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         Spelling Grammar:     more books (100)
  1. Correct spelling of "Grammer"-Grammar by Leonard J Rosen, 1985
  2. Computer assisted language teaching: Teaching vocabulary, grammar, spelling, writing, composition, listening, speaking, translation, foreign languages, ... analysis : bibliography (Infolingua) by Conrad Sabourin, 1994
  3. Spelling and Grammar by Lorraine Sintetos, 1994-12
  4. Grammar of Spelling for Grade 2 by B.J. Jordan, 1997
  5. 1001 Pitfalls in English Grammar Spelling and Usage by Vincent F. Hopper, 1970
  6. Webster's Spelling, Grammar and Usage
  7. Websters Reference Library Concise Edition Spelling Grammar & Usage new edition by Unknown, 2002
  8. Old Textbooks Spelling Grammar Reading by NietzJohnA., 1961
  9. Chalkboard Stories: For Developing Comprehension, Handwriting, Spelling, & Grammar by Jean Scheffler, 1982-09
  10. Physicochemical quantities and units: The grammar and spelling of physical chemistry, by Maxwell Len McGlashan, 1971
  11. Old textbooks: Spelling, grammar, reading, arithmetic, geography, American history, civil government, physiology, penmanship, art, music, as taught in the common schools from colonial days to 1900 by John A Nietz, 1961
  12. English Master: Build Success in Higher-Level English (Vocabulary, Grammar, Spelling, Composition) by Super Tutor, 1998
  13. English simplified: Punctuation, spelling, grammar, usage, mechanics, documentation by Blanche Ellsworth, 1977
  14. Word power in 5 easy lessons: A simplified approach to excellence in grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, spelling and penmanship by William Howard Armstrong, 1969

61. - Proofreading And Editing Services
Provides comprehensive proofreading, copy editing and formatting services in English and German. We correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, style and structure.
proofreading,proofing,writers,successful writing,document formatting,spell checking,punctuation,spellchecking,copy editing,copyediting,spelling,grammar,spellcheckers,english spelling,german spelling,korrekturlesen,orthographie,grammatik Presentation Is Everything... Whether you are a student or an educator, a screenwriter or a novelist, an attorney or a paralegal, a small business or a major corporation , your presentation and professional image define your reputation and, ultimately, your success. Bad spelling and faulty grammar can seriously undermine the impact of your documents and marketing materials. Can you proof this com is here to help! With our quality control services, including Basic Proofing and Proofing Plus confidence and professional credibility are only a few clicks away, twenty-four hours a day. Every document can be improved – so let us worry about the form, while you focus on the content. We guarantee the quality of our services and apply the highest standards of excellence and

62. Forums - Sanctimony, Civility, Spelling, Grammar, Logic
Community bulletin board and free classifieds for Forums PDA View Full Version : Sanctimony, Civility, Spelling, Grammar, Logic Christian 06-18-2005, 09:33 PM I don't know what amazes me the most:
How certain Dougie Mac and others are that the Bible is the single repository of truth and that their interpretation of the Bible is the only valid one.
The circuitous logic that Dougie often uses and that is so common in these forums: things along the lines of "I believe the Bible is always right so it is always right and here's what it says and what I think that means so what I think it means is the absolute, irrefutable truth." :confused:
Dougie's apparent need to rush into religious, gay, and sex-related threads so he can slap folks on the wrist and say the same things over and over about how wrong everyone else is. Dude, you're a young mantoo young to act so much like an old curmudgeon! Relax, you don't have to save the world, and you won't save anyone by lecturing them.
The ranting, railing, and name-calling that some people who post engage in. So what if someone you will never lay eyes on disagrees with you? You aren't going to impress anyone, especially not them, by being hostile.
The rampant incorrect spelling, non-standard English usage, and obvious typos in many posts. If you know you are a poor speller (prayOr, for instance), type your message in a word processing program, use the spell check, and then paste it into the forum. Then if you notice a typo later, you can easily correct it. A person may be a genius, but if he/she expresses him/herself inelegantly or unclearly, everyone will think that person is a buffoon.

63. BCS English Improvement Service
Corrects your grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes; improves your style and proofreads what you have written. United Kingdom, UK.

64. Spelling And Grammar
spelling/grammar Home All About Me Reading Writing Math Homework spelling/grammar Science Health Student Work
n Students will have a spelling pretest, practice test, and posttest. n Monday-pretest Thursday-practice test Friday-posttest Students who get a 100% on Thursday’s spelling test will not have to take the posttest on Friday. Grammar will be done weekly along with the reading.

65. AllGold English Correction. Online Proofreading Service For Checking And Correct
Online service for checking and correcting the grammar, spelling, punctuation of English language text.
A professional, low-cost proofreading service for checking and correcting written English.
Based in England, we specialize in correcting English written by non-native English speakers. With staff experienced in all types of texts (literary, scientific, technical, etc.), we ensure that your writing is correct, clear and understandable.
Use the buttons on the left to find out more about our service.
More info.
Prices Send your text Contact us

66. Online Technical Writing: Common Grammar, Usage, And Spelling Problems
Advice on common problems in the use of spellings, punctuation, and grammar.
Online Technical Writing: Common Grammar, Usage, and Spelling Problems
This appendix covers only those grammar, punctuation, usage, and spelling problems that give people the biggest headaches. If you can't find answers to what you are looking for here, consult a standard reference handbook such as one of the following (try to get an edition published after 1990):
    Beene, Lynn and William Vande Kopple. The Riverside Handbook . Boston: Houghton-Mifflin. Corder, Jim W. and John J. Ruszkiewicz. Handbook of Current English . Glenview, IL: Scott, Foresman. Hefferman, James A. and John E. Lincoln. Writing: A College Handbook . New York: W. W. Norton. Hodges, John C. and Mary E. Whitten. Hodges' Harbrace College Handbook . New York: Harcourt Brace and Janovich. Leggett, Glen, et al. Handbook for Writers . Englewood-Cliffs: Prentice-Hall. Strunk, William, and E. B. White. Elements of Style . New York: Macmillan, 1979.
Technical-writing professionals try to simplify grammar rules as much as possible, without hurting the language or putting themselves in straitjackets. Typically, they work in teams and frequently move in and out of projectsso that the same document may be worked on by different writers and editors during the space of just a few years. That's why any guidelines based on interpretation or personal style or judgment must be avoided. Interested in courses related to this page or a printed version? See the

67. Grammar And Spelling -
grammar and spelling. I m one writer who could approve both her spelling and grammar. However I know my faults and admit to them.

68. Tundrian Language
A variety of Romance spoken on an island west of France. Phonology, spelling, grammar, EnglishTundrian dictionary, and texts.

Tundrian is an imaginary language (or conlang ) I started developing when I was 16 years old. It is the principal language of an imaginary country ( Tundria ) whose history goes back even further, to when I was about 6. Tundrian is a Romance language, with all the grammatical paraphernalia one would expect from a language of that family. It has grammatical gender, lots of irregular verbs and even cases. It would not be an easy language to learn, but developing a complex grammar is one of the pleasures of conlanging. I expect to put up a lot of the grammar of Tundrian on this site, as well as a fairly extensive dictionary. Below is a directory of what is already available:

69. [PATCH] HAL Spec Spelling/grammar Fixes
PATCH HAL spec spelling/grammar fixes. David Zeuthen Sun, 05 Oct 2003 195120 +0200. Previous message PATCH HAL spec spelling/grammar
[PATCH] HAL spec spelling/grammar fixes
David Zeuthen
Sun, 05 Oct 2003 19:51:20 +0200 I apologize for such a large patch, but it simply tries to correct some spelling, grammar, and word usage issues in the HAL spec. It also includes a few XML style fixes that I got for free from using Conglomerate to edit part of the file (it looks like it'll be a great editor in the future, for now I'm stuck with emacs b/c of speed issues). I just want to say thank you to all the people working on HAL and all of the other projects on; I hope some day when I don't have quite as much school work I'll be able to help give back more than a few spelling fixes. If you would like me to break it up into smaller pieces, I can see what I can do, but time is kind of short for me right now. It was perfect timing; I was just about to start putting in the changes for 0.2 in the spec. Many thanks, David

70. Ultralingua
Grammatica is a multilingual grammar and spelling checker for Windows and Mac OS X.
View Cart Volume Discounts View this page in: English Deutsch text size Home Macintosh Windows Palm OS ... Support Ultralingua Dictionary, Translation and Grammar Software
Pictured: English Dictionary of Definitions
Powerful Translation Dictionaries Ultralingua's dictionaries are the favorites of students and translators around the world for Macintosh Windows Palm Pocket PC ... Web Version Ultralingua's tools are available via the web for individual subscribers, but are especially useful in customized versions for schools, universities, and businesses. learn more.. Palm Who wants to lug around large paper dictionaries when they are on the move? Ultralingua offers the most powerful dictionaries available and they can fit in the palm of your hand! Learn more about Palm or Pocket PC Test drive any software package on the platform of your choice. Choose a product in the menu, and follow the links! To upgrade your product, simply go to the product page and click on the upgrade button! What We Do Ultralingua offers Dictionary and Grammar and Spell Checking software available for Macintosh Windows Palm Pocket PC , and The Web . Ultralingua translation dictionaries include English to French Spanish German , and many more.

71. [PATCH] HAL Spec Spelling/grammar Fixes
PATCH HAL spec spelling/grammar fixes. David Coulthart Sun, 05 Oct 2003 024837 0400. Previous message Proposed CVS roots
[PATCH] HAL spec spelling/grammar fixes
David Coulthart
Sun, 05 Oct 2003 02:48:37 -0400" [ -]> +<!DOCTYPE article PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.1.2//EN" """ >"Making Hardware Just Work"</ulink> motivated this specification. + Havoc Pennington's article + <ulink url=""""

72. Garbl's Editorial Style Manual -- Abbreviations, Capitalization, Punctuation, Gr
Provides advice on abbreviations, capitalization, grammar, numbers, plurals, possessives, punctuation, spelling and word usage.

Gary B. Larson People killed in Iraq War: Americans Iraqis Cost Faces of death ... Speaking out: Your right. Your responsibility. Use your writing, speaking and thinking skills to make a difference in your country and world.
Writing Resources ] [ Style Manual ] [ Concise Writing Guide Writing Bookshelf A B ... World Wide Web Do you have writing questions about abbreviations, addresses, capitalization, English grammar, Internet terminology, numbers, plurals, possessives, punctuation, spelling and word usage? If so, can help you be clear, concise, correct and consistent in your use of the written word. This free style guide also provides clear alternatives to long, pompous or bureaucratic words and phrases. Use this manual for help in writing articles, books, brochures, correspondence, essays, fliers, newsletters, reports, Web pages and other documents. books on writing and Web sites listed in and my selection and interpretation of their guidelines. This guide focuses on U.S. standards for spelling, punctuation, definitions, usage, style and grammar. Do you have comments or suggestions about my style manual? Please contact me at or sign my

73. Small Business Computing & E-commerce Forums - Do Correct Spelling And Grammar M
Reload this Page Do correct spelling and grammar matter any more? spelling and grammar mistakes in Web site copy, advertising, informational articles,

74. English Activities Online For Kids , Learn English , ESL , EFL , Reading , Gramm
Interactive material to build vocabulary, spelling, grammar and reading skills. Automatic grading with immediate feedback.
K-12 GMAT GRE SAT ... Sign off document.writeln('');
Search Syvum web site for information or quizzes of your interest. document.writeln('Example: '+randomSyvumTip[randomSyvumTipNumber]+''); document.writeln('');
in Spanish
in Portuguese Suppress Pop-ups Customize Colors Online Translation - Dictionary Translation Services ... Online Activities > Learn English - Online Activities
Try our new FUN WORD GAMES Go To Online Activities Math Activities Language Activities Educational Quizzes ... Trivia Activities
Online Activities to learn English Grammar, ESL, EFL.
  • English Language and Reading
    English Proverbs Activity
  • Learn over 750 English Proverbs with this activity.
    Online English Activities to enhance your vocabulary, spelling and grammar skills.
  • Kids English SyvumBook I

  • Online English Activities for Kids aged 6-7 years.
  • Kids English SyvumBook II
  • Online English Activities for Kids aged 8-9 years.
  • Kids English SyvumBook III
  • Online English Activities for Kids aged 9-10 years.
  • Kids English SyvumBook IV
  • Online English Activities for Kids aged 11-12 years. Details Download for offline use Fun Online English Activities.

    75. Small Business Computing & E-commerce Forums - Do Correct Spelling And Grammar M
    View Full Version Do correct spelling and grammar matter any more? spelling and grammar mistakes in Web site copy, advertising, informational articles
    Small Business Computing PDA View Full Version : Do correct spelling and grammar matter any more? jimtlange 07-31-2004, 04:56 AM Spelling and grammar mistakes in Web site copy, advertising, informational articles, etc. just jump out at me.
    Sometimes the typos are easy to overlook (see the word "initally" in Post a poll: section elsewhere on this otherwise marvelous site; that doesn't bother me as the intended meaning is clear).
    However, when the typos appear within pricing columns or specifications, they may not be immediately noticeable. Plus, I could be over- or under-charged and my customer could be unhappy that the goods didn't perform as promised. Either way, it's a waste of my time to deal with and an injury to the good will and trust I worked so hard to build.
    Most concerning is this, based on my 31 years' experience in business: small businesses that are careless with details in their written communications are frequently just as careless with details in other aspects of their operations order taking, picking, packing, shipping and invoicing.
    I'm not suggesting that there's a cause and effect relationship between correct spelling and grammar and high accuracy in order entry, fulfillment and billing, but there is definitely a real correlation.

    76. EFL Worksheets, Printable And Copiable Materials For English Language Students
    Subscription fee for downloadable grammar, vocabulary, spelling and pronunciation material for classroom and selfstudy use. Samples available for intermediate and advanced learners.
    What we offer Free sample pages Subscription worksheets - contents Subscribe now/login ... Sample online exercises We are part of the National Grid for Learning and the Virtual Teacher Centre, which consist of educational websites inspected and approved by Becta, the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency. Welcome to and our practice materials for English language students. We have 30 free pages and over 140 pages ready under subscription, in both printable form and as online exercises. To find out more, click on one of the links above. If you like our materials, you can subscribe by credit card in US$, or cheque or money order in US$, £Sterling or Euros and get more. Just click on the "Subscribe now" link. If you like what you see here, why don't you email fellow teachers or students and tell them about this website? Just enter the email address(es) in the box below and click on the button to email this link.
    Free JavaScripts provided by The JavaScript Source What we offer
    We offer you a vast store of worksheets designed to be navigated quickly and easily. You can download them in a few seconds and then select, print and copy them for self-access or class use. We are also starting to produce online exercises. For details, please click on the link above.

    77. Microsoft.Public.Word.Spelling.Grammar -- No Description.
    Subscribe the Messages from the Usenetgroup Microsoft.Public.Word.spelling.grammar and get them in your local mailbox.
    Home Microsoft Microsoft.Public Microsoft.Public.Word ... Microsoft.Public.Word.Spelling
    No description.
    Subjects, that are frequently discussed here:
    • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - proofing - please read before posting - unof (7) Word 2003 - English (Australia) and English (US) (7) Accute accent over m (6) dictionary (6) Spell check does not detect absence of space after a period. (6) Proofing tolls for Word 2002 (5) Spell Check (5) Spell check doesn't work in a word template used by multiple u (4) Spelling and grammar option disabled (4) Word 2003 - Spell Checker Bug? (4)
    Related Groups: Messages, that appear in this Group also appear in To get all news from this group to your mailbox, choose a format, type in your e-mail adress and press subscribe. To stop receiving the messages use the unsubscribe-button single messages. Expect about 2 Messages per day.
    one message per day with all news as html-file
    one message per day with all news as zipped-html-file
    e-mail address: This group is available on the following free newsservers:

    78. Word Web Vocabulary Curriculum
    Ties together spelling, grammar and usage, reading and writing, speaking and listening into an existing language arts curriculum. For grades 510.
    Email General Information Sales
    Contact Information Telephone: Toll Free 1-866-WORDWEB (967-3932)
    Postal Address: Sage Education Enterprises
    Box 437
    Cumaquid MA 02637 Home Teacher's Entry-Page What is Word Web? Value for Teachers ... Site Map
    Site comments or questions? Webmaster

    79. Microsoft.Public.Word.Spelling-grammar --
    Subscribe the Messages from the Usenetgroup Microsoft.Public.Word.spellinggrammar and get them in your local mailbox.
    Home Microsoft Microsoft.Public Microsoft.Public.Word
    This group is not available by e-mail on This group is available on the following free newsservers: Clicking on this link should open this group in your Newsreader. This will only work if you have a correctly installed a newsreader and a standard news-server is set. To contact us, please send a mail to .Please do not ask questions about the content of the group, since we will not be able to answer those. See this description how to post a message into the group. impressum

    Features resources for writing, grammar, research, literature for adults and children, spelling, and vocabulary.
    Looking for something?
    Search this site. The Study Hall English Page Check in the Cyberary for even more links. OVERALL RESOURCE FOR WRITER'S Reference, Verse, Fiction, Nonfiction, encyclopedia,
    dictionary, thesaurus, quotations, English usage and More!
    All About Homonyms ... How to Write An Essay JOURNALISM Knight Center for Environmental Journalism GRAMMAR English Pages The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation Grammar Help Page Jack Lynch's Grammar and Style Notes ... More Grammar DIAGRAMING SENTENCES Sentence Diagrams VOCABULARY The Puzzle Depot (crossword puzzles) Word Play The Word Detective Take Our Word For It - the weekly word-origin webzine. SPELLING Spelling C-O-U-N-T-S for Core Words STYLE GUIDES Purdue On-line Writing Lab The UVic Writers Guide Rensselaer Writing Center RESEARCH A+ Research and Writing for High School and College Students Citing Electronic Resources More on Citing Electronic Resources Bibliography Assistance LITERATURE My Virtual Desk Reference - Books and Literature on the Net 18th Century Literary and Cultural Studies Labyrinth Library: Middle English Renaissance Texts ... Classics on Line (Homer, Aristotle, Plato and others) BOOKS ON-LINE The Internet Public Library Columbia University Bartleby Library The Literary Web Catalog of Electronic Texts on the Internet ... The On-Line Books Page (Over 1,500 books on-line)

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