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         Slovakia History:     more books (100)
  1. A History of Slovakia, Second Edition: The Struggle for Survival by Stanislav J. Kirschbaum, 2005-06-04
  2. Changes of Changes: Society and Politics in Slovakia in the 20th Century
  3. History of modern Slovakia by Jozef Lettrich, 1955
  4. Czecho-Slovakia: A critical history by Kurt Glaser, 1980
  5. Executive Report on Strategies in Slovakia, 2000 edition (Strategic Planning Series) by The Slovakia Research Group, The Slovakia Research Group, 2000-11-02
  6. Czecho Slovakia. A Short History by J. F. N. Bradley, 1971
  7. Czechoslovakia: A Short History by J. F. Bradley, 1989-06
  8. Making History: Czech Voices of Dissent and the Revolution of 1989 by Michael Long, 2005-02-28
  9. Historical Dictionary of Slovakia (Historical Dictionaries of Europe) by Stanislav J. Kirschbaum, 2006-01-28
  10. Slovakia: From Samo to Dzurinda (Studies of Nationalities) by Peter A. Toma, Dusan Kovac, 2001-10
  11. Narodne parky Slovenska =: National parks in Slovakia by Vladimir Barta, 1996
  12. Morality of the Past from the Present Perspective:Picture of Morality in Slovakia in the First Half of the Twentieth Century
  13. People of the word: A synopsis of Slovak history by Thomas Klimek Ward, 2000
  14. The development of church organization in Slovakia by Jozef Tomko, 1979

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162. Political Map Of The Czech Republic, Slovakia, And Hungary - World Sites Atlas
A political map showing major cities and towns.
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Political map of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary Information pages (maps, hotels, links, info, etc.):
Czech Republic
Hungary Slovakia
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164. Telecommunications Office
Announcements, information on licensing and regulation, statistics on telecommunications in slovakia.
Telekomunikaèný úrad Slovenskej republiky
Telecommunications Office of the Slovak Republic
Member of Independent Regulators Group (IRG) Associate member of European Regulators Group (ERG) Továrenská 7
P. O. Box 18
810 06 Bratislava 16
Slovak Republic Phone:
Slovak version

Measures of the TO SR Organisational structure ... Tender proceedings

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165. Our Slavic Fellow Citizens
Slovak history. As has been said, tbe Slovaks have no independent history, though the part of thc country which makes their home has been the scene of many
Our Slavic Fellow Citizens - 1910
Slovak Emigration
Chapter VI
Slovak History As has been said, tbe Slovaks have no independent history, though the part of thc country which makes their home has been the scene of many wars and romantic episodes, and the Slovaks have made sturdy fighters on many a bitter field. The capital of the ninth century kingdom of Great Moravia was the Slovak town of Nyitra. The Slovaks have endured successively Polish rule, Magyar rule, Tatar invasions, peaceful incursions af German settlers, Hussite raids, and dynastic wars of Hungary. The most striking episode, however, is the semi-independence in the fourteenth century of Matthew of Trencsen, "Lord of the Waag and the Tatra," who with some thirty fortified castles defied king and pope. Cf. Capek: "The Slovaks of Hungary," page 103; also Seton-Watson: "Racial problems in Hungary," page 23 Continue Back to Our Slavic Fellow Citizens Table of Contents Back to Genealogical Research in Slovakia Back to Genealogical Research in the Czech Republic

166. Slovakia News
News on slovakia continually updated from thousands of sources around the net.
Advanced Search Enter ZIP, City or News Search
Slovakia News

167. Stamps Of Czechoslovakia
Don t miss this chance to share a piece of Czech and Slovak history with your family. Proceeds from the sale of these stamps will go to the support of the
Stamps of Czechoslovakia
Eastern Slovakia
Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn Genealogical Research
We were fortunate to acquire a collection of stamps from what is now the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. The stamps are mostly over 40 years old and feature people, places, and things relating to what was then known as Czechoslovakia. Here is your chance to own a piece of history from the area. Strbske Pleso, Slovak Republic The stamps make a great gift for your children or grandchildren or yourself. Prague, Czech Republic You get 50 different stamps from Czechoslovakia for $5.00 USD. Please add $1.00 USD per order for postage and handling. Don't miss this chance to share a piece of Czech and Slovak history with your family. Proceeds from the sale of these stamps will go to the support of the Searching in Slovakia and Czeching Out Our Ancestors areas of our internet site. To order, just leave email to with a mailing address and we will get your stamps on the way to you along with an invoice for the amount of your order. We can accept only US funds (cash, check, money order) for payments.
    It's All Relative
    2233 Keeven Lane
    Florissant, MO USA 63031-6503

168. AFS | Homepage
For foreign students wanting to come to slovakia (slovakia is but one of many countries one can go to with AFS).
Go to AFS in your country Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Flanders Belgium French Bolivia Brazil Canada Chile China Colombia Costa Rica Czech Republic Denmark Dominican Republic Ecuador Egypt European Federation For Intercultural Learning Finland France Germany Ghana Guatemala Honduras Hong Kong Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Italy Japan Latvia Malaysia Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Panama Paraguay Peru Philippines Portugal Russia Slovakia South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Thailand Turkey United Kingdom United States Venezuela Making a Difference - Today More than Ever
AFS will hold its annual Network Meeting in Torino, Italy on September 21st through the 23rd. Delegates from AFS International Announces Winners of its Student Essay Competition
Torino, Italy – September 21, 2005 Corvallis, Oregon and AFS - The Power of Place and Memory
When one thinks of places and institutions that are associated

169. Magyar Koalíció Pártja
Guide to the political party, candidates, party platform, and election results in slovakia.
A Magyar Koalíció Pártja hivatalos honlapja a cím alatt található! Oficiálna webová stránka Strany maïarskej koalície sa nachádza na adrese The official website of the Party of the Hungarian Coalition is available at Amerikai szerver

170. Roma Refugees' Catch-22 - LLB Nov '98
AntiRoma sentiment permeates Slovak society from top to bottom. The British Government has just introduced visa requirements for migrants from slovakia but asylum applicants are never granted visas, November 1998.
Roma Refugees' Catch-22
Anti-Roma sentiment permeates Slovak society from top to bottom. The British Government has just introduced visa requirements for migrants from Slovakia but asylum applicants are never granted visas. Amanda Sebestyen reports. Apoll conducted by the Social Science Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences in 1992 asked: "What would be your first emotional reaction in terms of accepting or not accepting Gypsies/Roma?" Choosing from seven options, 65.6% of the Slovak respondents answered: "I would expel Roma". In December 1994, in response to a research poll by the Center for Social and Marketing Analysis of Bratislava, 85% of respondents denied that Roma suffered discrimination, but 57% then stated that "Roma are a different group of people so stricter laws should apply to them." Racism against Romany Gypsies in Slovakia has been expressed at the very top. In 1993, recently-ousted Prime Minister Vladimir Meciar demanded welfare cuts to Romany mothers in order to curtail "the reproduction of socially unadaptable and mentally retarded people." He described Romanies as "antisocial, mentally backward, unassimilable and socially unacceptable". Here, the Home Office claims the Roma are not in any danger. It cites civil rights clauses in the Slovak Constitution, yet it is precisely breaches of the constitution that caused Britain in the EU Presidency to reject Slovakia's membership application. Paul Polansky, member of the US Congressional Committee on the Roma issue, has spent the last four years living in Slovak and Czech Romany communities while interviewing Holocaust survivors. He comments on the exodus of Slovak Roma:

171. Slovakia, Slovakia Maps, Slovakia Profile, Slovakia Economy, Slovakia History, S
slovakia Map, slovakia Profile, slovakia flag and other important information on slovakia are provided here.
Maps of World
  • Slovakia Political Map
  • Slovakia Location in World Map
  • Slovakia Location in Europe Map
  • Slovakia Outline Map ...
  • Flag of Slovakia
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  • 172. Dovolenka A Ubytovanie Na Slovensku, Hotely, Chaty, Priváty, Kúpele, Slovensko
    Extensive slovakia accommodation database.
    Vyh¾adávanie Rezervácia Info Môj výber Objekt:
    Vyh¾adávanie z 1855 možností ubytovania: Štát: Slovensko Èesko Rakúsko Maïarsko Chorvátsko Pobyt od dòa: Pobyt do dòa: Kapacita od: Kapacita do: Lokalita: Všetky Abov-Turistická oblas Abrahámovce Andice Bachledova dolina Bachureò-Turistická oblas Bánovce nad Bebravou-Okres Banská Bystrica Banská Bystrica-Okres Banská Bystrica-Kraj Banská Štiavnica Banská Štiavnica-Okres Banský Studenec Bardejov-Okres Bardejovské Kúpele Batizovce Beckov Belá Belá - Dulice Belianske Tatry-Turistická oblas Belušské Slatiny Beòadiková Beòov Beòova Lehota Beòuš Beskydy-Turistická oblas Bešeòová Betliar Biele Karpaty-Turistická oblas Biely Potok Bienska dolina Bobrov Bobrovec Bobrovník Bodice Bojnice Bolešov Branisko-Turistická oblas Bratislava Bratislava-Okres Bratislava-Kraj Braväcovo Brezno Brezno-Okres Brezová pod Bradlom Brezovica Brusno Búè Bukovinka Burda-Turistická oblas Bystrá Bytèa-Okres Bzenica Chlebnice Choèské vrchy-Turistická oblas Chvojnica Cinobaòa Èadca Èadca-Okres Èadeèka Èastá Èavoj Èechy Èekovce Èergov-Turistická oblas Èernová Èertov Èertovica Èervená Skala Èervený Kláštor Èièmany Èierna Lehota Èierny Balog Èimhová Èingov Èremošné Èuèma Dedinky Dekýš Demänová Demänovská Dolina Dešná Detrík Detva-Okres Detva - Pieš Detvianska Huta Devín Diviaky Divín Dlhá nad Oravou Dlžín Dobšiná Dobšinská ¼adová Jaskyòa Dobšinská Maša Dohòany Dolná Lehota Dolný Kubín Dolný Kubín-Okres Dolný Smokovec Dolný Štál Dolný Vadièov Domaša - Dobrá Donovaly Dovalovo Drienica Ïubákovo Dubník Dubová Dubové Dúbrava Duchonka Dudince Dunajská Streda

    173. Slovakia.ORG - BRATISLAVA
    Information of interest to tourists regarding interesting destinations in the city.
    Tourism Regions: Bratislava Trencin Trnava Nitra ... Bratislava
    Not only is Bratislava the largest city in Slovakia, it also serves as the state capitol Furthermore, Bratislava is the seat of the National Council of the Slovak Republic, the Government of the Slovak Republic, national ministries and the other central bodies of the state administration of the Slovak Republic. It is situated in the centre of Europe in the southwestern part of Slovakia. It borders with Hungary in the south and with Austria in the west. The town spreads like a fan on both banks of the Danube River , and at the foot of the Low Carpatians at. Due to its position on the border between the mild and warm climatic zones, it ranks among the warmest spots in Slovakia with an average temperature of 9,9°C. It has 1976,4 hours of sunshine a year and an annual total rainfall is 527,4 mm. Bratislava is the most populous city in the Slovak Republic and its population is 450 000 . An internet site at provides more information about the administration of the city. A major industrial center, Bratislava is known for shipbuilding and the manufacture of furniture, chemicals, tobacco products, musical instruments, woolen goods, and leather products. Points of interest include an 11th-century Gothic cathedral that was restored in the second half of the 19th century; the ruins of the former royal palace of Hungary, on a hill overlooking the city; a 13th-century Franciscan church; the town hall, a 13th-century edifice; the

    174. SKABA - Slovak Association For Business Assistance
    Organization focusing on supporting small and mediumsized businesses in slovakia through domestic and foreign business subjects. Site features economical characteristics of slovakia and lists associated members.
    Contact Slovak Association for Business Assistance Miletičova 23 821 09 Bratislava Slovak Republic Tel.: +421 2 556 440 86 Fax: +421 2 556 440 85 E-mail:
    Services for foreign subject
    About us Services for domestic subjects Services for foreign subject
    • provides information for potential investors interested in development of business activities in Slovakia, compiles database of slovak entrepreneurs, in cooperation with partners offers package of services related to establishment in Slovakia, assists in search of appropriate business partners, subcontractors and mediation of communication with them.
    About us SKABA, which was established at the end of the year 2003, is association supporting business activities in Slovakia. It is focusing on supporting small and middle businesses in Slovakia through domestic and foreign business subjects. Association SKABA is oriented not only to support inflow of foreign investment into Slovakia but also in context of admission of Slovakia to European Union, assists presentation and integration of slovak subjects into united european market.
    Association cooperates and bases on professional knowledge and experiences of strategic partners. Following this cooperation it offers a complete package of services for foreign and domestic subjects in development of business activities on slovak and also european market.

    175. Czech And Slovak Community Site
    An online community for people interested in the Czech Republic and slovakia with forums, ecards, and a newsletter.
    If you are looking for Slovak related images for your business/personal print media or web site, please check out
    Foreign Exchange
    Learn Slovak
    Email Newsletter

    News, events, and more!" To be added to mailing list, enter your email address below and click Sign Up button.
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    Au Pair Search
    Sign up is free. There are many Czech and Slovak au pairs looking to come to the US. Czech Republic Prague Czech News
    Slovak Recipes
    ... Slovak Links
    Welcome to! The purpose of this web site is to offer Americans with Czech or Slovak backgrounds a resource where you can find and share information about the Czech Republic or Slovakia, or find and share information pertaining to Czech and Slovak groups in the US. The founders of this web site (one who is 50% Czech and an American and the other is a Slovak national) understand that some people might not like the lumping of Czech and Slovak together. We are very aware that these are two unique and separate countries but most community groups in the United States seem to be labeled as "Czech" even if the group is made up of both Czechs and Slovaks. We are not trying in any way to promote unifying the two countries. They should be independent and proud to be independent.

    176.   Slovakia - In Your Pocket
    Reference guide including links to visa, hotel, and tourist information.
    In Your Pocket
    Destinations Albania  Tirana Belarus  Minsk Croatia  Rijeka  Samobor  Zadar  Zagreb Czech Republic  Ceský Krumlov  Prague Estonia  Haapsalu  Pärnu  Tallinn  Tartu Germany  Berlin  Frankfurt  Munich Hungary  Budapest  Szentendre Latvia  Bauska  Burtnieki  Cesis  Jelgava  Jurmala  Kolka  Kuldiga  Liepaja  Mezaparks  Riga  Salaspils  Sigulda Lithuania  Druskininkai  Ignalina  Kaunas  Kedainiai  Klaipëda  Nida  Palanga  Siauliai  Trakai  Vilnius  Visaginas  Zarasai

    An important event of Slovak history were the victories won over the Hungarian guards by the Slovak volunteers fighting for the rights of Slovaks at the

    178. Slovakia Document Store - - Guide To Slovakia
    Comprehensive information regarding the Slovak Republic.
    This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

    179. SHL Newsletter Spring 2004
    The first section, the calendar, presents Slovak history from the first evidence about human beings on Slovak territory up to the events that took place in
    Slovak Heritage Live Genealogical research Ancestral Village Videos Ancestral Village Photography ...
    village or town in Slovakia
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    In December we had visits from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Israel, Japan, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, Romania, Slovak Republic, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Yugoslavia and we had received 214828 hits...

    180. AVON Cosmetics Slovakia
    Priamy predaj kozmetiky, katalogy, akcie a sºÅ¥aže, starostlivosÅ¥ o kr¡su a zdravie.
    location = "/PRSuite/index.jsp";

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