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1. South Dakota Newspapers
Directory of South Dakota Newspapers.

2. South Dakota Newspapers - South Dakota Newspaper List
Links to newspapers and TV stations in South Dakota. Looking for something? Start here!

3. Argus Leader Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Journal Tour DeKota. Community Newspapers. Brandon Valley New 07.28.2005 This week's guest, University of South Dakota offensive coordinator

4. Rapid City Journal
Daily. News, sports, entertainment and classifieds.

5. HomeTownNews - South Dakota
Links to newspapers in South Dakota

6. Capital Journal
Daily. Covers Pierre and surrounding area. Local news, weather, sports, community information, advertising, classifieds, automotive, and real estate.

7. Watertown Public Opinion
Daily. Covers Watertown and northeast South Dakota. News, opinion, sports and obituaries.

8. Welcome To The Parkston Advance, Inc.
South Dakota Newspapers Archive For more information, click on the above logo.

9. The Black Hills Pioneer, Newspapers, South Dakota, SD
Newspaper features top stories and local/state news, editorials, obituaries, news archive, classified ads, and community calendar.

10. NewsLink Newspapers U.S. South Dakota
Updated links to all South Dakota newspapers (U.S.) from NewsLink Associates

11. NM&L (Fall 2002): South Dakota Media Put Public Records Law To The Test
representatives from 11 south dakota newspapers and The Associated Press south dakota state law says that if a record is required to be kept,
@import url(; Back to: This issue's table of contents home page RCFP Home Page ROUNDUP Fall 2002 (Vol. 26, No. 4), Page 38. Freedom of Information South Dakota media put public records law to the test By Liz Fong Through Moody and Sully, and from Custer to Deuel, media employees traveled 10,000 miles through 66 South Dakota counties, made 300 stops and spent just $20.44 on copies to rate their state on openness. And they did it all in one day. In an unannounced check of public records accessibility conducted June 26, representatives from 11 South Dakota newspapers and The Associated Press requested records as ordinary citizens. The goal of the project was to check how easily an ordinary person could access public documents. They found most agencies willing to turn over public records with one exception: law enforcement. Police departments and sheriff's offices were, in most cases, unwilling to turn over the most basic documents. It took one day for the representatives to request from public offices information such as tax assessment records, athletic director's salaries, police logs and crime incident reports.

12. Blogging For Dollars - Hang Daily Kos, But Not For Taking Money From Howard Dean
Despite all this, the Times mag somehow convinced itself that Moulitsas was one of Their antiDaschle reports trickled up into south dakota newspapers.
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ballot box Politics and policy.
Blogging for Dollars

Hang Daily Kos, but not for taking money from Howard Dean.
By Chris Suellentrop
Posted Friday, Jan. 14, 2005, at 6:52 PM PT
Journalists think blogging makes everyone one of them, but not everyone wants to be a journalist. That's the lesson from a long-running discussion among prominent political bloggers that spilled into the pages of the Friday Wall Street Journal . The Journal 's lede: "Howard Dean's presidential campaign hired two Internet political 'bloggers' as consultants so that they would say positive things about the former governor's campaign in their online journals, according to a former high-profile Dean aide." The "high-profile aide" is Zephyr Teachout, the former head of Internet outreach for Dean. Teachout earlier this week blogged on the subject of "Financially Interested Blogging." She wrote, in part, "In this past election, at least a few prominent bloggers were paid as consultants by candidates and groups they regularly blogged about." Teachout named two prominent bloggers in particular: Jerome Armstrong of

13. Highway Helpers
And for these two beef producers, one from south dakota and the other from North material through advertisements they saw in area farm newspapers.
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Cow-Calf Weekly

BEEF Stocker Trends

BEEF Quality Strategies

Cow-Calf Weekly

BEEF Stocker Trends

BEEF Quality Strategies
... BEEF LINKS Subscribe Cattlemen's Calendar Other Sites RELATED NEWSLETTERS Farm Press Daily eHay Weekly RELATED MAGAZINES Apply* Delta Farm Press Farm Industry News National Hog Farmer ... Cow Calf University Links RESOURCES Free Product Info For Advertisers About Us Contact Us Highway Helpers By Kindra Gordon Aug 1, 2003 12:00 PM Rubber Windbreaks South Dakota Angus breeder Doug Stukel has found a new spin for tires. Stukel fashioned windbreaks from the top portions sliced off of mega-sized, heavy equipment tires. The deeper bottom part of the tire is typically destined to be used as a water tank. Stukel raises purebred Angus and bison with his wife Sandy and their three children at their ranch along the Missouri River breaks in south central South Dakota. He says the idea came from a tire tank salesman who shared photos of a similar tire windbreak constructed by another producer.

14. Newsbull Mag Editor Media “Want Kerry To Win,” Cover “Sunshine
Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, south Carolina, south dakota, Tennessee, Texas JOURNAL Media, Bias in newspapers, Bias on Networks, Media Industry News

15. Plexis Healthcare Systems - News Center - Industry Links
Online Daily newspapers Managed Care south dakota. Tennessee.
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Healthcare IT Publications Professional Organizations Policy and Research Resources Data and Statistics ... Long Term Care Resources
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Advance for Health Information Executives American Hospital Association News American Medical News Apollo Managed Care Application Service Provider News Atlantic Info Service/Healthcare British Medical Journal Business Care Center For Healthcare Strategies Café Pharma CNN Health The Coding Institute The Commonwealth Fund Contemporary Long Term Care COR Health Datamonitor Healthcare News

16. Who's Who
(MN) Tribune and as farm editor for the Fairmont (MN) Sentinel newspapers. She received her journalism degree from south dakota State University,
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17. Untitled Document
a handful of daily newspapers have launched book clubs within their pages Wisconsin, Iowa, and North and south dakota would offer the selection at a
New Book Club,
Twin Cities Style

From California's Contra Costa Times to the Portland Oregonian , a handful of daily newspapers have launched book clubs within their pages over the past few years. Some have linked with other media to promote the idea—the Chronicle Book Club, organized by the San Francisco Chronicle and promoted by the company's cable television station, is one notable example. Minneapolis's daily, the Star Tribune , has advanced the trend even further by partnering with the Loft Literary Center and Minnesota Public Radio, as well as over one hundred bookstores across five Midwestern states, to form the book club Talking Volumes. Susie Eaton Hopper and John Habich, staff editors of the Star Tribune , first came up with the idea of launching a book club in 1998. That year the Tribune was bought by the McClatchy Company, a media conglomerate based in Sacramento, which also owned the Sacramento Bee , a daily that had started the Bee Book Club in 1997. When Hopper and Habich learned of their sister paper's new venture, they thought such a project would be perfect for their readership, given the Twin Cities' active arts community. Hopper and Habich approached Linda Myers, the executive director of The Loft, and Katherine Lanpher, a talk-show host at Minnesota Public Radio, both of whom were enthusiastic about the project, and the partnership was formed.

18. Coda September/October 1984
John R. Milton (south dakota Review) I read so many submissions that I haven t of feature stories from local newspapers or listings from Who s Who.
Home Speakeasy Magazine News ... Search/Map This article was culled from archive issues of the magazine Coda , which was the precursor to From the September/October 1984 issue of Coda: Cover Letters:
What to Write an Editor
by Gerald Haslam
"Not the best writing, but certainly the most interesting writing I have received has been in cover letters," says John R. Milton, editor of South Dakota Review for twenty years, in a recent interview in Western American Literature (Volume XIX, #2). Little wonder, since trying to say just the right thing in those ostensibly simple notes can cause great anxiety for writers, especially novices. Uncertainty about what to say in cover letters can cause writers to be overly verbose, to indulge in self-advertising, to be altogether too brief, or to neglect to send a letter at all. K.R. Mullin, editor of Full Moon, thinks cover letters are nearly extinct: "I'd like to know why so many writers no longer use cover letters and whether I'm alone in mourning the loss of this endangered species?" Following is some advice from eleven editors of literary magazines on what to say in a cover letter.

19. The Hindu : Survival Of The Fattest
landowners in the US He owns ranches in Montana, south dakota and Florida. Those owing as little as Rs. 316 saw their names in the newspapers.
Online edition of India's National Newspaper
Sunday, May 05, 2002 Group Publications Business Line The Sportstar Frontline The Hindu
About Us

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Magazine Published on Sundays Features: Magazine Literary Review Life Metro Plus ... Magazine Survival of the fattest Even as the United States advocates an end to subsidies in other countries, its new farm bill is laying out huge subsidies to media moghul Ted Turner, a Rockefeller and other assorted billionaires among others. Noted journalist P. SAINATH compares this to the situation in India where farmers, already struggling to make ends meet, are being attacked for `wasteful subsidies'. REMEMBER all that stuff about the "wasteful subsidies" the Indian State throws at its farmers? And all that silence about who really gets things like the fertiliser subsidies? A list that includes some of the top business houses in the country. Remember that "end-the-subsidy-Raj" refrain of our brave new world economists? Only a select few were exempted from it. For instance, the millionaires who together owe India's banks Rs.1,00,000 crores or more. Most farmers own two acres of land or less. A farmer making Rs. 4,000 off an acre in Kalahandi (around $80) thinks himself lucky that year. In Telangana, he could celebrate. In northern Karnataka, he might even send his child to school.

20. Grassley And Dorgan Grab Headlines With Amendment
For months, newspapers and TV news shows have been beating you up with Grassley of Iowa, Dorgan of North dakota, Johnson of south dakota and Lugar of
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