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21. Huron High School Guidance And Counseling - SAT I & II Tests
SAT II (Scholastic Achievement Test). back to standardized Tests MVHS MEAP Online To register for PSAT and AP tests, go to the general Office.
Standardized Tests
SAT I (Scholastic Achievement Test)
(Scholastic Achievement Test)
back to Standardized Tests
Frequently Asked Questions HURON CODE -
SAT Tests dates are offered throughout the school year. Please check the registration deadlines. Free preparatory workshops are coordinated by the Career Center. Call (734) 994-4438 for more information. R e gistration materials, information and applications materials are available in the Career Resource Center . YOU MUST REGISTER TO TAKE THESE TESTS. To register for ACT and SAT, mail in the forms. To register for PSAT and AP tests, go to the General Office.
The SAT I is a verbal and mathematics reasoning test. The score results are reported on a scale of 200 (low) to 800 (high).
SAT Online registration is accessible and available at
Free practice workshops are available throughout the school year. Contact the Career Resource Center at (734)994-4438 for additional information.

22. Guidance Resources
Strategies for Taking standardized Tests about the general Educational Development tests for high school graduation equivalency, including score scales,

Jefferson County Schools
High School Counselor PBS Author's Games: University of Illinois Career Testing Tennessee Counselor's Curriculum PowerPoint Presentations We are like a quilt -
Many patches, many pieces, many colors, many sizes, all woven and held
together by a common thread.
Life is like a quilt.
It will always be to a large extent,
what we ourselves make of it. Our PowerPoint Presentations Strategies for Taking Standardized Tests Behavior Management Developing Smart Study Skills, Download Lynn Husen Study Skills II Download Test Taking Strategies Download ... Download Kathy Strange Bullying Download , Kathy Strange The TattleTale Download Stacey Dooley Counselor's Jeopardy Download The Class Clown Download Lynn Husen I Don't Care Download Susan Cooper Shelby County Protech Teacher's PowerPoint Presentations for Download
Stacking the Deck Your Professional Image Keys to Success The above presentations are best viewed in Internet Explorer.

23. Northside High School - Guidance
standardized testing Use this number when you register for the SAT and/or the testing Calendars. SAT s. Stop by the guidance office for the necessary

About NHS



Substitute Info

Welcome to NHS's webpage! Guidance Counselors and Staff
Counselor assignments are alphabetical based on the student's last name. The assignments for this year are...
  • A-E - Ms. Sheila Rust - F-L Dr. Tom Bennett - M-Q Ms. Tiffany Kelso, Guidance Coordinator- R-Z - Ms. Kitty Tate - c
    Other staff include... Dr. Pam Melton - Student Assistance Program Coordinator - Ms. Maureene Meagher – Student Assistance (Tuesday and Thursday only 561-8155) Mrs. Linda Curd - Guidance Secretary - Ms. Robbie Norton - Career Center Manager -
    Whom to See for What? General College and Career Information - Ms. Robbie Norton, Career Center Manager DMV Forms, Work Permits, Transcripts - Mrs. Linda Curd, Guidance Secretary Specific College and Career Information - Your Counselor Individual Counseling - Your Counselor
Standardized Testing
Use this number when you register for the SAT and/or the ACT. It is Northside's CEEB code:

24. Standardized Testing
If standardized testing is repeated, the Admissions Committee only and test registration forms may be obtained from your high school guidance office or
Skip to main content You may be using a Web browser that does not support standards for accessibility and user interaction. Find out why you should upgrade your browser for a better experience of this and other standards-based sites... Dartmouth Home Search Index Dartmouth Home ... Applying
Standardized Testing
All applicants to Dartmouth, including those who apply from foreign countries, are required to take the following: Please Note: Students may submit scores from either the old SAT I or the new SAT I (with writing). Similarly, students may submit scores from either the regular ACT (if taken prior to February 2005) or from the ACT with writing (if taken in February 2005 or after).
  • Any two SAT II Subject Tests The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is strongly encouraged for foreign students for whom English is not the principal language of instruction and for non-native speakers of English. TOEFL is given at centers throughout the world and must be taken early enough so that the results are reported to Dartmouth by January of the year of intended entrance.
All testing must be completed by January of the senior year in high school. If standardized testing is repeated, the Admissions Committee only considers your highest scores. Information and test registration forms may be obtained from your high school guidance office or by writing to the College Board or the American College Testing Program. Dartmouth's College Board number is 3351, and the ACT code number is 2508.

25. Teacher Assistant And Teach Aide Careers, Jobs, And Training Information - Caree
more assistants to prepare students for standardized testing especially those Areas such as the South and West, where school enrollment and general
Home About Contact Us Site Map ...
Teacher Assistant and Aide
Careers, Jobs, and Training Information
Career and Job Highlights for Teacher Assitants and Aides
  • Roughly four in every ten teacher assistants are part time employees.
  • Scholastic requirements vary from a high school diploma to some college training
  • Particularly in demand will be those who are bilingual or have experience in special education
Teaching Assitant and Aide Career Overview
Teacher assistants help classroom teachers complete instructional and secretarial tasks, which allow teachers to spend more time preparing lessons and teaching. Using the teacher’s lesson plans, teacher assistants help students learn material by tutoring and assisting them one-on-one. Additional classroom duties teacher assistants have are to help prepare supplies for lessons, set up equipment, and record grades. Outside of the classroom teacher assistants may be responsible for supervising students on field trips, in the hallways, as they load busses to and from school, or in the cafeteria. Commonly called teacher aides or instructional aids, some teacher assistants refer to themselves as paraeducators or paraprofessionals.
Some teacher assistants, such as playground and lunchroom attendants, carry out only non-instructional or clerical duties. However, it is more common for teacher assistants to perform a mixture of both clerical and instructional tasks. With the guidance and direction of teachers, these assistants usually offer academic support to students. They may work with children in small groups or individually, helping students learn through such activities as studying or clarifying class notes, listening to them read, or assisting them to locate information for reports. Teacher assistants often specialize in a certain subject area, for example Spanish or science, at the secondary level. Frequently teacher assistants oversee special projects and arrange exhibits or equipment, such as for a science demonstration. Computer laboratories are often run by teacher assistants who help students using computers and education software programs.

26. Walton High School Guidance Department
Walton High school guidance Department. 555 Walton Road. DeFuniak Springs, FL 32433 standardized testing. OnLine SAT Registration
Walton High School Guidance Department 555 Walton Road DeFuniak Springs, FL 32433 Phone 850-892-1270/ FAX 850-892-1279 Ms. Marsha McLendon, Senior/Junior Advisor Mr. Charlie Morse, Sophomore/Freshman Advisor Scholarship Information Financial Aid College Links ... College Entry Essay Information Scholarship Information: FastWeb EXPAN Scholarship Search The Scholarship Research Network Minority On-Line Information System Free Scholarship Search Services Bright Futures WebPage Don't Get SCAMMED!! 6 Signs That Your Scholarship is Sunk FinAid's Scam Alert TOP Financial Aid: FAFSA on the WEB Florida Financial Aid Program

Darien High school students participate in three arenas of standardized testing as Darien is not an ACT test center, but guidance Counselors can help a
STANDARDIZED TESTING AT DARIEN HIGH SCHOOL THE DARIEN HIGH SCHOOL GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT Darien High School students participate in three arenas of standardized testing as they move from the Freshman through the Senior year; The Comprehensive Testing Program III (CTP III) published by the Educational Records Bureau, the state-mandated Connecticut Academic Performance Test (CAPT) the College Board Testing Program, consisting of three tests that are optional for students, but one or more are most likely taken if the student is college-bound. These are; the Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test (PSAT) the Scholastic Assessment Test I (Reasoning Tests and the Scholastic Assessment Tests II (Subject Tests) Additionally, students who are enrolled in one or more Advanced Placement Courses may elect to take one or more of the Advanced Placement Tests (AP) Each of these tests are described in some detail below. The ACT and TOEFL are both listed below. Back to the Guidance Homepage The Comprehensive Testing Program III, commonly known in this district as the ERB after its New York publisher, Educational Records Bureau, is administered to all Freshmen during the early Fall. The program consists of five tests that involve the verbal areas of achievement and two tests that involve the quantitative areas of achievement.

FROM THE guidance OFFICE. Rye Jr. High school. * general INFORMATION AND These are standardized tests with national norms that measure verbal and
Rye Jr. High School
GENERAL INFORMATION AND GUIDANCE SERVICES Welcome to Rye Junior High School, a middle school, consisting of grades 6, 7, and 8 with a total population of 232 students. We are dedicated to the education of the whole child and nurturing an enthusiasm for life long learning. We have an academic program that presents challenging material in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies and French and have a great value of the arts and the total development of the middle school learner. These are reflected in the skills and cooperative learning atmosphere of our life skills, shop/tech. ed., art, music, band, health, physical education, computer technology, ABL -adventure based learning and library skills classes. In addition a large number of our students participate in our after school sports and co-curricular activities. Our guidance counselor, Mrs. JoAnn Costanzo, is available to answer any questions you may have and assist parents and students in their journey through the junior high years. Our guidance office offers the following services:

29. Sample Program Evaluation
Assists with coordination of the school s annual testing program. Assists with preparation of students for standardized test taking and interpretation.


QCC Standards and Resources

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Teacher Resource Center
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You are here: GLC Home Projects and Programs Guidance Guidance and Counseling Index / Sample Program Evaluation
Georgia Guidance and Counseling Curriculum for Grades K-12
Sample Program Evaluation
School Counselors work with all students, school staff, administrators, parents, and the community as a function of their total guidance program. Guidance and counseling programs promote school success through a focus on academic achievement, prevention and intervention activities, advocacy, social/emotional, and career development. (American School Counselor Association, 1997.)
The Revised Guidance and Counseling Curriculum provides a framework for standards as to what a quality school counseling program should contain, as well as serving as an organizational guide for developing appropriate competencies for student success. The curriculum provides the standards as the acknowledged criteria used to make judgments about the adequacy and structure of the program, and a sufficient number of program standards should be written to represent a good guidance model.
The program that should be developed from the curriculum should address these questions:
  • What "things" are occurring?

30. West Geauga High School: Guidance
Attend college fairs, financial aid seminars, general information sessions The more times you take standardized tests, the more familiar you will become

Academic Athletics Guidance ... Site Of The Month Content:
Parent/Student Information
Junior Year
Freshman Year Sophomore Year Junior Year Senior Year Begin college selection process. Attend college fairs, financial aid seminars, general information sessions, etc., to learn as much as you can about the college application process. Make sure you are meeting NCAA requirements if you want to play Division I or II sports in college. September
  • Register for the October PSAT. Meet with your guidance counselor to review your courses for this year and plan your schedule for senior year.
  • Save samples of your best work for your academic portfolio (all year).
  • Maintain your co-curricular record (all year).
  • Junior year PSAT scores may qualify a student for the National Merit Scholarship Competition and the National Achievement and the National Hispanic Scholars Programs. So, even though these scores will not be used for college admission, it is still a good idea to take the PSAT. The more times you take standardized tests, the more familiar you will become with the format and the types of questions asked. If you wish to receive free information from colleges, indicate on the PSAT test answer form that you want to participate in the Student Search.
  • Junior year grades are extremely important in the college admission process, because they are a measure of how well you do in advanced, upper-level courses. Grades also are used to determine scholarships and grants for which you may be eligible. So put in the extra effort and keep those grades up!

31. Harcourt Assessment, Inc.
Some parents and teachers claim that most published standardized tests are the testing coordinator or guidance director in your local school system. Resourc
Advanced Search Catalog Company Careers ... Contact Us Some Things Parents Should Know About Testing
A Series of Questions and Answers

Q Why do the schools test our children?
A . It is no news to parents that children differ. Even within a single family, some children learn to walk or to talk sooner than others. One child may be a good reader; another may excel in sports. When children come into school, the teacher needs to know as much as possible about how they differ in order to be able to match the classroom teaching to the specific needs of the children. The school administration also needs to be able to plan for the long-term education of the pupils.
Back to Top

Q. Why do teachers need to use published tests?
A Back to Top Q. What do you mean by norm-referenced? A . Knowing that a pupil got 40 questions right on a test doesn’t give you enough information by itself. How many questions were there? Were they easy or hard? Is 40 a "good," "average," or "poor" score? Often, what we really want to know is how this score compares with the scores of other pupils of the same age or in the same grade. Is it high, medium, or low in relation to the scores of pupils in some large group? This way of describing performance is called norm-referenced and the numbers that are used to give meaning to a pupil’s performance are called norms, or norm-referenced scores.

32. Home - Guidance Department
school guidance programs are a major component of the West Shore school District s A standardized testing program for the determination of individual
var javascript_version = 1.0; Guidance Department Home Page Red Land Counselors

scholarships continued
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Transportation Department
Last updated: 9/15/05
School guidance programs are a major component of the West Shore School District's commitment in meeting student needs and supporting the instructional process. Guidance services are available to all students as a part of their general educational experience and tailored, whenever possible and appropriate, for students with special needs or who are considered exceptional. The West Shore School District Counseling Plan is aligned with the standards established by the American School Counselor Association. The standards clearly identify the services as follows:
  • Individual counseling in a confidential setting. Group counseling for students with common needs. Referral to appropriate community agencies. Orientation to critical change points during a student's school career. An organized system of communication with the home. A coordinated and accurate system of pupil records according to the state and District policy. Assistance in selecting the courses and career direction most appropriate to the student's future.
  • 33. USCS - USCS New Resources-Assistance And Guidance
    Charter school Accountability Consultant Referral Network of appropriate assessment and testing tools (including statemandated standardized testing),,12,14,37,11&type=5&x-

    34. Souderton Area School District - Indian Valley Middle School Guidance
    Why is a Middle school Special? general guidance Information Students scoring at or above the 97th percentile on a standardized test may apply to

    35. Cobb Guidance
    The general policy is that students should be moved only to improve their academic The guidance staff is in charge of standardized testing at Cobb.
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    Cobb Middle School
    Home Activities Communications Curriculum ... Teachers
    Guidance Department
    Counseling Cobb offers both individual, parent, and small group counseling sessions. Although individual counseling consumes the largest part of the counseling day, small groups are held dealing with divorce, death, academics, and other assorted problems. Individual counseling includes personal, social, academic, and vocational sessions. Students and parents are welcome anytime in the guidance office. Appointments can be scheduled by calling 488-3363. Scheduling After the master schedule has been determined, guidance is responsible for changing student placement. A schedule change may be initiated by a parent, teacher, or administrator. The general policy is that students should be moved only to improve their academic placement (regular to advanced class or advanced to regular class). Such changes depend on availability of space and class size. Changes in electives are not a high priority after the first week of school. Testing The guidance staff is in charge of standardized testing at Cobb. They also do individualized testing for screening purposes. Test interpretation and analysis are available for parents and other qualified personnel.

    36. CAPE | Outlook 11/03
    standards such as standardized testing and/or teacher certification.” And for school crime in general, the report notes that between 1995 and 2001,
    Other Outlooks
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    November 2003
    In this issue...
    Report: Excessive Regulations Thwart School Choice

    Government Issues School Crime and Safety Report

    USDE Issues Title I Guidance

    Supreme Court to Hear AZ Tax Case
    Report: Excessive Regulations Thwart School Choice
    For Omand, the best school choice programs are those that strike a balance between competitive efficiency and educational freedom. She contends that when schools are free to innovate and distinguish themselves from one another, they are more likely to increase quality, choice, and customer satisfaction. The report examines the typical types of regulations attached to school choice initiatives: nondiscrimination requirements, lottery-based admissions policies, tuition caps, opt-out provisions, and regulations relating to accreditation, teacher qualifications, and standardized testing. Calculating the requirements connected with school choice, the author concludes that programs based on vouchers tend to be bundled with more elaborate regulations than those based on tax credits. But while those two groups on those two issues showed similar response rates, there were striking differences in opinion within the private school community about other kinds of regulations. Take school accreditation. Twenty percent of nonsectarian schools, 4 percent of Catholic schools, 40 percent of other Christian schools, and 31 percent of Jewish schools opposed regulations requiring schools in choice programs to be accredited. Disparities also existed around teacher certification, with 60 percent of nonsectarian schools, 17 percent of Catholic schools, 53 percent of other Christian schools, and 49 percent of Jewish schools opposing such requirements.

    37. Hopkins High School | Minnetonka, MN
    Hopkins High school guidance College Information college testing and list of schools that do not use standardized tests as part of application process.
    Hopkins High School Guidance
    College Information
    College Representatives Visit Hopkins High School

    Link to the scheduled visits of college representatives to HHS each year
    College Information This section is a collection of websites useful to both parents and students in college and post-high school planning. Minnesota and Wisconsin School Sites Minnesota Private Colleges
    Link to the 17 private 4-year colleges in the state of Minnesota. Minnesota State Colleges and Universities
    This is a link to all the state 4-year, 2-year and technical colleges in Minnesota.
    University of Minnesota System

    This is a link to all campuses of the University of Minnesota.

    38. Home Page
    Two general types of tests are administered by the school. The first in importance and frequency The second type of test is called a standardized test.
    The focus of the guidance process is to further individual development and meet the requirements of society. The individual must find ways to relate himself most effectively to present and future situations. The outcome of this combined process may be stated as: the attainment by each pupil of a more mature educational vocational outlook. ORGANIZATION OF GUIDANCE Guidance activities and services are present at all educational levels, and are essential to the development of the pupil. In the middle school and senior high school, the parents, teachers, school administrators, counselors and special service members work as a team to handle this responsibility to serve our youth. MIDDLE SCHOOL In the middle school, the teachers occupy the key position in the life of the child. They observe and evaluate personal growth and intellectual development so to best meet his specific needs. At the middle school level, the school principal gives overall supervision to the guidance program. He is the guidance specialist. He assumes responsibilities in the areas of testing, test interpretation, cumulative records, parent-teacher conferences, and counseling of individual students. He helps teachers understand, interpret and use the resources of the guidance services. MIDDLE SCHOOL AND SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL At the middle school and senior high school level, guidance services involve a more complex organization and method of operation. The student encounters departmentalization, greater variety of curricular offerings, more teachers and more regulations. Because of his age, he is experiencing new problems in the areas of physical, emotional and social growth. He finds he has many choices and decisions to make relative to school subjects, friends, family relationships, activities and life goals.

    39. Where To Go For Answers
    Talk to your high school guidance counselor about Textbook selections • academic standards • standardized testing • magnet, choice, and other special
    Advanced Search
    Where To Go for Answers
    April 1999
    At Your Local School
    Ways to Improve Communications

    Ways to Get Involved

    Some Frequently Asked Questions

    In Your School District
    School Board Members Answer to the Public

    Ways to Improve Communications

    Ways to Get Involved

    County Offices of Education At Your Local School Feel free to contact your child’s school! Teachers, office staff, and the principal all want you to have the information you need to help your child succeed in school. That’s as true at high school as it is in elementary. Sometimes the most important thing is just knowing who to ask. Talk to the school secretary about: Registering for school • immunization requirements • school calendar • on-site day care • after-school programs • lost and found • school lunches • absences • getting a copy of the School Accountability Report Card • general questions about who to talk to and how to contact them. Talk to your child’s teacher about: Your child’s special needs, progress, and classroom behavior • homework • promotion requirements • what is being taught in class • helping in the classroom • test results and report cards • best time for you to be contacted • how you can support learning at home. Talk to the principal (or vice principal) about: What is being taught and what textbooks are used • student discipline and school rules • how your child is assigned to a class and teacher • the school dress code • special programs to help your child learn • the school’s safety plan • ways you can help and support the school • serving on the school-site council or advisory committees • anything you can’t find answers for elsewhere.

    40. Lassiter High School: Guidance
    The guidance staff helps coordinate several standardized tests throughout to general guidance questions. Calendar Link to Cobb County school Calendar
    Lassiter Teachers: Guidance
    678-494-7865 FAX
    School Code Number 111983 Be sure to scroll down for all information. Mission Statement
    The Cobb County Guidance and Counseling Program is designed to prepare students for the challenges of living in a diverse and technological society by using a curriculum that focuses on the academic, personal/social, and career development of students. Through collaboration with educators, parents and the community school counselors guide students through their educational experience and assist them with plans to ensure postsecondary success. Quick Informative Links Advisement General information about Freshman and Junior advisement activities The Counselors A list of counselors and their responsibilities Frequently Asked Questions Find answers to general guidance questions Calendar Link to Cobb County School Calendar Grading Scale Link to Cobb County Grade Scale Financial Aid Financial planning opportunities for post-secondary education School Profile See how Lassiter stacks up College Admission Links to college admissions resource sites College Visits A schedule of upcoming visits by college representatives Scholarship Information Links to a variety of scholarship opportunities

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