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         Spelling Grammar:     more books (100)
  1. Passport to the world of English by Martha A Lane, 1996
  3. Learning by exposure to wrong forms in grammar and spelling;: An experimental study of the effect of correcting wrong forms as a practice method by John Ranton McIntosh, 1972
  4. Colloquial Malay: A grammar with conversations and an appendix on Malay-Arabic spelling, old and new by Richard Olof Winstedt, 1957
  5. The Birds and Bees of Words: A Guide to the Most Common Errors in Usage, Spelling, and Grammar by Mary Embree, 2007-10-16
  6. English Simplified: Grammar, Punctuation, Mechanics & Spelling, Usage, Paragraphs & Documentation by Blanche Ellsworth, John A. Higgins, 1996-08
  7. HBJ Spelling: Teacher's Resource Book, Grade 4, Signature Edition (Orange 4) by Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1988
  8. English Simplified: Grammar/Punctuation, Mechanics, Effective Paragraphs, Spelling/Usage, Documentation : More Than 1000 Explanations and Examples by Blanche Ellsworth, 1985-01
  9. English simplified: Punctuation/grammar, mechanics, effective paragraphs, documentation, spelling/usage by Blanche Ellsworth, 1981
  10. A New Russian Grammar in Two Parts, Part 1, Lessons of Grammar and Syntax, with Exercises, Part 2, a Systematic Treatment of Grammar, Russian and English Vocabularies by Anna H. Semeonoff, 1945
  11. Grammar Snobs Are Great Big Meanies: A Guide to Language for Fun and Spite (Unabridged) by June Casagrande,
  12. Language! The Comprehensive Literacy Cirriculum: Reading, Writing, Spelling, Vocabulary, Grammar, Speaking (Book E)
  13. Grammar, punctuation, and spelling: Controlling the conventions of written English at ages 9, 13, and 17 (The Nation's report card) by Arthur N Applebee, 1987
  14. Spelling Spoofs, Grammar Goofs and Other Oddities

81. Language Log: Mis-spelling "grammar"
Misspelling grammar . If I were a curmudgeon, I would point out, in reply to Geoff Pullum s complaint about the mis-spelling of grammar ,
Language Log
December 04, 2003
Mis-spelling "grammar"
If I were a curmudgeon, I would point out, in reply to Geoff Pullum's complaint about the mis-spelling of "grammar" But I'm not, so I won't. Posted by Bill Poser at December 4, 2003 01:56 AM
var site="sm7languagelog"

82. SecretariesUSA/Homepage
Reference for the home and corporate office, including capitalization, punctuation, spelling, grammar, sentence structure, forms of address, abbreviations, letter styles, and business forms.


Secretaries USA

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84. Activities In English : ESL, EFL, Reading, Grammar
Activities and games related to grammar, reading, spelling, vocabulary and proverbs.
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85. Website Spelling/Grammar Monitoring Service
Website spelling/grammarchecking (30 Day Trial) - $25.00, Website spelling/grammar-checking (1 Year) - $125.00. Delivery Method Via return email - FREE -

86. Free-English-GAMES Games, Tips, English Grammar Lessons.
Free quiztype game rotated each month. Topics covered include vocabulary, spelling, reading, listening and grammar. Requires Macromedia Flash Player.
Welcome to FREE English Games
To access these free English language games
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as a member for free!
(for members only) to access our games. Forgotten your password? Coco Nuts Listen to the word and help Coco the Monkey get his bananas. Spelling Bee Spell the words correctly to help Spelling Bee collect the jars of honey. Jungle Guy Find the correctly spelled word and help the Jungle Guy escape from a hungry lion. Space Cats Can you protect your cities from the Space Cats while you are practicing irregular verbs? The Swap Game Swap the words to form a correct sentence and practice your sentence structure.
Would you like to have your own copy of these games to use at any time? Ensure that you will always have them available by purchasing them here Select Game Set English Practice Grammar English Practice Vocabulary

87. (Mis-) Spelling, Grammar And Punctuation
Do spelling, grammar or punctuation matter? In a word `yes . If you spell technical terms wrongly, your reader will wonder if you understand what you are
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(Mis-) spelling, grammar and punctuation
Do spelling, grammar or punctuation matter? In a word: `yes' . If you spell technical terms wrongly, your reader will wonder if you understand what you are writing about. If you spell everyday words wrongly, at best the appearance of your work will be marred; at worst you will not be writing the word you think you are writing, but some other word that may have a totally different meaning. Grammar and punctuation exist to give you the highest possible chance of conveying your precise meaning to the reader. For example, one comma can totally change the meaning of a sentence. If you want to be sure that your reader is decoding what you are trying to say in the way you intend, you need to achieve a basic grasp of spelling, sentence structure and punctuation (see Section Dyslexic? Do not fear. If nothing else, you may already be more aware of the issues than someone who is simply a sloppy speller. Beyond that, word-processing can help you to produce work that is relatively easy to correct in the light of other students' reading of it, and there are computer spelling checkers designed specifically for you. Consult your Sub-Dean about getting an assessment. Depending on the outcome, you will be able to find out about assistance available, and, if appropriate, about examination arrangements.

88. Spelling, Grammar Still A Worry
spelling, grammar still a worry (AgnesMary Brooke - Dominion 31 October 1996)
Spelling, grammar still a worry
Dominion 31 October1996 Agnes-Mary Brooke (Nelson) This opinion starts by quoting Marva Collins: " New methods and new theories are not the solution. In fact they have been the primary cause of mis-education. Teachers need to stop looking for excuses and teach. " The article then looks at the cost to industry and society of sub-standard literacy. They also look at the problems many students face in secondary school because they lack basic competence in reading, writing and comprehension. Biophysicist Harold Chugani of the University of California claims that trillions of connections between neurons are maintained in early childhood till the brain determines how many are needed. Those that are not are eliminated. That is, the more young children use their minds, the more brain cells they have and the more connections they keep. The second part of the article suggests that New Zealand's costly Reading recovery system is part of the problem. Based on a report from the British Office for Standards in Education, the author claims that whole language methods do not work, especially for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. ( Could it be that other parents at least partially compensate for the inherent defects in the system?

89. English International Lyon -Business English Grammar And Vocabulary Exercises /a
Free interactive exercises on sentence construction, reading, collocations, grammar, vocabulary and spelling for beginner to intermediate. Some exercises with audio.
"Who Else Wants To Speak Better English?" My name is Pearson Brown and I have been successfully helping people to learn Business English online since 1998. I've been teaching Business English for more than 25 years and have had my own school in Lyon, France for more than twenty years. I started these online lessons to help my own students. Very quickly, people throughout the world found out about my lessons by word of mouth. Now more than 10,000 people use my Business English lessons every day. For a wide variety of exercises, click here. For English grammar lessons, click here. For Business English vocabulary, idioms and phrasal verbs, click here. For a complete multimedia course in English, click here. Come back to this site regularly and you will soon be speaking Better English. Pearson Brown PS I send out free English lessons by email from time to time. There is absolutely no charge and you can stop receiving them at any time, just by clicking on a link in the email. Just fill in this form with your name and email address. I will immediately send you an email with a link to confirm you want to get my lessons. Click on that link and start receiving my free lessons. Pearson E-mail Address Name:

90. Writing Skills Handbook
Includes useful tips to help your spelling including homophones, words often misspelled, a dictionary search, an introduction to fingerspelling. grammar, spelling and writing style guide.
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Disability Handbook
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  • Green Office Handbook
    ... Efficiency Crazy Colour Cards These laminated cards are useful Quick Reference guides for using software and business tools more effectively.
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  • Creating A Great Print Newsletter Colin Ong TS
  • Melting The Thinking Mind - Is your self confidence based on what you accomplished in the past? Charlie Badenhop
  • Year-By-Year Chronology Of The Secretarial Profession Marjorie Gottlieb
    Writing Skills Handbook
    Many of us think we have a good command of the English language but it is easy to make grammatical and spelling errors. In addition, writing well does not necessarily mean that our note taking skills are up to scratch or even that we can write our notes down fast enough. To help our members brush up on their writing skills in we have included chapters on shorthand, note taking, grammar, and spelling as well as a variety of quizzes to help you test your writing skills. If you would like to link to this handbook feel free to use the above description, if you want an image to go with the link please visit the article "
  • 91. Ling 317 Spelling/Grammar Checkers
    Does the spelling/grammar checker present some kind of overall analysis of the What would the spelling/grammar checker have to know or do in order to
    Ling 317 Spelling/Grammar Checkers
    Assignment 1
    The assignment is covered by the honor code. Cooperative explorations of the program are allowed, but the write-up should be solely an individual effort. Use the following questions to analyse and report on a spelling and grammar checker. The completed assignment should consist of 2 or 3 typed pages (Just respond to the questions; don't write an essay.) Due at the beginning of class on 1/30. The aim of this assignment is to explore the operation of a spelling and grammar checker in order to determine a) the language knowledge and rules the checker encodes and b) the usefulness of the checker. (The methodology is similar to linguistic investigations, which often involve asking questions of a native-speaker of a language in order to probe the rules/knowledge underlying the speaker's linguistic behaviour.)
    Spelling checker
    1. Describe the spelling checker you are working with (Name, version, platform-Win/Mac/Linux). 2. a) What response does the spelling checker give to the following words:
    fastly, classwise, vice versa, unredoable

    92. English - English And Drama Resources For Students And Teachers
    Collection of online games and quizzes testing English grammar, spelling, writing and reading skills.
    Last updated on 25th September 2005 What's New?
    750+ pages of free material on English today:
    182 games
    74 online quizzes
    300 free photos
    73 e-cards Special Features: Free Stuff: Contact Us: Online Games Free Worksheets Contact Us Games for the Classroom ... Vote in our Poll About Us: Other Features: Related Links: Frequently Asked Questions Text Only Version Link Exchange Terms and Conditions ... Proof-reading
    Web English

    93. Website Design By Ketec - Website Design Ireland
    Thus, mistakes in correct grammar, spelling and continuity of all details, 6) Correct errors in grammar and spelling Check for subject-verb agreement
    Menu Home FAQ The Web Links Contact Us ... Site Map Ketec RSS

    Website Design by Ketec Ketec specialises in providing professional hosting and website design solutions for business. We provide a website design and e-commerce service. Website Hosting with Ketec is made simple with easy to use Ensim control panels for the professional Web Designer. Brochure Website
    This type of website design is what most business's tend to dip their toe into when getting their business online. It consists of a number of web pages (usually between 5 and 20) describing their business. This would include text graphics and animation. Also your site should contain a respond form of some kind. E-mail of and a site address of and CGI executable scripts.
    E-Commerce Website
    This type of website design should contain all the features of the brochure site with the addition of a shopping cart or ordering facility. A person landing on the site could purchase items which are added to a database and then transferred to a secure area https:// before sending their credit card details. E-Commerce sites are normally priced by the amount of products you sell. See Demo Online Shop Database Website
    The buzz words here are ASP (active server pages) and JSP (java server pages). These are pages which connect to a database and serve up dynamic content from the database. What should be considered here is the type of database you will use, for example; MS Access needs to run on a windows server, whereas MySQL will run on any supported server (Windows or Linux).

    94. Learning Network New Zealand
    English spelling/grammar English - Written Language English - general resources English - Junior Language English - Oral/Visual Language

    95. The Cooper Hill Press
    Handbook on how to write winning essays, with advice on editing, grammar, spelling, and revision.


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    96. University Of Wisconsin Help Desk
    Microsoft Word (Win) Turning Off spelling/grammar Checker and URL Coversion Function To turn off automatic spelling and grammar checks in Word

    97. ACE Self-help Writing Guide And Writer Tips For Reading Writing
    A free monthly selfhelp writing guide for students of the English language who want to communicate more effectively. Guide covers grammar, punctuation, spelling, cliches, and jargon. - Self-Help Guide.htm
    ACE Copyediting: Free self-help writing guide and writer tips for reading, writing, and speaking better HOME BUSINESS SERVICES AUTHOR SERVICES AGENT AND PUBLISHER SERVICES ... QUOTE -a- QUOTE E-ZINE SAMPLES OF

    professional writing and editing services as close and convenient as your computer
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    Self-help Writing Guide Material A FREE self-help writing guide for students of the English language who want to communicate more effectively. Who will benefit from reading this self-help writing guide? YOU BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS, AUTHORS, STUDENTS, AGENTS, NON-PROFESSIONALS Business professionals: you’re enjoying relative success in your chosen field, but you know you can be more effective, if you only knew how to be precise, accurate, and impressive in your written work and oral presentations.

    98. Rutgers Writing Program - News - Win Cash In Spelling/Grammar Contest
    The prize is for excellence in spelling and grammar; the award is $115.00. There is no registration required. See all headlines . . . Copyright © 2000
    ESL Plangere Writing Center English Department GetIT ... All Sites...
    Search the Rutgers Writing Program...
    Writing Program Main Page
    Win Cash in Spelling/Grammar Contest
    FRESHMEN ONLY: The Tunis Quick Contest will be held Saturday morning April 6, 2002 from 10:00 - 12:00 in Murray Hall, Room 115. The prize is for excellence in spelling and grammar; the award is $115.00. There is no registration required.
    See all headlines . . .

    Rutgers University Writing Program
    Technical problems/feedback? Contact Maritza Cruz
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    99. Garbl's Editorial Style Manual -- Abbreviations, Capitalization, Punctuation, Gr
    Searchable advice on abbreviations, capitalization, grammar, numbers, punctuation, spelling and word usage.

    Gary B. Larson People killed in Iraq War: Americans Iraqis Cost Faces of death ... Speaking out: Your right. Your responsibility. Use your writing, speaking and thinking skills to make a difference in your country and world.
    Writing Resources ] [ Style Manual ] [ Concise Writing Guide Writing Bookshelf A B ... World Wide Web Do you have writing questions about abbreviations, addresses, capitalization, English grammar, Internet terminology, numbers, plurals, possessives, punctuation, spelling and word usage? If so, can help you be clear, concise, correct and consistent in your use of the written word. This free style guide also provides clear alternatives to long, pompous or bureaucratic words and phrases. Use this manual for help in writing articles, books, brochures, correspondence, essays, fliers, newsletters, reports, Web pages and other documents. books on writing and Web sites listed in and my selection and interpretation of their guidelines. This guide focuses on U.S. standards for spelling, punctuation, definitions, usage, style and grammar. Do you have comments or suggestions about my style manual? Please contact me at or sign my

    100. • Agora Discussion Board
    Re spelling/grammar « Reply to this post 1 on May 2nd, 2004, 650pm », Quote Modify Re spelling/grammar « Reply to this post 8 on May 3rd, 2004,;action=display

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