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         Spelling Grammar:     more books (100)
  1. Grammar of Spelling for Grades 4-6 by Matt Whitling, 2005
  2. Webster's Universal Desk Reference Set (3 Book Box Set: Webster's Universal English Dictionary, Webster's Universal English Thesaurus, Webster's Universal Spelling, Grammar & Usage) by Geddes & Grosset, 2005
  3. Quick Grammer Guide: All the Essentials of English Grammar, Punctuation & Capitalization, Phonics, Spelling : In an Easy, Look-It-Up-Quick Format, for Ages 9 to 90 by C. F. Besson, 2002-03
  4. Language Arts 5 Curriculum - Grammar - Reading - Penmanship - Spelling (Teacher Guide)
  5. Barrons Developing Skills for the High School Equivalency Examination (Ged in Grammar, Usage, Spelling, and Vocabulary) by Murray Rockowitz, 1972-08
  6. Hands on Approach to Grammar, Spelling and Handwriting
  7. Spelling and Grammar (Ladybird Reference) by Audrey Daly, 1997-06
  8. Spelling and Grammar (Learning Is Fun Series) by G.Andrew Duthie, 2000-04-30
  9. Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation for GCSE (York Notes Personal Tutor) by John Polley, 2000-02-02
  10. Learning Library Reading, Spelling & Grammar Grade 5 by Elizabeth Lindsay, 2003-03-01
  11. Jump Grammar and Spelling 2 by Nick Beare, Jeanette Greenwell, 2002
  12. 1001 pitfalls in English grammar, spelling, and usage, by Vincent Foster Hopper, 1969
  13. Jump Grammar and Spelling 1 by Nick Beare, Jeanette Greenwell, 2002
  14. Punctuation, Capitalization, and Spelling: Grammar and Composition Skills (Grammar and composition skills series) by American Guidance Service Inc, 1999-07

21. English Plus+--English Grammar, Spelling, SAT, ACT, GRE, & More
English grammar help; tutorials for SAT, ACT, or GRE; File and programming utilities from English Language PlusWe vanquish your anguish.
Look at what's here! Grammar Slammer Deluxe with Spelling and Grammar Checkers
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Grammar Slammer Deluxe

Grammar Slammer

Handy English help
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Grammar Slammer for Non-Windows and PDAs

SAT Programs

For SAT, ACT, GRE, etc.
English Plus Download Site
English Plus+ Newsletter Online! SAT Score Converter
updated for latest SAT Now featuring... Full English Grammar Help Online And a few special Books
The English Plus+ Web Site
Now! Grammar Slammer with Spelling and Grammar Checkers
The most complete text editing package available. A complete grammar and spelling resource integrated with a grammar and spelling checker. (Windows only) All the features of Grammar Slammer Deluxe with a grammar and spelling checker that takes you to the help you need when you need it. "Grammar Slammer is a Windows help file that answers every single grammar dispute and question you might ever come up across. Constantly available at your fingertips, GS will let you know the difference between a noun and a gerund, how far a sentence has to run on before it's a run on, and even when a fragment makes sense...we think you really should try this thing out." Cool Tool Looking for an English grammar or editing program? Before spending more time or money, read our analysis on what grammar programs can and cannot do.

22. - Online Directory For Composition Education.
Online directory for grammar, spelling, punctuation, research, creative writing, and proofreading resources.
TOP 20 Online ... Top 20 A-Z Make Top 20 Online your Start Page
Top 20 Composition
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you surf the web
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DayPop ... NY Times Top 20 Sites SAT essay A+ Writing GrammarNow Basic Essay ... RefDesk Search "Composition" Yahoo! Open Directory LookSmart Books Varsity Books Yahoo! Grammr/Style Effective Writ. SentStruc/Usage BigChalk Grammar Style ... Kids Click Spell/Punct. The Bluebook Eng.Punc.Review Kidswriting Punct./Apostroph ... Composition Principles Writ.Technique Writing Page Writing Papers ... Essays Guide-WritEssay 5-ParagraphEssay Writing Essays Essay Wizard ... Research/Rpt Guide Research Writing Planning Book Reports ... Creative Writ Creative Writ Sentences Homonyms Pangrams ... LookSmart Proof/Editing Proofing Common Errors Writing Check Final Edit ... Study Help WebResearch HomeworkHelp Kidswriting Help Eng.StudentsHelp ... Open Directory Reference Writing Handouts Dictionary Vocabulary Element of Style ...

23. Microsoft Office Assistance: Spelling, Grammar, And Thesaurus
Assistance About spelling, grammar, and the thesaurus Assistance Troubleshoot spelling, grammar, and other proofing tools
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Spelling, Grammar, and Thesaurus Help Assistance Word 2003 Working with Text ...
Spelling and Grammar
Articles 1-2 of 2 Page: About spelling, grammar, and the thesaurus Troubleshoot spelling, grammar, and other proofing tools Articles 1-2 of 2 Page: Accessibility Contact Us Free Newsletter Office Worldwide ... Privacy Statement

24. Editor: Proofreading And Style-Checking Software For Writers And Writing Teacher
Proofreads text for grammar, spelling, style, and mechanics errors and problems ignored by major word processors' checking tools. Provides examples, explanations, and suggestions.
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The Editor Copyediting and Proofreading Program Editor is a remedy for the shortcomings of spelling and grammar checkers and a critical accessory for most writers, writing teachers, and editors Editor copyedits and proofreads writers' texts at the level of words and phrases. The software can identify tens of thousands of common mistakes and stylistic weaknesses of the kinds that elude word processors' spelling and grammar checkers. Editor not only promotes better spelling than spell checkers alone achieve but also helps writers at every level remove stylistic clutter from their work.
"Clutter is the disease of American writing," says a modern critic. Students and other inexperienced writers are especially prone to make poor stylistic choices. Even professional writers can stumble, as literate readers of newspapers, magazines, and today's fiction well know.
The proofreading tools featured in word processors ignore most stylistic clutter and often miss outright blunders in spelling, usage, and mechanics.

25. Microsoft Office Assistance About Spelling, Grammar, And The
You can check spelling and grammar automatically as you type or all at once. Show Customizing the way Word checks spelling and grammar
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About spelling, grammar, and the thesaurus Help Assistance Word 2003 Working with Text ... Spelling, Grammar, and Thesaurus
Show All Hide All Some of the content in this topic may not be applicable to some languages. You can check spelling and grammar automatically as you type or all at once. You can also use the thesaurus to check synonyms. How the spelling checker, grammar checker, and thesaurus work When the spelling checker encounters a word it doesn't recognize, it determines which words in its dictionary are similarly spelled and displays a list of those words, with the most likely match highlighted. The contents of the list are determined only by spelling, so any instances of terms that seem inappropriate in context are completely coincidental. The thesaurus provides a list of synonyms for the text you look up. As with the spelling checker, any instances of seemingly inappropriate terms are coincidental.

26. AskOxford: The Free Online Dictionary Resource From OUP
For questions on English grammar, spelling, and usage. Search a dictionary of words, names or quotations.
Entire AskOxford Site Ask the Experts English dictionary Quotations dictionary First Names dictionary Entire UK Book Catalogue HOME SHOP EDUCATION PRESS ROOM ... FOREIGN LANGUAGES SELECT VIEW You are currently in the US view
heteroglossia h t r gl s
noun mass noun the presence of two or more expressed viewpoints in a text or other artistic work. derivatives heteroglossic adjective origin : from hetero- + Greek glossa -ia Source: Oxford Dictionary of English Word of the Day by email
The past is like a collection of photographs: some are familiar and on constant display, others need searching for in dusty drawers.
John Mortimer (1923-), English writer and barrister Common Language Queries
Win a copy of The Real McCoy!

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Shouting in the Evenings
The mask of comedy is one of the traditional symbols of the theatre, and the theatrical world has always offered a wide range of wry and witty quotations. Patrick Troughton, the second Dr Who, described acting as "Shouting in the evenings." John Wayne, on the other hand, advised aspiring actors, "Talk low, talk slow, and don't say much." Katharine Hepburn's view of her chosen profession was the opposite of star-struck: "Acting is the most minor of gifts and not a very high-class way to earn a living. Shirley Temple could do it at the age of four.
Back in Style
September 2005 sees the return of a famous name, when

27. - Kids Center
All sorts of online language games help kids master everything from spelling to grammar and have fun in the process.
By Subject Math Language Arts Science History Music Geography Art Word Confusion
Do you know the difference between these words? Scramble-Saurus
always I place mis my letters. Infoplease Word of the Day
Strengthen your vocabulary. 2Bee or Nottoobee
What's the buzz about being? The Plural Girls
Help the kitties pop the bubbles. Paint by Idioms
Add color to your language. Grammar Gorillas
Monkey around with your grammar skills. Stay Afloat
Don't get soaked by the wrong word. Word Turtle
Make your own word search puzzles. Spellaroo
Hop on the misspelled word. Spell Check Something is wrong with one of these words. Wacky Tales Write your own crazy story. Sign the Alphabet Use your hands to communicate. What's the Word Read new words. Translator Alligator How do you say boca grande?

28. English-Zone.Com Main Menu
Combination of feebased and free grammar, spelling, vocabulary, reading and writing exercises and tests subdivided by level and a conversation area with listening exercises chat room and a message board. There is a quick reference area for a basic words list, fables and idioms. Features humor and links to other resources.
English-Zone.Com ...the BEST English-Learner's site on the 'Net! Surprise! It's MAGIC!
The UPDATED English-Zone.Com Main Zone menu
will magically appear in 10 seconds.

(Click on the wizard to be teleported more quickly!)

29. An Online Spelling And Grammar Checker For Both Teachers And Students -- Grammar
Includes a grammar and spell checker, as well as resources about verb tense, adverbs, and other parts of speech.
Home Grammar Checker Grammar Guide Quiz Zone ... Contact Us English Chinese Japanese News (Dated 6 th Oct 2004) Welcome to GrammarStation
Thank you for being our loyal visitor for the past few years. We really appreciate your full support and commitment towards the improvement of our web site.
As an appreciation towards your continuous support, we are pleased to inform you that we have recently upgraded our Grammar Guide section into four parts. The first part is the Fixed Rules on English language and the following parts are three levels to exclusively suit your language proficiency: Lower Intermediate Intermediate and Upper Intermediate
Each part consists of extensive topics covering a wide range of details and items of English language and its constituents for your reference.
We strongly hope that this new section sponsored by will assist you in mastering the English language.
News Archives

Grammar Test GrammarStation evaluates your grammar and gives some suggestions for further improvement.

30. Grammar Avengers Unite!
For elitist grammar snobs. Must consistently demonstrate a command of the English language, including proper spelling and punctuation.
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BlogThis! Home base for the Grammar Avengers Web Ring Archives
Grammar Avengers Unite! Thursday, August 18, 2005
Due to a variety of issues, the Grammar Avengers ring is now closed.
- posted by emdash @ 8:59 AM Thursday, July 22, 2004
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Experiment in Anonymity

- posted by emdash @ 2:24 PM Wednesday, June 16, 2004
Ready to Roll I'm back and have site-adding capabilities full restored. Our latest member: Go in Beauty - posted by emdash @ 8:05 AM Monday, June 07, 2004 A Slew of New Sites First, important news: I am heading out of town for a week and will not be able to add new sites during that time. Keep the submissions coming, and I will get to them as soon as I get back. Thanks for your patience! Also, a reminder: if you're going to use the button, you need to save it to your own server by giving it a good right-click and selecting "Save Picture As" (or similar). Then you can upload via whatever FTP program you're using (FTP Explorer is free) to the folder on your server that contains all your blog images. Your blog service or image-hosting service should be able to walk you through these steps if this is new to you. But you will not be added to the ring unless these steps are taken. You are, of course, not required to use the button. And now, the sites that have been added during the time that I got lax about updating (sorry):

31. Email Etiquette - Spelling, Grammar, And Attachments
Your email should use good grammar and spelling learn how to use attachments.
var zLb=1; var zIoa2 = new Array('Related Resources','Tips for Professional Email','/library/weekly/aa072502a.htm','Before You Hit Send','/od/communication/a/email_questions.htm','Effective Writing','/cs/miscskills/a/writing_skills.htm'); var zIoa3 = new Array('Elsewhere on About','Netiquette',''); zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Careers Career Planning Careers ... Help w(' ');zau(256,140,140,'el','','');w(xb+xb+' ');zau(256,140,140,'von','','');w(xb+xb);
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Related Resources Tips for Professional Email Before You Hit Send Effective Writing Elsewhere on About Netiquette zau(256,150,215,'','','') Most Popular Is This the Right Career for Me? Career Briefs Cosmetology Occupational Quiz ... Taking Meeting Minutes What's Hot How to Dress for Work Lying on Your Resume Write a Thank You Note Transferable Skills ... cover letter Related Topics Business Majors Job Searching Job Searching: Technical Human Resources ... Adult / Continuing Education
Email Etiquette
From Dawn Rosenberg McKay
Your Guide to Career Planning
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32. - The Internet's #1 Education Site For K-8 Kids And Teachers
Education sites for K8 teachers and kids. Find online educational games for kids of all ages, including math, grammar, science, spelling, and history.

Math Baseball

Bunny Count

Change Maker

Number Cracker
Find a game by subject: Art Geography History Languages ... Technology
Find free lesson plans and classroom management resources. Create paperless, automatically-graded quizzes from home. Manage grades and assignments from school or home. MySchoolOnline
The complete website building and hosting solution for classes and schools. TeacherVision
Your headquarters for lesson plans and classroom management resources. Curriculum Guide
Search for games by subject and grade level. Standards Finder
Find an activity based on the MCREL standards. Teacher's Home Help your child with tonight's homework with these inexpensive printables. Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Funbrain to Go Get the best new version of "Math Baseball" and others for your kids to play offline. Parent's Home Parents Teachers Quiz Lab ... Link to Us

33. NWU Online Resources For Writers - Language, Spelling, Grammar, And Style
Language, spelling, grammar, and Style. Acronym and Abbreviation List . Curmudgeon s Stylebook - Companion to AP Stylebook. By Bill Walsh
Language, Spelling, Grammar, and Style

34. Centrifuge Language Arts Curriculum
Complete language arts curriculum teaches phonics, English grammar, spelling, creative writing, and penmanship for K12.
Complete, correlated coverage of 6 areas of language arts
(phonics, English Grammar, spelling, creative writing, penmanship and how to teach reading)
including grades K-12. Daily teacher plans; students excel with distinct achievement.
Available on CD (all levels or individual levels)
Centrifuge Language Arts Curriculum
3611 C.R. 100
Hesperus, Colorado 81326

35. Spelling And Grammar
Good web pages require proper spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax to Personally, I try to proofread AND use spelling/grammar checkers before

IWA Banner Network
Spelling and Grammar on the World Wide Web
Marc W. McCord
There is little more irritating that to read pages on the web where the publishers have no clue about how to spell or how to use proper English-language structures such as grammar and punctuation. We are all guilty of these lapses to one extent or another, but many people appear to either be ignorant of the rules or else just don't bother to proofread what they write before submitting it for the world to see. Good web pages require proper spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax to convey a message that is coherent and meaningful. Today's world of personal computers offers many programs which have excellent utilities and tools to help us out when we don't know the rules of the English language or when we are too busy to administer them on our own. Common mistakes are everywhere, and they convey a negative image of the author, especially if being read by well educated people and even more especially if what is being read is intended to elicit business for the author. Some spell checkers do just that single function, while others also check grammar. The two work hand in hand. If grammar is not checked then one could properly spell a word but misuse it because it is a homonym, a word which sounds the same or similar, but is spelled differently and has a different meaning. For instance, the words "they're", "there" and "their" sound almost identical the way many people say them, but their meanings are as different as night and day. The same can be said if "illicit" and "elicit". And, there are many other examples where the use of the wrong word can cast a shadow over the author.

36. Common Errors In English
Clear and concise explanation of the difference between correct and incorrect usage in American English spelling, grammar and idiom, with entertaining examples.
Common Errors in English
Go to list of errors.
What is an error in English?
Other sites do this; mine is dedicated to errors in usage. This is not a site dealing with grammar in general.
and ). There is also a Help Desk for ESL students at Washington State University at Keys for Writers.
Commonly Made Suggestions
page, and if you still want to write me, please do so, after reading the instructions on that page. What gives you the right to say what an error in English is?
I found a word you criticized in the dictionary!

You will find certain words or phrases criticized here listed in dictionaries. Note carefully labels like dial. (dialectical), nonstandard , and obsolete before assuming that the dictionary is endorsing them. The primary job of a dictionary is to track how people actually use language. Dictionaries differ among themselves on how much guidance to usage they provide; but the goal of a usage guide like this is substantially different: to protect you against patterns which are regarded by substantial numbers of well-educated people as nonstandard. Why do you discuss mainly American usage?

37. Some Rules And Suggestions About Spelling
The following suggestions about spelling are only that—suggestions. spelling, like vocabulary building, is ultimately a personal matter, and only a planned
Some Rules
and Suggestions
about Spelling
If your computer is equipped with PowerPoint, click on the PowerPoint icon to the right for a brief PowerPoint presentation on Spelling Rules. (The same material is covered below.)
Click HERE
for help with Powerpoint. Everyone who has difficulty with spelling words correctly can derive some comfort from knowing that some very good writers have been notoriously bad spellers. It's also comforting to bad spellers to know that this business of spelling seems to have little to do with intelligence. It has more to do with how we remember things. Some people, once they've seen a word spelled correctly, will never misspell that word again. Those are the people who, if you ask them how to spell a word, will first say, "Wait a second. Let me write it down." If you are not a strong visual learner, but learn in other ways, you will have to learn some other tricks to become a strong speller. For Writing Center and WebCT Users sp?

38. Glencoe Online: Welcome To Writer's Choice
Web site hosted by national educational publisher providing writing assessment and evaluation models, lesson plans, annotated writing models, interactive quizzes, study guides, and practice in proofreading, spelling, grammar, vocabulary.
Published by Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, a division of the Educational
and Professional Publishing Group of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.,
Please read our and before you explore our Web site.
To report a technical problem with this Web site, please contact the site producer IMPORTANT NOTE The Internet sites referenced here are not under the control of
Glencoe/McGraw-Hill; therefore Glencoe makes no representation concerning the content
of these sites, their ongoing availability, or links their hosts and/or sponsors may choose to add or delete. We encourage teachers to preview the sites before students access them. Professional Resources
Lesson Plans

Writing Assessment and Evaluation Rubrics

Teacher Forum
Coming Soon!

39. Expert Proofreader
Manuscript, Screenplay and Query editing for grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.

Web Hosting by
Netfirms Free Domain Names by Netfirms
Experienced Proofreader

Websites € Screenplays € Resumes € Menus Helping You or Your Business Succeed! Do you need your website copy or restaurant¹s menu edited for grammar, spelling, and punctuation? You Write, I Edit is owned and operated by Laura Shell, who provides you with expert proofreading services. Microsoft Word does have a spelling/grammar feature, but it isn¹t foolproof. If you meant to write ³there² instead of ³their², Word will not correct it for you because both words are spelled correctly. You need a professional proofreader who meticulously checks and corrects the grammar of each word, sentence, and paragraph. You or your business will appear more proficient! Benefits of Offered Services: Websites: Regardless of what services or products your company offers, you want your potential customers to understand exactly what you can provide them and what benefits they will receive by using your services or purchasing your products. You Write, I Edit

40. WinDi - Translation Services And Translation Software In Different Languages.
Translation, spelling, conjugation, grammar, and sound files for pronunciation. Multidirectional lookup to/from German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese.
Loading WinDi Translation Services, please wait a few seconds...
You must enable Javascripts to enter WinDi Translation Services correctly or they will not load !

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