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         Speech Therapy:     more books (100)
  1. Practical Audiology for Speech and Language Therapy Work by Janet Doyle, 2005-11-29
  2. Speech Therapy and the Bobath Approach to Cerebral Palsy by Marie Crickmay, 1966-04
  3. The Clinican's Guide to Alaryngeal Speech by Minnie S. Graham, 1997-01-15
  4. Speech & Language Development & Intervention in Down Syndrome & Fragile X Syndrome (Communication and Language Intervention Series)
  5. Childhood Motor Speech Disability (2nd Edition) by Russell J. Love, 1999-10-11
  6. Motor Speech Disorders: Substrates, Differential Diagnosis, and Management by Joseph R. Duffy, Mayo Clinic, 2005-02-01
  7. 'Child-centered' speech therapy appears to beat more directive approach: Children with language impairments. (Behavioral Pediatrics).: An article from: Pediatric News by Mary Ann Moon, 2001-08-01
  8. Speechcraft A Speech Therapy Workbook for Any Sound by Jane Oyster Goebel, 1967
  9. Working with the classroom curriculum: A guide for analysis and use in speech therapy by Patricia A Prelock, 1993
  10. Chataway: Developing speech and language skills by Burnett/Wylie, 2007-07-16
  11. Melodic intonation therapy: An entry from Thomson Gale's <i>Gale Encyclopedia of Neurological Disorders</i> by Stacey Chamberlin, 2005
  12. Stuttering Therapy: An Integrated Approach to Theory and Practice by Richard Culatta, 1995
  13. Primer for Stuttering Therapy, A by Howard D. Schwartz, 1998-08-27
  14. Developmental Motor Speech Disorders (Neurogenic Communication Disorders) by Michael A. Crary, 1993-06-01

101. Casa Futura Canada
Benefits and limitations of fluency devices, including Casa Futura, Speech Easy, and speech therapy.

102. Special Needs Family Fun - Speech Therapy
Special needs family fun speech therapy. speech therapy. speech therapy Speech Teach UK - speech therapy and general educational resources, free do
Family files- family fun and family health information
Speech therapy
Speech Teach UK - speech therapy and general educational resources, free do
A web site for parents and professionals supporting children with speech difficulties. The site contains resources, reviews and discussion groups...
Other important Speech therapy files:
Welcome Has your child recently been diagnosed with apraxia or dyspraxia of speech? Are you concerned about a child who seems to be late to start talking?... CASLPA-ACOA Canadian Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiol
The Canadian Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists (CASLPA), represents some 4,200 speech, language, and hearing professionals across Canada.... Center for Speech and Language Disorders
Center for Speech, Language and Occupational Therapy, Inc.

The Center for Speech, Language and Occupational Therapy, with clinics in Los Altos, Fremont, and San Jose, CA, is a complete diagnostic and therapeutic center for disorders of communication, movement... CSHA - Colorado Speech Language Hearing Association
Colorado Speech Language Hearing Association - CSHA, Promoting the intersts of audiologists, speech-language pathologists and individuals impacted by communication disorders...

103. Speech & Autism Resources
speech therapy and Autism Resources by Ann Parker, Speech Language Therapist PETAL is a tool for describing speech production patterns of children and
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This book is an excellent source of practical ideas on which to base programs of intervention for children and young people with autism. Autism: Medical and Educational Aspects, 2nd Edition
by Theo Peeters, and C. Gillberg
This book, aimed at the medical community and the teaching profession, introduces the medical background to autism and discusses current educational approaches to helping those diagnosed as autistic. Asperger Employment Guide: A Workbook for Individuals on the Autistic Spectrum, Their Families and Helping Professionals
by Roger N. Meyer This practical manual will enable people diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome and high functioning autism to deepen their self-understanding and appreciate their value as working individuals. Communication Disorders in Infants and Toddlers Assessment and Intervention, Second Edition by Frances P. Billeaud, MA Frances Billeaud has compiled up-to-date information about assessment methods, implications of specific diagnoses and development through parent-professional teaching.

104. Speech Therapy
Education Treatment speech therapy. SpeechLanguage Pathologists Speech-Language Therapy for Children with FXS. Children with fragile X syndrome

Speech Therapy Speech-Language Pathologists:
What Do They Do? Speech-language pathologists are professionals educated in the study of human communication, its development, and its disorders. By evaluating the speech, language, cognitive-communication, and swallowing skills of children and adults, the speech-language pathologist determines what communication of swallowing problems exist and the best way to treat them. Speech-language pathologists also assist those who may need to use an alternate form of communication like signing or an electronic communication device. Read more about SLPs below
Speech-Language Therapy for
Children with FXS Children with fragile X syndrome (FXS) almost always experience difficulties in both speech and language. With respect to speech production, many children with FXS may not start talking until age 3 or 4. A small percentage of males with FXS (about 15%) never develop functional speech. However, almost all of these children can learn to communicate with assistive technology devices. Assistive technology or "alternative communication" can be as simple as a series of laminated picture cards on a key ring that the child points to in order to get his point across to the most sophisticated of computerized devices that "speaks" when one or more keys are pressed. The vast majority of children with FXS do develop speech. In fact, most become quite verbal and need assistance slowing down the rate of their speech and/or learning correct word order or sentence structure. Many have ongoing problems with speaking clearly. Since most children with FXS have some degree of low muscle tone and loose connective tissue, their ability to make the smooth rapid transitions required in conversational speech are difficult to master.

Online source of information about stammering and its treatment with psychospeech therapy. Presented by speech pathologist Dyal Chhabra of Chandigarh, India.

What is Stammering?
Stammering is an obstacle that affects the verbal communication abilities of a significant proportion of the population within our community. Stammering is a communication disorder .........
Treatment/cure for Stammering?
The speech therapy for stammering/stuttering treatment includes psychotherapy; speech practises, breathing practices, confidence building measures, relaxation therapy, all under the supervision and guidance of a psychotherapist from the very first sitting ........
Is it Stammering or Stuttering?
Two different words, with the same meaning. Stuttering is a term used most commonly in America, Australia while stammering is used most commonly in the UK, Europe, and India.
Is Stammering a disease?
No, it is a speech disorder. It is not a disease, so it cannot be treated through medicine. Psychotherapist
Dyal Chhabra (Speech Pathologist) Recognized by Govt. of India. # 2267, Sector 44 C

106. Health 24 - News, Hearing Management
speech therapy has changed over the years and new techniques are being speech therapy plays an integral part in the lives of those who struggle to eat,,32784.asp
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Contraception for men could become a reality. And it’ll be impossible to forget to take it, reports ... Gynae check-ups
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Hearing management
You are in: News Hearing management New therapy zaps speech problems Last updated: Monday, August 15, 2005 Imagine you are expected to perform public speaking at a very important conference. Or perhaps you have to do an oral in your English class. You stutter and have no idea how you are going to manage. Speech therapy has changed over the years and new techniques are being introduced to improve people’s ability to communicate with others. Advertisement Jensen recently attended a conference in Johannesburg from 21 – 24 July 2005 that focused on the McGuire Programme. The aim of the course is to help those who stutter to become strong, eloquent speakers. The programme was developed 11 years ago by an American, David McGuire, and was brought to South Africa by Chris Meintjies, a recovering stutterer. British ‘Idols’ contestant, Gareth Gates, has done the course in the United Kingdom and he has proven very positive results.

107. Speech Therapy Child, Speech Therapist Idea, Activity, Language
Information about speech therapy, communication and language services, with listings for therapists in the Fraser Valley.
Speech Therapy For Kids: Speech Language Therapy Resources: Speech Therapy idea, speech therapy activity, speech therapy for your child or toddler. What is a speech therapist Speech Therapy services Free Speech Therapy Speech Therapy Links Speech For Kids: Speech Language Therapy Resources: Speech Therapy idea, speech therapy activity, speech therapy for your child or toddler in Abbotsford, Chilliwack , Langley, BC Recommended Website:
Small Business Web Site Builder.
Free Trial. Free Online Website Builder. $25/month for everything Home Questions ... Site Map Speech therapy is a service provided by a health care professional that helps a person improve his or her ability to communicate. This includes both speech, which is how sounds are made, and language, which involves understanding and choosing the correct words to use. Who provides speech therapy? Speech therapy services are provided by a speech therapist, also known as a speech and language pathologist. A speech therapist has a college education. A speech therapist may specialize in certain kinds of problems, so it is important to choose a speech therapist carefully. What kinds of patients and problems does speech therapy treat?

108. Accent Reduction, Public Speaking, Speech Therapy, Voice Improvement: Corporate
Foreign accent reduction, accent modification, speech and voice improvement training, public speaking instruction, and therapy by speech pathologists.
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Accent reduction, public speaking, presentation instruction, speech therapy, voice improvement, and more effective communication
Take your business to the top! Move ahead in your profession! When workplace speech and communication skills are enhanced, you are positioned to succeed. Let the Corporate Speech Pathology Network help you find a qualified speech-language pathologist who specializes in training to enhance business communication.
  • Foreign accent reduction helps non-native speakers of English improve their pronunciation of English for clarity. Regional accent modification is for native English speakers who wish to acquire the pronunciation and grammatical features of Standard American English. Public speaking and presentation training makes people confident and effective communicating in front of groups. Communicate more effectively with your staff, your customers, with people who have speech disorders, and with people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

109. Innovative Speech Therapy
Outpatient Clinic in Maryland. Using technology to help adults with a range of communication and cognitive challenges.
Home Professional
Upcoming ...
to IST
Welcome! Print this page Innovative Speech Therapy is dedicated toward offering unique effective speech therapy for adults and training for professionals and caregivers.
Be Proactive! Learn about state-of-the-art tools of technology to help maximize speech therapy outcomes. Communication, learning and thinking can be challenging due to a stroke, head injury, or other neurological disorder. Joan Green specializes in using traditional therapy methods, a life participation approach and technology to help adults with a wide range of communication and cognitive challenges. Individual Speech Therapy - Intensive outpatient and residential individual therapy options are available
Training Opportunities
- Workshops and Seminars to learn more about how to integrate technology into speech therapy A kit for helping adults improve communication and cognition
with technology and other resources
Click here to take a look at IST's upcoming events Innovative Speech Therapy's Mission Statement:
1. Help stroke and brain injury survivors as well as those with other neurological disorders and their families achieve the greatest quality of life.

110. Association For The Help Of Retarded Children: Speech Therapy
Association for the Help of Retarded Children AHRC - Nassau County.
Camp Loyaltown's History Schedule and Fees Tuition Assistance About Our Administrative Staff ... Speech Therapy
Speech Therapy
The AHRC Clinic provides Speech Therapy Services to maximize the receptive and expressive language skills of individuals being served and to enhance integration into and interaction with the community. Speech Therapy service areas include, but are not limited to: diagnostic screening and assessment; articulation evaluation; receptive language evaluation; expressive language evaluation; assessment of need for alternative or augmentative communication technique; training individuals, families and staff in alternative or augmentative communication, technique; assistive hearing device tolerance training; communication training; working with Service Coordinator to obtain electronic devices through Medicaid or other funding sources; oral peripheral examination; individual and/or group intervention; providing eating/swallowing evaluations and follow-up as needed; instructing individuals in sign language; training individuals on safe swallowing techniques (i.e., chin tucks, etc.);

111. Home
Meeting to overcome stammering/stuttering by way of speech therapy, psychotherapy, and groupmaintenance therapy.
Lets Look Back..... It all started when the cases undergoing individual therapy for effective communication suddenly bumped together at the same time in the centre. Meeting each other and knowing about the inputs and results from other gave birth to SWAR SUDHAR SOCIETY a self-help group in the year 1989. To name a few founder members they are, Vinit Mongia, Inderpal Singh, Subhash Malik, Desraj, Dinesh Mehta and Amritpal Singh. This handful effective, innovative group gave rise to what now represents a big family scattered all over India as well as abroad. Professionals like Rajkumar Pandita, Anuj Thappar, Pallavi (Speech Pathologists and Audiologist) Dr. Ramesh Kaul E.N.T. Surgeon, Dr. N.R. Diwan E.N.T. Surgeon, Dr. A.L. Adlakha E.N.T. Surgeon, Dr. Jasveer Singh Arora E.N.T. Surgeon, Dr (Mrs.) Sudha Kapur Clinical Psychologist are few names whose able guidance time to time has nurtured the budding flower of Swar Sudhar Society into a big tree. The larger goal of our endeavor together will be to enable you to analyze and rediscover your self-esteem. Moral support, patience, perseverance and optimism of the members have proved that FLUENCY CAN BE ACHIEVED.

112. Speech Improvement, Accent Reduction, Voice Therapy - Hanover Speech New York Ci
New York City based practice of Fern Hanover, licensed speechlanguage pathologist. Voice therapy, accent reduction and speech therapy services are offered.
When you speak, do others listen to what you say or how you say it? If the answer is no, Fern Hanover is here to provide speech improvement accent reduction and voice therapy services. Let your speech reflect who you are. Let your speech communicate your intended message. If your foreign or regional accent is interfering with how you express yourself, you can benefit from our services. If you would like to know how, we are here to help you. Our speech improvement accent reduction and voice therapy services will improve your voice projection by learning proper vocal technique that is essential to communicating.
I f you rely on your voice for your profession, you are a professional voice user. This can include singers, actors, teachers, salesmen, clergymen, air traffic controllers, lawyers, doctors, or anyone else who uses his or her voice in the work setting. If your speech is holding you back from achieving your goals, we are here to help you. Take advantage of our speech improvement accent reduction and voice therapy services from a licensed speech-language pathologist

113. Special Child: Information Avenue Archives
In contrast, oralmotor speech therapy is based on the premise that normal oral She s in pre-school and has traditional speech therapy regularly.
Information Avenue
Archives Oral-Motor Speech Therapy
By Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson, M.S., CCC/SLP Nancy Sandoval is like lots of kids with Down syndrome. She can talk a blue streak, but few outside her immediate family can understand what she is saying. And even they have difficulty sometimes. Like many youngsters with low-tone muscle deficits, Nancy's oral muscles are not adequately developed to produce sounds clearly. But it doesn't have to be that way. In most cases these children can be taught to speak more clearly, but not with traditional speech therapy alone. Traditional therapy is based on a multi-sensory approach that deals with the production of speech. In simple terms, the therapist shows the child a ball and says "ball," then the child repeats the word. If hearing, vision and muscle tone are normal, this approach usually works. But many children simply do not have adequate muscle tone in the mouth for traditional speech therapy alone to be successful, and they end up frustrated. In contrast, oral-motor speech therapy is based on the premise that normal oral structures and patterns are necessary for normal speech. If the problem is poorly developed oral muscles, then the solution is to strengthen and train these muscles. Plus, children enjoy the oral-motor exercises so they don't fight therapy. They think they are playing because the therapy uses a hierarchy of horns, straws, and bubbles when actually they are learning to use their oral muscles to produce speech sounds.

114. Speech Therapy
speech therapy Services at Kootenai Medical Center.
Advanced Search

About Us
Letter from the CEO
North Idaho Health Network
Speech Therapy Physical Therapy Occupational Therapy Speech Therapy Related Services ... Return to Rehabilitation Services
Speech Therapy is provided by speech-language pathologists with masters degrees and holding the Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). Idaho does not have licensure for speech therapists. All The role of the speech therapist is to evaluate and treat adults or children with difficulty speaking or understanding speech; this may include treating problems with cognition, memory, attention, perception, and visual and auditory processing. In addition, speech therapists evaluate and treat swallowing disorders. Kootenai Medical Center speech pathologists provide services in the acute care hospital, in Transitional Care, in Kootenai Rehabilitation Center, for outpatients, and in home health. All age groups of patients are seen. Medicare and Idaho Medicaid both pay for speech therapy outpatient services; Medicare will also cover home health services. Medicare covers services as long as you are making improvement in your ability to function. Medicare and private insurance companies require copayments for outpatient services. Most private insurance companies have some speech therapy benefits; you should check with your insurance company to be sure you know what those benefits are. Private insurance copayments are required at time of service. Speech therapy services given in an acute care hospital, and a rehab hospital or unit are usually covered in full. Payment for services in long term care facilities may depend on your private insurance and/or your diagnosis.

115. Speech Therapist Jobs | Speech Therapist Careers | Jobs In Speech Therapy
Speech Therapist Jobs and Careers Search jobs in speech therapy. All Speech Therapist jobs updated daily.
Speech Therapist Jobs and Careers. New Speech Therapy Jobs added daily!
Where Speech Therapist Job Seekers find the Top Jobs in Speech Therapy Search all Jobs Jobs by State Jobs by Category

Related Job Searches: Allied Health Jobs Healthcare Jobs Medical Jobs Occupational Therapist Jobs ... Therapist Jobs There are currently speech therapist jobs available. Use each field to narrow down your job search results
or click "Search Speech Therapist Jobs" to show all matching jobs. City: Radius: 15 - 20 miles Up to 25 miles Up to 50 miles State: All of USA Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming Job Title Keywords: Match: Any word All words Job Detail Keywords: Match: Any word All words Exact Phrase Display Options: Include Detail Summary:
No Yes
(Shows a synopsis of the job details) Recently Posted Speech Therapist Job Listings Include:

116. Speech Therapy Category Page
speech therapy category page. speech therapy - category page. Parent category Health and Social Care. featured title
@import url("/jkp.css"); Search the JKP website cart empty categories new coming soon inspection copies ... download catalogues
Speech Therapy category page
Parent category:
featured title
Children with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties and Communication Problems
There is always a reason
Melanie Cross Children and young people with emotional and behavioural difficulties (EBD) are far more likely to have communication problems than their peers. Exploring the ways in which children's language and emotional development are linked, Melanie Cross considers the reasons why behavioural and communication difficulties often occur together.
Music Therapy and Neurological Rehabilitation
Performing Health
Edited by David Aldridge The central tenet of this innovative collection is that identity can be regarded as a performance, achieved through and in dialogue with others. The authors show that where neuro-degenerative disease restricts movement, communication and thought processes and impairs the sense of self, music... Categories: Dementia Health Care Music Therapy Occupational Therapy ... Speech Therapy
coming soon
Stroke Survivor
A Personal Guide to Recovery
Andy McCann At the age of 37 Andy McCann was physically fit, strong and in good health. Then, mid-way through instructing his weekly martial arts class, he experienced a stroke and was rushed to hospital. Until then, the word ‘stroke' had meant little to Andy, and in this book he recounts the many...

117. Stammering Help & Stammering Advice For All Concerned With Stammering In Childho
Offers stammering and stuttering help, advice and information. Includes details about the charity and speech therapy services.
Home Parents Children Teenagers ...
For Therapists

Powered by Freefind Home
Stammering is a complicated problem which can be very distressing for children and their families. ARSC is a charity which was set up to help and our main aim is to support the specialist speech and language therapy service which is offered at the Michael Palin Centre for Stammering Children in London.
Find detailed information about stammering in our sections for Parents Children Teenagers Teachers and Therapists Read our Top Tips section for helpful advice or discover the answers to Questions you may have about stammering.
Read our stammering News section, including the obituary of Lena Rustin , the Founder of the Michael Palin Centre. Let us know what you think of this website on our Feedback page. If you have ideas on how we can improve this site, please let us know!
Discover how you can make a Donation to support our work with children and young adults who stammer.

118. Paula Woodhouse Speech Therapy Services
Describes her services and therapies with information about client groups and assessment.

119. Welcome To The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
The American speechLanguage-Hearing Association is the professional, scientific, Repeal therapy Caps Support S. 438 Make a Difference in 5 Minutes!
@import url( /styles/importmenuH.css ); Skip to: content navigation Our site's pages are optimized for Web browsing software that supports current Web standards, as established by the World Wide Web Consortium ( . Content is accessible from older or less standards-compliant technologies, but its presentation will not be identical to visitors with standards-compliant software. Read more on our site's changes and accessiblity. Find a Professional Shop My Account Guest Login Search for: Advanced Search Home Site Location: Home
Welcome to ASHA
The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) is the professional, scientific, and credentialing association for  more than 118,000 members and affiliates  who are audiologists, speech-language pathologists, and speech, language, and hearing scientists.
 find out  more about ASHA Members: Let the Ombudsman know how ASHA is doing Members: Visit the  new online guide to Dynamic Assessment School-based Members: Get presentations for your community and colleagues - The Role of the SLP in Schools and Getting Ready for Reading and Writing Members: Get survey results from the 2005 SLP Health Care Survey Frequency Report Join The ASHA Gathering Place - an online mentoring opportunity.

120. Carol's Speech And Language Disorders Homepage
Resource for people interested in speech and language disorders, maintained by speech/language specialist Carol Casserly. Features include articles, links, and online activities for therapy.
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Carol's Speech and Language Disorders Homepage
Hi! My name is Carol Casserly and I'm a speech/language specialist. I hope that if you are a speech/language specialist, a person with a speech or language disorder, or a parent of someone with a speech or language disorder you will find a lot of useful information here. I'm always adding new links, so stop by often and sign my guestbook.
I have been a speech/language specialist since 1971. I received both my BA and MA degrees from Montclair State College (now Montclair State University) in Upper Montclair, New Jersey. I am a member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association , the New Jersey Speech-Language-Hearing Association , the Warren County Speech-Language-Hearing Association, and the Sussex County Speech-Language-Hearing Association. I hold the Certificate of Clinical Competence. I am married and work at Blairstown Elementary School
My husband and I have two grown sons and 1 granddaughter. When we are not busy with our family, I enjoy singing, songwriting, gardening, various church activities, traveling, and hanging out with our friends. I've developed this website as a service to those who are interested in speech and language disorders.

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