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         Slovakia History:     more books (100)
  1. Women and the Slovakian National Movement: Gender and Class As Components of National Efforts in Slovakia 1848 Until 1990 by Nora Weber, 1999-11
  2. Slovakia's six eventful months: (October 1938-March 1939) by František Vnuk, 1964
  3. The Jews on the Danube: A timeline through history by Cindy Halpern, 2002
  4. The tragedy of Slovak Jewry in Slovakia by Louis Mandel, 1950
  5. Czecho-Slovakia since occupation by Brackett Lewis, 1939
  6. Continuity and change: The media in Slovakia by Jeremy Druker, 1994
  7. World War II: OSS Tragedy in Slovakia by Jim Downs, 2002-05-01
  8. 21st Century Complete Guide to Slovakia (Slovak Republic) - Encyclopedic Coverage, Country Profile, History, DOD, State Dept., White House, CIA Factbook (Two CD-ROM Set) by U.S. Government, 2007-10-11
  9. Germany's First Ally: Armed Forces of the Slovak State 1939-1945 (Schiffer Military History) by Charles K. Kliment, Bretislav Nakladal, 1998-10
  10. Pictures (Visual Geography. Second Series) by Visual Geography Series, 1995-11
  11. Axis Slovakia: Hitler's Slavic Wedge, 1938-1945 by Mark W. A. Axworthy, 2002-09-25
  12. Slovakia (Bibliotheca historica) by Ismo Nurmi, 2000-01-01
  13. Hungary and Slovakia: Two Lost Jewish Communities by Rabbi Wein, 2000
  14. The Rise and Fall of Investment Companies in Slovakia.: An article from: Journal of Economic Issues by Eric R. Hake, 2000-09-01

101. WHKMLA : History Of Slovakia, ToC
Virtual Library history slovakia; Internet Resources for Slovak Studies history, from Slavweb history of slovakia, from history of slovakia
Hungary Czech Republic First posted on July 8th 2002, last revised on February 5th 2005
Greater Moravia, 833-906

Slovakia 906-1241

Slovakia 1241-1526

Slovakia 1526-1683
Czechoslovakia 1969-1989

Historical Atlas, Slovakia Page
FILES Slovak Bookstore
CIA World Factbook : Slovakia ; BBC Country Profile : Slovakia
Virtual Library History : Slovakia ; Internet Resources for Slovak Studies : History, from Slavweb History of Slovakia, from History of Slovakia, from History of Slovakia, from Slovakia Document Store Timeline, from Slovakia Document Store , another one from ; from BBC News Chronology of Catholic Dioceses : Slovakia, from Kirken i Norge Political Resources on the Web : Slovakia For the Record 2000 : Slovakia , from UN Human Rights System Internet Resources for Slovak Studies : Culture, from Slavweb Czech and Slovak Literature in English, from James Naughton's Home Page Monetary Reform in Slovakia in the 20th Century, article by Maria Kackovicova A Global History of Currencies : Slovakia History of the (Greek Catholic) Slovakian Church, from

102. Gateway To Slovakia - Welcome To The Gateway To Slovakia
Independent, privately funded organisation offering intermediary services to UK firms who intend to do business in slovakia.
Latest news: Rules on investment incentives for investors planned Slovak unemployment rate second highest in the EU Interest in Slovak airport privatization mounting Please note that you may need to set up a free login on the news website. Gateway to Slovakia in the news at: Last update on:
5 September 2005 Gateway to Slovakia is an independent, privately funded consultancy offering a range of services to anyone who intends to do business in Slovakia . We specialise in assisting UK firms, but even if you are based outside the UK, you might still be able to benefit from our services. Could Slovakia could be the perfect source for the goods, services or materials that you currently buy elsewhere? Low cost base of Slovak businesses and its membership in the EU (from 1.5.2004) means that you will be able to reduce your costs and increase your profits.
We will help you evaluate the opportunity, look for suppliers in Slovakia, open and conduct negotiations in Slovakia and even close the deal acting under your instructions.
Would you like to find out more about importing from Slovakia?

103. Slovaks And Slovakia Home Page
Includes information about travelling, language, genealogy, art and traditions, and people abroad.
Discussion Forum

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Travel Slovakia

Slovak Language

Slovaks in Canada
Other Canadian-Slovak

Language CD Videos ... Discussion Forum Please Note: You will need the free RealMedia Player to hear and see some of WEB pages. Site Webmaster is Ondro Mihal at
Last update: Sept. 8, 2000

104. Economy Of Slovakia - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Encyclopedia article with data on foreign trade, GDP and labor force.
Economy of Slovakia
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
This article is out of date. edit
Slovakia continues the difficult transition from a centrally planned economy to a modern market economy (a reform slowed in the 1994-98 period due to the crony capitalism and other fiscal policies of Prime Minister Vladimir Meciar's government). While economic growth and other fundamentals improved steadily during Meciar's term, public and private debt and trade deficits soared, and privatization , often tarnished by corrupt insider deals, progressed only in fits and starts. Real annual GDP growth peaked at 6.5% in 1995 but declined to 1.3% in 1999. For all of 2002, real GDP rose 4.4%. Slovakia started 1999 faced with a sharp slowdown in GDP growth, large budget and current account deficits, fast-growing external debt, and persisting corruption, but made considerable progress toward achieving macroeconomic stabilization later in the year. Tough austerity measures implemented in May cut the overall fiscal deficit from 6% in 1998 to under 4% of GDP, and the current account deficit was halved to an estimated 5% of GDP. Slovakia was invited by the European Union in December to begin accession negotiations early in 2000. Foreign investor interest, although rising, has not yet led to actual deals; several credit rating agencies have upgraded their outlook for the country. However, Slovakia's fiscal position remains weak; inflation and unemployment remain high; and the government is only now addressing the structural problems inherited from the

105. Tours Of Slovakia Czech Poland Hungary Austria
Includes genealogy information, recipes, a dictionary and a travel guide.
Home We have some great ideas for Summer 2005

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106. Slovakia Photo Diary
Set of pictures of Slovak cities, towns and villages taken in April and May of 2001.
Other Diaries and Sketches:
Angkor (Cambodia)

Bangkok (Thailand)

Barcelona 2004 (Spain)

Barcelona 2005 (Spain)


South India


... Robert Bremec

107. SLOVAKIA.ORG - Travel Guide & Information For Tourists
Travel guide and tourist information for slovakia.
There's a refreshing absence of McDonald's-style commercialism that is rampant across Western Europe. Quaint and jovial with a surprisingly rich cultural life, Bratislava is a capital city without the usual congestion. The High Tatras are a magnificent range of mountains dotted with villages with deep peasant traditions. You'll find Slovaks to be an extremely helpful, pleasant people prepared to go out of their way to welcome you. From folk festivals, to castle tours to snow boarding and hiking you'll find Slovakia a spectacular country to visit. If your knowledge of Slovakia is very limited please proceed to the F.A.Q. and Important Information sections first. Important Information F.A.Q. Visa Information Key Phrases in Slovak (audio) ... Links to Resources Or proceed to the Eight Region overview to learn more about a specific part of the country
Please read the notice before using this site.

108. Czech And Slovak History: An Annotated Bibliography (European Reading Room, Libr
Czech and Slovak history An Annotated Bibliography (European Reading Room, Library of Congress).
The Library of Congress Especially for Researchers Research Centers Home Czech and Slovak History Find in European Division Pages Researchers Web Pages All Library of Congress Pages
Czech and Slovak History: An American Bibliography
Compiled by George J. Kovtun
Introductory Essay by Stanley B. Winters Table of Contents
This selective English-language bibliography is based mainly on materials published in the United States. The main source for the selection of the monographs was the Library of Congress computerized catalog. Periodical articles were selected from ca. 70 periodicals, most of them published in America. The criterion for the selection was usefulness for the study of Czech and Slovak history and for the general reader's interest in historical developments relating to the Czech Lands and Slovakia. Although scholarly quality and factographic reliability received the first consideration, in some instances items that were obviously propagandistic and biased were not omitted if they could be regarded as documentary testimony of certain attitudes or prejudices. The bibliography, the first of its kind and with all the necessary limitations, aims at offering an extensive coverage of the field.

109. Czech And Slovak History: An Annotated Bibliography (European Reading Room, Libr
Czech and Slovak history An Annotated Bibliography (European Reading Room, Library of Congress).
The Library of Congress Especially for Researchers Research Centers Home ... Czech and Slovak History Find in European Division Pages Researchers Web Pages All Library of Congress Pages
Czech and Slovak History: An American Bibliography
Compiled by George J. Kovtun
Introductory Essay by Stanley B. Winters
Table of Contents
The First World War 1914-1918 and Its Aftermath
Austrian Terrorism in Bohemia . With an introduction by Professor T. G. Masaryk. (London): Czech National Alliance in Great Britain [1916?] 38p. Discusses persecution of Karel Kramar and other acts of repression. Chapter 1 originally appeared in New Statesman in June, 1916, Chapters 2 and 3 are reprints from La Nation Tcheque of May and June, 1916. Baerlein, Henry P. The March of Seventy Thousand . London: L. Parsons [1926] 287p. Czechoslovak Legion in Russia. - - New York: Arno Press, 1971. 287p. Balawyder, A. "The Czechoslovak Legion Crosses Canada, 1920." East European Quarterly 6, no. 2 (June 1972): 177-91.

110. Medicinske Centrum Slovakia
Ofici¡lne zastºpenie Andrean Medicine Centre na Slovensku. Online predaj produktov Vilcacora, Maca

111. Exploring Slovakia
Specialising in yearround guided tours for small private groups and individuals.

Interactive maps of Slovak cities with street searching capabilities.

B. Bystrica Košice Nitra ... Slovensko Vyh¾adávanie: Dalšie mapy: Slovensko Bánovce nad Bebravou Banská Bystrica Banská Štiavnica Bardejov Bratislava Brezno Brezová pod Bradlom Bytèa Èadca Èierna nad Tisou Detva Dolný Kubín Dubnica nad Váhom Dunajská Streda Fi¾akovo Galanta Gelnica Giraltovce Handlová Hanušovce Hlohovec Hnúša Hriòová Humenné Hurbanovo Ilava Kežmarok Komárno Košice Krá¾ovský Chlmec Kremnica Krompachy Krupina Kysucké nové Mesto Leopoldov Levice Levoèa Lipany Liptovský MikulᚠLuèenec Malacky Martin-Vrútky Medzilaborce Michalovce Modra Moldava nad Bodvou Myjava Námestovo Nemšová Nitra Nová Dubnica Nové M. nad Váhom Nové Zámky Partizánske Pezinok Piešany Podolínec Poltár Poprad Považská Bystrica Prievidza-Bojnice Prešov Púchov Rajec Rajecké Teplice Revúca Rimavská Sobota Rožòava Ružomberok Sabinov Seèovce Senec Senica Sereï Skalica Sliaè Smižany Snina Spišská Belá Spišská Nová Ves Spišská Stará Ves Spišské Podhradie Spišské Vlachy Sobrance Stará ¼ubovòa Stará Turá Starý Smokovec Strážske Stropkov Stupava Svätý Jur Svidník Svit Ša¾a Štúrovo Tlmaèe Topo¾èany Trebišov Trenèianske Teplice Trenèín Trnava Trstená Turèianske Teplice Turzovka Tvrdošín Ve¾ké Kapušany Ve¾ký Krtíš Ve¾ký Meder Ve¾ký Šariš Vráble Vranov nad Top¾ou Vrbové Zlaté Moravce Zvolen Žarnovica Žiar nad Hronom Žilina
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Životné prostredie Zváranie a rezanie Elektronika ... Papier

The Slovak wing of an international program of yearround sports training and athletics competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with mental retardation.
Slovenské hnutie špeciálnych olympiád
Nagano - výsledky našich športovcov

Landererova 1, SK-811 09 Bratislava 1, Slovak Republic
Tel.: +421-2-50633047, Tel./Fax: +421-2-50633055, E-mail:
Regionálne centrum Košice , Hlavná 68, SK-040 01 Košice 1
Tel./Fax: +421-55-6257611, E-mail:
Ïakujeme za návštevu. Thank you for your visit.

115. National Bank Of Slovakia
Provides information on monetary policy, Slovak crown exchange rates, selected macroeconomic indicators and the national currency.
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116. SLOVENSKO.COM - Economic News From Slovakia
News, featured stories, guides and dictionaries on Slovak economy, market, business and finance.

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Economic News from Slovakia
News from the economic sphere, currency exchange rates, statistics...
About Slovakia




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    118. ::[ Irish Wolfhound Slovakia ]::
    Inform¡cie a sp´sob v½chovy ­rskych vlkodavov.

    Štandard írskeho vlkodava
    Chovate¾ský a zápisný poriadok Kàmenie írskych vlkodavov Veterina (choroby, oèkovanie, odèervovanie..) ... Ako pripravova psíka na výstavy Spôsob výchovy írskych vlkodavov. Èím a ako èasto krmi. Najbežnejšie choroby írskych vlkodavov, ich lieèenie, oèkovanie. Kupujeme šteniatko. Osobné skúsenosti chovate¾ov. Informácie o výstavách. Aké su typy výstav. Èo je to CAC, CACIB, BOB, ... Ako pripravova psíka na výstavy, ako ho upravi. Postrehy ¾udí z výstav. Rodokmene írskych vlkodavov zo Slovenska, Èiech a blízkeho aj vzdialenejšieho okolia. viac viac viac Inzeráty Kúpim: Predám: Rôzne: Novinky a oznamy Memoriál MVDr. D. Kocúrovej, CACT, 9.10.2005 Inzeráty na bez PP psíkov 888 nových záznamov do IWS Pedigree Vyjadrenie k "Zápisnici z mimoriadnej èlenskej schôdze 25.1.2004 v Trenèíne" ... ...viac Èlánky a príspevky Canisterapie Na èo mi je preukaz o pôvode Privolanie Dovolenka so psom - ŽIADNY PROBLÉM ! ... ...viac Vaše názory a reakcie Re: Preèo vlkodav (Kým sa rozhodnete pre kúpu) (02.09.2005 13:47 - Mirra) Re: Preèo vlkodav (Kým sa rozhodnete pre kúpu) (02.09.2005 13:47 - Mirra) Re: Preèo vlkodav (Kým sa rozhodnete pre kúpu) Re: Výživa írskeho vlkodava (25.09.2003 13:12 - Lila) ... ...viac
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    119. Stilcar S.r.o. SUBARU KOSICE
    Autorizovan½ import©r Subaru pre SR.

    120. UEA.ORG: Esperanto-organizoj En Slovakio
    Adreso de la landa Esperantoasocio.
    uea interne landoj
    Slovakia Esperanta Federacio
    Adreso: Telefono: Retejo: Prezidanto: Membroj: Organo: Esperantisto Slovaka (4 n-roj). Red. adreso:
    Slovakia Esperanta Junularo
    Adreso: Retejo: Prezidanto: Membroj: Organo: Retlisto:
    enhavo kontaktu nin

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