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         Slovakia History:     more books (100)
  1. Slovak Politics: Essays on Slovak History in Honour of Joseph M. Kirschbaum
  2. Decentralization and Transition in the Visegrad: Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia (Studies in Economic Transition)

141. - FORWARDING -> Http://
Includes information about cars, owner meetings, aircrafts, trains, tuning, and stickers.

142. Civil Service Office
Government office responsible for recruitment and setting of standards for slovakia's civil servants. Contains relevant laws and description of the Office.

143. Slovakia News
Online directory of magazines, newspapers and news from slovakia.
Slovakia News
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All Magazines Newspapers
World News Europe Slovakia News

Capital: Bratislava
Area: 48,845 sq km
Currency: Slovak koruna (SKK)
Internet Code: .sk Telephone Code: Slovakia Newspapers Hospodarske Noviny Add to My News Katolicke Noviny Add to My News Komarnanske Listy Add to My News Liptov Add to My News Narodna Obroda Add to My News Novy Cas Add to My News Internet edition of the most popular newspaper in Slovakia Praca Add to My News Pravda Add to My News Add to My News Slovak Spectator Add to My News Slovak Spectator, Slovakia weekly, newspaper, business in Slovakia, breaking news. SME Add to My News Slovak daily SME: international, national and local news coverage from the newspaper, non-stop updates, technology news, sports, reviews, and classified ad listings. Sport Add to My News Uj Szo Add to My News Slovakia Magazines Art Business Children's Computer ... Women News from Neighboring Countries Austria News Czech Republic News Hungary News Poland News ... Ukraine News News - World Regions Africa Asia Europe North America ... South America Request FREE Information!

144. Education In Slovakia - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Overview of Slovak education system.
Education in Slovakia
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Education in Slovakia consists of a free education system based on 9 years of compulsory school attendance.
  • General characteristics History System edit
    General characteristics
    Most schools, especially universities, are owned by the state, though since the there are also church owned and private schools (see Statistics section). Slovakia has a 9 years compulsory education (10 years were prescribed between 1984 and 1990), meaning that everybody must finish primary education at least. Students go to school five days a week, from Monday till Friday. Saturdays as school days were cancelled before the 1980s. School holidays are from the 1st of July till the end of August (at universities also in June), a week around Christmas and Easter , and on official holidays. A school year consists of two semesters. The first one ends at the end of January in all schools, the second one before the beginning of the summer holidays (see above). Primary and secondary school students usually have around 6 classes a day (less at the beginning of the education, more later). Classes last for 45 minutes, and there are breaks between them (several short ones and one longer one – the so-called "big break"). The state financed education and all textbooks and instructional material below the university level are free (returned at the end of the semestre) – in most cases at least. Students at standard schools receive marks in almost all subjects. The marks go from 1 (best) to 5 (worst), including intermediary marks such as 2- (i.e. between 2 and 3). Compared to western European countries, there is an intrinsic "tradition" of teachers granting students rather marks at the "good" end of the scale, i.e. more 1s, 2s and 3s than they would receive in western Europe, for example. Students below the university level receive school reports (lists of final marks) at the end of each semester.

145. Doberman Klub Slovenská Republika
Novinky, hist³ria plemena, Å¡tandardy, inform¡cie o chove a fotoalb¡.
Stránky klubu chovate¾ov dobermanov Webseite über Dobermann klub SR Website of Doberman club SR Stránky klubu chovate¾ov dobermanov Webseite über Dobermann klub SR Website of Doberman club SR

146. || HUMMER SLOVAKIA S.r.o.
Ponuka vozidiel a pr­sluÅ¡enstva, vodn½ch a snežn½ch skºtrov, fotogal©ria, servis.

147. Slovenská Esperantská Mládež – Slovakia Esperanta Junularo – S
Artikoloj pri lingvaj demokratio, diverseco kaj egaleco.



Pri ni

Žilinsk¡ zlat¡ jeseň
SºÄ¾ovsk© skaly
Žilinaa ora aŭtuno
SºÄ¾ovsk© skaly
Slovakia esperanta junularo Esperanton Pli informoj pri SKEJ. Peter BALÅ½ Mlad­ sa vo Vilniuse nenudili Program pre mlad½ch bol pestr½: uksutočnili sa v½lety ..., diskot©ky, Å¡kola litovsk½ch n¡rodn½ch tancov, ručn© pr¡ce (tvorba origami, vyr¡banie papierov½ch drakov...), premietanie filmov s esperantsk½mi titulkami (Animatrix, Hodiny...), predn¡Å¡ka o E@I (¡no aj o 24:00 je možn© predn¡Å¡aÅ¥ a neuspaÅ¥ pritom vÅ¡etk½ch posluch¡Äov)... viac... Peter BALÅ½ Gejunuloj en Vilno ne enuis La programo por la junularo estis bunta: okazis ekskursoj ..., koncertoj (de MiÄ¥ail Povorin, loka roka bando...), diskotekoj, instruado de litovaj naciaj popol-dancoj, manlaboroj (farado de origami, de flugdrakoj...), spektado de E-subtekstitaj filmoj (Animatrico, Horoj...), prelego pri E@I (jes, ankaÅ­ je la 24:00 hora eblas prelegi - kaj eĉ ne dormigi ĉiujn ĉeestantojn)... pli...

148. Istrochem - Úvod - Úvodná Stránka
Explosives manufacturer in slovakia
Istrochem vám predstavuje
svoju èinnos a históriu ISTROCHEM a.s. je jedna z najvýznamnejších spoloèností chemického priemyslu na Slovensku a významná súèas Agrofert Holding a.s. - medzinárodného holdingu globálne pôsobiaceho v chemickom priemysle, po¾nohospodárstve a potravinárstve
Úvod Produkty O spoloènosti ... Kontakt

149. Együttélés / Coexistence /Spolužitie
Centrebased political movement news, current events, and overview of goals in slovakia.
EGYÜTTÉLÉS — SPOLUZITIE — CO-EXISTENCE Politikai Mozgalom — Politické hnutie — Political Movement Ez az oldal archívum! A mozgalom 1998-ban megszûnt, a Magyar Kereszténydemokrata Mozgalommal és a Magyar Polgári Párttal együtt létrehozta a Magyar Kolaíció Pártját! Az MKP hivatalos honlapja a címen található! Táto stránka je archívna! Spolužitie spolu s Maïarským kresanskodemokratickým hnutím a Maïarskou obèianskou stranou v roku 1998 vytvorili Stranu maïarskej koalície. oficiálna webová stránka SMK je na adrese Adr.: SLOVAKIA — 814 99 Bratislava/Pozsony/Pressburg, P.O.Box 44 Telefon/Fax: +421—7/392 564; 397 877, E-MAIL: LEVÉL küldése az Együttélésnek / Send MAIL to Co-existence / DOPIS pre Spoluzitie

CONTENTS ... webmaster: Oriskó Norbert Látogatók száma: .1997. október 23 óta

150. SLOVAKIA.ORG - Roma In Slovakia
Roma in slovakia.
Slovaks vs. Czechs on Gypsies
Society: General Miscellaneous Sport Entertainment
by The Economist
Society: General Miscellaneous Sport Entertainment Please read the notice before using this site.

151. TravelGuide.SK. Well-appointed Accommodation Services. Hotels. Restaurant. Spas.
Guide listing hotels and restaurants all over slovakia.
Find accommodation
According to tourist regions

By district


Booking conditions
Accommodation services and categories

Tip of the Week
Tourist Service

Weather in Slovak Republic

Foreign embassies in the Slovak Republic
Slovak embassies abroad ... Holidays during the year 2005 We cooperate The HotelGuide book
Atlas of accommodation facilities in the Slovak Republic HOTEL GUIDE 2005. Order. + ROAD MAP Find accommodation: City, Town: Name of the Facility: Advanced search... Contact us Do you need advice, to ensure a reservation, do you prefer a personal contact? Send a request by e-mail Call: Comments, feedback Welcome to our web site Travel server introduces the most complete list of accommodation in Slovakia. You can find here over 2300 entries about hotels, pensions, motels, campsites, chalets leisure centres and accommodation in private houses. In chapter Congresses we offer you the selection of congress facilities to organise your business meetings, training or seminars. To satisfy your body as well as your soul in chapter Spas we deliver the list of spas and spa centres with specific treatment indications.

152. Slovensko Online - Ubytovanie, Kúpele, Sprievodca ...
Str¡nky o Slovensku, ponuka ubytovania, inform¡cie o regi³noch a pr­rodn½ch zauj­mavosÅ¥ach.
Slovakia spa resortsCatering servisSlovenskoKúpele ... Cestovné kancelárie
POINT NETWORK : Slovensko hokej lupa mobil ... avizo SKonline network : Kúpele Cestovné kancelárie Catering Austrália ... Kempingy
menuLoadState(18); Slovensko ako miesto pre oddych a dovolenku? Urèite áno! Slovensko ponúka široký výber ubytovania, Slovensko ma svetoznáme kúpele, Slovensko ponúka široké spektrum služieb v cestovnom ruchu. Neváhajte a zažite Slovensko s SKonline Súaž o víkendový pobyt v kúpe¾och Nimnica. Kúpele

Spoznajte "staré Slovensko" a život svojich predkov ...

153. Sario - Slovak Investment And Trade Development Agency
The state agency supports foreign direct investment. Site features information on investment possibilities in slovakia, including green field investment, industrial parks and appropriate real estates.
Médiá FAQ Site map Search ... Výzva
Agentúra SARIO sa aktívne podieµala na prestí¾nej odbornej konferencii venovanej problematike logist [SARIO, 23. 9. 2005] Generálny riaditeµ agentúry SARIO, Ing. Roman Kuruc sa 9. septembra 2005 zúèastnil prestí¾nej odbornej konferencie pod názvom BVL LOGISTIKMÄRKTE IN DEN MOE - STAATEN.
Banskobystrický kraj má nového zahranièného investora
[Smer magazín, 2. 8. 2005] Do Banskobystrického kraja pri¹iel nový investor. Je ním nemecká firma Burgmaier. Svoj nový závod postaví v katastri obce Vígµa¹.
Do Kechneca dnes oficiálne dorazí 11,5-miliardová investícia Getrag Ford
Kechnec - Táto neveµká obec pri maïarských hraniciach za¾ije dnes asi najvýznamnej¹iu udalos» vo svojich dejinách.
PP v Poprade v 1. etape ponúkne do tisíc pracovných miest
[SITA, 30. 6. 2005] Mesto Poprad získalo na výstavbu priemyselného parku 157 mil. Sk z Európskeho fondu regionálneho rozvoja, z vlastných prostriedkov poskytne ïal¹ích 22 mil. Sk
Dohoda o spolupráci
[SARIO, 24. 6. 2005]
Ïal¹ie správy


154. The Slovak Republic, Outreach World
Map of Slovak Republic. Slovak Republic in a Nutshell. Slovak history in a Nutshell. Key Moments in Slovak history. Slovak history Summary and Details

155. SLOVAKIA.ORG - Culture
Information about cultural resources related to slovakia.
Slovak Culture
Culture: Synopsis Featured Exhibitions
Historical Cultural Synopsis The emergence of culture and of Slovak national literature came late. Elements of the Slovakian spoken language appeared in literary texts during the centuries preceding the 18th century, but Anton Bernolák (1762-1813) was the first who attempted to create a literary language. Bernolák's language was used by two talented writers, Jozef Ignác Bajza (1755-1836), the author of the first Slovakian novel, and the famous classical poet Ján Hollý (1785-1849), who wrote his epic poems in alexandrine verse in order to prove the Slovakian language malleable enough to be equal to complicated forms of ancient poetry. 19th Century This language, based on the dialect from central Slovakia, was adopted by the entire nation. Inspired by the Helegian philosophy, he developed the concept of Slovakian romanticism, whose main characteristics are the pre-eminence of patriotic thought and the attachment to popular traditions. During the difficult period of forced "Hungary-isation" that followed the missed revolution of 1948, a few writers endeavoured to maintain the morale of a population progressively stripped of its' culture.

156. Excite - Travel Guide - Destination
Includes a country fact sheet, a what to do guide, accommodation information and news.,20310,Europe-519,00.html
Travel Home Europe Slovakia Flights Cars Hotels DESTINATION SLOVAKIA (Click to view map) Slovakia, the former Czechoslovakia's less glamourous partner, emerged dishevelled and sleepy after the 'Velvet Revolution' of 1989. Although it's now holding its own in a rebuilding Eastern bloc, there's a refreshing absence of Prague-style glitz and clamour. The capital, Bratislava, is small and cheerful with a surprisingly accomplished cultural life; the High Tatras are as rugged a range as any in Eastern Europe and the peasant traditions of rural Slovakia are still evident in the villages. You'll find the Slovaks to be extremely warm, friendly people prepared to go out of their way to help you enjoy their country.
Getting There, Getting Around Information Station Off the Beaten Track ... Recommended Reading document.write(''); (Click to view images) Powered by
Although we've tried to make the information on this web site as accurate as possible, we accept no responsibility for any loss, injury or inconvenience sustained by any person resulting from information published on this site. We encourage you to verify any critical information with the relevant authorities before you travel. This includes information on visa requirements, health and safety, customs, and transportation.

157. Scouting Around The World - Slovakia
index of web pages in slovakia.
Scouting around the world - Local pages - Slovakia
A growing number of people maintain information services about their own unit, district or council. Here is a list of all sites that I know of, most of which were announced on any of the mailinglists or on the rec.scouting newsgroup The number of Slovak Scouting sites has grown large enough to deserve a separate page. Other countries can be found through the main index.
Slovensky Skauting
Back to the InterNETional Scouting Page
Last modified: Thu Aug 5 18:18:28 1999

158. Slovakia Document Store - - Guide To Slovakia
Your guide to the Slovak Republic.
This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

Predaj a inÅ¡tal¡cia z¡hradn©ho n¡bytku a z¡hradn½ch stavieb.

160. Research
Slovak history and Its Relevance in the Present, Ambassadorial Seminar, US Department of State, July 2001. The Reform of Higher Education in East Central
Research Conference Papers Public Lectures Reviews Other Articles Last Best Chance or Last Gasp? The Compromise of 1905 and Czech Politics in Moravia Austrian History Yearbook , Vol. XXXIV, (2003), 279-301 Feminism, Pragmatism or Both? Czech Radical Nationalism and the Woman Question, 1898-1914 Nationalities Papers An Unlikely Partnership: The Search For Peace and Understanding in East Central Europe, 1910-1914 Kosmas: Czechoslovak and Central European Journal , 14/2, 2001, pp. 28-38. Traitors Everywhere! Scandal Trials in the Late Habsburg Monarchy Nationalities Papers , 27/2, 1999, pp. 175-189 Taking it to the Streets: Czech National Socialists in 1908 Austrian History Yearbook , Vol. XXIX, (1998), pp. 93-112. The Czech National Council and the Slovaks, 1900-1914 Kosmas: Czechoslovak and Central European Journal , Vol. XII, No. 2 (Fall, 1997), pp. 99-118 Bratislava, ville-frontiere sur le Danube A qui appartient-elle?

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