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81. :: Unit For The Promotion Of Democracy -
Panama , Paraguay , Saint lucia , and st. Vincent and the Grenadines . The past two decades represent a turning point in the history of OAS

Conflict Resolution
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:: About the UPD History of the Unit for the Promotion of Democracy (UPD)
The promotion of representative democracy has long been a central goal of the Organization of American States (OAS). Its Charter , adopted in Bogotá Colombia in 1948, declares the promotion and consolidation of representative democracy a s one of its central principles. As years passed, the OAS has become increasingly active in the pursuit of democracy. In 1990, a Unit for the Promotion of Democracy was established to advise and support member states in their efforts to strengthen their democratic institutions and practices.
The preamble to the OAS Charter states that “representative democracy is an indispensable condition for the stability, peace and development of the region.” With this principle, the OAS became the only international organization in which representative democracy is a purpose (Article 2b), a principle (Article 3d), and a condition of membership (Article 9).

st. lucia s great beauty is contrasted, at the same time, The people of theMaputaland region know that they have an abundance of untapped natural
Issued by: Office of the Deputy President 16 DECEMBER 1999. Master of Ceremonies;
The Honourable Premier;
Members of the Royal House present;
The Minister of Arts and Culture, Dr Ngubane;
All other ministers present; AmaKhosi; Community leaders;
Distinguished Guests to the Province of KwaZulu Natal;
Ladies and Gentlemen; We have come together today to celebrate, against this beautiful background, the declaration of the Greater St. Lucia wetlands Park as a World Heritage Site and the Festival of Living Treasures. The declaration of the Greater St. Lucia Wetlands as world Heritage Site no. 914 and the Festival of Living Treasures mark a new beginning - the start of the exploration & conservation of the "intellectual property" of the people of this region and their economic empowerment. We as South Africans have always known that the Greater St. Lucia Wetlands is a very special place. Now this area has been recognised by the world - as a place of outstanding cultural and natural value - and places the Wetlands in the company of the world's great natural and cultural icons such as Australia's Great Barrier Reef and America's Yellow Stone National Park. It also stresses the grave responsibility we have as custodians of this special place. Our duty as South Africans is to protect the heritage of the Greater St. Lucia Wetlands not only for our own people but for all humanity.

83. Address At The Greater St Lucia Wetland Park Tourism Infrastructure Project Laun
The progress we are making in st lucia should be seen as part of government’s This will be of optimum benefit to the people of the region for they will
Address at the Greater St Lucia Wetland Park Tourism Infrastructure Project Launch
St. Lucia, 4 December 1999 Master of Ceremonies, MEC Mabuyakhulu
Minister Mangosuthu Buthelezi
Minister Valli Moosa
Premier of KwaZulu-Natal, Mr. Lionel Mtshali
Traditional Leaders
People of St. Lucia
Ladies and Gentlemen: We meet here today extremely proud as South Africans that the greater St. Lucia Wetlands has been listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site. This means that together with Robben Island and the Sterkfontein Caves, St. Lucia takes its rightful place among the important natural and cultural icons of the world. It also means that St. Lucia has been recognised as a place of global importance and that South Africa with its vast natural beauty is recognised as contributing to the cultural wealth of the world. This places a heavy responsibility on all our shoulders as custodians of these special places to protect the heritage of sites such as St Lucia, not only for ourselves but for all of humanity; not only for the present generations but also for the generations to come. At the same time, we are alive to the fact that here is a co-existence of beauty and poverty, of the pristine St Lucia lying side by side with the decay and underdevelopment of the vast area of Maputaland, and this therefore, poses a direct challenge to all of us to ensure that the positive impact of the recognition of St Lucia is used to change the face of the surrounding areas and bring reconstruction to the people in this part of our country.

84. Seabee History: Desert Shield/Desert Storm
Among the US forces deployed to the region was the First Marine Expeditionary Force . The Carib Series exercise in st. lucia consisted of 38 active duty
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WASHINGTON DC 20374-5060
Seabee History: Operations Desert Shield/Desert Storm
On 2 August 1990 the armed forces of Iraq began the invasion and subsequent conquest of the Emirate of Kuwait. Under United Nations' auspices, the United States and other member nations responded by deploying military forces to Saudi Arabia. The immediate goal was to forestall further Iraqi aggression; the long-range goal was to compel Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait. The initial allied military undertaking to protect Saudi Arabia was dubbed Operation "Desert Shield."
Among the U.S. forces deployed to the region was the First Marine Expeditionary Force. Seabees were to provide construction support for this force. On 7 August the Seabees began preparations to deploy four battalions to the region: Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 4, 5, 7, and 40. On 13 August the first Seabees arrived in Saudi Arabia, an element of Amphibious Construction Battalion 1, comprising 210 personnel. These men immediately went to work unloading Marine Corps equipment and supplies from Maritime Pre-positioned Force ships.
During the period 10-20 August, 100 Seabees of Amphibious Construction Battalion 2 departed Norfolk, Virginia, on amphibious ships bound for the Persian Gulf. While in the gulf these Seabees participated in numerous exercises with the Marines to prepare for an amphibious assault in the region.

CAstRIES, st. lucia, 27 May The Caribbean regional Seminar to review thepolitical, economic and social conditions in the small island NonSelf-
1 June 1999

Press Release
Draft Conclusions and Recommendations Contained In Special Decolonization Committee's Report Considered (Received from a UN Information Officer.) CASTRIES, St. Lucia, 27 May The Caribbean Regional Seminar to review the political, economic and social conditions in the small island Non-Self- Governing Territories this afternoon concluded that implementation of the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples would not be complete as long there remained Non-Self-Governing Territories that still had to exercise their right to self-determination. The Special Committee on Decolonization was concluding the sixth and final meeting of its Caribbean Regional Seminar, which was held in Castries, Saint Lucia, from 25-27 May. In considering its report and draft conclusions and recommendations contained therein with a view to a further review by the Committee at United Nations Headquarters in New York before taking action, the Seminar also concluded that: in the process of decolonization, there was no alternative to the principle of self-determination, which was also a fundamental human right;

86. History Of Dominica, Dominica
st. lucia is a parliamentary democracy modeled on the Westminster system. We will continue to analyze this trend and how it affects the region s World Travel Information Source Countries About Us Contact
History Of Dominica
Principal Locations
  • Atkinson


  • Resources
    History Of Dominica
    Dominica (08/04) In view of the European Union's (EU) phase-out of preferred access of bananas to its markets, agricultural diversification is a priority. Dominica has made some progress, with the export of small quantities of citrus fruits and vegetables and the introduction of coffee, patchouli, aloe vera, cut flowers, and exotic fruits such as mangoes, guavas, and papayas. Dominica also has had some success in increasing its manufactured exports, with soap as the primary product. Dominica also recently entered the offshore financial services market. ... [ Read More Background Notes These publications include facts about the land, people, history, government, political conditions, economy, and foreign relations of independent states, some dependencies, and areas of special sovereignty. The Notes are updated/revised by the Office of Electronic Information and Publications of the Bureau of Public Affairs as they are received from the Department's regional bureaus and are added to the database of the Department of State website you are now using. ... [ Read More Frequently Asked Historical Questions On September 15, 1789, Congress passed "An Act to provide for the safe keeping of the Acts, Records, and Seal of the United States, and for other purposes." This law changed the name of the Department of Foreign Affairs to the Department of State because certain domestic duties were assigned to the agency. These included: Receipt, publication, distribution, and preservation of the laws of the United States; Preparation, sealing, and recording of the commissions of Presidential appointees; Preparation and authentication of copies of records and authentication of copies under the Department's seal; Custody of the Great Seal of the United States; Custody of the records of the former Secretary of the Continental Congress, except for those of the Treasury and War Departments. ... [

    87. Welcome To PAHO CPC
    There is a long history of PAHO involvement in the Caribbean, since Zone Officeswere 1980, September 22, st. lucia. 1981, September 21, Dominica
    home press releases about us information sources ... contact us search:
    The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) founded in 1902, is one of the oldest surviving international public health agencies in the World. It promotes and coordinates efforts of countries in the Western Hemisphere to:
    • combat disease lengthen life promote the physical, mental and social health of their people

    PAHO is an inter-governmental organization which aims to improve health through ensuring equity of access to the conditions which facilitate good health and to strengthen regional national and local health systems throughout the Americas - from Canada in the north to Argentina in the south, including the islands of the Caribbean. The countries cooperate technically with and among each other with the support of the PAHO Secretariat. While the focus of coordination for cooperation in each country is the Ministry of Health, PAHO collaborates with all relevant governmental ministries and non-governmental organizations whose activities at the national or local level impact on health and development. PAHO collaborates closely with the international community, universities and religious institutions to foster sustainability of successful interventions. For this purpose scientific and technical experts in health are stationed in a network of PAHO country offices and centers in most countries in the Americas.

    88. Martinique (France, Overseas Department)
    The L means lucia because Martinique was administered from st. lucia For this purpose, it must be the meeting point between a region, its history,
    Martinique (France, Overseas Department)
    Department of Martinique, Departement de la Martinique
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    Official flag
    by Mark Sensen
    Unofficial flag
    by Pierre Gay Official Name Department of Martinique (Departement de la Martinique)
    Capital: Fort-de-France
    Location: Caribbean
    Government Type: Overseas Department of France
    ISO Code: MQ See also:
    Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyane and Reunion, the 4 french "DOM" (departement d'outre-mer - over-seas department) are each both a departement and a region : so, they are 4 regions made of only one departement. Regions and departements having precise and different parts to play in the french system, the 4 DOMs have both a regional and a general council. Olivier Touzeau

    89. Six Terriers Named To All-North Region Teams
    in program history to be named to the North AllRegion First Team. Carley st.lucia, Sr., M, Boston College Danica strutt, Jr., D, Boston U.

    90. Top 5 Caribbean Search Directory - Index - Websites By Region & By Category
    Websites by Region by Category. The Caribbean s most comprehensive search portal st. Kitts Nevis. » st. lucia. » st. Maarten / st. Martin
    Top 5 Caribbean Search Directory - Index
    Top 5 Caribbean Search Directory - Index
    The Caribbean's most comprehensive search portal How To Add Suggest Category
    Last 10 Searches
    Cross-referenced categories in "Top 5 Caribbean Search Directory - Index": Free Stuff Health Religion Technology ... US Virgin Islands Featured Caribbean Website:
    Love your country? Show your colours then! Get a Caribbean flag, key ring, t-shirt, bumper sticker, bandana, license plate, tassel, mini-banner, leather belt, boxing gloves, necklace, wristband or other symbolic items Home Add us to Your Favorites Make Us Your Homepage Jamaican Jokes

    91. Where Do You Want To Go Birding In St. Lucia Today?
    This articles describes some of the trails in the st. lucia rainforest. Some of the region’s most spectacular birds are found on these small islands,
    Birding Factoids 165 species
    in 32 families 14 of the 58 Caribbean
    speciality species are
    represented here.
    3 endangered species
    4 endemics
      St. Lucia
    St. Lucia Specialities
    Barry MacKay

    92. Where Do You Want To Go Birding In St. Vincent And The Grenadines Today?
    Some of the region’s most spectacular birds are found on these small islands, Our ports of call will be st. Vincent, st. lucia, and Dominica.
    Birding Factoids 113 species
    in 35 families 10 of the 58 Caribbean
    speciality species are
    represented here.
    2 endangered species
    2 endemics
      St. Vincent and the Grenadines

    St. Vincent and the Grenadines Specialities
    Photographer unknown Russ Jones Eladio Fernandez

      Vermont Nature Trails - These trails begin near the top of the
        Buccament Valley. There are two main trails which lead through tropical rain forest, where there is a chance of seeing the St. Vincent Parrot and the Whistling Warbler, both unique to St. Vincent and strictly protected internationally.

      St. Vincent Trip Reports
      - St. Vincent trip reports are available from
        Blake Maybank's "Birding the Americas: Trip Report and Trip Planning Repository".
      Scenes from a Lesser Antilles Trip - 18-28 March 2000. A photo
        montage by Don Roberson. These shots are from a fine "Focus on Nature" tour of the Lesser Antillean islands of St. Lucia, St. Vincent, and Dominica (a trip led by Armas Hill), with a final day on Puerto Rico (a trip led by B. J. Rose and with a different set of participants). In the islands of the Lesser Antilles, we were successful in locating all island and regional endemics within a week.
      - May 1998. By Bill Smith.

    93. News Story Number 6
    It is now up to us in st. lucia to come up with a plan to ensure that port Many Islands, One Sea – the idea of marketing our Caribbean region as a
    Administration Home Page About us Suggest a story Subscribe classified ads Feedback ... Contact us Advertise Newspaper ads Internet ads Linked Partners St.Lucia Beat Links to other local media houses Now Worry over Security Three Boats robbed in Soufriere in January Concerns have been expressed over recent acts of crime on yachts in the Soufriere Marine Management Area which could impact negatively on the yachting sector of the entire island. Three burglaries were reported on different yachts moored in the Malgretoute area of Soufriere on the night of January 9. In one instance, the robbers made away with 700 Euros. In the second case, the intruders rifled through the main cabin of one yacht, scattered credit cards and took away some items. The crew called in the SMMA Rangers who in turn summoned the Police. In the third incident, the crew on board a yacht scared the intruder/s away. These incidents have been reported to the Caribbean Safety and Security Net which has in turn advised authorities in St. Lucia.

    94. Human Rights
    The Spanish Decree of 1511 A Turning Point in the history of the IndigenousPeoples of the ChairpersonRapporteur THE ALDET CENTRE-SAINT lucia
    Human Rights
    The Spanish Decree of 1511: A Turning Point in the history of the Indigenous Peoples of the Caribbean Basin. In United Nations Press Release dated 06 August 2001 entitled "Subcommission adopts resolution on responsibility, reparation for violations during slavery and colonial period", sensing the mood of preparatory discussions and resolutions by non-governmental organizations during the process leading to the World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance, the international community was told: "The Subcommission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights adopted unanimously this morning a resolution on recognition of responsibility and reparation for the massive and flagrant violations of human rights which constituted crimes against humanity that took place during slavery and the colonial period. Through this measure, the Subcommission

    95. UCTP Region - Ieri (Trinidad And Tobago)
    United Confederation of Taino People. st. lucia The island shows a historyof Ciboney, Arawak, Kalingacarib and Bethechilokonodescendants of the
    United Confederation of Taino People
    St. Lucia
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    96. St Lucia Balenbouche Estate A Caribbean Villa On The Island Of Saint Lucia
    Balenbouche Estate, st. lucia Historic caribbean plantation guesthouse offeringsaint Balenbouche forms part of the Choiseul community, a region rich in
    Balenbouche Estate, St. Lucia Historic caribbean plantation guesthouse offering saint lucia cottage and villa rentals. Home Our Activities St Lucia Guide Responsible Tourism Balenbouche Estate Activities
    On the south-western coast of the lush caribbean island of St. Lucia, between the communities of Laborie and Choiseul, lies the 80 acre Balenbouche Estate, a unique St Lucia hotel and designated heritage site which remains a working farm and private residence. At Balenbouche we offer: Caribbean Villas, Guided Tours of the Plantation,
    Fine Creole/Fusion Dining (by reservation only), Group Retreats, all inclusive St. Lucia Wedding packages, the yearly Balenbouche Jazz Festival (part of the Annual St Lucia Jazz Festival), a volunteer program, and tours to nearby sights and attractions.
    From Balenbouche, you can also access a wide range of activities on the island. We do recommend that you rent a car for at least part of your stay. Please visit our St. Lucia car rentals page

    97. Destination Guides - Central America Caribbean
    As they did with many other islands in the region, the Spanish claimed st lucia in In 1600, the Dutch made an abortive attempt to develop st lucia,

    98. Destinations: Caribbean | CDC Travelers' Health
    The region of the Caribbean contains the countries Anguilla (UK), Montserrat (UK),Netherlands Antilles, Puerto Rico (US), st. Kitts Nevis, st. lucia,
    Home About CDC Press Room Funding ... Contact Us Search: Travelers' Health Travelers' Health Home Destinations Health Information for Travelers to Countries in the Caribbean On This Page Travel Notices in Effect Vaccines for Your Protection: The Caribbean Routine Vaccinations Check with your healthcare provider: you and your family may need routine as well as recommended vaccinations. Before travel, be sure you and your children are up to date on all routine immunizations according to schedules approved by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practice (ACIP). See the schedule for adults and the schedule for infants and children . Some schedules can be accelerated for travel. If it is less than 4 weeks before you leave, you should still see your doctor. It might not be too late to get your shots or medications as well as other information about how to protect yourself from illness and injury while traveling. Recommended Vaccinations and Preventive Medications The following vaccines may be recommended for your travel to The Caribbean. Discuss your travel plans and personal health with a health-care provider to determine which vaccines you will need.

    99. History
    A Short History Of Netball In Nevis 6) OECS Under 23 Netball Tournament , stLucia , 1996. 7) Caribbean Netball Tournament, st Kitts, 1996
    A Short History Of Netball In Nevis Home What is Netball How to Play 2000 Caribbean Championship ... Links
    By Janette Hull A Nation that encourages sports and gives encouragement to its athletes is enriched in many ways. We make friends through sports. More nations are brought together by sports like cricket, football, athletics, softball, netball and many more. Netball is one of the many games played in Nevis, but not many Nevisians know the role this game has played over the years, nor even how it started. Did you know that netball has put Nevis on the world map? If not, please read on. Netball originated in the United States of America, and was introduced to the Caribbean by Physical education officers from England who came to the Islands on teaching assignments. Althought the game is played in the USA , it is not popular, whereas it is popular in the United Kingdom. Netball in Nevis is without a doubt the outstanding women’s sport. Prior to 1950 Netball was introduced and played by the Excelsior School on the grounds of St Pauls Rectory. An annual competition was held between the Excelsior School of Nevis and the Girls High School from St Kitts. 1939 - 1940 saw a change. Schools no longer exchanged visits, but ex-pupils from the Excelsior School and the Girls High School played matches in both islands with Nevis always winning. 1945 - 1955 teams from the Charlestown Girls School and ex -pupils from the Charlestown Secondary School practiced at Liburd’s Yard (the ground on which the Administration Building now stands).

    100. St. Lucia And The Open For Business Conference | Linux Gazette
    View from in front of the conference building and st. lucia government offices, for many projects in st. lucia and the Caribbean region as a whole.
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    Linux Professional Institute

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    St. Lucia and the Open for Business Conference
    Submitted by KnowProSE on Tue, 11/09/2004 - 01:25. Articles General Interest Making Linux a little bit more fun! I had made a few quick entries last week about the Open For Business in St. Lucia . A population of 150,000 makes for a small country, but by all accounts it is a significant country.
    View from in front of the conference building and St. Lucia government offices, morning.
    The fact that the Government of St. Lucia (GoSL) was the main force behind the conference says a lot. The story goes that Gerry George ( DigiSolv St. Lucia leads the Caribbean ranking in eGovernment readiness . Foresight and action are a powerful combination. The presenters who came to St. Lucia for the conference were Juan Miguel Fach (President

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