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         South Africa Geography:     more books (100)
  1. South Africa: The impact of past geographies (South African geography and environmental studies series) by A. J Christopher, 1984
  2. South Africa in Pictures (Visual Geography. Second Series) by Janice Hamilton, 2003-09
  3. In-Depth Resources, Unit 4 Eastern Hemisphere - Africa South of the Sahara (World Cultures & Geography) by none listed, 2002
  4. New spaces of citizenship? Rethinking gendered participation and empowerment in South Africa [An article from: Political Geography] by C. McEwan,
  5. South Africa in Pictures (Visual Geography. Second Series) by R. L. Watson, Peter English, 1988-08
  6. Southern neighbors: South America, Africa, Australia, Oceania : geography for the air age (The Catholic geography series) by Frederick K Branom, 1951
  7. Separation in South Africa (Occasional papers - Department of Geography, Queen Mary College, University of London)
  8. The Ecology of Malnutrition in Seven Countries of Southern Africa and in Portuguese Guinea: The Republic of South Africa, South West Africa (Namibia), (Food Geography Series)
  9. Living Under Apartheid: Aspects of Urbanization and Social Change in South Africa (London Research Series in Geography, No 2) by David M. Smith, 1986-03
  10. Social impacts of afforestation in South Africa. : An article from: Focus on Geography by Kristina Monroe Bishop, 2006-06-22
  11. People and Land in Africa South of the Sahara (Readings in Social Geography)
  13. Exploring Africa south of the Sahara: Its peoples, cultures and geography (The Globe social studies program) by Melvin Schwartz, 1973
  14. Developing KaNgwane: geographies of segregation and integration in the new South Africa.: An article from: The Geographical Journal by Brian H. King, 2007-03-01

41. Unisa Online - Geography
Department of geography University of south africa PO Box 392 UNISA 0003. Tel (012) 429 6013 International +27 12 429 6013
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college of agriculture and environmental sciences school of environmental sciences geography
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undergraduate: BA and BSc
undergraduate programmes in Environmental Management: BA and BSc postgraduate: BA and BSc Honours ... links of geographical interest contact details: The Acting Head Department of Geography University of South Africa P.O. Box 392 UNISA e-mail: Tel: (012) 429 6013 International: +27 12 429 6013 Fax: (012) 429 6868 International: +27 12 429 6868 What is geography? Geography deals with the world we live in - a world rich in cultural diversity and natural beauty, but plagued by human misery and threatened by environmental degradation. Geography is the study of the interaction off all human and physical phenomena on the earth's surface and of how interactions among places form patterns and organise space. Geography is an anthropocentric science and geographers study phenomena on the earth's surface from a space in time perspective. Geography is, amongst others, concerned with the environmental problems which affect our daily lives, our future existence, our quality of life and the quality of our environment. It involves both the human and the natural sciences and studies the relationship between humans and their environment. Geography aims at making a better world for all - a world free of pollution, erosion, poverty and famine

42. Unisa Online - Geography Undergraduate
Sustainable development in southern africa; Geographical phenomena underlying Environmental potential atlas for south africa. Pretoria JL van Schaick

43. Africa - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
1 Etymology; 2 geography; 3 History; 4 Politics. 4.1 Colonial africa The British settled in south africa as well as the colony of Rhodesia and in the
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Africa portal
This article is about the continent; for other things named Africa, see Africa (disambiguation)
A satellite composite image of Africa Africa is the world 's second-largest continent and second most populous after Asia . At about 30,244,050 km² mi² ) including its adjacent islands, it covers 20.3 percent of the total land area on Earth . With over 800 million human inhabitants in 54 countries, it accounts for about one seventh of the world human population
World map showing location of Africa The name Africa came into Western use through the Romans , who used the name Africa terra — "land of the Afri" (plural, or "Afer" singular) — for the northern part of the continent, as the province of Africa with its capital Carthage , corresponding to modern-day Tunisia The origin of Afer may either come from:

44. Learn About... South African Geography
south african Flag, south africa. Name, Republic of south africa south africanMap. Location, southern africa. Time Zone, GMT + 1 hour
South Africa Name Republic of South Africa Capital City Pretoria (administrative) Cape Town (legislative) Official Languages Afrikaans, English , Ndebele, Pedi, Sotho, Swazi, Tsonga, Tswana, Venda, Xhosa, Zulu Population 42.579.000 inhabitants 14.093.765 inhabitants Environment current issues: lack of important arterial rivers or lakes (requires extensive water conservation and control measures - growth in water usage outpacing supply)
pollution of rivers from agricultural runoff and urban discharge
air pollution resulting in acid rain
soil erosion
desertification Location Southern Africa Time Zone GMT + 1 hour National Day 27 April (Freedom Day) Currency Rand (ZAR) Area 1.221.037 sq km Forest Land Boundaries 4.750 km Coastline 2.798 km Elevation Extremes Highest point 3.408 m (Njesuthi) Lowest point m (Atlantic Ocean) Weather Mostly semiarid; subtropical along east coast; sunny days, cool nights Summer temperatures 16º / 27º C in February Winter temperatures 9º / 17 ºC in July

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46. South Africa - Geography (Grades 5-7)
south africa geography By Ekaterina Zhdanova-Redman. 1 The country of southafrica lies at the very southern end of the african continent.
Sample South Africa - Geography (Grades 5-7) Worksheet
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South Africa - Geography
By Ekaterina Zhdanova-Redman The country of South Africa lies at the very southern end of the African continent. It is home to lots of beautiful plants, very special animals, and lots and lots of gold and diamonds! In fact, South Africa is most famous for the gold and diamonds mined there.
In 1867, a young boy named Erasmus Jacobs was playing along the Orange River near his father's farm in South Africa when he discovered an odd-looking stone that was completely clear. He wasn't sure what he had foundbut it didn't take long for his neighbors to learn the clear stone Erasmus found was a diamondone of the prettiest and most valuable gems in the world! Erasmus' discovery brought thousands and thousands of diamond hunters into northern South Africa.
Within just a few years, there were more diamonds discovered in South Africa than were discovered in all of India (another diamond-producing country) for the last 2,000 years! It is very easy to see why many people from all over the world wanted to move to South Africawhich they did.

47. South Africa Theme Unit - Printables And Worksheets
Also Visit geography Theme Table of Contents south africa Map south africaReading Comprehensions south africa geography (Grades 5-7)

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South Africa Theme Unit
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South Africa Map
South Africa Outline Map

South Africa Reading Comprehensions
South Africa - Geography (Grades 5-7)

South Africa - Traditions and Daily Life (Grades 4-6)

South Africa - History (Grades 6-8)
South Africa Story Starters for subscribers South Africa Story Starter Printables South Africa Theme Unit Crossword Puzzles South Africa Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle (Definitions) South Africa Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle (Definitions - Includes List of Words) South Africa Mazes South Africa Maze South Africa Printables South Africa Word Search (10 Words) South Africa Word Search (All Words) South Africa Word Search (All Words - lowercase) South Africa Word Search (Larger Word Search!) ... Spelling Review Have a suggestion or would like to leave feedback? Leave your suggestions or comments about edHelper!

48. Sixth Biennial South African Geography Conference Home Find
Sixth Biennial south african geography Conference, Home Find Add a conference south africa Website http//

49. South Africa Conferences
south africa Conferences Hosted by Conference Alerts academic conferencesworldwide. 06 Sixth Biennial south african geography Conference Cape Town
Home Subscribe Unsubscribe Change subscription ... Promote event Last updated: 23 Sep 2005 Academic and professional conferences:
South Africa
This listing is hosted by
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Major conference cities: Cape Town Johannesburg Durban
September 2005
IBS 2005: 16th International Biohydrometallurgy Symposium
Cape Town Western Cape
Managerial Challenges for Black Economic Empowerment - South African Institute for Management Scientists
Bloemfontein, South Africa Free State
18th World Petroleum Congress
Johannesburg Gauteng
International Association for Housing Science Congress
Pretoria Gauteng
World Junior Mining Congress 2005
Johannesburg Gauteng Resarch Indaba Pretoria Gauteng October 2005 HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria in Africa: From Knowledge Sharing to Implementation Durban KwaZulu Natal IRasa 2005 Annual National Conference Cape Town MHSC Biennial Summit: Mine Health and Safety – Past, Present and Future Mintek Conference Centre, Randburg Gauteng Erasing the Margins: Researching Disabilities in Higher Education Johannesburg Gauteng Mentoring: an Instrument for Transformation Johannesburg Gauteng 12th Priorities in Reproductive Health and HIV Conference Stellenbosch Western Cape Johannesburg Gauteng LIFEsparks 2005 Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg Gautengs

50. South Africa - Geography
south africa is located in southern africa, at the southern tip of the continentof africa.
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: South Africa Last Updated: Feb 7th, 2005 - 21:06:07
South Africa - Geography
By CIA Factbook
Jan 17, 2005, 15:35
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Geography South Africa Location: Southern Africa, at the southern tip of the continent of Africa Geographic coordinates: 29 00 S, 24 00 E Map references: Africa Area: total: 1,219,912 sq km
land: 1,219,912 sq km
note: includes Prince Edward Islands (Marion Island and Prince Edward Island)
water: sq km Area - comparative: slightly less than twice the size of Texas Land boundaries: total: 4,862 km border countries: Botswana 1,840 km, Lesotho 909 km, Mozambique 491 km, Namibia 967 km, Swaziland 430 km, Zimbabwe 225 km Coastline: 2,798 km

51. South Africa Maritime Claims - Geography
Flag of south africa. south africa Maritime claims. Home south africa geography Maritime claims. territorial sea 12 nm contiguous zone 24 nm
South Africa Maritime claims
Home South Africa Geography territorial sea: 12 nm
contiguous zone: 24 nm
exclusive economic zone: 200 nm
continental shelf: 200 nm or to edge of the continental margin Definition
This entry includes the following claims, the definitions of which are excerpted from the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), which alone contains the full and definitive descriptions:
territorial sea - the sovereignty of a coastal state extends beyond its land territory and internal waters to an adjacent belt of sea, described as the territorial sea in the UNCLOS (Part II); this sovereignty extends to the air space over the territorial sea as well as its underlying seabed and subsoil; every state has the right to establish the breadth of its territorial sea up to a limit not exceeding 12 nautical miles; the normal baseline for measuring the breadth of the territorial sea is the low-water line along the coast as marked on large-scale charts officially recognized by the coastal state; the UNCLOS describes specific rules for archipelagic states
contiguous zone - according to the UNCLOS (Article 33), this is a zone contiguous to a coastal state's territorial sea, over which it may exercise the control necessary to: prevent infringement of its customs, fiscal, immigration, or sanitary laws and regulations within its territory or territorial sea; punish infringement of the above laws and regulations committed within its territory or territorial sea; the contiguous zone may not extend beyond 24 nautical miles from the baselines from which the breadth of the territorial sea is measured (e.g., the US has claimed a 12-nautical mile contiguous zone in addition to its 12-nautical mile territorial sea)

52. Geography - Merriam-Webster's Atlas
Official name Republic of south africa (English). Form of government multipartyrepublic with two legislative houses (National Council of Provinces 90;

53. South Africa History - Flags, Maps, Economy, Geography, Climate, Natural Resourc
south africa History Flags, Maps, Economy, geography, Climate, Natural Resources,Current Issues, International Agreements, Population, Social Statistics,

  • Country Ranks
    South Africa History Index
    Source: The Library of Congress Country Studies
    • History Introduction
    • Historical Setting
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  • 54. South Africa - GEOGRAPHY
    south africa geography. south africa. south africa occupies the southern tipof the african continent, stretching from 22°S to 35°S latitude and from 17°E
    South Africa - GEOGRAPHY
    South Africa - Geography
    South Africa South Africa forms a distinct region, or subcontinent, divided from the rest of Africa by the rivers that mark its northern border. In the northwest, the Orange River cuts through the Namib Desert and divides South Africa from Namibia. In the east, the Limpopo River traverses large areas of arid grassland along the common border with Zimbabwe and southeastern Botswana. Between these two, the Molopo River winds through the southern basin of the Kalahari Desert, also dividing South Africa from Botswana. Populations have moved across these rivers almost continuously over the centuries, but, in general, the northern border region of South Africa is sparsely populated. The geological substratum of the subcontinent was formed at least 3.8 billion years ago, according to geologists, and most of the country's natural features evolved into their present form more than 200 million years ago. Especially since the early twentieth-century writings of Alfred Wegener, geologists have hypothesized that South Africa was once part of a large land mass, now known as Gondwana, or Gondwanaland, that slowly fractured along the African coastline millions of years ago. Theories of such a supercontinent are bolstered by geological continuities and mineral similarities between South Africa and South America, by fossil similarities between South Africa and the Indian Ocean island of Madagascar, and by the sharp escarpments, or geological fractures, that encircle most of southern Africa near the coast.

    55. 1Up Travel : South Africa - Topography, Geography, Climate, And Weather Of South
    All the information related to the topography of south africa in form of geographyand climate weather and more for south africa are here.

    Maps Sightseeing Travel Warnings ... National Parks More Categories Introduction Topography Local Life Local Cuisine Local Holidays Festivals-Events Embassies Administration News Stand Worth a See !! Sight Seeing Maps Flags Shopping Eating Out Recreation Travel Essentials Country Facts Geography People Government Economy Communications Transportation Military
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    You are here 1Up Travel Countries of the World Africa South-africa
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    Country Facts Introduction Geography People Government ... Transnational issues
    Related South Africa Guide
    South Africa Maps
    South Africa Hotels South Africa Flag ... South Africa Travel Warning
    South Africa Geography, Climate, and Weather
    Geography South Africa is located to the West ,South ,and East,borders of the South Atlantic and southern Indian Oceans. Its coastline is swept by the cold ,north flowing ‘Benguela’ and the warm south flowing ‘Agulhas’ systems respectively. The country is dry, with an average annually rainfall of only 464 mm. Temperatures above 32ºC are fairly common in summer. April and May are usually the most pleasant months.

    56. Africa Map -
    africa s geography, africa Label african Countries Printout south africaOutline Map Printout An outline map of south africa to print.
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    African Geography Quiz Printout
    ZoomSchool Africa
    Africa's Geography

    Label African Countries Printout
    Africa : Africa is the second-largest of the seven continents on Earth (Asia is the largest continent). Africa is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the west, the Indian Ocean on the east, the Mediterranean Sea on the north, and the Red Sea on the northeast. Africa covers 11,700,000 square miles (30,300,000 square kilometers). Countries : There are about 53 countries in Africa (some countries are disputed). The biggest country in Africa is Sudan, which covers 967,500 square miles (2,505,816 square kilometers). The countries with the largest populations in Africa are Nigeria (107,000,000 people), Egypt (64,800,000 people), and Ethiopia (58,700,000 people). Highest and Lowest Points : The tallest point in Africa is Mt. Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania (eastern Africa). Mt. Kilimanjaro is 19,340 feet (5895 meters) tall. Africa has no long mountain chains.

    57. Africa -
    africa A collection of geography pages, printouts, and activities for south africa Outline Map Printout An outline map of south africa to print.
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    Flags Africa Antarctica Asia Australia/Oceania ... Rivers Africa
    Africa: Outline Map Printout

    An outline map of Africa to print. Africa: Label Me! Printout with First Letter Hints Label the countries and bodies of water of Africa, given the first letter of the places. Answers African Countries: Label Me! Printout Label the countries of Africa. Answers African Countries: A Coloring Book To Print Print a coloring book of African countries. When you're done, locate the countries on a map of Africa, then label and color them. African Countries: Outline Map Printout An outline map of African countries to print. African Rivers Labeled: Outline Map Printout A labeled outline map of Africa's major rivers to print.

    58. Geography At Sussex: Postgraduate Information
    1998a geography and development in the new south africa, geography, 83(1), pp314.1999b Changing the geography of apartheid education in south africa,
    Postgraduate Information Suggested Topics Community-based development in South Africa Supervisor: Dr Tony Binns, School of African and Asian Studies, Since the demise of apartheid in 1994, the ANC government has placed much emphasis on 'developmental local government', which aims to empower people and institutions at the grassroots level in working towards improving living standards through the creation of job opportunities. Whilst such ideas may be admirable, many practical problems are being encountered in the implementation of such initiatives. Relevant publications by supervisor 1997a Learning from the people: participatory rural appraisal, geography and rural development in the 'new' South Africa, Applied Geography , 17(1), pp1-9 (with E L Nel and T Hill) 1997b Development from below in the 'new' South Africa: the case of Hertzog, Eastern Cape, Geographical Journal , 163(1), pp57-64 (with E L Nel and T Hill) 1998a Geography and development in the 'new' South Africa, Geography 1999b Changing the geography of apartheid education in South Africa

    59. BUBL LINK: South Africa
    reference information about south africa, including details of geography,people, economy, Author south african Truth and Reconciliation Commission
    BUBL LINK Catalogue of Internet Resources Home Search Subject Menus Countries ... Z
    South africa
    Titles Descriptions
  • Anglo Boer War - Ladysmith Anglo-Boer War Study Group of Australia Centenary Exhibition CIA World Factbook 2003: South Africa Claiming Art, Reclaiming Space: Post Apartheid Art From South Africa ... World Travel Guide: South Africa
  • Comments:
    Anglo Boer War - Ladysmith
    Documents and photographs relating to the siege and relief of Ladysmith during the Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902).
    Author: Kaighin, Brian
    Subjects: south africa
    Resource type: documents, images
    Anglo-Boer War Study Group of Australia Centenary Exhibition
    Virtual exhibition marking the centenary of the end of the Boer war (1899-1902). Includes sections on Australians at war, irregular forces, communications, and technologies of war. Also features a timeline of the war.
    Author: Anglo-Boer War study Group of Australia
    Subjects: south africa
    Resource type: document, images
    CIA World Factbook 2003: South Africa
    Basic reference information about South Africa, including details of geography, people, economy, government, communications, transportation, military and transnational issues. Geographical information includes area, population, flag, maps, high and low points, co-ordinates, boundary length, border countries, climate, land use and natural resources.
    Author: CIA
    Subjects: south africa DeweyClass: Resource type: document
    Claiming Art, Reclaiming Space: Post Apartheid Art From South Africa

    60. South Africa - Geography
    south africa. geography. Size south africa occupies 1227200 square kilometersat the southern tip of africa; seventh largest african country;
    Country Listing South Africa Table of Contents
    South Africa
    Size: South Africa occupies 1,227,200 square kilometers at the southern tip of Africa; seventh largest African country; twice the size of Texas. Coastline nearly 3,000 kilometers. Extraterritorial holdings: Prince Edward Island and Marion Island (Indian Ocean). Topography: Interior highlands continuation of African plateau stretching north to Sahara, 1,200 meters average elevation. Plateau rises to Drakensberg Mountains (3,300 meters) south and east; Great Escarpment descends to coastal lowlands. Marginal coastal lowlands vary from eighty to 240 kilometers wide. Regular coastline, few natural harbors. Climate: Variable; warm temperate climate overall; Mediterranean conditions far southwest; subtropical northeast; desert northwest. Moderating influence of ocean currents: East coast warmed by Agulhas current, west coast cooled by Benguela current. Dry, sunny winters (April-October), summer rains (November-March) except in southwest, where rainfall yearround; average annual rainfall 484 millimeters. Time: 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.

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