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         Space Mission Tracking:     more detail
  1. SpaceOps 92 proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Ground Data Systems for Space Mission Operations, November 16-20, 1992, Pasadena, California, USA (SuDoc NAS 1.55:194486) by NASA, 1993
  2. Research in software allocation for advanced manned mission communications and tracking systems final report (SuDoc NAS 1.26:188114) by Tom Warnagiris, 1990
  3. An orbit simulation study of a geopotential research mission including satellite-to-satellite tracking and disturbance compensation systems (SuDoc NAS 1.26:182353) by Peter G. Antreasian, 1988
  4. Debris/Ice/TPS assessment and integrated photographic analysis of shuttle mission STS-77 (SuDoc NAS 1.15:111679) by Gregory N. Katnik, 1996
  5. Continuous prediction of spartan visibility from orbiter over modeled free-flight mission (NASA technical memorandum) by Joseph C King, 1987
  6. Network operations support plan for the SPOT 2 mission by Victor Werbitzky, 1989

1. HSF - International Space Station
in Kazakhstan to begin its sixmonth mission in space. Traveling to the Station with Chiao and Sharipov was Russian Space Forces Test Cosmonaut

2. NEAR Information
tracking system to estimate the gravity field of the asteroid. The ultimate goal of the mission NSSDC, Mail Code 690.1 NASA Goddard Space

3. Ambit NASA Live Cams Mission Displays
Real time images from live NASA web cams and space shuttle mission displays. Includes Kennedy Space Center images and links to live shuttle tracking

4. Space Station User's Guide SpaceRef - Space News As It Happens
Space Station User's Guide Space Shuttle Mission Guides. News from 2001 2001. Acronyms ISS Computer Systems. Tracking. ISS Overview

5. Planet Quest Missions - Terrestrial Planet Finder
Action Item Tracking System (restricted) SIM Space Interferometory Mission. Keck Interferometer. Terrestrial Planet Finder.

6. United Space Alliance Live Data
A Live Webcast of NASA TV. We have 1000 streams of live audio and video feed using Real Networks technology. The Real Player plugin is required.

7. Dave Ransom Software Home Pages
Space Shuttle Mission STS113 is the sixteenth International Space Station Mission. This flight Page (CelesTrak WWW) VSOHP Tracking Programs

8. European Space Agency
News page with frequently updated info on launches, spacecraft in orbit and other space related events.

9. Spaceflight Now Tracking Station Worldwide Launch Schedule
Space Center, Florida The first postColumbia space shuttle mission will be STS-114 the seventeenth U.S. flight to the International Space

10. Monitoring NASA Communications
Monitoring Times NASA/Space Shuttle Mission Frequency Guide By Bob Grove and Larry Van Horn SPACE STATION ALPHA Communications and Tracking

11. Chinese Space Tracking Fleet Continues Rehearsal
Tokyo Feb 20, 2002 - The fleet of four Chinese space tracking vessels and the tracking vessels were ready to perform space mission tracking tasks.
Tracking Fleet Continues Rehearsal
one of four ships making up China's fleeting of tracking ships by Wei Long
Tokyo - Feb 20, 2002
China's fleet of four space tracking vessels continued their rehearsal for the next Shenzhou launch despite ongoing delays with what will be the third test launch of China's future manned spacecraft. Report of the exercise activities appeared in the People's Liberation Army Daily Feb 10. The Yuanwang fleet (Yuanwang means "Long View") continued to rehearse up until days before the arrival of the Lunar New Year of the Horse a week ago. PLA Daily reported that the fleet successfully completed testings of several domestically developed systems in recent days, and the tracking vessels were ready to perform space mission tracking tasks. In order to meet the requirement of increasing tracking and commanding capabilities at sea, in the past few years the fleet has focused on networking research to support tracking and commanding, navigation, power, and equipment protection. One of the systems that the fleet has developed is the navigation command system network, which is equipped with an advanced electronic ocean map system.

12. Spaceflight Now | Tracking Station | Worldwide Launch Schedule
The STS121 mission was developed as part of NASA s space shuttle See ourLaunch Log for a listing of completed space missions in 2004 and 2005.
September 25, 2005 - A regularly updated listing of planned missions from spaceports around the globe. Dates and times are given in Greenwich Mean Time. "NET" stands for no earlier than. Recent updates appear in red type . Please send any corrections, additions or updates by e-mail to:
Latest changes:
Adding time for Soyuz/Venus Express
Adding date for Rockot/CryoSat
Adding Rockot/CryoSat launch time; Adding date for Ariane 5/Syracuse 3A
Adding target date for Delta 2/GPS 2R-M1
Adding launch window for Delta 2/GPS 2R-M1
Adding date for first Vandenberg Delta 4; Adding upcoming Kosmos 3M mission
Kosmos 3M mission delayed; Delta 2/GPS 2R-M1 delayed; Adding Minotaur/STP-R1 window
Adding date for Delta 2/GPS 2R-M1
Delta 4/GOES-N delayed Upcoming Ariane 5 launches delayed Sept. 26 Launch window: 0337-0405 GMT (11:37 p.m. Sept. 25 to 12:05 a.m. EDT on 22nd) Launch site: SLC-17A, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida The Boeing Delta 2 rocket will launch the first modernized NAVSTAR Global Positioning System Block 2R military navigation satellite. The launch will be run by the U.S. Air Force. The rocket will fly in the 7925 vehicle configuration. Delayed from December. Delayed from Feb. 1 and March 17. Moved up from May 20 to May 4. Then delayed from May 4 by spacecraft issues. Delayed from July 29, Aug. 26 and Sept. 22. See our

13. Help Keep NASA Cams Running!
Real time images from live NASA web cams and space shuttle mission displays. Includes Kennedy space Center images and links to live shuttle tracking and airto-ground audio/video.
Updated: document.write(todaysDate); We Have To Limit Access To Ambit's NASA Cams! Why? Ambit's most popular page now costs too much to afford on my fixed income. I now have problems paying for the "bandwidth" of each month's bill. I use what I know about computers to keep costs as affordable as possible. Unfortunately, "affordability" has reached its limits. You may have noticed that, unlike most other Web sites, Ambit has very few ads (most pages have no ads at all.) Those are the handful of ads and banners that might interest Ambit's visitors. Most ads do not add anything to the Web experience, they all make VERY small amounts of money (if any) and the broker companies that furnish the ads are so unstable (frequent changes or even bankruptcies) that they are more hassle than they are worth. I hope the fact that Ambit has a minimum number of ads makes it more of a "place" you'll want to come back to. After paying for NASA Cams on my own for over six years, it became obvious that the time had come to ask for help if Ambit Was to stay open. View NASA Cams By Making A Donation!

14. Dave Ransom Software Home Pages
space Shuttle mission STS107 is a multi-discipline microgravity and Earth science STSPLUS is the satellite tracking software of choice for many
Software and Data from David H. Ransom, Jr.
W elcome to the Home Page for STSPLUS and other space/astronomy software as well as information and images of current space shuttle missions. Comments, suggestions, and bug reports are invited!
e-mail: David H. Ransom, Jr. [updated 16 JUN 05]
Donations to help continue this service are welcome; my new mailing address is:
David H. Ransom, Jr.
1492 Paseo de Oro
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272 USA

Official US Time (NIST/USNO
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Shortcut Links:
FLASH! News and comment by Dave Ransom (Ames, IA)

FLASH! News and comment by Dave Ransom (Atlanta, GA)
Current TLE Data from US Space Command by TS Kelso STSPLUS Home Page, Version 0223 ... ALM2TLE by Geoffrey Hitchcox, Program (ZIP file) International Space Station
It is traditional to make a final fly-around of the International Space Station (ISS) when a space shuttle departs. This image shows the current configuration, taken on 18 March 2001 by Discovery. Clearly visible are the P6 Solar Arrays, 240 feet wide. (Courtesy NASA) Download LO-RES Image Download HI-RES Image Space Shuttle Mission STS-107 is a multi-discipline microgravity and Earth science research mission. The launch was originally scheduled for 19 July 2002 but was delayed due to small cracks found in main fuel lines on Atlantis and Discovery. Columbia lifted off on 16 January 2003 at 15:39:00.075 UTC. Debris from the external tank was seen striking the left wing approximately 82 seconds after liftoff and this may or may not have played a role in the subsequent loss of the spacecraft during re-entry. Columbia was lost at approximately 13:59 UTC on 01 February 2003.

15. Wired News: Astronaut Wants Asteroid Mission
A former Apollo astronaut is calling on Congress to authorize a space mission to Instead, the government should launch a tracking mission as soon as,2697,67630,00.html
Welcome to Wired News. Skip directly to: Search Box Section Navigation Content Search:
Wired News Wired Magazine HotBot (the Web)
Astronaut Wants Asteroid Mission
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by this reporter 02:00 AM May. 25, 2005 PT A former Apollo astronaut is calling on Congress to authorize a space mission to monitor an asteroid that has a narrow chance of hitting Earth in 2035 or 2036. Astronaut Russell Schweickart, who piloted the lunar module during the 1969 Apollo 9 mission, unveiled his proposal Friday at the International Space Development Conference in Arlington, Virginia.
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  • Space : The Final Frontier
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16. Japan's Micro-Lab Sat Mission: Tracking The Moon As An Improvised Target | Space
Astrobiology Web Mars Today - space Elevator - space Wire Japan s Micro-LabSat mission tracking the Moon as an Improvised Target

17. The Solar Sail
Rather, I want to make space missions happen, to shape the future – so you might The lowcost system we put together for mission operations, tracking,
Cosmos 1 Home Project Update FAQs ... The Planetary Society Get Involved!
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Cosmos 1
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Solar Sail Update, June 25, 2005 The Story of Cosmos 1 is Not Over:
A Personal Report
by Louis Friedman
Cosmos 1 Project Director Louis Friedman
Image: The Planetary Society (c) Read Emily's Cosmos 1 Weblogs The Launch of ... through our regular reports The word failure is sticking in my craw. Certainly, we failed to achieve the objective of Cosmos 1 Cosmos 1 a failure. Volna , and we take responsibility for that. Cosmos 1 mission is now in our past. Surprisingly, I am not bummed out. I expected to be. Secretly, not sharing with anyone, I thought that if this mission failed I would come back devastated and in a mood to give it up. So, at about 20:25 GMT on 21 June when it became evident that something had gone gravely wrong with the mission, I waited for the depression to set in. Instead, I got caught up in the immediacy of the situation, and now, four days afterward, I am more focused on what we did, what we still are doing, and what we might do in the future than I am with regret about what might have been.

18. ESA Portal - Press Releases - ESA Unveils Spanish Antenna For
N° 322000 ESA unveils Spanish antenna for unique space mission VILSPA ispart of the European space Operations Centre (ESOC) tracking Station Network
11 May 2000
On Thursday, 18 May, the European Space Agency (ESA) will inaugurate the VIL-1 antenna that will be used for the Cluster II mission to the magnetosphere.
The newly refurbished antenna, which is located at the Villafranca del Castillo Satellite Tracking Station site (VILSPA) near Madrid, has been selected as the prime communication link with the Cluster II spacecraft. The VIL-1 antenna will play a vital role in ESA's Cluster mission by monitoring and controlling the four spacecraft and by receiving the vast amounts of data that will be returned to Earth during two years of operations. Scheduled for launch in summer 2000, the Cluster quartet will complete the most detailed investigation ever made into the interaction between our pl0anet's magnetosphere - the region of space dominated by Earth's magnetic field - and the continuous stream of charged particles emitted by the Sun - the solar wind. This exciting venture is now well under way, following completion of the satellite assembly and test programme and two successful verification flights by the newly developed Soyuz-Fregat launch vehicle. The ESA Flight Acceptance Review Board has accordingly given the go-ahead for final launch preparations at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. VILSPA, ESA and Cluster II

19. International Space Station - Communication And Tracking
The International space Station program for which Boeing is NASA s prime It must permit mission Control to send commands directly to ISS flight
Communication is the linchpin of safe, reliable International Space Station operations, and the world's window on research progress and results. But it's a tough job with complex requirements. Consider: The Communication and Tracking System must provide two-way audio and video communications among ISS crew, between crew and Mission Control, and between crew and Earthbound scientists via Ku-band, S-band and UHF frequencies. It must permit Mission Control to send commands directly to ISS flight controllers or relay them through the Space Shuttle while providing system, experiment and payload data to Mission Control and the Payload Operations Center. And the System is tasked with allowing the European Space Agency, National Space and Development Agency of Japan, and Mission Control Center-Moscow to communicate with the ISS via Mission Control Center-Houston. Here is how it works: Mission Control Center, Houston sends commands and receives telemetry via the 60-ft. diameter, high-gain microwave ground terminals at NASA's White Sands Test Facility near Las Cruses in southern New Mexico. It uses the S-band and UHF frequencies, as well as the early ISS communications system.

20. Jodrell Bank's Role In Early Space Tracking Activities
this particular space mission and thereby provide an independent source of news . Indirectly and directly it seems that the space tracking activities
Jodrell Bank's role in early space tracking activities - Part 1
An article by Sven Grahn - "Spaceflight History, Space Radio Tracking and Space Technology" web site Table of Contents Part 2
  • Tracking Soviet Interplanetary probes
      Venera-1 Mars-1 Zond 1 and 2 Venera 4 - the first of a series of instrumented entries in the atmosphere of another planet
    Ranger tracking Luna 4-14, the second generation Soviet lunar probes
      Luna 4,5,6,7,8 - trying again and again to land on the moon Luna 9 - the first landing on the moon Luna 10, 11, and 12 - shifting the focus to lunar orbit Luna 13 and 14
    Tests of a Soviet piloted circumlunar spacecraft - Zond 4-8
      Launches in 1967 Zond 4 and the launch attempt in April 1968 Zond 5 - a strange Soviet game of hide-and-seek and voices from the sky Zond 6 - a dress rehearsal that went wrong? Zond 7
    Luna 15-24 Jodrell Bank and public opinion about the space race
A strange new world
During the first years of the space age the public was exposed to a strange new world. Journalists and scientists scrambled to explain it and interpret technology and events. A source of facts about and authoritative comment to ongoing space missions was the Nuffield Radio Astronomy Laboratories, Jodrell Bank, Cheshire (called Jodrell Bank hereinafter) and its director, professor (later Sir) Bernard Lovell. The observatory could intercept signals from space vehicles, interpret their general meaning as to progress of this particular space mission and thereby provide an independent source of news. Especially, official news about Soviet space events was not always completely candid.

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