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         Spanish Literature:     more books (100)
  1. El amor en los tiempos del cólera (Oprah #59) by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, 2007-10-09
  2. Spanish First Year (171W) by Robert J. Nassi, Stephen L. Levy, 2002-04
  3. The Everything Kids' Learning Spanish Book: Fun Exercises to Help You Learn Español, Fun Exercises to Help You Learn Espanol (Everything Kids Series) by Laura K. Lawless, 2006-11
  4. An Anthology of Belizean Literature: English, Creole, Spanish, Garifuna by V'ctor Manuel Durn, 2007-04-28
  5. The Everything Kids' First Spanish Puzzle & Activity Book: Make Practicing Espanol Fun And Facil! (Everything Kids Series) by Laura K. Lawless, Beth L. Blair, 2006-11
  6. Spanish For Dummies Audio Set (For Dummies (Language & Literature)) by Jessica Langemeier, 2007-04-30
  7. Alejandro Casona (Spanish literature) by Harold K Moon, 1985
  8. The Problem of Translating "Jabberwocky": The Nonsense Literature of Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear and Their Spanish Translators by Pilar Orero, 2007-04-27
  9. Jimena: A Woman in Spanish Literature (Scripta Humanistica) by Marjorie Ratcliffe, 1992-07
  10. Antologia Poetica/ Poetry Anthology (Literatura Espa±ola / Spanish Literature) by Antonio Gamoneda, 2006-06-30
  11. Guide to Reference Works for the Study of the Spanish Language and Literature and Spanish American Literature (Selected Bibliographies in Language and Literature, 5) by Hensley C. Woodbridge, 1997-03
  12. Cronica Del Alba 2 / Alba 2 Chronic (Literatura Espanola / Spanish Literature) by Ramon J. Sender, 2003-06-30
  13. Melancholy and the Secular Mind in Spanish Golden Age Literature by Teresa Scott Soufas, 1991-01
  14. Emblemata Hispanica: An Annotated Bibliography of Spanish Emblem Literature to the Year 1700 by Pedro F. Campa, 1990-12

121. Mariuccia Book Imports, Inc.
spanish language books for children and adults, books written in spanish, reference books, literature, classics, kits, and much more

122. The Boom In Spanish American Literature A Personal History
An overview of this Jose Donoso's book by Alexander Coleman.

123. Resources/Spanish-American Literature
INTERNET RESOURCES FOR THE STUDY OF spanishAMERICAN literature. spanish Poetry. spanish Versification Syllables Asonancia spanish Prosody
Spanish Poetry

Selected Authors:

124. Tamesis Books
Specialists spanish theatrical history and monographs relating to the literature, history, art and philology of the spanishspeaking world.
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125. Bird Hybrids Database
Worldwide database compiled from the ornithological literature of birds with two different species as parents. Includes complete references for each species combination. In English, French, and spanish.

126. Argentine Literature, Literatura Argentina, Don Segundo Sombra, Ricardo Guiralde
Ricardo G¼iraldes's novel, Don Segundo Sombra . Overview and a passage translated from spanish to English language.
Don Segundo Sombra Ricardo Güiraldes To get information in Spanish just place the arrow of your mouse on the highlighted words without clicking. Para obtener información en español acerca la flecha de tu ratón a las palabras o frases resaltadas. Ricardo Güiraldes, the author of the piece you are going to read, was born in Buenos Aires on February 8, 1886.
In his father's country estate, La Porteña, in the province of Buenos Aires, Güiraldes had known and loved a typical man of our country whose character inspired him to write his inmortal book Don Segundo Sombra
In his book, which is full of the virile and rough spirit of our gaucho, he tells us "the story of a boy", says Waldo Frank, "who, like boys the world over, learns to become a man by taking life humbly and bravely".
Some ten blocks away from the central square, in the outskirts of the little village, the old bridge extends its arch over the river and joins the "quintas" to the quiet fields beyond.

127. English.html
Information on history, American and British literature, immigration, radio stations and newspapers. Has an alphabetical listing of all information. Also in spanish.
The site of the red arrows
links and resources for teachers and students of English
compiled by Hartmut Erland Stoesslein

for educational use only
picture and general data bases
Bilder- und Datenbank en bases de datos y fotos
compiled by Hartmut Erland Stoesslein

128. Old Catalan Language And Literature
Class notes for a course in the study of Old Catalan language and literature, offered by the Department of spanish Portuguese Group in Romance Philology at the University of California (Berkeley).
University of California, Berkeley
Group in Romance Philology
Catalan 285
Old Catalan Language and Literature
M 2-5, 2505 Tolman Hall
Office hours: M 1-2, 5211 Dwinelle
or by appointment in The Bancroft Library (642-3782)
Spring 2000
Charles B. Faulhaber
The Bancroft Library
Required Texts
Recommended Texts
Syllabus Weekly Assignments and Class Notes Phonetics Chart Link to digitized Images of Catalan manuscripts Norms for Transcribing Medieval Catalan Manuscripts Select Bibliography Student Contributions How to Access Berkeley's Digitized Medieval Catalan MSS Links to Internet Catalan Resources
Required Texts:
Badia, Lola. . Barcelona: Empuries, 1985. [or 2d ed.] Martorell, Joanot. Tirant lo Blanc a Constantinoble . Ed. Manuel Llanas and Ramon Pinyol i Torrents. Barcelona; Edicions 62, 1997. . Valencia: Eliseu Climent, 1996.
Recommended Texts:
Alemany Ferrer, Rafael.

129. Oral Literature Of The Sephardic Jews
Discusses the differences between the Eastern dialect of Ladino, from Turkey and the Balkans, with closer ties to Old spanish, and the Western dialect, used in parts of Morocco and Algeria, with extensive borrowings from Arabic. Part of a larger archive of Sephardic ballads and oral literature.
Oral Literature of the Sephardic Jews
Samuel G. Armistead
Contents of Article:
Historical Background
The Varieties of Judeo-Spanish Types of Oral Literature History of Sephardic Ballad Collecting ... Bibliography
Oral Literature of the Sephardic Jews* Samuel G. Armistead University of California, Davis
Historical background
The edict by which all Jews were exiled from Castile and Aragon was signed by the Catholic Monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabel, on March 31, 1492 (Baer 1961-1966: II, 433). But we should not think of this banishment, radical and catastrophic as it surely was, as an altogether sudden, definitive occurrence. It was, in a certain sense, a quite gradual, centuries-long process. Some Jews, when threatened by the alternative of exile, were to accept Christianity and some were to become sincere converts, but many other conversos who remained in Spain were to practice in secret their ancestral religion for centuries after 1492. For example, Inquisitional records tell us in detail of just how such Crypto-Jews continued to celebrate, in secret, Sukkoth (Tabernacles) and Pesach (Passover), in Madrid, even in the early 18th century, well over two centuries after the banishment of Jews from Spain (Alpert 1995; 1997). And a number of Crypto-Jewish communities have survived, even down to the present day, in Portugal, along the northeastern border with Spain. There was also a secret Jewish community on the Island of Ibiza until the early 1940s and vestigial memories of the presence of Jews also persist elsewhere in Spain and in the Americas.

130. Vicente Blasco Ibáñez
Article on the spanish author's life, political activism, and writing.
Vicente Blasco Ibáñez Valencian novelist, travel writer and politician born in 1867. Ibáñez achieved what most other Spanish writers only dreamed of - International popularity. Vicente was a member of the Republican party and editor of El Pueblo , an antimonarchist newspaper. In 1896, he was arrested because of his political views and actions and served nearly two year's hard labor. Vicente was eventually exiled from Spain in 1923. Due to the popularity of his later works, Ibáñez was a very wealthy man when he passed away in 1928 His novels can be easily classified into basic genres: regional, psychological, historical and Cosmopolitan. Ibáñez achieved his greatest success from the cosmopolitan European novels, of which Los cuatro jinetes del Apocalipsis (The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, 1916) is the best. This is a tragic and suspenseful novel of World War I and its' effects on society. Other novels in this genre include: Mare Nostrum (1918), and Los enemigos de la mujer (1919), both of which are also war novels. His best novels are of the regional genre, which take place in his native Valencia. These are his earliest works and they offer an intensely vivid depiction of the social problems affecting this region and realistically portray the lives of Valencia's citizens, including bullfighters, fishermen, and politicians. Vicente's masterpiece

131. Folk Literature Of The Sephardic Jews
Multimedia archive of ballads and other oral literature in Judeospanish collected from 1957 to 1993 by S. G. Armistead and J. H. Silverman (University of California), and I. J. Katz.
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132. Researching Latin American, Spanish, And Portuguese Literature
Researching Latin American, spanish, and Portuguese literature, University Libraries of Notre Dame.
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University Libraries
University of Notre Dame
Info for students faculty visitors , or friends Search ND Libraries catalog Law Library catalog e-Journal Locator encyclopedia dictionary Search this site for navigation Getting Help Library Services Inside ND Libraries Research Tools ...
February 5, 2003 Scott Van Jacob
Iberian and Latin American Studies Subject Librarian
217 Hesburgh Library
University of Notre Dame

Researching Latin American,
Spanish, and Portuguese Literature
The Notre Dame Library has a good collection of works by Brazilian, Latin American, Portuguese, and Spanish writers. You will find works by all of the major authors writing in Spanish and Portuguese. We also have considerable literary criticism articles and books about these authors. Important: You should be able to find materials on almost any topic assigned to you. If you cannot find materials for a paper, please contact your professor or me. Call number location Top
Books are placed on the shelf by the Library of Congress call number they are given. A writer's works and the criticism of those works are placed together.

Translation of German, English, spanish, Russian, French into Italian, in economics, law, science and literature fields.
AMC Servizi Linguistici Anna Maria Coco via S. Martino 45, I-95024 Acireale (CT), Italia Tel/Fax +390957647506 e-mail: Lingue: italiano tedesco inglese russo spagnolo ... Listino Data ultima revisione: 30 aprile 2002 UNDER CONSTRUCTION

134. Modern Languages At CCSU
Offers the BA degree in French, spanish, Italian, and German, the MA in spanish and French, and the MS in spanish. Courses in literature, civilization, composition and oral expression are integral to all these programs. A major in International Studies with a focus on Russian Studies is also offered.
Modern Languages at CCSU Recipient of the 2004 Graduate Community of Scholars Recognition General Undergraduate Graduate Languages Address and Administration Undergraduate Programs Summer Institute for Teachers of Spanish (SITS) Chinese ... Back to CCSU Homepage This page is designed and maintained by Gustavo Mejia e-mail me with comments and suggestions for improvement Last Updated:

135. Renaissance Tragedy And Investigator Heroes
Comparative essay of Shakespeare's Hamlet and Thomas Kyd's The spanish Tragedy.
Renaissance Tragedy and Investigator Heroes
The role of the investigator in Renaissance tragedy,
with special reference to Shakespeare's Hamlet
and Thomas Kyd's The Spanish Tragedy
by Tannistho Ghosh
Search Now: Books by and about Shakespeare
Books by and about Thomas Kyd

Books about Renaissance tragedy
English Literature Home Page ... Find books I therefore will by circumstances try, What I can gather to confirm this writ
Hieronimo The play's the thing
Wherein I'll catch the conscience of the King
Hamlet The roots of the blossoming tree of crime fiction can be traced back to the ancient soil of The Bible , and beyond, in literature which contains mysteries to be solved, and figures who act as detectives. Mystery was present in Classical Greek tragedy. In Oedipus Rex (c. 429 bc) the identity of Oedipus is a mystery, the unravelling of which influences the movement of the plot. In fact the very term 'anagnorisis' indicates a discovery - a revealing of a mystery.
In the biblical era perhaps one of the earliest acts of 'detection' took place when Herod killed all new-born babies on one particular night in an attempt to eliminate the child prophesied to ruin him. We have other examples of detection prior to Christ too; the prophets, such as Daniel, could interpret dreams. This was detection in the sense that they had to interpret symbolic images to understand their significance. In that sense the prophets could be called 'investigators'. But these dreams were very often interpreted in a visionary state of mind, therefore detection in the strictest sense of the term cannot be used here.

136. Department Of Spanish -- Bucknell Univesity
The major in spanish is designed to give students proficiency in the oral and written language, to acquaint them with Hispanic culture, and to develop their appreciation of literature both as an art form and as a reflection of social and political realities.
@import "/img/assets/6995/global.css"; @import "/img/assets/6995/color.css"; myBucknell Giving To Bucknell Bookstore Bucknell Information For:
Select one Prospective Student Alumni Visitors
Department of Spanish
Essential Time , by Salvador Dali The Department of Spanish welcomes students who seek to enhance their language proficiency and understanding of Hispanic literature and cultures as they prepare for careers in such fields as teaching and higher education, law, government, business, healthcare, the arts, science and engineering. Department of Spanish
200 Vaughan Literature
Bucknell University
Lewisburg, Pa 17837 Telephone:
Privacy Statement Site Index Contact Bucknell

137. Index
Language and literature study. Faculty expertise covers both Peninsular and spanish American regions.
Faculty Undergraduate Program Graduate Program Courses Faculty Undergraduate Program Graduate Program Courses ... Department Main

138. Spanish Languages And Literature
Requirements for the Major in spanish Languages and literature (SPN) The major in spanish language and literature leads to the Bachelor of Arts degree.
Spanish Languages and Literature
Spanish Literature and Culture Courses Taught in English
Román de la Campa
, Professor, Ph.D., University of Minnesota: Latin American and Caribbean literature; contemporary critical theory.
Lou Charnon-Deutsch , Prof es
Daniela Flesler, Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Tulane University: Contemporary Peninsular literature and cultural studies.
Flora Klein-Andreu , Associate Professor, Ph.D., Columbia University: Linguistic meaning; language evolution and variation; standardization; research methods.
Cora Lagos , Assistant Professor, Ph.D., University of Michigan: Colonial Latin American literature.
Pedro Lastra , Professor Emeritus, University of Chile; (University Professor, University of Chile, 1960-1973): Colonial, modern, and contemporary Spanish-American literature.
James B. McKenna , Associate Professor, Ph.D., Harvard University: 20th-century Hispanic culture and literature.
Elizabeth Monasterios , Assistant Professor, Ph.D., University of Toronto: Modern and contemporary Spanish-American literature; Latin American poetry. Maria Luisa Nunes Francisco Ordoñez

139. Spanish Language & Literature Research Guide
Site Index for Textonly Navigation spanish Language literature spanish Language and literature materials may be found throughout the library stacks.
Research Guide
Ready Reference

Searching for Books

Bibliographies and Indexes

WWW Sites
Ready Reference Sources
Language Resources

Note: Many additional language dictionaries and grammar guides can be found in both the reference collection and stacks.
  • Diccionario Del Espanol Actual . 2 vols. 1999
    Main Ref. PC 4625 S43 1999
  • Gran Diccionario Espanol-Ingles = English-Spanish Dictionary
    Main Ref. PC 4640 G73 1993
  • A New Reference Grammar of Modern Spanish Main Ref. PC 4112 B88 1995
  • Random House Latin-American Spanish Dictionary Main Ref. PC 4822 G65 2000
  • Real Academia Espanola . Includes 'Diccionario de la Lengua Espanola' and 'Nuevo Tesoro Lexicografico de la Lengua Espanola.'
Literature Resources Note: The following are a sampling of works available at Mt. Holyoke that survey the literature. Many additional titles specific to genres or countries are also available in the reference collection
  • Cambridge History of Latin American Literature . 3 vols. 1996 -Essays provide substantial historical and literary review of particular periods and genres; note that the extensive bibliographies that correspond to essays are located in Volume 3.

140. Modern & Classical Languages
the revised Advanced Placement Program* literature Examination in spanish by providing The approach to literature, the thoughtful guided analysis,
home about us accessibility tech support ... Momentos cumbres SE
This outstanding anthology provides unparalleled preparation for the revised Advanced Placement Program* Literature Examination in Spanish by providing all selections and extensive support per selection. The approach to literature, the thoughtful guided analysis, and the creative applications make this an anthology that will develop an appreciation and understanding of literature. Order Your Workshop Samples Now! Pearson Education, Inc Privacy Statement Permissions
*Advanced Placement, Advanced Placement Program, and AP are registered trademarks of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of,and does not endorse, this product.

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