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         Space Projects & Technology:     more books (100)
  1. Progress update of NASA's Free-Piston Stirling Space Power Converter Technology Project (SuDoc NAS 1.15:105748) by James E. Dudenhofer, 1992
  2. 101 Outer Space Projects for the Evil Genius by Dave Prochnow, 2007-04-20
  3. Build Your Own Laser, Phaser, Ion Ray Gun and Other Working Space Age Projects by Robert E. Iannini, Robert Iannini, 1983-11-01
  4. The Superconducting Super Collider Project: Hearing before the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, U.S. House of Representatives, One Hundred Third Congress, first session, May 26, 1993 by United States, 1993
  5. Science Around the World: Travel through Time and Space with Fun Experiments and Projects by Shar Levine, Leslie Johnstone, 1996-03
  6. Project Constellation Pocket Space Guide (Pocket Space Guides) by Tim McElyea, 2007-02-15
  7. Russia's woes continue to plague space station project.: An article from: Issues in Science and Technology
  8. Space Exploration Projects for Young Scientists by Gregory Vogt, 1995-12
  9. Project Mercury Pocket Space Guide (Pocket Space Guides) by Steve Whitfield, 2007-04-01
  10. Project Gemini Pocket Space Guide (Pocket Space Guides) by Steve Whitfield, 2007-04-01
  11. Projects in Space Science by Robert Gardner, 1988-08
  12. Space Station Science by Marianne J. Dyson, 2004-04
  13. Voyages Through Space and Time: Projects for Voyager II The Dynamic Sky Simulator for Macintosh by Jon K. Wooley, 1994-08-31
  14. Science Fair Projects: Flight, Space & Astronomy (Science Fair Projects) by Robert L. Bonnet, Dan Keen, 1998-03

1. Space Projects - Space Information - Space Shop
Offers a collection of popularized material on space projects and astronomy. Includes forums and merchandising.

2. Science Project Ideas, Information And Support For Science Fair
Primary Projects (Grades 1 4) Water Supports Heavy Weights An Electromagnetic Crane Space Problems in Gravity Parts of a Windmill Water

3. NASA Corruption And Space Projects
Would you believe that NASA opportunistically does more to keep us dependent upon its taxsupported bureaucrats for access to space, than to empower

4. Space Projects - Space Information - Space Shop
Aerospaceguide Space Projects and Info

5. Space Frontier Foundation Home Page
Offers comprehensive news, projects and organization overview of an organization advocating cheap access to Space and rapid human colonization of

6. Students For The Exploration And Development Of Space (SEDS) Home
Comprehensive overview with newsletters, forums, projects facts of a worldwide student space organization.

7. Welcome To NASA
The site requires that JavaScripts be enabled in your browser. For instructions, click here

8. SAN FRANCISCO / City Audit Reveals How $36 155 Was Misspent /
SAN FRANCISCO BR City audit reveals how $36 155 was misspent BR Chinatown group used funds set for openspace projects

9. Pioneer Home Page Describes The Missions Of Pioneer 10, Pioneer 11
Latest News. The story of the Pioneer Planetary Probes "The Depths of Space" is now in print authored by Mark Wolverton.

10. Encyclopedia Astronautica
US Space Stations by Marcus Lindroos Space and Pressure Suits - from the X-1 to the Martian Surface Soyuz - Untangling the Models Projects

11. Welcome To Space Technology
space technology products, alongside international coverage of industry projects. AZ listing of space industry contractors and suppliers.
Industry Projects International coverage of space technology projects both in production and under development A comprehensive space industry catalogue indexed by product or service A-Z Company Index Industry News Releases Alphabetical listing of space contractors and suppliers, with links to their equipment and services profiles The latest Space Technology product news and press releases
Newsletter Registration
New On This Site Organisations Industry Websites ... About Us
24 Feb 2005 Established 1996 2005 SPG Media Limited a subsidiary of SPG Media Group PLC

12. Tekes » Interests,
Overview of Finnish space activities, updated status of space projects and government participation in the European space Agency's programs.

13. Alfven Laboratory ::
Science projects Investigations of the auroral phenomenon, magnetic fields and electrodynamics of dense interstellar plasma clouds. Based at the Alfv©n Laboratory, Royal Institute of technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

School of Electrical Engineering

Alfvén Laboratory
... Research
Space Plasma Physics
Group leader: Prof. Göran Marklund The research programme is characterized by an intense international collaboration and by a fruitful interaction between space experiments and theoretical research. Space experiments, with instruments developed for in situ measurements of electric fields, magnetic fields, density and temperature, are carried out through participation on rocket and satellite missions within the NASA and ESA programmes, and within the Swedish national programme. To date the group has participated on more than 25 sounding rocket experiments and half a dozen satellite missions such as the successful Swedish Viking, Freja and Astrid-2 satellites. The current space instrumentation and research programme includes participation on the three ESA missions Cluster, Rosetta, and SMART-1, the ESA-JAXA mission BepiColombo, and the NASA mission MMS. Future projects where we have an interest to participate include future missions to the Jovian system (e.g., JIMO) and Solar Orbiter.
Current conditions in geospace
Solar X-rays: Geomagnetic Field:
Published by: Alfvén Laboratory

14. Space Technology - Industry Projects
Information on current projects and developments for the space Industry.
Home Industry Projects
Civil Satellite Ground Stations Launch Systems Military Satellite ... Spacecraft
Civil Satellite Top
Ground Stations Top
Launch Systems Top
Military Satellite Top
Spacecraft Top

15. The Space Review: Why Technology Projects Fail
No technology project of any significant size has an absolute guarantee of An interceptor, like the DART spacecraft, has to maneuver in space and
The DART mission is just one example of technology-driven programs at NASA that have failed, in part or entirely, in recent years. (credit: NASA/MSFC)
Why technology projects fail
by Eric R. Hedman
Monday, May 16, 2005
As an outside observer of the DART project I do not know anything more about the project than I have read in the media. I will also withhold judgement on just how much of a success or failure the project is until the investigation is complete. Given that, I will make some observations from the outside as to what should have been warning signs of a project in trouble. Fear of failure and its consequences can be a great motivator to put in the extra effort that is sometime required. Autonomous rendezvous and docking technology is very similar in many aspects to ballistic missile defense. An interceptor, like the DART spacecraft, has to maneuver in space and coordinate its motion with another spacecraft. One difference is that docking with the target spacecraft is a little less gentle. The interceptor tests have a big difference in the fact that they are doing several progressively tougher tests with live missiles. Regardless of the ultimate success in the missile interceptors, multiple real tests allow for the possibility of addressing the unknowns the real world is always capable of throwing at any complex system. NASP was an example of attempting an over-optimistic leap in technology. At the time the NASP was started, the state of the art in computational fluid dynamics was just not far enough along. Modeling the entire flight regime to orbit both aerodynamically and thermally with the fidelity needed would have strained the high-performance computing capacity available at the time.

16. Computational Physics, Inc. - Home
Computational Physics, Inc. (CPI) was founded to perform advanced scientific research and technology development in atmospheric and space physics. Products and projects, news, press releases, jobs, publications, related links.
Welcome to the Computational Physics, Inc. Web Site. Welcome to the Computational Physics, Inc. Web Site.

17. Electroland - Urban Spectacle
Electroland creates experimental projects that celebrate public space through image culture, spectacle, technology and architecture.
Projects Projects

18. ASRI Website .... Loading
Nonprofit organization devoted to space technology in Australia. Includes overview of its main research projects and Australia's space activities in general.

19. NASA And Pork Barrel Spending In Space
(Agencies relatively unrelated to space are omitted by $1000000 for the ongoing aerospace projects at MSE technology Applications in
NASA and pork barrel spending (i.e. political bribery) Peculiarly enough, some states get nearly twice as many tax dollars back from Washington D.C. as they send it.
To find out which states are the worst offenders, feel free to consult this Tax Foundation chart
Would you like to see at least some of the political campaign "donations" that the entrepreneurship-stifling companies you distrust the most recently made? Search for individual or corporate donors' "gifts" here Remember: follow the money! If pro is the opposite of con, then what is the opposite of progress?" -Anonymous Will recent campaign finance reform breakthroughs essentially banning corporate donations to political parties for federal campaigns reduce NASA's wasteful pork barrel spending? Are corrupt beltway bandits using Prospace , the supposed "Citizen's Space Lobby" to rob taxpayers?
Why doesn't the (sponsorship-seeking) space-related "media" cover these pork barreling scandals much? Answer
"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." -Plato

20. ESA Telecommunications
Comprehensive overview of ESA's projects and technology research in space telecommunication systems. Includes tendering information and updated project status.

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