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         South Dakota Boards Of Education:     more detail
  1. Out-of-state tuition rates and enrollment patterns. (financial policy of the South Dakota Board of Regents): An article from: South Dakota Business Review by Ralph J. Brown, Matt C. Rousu, 1998-06-01
  2. Twenty-five years in the Rapid City public schools, Rapid City, South Dakota, 1929-1954: Report to the Board of Education by E. B Bergquist, 1954
  3. A study of the support for public higher education in South Dakota: A comparative and historical analysis by Ralph J Brown, 1987
  4. Feasibility study for multi-district vocational education: Concept for secondary school students in South Dakota by Albert Vander Linde, 1973
  5. A survey of the public school buildings of Aberdeen, South Dakota, with proposed site and building program, 1925-26 by Oscar S Wood, 1926
  6. "Etching" its way into a lawsuit: How the Board of Regent's unwritten policy on hazardous waste disposal leaves higher education vulnerable to violations of federal environmental law by Jennifer K Trucano, 1993
  7. Student loan indebtedness by Sheila Hillman, 1987

41. Reports & Papers
The south dakota University System Board of Regents governs the state s six Indicators of higher education affordability in south dakota are mixed.

Introduction State Context Higher Education in South Dakota ... About the National Center
Page 4 of 10 Higher Education in South Dakota
South Dakota has 24 postsecondary institutions, ten of which are private. These include four public technical institutions and six public four-year institutions. The state has four tribal postsecondary institutions, three of which are accredited as community colleges. The state enrolled approximately 34,000 students in postsecondary education in 1997. The South Dakota University System Board of Regents governs the state's six public universities as a unified system of higher education and also has constitutional responsibility for the School for the Deaf and the School for the Visually Handicapped. The nine members of the board are appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Senate. Regents serve six-year terms, with the exception of a student regent who serves for two years. In addition to governance and systemwide planning responsibilities for public higher education institutions, state-level planning falls within the board's purview. Public tuition at South Dakota's universities also is set by the Board of Regents.

42. Reports & Papers
20, south dakota Board of Regents, Connecting Higher education Policy to University Funding (Pierre, SD 1997), p. 20. 21, Ibid., p. 31. 22, Ibid., pp. 4—5.

Introduction State Context Higher Education in South Dakota ... About the National Center
Page 8 of 10 Endnotes
D. W. Breneman and J. E. Finney, "The Changing Landscape: Higher Education Finance in the 1990s," in Public and Private Financing of Higher Education , edited by P. M. Callan and J. E. Finney (Phoenix: ACE/Oryx, 1997). State of South Dakota State of South Dakota, N ational Center for Higher Education Management Systems (NCHEMS), Quality of South Dakota Higher Education: The Perspective of State Employers, report for the South Dakota Board of Regents (Boulder: July 16, 1998), p. 4. J. M. Burns, J. W. Peltason, and T. E. Cronin, State and Local Politics: Government by the People (Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall, 1990), p. 113. Correspondence with South Dakota Board of Regents, March 11, 1999 A. C. McGuinness, R. M. Epper, and S. Arrendodo, State Postsecondary Education: Structures Handbook , 1994 (Denver: Education Commission of the States, 1994).

43. A.B.A.T.E Of South Dakota.
Help prevent accidents through rider awareness and education. Discourage motorcycle thefts. ABATE of south dakota is governed by a Board of Directors.

Wanted for Theft By

ABATE of California

Local #13

This Space Available for Advertising
Call 605-270-2323 for more info.


Share The Road

Contact Your Legislator
South Dakota websites fast.
ABATE of SD web site is created and maintained by: Site Administrator A.B.A.T.E. of South Dakota was organized and incorporated on August 8, 1983. We are committed to serving the motorcycling public with the following objectives:
  • Act as a watchdog to warn members against adverse motorcycle legislation and to promote favorable legislation for motorcyclists at local, state and federal levels. Improve road conditions, thus making roads safer for motorcyclists. Help prevent accidents through rider awareness and education. Discourage motorcycle thefts. Promote political involvement of motorcyclists. Act as a liaison between motorcyclists and government authorities. Present and promote a better public image of motorcyclists.
A.B.A.T.E. of South Dakota is governed by a Board of Directors. Each chapter elects a State Representative from the membership of their chapter to serve as a member of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors elects a State Coordinator, Vice Coordinator,Legislative Officer, Secretary, and Treasurer to administrate the affairs of A.B.A.T.E. of South Dakota. A.B.A.T.E. of South Dakota is a non-profit corporation complying with the guidelines required for such a corporation. Events!

44. South Dakota Mental Health Continuing Education At P.D. Resources
Continuing education Requirements for south dakota Please check with your board the ultimate responsibility of obtaining CE information lies with the
Continuing Education Requirements for South Dakota * We believe this information to be true and accurate as of the date entered, but state boards can and do frequently change their requirements. Please check with your board - the ultimate responsibility of obtaining CE information lies with the licensee. * Psychology Board of Examiners of Psychology
Phone: 605-642-1600
FAX: 605-642-1756
CE Required: Yes, but no amount specified
Homestudy allowed: Not specified
License Expiration: 6/30, annually
National Accreditation Accepted:
Date Entered: 6/24/04 Social Work Board of Social Work Examiners Phone: 605-642-1600 FAX: 605-642-1756 Website: Email: CE Required: 30 hours every 2 years Homestudy allowed: 10 hours License Expiration: 1/1, every 2 years

45. South Dakota Highlights -- WICHE
James O. Hansen regent, south dakota Board of Regents Pierre Here are a few highlights on education trends in south dakota from Policy Analysis
STATES Alaska Arizona California Colorado ...
Higher Ed Trends Student Exchange Programs Educational Telecommunications Policy Strategies ... SOUTH DAKOTA'S 50th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION SOUTH DAKOTA COMMISSIONERS Robert Burns distinguished professor, Political Science Department, South Dakota State University Brookings James O. Hansen regent, South Dakota Board of Regents Pierre Robert (Tad) T. Perry (WICHE chair, 2002) executive director, South Dakota Board of Regents Pierre HIGHER ED TRENDS Here are a few highlights on education trends in South Dakota from
  • By 2015, the proportion of South Dakota's population 18 to 24 years old is expected to decline to 9 percent, while the proportion over age 65 will increase from 14 to nearly 16.3 percent.
    Between 1998 and 2008, the proportion of public high school grads in South Dakota who are white non-Latino will decrease from about 95 to 92 percent. All underrepresented minority groups will see at least modest increases in their percentages, with Latinos moving from under 1 to 2.2 percent.

46. Welcome To The ASBSD Teacher Placement System
Welcome To the Associated School boards of south dakota s Web Site! Enter Login Information. Teacher. School District Rep. User ID. Password
To the Associated School Boards of South Dakota's Web Site! Enter Login Information Teacher School District Rep. User ID: Password: Forgot Password
New User?
Teachers - Register Here
Email Teacher Placement
PO Box 1059 Pierre, SD 57501-1059 Phone: (605)773-2508 Fax: (605)773-2501

47. McREL Board Directory. Position And Title Of Board Members
Kansas State Board of education. F. Tim Witsman Financial Consultant education Consultant. Kay Jorgensen south dakota small business owner. Ron Brandt
  • Colorado
    • Beverly Ausfahl
      Education Consultant
      • Henry Gonzales
        Director of Human Resources
        Fountain-Ft. Carson Public Schools
        • William Moloney
          Colorado Department of Education
        • Kansas
          • Andy Tompkins
            Kansas State Board of Education
            • F. Tim Witsman Financial Consultant
              • Tracy Callard Teacher Wichita Collegiate School
              • Missouri
                • Kent King Commissioner Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
                  • Michael Middleton Deputy Chancellor University of Missouri
                    • Yvonne Wilson Representative Missouri House of Representatives
                    • Nebraska
                      • Philip H. Schoo Superintendent Emeritus Lincoln Public Schools
                        • Polly Feis Deputy Commissioner of Education Nebraska Department of Education
                          • Terry Loschen Owner/Manager Livingston-Sondermann Funeral Home
                          • North Dakota
                            • Cheryl Kulas Director, Indian Affairs Commission North Dakota Department of Public Instruction
                              • Nancy Johnson State Representative North Dakota State Legislature
                                • Wayne Sanstead Superintendent Department of Public Instruction
                                • South Dakota
                                  • Dianna Miller Executive Director South Dakota Mining Association
                                    • Rick Melmer Secretary Department of Education and Cultural Affairs
                                      • Tom Hawley Dean College of Education, Dakota State University

48. McREL Newsroom Melmer Joins Mid-continent Research For Education
Pierre, SD — south dakota Department of education Secretary Dr. Rick Melmer has Other McREL Board members from south dakota include Dianna Miller,
Bryan Goodwin

Director of Communications
Phone: 303.632.5602
Fax: 303.337.3005
Education Hot Topics

Press Releases

McREL Info

Newsroom Home Page

Melmer Joins Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL) Board September 9, 2003 Pierre, S.D. Dr. Rick Melmer has joined the Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL) Board of Directors. McREL is a nationally recognized, private, nonprofit organization located in Aurora, Colo. It is dedicated to improving education for all students through applied research, product development and service. In South Dakota, for example, McREL is currently assisting state officials in a three-year effort to improve the performance of a statewide consortium of schools: Spring Creek Elementary on the Rosebud Indian Reservation, Newell Elementary and Middle Schools, and Alcester-Hudson Elementary School. Other McREL Board members from South Dakota include Dianna Miller , Executive Director of the South Dakota Mining Association, and Jay Mickelson , an award-winning high school teacher from Pierre, whose term expires this year.

49. South DakotaStandards
In south dakota, it has been a combined effort of the south dakota Board of and to develop consensus on common goals for south dakota education.
South Dakota EdGate Curriculum Matrix
SOUTH DAKOTA State Standards
July 2005 Curriculum Matrix Standards
South Dakota standards are organized: K,1,2,3,4,5,6,6,7, and 9-12 (cluster)
South Dakota standards have 3 levels: Content Standard, Benchmark, Grade Level Standard Subject by Subject Data for South Dakota
Subject State Adoption Date Matrix version (date) ICLE Data for South Dakota
LANGUAGE ARTS July 2004 / Sept 2002 July 2004 / Sept 2002 Linked to 2002 standards: Grades 3,4,5,6,7,8,11 (test data)
No test data: 2 MATHEMATICS Oct 2002 Oct 2002 Grades 3,4,5,6,7,8,11 (test data)
No test data: 2 SCIENCE Jan 2005 / July 1999 Jan 2005 / July 1999 No test data 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9-12 SOCIAL STUDIES July 2000 July 2000 n/a CAREER AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION n/a CAREER CLUSTERS and SCANS n/a HEALTH EDUCATION Mar 2000 Mar 2000 n/a PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mar 2000 Mar 2000 n/a LIBRARY MEDIA n/a ALA National Standards n/a WORLD LANGUAGES n/a ACTFL National Standards n/a What's coming up for South Dakota December 2005: Math – 2004 Standards in process to be added to matrix.

50. About The Native American Women's Health Education Resource Center
near the Yankton Sioux Reservation in south dakota formed the Native American Community Board (NACB) to address pertinent issues of health, education,
About the Native American Women's Health Education Resource Center In 1985, a group of Native Americans living on or near the Yankton Sioux Reservation in South Dakota formed the Native American Community Board (NACB) to address pertinent issues of health, education, land and water rights, and economic development of Native American people. In 1986, the Native American Community Board incorporated under the laws of South Dakota as a non-profit tax-exempt 501 (c) 3 organization. The first NACB project developed was "Women and Children in Alcohol," a Fetal Alcohol Syndrome program. This program defined the direction of subsequent health work. In February of 1988, the NACB opened the Native American Women's Health Education Resource Center, the first resource center located on a reservation in the US. In October of 1991, after a long legal battle, the Domestic Violence Program of the Resource Center opened a shelter for battered women a few blocks away from the Resource Center. The shelter is a modern, spacious, four-bedroom home and is able to provide women and their children with a safe place to escape domestic violence and sexual assualt. The Resource Center has expanded to include many programs benefitting people locally, nationally, and internationally. Some examples are the Domestic Violence Program, AIDS Prevention Program, Youth Services which include the Child Development Program and the Youth Wellness Program, Adult Learning Program, Environmental Awareness and Action Project, Cancer Prevention, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Awareness Program, Clearinghouse of Educational Materials, Food Pantry

51. Charlene K. Haar - Resume
Ms. Haar was born and attended public schools in south dakota. Alternatives to Collective Bargaining in Public education; Director, School Board Project
Home Reform Briefs Newsletter Pubs List ... E-mail EPI
EPI Bios
Charlene K. Haar
President, Education Policy Institute
Charlene K. Haar is an educational consultant specializing in teacher/parent relations and local, state and federal education policy. She is a research associate with the Social Philosophy and Policy Center, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio. Ms. Haar was born and attended public schools in South Dakota. She graduated from the University of South Dakota with a Bachelor of Arts in French and later received a Master of Arts in Gifted Education from Augustana College, Sioux Falls, South Dakota in 1987. Following graduation, Ms. Haar taught French, English and American Government for 11 years, most recently at Madison High School, Madison, South Dakota. In 1992, after twenty years of local and state political involvement, Ms. Haar was chosen as the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate from South Dakota. In that year, at the Republican National Convention in Houston, Texas, she made one of the seconding presentations on national television on behalf of the candidacy of Vice-President Dan Quayle. In the 1980s, Ms. Haar also had extensive first hand experience with the political operations of teacher unions. In addition to being a co-author of

52. South Dakota Homeschooling Laws - A To Z Home's Cool
Check for updates at the State of south dakota Department of education Home Failure to provide instruction is grounds for the school board,
Homeschooling books and supplies at discount, no sales tax, and now free shipping!
A to Z Home's Cool Homeschooling I am Ann Zeise , your guide to the best and most interesting and useful sites and articles about home education on the web. Search All of A to Z Articles Calendar Curriculum Explorations 4 Kids Field Trips Jokes Laws Links Methods Older Kids Regional Religion/Cultural The Web Home Recent Articles Events Join Email List ... Curriculum Shopping
Site Index:
A B C D ... Z South Dakota Homeschooling
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Online ...
Support Group Lists
A to Z Home's Cool
Beginning to Homeschool
Community Networking ...
Creative Home Schooling for Gifted Children: A Resource Guide
by Lisa Rivero
Lisa addresses areas not usually covered in homeschooling books such as asynchronous development (uneven development), perfectionism, and learning for self-actualization.
Learning All the Time
by John Holt
In clear, direct language, Learning All the Time describes the crucial difference between learning (making sense of the world) and education (being forced to digest and regurgitate what someone else dictates). Without vitriol, John Holt exposes how our children are harmed more than helped by institutional schools.

53. State Support And Incentives
The south dakota Department of education will utilize NBPTS Candidate Subsidy funds to support For a complete List of National Board Certified Teachers, Dakota

54. Economic Development,Business Development,South Dakota Governor's Office Of Econ
The official web site of the south dakota Governor s Office of Economic Development Sources education Week s Technology Counts/2004; The College Board,
Home Search Site Map Contact Us 711 East Wells Avenue
Pierre, SD 57501-3369
P: 800-872-6190 or 605-773-3301
E: Entrepreneurs/Startups Developers/ED Partners Relocating to SD ... SD Profile Section 4: Education Number Rank Students per instructional computer (2003) Ranked 1st Students per Internet-connected computer (2003) Ranked 1st Students per Internet-connected computer located in classrooms (2003) Ranked 1st Percent of schools where at least half the teachers use the Internet for instruction (2003) Ranked 1st Percent of schools offering distance-learning programs for teachers (2003) Ranked 1st Percent of schools offering distance-learning programs for students (2003) Ranked 1st Average Verbal SAT Score (2003) Ranked 2nd Average Math SAT Score (2003) Ranked 6th Public High School Graduation rate (2003) Ranked 9th Percent of Population with High School degree (2002) Ranked 9th Pupil-Teacher Ratio (2003) Ranked 12th ACT Average Composite Score (2003) Ranked 20th Percent of Population with Bachelor's Degree plus (2002)

55. South Dakota State Requirements
south dakota Board Requirements. Below is a summary of the Board s continuing For complete information on the Board s current continuing education
HOME FAQ CONTACT US Online Courses Building Design Business Skills Civil Electrical ... Project Controls New Site Users FAQ Free course How it works New User Sign-up ... State Approvals Save Money Corporate Discount Earn Money Author a Course $10 Gift certificate $150 Referral Fee South Dakota Board Requirements Below is a summary of the Board's continuing education requirements for engineers licensed in the state of South Dakota: Subject Requirement Hours Required 30 PDH biennially. Renewal Dates Based on the date of original licensure Course Approval The Board does not pre-approve providers or specific courses. Each engineer must determine whether an activity meets the Board's requirements. Course Content At least 20 PDH must be in technical areas that directly safeguard the public's health, safety and welfare. A maximum of 10 PDH may be managerial, or ethical, and computer classes other than CADD. Online Courses Accepted. There is no limit on the number of PDH's that can be earned through online continuing education. PDH Carryover A maximum of 15 PDH may be carried forward into the next renewal period.

56. EAS : Study In The US : Specific Subjects
Colorado Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists Higher education Dept Div. of Private south dakota. south dakota Cosmetology Commission. PO Box 127
IN THE UNITED STATES How to Choose a Beauty School
Always be sure that any school you choose is accredited by state and/or national boards of cosmetology by contacting the associations mentioned below and the appropriate state board. The institution you choose must be accredited and able to issue forms needed to apply for a student visa. Be sure that any certificate you receive recognised in your home country, as you will be required to return home after your course of study. Consider how long your programme of study will take, the total cost of the programme (tuition plus all living expenses times the number of years in the programme), and whether you will be allowed to use equipment or receive work experience. Visas for Study
For further visa information, please contact the

57. Journal Of American Indian Education-Arizona State University
Journal of American Indian education. Volume 18 Number 1 October 1978 THE south dakota State Board of education recently adopted a requirement stating
Journal of American Indian Education
Volume 18 Number 1
October 1978
Report from South Dakota:
David J. Mathieu David J. Mathieu received his M.A. degree at the University of Minnesota. He presently is with the Center of Indian Studies at Black Hills State College in Spearfish, South Dakota. THE South Dakota State Board of Education recently adopted a requirement stating that all new teachers must have three semester hours of American Indian Studies. Though limited in the amount of course work that is required, the development of the requirement and the nature of its accompanying guidelines may serve as a model for other states considering similar requirements. In tracing the development of the requirement and guidelines, one must begin with the original proposal developed by the South Dakota Indian Education Association. Recognizing the need for teacher training institutions to address the needs of Indian children in the state, the Association worked toward the adoption of a certification requirement in American Indian studies in 1974. In a resulting position paper (see Note 1), the Association recommended that the Division of Elementary and Secondary Education, South Dakota Department of Education and Cultural Affairs, adopt a nine semester hour requirement in Indian studies for teacher education programs in the state. The nine hour requirement was to include three hours of methods in the education of the culturally different, three hours of Indian history and culture, and three hours of Indian-related course work in the student’s major or minor field of interest.

58. Education World® : Education Employment Center : State Certification Requiremen
State Board of Teacher education and Certification 100 N. First St. Springfield IL 62777 south dakota Department of education and Cultural Affairs
EdWorld Internet Topics
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Master's of Arts in Hoodia Diet Pills Hoodia Gordonii Hoodia Pills Leading Trade and Vocational Career Schools and Courses Get your evaluation ... Education Employment Center State Certification Requirements S T A T E C E R T I F I C A T I O N R E Q U I R E M E N T S Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas ... Wyoming ALABAMA Address: State Department of Education Teacher Certification Section Gordon Persons Building P.O. Box 302101 Montgomery, AL 36130-2101 (334) 242-9977 Fax: (334) 242-0498 Websites: Alabama Certification Office Alabama State Department of Education ALASKA Address: Teacher Certification Administrative Services 801 West 10th St., Suite 200 Juneau AK 99801-1894 (907) 465-2831 Fax: (907) 465-2441 Websites: Alaska Certification Office Alaska Department of Education ARIZONA Address: Dept. of Education

59. ITFS Licensees - FCC 1995
Mississippi State Board of education, State Institute of Higher Learning Public Broadcasting. south Carolina educational Television. south dakota
ITFS Licensees by State 1995 1995 Data from the Federal Communications
Commission ITC received this data from the FCC. It has not been updated since 1995 so there have been name changes and the data included many spelling errors. Search Our
Web site
Join ITC! Member Benefits ...
an online
library of distance
learning resources Awards for
Excellence in

Distance Learning
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Federal programs and foundations Institutional Members ITC members only Individual Members ITC members only ITC Featured Essay ITC members only ITC News ITC members only ITC Publications ITC Regions Online journals, Web

60. State Regulation Of Private Schools - South Dakota
Teacher Certification The south dakota Board of education is authorized to establish standards for certified personnel in all schools.
A r c h i v e d I n f o r m a t i o n
State Regulation of Private Schools - June 2000
South Dakota
South Dakota provides extensive guidelines for curriculum offered in nonpublic schools. Registration/Licensing/Accreditation: See also Home Schooling Recordkeeping/Reports: Length of School Year/Day: Instruction in English: Discrimination: Teacher Certification: Curriculum: Health: Safety: Transportation: Home Schooling Public Aid for Private Schools/Private School Students: Miscellaneous: South Dakota High School Interscholastic Activities Assn. v. St. Mary's Inter-Parochial High School of Salem , 247 NW 2d 481 (1976). Updated January 2000
[South Carolina]

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