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         Speleology General:     more books (17)
  1. Caves And Speleology in Bulgaria by P. Beron, T. Daaliev, 2006-11-30
  2. Caves of Northern Thailand by Pindar Sidisunthorn, 2007-04-25
  3. The Complete Caving Manual by Andy Sparrow, 1997-09
  4. Trapped!the Story of Floyd Collins: The Story of Floyd Collins by Robert K. Murray, Roger W. Brucker, 1983-01
  5. Dark Life: Martian Nanobacteria, Rock-Eating Cave Bugs, and Other Extreme Organisms of Inner Earth and Outer Space by Michael Ray Taylor, 1999-04-09
  6. Entering the Stone: On Caves and Feeling Through the Dark by Barbara Hurd, 2005-02-17
  7. Cavers, Caves, and Caving by Bruce Sloan, 1977-05
  8. Missouri Caves in History and Legend (Missouri Heritage Readers Series) (Missouri Heritage Readers) by H. Dwight Weaver, 2008-01-26
  9. Cave Sleuths: Solving Science Underground (Science On The Edge) by Laurie Lindop, 2004-08-13
  10. Encyclopedia of Caves
  11. The Underground Atlas: A Gazetteer of the World's Cave Regions by John Middleton, Tony Waltham, 1987-09
  12. The Wilderness Underground: Caves of the Ozark Plateau by H. Dwight Weaver, 1992-06
  13. Texas Caves (Louise Lindsey Merrick Natural Environment Series) by Blair Pittman, 1999-09
  14. Caves: Exploring Hidden Realms (Imax) by Michael Ray Taylor, Ronal C. Kerbo, 2001-03-01

1. Caves And Caving In The UK
Information on the main caving regions, advice for the beginner and experienced caver together with links to organisations.

2. Speleology Tectonic Caves
Talus Caves Neotectonic Caves Fissure Caves. Main Index General Information Speleology. Last updated Terms of Use, Jochen Duckeck.

3. Speleology Karst Caves
Main Index General Information Speleology. Last updated Terms of Use, Jochen Duckeck.

4. Cicindela On
You find photos and maps of them along with information about general speleology. News are given also for some turistic caves.

5. Speleology (Cave Science) Publications By J.D. Wilcock
General Speleology/Caving/Potholing locating new caves etc. 2003

6. Cave Photography Speleology Outdoors Recreation English LoCuaL
? Speleoclub Avalon Picture Galleries http// ..

7. Speleology - Definition Of Speleology In General
General Encyclopedia Legal Medical Computer Science Law forum Search Word Noun 1. speleology the scientific study of

8. Speleology
"This highly comprehensive revised and updated version (2nd ed., 1978) of one of the best general books on speleology covers biologic, geologic

9. Romanian Speleology Home Page
Resource for information on caves and the study of caves in Romania, including general descriptions of the nation's karst and biospeleology.
Romanian Speleology Home Page
The aim of this page is to provide general information about Romanian speleology.
An outline of Romanian Karst Speleological Institute at Cluj and Bucharest The biospeleology in Romania Facts about Emil Racovita Speleological events Romanian Speleological Federation Piatra Altarului Cave - the album Movile Cave Romanian speleoclubs on Internet Other links to Caving WWW Sites can be found here. [Home] [Introduction] [ISER] [Biology] ... [Movile]
Author: Bogdan P. Onac
Made: December 1, 1995
Changed: September 17, 2001

10. UIS Speleological Subject Classifications For Fields
0 general Matters which could apply to any aspect of speleology. 20 REGIONAL speleology general AND WORLD Including items covering more than
Speleological Subject Classifications
For Cave/Karst Data Fields
This scheme is for the purpose of classifying cave and karst data fields. It has been prepared by the Informatics Commission (UISIC) of the International Union of Speleology and is based on the scheme used by UIS Speleo Abstracts . See also main Introduction Main menu Field list UISIC ... UIS
Main Classifications
Geospeleology and Karstology
Regional Speleology and Karstology
Biospeleology ...
Main menu
Matters which could apply to any aspect of speleology.
Main menu
Without geographical connection or of general interest.
Exokarst of carbonate rocks (limestones, dolomites, chalk, marbles); Geochemistry; Soil-CO2; Corrosion; Karst types (holokarst, merokarst, fluviokarst, glaciokarst, volcanokarst; Tropical karst).
Water chemistry and physics; Springs and sinks; Karstic groundwater; Water tracings.
Petrography; Tectonics; Tufa; Bauxite; Glaciations.
Paleokarst; Karstic fillings; Paleogeography.

11. UIS Cave/Karst Field List - Draft
AR 20 REGIONAL speleology general AND WORLD. 319 Country where published CA 60 APPLIED speleology - general. 41 Cave use 72 Contents
UIS Cave and Karst Data Fields - Draft
This version generated on 7-Nov-2000
Caution: The material below is under preparation and has not yet been released for discussion. Its details are being changed.
This is the current full list of the draft cave and karst data fields under discussion as referred to in the Cave Data Exchange Proposal of the Informatics Commission (UISIC) of the International Union of Speleology. It is part of UISIC's project to facilitate data exchange between different cave/karst databases. When the definitions have been finalised in English, they will be translated to other languages. The list will be updated as discussion proceeds. Further fields will be added whenever necessary. The fields and their definitions and coded values will be discussed, one group at a time, via the CaveData mailing list prior to circulation to UISIC delegates for voting. The first group for discusion will be "basic" fields used by most databases. In this initial full list, the fields have been grouped firstly according to the entity they belong to (such as caves, maps, articles, etc), and then by their subject, according to UISIC's interim Speleological Subject Classification (SSC) scheme.

12. Speleology Servers On The Web
general Caving servers, Directories. speleology Server Home page, also home ofthe Cavers Digest archive; Caving Newsletters and magazines
Speleology Servers on the Web
This is one of the places on the Net where you can find a lot of pointers to Caving servers. Many other such directories can be accessed through those pointers.
  • Mailists, Digest, Link Pages, and Archives Events General Caving Servers, Ftp sites Web sites France Europe North America Rest of the world ... People
  • Mailing Lists: the Cavers Digest, and others...
  • The Cavers' Digest began in 1988 as a mailing list and was converted in 1992 into a ever growing digest. There are currently near 1000 addresses in the list, only may be half of them in the USA (;-).

  • Past articles on the Cavers' Digest have included equipment reviews, event announcements, caving news, topography, cave protection, rescue... Send subscription requests, and all admin stuff, to . Please post a short introduction to the list after having subscribed. And there are a couple of sites that maintain a full index of the digest archive, e.g. at lmu, UK . The Speleology server at Yale had a retrieval facility through the digest archives (but it is currently broken).

    13. Presentation Of The Romanian Speleological Federation
    The RSF is administrated by the general Meeting through the Board and the Federal The RSF is affiliated to the IUS (International Union of speleology).
    Romanian Speleological Federation
    Brief presentation
    The Romanian Speleological Federation (RSF) was founded on May 28, 1994 when the Central Commission of Speleology, the Romanian Society of Speleology and Karstology, the Transylvanian Speleological Society, the Speleological Society of Banat and the Group for Underwater and Cave Exploration joined into a single organization. In 1920, the Romanian scientist Emil Racovita established in Cluj the first Speleological Institute in the world. Through the years, this spurred increasing interest in scientific research focussed on biospeleology and other related branches, as well as "underground world" exploration. Dozens of speleological clubs appeared resulting the exploration of more than 12,000 caves. In 1972 the Romanian cavers were gathered into a national forum called " Speosport ". Since than, this became an annual event, organized by the Central Commission of Speleology. In 1990 the speleological clubs created several confederate structures. Finally, the common passion for the underground world has lead to the creation of the Romanian Speleological Federation in 1994. The aims of the RSF are:
    • to promote speleology and its related disciplines to promote the research and the study of the underground world to protect and conserve the caves' environment and the karstic landscape
    The RSF activity is structured on national and regional programs within the frame of three main subjects:
    • science and education environmental protection and conservation

    14. Congresses, Conferences, Symposia, Workshops, Seminars Relevant To General Karst
    Christos Petreas, general Secretary 14th INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF speleologyof the INTERNATIONAL UNION OF speleology (UIS) 2128 August 2005 - Athens,

    15. CaveBoard - A Resource For Cave Diving And Dry Caving - 14th International Congr
    S19 History of speleology Sessions and general meeting S21 SpeleotheraphySessions and general meeting S22 speleology and tourism development Symposium

    16. Missouri Cavers' Book List
    Hassemer Tom Rea, eds., National Speleological Society, Huntsville, AL,1982, 1987. general beginners info on safety, techniques, and speleology.
    Still Looking for More Information?
    There isn't a Manual of Caver Information , but the following list will give you a good basic grounding in Missouri Geology, Biology, Natural History, and Basic Caving Techniques. More specific information on certain topics can be obtained from issues of Missouri Speleology , from contacting the NSS, Missouri Caving Grottos, and the publications divisions of the Missouri Dept. of Conservation and Dept. of Natural Resources, Geologic Survey and Resource Assessment Division, both of which have extensive lists of information for sale.
    Most of these books are available through public libraries, or through interlibrary loan. A few may be obtained only through cave specialty bookstores, such as the NSS Bookstore. A few are hard to get, but they are invaluable for what they provide.
    Beginning Caving: A Guide for Beginners Missouri Speleology , Vol. XX, No. 1-2., Missouri Speleological Survey, St. Louis, MO, 1980. Beginning caving text written with Missouri Caves in mind.
    Cave Minerals of the World
    Caving Basics
    Speleology: The Study of Caves
    The Art of Cave Mapping Missouri Speleology , Vol. 31, No. 1-4, Missouri Speleological Survey, St. Louis, MO, 1991. This revision and update adds to technology to the old basics of compass and tape mapping techniques. Essential for anyone wanting to learn cave mapping.

    17. Romanian Speleology Karstology Society
    I managed to focus the whole activity of the organization around the yearlyspeleological general festival called speleology science, art, hobby .
    Home Sitemap Contact Feedback ...

    About SRSC

    The Romanian Speleology Karstology Society is an NGO founded in 1990 and aims to explore and protect the Romanian karstic areas.
    Its activity was primarely based on volunteers, including the four hundred active members, partner caving clubs and various environment organizations. The Romanian Speleology Karstology Society is under direct scientific coordination of the Romanian Academy and The Speleogical Institute "Emil Racovita".
    In the last three years, the activity of Romanian Speleology Karstology Society consisted in:
    - science-education (training and courses for all fields of interest)
    - awareness-information (issuing a periodical magazine "Ecocarst" since 2000)
    - specific activities for environment protection and conservation (environmental cleaning expeditions)

    Executive Comitee The current members of the Executive Comitee, as elected in the last General Meeting dated April 2002 are: Viorel Horoi - President Alexandru Petculescu - Vice-President Doru Panaitescu - Vice-President Razvan Arghir - Secretary Diana Petculescu - Treasurer Top History "It is not hard to tell that all Romanian speleologists, regardless their affiliations, wanted a necessary change in 1990 of the structure of the existing speleology's organization in Romania, even if there had been one of the most powerful "youth" organization in Romania by that date.

    18. Romanian Speleology Karstology Society
    30th March, 2002 general Meeting (organized by Institute of speleology EmilRacovita in partnership with the Romanian speleology Karstology Society)
    Home Sitemap Contact Feedback ... Links
    2003 Schedule
    30th March, 2002 - General Meeting

    (organized by Institute of Speleology "Emil Racovita" in partnership
    with the Romanian Speleology Karstology Society)
    Held in Bucharest, 11th Frumoasa Str., District 1, Bucharest
    10-17th April, 2002 - National Course of Subterrain Topography and Cartography
    (organized by the Institute of Speleology "Emil Racovita"in partnership
    with the Romanian Speleology Karstology Society)
    Held in Closani, Gorj County
    20-26 May, 2002 - - National Course of Speleopaleonthology
    (organized by the Romanian Speleology Karstology Society in partnership
    with Rhinolophus Lupeni Caving Club)
    Held in Jiul de Vest, Hateg County
    5-13 July, 2002 - - National Course of Karst and Geospeleology
    (organized by the Institute of Speleology "Emil Racovita"in partnership with
    the Romanian Speleology Karstology Society)
    Held in Valea Sodolului, Poiana Bichii - Banat County
    5-28 July, 2002 - - National Course "Romanian Karstical Areas", 1st edition/2002
    (organized by the Institute of Speleology "Emil Racovita"in partnership with
    AS Exploratorii Resita Caving Club)
    Valea Sodolului, Poiana Bichii - Banat County

    19. Speleology: Karst Caves
    Main Index general Information speleology. Last updated Terms of Use, Search Clickable Maps Alphabetical Index general Information.
    Karst Caves
    en: karstic cave
    fr: grotte (f) karstique
    hu: karsztbarlang
    it: grotta (sf) carsica
    Image: The (Big Hall), the biggest chamber of the Laichingen Vertical Cave Germany The forming of karst caves is very complicated and it is still a topic of geological research. But some basic aspects are very simple: water containing carbon dioxide CO is able to dissolve limestone. Unlike with salt and gypsum, water is not able to dissolve limestone without a little help. And this helper is carbon dioxide CO . Carbon dioxide is a very common gas, you know it from sparkling water, softdrinks, and beer. They all contain it, it makes them bubbling. Natural water also contains CO , but much much less, as it is normally not bubbling. Just fill some water in a bottle and after some hours you will see small gas bubbles at the glas of the bottle. Carbon dioxide is in the the air, about 0.03% of our atmosphere is this gas. Animals and humans breathe air, consume (burn) the oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Many carbon dioxide is produced by biologic processes in the soil. When the rain water falls, it first absorbs some carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, but then, oozing through the soil, it absorbs much more biogene CO
    In the water, the CO

    20. General Information
    In this section you will find some background information about caving and speleology.speleology is the scientific study of caves.
    General Information
    In this section you will find some background information about caving and speleology. Speleology is the scientific study of caves. Speleothems are secondary mineral deposits formed in caves. The Karst Geology , geologic explanations about important karst features. Cave Life , the flora and fauna of caves. Famous People in geology and speleology. Caving Gear , the equiment for speleologists. Terminology . Explanations for some caver terms, glossaries. Geological Information . Some background info on geology. Historic Caves or Cave Stories. Legends with caves and caves with legends. Archaeology . Caves are important archaeologic sites. Mines . Some background on mining. Subterranea . Artificial underground places. Statistics . Lists of longest, deepest, widest and whatever, just statistics of caves. Miscellaneous . All the rest: Submit Form, Frequently Asked Questions, Search Form, Mailing List, Speleotherapy and some Statistics.
    Main Index
    General Information Last updated Jochen Duckeck

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