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61. St. Francis High School--Guidance
standardized tests, college selection, and financial aid options. It also provides general information on course, college, career, and financial aid
2130 W. Roosevelt Rd. Wheaton, IL 60187

monthly newsletter

weekly bulletin
ACADEMIC COUNSELING ... BACK TO HOME Websites for College Information ACT/SAT INFORMATION College Board Online (SAT) Provides a wealth of information about tests (PSAT, SAT, AP, CLEP etc.) and services. Online registration for SAT (with Master Card or Visa) and online requests to send score reports. Write practice tests for the SAT II Writing Subject Test and get feedback from official test readers. Includes curriculum guides for AP courses and details on AP exams. Conduct online searches for information on careers, colleges, and scholarships. Browse the College Board Store. Provides registration and re-registration for standard ACT national test dates with a Master Card or Visa. Lists test centers for each test date, gives details about the content of the test and sample test questions, provides tips to help prepare for the test, and includes information about acceptable identification required at the test center.

62. Alternatives To Day School
Your high school guidance Department will have additional information in September completion of five standardized tests in the areas of writing skills, to Day Schoo
Most students earn their high school credits by attending a day school , but there are many other ways to earn a high school credit. Each of these alternatives have advantages and disadvantages. Your high school Guidance Counsellor can help you to modify your plan for high school , if you wish to consider some of these alternatives to day school. What are your options after you retire from day school with or without your diploma? Adult Education
Alternative Education

Continuing Education

a) first term Night School
b) second term Night School
c) International Languages (Saturday School)
d) Summer School Acceleration Courses
e) Summer School Reinforcement Courses
Earn Ontario High School Credits Overseas

General Education Development (GED)

Home Instruction
... Adult Education The Richmond Hill Adult Community Learning Centre (11160 Yonge Street in Richmond Hill) offers high school credit courses to adults who are 21 years and over. Persons 18 to 20 years old may register with the permission of the Principal of the Richmond Hill Adult Community Learning Centre. Students may earn either one or two credits in each of the four quadmesters. For additional information, read the Continuing Education Course Guide or contact the Adult Learning Centre at (905) 884-2046.

63. Wyoming Seminary College Guidance
College guidance. Upper school. Wyoming Seminary s College Counseling Program Preparing for standardized Tests. Parents often ask two questions about
Wyoming Seminary College Counseling Program Program Overview The Parents' Role The Student's Role The Counselor's Role Here is a brief overview of the college counseling program. Sophomore Year College counseling begins during the sophomore year a short list of colleges for sophomores and their parents to visit during the summer before their junior year to expose them to the range of college environments. Junior Year During the junior year During the spring and summer of the junior year, parents and students should visit college campuses to finalize their college list Senior Year In preparation for the senior year , students should return to school with a refined list consisting of colleges and universities to which they want to apply. Many college applications are available in the summer and early fall. As soon as students receive applications, they should begin completing them. The application process is time consuming, especially the essay, so students can begin writing essays and completing available applications during the summer to spare themselves additional stress in the fall when their busy with academic and extracurricular work. Parenting your child through the transition from high school to college can be enjoyable and challenging. Visiting college campuses together often provides rare opportunities to spend time alone with your teenager and talk. Ensuring that deadlines are met, essays written, and visits completed in a timely fashion can cause dissention between you and your child.

64. Special Operations Warrior Foundation: Family Services - Secondary Grades (Middl
High school guidance counselors have historically reported that one or more of Most test developers will admit that standardized tests are often misused

Make a Contribution

Foundation History

Why the need?

Foundation Facts
Online Store
Family Services - Secondary Grades (Middle and High School)
Welcome Primary Intermediate College ... Grief Resources
Time Management You've been told numerous times to use a planner in order to stay organized. At the start of every new year, be it a new school year or as a New Year's resolution, you tell yourself "this year will be different, this year I will be organized". You may even have purchased a spiffy new planner/organizer/calendar. And then what? Most of us aren't effective end-users of these spiffy planners. A little preparation can make all the difference in the world. Students in school especially need a long term planner to keep up with class papers, projects and homework assignments all of which can have extended time frames. Assigned early in the term, these assignments are frequently forgotten until a day or two before they are due. Unless you have a planner. For students, the best planner/organizer is one that covers an entire term, either semester or quarter. Use one that is organized by weeks. Or you could make your own. Take a blank schedule (like one shown below) and schedule in all of your regular weekly activities. Include everything that is fixed for the term (classes, labs, rehearsals, practice, etc). Then make copies (one for each week in the term).Once you have the fixed activities scheduled you can place due dates for long term projects on the calendar and work backwards to schedule work time for each project. This visual aid also helps you "see" how to fit it all in. Or see what won't fit on certain busy weeks.

65. Applicant FAQs
we encourage you to speak with your high school guidance counselor. Can I still take and submit scores for standardized tests after the deadline?
Applicants' Frequently Asked Questions
We are delighted that you are considering Wellesley. This web page provides answers to questions most frequently asked by our applicants. We hope you find it helpful. A great deal of additional information can be found elsewhere on this website and in our publications. If after reviewing these sources, you still have questions or concerns, we encourage you to speak with your high school guidance counselor. In the event that she or he is unable to assist you, please feel free to contact the Admission Office by e-mail at Completing and managing your application;
using the Web checklist. What if the checklist indicates that I have credentials missing? What happens if my midyear grades are not received by mid-February? What are optional materials? Will I be at a disadvantage if I do not submit optional materials? ... Do all of my test scores appear on the checklist? Students of U.S. or international citizenship attending high school outside the United States As an international student mailing in the paper application, how do I pay the application fee?

66. LAUSD Support Services - School Counselor
Provides classroom guidance activities and schoolwide guidance programs. of standardized test; interprets the results of standardized group tests of
Elementary School Counselor Secondary School Counselor REPORTING RELATIONSHIPS - Receives administrative functional direction from the principal of the school to which assigned and technical direction from a central office services administrator. ASSIGNMENT AND SALARY - Assignment is C or K-Basis on the Preparation (T) Salary Table. Placement on the salary table is based on units beyond a bachelor's degree (schedules 20-27) and previous experience (steps 1-10). Refer to Teacher Salary Table. QUALIFICATIONS - This examination is open to all persons from INSIDE or OUTSIDE the Los Angeles Unified School District who qualify under the requirements listed below. All applicants MUST verify compliance with requirements at the time of application. A. Education and Experience Desirable
1. Completion of a District-approved internship-type program designed to provide school counseling/ guidance experience while serving as a Counseling-Assistant.
2. Full-time teaching service in a public or private institution while holding a valid teaching credential.

67. EGRC - Articles - Surviving Standardized Tests
What Are standardized Tests? Colleges and universities in the United States High school guidance offices also receive a supply of Preparing for the ACT
Home Need Help? Surviving Standardized Tests Don't Forget To. . .
  • Note that test registration deadlines precede test dates by about six weeks Register to take the TOEFL test if English is not your native language and you are planning on studying at a North American college Practice your test-taking skills with Peterson’s SAT Success , Peterson’s ACT Success , and Peterson’s TOEFL CBT Success (all available with software) Contact the College Board or American College Testing, Inc., in advance if you need special accommodations when taking tests
What Are Standardized Tests?
College Board SAT Program
ACT Assessment Program
Preparing for the ACT Assessment, a booklet that contains a complete practice test, an answer key, and general information about preparing for the test. You may also be interested in Peterson’s ACT Success Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
The TOEFL test is used by various organizations, such as colleges and universities, to determine English proficiency. The test is mainly offered in a computer-based format (TOEFL CBT), although the paper-based test is still offered in some areas. Eventually, the TOEFL test will be completely computer based. The TOEFL tests students in the areas of listening, structure, reading comprehension, and writing. Score requirements are set by individual institutions. For more information on the TOEFL test, and to obtain a copy of the Information Bulletin , contact the Educational Testing Service. Peterson’s

68. Admissions Success
Bear in mind is a very general list. September. Obtain school applications. Your child will take an alphabet soup of standardized tests which may

69. David Posnack Hebrew Day School - High School
general Studies Judaic Studies Edline guidance powered by. ©2002 2005 David Posnack Hebrew Day school. All rights reserved

70. Section 100.2 General School Requirements
Go to 100.2 general school Requirements Index, Go to Part 100 (1) Public schools. Each school district shall have a guidance program for all students.
SECTION 100.2 100.2 General school requirements. (a) Administration of elementary and secondary schools. BACK TO THE TOP (b) State syllabi. In grades kindergarten through 12, the use of a State syllabus, where available, is recommended for all subjects. The use of a State syllabus may be required for individual schools identified pursuant to paragraph (m)(3) of this section as being in need of assistance, and shall be used to the extent specified in section 100.5(a)(7)-(8), b(6) and (d)(3)(ii) of this Part. BACK TO THE TOP (c) Instruction in certain subjects. Pursuant to articles 17 and 65 of the Education Law, instruction in certain subjects in elementary and secondary school shall be provided as follows:
    for all students, instruction in patriotism and citizenship, as required by section 801 of the Education Law; for all students in the eighth and higher grades, instruction in the history, meaning, significance and effect of the provisions of the Constitution of the United States and the amendments thereto, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the State of New York and the amendments thereto, as required by section 801 of the Education Law; for all students, health education regarding alcohol, drugs and tobacco abuse, as required by section 804 of the Education Law;

71. Guidance Newsletter
The Rockville High school guidance Department recommends that students register school will operate on a modified schedule to accommodate the testing.
Vernon, Connecticut
Home of the RHS Rams
The Only Official Rockville High School Web Page Monthly Calendars Bell Schedules Lunch Menu ABOUT US Who We Are RHS Profile '03-'04 Mission Statement School-Community Profile CONTACT US Phone Numbers Staff Email STAFF Staff by Departments Faculty Profiles Resource Officer GUIDANCE SERVICES Guidance Services Guidance Newsletter Career Center Financial Aid, College Search ... Local Scholarships ACADEMIC NEWS Honor Rolls Senior Achievements Undergraduate Awards CONDUCT Technology Contract 2004-2005 Student Handbook SCHOOL ACTIVITIES Student Council Sports Schedules Project Graduation Clubs-Activities ALUMNI RHS Alumni Pages
Guidance Newsletters
The Guidance Newsletter is published monthly during the school year in is mailed home. We will be posting each letter in PDF format and will leave each issue online throughout the year as soon as they become available. August-September Guidance Newsletter (in pdf format) Federal law requires that males register with Selective Service within thirty days of their eighteenth birthday. Registering not only ensures compliance with federal law, it keeps you eligible for federal student loans, federal job training, and federal jobs. See Mrs. Courtois in House B to complete the application online. You only need your Social Security number and birth date to complete the registration process which takes about five minutes.

72. Welcome To The Madison West Guidance Department Hompage
The SAT I and the ACT are both standardized college admissions tests. Programs Available Outside the guidance Office. MMSD Summer school ACT/SAT Prep

73. UW Oshkosh - Undergraduate Admissions
Test Center Locations High school Codes general Score Info Applications may be obtained from any high school guidance office in Wisconsin or by
-Calendars- -About UW Oshkosh- -Academics- -Admissions- ... -Administration-
Get information about our excellent programs, financial aid, residence life and more... Instantly!
Step 1 First Name:
Email Address:
Academic Coursework
Class Rank ACT/SAT Home Schooled Students Application Procedures ... Send Your Score
Academic Coursework
Thank you for your interest in UW Oshkosh. For consideration to be admitted as a new freshman, you are required to complete the following 17 college preparatory credits in high school:
4 in English
3 in mathematics (algebra I, geometry and algebra II)
3 in social science (at least one history)
3 in natural science 4 in academic electives Class Rank, ACT/SAT I Scores All students are encouraged to apply to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. To be considered for admission as a new freshman, you should rank in the upper 40 percent of your graduating class OR score a 22 or above on the ACT or 1030 on the SAT I. As space allows, a discretionary group that ranks in the top 50% with a minimum ACT of 20 may also be given consideration. When no class rank is available, the cumulative high school grade point average, strength of academic courses and standardized test scores will be considered. Special talent is also a consideration for admission.

74. Hopkins Admissions | FAQs | Early Decision Freshmen
standardized test scores, GPA, and class rank can be helpful as measuring tools for future success, or the applicant s high school guidance counselor.
Basic Information
Early Decision Freshmen

Regular Decision Freshmen

Fall Transfer Students
New SAT Requirements

Ask Our Virtual Advisor
Ask real questions like:
What majors do you offer? Early Decision Freshmen Making an Informed Choice If Hopkins is your top college choice, and you are ready to make that commitment before the mad rush begins, then Early Decision is definitely for you.
Note: If you applied to the Biomedical Engineering program Early Decision and were accepted to the university but not the program, click here for more information Facts about Early Decision at Hopkins
  • Application postmark deadline is November 15.
  • Decisions are mailed by December 15.
  • Admission to Hopkins under Early Decision is binding.*
  • Choosing Early Decision will not limit your financial aid options or consideration for merit scholarships.
  • Students admitted Early Decision comprise approximately one third of the freshman class.
  • Early decision students are offered first choice in freshman housing.
Most students who are not admitted Early Decision are deferred and re-evaluated as Regular Decision candidates. *Exception: Early Decision applicants who are admitted to Johns Hopkins but who are not admitted to the biomedical engineering (BME) major at that time will be allowed to apply to and consider offers of admission from other institutions. The commitment to matriculate at Hopkins if accepted, as stated in the Early Decision Agreement, is null and void in this circumstance only. Such candidates will have until May 1 to reply to Hopkins' offer of admission.

75. NACAC Seal Of Approval Recipients
SLC distributes the guide to high school guidance counselors and college admissions Students can search for schools; prepare for standardized tests;
Seal of Approval home Approved Programs, Products and Services College Conference Manual
The College Conference Manual, published by School Guide Publications, is a preparation guide for students planning to attend a college fair. The guide is distributed in advance of college fairs through high school guidance offices. For more information, contact School Guide Publications, 210 North Avenue, New Rochelle, NY 10801; email: ; phone: 914/632-7771.
CollegeData is a Web site that offers information and tools for college planning. CollegeData is designed for students, parents, counselors, and others who advise students about higher education opportunities. The site includes comprehensive articles about admission and financial aid, with a focus on how to choose colleges, prepare for admission, apply for admission, and finance a college education. An electronic version of the Common Application is available on the site as well as college and scholarship search tools, an admission chances calculator, and detailed profiles of more than 1,900 colleges. The site is available to the general public, free of charge. CollegeData is a service of 1st Financial Bank USA. For more information, visit CollegeData on the Web at

76. WPI 2005-2006 Undergraduate Catalog - Admission To WPI
encouraged to check with their high school guidance office or the Office of Admissions at WPI. In addition to the standardized tests listed above,
2005-2006 Undergraduate Catalog SUPPLEMENT
Admission to WPI
Selection for admission to the college is based upon such factors as candidates’ secondary school record; recommendations by counselors and teachers; standardized test scores; out-of-class activities; and work experience. All candidates are invited to submit any supplementary material which they believe will aid the Admissions Committee in evaluating their application.
Visiting the Campus
Through research and reading, you can learn a lot about a college. But the best way to determine if WPI is a good match for you is by visiting the campus. Group Information Sessions and Open Houses are the very best ways to get to know WPI. The Group Sessions, for which no appointment is needed, are held Monday-Friday at 10:00 a.m., and 2:00 p.m. in the Admissions Office and are followed by a tour of the campus. Group Sessions are also available on selected Saturdays. Please call the Admissions Office for specific dates and times. WPI also sponsors several Open Houses throughout the fall and spring. Campus tours, presentations by academic departments, and sessions on such topics as placement, financial aid and admissions are highlights. All students on our mailing list will receive an invitation to our Open Houses and must register in advance to attend.
In order to qualify for admission, candidates must have completed a full secondary school course of study including the following secondary school units:

77. What Can You Tell Me About Guidance And Counseling In K-12?
opens with a general discussion of counseling and guidance in the schools and Issues related to using student scores on standardized tests and other
Guidance and Counseling in K-12
An AskERIC Response
December 2002
What can you tell me about guidance and counseling at the elementary through secondary level?
Hello, In response to your request on guidance and counseling, I conducted a sample search of the ERIC database. Below I have appended my search strategy, 11 citations with abstracts, and directions for accessing the full text. These citations may represent an introductory, rather than exhaustive, search for information on your topic. If you would like to conduct your own free ERIC database searches via the Internet, please visit the ERIC Database Help pages for directions or go directly to to search. I have also attached some related resources that may be helpful. Thank you for using AskERIC! If you have any questions or would like further assistance, please do not hesitate to send another message. AskERIC Staff Internet Sites: * Student Counseling Centers on the Internet
A Directory for Counseling Center Professionals.

78. JMU - Admission Process For Freshmen Applicants
standardized Tests Performance on the SAT I or ACT helps the committee discern in the application and must be given to the high school guidance office.
[Prospective Students Gateway] College Search Schedule Freshman Process Transfer Process ... Apply Now Freshman Process Types of Applications: 1. Early Action (nonbinding)
Early Action is more competitive than the Regular Decision process. To be admitted through Early Action, a student needs to be superior in curriculum, grades, test scores and extracurricular activities. For the last two years, 35 percent of the students deferred from Early Action to Regular Decision were eventually admitted. Students who apply through the Early Action process do not have an advantage over students who apply Regular Decision.
2. Regular Decision
Because Early Action is more competitive than Regular Decision, students who apply though Regular Decision are not at a disadvantage. For fall of 2003, 80 percent of our applicants were competitive and 61 percent were admitted.
There are six factors which will be used to evaluate applicants for admission to JMU. The order of importance for our decision process is: Program of Study Academic Achievement Standardized Test Scores Secondary School Report Form ... Extracurricular Activities , and an optional Personal Statement 1. Quality of High School Academics

79. Assessing Young Children's Progress Appropriately
These position statements offer guidance to school personnel who seek to improve Eliminate routine use of standardized tests for all young children.
Critical Issue: Assessing Young Children's Progress Appropriately
ISSUE: School improvement emphasizes enhanced achievement for all children, but determining young children's achievement demands special consideration. Assessment of the progress and attainments of young children, 3 to 8 years of age, requires understanding that they grow and change rapidly, particularly in their social and emotional development; that they can be easily distracted by assessment procedures; and that they have little or no personal interest in being assessed. Given these characteristics, how can educators determine what the youngest children know and can do, and how can they use that information to carry out the aims of early childhood programs? OVERVIEW: In recent years, teachers and administrators have recognized the problems unique to assessing young children. These problems arise from a combination of the developmental characteristics of 3- to 8-year-olds and the kind of curriculum that is appropriate in early childhood programs. Assessment processes traditionally accepted for older children are not developmentally appropriate assessment , nor are they sufficiently informative for assessing young children Abuses and misuses of tests for assessing young children have been documented (Meisels, 1987, 1989, 1993; Shepard, 1991, 1994). Excessive use of

80. Fairfax County Public Schools - Special Programs
Particular program offerings will vary by school but, in general, schools with large numbers of students who are at risk for failing standardized tests.
Search: FCPS Policies, Bylaws, and Regulations Educational Accountability Facilities and Transportation Services Financial Services Human Resources Information Technology Instructional Services Special Services You are here: Fairfax County Public Schools About FCPS Special Programs
Alternative high school diploma-granting programs for students who require a nontraditional setting are offered at Bryant Adult/Alternative High School, Landmark Career Academy, Mountain View Adult/Alternative School, and Pimmit Hills Adult/Alternative High School. These schools offer:
  • open enrollment. classes available during an extended day, from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. evening classes in the summer. scheduling that allows students to complete a yearlong course in a semester.
For information, call: Bryant Alternative High School at 703-660-2000; Landmark Career Academy at 703-658-6451; Mountain View Adult/Alternative School at 703-227-2344; or Pimmit Hills School at 703-506-2344. Landmark Career Academy is a self-paced completion-by-objective school-to-work program. Students attend the academy full-time for all their studies, which include high school academic subjects, life skills, and employment readiness. For more information, call 703-658-6451. Project Opportunity (administered through Bryant Alternative High School) is a high school completion program for students between the ages of 16 and 21 who are pregnant or parenting. For more information, call 703-660-2025.

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