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         Space & Astronomy General:     more books (100)
  1. General History of Astronomy: Volume 2, Planetary Astronomy from the Renaissance to the Rise of Astrophysics (General History of Astronomy)
  2. Encyclopedia Of Space And Astronomy (Science Encyclopedia) by Joseph A. Angelo, 2006-01-28
  3. Space And Astronomy (Science News for Kids) by Emily Sohn, Sorcha Mcdonagh, 2006-03-30
  4. Selected Topics on Data Analysis in Astronomy: General Lectures Given at the II Workshop on Data Analysis in Astronomy, Erice, Italy, April 20-30, 1986 by ital International Workshop on Data Analysis in Astronomy 1986 Erice, V. Degesu, et all 1987-05
  5. Space Optics 1994: Earth Observation and Astronomy (Spie Proc)
  6. The Facts on File Space and Astronomy Handbook (The Facts on File Science Handbooks) by Joseph A. Angelo, 2002-07
  7. New Cosmic Horizons: Space Astronomy from the V2 to the Hubble Space Telescope by David Leverington, 2001-02-15
  8. Astronomy and Astrophysics in the New Millennium: Panel Reports by Astronomy and Astrophysics Survey Committee, Board on Physics and Astronomy, et all 2001-12-21
  9. Complete Space & Astronomy by Countertop Video, 2000-03
  10. Astronomical Almanac for the Year 1998: Data for Astronomy, Space Sciences, Geodesy, Surveying, Navigation and Other Applications
  11. Isaac Asimov's Guide to Earth and Space by Isaac Asimov, 1991-09-24
  12. Space and Astronomy: An Illustrated Guide to Science (Science Visual Resources) by Diagram Group, 2006-08-30
  13. Atomic and Molecular Data for Space Astronomy: Needs, Analysis, and Availability (Lecture Notes in Physics) by Peter L. Smith, 1992-11
  14. A New Science Strategy for Space Astronomy and Astrophysics (Compass Series) by Committee on Astronomy and Astrophysics, Space Studies Board, et all 1997-07-11

1. Welcome To NASA
The site requires that JavaScripts be enabled in your browser. For instructions, click here

2. - Something Amazing Every Day
Features space and science news stories, interactive games, questions and answers, contests, kids' submissions, and weekly polls.

3. Welcome To The Planets
A collection of many of the best images from NASA's planetary exploration.

4. The Nine Planets Solar System Tour
little of this site would have been possible without the space program. How you can help support the continued exploration of space

5. Astronomy Picture Of The Day
A different astronomy and space science related image is featured each day, along with a brief explanation.

6. NASA - Kennedy Space Center - Home
The site requires that JavaScripts be enabled in your browser. For instructions, click here

7. European Space Agency
News page with frequently updated info on launches, spacecraft in orbit and other space related events.

8. Jet Propulsion Laboratory
UPCOMING EVENTS NASA's Space Shuttle Discovery Return to Flight + Complete coverage

9. The Solar And Heliospheric Observatory
SPACE WEATHER Estimated Kp SOLAR WIND. At 0421 UT. Speed 585 km/s Density 5.78 p/cm3 THE SUN NOW

10. Space Telescope Science Institute
Astronomical research center responsible for operating the Hubble Space Telescope as an international observatory.

11. Public Education And Outreach
general astronomy tutorial, education links, web courses, documents at the UCSD Center for Astrophysics and space Sciences.
University of California, San Diego
John P. Gleason Celestial Images
Gene Smith's Astronomy Tutorial
Project ASTRO at CASS ... Related Educational Sites Prof. GENE SMITH's ASTRONOMY TUTORIAL
If this looks a little like an Introductory College Astronomy Course, that is because these pages were developed for my Courses for Liberal Arts Majors. These pages will evolve to feature topical material and new research. (Copious thanks go to Susan Rappoport who has done a bit of everything in making these pages possible.) The Scale of The Universe Introduction : Through the Universe at the Speed of Light A Brief History of Astronomy Forces and Light Telescopes : Ground-Based and Space Bourne
Reflectors Radio Space Telescopes Thermal Radiation Atomic Structure Stellar Spectra Spectral Classification ... Stellar Evolution I Forming Stars to the Main Sequence Stellar Evolution II Massive Stars Supernovae General Relativity Black Holes The Milky Way Galaxy The Interstellar Medium The Distance Scale in the Universe Galaxies : The Spiral Nebulae Clusters of Galaxies Dark Matter Gravitational Lenses Quasars ... The Big Bang - A Brief History of the Universe Cosmology The Structure and Future of the Universe Featured Links
  • NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day Images and description of NASA supported research of topical interest. Frequently features Hubble Space Telescope and other research that you'll see on the news.
  • 12. History Of Astronomy: General
    general history of astronomy WWW pages. astronomy Picture of the Day Contains WWWVL History of Science, Technology and Medicine astronomy and space
    History of Astronomy
    History of Astronomy: General
    Deutsche Fassung
    General texts

    13. ThinkQuest : Site Unavailable
    An interactive, studentproduced website about astronomy. It covers many areas including general information, astrophysics, constellations, and uses of the color spectrum with astronomy. An image archive of Hubble space Telescope photos is also included. ThinkQuest Library
    Website Currently Unavailable
    We're sorry, but the ThinkQuest Library site you are trying to access is currently unavailable. It has been taken offline for maintenance. We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. The ThinkQuest Library includes over 5000 educational websites on hundreds of different topics. Please visit the ThinkQuest Library to see if one of the other sites includes the information you need. If you are the creator of this site and you have additional questions, please contact us and be sure to provide your teamID or the url of your site. Unfortunately, we will not be able to help if you do not include the name of the site, url, or teamID to help us identify the site. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Contact Us

    general Links. Planetariums and Museums Images Planets space general Links.Abstracts of Astronomical Publications Adventures in astronomy
    Updated 2/2/05 Space and Astronomy General Links Planetariums and Museums

    ... Association for Astronomy Education (AAE) - An affiliate of the National Science Teachers Association. Asteroid Search Astronomers' web pages Astronomical Bibliographical Services Astronomical Societies ... Astronomy 101 - University of Santa Barbara, California. Astronomy and astrophysics at NSSDC Astronomy at Grainger Observatory at Phillips Exeter Academy Astronomy clubs (Yahoo) Astronomy courses (Yahoo) ... Astronomy Trivia - Java game. Astronomy-related Libraries Astrophysics pages AstroWeb: Astronomy/Astrophysics on the Internet ASU Mars K-12 Education Program ... CosmicVoyage - Virtual museum and planetarium. Coyote's Guide to IDL Programming Craig Markwardt's IDL Library David Windt's IDL Library DSN Radio Astronomy ... BBC Online - The Planets - The BBC's Planets site is your gateway to the Universe with a guide to the planets, map of the solar system and much more! Exploring the Planets - Cyber-Center - Exploring the P lanets C yber- C enter W elcome to Exploring the Planets Cyber-Center. Have you ever wondered why the Moon has so many craters? Do you know which planet has the largest volcano, or what causes storms

    15. Handbook Of Space Astronomy And Astrophysics - Relativity
    A collection of equations important to both special relativity and general relativity.

    16. Educypedia: The Educational Encyclopedia, Space, Information On Astronomy, Cosmo
    general overview space astronomy. Alpha centauri s universe space, NASA,images, astronomy, planet, NGC, objects, stars, galaxies, software, downloads,
    EDUCYPEDIA The educational encyclopedia Home Electronics General Information technology ... Science Science Automotive Biology Biology-anatomy Biology-animals ... Space Social science Atlas - maps Countries Dinosaurs Environment ... Sitemap
    Space Cosmology General overview Meteorites and comets Pictures Satellites Solar-moon eclipse ... Alpha centauri's universe space, NASA, images, astronomy, planet, NGC, objects, stars, galaxies, software, downloads, venus, mercury, sol, sun, earth, moon, luna, mars, jupiter, ganymede, europa, callisto, io, saturn, titan, dione, enceladus, uranus, miranda, neptune, triton, phobos, deimos, pluto, charon, hubble, telescope, desktop, rockets, vehicle, links, directory, asteroid, comets, 433 eros, E.L.E, dinosaurs, craters, impact, planetarium, deepest impacts, space vehicles, videos, wallpapers Amazing space web based activities primarily designed for classroom use Astronet informatie over sterrenhemel, astronomie, ruimteonderzoek, meteorologie, in Dutch Astronomy and cosmology information on astronomy, cosmology, and related topics ranging from black holes to asteroids Astronomy 162 stars, galaxies, and cosmology

    17. Welcome To The Astronomy Ireland Homepage
    Details of this Irish national spaceinterest association, with sky and space news, including details of upcoming events, links and general information.
    Astronomy Ireland Homepage Last Update: September 21, 2005 Menu

    Junior Section

    Lecture Webcasts

    Lecture DVDs
    Study Astronomy

    Shop Index


    How to Find us ... Employment
    Welcome to Ireland's national Astronomy Club - Join here STOCK CLEARANCE SALE - SEPTEMBER ONLY Click here for list of sale items. October 3 Nationwide Solar Eclipse Watches October 6: Astronomy Evening Classes ENROLLING NOW. As heard on Pat Kenny Show , RTE Radio 1. Details and online booking here October 10 " Metorites and the origin of the Solar System " by Dr. Ian Sanders, Trinity Colege Dublin. Book Here Check out the third level Astronomy and Astrophysics options around Ireland Astro-Expo 2005 - Ireland's biggest Astronomy and Space Exhibition Join our FREE mailing list for news of events in the sky and around Ireland New - Launch of Junior Section of the site HERE SUMMER SALE NOW ON! up to 40% off telescopes. Call (01) 847 0777. HALF PRICE

    18. The Science And Math Section ..
    The International space Station keep upto-date on what s happening over general astronomy; The Virtual Telescope take a tour of the universe!

    19. NASA - Science@NASA
    News and features about NASA research, aimed at the general public. Includes sections on astronomy, space science, beyond rocketry, living in space, earth science, biological and physical sciences.
    The Science@NASA site works best with JavaScript enabled in your browser. For instructions, click here
    + NASA Home

    + Search NASA Web

    + Contact NASA
    Mars Doubles in Brightness

    The planet Mars, already very bright in the midnight sky, is about to get much brighter.
    + Read More

    + Listen to Story

    Solar Minimum Explodes

    With a burst of activity on the sun, solar minimum is looking strangely like Solar Max.
    + Read More
    + Listen to Story Radioactive Moon Astronauts on the Moon are exposed to cosmic rays and solar flaresand that's not all: the Moon itself can be a source of radiation. + Read More + Listen to Story Moon Tennis Humans are heading back to the Moon. Tennis, anyone? Tennis pro Andy Roddick ponders the physics of his game on other worlds. + Read More + Listen to Story Sunset Planets Venus, Jupiter and the crescent Moon are gathering for a beautiful sunset sky show. + Read More + Listen to Story Plastic Spaceships A new "designer material" derived from the plastic of household trash bags could help protect astronauts on their way to Mars.

    20. Space & Astronomy Resources
    A select list of web resources relating to astronomy and space exploration. general astronomy Links Pages astronomy Education History of astronomy
    Space Sciences
    Space Exploration

    Life Beyond Earth
    Main Site Index ... Start Page
    General Astronomy
    Planetary Science

    Celestial Mechanics

    General Astronomy
    Astronomy Links Pages

    Astronomy Education

    History of Astronomy
    From Stargazers to Starships , by David P. Stern
    Specialty Dictionaries: Astronomy
    Windows to the Universe
    Universe Today - space news from around the Internet, updated every weekday
    Curious About Astronomy
    The Electronic Sky
    Earth and Sky
    Cool Cosmos Infrared Astronomy
    The Astrochymist
    The night sky in the World light pollution
    Bad Astronomy
    Astronomical Pseudo-Science: A Skeptic's Resource List
    Astronomy Links Pages
    AstroWeb Astronomy on the Internet
    Astronomy Gateway PSIgate
    Academic Info: Astronomy
    The NASA Astrophysics Data System
    Astronomy Education
    Astronomy Education
    An Inquirer's Guide to The Universe (Franklin Institute)
    Astronomy for Kids
    The Astronomy Workshop
    History of Astronomy
    History of Astronomy
    Inventing the Solar System: Early Greek Scientists Struggle to Explain How the Heavens Move
    Galileo Galilei ...
    Some Dates in the Exploration of the Magnetosphere
    See also: History of Science The Nobel Prize
    Astronomy Picture of the Day
    Anglo-Australian Observatory Images ...
    Space Movie Archive
    see also: Observatories Sky Surveys NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
    Hubble Space Telescope
    Chandra X-ray Observatory Center
    Mount Wilson Observatory
    Jodrell Bank Observatory ...
    SkyView virtual observatory
    Dog-Star Observatory amateur observatory, maintained by a friend of mine includes many observational drawings

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