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         Sledding:     more books (77)
  1. The Sledding Hill by Chris Crutcher, 2006-09-01
  2. Curious George Goes Sledding
  3. Curious George Goes Sledding by Margret Rey, Alan J. Shalleck, 1988-11-01
  4. SLEDDINGLB by Winthrop, 1989-10-01
  5. Piggy and Dad Play: 4 Brand New Readers: Sledding/ Play Ball!/ Water Balloons/ Lemonade for Sale by David Martin, 2002-05-01
  6. Let's Go Sledding (Metzger, Steve. Dinofours.) by Steve Metzger, 2003-02
  7. Cleopatra Goes Sledding by Andre, Illustrated by Tomi Ungerer Hodeir, 1967
  8. The Dinofours: Let's Go Sledding by Steve Metzger, 2002
  9. Sledding on Hospital Hill: Poems by Leland Kinsey, 2003-01-01
  10. The Howards go sledding by Jan Wahl, 1964
  11. SAFE SLEDDING.(Recreation)(Two new `snow play' areas added in Central Cascades): An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR) by Gale Reference Team, 2008-01-01
  12. Red Ridinghood goes sledding by Charlotte Steiner, 1962
  13. Sledding: Easy Olympic Sports Readers (U. S. Olympic Committee Easy Olympic Sports Readers Series)
  14. The Howards Go Sledding (Holt Owlet)

121. Charity Dog Sledding In The Arctic Circle. ATD Charity Challenges
Charity Dogsledding in Lapland and Northern Norway, join one of our charity challenges and get to explore parts of the Arctic rarely seen.
Across the Divide - Home <% if TrekRS.EOF then 'No matches found %> <% Else TrekRS.moveFirst Do while not TrekRS.eof myId = TrekRS("id") myTrip = TrekRS("trip") myTripType = TrekRS("trip_type") myCountry = TrekRS("country") myContact = TrekRS("contact") myWebsite = TrekRS("website") myCharity = TrekRS("charity") myStartDate = TrekRS("start_date") myEndDate = TrekRS("end_date") %>
<% TrekRS.MoveNext loop %> <% end if 'End if for .EOF clause above %> See here for Dog Sled Facts and Sledding Trivia Facts about the charity sled region And more... you can raise much needed funds for a charity of your choice by charity challenging in Lapland on an Open Charity Challenge event. What is an open event?
See all our open open charity open events
Our Lapland Charity Dog Sledding challenges offer an experience of a lifetime, if you are looking for something different then this is the place.

122. Luge Canada - Official Site
Official national governing body for the Olympic sport of luge sledding in Canada.

123. Algonquin Park Canoeing, Dog Sledding, & Snowmobile Trips With CALL OF THE WILD
Algonquin Park adventure expeditions with information on canoe trips, snowmobile safaris and dogsledding excursions. Travel highlights and contact numbers.
preloadImages("images/buttons/mouseover/Icon-Over.gif","images/buttons/mousedown/Icon-Down.gif") // >
12 Years of Adventure!
Award Winning holidays since 1993!!
setupTicker('Winner - Creative Excellence and Innovation - Canada Travel Awards 2000 AND 2001, London, England!, Triple Winner of Canadian Tourism Commission`s Best Winter Package in Canada, 2001!',60,100);//
Algonquin Park Canoe Trips, Dog Sledding, and Snowmobile Trips Round Algonquin Park!
Gift Certificates Available! Read the latest review of our Algonquin Park Canoe Trips , from a popular paper in England! Algonquin Park is world famous for its canoe routes - there are over 1600km of them! On one of our Algonquin wilderness Canoe trips you will experience the wild Algonquin Park. We avoid the busy "tourist" areas in Algonquin that others go to - the places in Algonquin Park that we camp in are secluded and well off the beaten track. It is also the best place in the world to see moose, hear a wolf howling in the distance, or see a beaver. Perfect for wildlife viewing, or just relaxing. And in winter we can reveal Algonquin Park to you by another exciting method - on a Dog Sledding Expedition! We provide high quality "Total Immersion" Soft Adventure trips geared towards people who like to experience life instead of watch it pass them by! In the summer we offer various exciting trips including wilderness camping, guided Algonquin Park canoe trips, and hiking. In the winter we have dog sledding expeditions, snowshoeing and cross country skiing, all in the beautiful, snowy setting of Algonquin. We also offer exciting Round Algonquin Park (RAP) snowmobile safaris! Of course we don't neglect the rest of Ontario. We also have canoe trips that explore Killarney Park and Temagami, and short snowmobile safaris in the Haliburton Highlands.

124. Dog Sled Rides - An International Sleddog Touring Kennel Directory
This site offers a comprehensive list of worldwide dog sled kennels offering rides to the public. Find kennels near your destination for a sledding adventure of a lifetime.
Take a Dog Sled Ride! Your single source for dog sled ride adventures. Have you ever wanted to take a ride on a dogsled? Have you seen TV coverage of the Iditarod and wondered what it might be like? The truth is, the experience is every bit as much fun as it appears. With more than 130 touring kennels in the US and more than 60 others around the world, it is also more accessible than you think. If you are planning a winter vacation, check your destination for nearby kennels. Many of the touring kennels are located near ski areas. A peaceful tour through the woods pulled by huskies is a great way to spend an off ski day. Sledding kennels also offer more in depth programs for sleddog lovers looking for a deeper experience. Spend anywhere from 30 minutes to 21 days on a dogsled, working with your own team. Find a mushing job! Dogsled ride pricing
Ski area info

Racing Kennels
E-mail Dog Sled Rides
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E-Mail address:
Touring/Skijoring Kennels in North America
Far West
Rocky Mountains
East Coast
Touring/Skijoring Kennels in other countries

125. Whistler Dog Sledding Tours
Whistler Winter Dog sledding Tour. Whistler Dog sledding Tours. All our sled dogs are Alaskan Racing Huskies which are the dog of choice for Sled Dog
Whistler Hotel Reservations
Whistler Dog Sledding Tours
All our sled dogs are Alaskan Racing Huskies which are the dog of choice for Sled Dog Racers. An Alaskan Racing Husky is a cross breed of Husky and Greyhound and are friendly approachable dogs. When you arrive at the Dog sled Base camp in the Soo Valley (20 min. north of Whistler), your "Musher" will provide a full interpretation of the dogs and tour procedures. The harnessing and the staging of the dog team is very exciting... so we ask everyone to join in and help prepare the teams for running. You will learn how to harness dogs, command the team and ride the runners. Winter Dog Sledding Pricing* Length Price Start Time 2.5 hrs 2.5 hrs NOTE: Price is per person based on two people per sled. Sled capacity and numbers are subject to weather conditions.
Kids 12 and under are 50% off when accompanied by 2 adults.
Single riders or those who wish to travel alone: minimum sled price is $280.
Price(s) subject to 7% G.S.T.
* Winter 2004/2005 prices, subject to change for Winter 2005/2006

Australia. Club events include specialist breed shows, picnics, education seminars, harness racing, social sledding, fun runs and training days. Membership application, events, and show results.
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Siberian Husky Club of NSW
**Results of the Mushdown are now available
on the sledding page** PHANTOM NEEDS YOUR HELP!!!! The Siberian Husky Club of NSW was affiliated with the Royal NSW Canine Council in 1992 and membership is open to anyone interested in the promotion and welfare of Siberian Huskies. The Siberian Husky Club of NSW Inc exists to fulfil the following principal objectives:
  • To promote and encourage the responsible breeding of purebred Siberian Huskies. To promote and raise the standards and exhibiting of dogs. To conduct exhibitions and shows. To hold functions and lectures relating to Siberian Huskies and to the objectives of the club in general. To be involved in any other activities that promote or encourage interest in the breeding, upkeep, training and general well-being and improvement of the Siberian Husky breed.

127. The Working Dogs Book Store - SLEDDING, CARTING, AND PULLING
Books about sledding, mushing, carting, pulling, and other activities for sporting and working dogs.
Search Our Books Match ALL words Match ANY word
Search Amazon Books Everything Magazines Toys Outdoor Living Music VHS DVD Software Sporting Goods Apparel Electronics Office Stuff PC Hardware Health Care Photo Tools Video Games Wireless
The international magazine for and about working and sporting dogs and the people who love them. Welcome Greeting Cards Weather Center OUTFITTER ... Site Map
Sledding, Carting, and Pulling
Dog Driver: A Guide for the Serious Musher
Mike and Judy Collins; 1991
Our most in-depth guide for the musher. Covers selection of dogs, psychology of the dog, sleds, rigging and gear, feeding the team, maintenance (Housekeeping, health, records, misc.), medical manual, care of feet, breeding, raising and training puppies, trails and conditions, on-the-trail safety and etiquette, team training, traveling by dog sled, racing-sprint and long distance. Also includes brief section on skijoring, weight pulling, packing dogs, trapping by dog team. Introduction to Canine Carting
Ostrander; Video; 1996
Think carting sounds like fun? If you had any doubts before, you won't after watching this video! Covers types of harnesses, carts, basic training, and the fun of carting. Shows a variety of breeds. Well produced, clear instructions.

128. Home Page
Breeders of registered Siberian Huskies for companion pets, conformation showing, dog sledding, Canadian Pedigree Siberian Husky Breeders of the Year for 2000
Wolf's Eye is pleased to be hosting the Amethyst Siberian Husky Club web site. Please choose the site you want to enter by clicking the logo. Wolf's Eye Kennel
Thanks for visiting

129. The Working Dogs Archive Of Feature Articles - SLEDDING, PULLING AND CARTING
Working Dogs Articles on sledding, pulling, carting and mushing.
Quick Nav: Go To........ Breeding/Genetics Business German Shepherd Dog Herding History Police/K9 Resources Schutzhund Search and Rescue Service Dogs Sledding and Pulling Sporting Activities Tracking and Scentwork Training Veterinary Health General New This Month Monthly Archives Main Articles Archive The international magazine for and about working and sporting dogs and the people who love them. Welcome Greeting Cards Weather Center OUTFITTER ... Site Map
Running the Iditarod Articles Archive - Sledding, Pulling and Carting
This Archive includes the best of the Sledding and Pulling articles featured on Working Dogs Cyberzine since 1996.
  • Weight pulling championship team leader Teressa Keenan enlightens us about the exciting sport of weight pulling and spotlights why Australian Cattle Dogs Excel in this sport of strength and endurance. Pulling man and equipment 1200 miles across Alaska at over 100 miles a day, winner Doug Swingley arrived March 14 in a record-breaking 9 days. Cabela's Iditarod features highlights of the grueling excitement of this year's Iditarod 2000 sled race through the Alaskan frontier. Find the latest race updates on the Iditarod 2000 web site.

130. Idaho Sewing For Sports Is A US Based Manufacturer Of Custom Padding And Custom
Manufacturing ski area pads, tower, post, hydrant, racing, seats, and custom padding, snow and water tubing and sledding tubes, groomer, lift, and specialty outdoor covers.
Career Opportunities Site Map Contact Us
Customers worldwide rely on Idaho Sewing for Sports, Inc. for the experience and quality we sew into every product we make! All custom padding
and covers are designed on-site at our U.S. manufacturing facility in Grangeville, Idaho. Superior craftsmanship, great value, personalized service and our honesty and integrity are just a
few of the reasons why we've been successful in growing our business for the past 30 years! WE MANUFACTURE PADDING FOR:
Filling the need for custom padding in school athletic programs as well as special government padding projects are two new primary areas of growth for Idaho Sewing for Sports, Inc..

131. Equipment For The Active And Working Pet: Sled Dogs, Working Dogs And Packing Do
In Ontario just north of Huntsville Muskoka. Join us for an exciting Canadian dog sledding experience.
Raven's Watch offers great equipment for dogs on the move, with owners looking for quality, custom made products at reasonable prices. Frequently Asked Questions: What is the difference between an x-back racing harness , and an H-back harness ? Can I use an x-back harness or a H-back harness for ski-joring as well as dogsledding, or roller blading?
Yes you can use either an x-back racing/recreational harness, or a H-back harness for all three sports as well as for bike-joring. The difference between an x-back harness and a H-back harness is the fit. H-back harness is better suited to long lean dogs.
What is the difference between a semi-slip collar and a buckle choke collar ? Does my dog need a correction collar? What is a flyball collar
A semi-slip or reduced choke collar, has a stop, this allows you to correct the dog without the collar continuously tightening. A semi slip collar is useful in teaching dogs not to back out of their collars. A buckle choke collar, can be either a full choke, or no choke, for training and everyday walking. Flyball collars have a handle built into them this collar is very useful for keeping your dog close when someone comes to the door.

132. EssexKenthuskyclub
Canada. Encouraging the practice and safe growth of amateur dog sledding, obedience training, conformation showing, and agility training. Training tips, photos, and links.
SITE CONTENTS A Little Bit Of History of the Siberian Husky Dog
The Siberian Husky was originally a sled dog of the Chukchi people in Northern Siberia, thousands of years ago. It was well known as a working dog, pulling sleds great distances and herding reindeer. In the 1900's the dog was discovered by Alaskan traders and imported into the Northwest Territory, for dog-sledding as a means of transportation and sport. Then in 1925, a diptheria epidemic struck the city of Nome, Alaska, because of their power, speed and endurance a dog team was sent out to retrieve the life-saving serum. Today a statue stands in Central Park in New York City of the famous Balto and his heroics, in recognition of the Siberian Husky.
Standard Information
Height and Weight- The Siberian Husky is a medium size dog. Females 20-22 inches, 35-50 lbs. Male 21-24 inches, 45-60 lbs. It has pricked up ears, curled tail and a thick coat.
Colour- The Siberian Husky's coat ranges in colour from black/white, grey/white, red/white to sable and

133. >> Dog Sledding
Dog sledding. define_Dog sledding . Advertise on Visit the Bookstore. related_ . More Related Articles. If you are interested in this
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Dog Sledding
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More Related Articles
If you are interested in this subject here are some other Related Articles topics you might find worthwhile. All Related Articles topics
Colorado Dog Sled Operation At Center of Controversy Over Fate of Unwanted Sled Dogs - 31 May 2005
Krabloonik disposes of old dogs and young pups who cannot pull a sled by euthanizing them with a shot to the head which, not surprisingly, lands itself in the middle of controversy.
Sled Dog Action Coalition/PETA Unsuccessfully Try to Stop Appearance by Dog Sled Racer - 9 Oct 2004
DeeDee Jonrowe, who holds the fastest women's time in the Iditarod, goes ahead with appearance despite efforts by animal rights activists to convince organizers to drop her from program.
Sled Dog Action Coalition vs. Grade School Teacher - 9 Apr 2003
Iditarod opponents want teacher to stop using race in her classroom.
Bayer Reverses Its Stance on Iditarod - 3 Apr 2001
Bayer announces it will donate veterinary medicines to the famous dog sled race.

134. Doghousefarm ..:: Siberian Huskies ::..
Breeding, showing and sledding information. Photos, general breed information. Located in Austria.
This site uses Frames which your browser doesn't support!

135. Dog Sledding (sled) Adventures In Northwest Montana 2004
Dog sledding Montana, Dog Sled Adventures invites you to join us for one of life s greatest adventures; dogsledding, cruising the backcountry of northwest
Dog Sled Adventures owned and operated by Jeff Ulsamer since 1979
Dog Sledding, cruising the backcountry....
J oin us for one of life's great adventures; cruising the backcountry of northwest Montana pulled by Alaskan sled dogs. We're a family-friendly outfit . Our customers range in age from babies to eighties. With nearly 100 Alaskan huskies to pull our safe, comfy sleds, we can handle families or groups of any size.
America's great wilderness...
Tuck yourself into a soft, warm sled and let us guide you through one of America's great wildernesses . The vast, scenic Stillwater State Forest begins at our doorstep, on the western flank of world-famous Glacier National Park, just north of the winter resort of Whitefish, Montana in the magnificent Flathead Valley. You can ski any day. But not every day is a chance for a truly unique journey by dog sled. We'll carve powder and catch air as we fly through the woods. There's a good chance you'll see the northern country's rarest wildlife or signs of-something you'll never see on the slopes. When we return, you can warm your toes by the fire in our cabin, sip hot cocoa, and munch on homemade cookies as we exchange "Tall Tails".

136. Campfire Adventures. Husky Dogsledding Safaris, Horse Riding Safaris, Wildlife S
Scuba Diving, Dogsledding, Horse Riding and White Water Rafting Adventures.
Campfire Adventures designs and organises adventurous holidays for individuals and groups. We support sustainable adventures, hence the emphasis on horse riding safaris, husky dogsledding safaris, rafting and scuba diving. Our featured destinations are Australia, Africa, The Bahamas, Botswana, Canada, Finland, Iceland, India, Ireland, Kenya, Lapland, Namibia, Norway, South Africa and Sweden. Since 1994 we have organised numerous Charity Challenges and Corporate Teambuilding Courses. We managed the Year 2000 European Dogsledding Championships. We also provide a specialist marketing and website design serviceto adventure tourism operators.

There are very few travel experiences quite like Husky Dogsledding. Equipped with your own team of eager huskies, touring through beautiful, remote snowy landscapes. Depending on which safari you chose, you will find saunas, smoked salmon, comfortable log-cabins and hopefully the Northern Lights. Lapland, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

137. Summer Activity Guide For Summit County And The Vail Valley
SummitNet Activity Guide Dog sledding. Summer Guide Winter Guide. For a unique vacation try dogsledding. Trips last from 1 hour to a full day. S

138. Laurel Aventure Nature --- Bienvenue / Welcome
Offers dog sledding trips in Quebec, Canada.

vous attendent!
are awaiting you!
Visitez aussi notre Sweat Lodge ...
En nomination dans la catégorie "Tourisme Plein Air et Aventure" Nominee in the "Tourisme Plein Air et Aventure" section.
Laurel Aventure Nature
2363 Principale
Wentworth Nord, J0T 1Y0
Demander / Ask Pierre Bertolissi

139. Tough Sledding -
Home Lifestyle Sport. Sports Feature Tough sledding. James M. Clash,. On Thanksgiving Day, while most of my friends enjoyed traditional turkey dinners
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140. Siberian Husky Club Of Victoria
Australia. Events include annual shows, social sledding, companion training, lectures and eye screenings. Breed and health articles, show results, breeder listing, and membership application.
Spring Pet Walks 16th Oct - Beaumaris Bay Walk 11th Dec - Albert Park Lake Homes Needed
for Siberian Huskies More details 2005 Social Sledding Final results available here 2005 Champ Show Results available here
Photos coming soon Absolutely essential reading
for those contemplating
buying a Siberian Husky
Breed or puppy information Companion Training Weekly classes in Donvale September - at home
October - sociability
November - in public
December - general questions New: Member-only
Resources More detailed information on the
breed plus Pawprints
litter listings [ start here Proudly sponsored by Your company could appear here! Contact

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