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61. NCEF Resource List: School Bond Campaigns
Factors Affecting the Outcomes of School Bond Elections in south dakota. http// Morrison, Gayle
NCEF's resource list of links, books, and journal articles on how local education agencies conduct bond campaigns for new and existing K-12 school buildings in urban and rural areas. Show all citations
Show citations from 2000 to present
Show citations from 2002 to present
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How Better Schools Build Better Communities. Moore, Deborah (Peter Li,Inc., Dayton, OH , 2004) Cites statistics showing how good schools positively affect a community's standard of living, property values, and crime rate and how businesses are attracted to good schools when selecting locations. This pamphlet is intended for use in promoting passage of school bond issues. 16p. TO ORDER: School Bond Guide. (Kansas State Department of Education, Topeka, KA, 2002) The purpose of this booklet is to serve as a guide to the Kansas statutes relating to the issuance of school bonds and the construction of school buildings. Statutory citations are provided. Samples of forms that may be used to develop a school bond program are included. 50p.

62. TED MAG Online ::: The Electrical Distributor Magazine
Ault wouldn t tell the newspaper how many people worked for KMA or what its annual dollar The deal covers VA facilities in Minnesota and south dakota .

63. TED MAG Online ::: The Electrical Distributor Magazine
Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, south dakota, and Texas. Attributing comments to company executives, the newspaper reports that the new

64. Colby Magazine, Fall 2001 | Media
right, said Matthew Testa 91, a former Jackson Hole, Wyo., newspaper reporter. So Testa bought a ticket from New York to south dakota on faith and

On the Bison Track

Matthew Testa '91 crusades to save Yellowstone's roving herds in his documentary The Buffalo War Ghostliness and Grief
Associate Creative Writing Professor Debra Spark tackles race relations and the ghostly realm in her mystery The Ghost of Bridgetown
From our shelf to yours. By Alicia MacLeay '97
Lakota Sioux "buffalo walkers" cross a bridge over the Yellowstone River during a 500-mile march protesting the slaughter of bison that stray outside Yellowstone National Park Every winter, bison from America's last free-roaming herd leave the protection of Yellowstone National Park in search of grazing land. Since 1985 more than 3,000 bison that tested positive for the disease brucellosis have been killed by Montana's Department of Livestock, which maintains it is protecting local cattle herds. During the winter of 1996-97 1,000 bison were killed. The controversial practice has caused a clash involving government officials, ranchers, conservationists and Native Americans. "Something wasn't right," said Matthew Testa '91, a former Jackson Hole, Wyo., newspaper reporter. "People were very concerned." While regional and national media covered the issue in 1997, it would be three years before Testa would examine the controversy on film as producer, director and cinematographer of The Buffalo War , an award-winning hour-long documentary of the conflict.

65. CR80 News: Technology, Smart Cards, Access, Colleges, Universities, And Software
One of the biggest differences between printing on blank PVC (mag Stripe) that includes North dakota, south dakota, Minnesota and northern Wisconsin.
Please help our friends and neighbors on the Gulf Coast
Campus card company launches roommate matching system
Using a page from companies that guarantee you can "find the perfect mate" by using their services, General Meters™ has developed a software package that allows students to find their future roommates. The web-based program is available to any college, even those who don't utilize General Meters' University One-Card System™, said the company's Fred Emery, systems marketing. Read the full story Mississippi school district automates time and attendance with biometrics in response to lawsuit When the Grenada, Mississippi School District faced a lawsuit filed under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, the district learned an important lesson: accurate calculation of regular and overtime rates for hourly workers is vital. In such litigation, the burden is on the employer to prove actual employee hours worked. Now, Attendance Enterprise from InfoTronics, Inc. automates time and attendance processing with useful functionality such as full compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act and support for multiple job positions. Grenada School District benefits from biometric data collection and a flexible rules engine to calculate accruals, overtime, shift pay, and other federally-mandated rules. Read the full story Japanese student ID provides secure access using contactless smart cards and palm vein biometrics Student ID technology combining contactless palm vein authentication with a multi-function card, has made its debut at a Japanese high tech college. The extra layers of student protection will also help the school comply with tougher personal data security laws.

66. EReleases :: Travel
Call and Post newspapers Camping Life Canada 3000 Inflight Magazine Home Away (south dakota) Home Away (West Virginia)

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50 Plus
AAA Going Places
AAA Going Places (Northern Edition)
AAA Going Places (Southern Edition)
AAA Mid-Atlantic Motorist, Delaware Edit
AAA Mid-Atlantic Motorist, Keystone Edit
AAA Mid-Atlantic Motorist, Maryland Edit
AAA Midwest Traveler
AAA Southern Traveler AAA World AAA World, Central Penn Edition AAA World, Central-West Jersey Edition AAA World, Hudson Valley Edition AAA World, Potomac Edition AAA World, Shore Edition AAA World, Southern Pennsylvania Edition Aberdeen American News Abilene Reporter-News ACTA Voyage Adjourn Adventure Cyclist Advertising Age Affluent Golfer Magazine African News Digest Air Jet Al Dia/Travel Agent Update Orlando Air Travel Journal Airport Greeting Services AirTran Arrivals Akron Beacon Journal Alabama Travelgram Alameda Times-Star Alaska Airlines Alaska Business Monthly Alaska Magazine Albuquerque Journal Alexandria Daily Town Talk All Around Kentucky ALL-ITTIHAD newspaper AM Publications Amarillo Globe-News Ambassadair's Journey American Airlines Nexos American Baby American Express Travel Service Newslett American Heritage American Image News American Lawyer American Profile American Wa American Way Americus Times-Recorder AMI News/Skimedia Networks Ampersand Communications Anchorage Daily News Anderson Independent-Mail Andrew Harper's Hideaway Report Antelope Valley Press Appaloosa Journal Architectural Digest Argus Leader Arizona Daily Star Arizona Highways Arizona Highways Online Arizona Republic Arizona Senior World

67. T A C I T U S || For Penguin Abusers Everywhere
I ve noted in the past my interest in the south dakota Senate race. the fact it reports on, oh, Moldova and Guinne Bissau, but it s just a news mag.
By M Scott Eiland , Section Tacitus 1.0
Posted on Fri Jun 25th, 2004 at 01:59:03 PM EST Those wacky folks at YetiSports have come up with a new game . Helpful tip: Aim low for the giraffes, highbut not too highfor everything else. Consider this an open thread. Mixed News Intellectual pathos (169 comments) Display: Threaded Minimal Nested Flat Flat Unthreaded Dynamic Threaded Dynamic Minimal Sort: Unrated, then Highest Highest Rated First Lowest Rated First Ignore Ratings Newest First Oldest First For Penguin Abusers Everywhere comments (49 topical, editorial) Just...perfect
Harley ( User Info ) Posted on: Sat Jun 26th, 2004 at 07:58:04 AM EST In which Dick Cheney embraces his inner boor, cuz you know, it's time he said what he said. (I predicted some of his fellows would approve, didn't go the extra mile and assume the old fraud would pat himself on the back. Well done Mr. Vice President!) "I expressed myself rather forcefully, felt better after I had done it," Cheney told Neil Cavuto of Fox News. The vice president said those who heard the putdown agreed with him. "I think that a lot of my colleagues felt that what I had said badly needed to be said, that it was long overdue."

68. Lawrence In The News: Spring 2005 And Summer 2005
Aberdeen American News, Aberdeen, south dakota May 5, 2005 Winners are in the mag s June edition. The audition tape submitted by Hamm,
Lawrence in the News: Spring 2005 and Summer 2005
A sampling of media clippings about Lawrence University, its faculty, students, and alumni from Spring 2005 and Summer 2005. For more clippings, see the Lawrence in the News index page. Wisconsin Public Radio, Madison
August 29, 2005
Headline: Researchers begin nutrition study at high school
Byline: Julia Monczunski
Excerpt: This fall the Appleton Area School District will partner with area universities to begin a study that will assess effects of its healthy lifestyles program on students. Among other things, researchers will be digging through the school trash. Researchers from UW-Fox and Lawrence University Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee
August 25, 2005
Headline: James Walrath 'Takes Five'. Providing defense for a public in need
Byline: Gina Barton
Excerpt: James Walrath, 62, of Milwaukee took over Aug. 1 as executive director of Federal Defender Services of Eastern Wisconsin Inc., a non-profit corporation that oversees the representation of indigent defendants in U.S. District Court. Walrath had spent 10 years as the executive director of the Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee. Before that, he practiced criminal law for 20 years. Walrath took five questions recently from Journal Sentinel federal courts reporter Gina Barton.
Q: Why did you become a lawyer?

69. DWU - Layne Library
The family moved to Mitchell, south dakota, in 1928, and George graduated from Mitchell High School Newspaper mag. Articles About Sen. McGovern – 1990

70. Poynter Online - Romenesko
How newspapers cover meth mouth Shafer does a Nexis check. (Slate) 60 Minutes creator Don Hewitt said at the University of south dakota I have been

Saturday morning NYT trend story follow-up

From Shafer.
(Slate) Open letter to NYer's Goldberg
From WP's Nakamura.
(Romenesko Letters) MediaWeek editor's confession
"I don't read blogs," says Burgi.
(CJR Daily) Bad week for newspaper journalism
Lovelady recounts it.
(CJR Daily) Give Saturday WSJ some time Before calling it a bellyflop. (PlasticMoonRain) Gawker/Huffington Post party Some photos. (Related story Media Deaths page Just updated. (Media Deaths) Department store consolidation Hurts newspapers. (Baltimore Sun) Toure on his celeb interviews "I like to keep it casual." (Baltimore Sun) College newspaper flaps compared By Martinez. Time Inc. gets subpoena Related to circ practices probe. (Related story TV anchors as war cheerleaders Solomon's column. (Common Dreams) "A scary time to be a newspaper journalist" Friedman on newsroom cuts. (MarketWatch) POSTED THURSDAY Pecker's tabloid empire Fine looks it over. (BusinessWeek) "Is Gloria Borger single?" And more questions for Ifill. (Washington Post) Free Press reporters win Mollenhoff Award For series on Detroit mayor.

71. Poynter Online - Romenesko
How newspapers cover meth mouth Shafer does a Nexis check. (Slate) USA Today founder Al Neuharth told a University of south dakota audience that many

Saturday morning NYT trend story follow-up

From Shafer.
(Slate) Open letter to NYer's Goldberg
From WP's Nakamura.
(Romenesko Letters) MediaWeek editor's confession
"I don't read blogs," says Burgi.
(CJR Daily) Bad week for newspaper journalism
Lovelady recounts it.
(CJR Daily) Give Saturday WSJ some time Before calling it a bellyflop. (PlasticMoonRain) Gawker/Huffington Post party Some photos. (Related story Media Deaths page Just updated. (Media Deaths) Department store consolidation Hurts newspapers. (Baltimore Sun) Toure on his celeb interviews "I like to keep it casual." (Baltimore Sun) College newspaper flaps compared By Martinez. Time Inc. gets subpoena Related to circ practices probe. (Related story TV anchors as war cheerleaders Solomon's column. (Common Dreams) "A scary time to be a newspaper journalist" Friedman on newsroom cuts. (MarketWatch) POSTED THURSDAY Pecker's tabloid empire Fine looks it over. (BusinessWeek) "Is Gloria Borger single?" And more questions for Ifill. (Washington Post) Free Press reporters win Mollenhoff Award For series on Detroit mayor.

72. The Hindu : Patient Power
Online edition of India s National Newspaper Sunday, Dec 14, 2003 conserving surgery was 48 per cent in Ohio compared to 1.4 per cent in south dakota.
Online edition of India's National Newspaper
Sunday, Dec 14, 2003 Group Publications Business Line The Sportstar Frontline The Hindu
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Magazine Published on Sundays Features: Magazine Literary Review Life Metro Plus ... Magazine
MEDICARE Patient power As the Information Age brings answers into living rooms, Dr. K. GANAPATHY examines the impact on medical accountability. R.V. MOORTHY
With the information explosion, the patient is calling the shots. "I do not want two diseases, one Nature made and one Doctor made." Napoleon Bonaparte "One must educate the public that seldom does a patient receive the best treatment." The Flexner Report, 1910 THE doctor was trusted and dominant. The patient was uninformed, grateful, and believed in fate. If something went wrong, patients often wouldn't know, and if they did, they wouldn't complain. Few hospitals entertained complaints. That was the 20th Century. CQI techniques used in monitoring industrial processes are now used in tracking patient care. The health consumer is trying to ensure that customer delight, not satisfied doctors, is the new slogan for the health care industry.

73. 1994 College Gold Circles Winners
Includes newspapers, newsmagazines and magazine supplements published by newspapers. Staff, Volante, University of south dakota, Vermillon, SD.
Columbia Scholastic Press Association
presents 1994 College Gold Circle Awards
Back to Awards Program
Back to Gold Circle Archive
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Includes newspapers, newsmagazines and magazine supplements published by newspapers.
Verbal Categories
1. News Writing
1. Justin Bachman, John Marshall, "FBI Moves In On Waco Siege," The Shorthorn, The University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX.
2. Steve Scheibal, "2.6 Million Tagged," The Daily Texan, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX.
3. Tom Batters, Chris Poytner, "Coaches, Employees Got Super Deal,"College Heights Herald, Western Kentucky Univeristy, Bowling Green, KY. CM. Steve Bahmer, "Broken Leg Sheds New Light on Case," Branding Iron, University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY. CM. Lori Lessner, "Girl Dies in Shooting," The Daily Northwestern, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL. 2. Editorial Writing 1. Melissa Downey, "Founders Banquet Too Rich for Students," The Pan American, The University of Texas - Pan American, Edinburg, TX. 2. Tom Batters, "There's Nothing Wrong With Being Average," College Heights Herald, Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, KY.

74. PUBLISHED ARTICLES (if More Than One Article Has Been Printed, The Number Is Ind
newspapers which have carried articles or editorials about FIJA. 2) THE PROSPECTOR (PRESCOTT, ARIZONA) RAPID CITY JOURNAL (south dakota) THE REGISTER
PUBLISHED ARTICLES (if more than one article has been printed, the number is indicated in
givecookie("BodyThetans", "Skeptic Tank Archives") E-Mail Fredric L. Rice / The Skeptic Tank

75. State Your Case
Nevada is bombarding California with billboards and newspaper ads. south dakota s economic development sitewww.sdgreatprofits.comlets entrepreneurs,1539,320005,00.html
Subscribe Books Business Opportunities Search MasterCard Working Resource Center eCommerce Action Guide Develop A Business Plan ... Topics A-Z Forward Features Forward State Your Case
Many states are luring small businesses with big promisesso what's in it for you?
magazine March 2005
By Chris Penttila
Article Tools E-mail this Print this Write to Us Entrepreneur Magazine Departments:
Forward Snapshot
Forward Features Women Biz Travel ... Books Subscription Services:
Bruce Cowan is a California native. He graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles, and started electronics chip and computer products distributing company Acclaim Electronics five years ago in Carlsbad, California. But his state of mind changed as California enacted legislation he felt was increasingly anti-business. Eventually, Cowan, 38, reached a breaking point. In November 2003, he moved the 20-employee company to Las Vegas. "I'm a political and economic refugee from California," says Cowan, who contends California has "created a hostile environment toward businesses." "Entrepreneurial refugees" such as Cowan seek greener business pastures, and many states paint them a pretty picture. Last fall, Oregon's governor sent 250 letters to small and midsize California companies. Nevada is bombarding California with billboards and newspaper ads. South Dakota's economic development site

76. SDVisit -- June 2002 Monthly Report
Participated in a south dakota Public Radio broadcast that focused on travel in Worked with Westwood Radio to market special newspaper inserts in major
Monthly Reports - January 2002 - February 2002 - March 2002 ... - May 2002 - June 2002 - July 2002 - August 2002 - September 2002 - October 2002 ... - December 2002 JUNE 2002 MEMORANDUM TO: Governor William J. Janklow DATE: July 5, 2002 FROM: Patricia Van Gerpen You may download and print the entire June report in Adobe Acrobat (PDF). Contents:
Public Relations

Group Tour


Department Funding
PUBLIC RELATIONS Developed media plan for the Mount Rushmore Independence Day Celebration. Worked with officials from Mount Rushmore National Memorial Society, Mount Rushmore National Memorial, and various organizations in the Black Hills to discuss an alternative to the fireworks display. Coordinated location of the satellite truck and camera placements, and developed backup plan with company providing satellite truck. Notified Information Center, phone center, and Mall of America staff of changes with entertainment at Mount Rushmore for July 3 and 4.

77. SDVisit -- March 2005 Monthly Report
Plan includes newspaper ads in each CVB community, fast fact cards, March programming schedule for the south dakota Road Trip TV coop Historic
Monthly Reports - January 2005 - February 2005 - March 2005 - April 2005 - May 2005 - June 2005 - July 2005 ... - August 2005 - September 2005 - October 2005 - November 2005 - December 2005 March MEMORANDUM TO: Jim Hagen DATE: April 7, 2005 FROM: Billie Jo Waara SUBJECT: Tourism’s March Monthly Status Report You may download and print the entire March Report in Adobe Acrobat (PDF). Contents: 2010 Initiative
Rural Tourism Development

Public Relations

Group Tour
Department Funding
2010 INITIATIVE Please refer to for updates on all goals. back to top RURAL TOURISM DEVELOPMENT Participated in the Custer Community Assessment with the South Dakota Rural Development Council. Community groups were asked to identify Custer’s strengths/assets, weaknesses/limitations, and their visions for Custer in the next 20 years. A final report will be presented to the community leaders. Met with members of the Casey Tibbs Foundation Board of Directors to discuss the future of the Rodeo Center in Fort Pierre and the Foundation’s vision for the facility once it’s completed. Discussed marketing opportunities with Tourism and funding opportunities through Economic Development.

78. Michigan Travel & Tourism News - Media Monitoring Service By EIN News
Travel Tourism south Carolina, Travel Tourism - south dakota The group traveled from the Chicago Hilton Hotel on south Michigan Avenue and up
EIN Home
Michigan Home Pictures of the Day
Marine Murders Stoke Muslim Unrest in South Thailand
Thailand News
Analysis: For the Poor, Sudden Celebrity
Louisiana News
Hurricane Katrina News
London Bomber's Widow Says Mind Was 'Poisoned'
London Bombings News
United Kingdom News
World Bank President Wolfowitz Cautious on Debt Relief
Paul Wolfowitz News
Sudan's First Post-war Government Sworn In, Dismissed by Opposition
Sudan News France Offers Money to Third-Time Parents France News UK Muslims Launch Body to Nurture Home-grown Imams United Kingdom News Freedom Museum Headed for Showdown at Ground Zero New York State News Internet Maps Reveal Roman Villa Italy News Wearing pajamas in Public All the Rage United States News Take This Poll Have you become more afraid of flying as a result of the recent plane crashes? (Sep. 5, 2005) Yes. No. Can't choose/don't know. Country Navigation Select country EIN HOMEPAGE Afghanistan Alabama Alaska Albania Algeria Angola Argentina Arizona Arkansas Armenia Australia Austria Azerbaijan Bahrain Balkans Bangladesh Barbados Belarus Belgium Belize Bermuda Bolivia Bosnia Botswana Brazil Bulgaria Burkina Faso Burundi California Cambodia Cameroon Canada Central Europe Chile China Colombia Colorado Congos Connecticut Costa Rica Cote d Ivoire Croatia Cuba Cyprus Czech Republic Delaware Denmark Dominican Republic East Timor Ecuador Egypt Eritrea Estonia Ethiopia Falkland Islands Finland Florida France Gambia Georgia Georgia

79. Judicious Asininity
Which might explain why Daschle, running in conservative south dakota, while a newspaper headline blares, Daschle Time to Unite Behind Troops, Bush.
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Bill Cosby Speaks
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What has Senator John Edwards and his ilk wrought?

Girls Want to Be Thinner
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Payback Time for Daschle?
Thune Moves Ahead in Latest Poll
Third on my wish list for the coming election season, following close behind a Bush re-election and a Democratic congressional disaster, is the defeat of the chief Democratic obstructionist, Tom Daschle. Well, it appears that there is hope on all counts. Regarding the latter, there is this: As reporters focus on upcoming speeches from Vice President Dick Cheney and President George W. Bush, many delegates in New York City are buzzing about a Senate race that could mean the end of Tom Daschle's political career. Daschle is facing John Thune, a well-spoken former member of the House, and polls show the race is very close. A new poll released yesterday by the National Republican Senatorial Committee shows Thune leading Daschle. Which might explain why Daschle, running in conservative South Dakota, is running a television ad that shows him hugging President Bush while a newspaper headline blares, "Daschle: Time to Unite Behind Troops, Bush."

80. NY Times Advertisement
Help/Feedback Classifieds Services Newspaper Delivery Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, south Carolina, south dakota, Tennessee, Texas

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