew an oral tradition that is as old as human speech itself.
National Storytelling Festival update -
- progress, venue, accomodation on and off site Festival Program Booking Form Presenters Information update Feb 2003, ... home Queensland Storytelling Guild Inc
POBox 5895, West End, Q4101
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
07 3356 8547 email URL this page: Last updated: 16th May, 20023

Classic stories are brought to life with storytelling and educational products for preschool, kindergarten and homeschool.

138. Children's Literature - Resources For Storytellers
Jim Maroon s storytelling and Puppetry Pages *** Another great source for folklore and Alt.arts.storytelling A Usenet news group for storytellers.
Children's Literature - Resources for Storytellers
H O M E S E A R C H ... M A I L indicates an Internet resource that in my opinion is particularly valuable.
Story Resources available on the Web
A good Web site that brings together many links to online stories and storytelling resources.
Jim Maroon's Storytelling and Puppetry Pages
Another great source for folklore and storytelling information.
Folklore, Myth and Legend
My own collection of links to folklore sources.
A Usenet news group for storytellers.
Information on subscribing to the e-mail discussion group STORYTELL
Library Storytime Resources
Compiled by Carolyn Klatt, Children's Services Consultant, Utah State Library Division.
StoryWeb , Mike T. Mullen
Stories, and tips for storytelling.
Puppetry Resources:
Puppet Scripts from the PUBYAC Mailing List Archive
The Newsgroup rec.arts.puppetry
The Puppetry Home Page

Stage Hand Puppets, Activity Page
(Puppetry activities mostly for kids)
H O M E S E A R C H ... M A I L July 6, 1996
The Children's Literature Web Guide

139. Storytelling And Videoconferencing
Selected writings on folklore from Professor Eric Miller
Eric Miller
Ph.D. candidate, Folklore and Folklife Program, University of Pennsylvania.
Research Areas: Storytelling, Videoconferencing, and Tamil Nadu, South India. g
  • Curriculum vitae
    Life narrative
  • g
  • October 15, 2005 and October 16, 2004 Chennai-Philadelphia videoconference-webcasts.
    Spring 2002, Storytelling course in NYC.
    Graduate Student Videoconference Series:
  • Videoconferencing with Indigeous Peoples. ...
  • Links to (Realplayer) audio-video recordings.
  • g
    g Selected Writings
  • "Videoconferencing at the University of Pennsylvania"

  • report
  • "Videoconferencing at the University of Pennsylvania Update: Response to the 2002-7 Strategic Plan"
  • report
  • "Videoconferencing and Memory of Previous Media"
  • academic paper
  • "Principles of Videoconferencing"
  • notes
  • "Videoconferencing for Folklorists"
  • abstract of talk (AFS 1999)
  • "A Report on the 1996 Storytelling for the New Millennium Conference"
  • article
  • "The 1999 Grammy Award Television Broadcast: Ritual Aspects of the Set Design"
  • academic paper
  • "A Mass-Media Object in a Face-to-Face Ritual: The Case of Television Sets in Restaurants and Bars"
  • academic paper
  • "Videoconferencing and the Teaching of Tamil Language and Verbal Arts"
  • article article
  • "Chennai and Videoconferencing"
  • article
  • "The 16 Oct. 2004, and 15 Oct. 2005, Webcasted-Videoconferences for the Demonstration and Discussion of Children's Tamil (and Other) Songs-Dances-Games, and Methods of Teaching and Learning Spoken Tamil Language"
  • 140. Digital Storytelling In The Scott County Schools
    In November 2002, the Scott County Digital storytelling Center became a reality through The Center for Digital storytelling Their trainers taught us how
    Digital Storytelling in the Scott County Schools Georgetown, Kentucky In November 2002, the Scott County Digital Storytelling Center became a reality through a collaborative venture between the Scott County Schools and the Scott County Public Library. Weekday afternoons and evenings, community members meet at the Scott County Public Library to work on their stories. Students, teachers, and library support staff work together with community members to assist them in telling their stories digitally.
    On this website we will share information and resources that we hope will help others tell their digital stories in ways we and others have started telling them. This website will eventually take on a life of its own and you will want to return time and time again to see our new developments and perhaps to make your own contributions. You may want to know that our counter has turned over twice resulting in over 20,000 hits! This page was last updated Tuesday, June 21, 2005

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