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         Software Engineering:     more books (100)
  1. Extreme Software Engineering: A Hands-On Approach by Daniel H. Steinberg, Daniel W. Palmer, 2003-10-10
  2. Categories for Software Engineering by José L. Fiadeiro, JosT Luiz Fiadeiro, 2004-11-29
  3. Component-Based Software Engineering: Putting the Pieces Together (ACM Press) by George T. Heineman, William T. Councill, 2001-06-18
  4. Global Software Development Handbook (Auerbach Series on Applied Software Engineering Series) by Raghvinder Sangwan, Matthew Bass, et all 2006-09-29
  5. Evaluating Software Architectures: Methods and Case Studies (The SEI Series in Software Engineering) by Paul Clements, Rick Kazman, et all 2001-11-01
  6. Software and Hardware Engineering: Assembly and C Programming for the Freescale HCS12 Microcontroller by Fredrick M. Cady, 2007-02-28
  7. Software Product Lines: Practices and Patterns (The SEI Series in Software Engineering) by Paul Clements, Linda Northrop, 2001-08-30
  8. Software Requirements Engineering, 2nd Edition
  9. Statistical Methods in Software Engineering: Reliability and Risk (Springer Series in Statistics) by Nozer D. Singpurwalla, Simon P. Wilson, 1999-08-05
  10. C: A Software Engineering Approach by Peter A. Darnell, Philip E. Margolis, 1996-05-29
  11. Documenting Software Architectures: Views and Beyond (The SEI Series in Software Engineering) by Paul Clements, Felix Bachmann, et all 2002-10-06
  12. Competitive Engineering: A Handbook For Systems Engineering, Requirements Engineering, and Software Engineering Using Planguage by Tom Gilb, 2005-08-26
  13. Software Radio Architecture: Object-Oriented Approaches to Wireless Systems Engineering by Joseph, III Mitola, 2000-01-15
  14. Managing the Software Process (The SEI Series in Software Engineering) by Watts S. Humphrey, 1989-01-11

101. CISE-IG | Computational Intelligence In Software Engineering
Research focused on artificial intelligence applications in software engineering.
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Submitted by giuseppe on Tue, 13/09/2005 - 12:13.
Welcome to CISE-IG
Submitted by giuseppe on Mon, 12/09/2005 - 21:51. CISE-IG stands for Computational Intelligence in Software Engineering Interest Group. It is an initiative of RCOST University of Sannio Software systems are basic to modern society; they will be central to complexity of human activities of tomorrow society. CISE-IG is aimed to investigate the adoption of techniques of computational intelligence to make the software we produce more adaptive, predictive, more usable, realiable, of better quality at lower cost. There is no silver bullet to solve problems of scientific and industrial interest in software engineering. More techniques and methods must be mastered in order to find effective solutions. Moreover, effective solutions can result by sinergy of different techniques. CISE-IG does not mean to provide the ultimate solutions to SE problems. Instead, we wish to actively contribute to produce better software for quality and technology, and to reduce costs and industrial risks.

102. Welcome To ISESE 2005 In Noosa Heads
Empirical software engineering.
Empirical Software Engineering

103. Jungclaus Software Engineering
TWAIN toolkits, drivers, utilities and application development tools, and demo software.

104. Untitled Document

105. Software Engineering Laboratory - N.T.U.A.
software engineering Laboratory, National Technical University of Athens.
History, Location, Activities, Layout...
Manuals, Administration, Services, User and Hosted Pages ...
Projects, Publications, Reports, Call for Papers...
Who we are, what we do, info to share...
Latest news from the Laboratory
Things you want to know!
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Server contents at a glance
Change of policy announcement

[National Technical University of Athens]
[Electrical and Computer Engineering department]

106. Foundations Of Software Engineering - Home
The goal of the Foundations of software engineering (FSE) group at MicrosoftResearch in Redmond, Wash., is to improve software development productivity by Home Site Map
Search: All Research Online All Microsoft Research Home About Microsoft Research Research Areas People ... Contact Us
Foundations of Software Engineering Overview People Papers Academics Jobs Overview The goal of the Foundations of Software Engineering (FSE) group at Microsoft Research in Redmond, Wash., is to improve software development productivity by using automated software verification The term automated software verification refers to machine-assisted techniques that compare the actual behavior of a software component with its predicted behavior. Verification can occur at design time or during the program’s execution. Whether static or dynamic, automated verification always operates with respect to a notion of predicted system behavior, which is typically expressed in the form of a specification. Specifications may be generic, for instance the code should not crash, or can be specific to the system. Specification-based software verification can occur at three levels of detail: the system or architecture level, the unit or class level and the source code level. Benefits of introducing specifications are numerous: they document design decisions, they enable early automatic analysis of designs, they enable test to start much earlier, and they allow automatic test case generation and execution. Projects The FSE group addresses automated verification at each of these three stages of the development process. These techniques are:

107. Declarative Systems And Software Engineering Research Group
Department of Electronics and Computer Science. Research in software engineeringand programming languages.
university A-Z sotONLINE home About ECS ... Seminars Featured Project
Open Middleware Infrastructure Institute
Our vision for the Open Middleware Infrstructure Institute (OMII) is for it to become the source for reliable, interoperable and open-source Grid middleware, ensuring the continued success of... [ more Research Themes Business Process Modelling Dependable Systems Design, Automation, Simulation and Optimisation E-Business Technologies ... Prof Peter Henderson . We cover a wide range of activities, with the common theme of the software development process. Our objective is to conduct research which leads to improvements in the quality of software and to reduction in the cost of software development. Who we are ( for all group members click here Find information about: Our research projects. Our publications. Our weekly seminars. Vacancies. Most Recent Publication Computer Support for Narrative Structures.
Henderson, P. and De Silva, N. About ECS Admissions Info Research People ... home

108. The IASTED International Conference On Software Engineering (SE 2005)
software engineering ~SE 2005~ as part of the TwentyThird IASTED InternationalMulti-Conference on Technical Committee on software engineering
INFORMATION The IASTED International Conference on
~SE 2005~

as part of the Twenty-Third IASTED International Multi-Conference on
February 15-17, 2005
Innsbruck, Austria

The International Association of Science and Technology for Development (IASTED)
Technical Committee on Software Engineering CONFERENCE CHAIR
TUTORIAL CHAIR KEYNOTE ADDRESS "Accounting for Software Quality’s Multiple Facets" presented by Dr. Roland T. Mittermeir from the Institute for Informatics Systems at the University of Klagenfurt, Austria TUTORIAL "System Dynamics Simulation A Tool in Support of Software Risk Assessment and Decision Support" presented by Dr. Dietmar Pfahl

109. UAT College Of Software Engineering Degrees: Computer Programming, Networking, S
The college of software engineering offers degrees with majors in application development, computer programming, database programming, game programming, internet development and administration, network engineering, and network security. Careers, and admissions information.
Home> Programs> Collegeofsoftwareengineering
Faculty Jobs Majors ... Special Topic Courses
Find what you're looking for, quickly!

UAT's game development programs are recognized by top video game magazines. CATALOG
Read the latest catalog

UAT has started a new UAT-Online program. Earn a graduate degree in game design, net security or digital animation. SIGN UP FOR A TOUR
Sign up for a tour of the University's campus in Tempe, Arizona. REQUEST INFORMATION
Learn all about classes, students, faculty and life at UAT. We'll send you an information packet.
The Software Engineering program at UAT serves technology students by teaching fundamental concepts and theories behind computer software and hardware. Our students become adept in a range of computer technology. College of Software Engineering curricula promote ongoing research and development, scholarship and teamwork in a technology environment. Students can pursue these majors at the College of Software Engineering: Software Engineering courses focus on the fundamentals of programming concepts, computer systems, hardware elements and operating systems. Students explore programming languages and operating systems in order to develop an understanding of how computers work. Additional topics include artificial life programming, network security, business software development and the Internet.

110. Software Engineering Conferences
software engineering Conferences. And Software Professional Development Opportunities.Future Conferences Local Software Professional Organizations
Software Engineering Conferences
And Software Professional Development Opportunities
Future Conferences
Local Software Professional Organizations Miscellaneous Conference Resources Calendar of Selected Local Professional Society Topics ... Conference Archives
Last Updated 1 February 2005
2005 Conferences
Deadlines for CFPs are not included as they are typically set at 25 weeks out by professional organizations such as ACM and IEEE. Hence you can estimate the CFP date by knowing the conference date. Conferences where artifacts are still accepted will identify how to submit papers on their home page. For Conferences prior to those listed below, please see Conference Archives.
  • 1-4 February 2005 - High Maturity With Statistics - Arlington, Virginia 7-11 February 2005 - International Conference on COTS-Based Software Systems (ICCBSS) - Bilbao, Spain 14-16 February 2005 - European Grid Conference (EGC 2005) - Amsterdam, The Netherlands 22-25 February 2005 - IADIS INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE APPLIED COMPUTING 2005 - Algarve, Portugal 23-27 February 2005 - SIGCSE'05: Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education 2005 - St. Louis, Missouri
  • 111. MIT OpenCourseWare | Electrical Engineering And Computer Science | 6.170 Laborat
    Enrollment may be limited. 12 Engineering Design Points. 6.170 Laboratory insoftware engineering, Fall 2001. Software programming. Software programming
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    • Course Home Syllabus Calendar ... Laboratory in Software Engineering, Fall 2001
      6.170 Laboratory in Software Engineering, Fall 2001
      Highlights of this Course
      This course features a complete set of lecture notes and extensive project-related files and implementation examples (the Gizmoball project). In addition, the tools section includes detailed instructions for all of the software tools used by students in the course. en Espanol or em Portugues courtesy of Universia Download the complete contents of this course.
      Course Description
      This course is a a core electrical engineering computer science subject at MIT. It introduces concepts and techniques relevant to the production of large software systems. Students are taught a programming method based on the recognition and description of useful abstractions. Topics include: modularity; specification; data abstraction; object modeling; design patterns; and testing. Several programming projects of varying size undertaken by students working individually and in groups.
      Prof. Daniel Jackson

    112. ARTILLIGENCE - The Intelligence Behind Technology
    IT software engineering consulting practice.
    Credits Credits

    113. An Algorithmic Approach To English Pluralization
    Research paper by D.M. Conway of the School of Computer Science and software engineering, Monash University. (1998).
    An Algorithmic Approach to English Pluralization
    Damian Conway
    School of Computer Science and Software Engineering
    Monash University
    Clayton 3168, Australia
    This paper discusses some of the issues involved in designing robust and comprehensive algorithms which convert singular English nouns, verbs and adjectives to their appropriate plural forms. Four such algorithms are given: one for each part of speech which inflects in the plural, and a unified algorithm for all such parts of speech. A word comparison algorithm which can identify words which differ only in their grammatical number is also given. Finally, an overview is given of a full implementation of the various algorithms in the Perl programming language.
    The problem of English plurals
    The English language is overburdened with idiosyncratic grammatical features, a legacy of its eclectic accretion over 1500 years . One unfortunate consequence of this otherwise admirable richness is that automatically generating correct English is fraught with difficulty. Composing the simplest of sentences may require quite sophisticated semantic understanding to enable the correct syntax to be chosen. Even at the lexical level it can be a complex matter to correctly inflect the individual words of a sentence to reflect their number, person, mood, case, etc. The use of English plurals in synthetic sentences is a case in point. In computing applications, for example, it is quite common to encounter error messages which jar because they do not correctly inflect for grammatical number:

    114. HitachiSoft
    Deals with basic software for mainframe computers and largescale systems, and networks for government agencies as well as the financial, insurance, and securities industries.
    b ƒz[ƒ€ b b Š”ŽåE“ŠŽ‘‰Æ‚ÌŠF—l‚Ö b b b Ì—pî•ñ b b b Sitemap English î•ñ˜R‰k–hŽ~‚ŁuˆÀ‘Sv‚ƁuˆÀSv‚ð
    [ NetInsight, TELstaff ]

    [ DigitalBoard ]
    [ FeliCa ]

    [ anyWarp ]

    [ CMMIŽx‰‡ƒRƒ“ƒTƒ‹ƒe[ƒVƒ‡ƒ“ ]
    News Release

    `”镶AE ƒVƒŠ[ƒY‚R»•i‚̉pŒê‘Ήž”Å‚ð‚XŒŽ‚æ‚è”Ì”„ŠJŽn`
    more ƒZƒ~ƒi[ uITŽ‘ŽYŠÇ—‚ƃwƒ‹ƒvƒfƒXƒNì‹Æ‚ÌŒø—¦‰»ƒZƒ~ƒi[ v
    y“úŽžz 10ŒŽ5“úi…j15F00`17F30 y‰ïêz ƒmƒxƒ‹Š”Ž®‰ïŽÐ yŽQ‰Á”ïz –³—¿(Ž–‘O“o˜^§) “WŽ¦‰ï FIT2005 Financial Information Technology 2005 y‰ïŠúz 10ŒŽ13“úi–؁j-14“úi‹àj y‰ïêz “Œ‹ž‘ÛƒtƒH[ƒ‰ƒ€ yo“Wz piXterra Žw–¬”FØƒVƒXƒeƒ€ –ä ƒCƒxƒ“ƒg yŽåz WSA-JAPAN ˆ¤E’n‹…”Ž‰ïê‚̉q¯‰æ‘œ 2005 Hitachisoft Calender ³‰ð‚̓Rƒ`ƒ‰ yL•ñŽz ... HitachiSoft Review HitachiSoft Concept book HitachiSoft Concept book2 b ŒÂlî•ñ•ÛŒì‚ÉŠÖ‚µ‚Ä b ƒTƒCƒg‚Ì—˜—pðŒ b

    115. ItmWEB
    A collection of news, resources, and tools for software engineering, computer programming, and information technology management.
    The itm WEB ™ Network ...
    WebRing Index

    A Global Community for IT Professionals Since 1996
    Use Major Search Engines
    IT Forums Features CIO ...
    Browse by Technology Category

    Executive Update: Tech Center Headlines More Technology News Wires...
    Tech Books
    Book Reviews

    More Books...
    Tech Community Information Center
    Charles Oriez:
    Verisign Redirects Bogus Virus Alerts Gunter Gerdenitsch: 10 Email Tips Online Communication Travis Charbeneau: Email Correspondence Good to be King? Jeff Gainer: Expectations Mgmt Process Improvement itmWEB™ Site Objectives itm WEB = information technology management WEB The itmWEB Site™ was established in 1996 by Russ Finney with help from an independent community of IT Executives Consultants , and Educators . It is recognized as an award winning Subscribe to the itmWEB Report Powered by This has to be the most complete IT professional resource site I've ever seen. If you're an IT manager and you're not coming here first thing every morning, you're probably missing out on something important. Tina Gasperson

    116. Tynemarch: UK Specialist Software Engineering Consultancy
    Tynemarch Systems Engineering Ltd. specialises in the field of applied systems analysis and optimisation.
    achieving business efficiency
    Tynemarch specialises in the fields of applied systems analysis and software development. The focus of our consultancy services is on the application of modelling, optimisation and risk analysis techniques with data management systems to ensure cost-effective asset management - optimal capital investment and operating cost minimisation. We are leaders in the development and implementation of forward-looking risk-based capital maintenance planning in the UK water industry. Home About Us Products Services ... Search

    117. ExpertControl - Engineering Software
    Tools for modeling, control design and hydraulics for different development environments such as Mathcad, VisSim, Matlab and MSExcel.
    Home b Products


    ExpertControl provides technical development environments and powerful Engineering Software for Application Areas like Mechanics, Electronic Systems, Mechatronics, Hydraulics , Automotive, Aerospace, etc. For these Application Areas building mathematical models or designing optimized controllers is extremely important. Therefore, ExpertControl provides for different development environments easy-to-use Engineering Software for
    Automatic generation of dynamic simulation models from measured data

    Automatic control design and controller tuning/parametrization
    Realtime Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) and Rapid Prototyping Simulations Fast data compression for 1D and 2D look-up tables / maps Examples
    (click here): Model Generation Controller Design for Matlab ACD Automatic control design and controller parametrization IDCON classic Automatic Model Generation from Measured Data IDCON nonlinear Automatic Model Generation from Measured Data CANbus Hydraulic Hydraulic Blocks for Simulation of Hydraulic Components and Systems ecSIM New Graphical Frontend for Simulink based Standalone Simulation Programs ecICP New ecCST New Control Algorithm incl bumpless switching between controller param. sets

    118. Impact Network Engineering - Welcome
    LANs, WANs, routers, firewalls and cabling. Web design and site hosting, high speed connectivity and custom databases. Sales of hardware, software.
    Impact Network Engineering
    27068 La Paz Rd. #340
    Aliso Viejo, CA 92656-3041
    P: (949) 813-1335
    F: (949) 495-5407
    E: Information
    About LAN Engineering WAN Engineering ... Privacy Policy Microsoft CRM Contact Relationship Managment (CRM). It's important to every company. See how this software will increase your profits and workflow. What makes and effective WAN? Feel like your Wide Area Network is out of control? Let us show you how we bring stability, progress and profitability back to your WAN. ** Schedule On-Site is Under Construction **

    119. Telaterra
    software development outsourcing services, focusing on Web applications, localization and internationalization, and engineering automation. Features tips, service descriptions, and ISO standards list.

    120. Simulation Software For Engineering And Scientific Analysis And Design
    Lowcost simulation software for engineering and science. Analysis and design consulting for communication systems.
    Engineering and Scientific Simulation Software Sophisticated Simulation and Modeling Software for Less Than $40!!!! Soft Analytics Presents: DASE D esign , A nalysis and S imulation E nvironment DASE provides a sophisticated, block-diagram modeling environment for the analysis and design of algorithms, subsystems and systems. Applications have included: digital signal processing (DSP), wireless communication, communication system simulation, control system simulation, signal processing simulation, design, simulation and analysis of satellite communication design, simulation and analysis of flight-control systems, design, simulation and analysis of motion control systems mathematical systems simulation and modeling, receiver design, transmitter design, link analysis and system architecture, DSP algorithm design and simulation digital and analog-based modem simulation and development, coding and modulation simulation, analysis and development and communications waveform simulation, analysis and development. Links to DASE Information: Screen Views Block Library Time Domain Analysis Frequency-Domain Analysis ... Frequently-Asked Questions DASE is extensible through the inclusion of your custom-coded functions. DASE offers a low-cost option for

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