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         South Africa Culture:     more books (100)
  1. Whose Right Is It Anyway?: Equality, Culture and Conflicts of Rights in South Africa by Kristina A. Bentley, 2005-04-01
  2. Watts and Woodstock;: Identity and culture in the United States and South Africa (Case studies in cultural anthropology) by James O'Toole, 1973
  3. Culture, Organization, And Management in South Africa
  4. Exploring Africa south of the Sahara: Its peoples, cultures and geography (The Globe social studies program) by Melvin Schwartz, 1973
  5. Watts and Woodstock: Identity and Culture in the United States and South Africa by James O'Toole, 1973
  6. Independent Schooling in Post-Apartheid South Africa: A Quantitative Overview (Religion and Culture in the Middle Ages series) by Jacques Louis du Toit, 2005-04-01
  7. Culture, Organization, And Management In South Africa: In Search Of Equity
  8. Learning for Living: A Catholic Contribution to the Culture of Learning & Teaching in South Africa by Catholic Institute of Education, 1998-12
  9. Shifting Selves: Post-Apartheid Essays on Mass Media, Culture and Identity (Social Identities South Africa Series) by Stephanie Marlin-Curiel, Jane Battersby, et all 2004-04-28
  10. History after Apartheid: Visual Culture and Public Memory in a Democratic South Africa by Annie E. Coombes, Annie E. Coombes, 2003-10
  11. South Africa: A Tapestry of Peoples and Traditions (Exploring Cultures of the World) by Jacqueline Drobis Meisel, 1997-02
  12. Condoms become the norm in the sexual culture of college students in Durban, South Africa.(Clinical report): An article from: Reproductive Health Matters by Pranitha Maharaj, John Cleland, 2006-11-01
  13. Many Cultures One Nation: Inauguration of the President of South Africa 10 May 1994 by Daleen Zaaiman, 1994
  14. Many cultures, one nation: Inauguration of the president of South Africa, 10 May 1994

101. South African Arts And Crafts Gallery - Welcome To Maitele
Paintings, sculptures and bead work that depict the way and the cultures of the people of Southern africa especially the Vhavenda people.
South African arts and crafts gallery
Welcome to Maitele At Maitele arts and craft, we have fine paintings, sculptures and bead work that depict the way and the cultures of the people of Southern Africa - especially the Vhavenda people. We intend to bring the arts and craft of the Vhavenda people to the world, to introduce you to their culture and to give them a voice.
We also intend to give a platform for African artists, especially those who do not have a stable market, an art gallery on the Internet where they can show their wares.
Maitele is a Venda word that means "the way we do things" - The craft artists featured here concentrate more on how the Venda people do things, their culture as well as the traditional rituals.
History of The Venda People
A day in the life of the Venda people.
South African Dreadlocks web site.

This is seen by the traditional dance and traditional figures in their paintings and sculptures. It is thus our intention to bring to you an array of art works, including African drums, wooden sculptures, paintings, bead works and crafts from the surrounding areas.
Most of the art of African people has always been practical - we see art depicted on the clothing patterns, on the houses, the cooking clay pots and in the bead work designs.

102. South Africa Tours Safaris And Accommodation
For the tourist south africa offers a dazzling variety of tours, safaris, It is a melting pot of cultures with 11 official languages and has strong
South Africa Tours, Safaris and Accommodation
South Africa
Featured Guesthouse of the Month More about the Antbear Guest House I cannot say I have travelled everywhere in the world but I have seen a fair bit and a lot of Africa. But nowhere in the world have I found the diversity of South Africa. And now with so many tourists discovering this beautiful paradise I would like my experience and knowledge of South Africa to be passed on to everyone interested in visiting this country. So that's what this site is about. South Africa and every aspect of South Africa that I know about. For the tourist South Africa offers a dazzling variety of attractions - from sandy beaches to arid bushveld, from tropical wetlands to spectacular mountain scenery. Whether you wish to laze in the sun, swim, track the "Big 5", hike along the coast or in the mountains, see wild flowers in profusion, savor good food and wine of simply take in the history and culture of one of the worlds most talked about societies. South Africa is a world in one country and has that special something to offer you. Statistics South Africa has estimated that the South African population is approximately 45 million people. It is a melting pot of cultures with 11 official languages and has strong influences from India, China, Malasia and Europe. There are many fascinating forms of dance, music song and theatre from every cultural group. The cuisine of South Africa can be enjoyed in many of the South African restaurants. And the wealth of arts and crafts produced by talented South African artists are for sale in the many flea markets, art galleries and even street corners.

103. South African Culture Test
In south African black culture a man can have more than one wife, but he can only marry one legally. You re fascinated by the idea of changing the law so
How to tell if you're South African
by T'Mar Another response to my E-Z home test for detecting Americans . T'Mar (yes, she's a huge Star Trek fan) is a schoolteacher who loves science fiction, writing fanfic and deconstructing TV shows. South Africa is multicultural enough that the usual "90% true" rule may not apply. T'Mar is an urban, English-speaking South African... perhaps there's some Zulus, Xhosa, etc. who'd like to write about their own culture...?
If you're South African...
  • You're familiar with many, many American TV personalities and movie stars (Harrison Ford, Brad Pitt, Leo, the cast of Friends , the people on Survivor ) and a few South African ones. You definitely know who Charlize Theron and Arnold Vosloo are. You talk about them as if you know them personally. You might know some British stars (Sean Connery, Liam Neeson, Ewan McGregor, Hugh Grant), but you probably only know them if they got famous by starring in American movies.
  • You know someone who has met Nelson Mandela.
  • You believe the news on TV and in the papers, especially when it's bad. In fact, the worse the news is, the more likely you are to believe it.
  • You still believe in marriage, although if you do get married, the chances are one in three of it not lasting. If you're a black male you still have to pay

104. South Africa Cultural Tours - South Africa Weekend Breaks And Package Holidays
south africa Cultural Tours are provided by Vuya africa who are able to provide south africa Weekend Breaks and Package Holidays.
Cultural Tours to South Africa - Experience South African Culture with Vuya Africa Home Contact Us Site Map THEMES Triumph of the
human spirt
In the footsteps of
Nelson Mandela
... Make a difference GENERAL About us Travel Tips Map of South Africa Make an Enquiry ... How big is your footprint?
South Africa Cultural Tours
Experience South African Culture
Vuya Africa is South Africa's first cultural-themed touring company . Our aim is to give visitors to South Africa the opportunity to experience South African culture by sharing the intimacies of our country, its varied experiences and its colourful people. We offer you a broad spectrum of options and can deliver according to individual needs.
We are constantly running specials on cultural tours to South Africa and are able to make tailor-made tours for any number of visitors to South Africa.
Tailor-made Cultural Tours to South Africa
The aim of our website is not to be prescriptive, but descriptive, giving you the opportunity to create your own experience. It is intended as a handbook and a collage of suggestions and options, allowing you to

105. -
It s a cultural melting pot! south African food celebrates our rich heritage and natural bounty of seafood, meat, game and plants.
Mon, 26 Sep 2005 About South Africa Culture Democracy Demographics ...
SA Weather Service

Mapping the best sites in SA cyberspace - goSouthAfrica
Find your way
on our interactive
macro-to-micro South Africa map
Joburg's freedom architecture

Six Johannesburg buildings featured recently in a German exhibition showcasing the city's energy and optimism - and exploring how South Africa's new democratic order is being reflected in new buildings going up in its commercial capital.
It's a cultural melting pot! South African food celebrates our rich heritage and natural bounty of seafood, meat, game and plants. And our wine has been earning rave reviews internationally for 300 years. Check out the menu - and find out where to eat tonight!
Afrofusion: dance in South Africa

In one field especially, the new freedoms of post-apartheid South Africa have brought new life - dance has became a prime means of artistic expression, with dance companies expanding and exploring new territory. South African art South Africa is home to some of the most ancient and beautiful art in the world - the rock paintings of the ancestors of today's Bushman or San. It is also the scene of a host of vibrant and challenging contemporary artists producing new and important work. South African music From missionary hymns and jazz to kwela and kwaito, South African musicians have always given international trends an unmistakeable flavour of our own.

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Images of indigenous cultures from Asia, africa, and south America.
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107. - Arts News & Internet Service Provider
SA (south African) ISP (Internet Service Provider) specializing in connecting artists and audiences, providing information through an Arts, culture and News Links Contact Pay ... ISP Arts News Provider
- receive arts news tailored to your interests.
- browse daily arts and entertainment news online.
- weekly guide to what's happening nationally.
- annual directory
of arts festivals and events.
Virtual Press Office (VPO)

easy and cost effective way to distribute your media releases.
Chat and Discussion
- join
free artsz, muza or moviezone forums for industry networking.
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108. Lesedi African Lodge Near Johannesburg, South Africa
Lesedi Cultural Village near Johannesburg, south africa offers a unique african cultural experience. View the shows, eat in the restaurant or stay overnight
Lesedi African Lodge - Cradle of Living African Culture Lesedi thank all the visitors at this year's INDABA for a wonderfull event and we will see you at INDABA 2006 ..... Join us for our Sunday Lunch EVERY Sunday from 12H00 - 14H00 ..... Click here for more information ..... Lesedi African Lodge is offering "The Greatest Conference Package on Earth" ...... Click here for more information
Lesedi African Lodge offers two unique day experiences where guests can share the excitement and warmth of true rural African culture The Nyama Choma restaurant is decorated in true African style and divided into three sections, seating 40, 60 and 100 people. Read our guest book and get the views and reviews of some of our satisfied visitors. Or add your own message Stay overnight in a traditional tribal village and enjoy true African hospitality in 30 guest rooms.

109. Home Page
Explores the nation's many cultures and people groups.
S outh A frica Where in the world?
General South African Provinces No Frames Provinces Page Fill in the Feedback Form E-mail the Team South Africa is a country with many cultures. It is bordered by the Indian and Atlantic oceans to the south, east and west. Namibia, Botswana and Mozambique border South Africa to the north. South Africa consists of nine provinces. Three of these provinces are land locked, the rest border the ocean. Each of the nine provinces has its own characteristics. The vegetation varies from lush green natural forests to harsh arid deserts. South Africa has a great diversity of wildlife and plant life. Although most of the country is farmland, there are still large regions of the country that are reserved for conservation. The most famous of these game reserves is the Kruger National Park. South Africa is a country with a diverse mix of nationalities, races, and religions. Sport in South Africa has played a large role in unifying the country. Also the people of South Africa have strong cultural roots and this can be see in the traditional cooking of South Africans. We hope that you will find this site informative and fun. Look around our site and then tell us what you think. The Team thanks you for visiting our site.

110. Ethnic Tours - Durban, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa
Durbanbased tours giving insights into the cultures that make up the Rainbow Nation in south africa.
@import "css/style.css";>
Ethnic Tours - Durban, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa
Ethnic Tours of Durban, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa, offer you insights into the many cultures that make up the Rainbow Nation. Pick the tour that suits you.
All tours can be tailored to suit each individual's or party's interests, tastes and needs.
Tour guide Romy Laalje offers the unique perspective of a woman whose grandparents were tricked by the British into coming to South Africa from India to become indentured labourers in the Natal sugar plantations.
Durban tours
Tour 01:
Durban City Tour with oriental walkabout
3 1/2 hours - more info
Tour 02:

4 1/2 hours - more info
Tour 03:
The Inanda Heritage route
4 hours - more info
Tour 04:

3 1/2 hours - more info
Tour 05:
The Apartheid trail 6 hours - more info
Kwazulu Natal Tours
Tour 06:
Shakaland Zulu Village 8 hours - more info
Tour 07:
9 hours - more info
Tour 08:
1 night 2 days - more info
Tour 09:
Birds / Bush / Zulu culture 2 nights 3 days - more info
Tour 10:
2 nights 3 days - more info
Other tours and services
    Township / Tavern Tours Drakensberg Mountain Tours Sunset Harbour Cruises Dinner Transfers Airport Transfers To / From Hotel Evening Entertainment Tours Silk Shopping
For more information regarding the Durban Tours, Kwazulu Natal Tours and services we can offer

111. SADTU
SADTU represents teachers in south africa.
Educator's Voice
GCE Response to Cost

of Education

Remember the heroes

NGC charts the way forward
the south african democratic teachers' union website Vote for SADTU as Labour Site of 2003 5th National Congress september 8-11, 2002 International Convention Centre, Durban, RSA.
The National General Council Resolutions (NGC): May 14-16, 2003.
Mr President! SADTU's Thulas Nxesi elected President of EI T he world's largest Global Union Education International with an affiliated membership of 29 million education employees worldwide met for its Fourth World Congress in Brazil in the second half of July. Elections for the top post of President were a foregone conclusion. With unanimous endorsement by teacher unions across the globe, SADTU general secretary, Thembelani "Thulas" Nxesi , has been elected unopposed for a term of three years. He previously served as a vice president of EI since 2001.

112. New Partnership Programme Strengthens Cultural Ties Between Sweden And South Afr
The main goal of The Swedish – south African culture Partnership Programme is south African and Swedish goals for Arts and culture policies and the two

113. South African Cultural History Museum - Cape Town, South Africa
Egyptology, south african Cultural History Museum, Cape Town, south africa.
Home Search
Egypt is Africa with a culture that developed on the continent of Africa. In the past there has been a tendency to separate ancient Egypt from the rest of Africa and to group it with ancient Greece, Rome and other cultures around the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. This can be partly attributed to general ignorance about Africa and its cultures. Also, the early Egyptologists isolated Egypt from Africa as they debated that a non-African population formed the roots of the Egyptian civilisation.
In summary it can be said, that within the large family of African peoples, the ancient Egyptians evolved in the particular conditions of the Nile and its environs. In the process they established a truly brilliant civilisation on the continent of Africa where their influence spread far beyond the borders of their country.
Egypt in South Africa
Various individuals and bodies, from as early as the late 19th century, donated ancient Egyptian artefacts to the SA Cultural History Museum (SACHM) in Cape Town, South Africa. A prime example here is the Kafr-Tarkhan collection of Egyptian artefacts excavated by Sir Flinders Petrie during the 1911-1912 and 1912-1913 seasons on behalf of the British School of Archaeology in Egypt (BSAE). Graves from the Predynastic to the Roman period were found. The collection dates mainly from the early Dynastic Period (3050-2686 BCE) of the Egyptian civilisation.
On arrival in South Africa, the artefacts first went to the South African Museum (SAM), which had been established in the 1820's. Eventually the SAM became a natural history museum that includes a department of ethnology. In 1966 the SACHM was established, and the relevant collections of the SAM, including the Egyptian collection, were transferred to the new museum. In 1999, the above-mentioned two museums, together with several others, were amalgamated under the auspices of the new

114. The South African School Of Motion Picture Medium And Live Performance
AFDA The south African School Of Motion Picture Medium and Live Preformance. To this end, AFDA has developed a culture of champions and our alumni
Preloading Images... Please Wait.. AFDA is one of the leading outcomes-based degree institutions of its kind in the world today and has recently been listed by the Council on Higher Education as one of the top six private tertiary institutions in South Africa. AFDA’s rich entrepreneurial history, formalised strategic relationships with the industry and ability to train talent to a high level of artistic, attitudinal and technical ability coupled with a prolific output of quality entertainment products, has created an institution of international reputation and excellence. AFDA graduates are trained to be part of the intellectual capital and contribute to one of the largest growth industries in the world today: entertainment . an aspect of our new global culture which in the future will pervade our lives in every respect. AFDA graduates are trained to a level which ensures that they are geared for a profitable and sustainable career in the entertainment industry. In a new fast-expanding global world, cultural exchange is a priority and AFDA graduates will be trained to service, grow and manufacture indigenous cultural products and commodities for the international market.

115. Ethnic Cuisine
Rainbow Cuisine defines the food style in south africa. It s a term that reflects the cultural depth, creative spectrum, and spiritual unity of a diverse
Traditional South African Cookery
by Hildegonda Duckitt
A Taste of South Africa

by Magdaleen Van Wyk

South Africa
by Lou Seibert Pappas
"Rainbow Cuisine" defines the food style in South Africa. It's a term that reflects the cultural depth, creative spectrum, and spiritual unity of a diverse people. With 40 million inhabitants speaking 11 different languages, the country offers a fascinating potpourri of fresh, delectable, eclectic fare. The food depicts a blend of many cultural societies European, Asian, and African with a tantalizing table that has evolved over centuries. It showcases the varied, European food traditions of the Italian, Portuguese, Greek, English, French, and Dutch. It presents the fruity sweet, and sweet-sour tastes of the Malay, a people from the East Indies who came to the Cape as slaves by the Dutch colonials. It includes the spicy curries from India and China. And it encompasses the indigenous fare of the African tribes. Alongside, the superb wines complement the special dishes. For the tourist, it offers exciting dining opportunities with such a vast variety of tastes and restaurants at hand.

116. TISA
Transparency International south africa (TISA) was launched in 1997 as an The colour bar in cultural life, sport and education shall be abolished.
Home !! TISA is moving !! Who Are We Media Center ... Site Map
Daily News:: Click here for daily news
Rest in peace

(TISA patron oom Bey)
National anti-corruption hotline: +++ National anti-corruption hotline 0800 701 701 +++ National anti-corruption hotline 0800 701 701 +++ National anti-corruption hotline 0800 701 701 +++
Media Release Media Release South Africa Civil Society Speaks - Our goals and visions in the fight against poverty and inequality At the initiative of both the Congress of South African Trades Unions and the South African NGO Coalition, a summarised version (25 pages) of a much longer work in progress is today released in summary form to coincide with the 5th Millennium Development Summit which ends today. This is a commentary on civil society perspectives and much more than a critique of government’s official report submitted to the UN. Read more...
NEW ADDRESS Our new address: NGO HOUSE, Methodist Place, 114 Rissik Street

117. - Entertainment/the_arts is a news website. Its main focus is on south africa and africa but includes international articles.,2172,109286,00.html
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2000 - 2005 SABC Fashion week to showcase African culture July 29, 2005, 09:15
SA Fashion Week 2005, at the Sandton Convention Centre, is to focus on African culture and identity in 27 shows until Sunday.
Deon Chang, the director of SA Fashion Week, says there the retail market, in the past three years, has seen the emergence of a South African identity in fashion. "We have seen one big chain store taking three South African designers for the first time."
This year’s event will comprise the collections, an exhibition and the second Arts and Culture Fashion Seminar. The event will end on July 31.
The week was created nine years ago out of a need to showcase the fashion talent that was going unnoticed in South Africa. RELATED STORIES Designers showcase trends in Durban's Fashion Week (June 17, 2005, 21:00) Cape Town fashion week sizzles (August 18, 2004, 06:00) RELATED LINKS SA Fashion Week document.write(dday) Crime/Justice Fires in 4 provinces leaves a trail of destruction
Three month-old baby dies in fire
Woman found murdered in garage ... Ljubicic sends Croatia into first Davis Cup final document.write(dyear);

118. Home - Electronic Gateway To The Cape Overberg South Africa
Information about south africa s Cape Overberg region near Cape Town. again this year so you can really have a culinary and cultural feast!
Monday, 26 September 2005 new menu (topmenu_MENU_ITEMS, topmenu_MENU_POS); Search WWW Main Menu Home The Overberg Events Directory ... Site Map Overberg Directory Accommodation Animal Care Community Services Eating Out ... Telecommunications Popular Home
Die Stroom 
Polls How often do you visit the Overberg? I live here! Regularly Annually Not enough Haven't yet but will soon!
Cape Overberg, South Africa The Overberg is situated in the Western Cape, South Africa. This untouched haven of mountains, ocean, rivers and spectacular nature is a perfect holiday destination for those who travel, and a sanctuary loved by those who live here.
Whales in Walker Bay
- photos taken by Kees van de Coolwijk of Foto First, 102 Main Road, Hermanus - Read more... What`s more in General Information ? Festivals... festivals ... festivals It’s the perfect time of year to take a drive over the mountain and through the colourful rûens of the Overberg. On every weekend of September you’ll find at least one village alive with entertainment, music, art, craft, delectable food, wine and convivial locals. Join the Overbergers as they celebrate Spring, life on the southernmost tip of Africa and the beauty of the natural heritage that surrounds them.

119. DISA - Digital Imaging South Africa - Southern African Freedom Struggles 1950-19
Addressing Preservation Challenges in south African Collections archive, museum, and cultural heritage sectors who plan to digitise their collections,
Browse the journals Search the journals
w the thesaurus ...
About DISA - Digital Imaging South Africa Forty periodical titles have been selected from a very comprehensive list, with a view to presenting not only a wide spectrum of political views published during these years, but also a diversity of subjects such as trade unions, religion, health, culture, and gender. Publications reflecting both black and white viewpoints are included, and an attempt has been made to represent distinctive regional variations. Some of the publications were short-lived and, by necessity, of limited distribution. These factors lend a certain rarity value in that the publications are generally not well represented in research collections. All materials within the DISA collaborative digital archive, including photographs, pictures, illustrations, audio and text, are presented solely for educational, scholarly, nonprofit cultural and other similar nonprofit purposes.

120. South African Museums
The everchanging tapestry of south africa and Kwa-Zulu Natal s cultural record is portrayed in the exhibitions on display at the Natal Museum.
Museums Feature Home
Wits University museums

South African museums
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