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         Sledding:     more books (77)
  1. Meg and Jim's Sled Trip (Books to Remember Series) by Laura Appleton Smith, 1999-01-01
  2. The Big Sled Race (Hello Reader Level 3) by Kirsten Hall, 2001-05
  3. Arthur And The Big Snow by Marc Tolon Brown, 2005-10-26
  4. A Perfect Day for It by Jan Fearnley, 2002-10-01
  5. Pooh's Sled Ride (Winnie the Pooh First Readers) by Isabel Gaines, 2001-10
  6. On My Sled: Learning the Sl Sound (Power Phonics/Phonics for the Real World) by Colleen Adams, 2002-09
  7. Devil's Hill by Stuart Friebert, 1976

101. -- THE SLEDDING HILL By Chris Crutcher
THE sledding HILL Chris Crutcher Greenwillow Books Fiction Written in his usual appealing style for teens, THE sledding HILL is as important as it is
Books by
Chris Crutcher





Chris Crutcher

Greenwillow Books
Fiction ISBN: 0060502436 240 pages Read an Excerpt Author Interview May 10, 2005 Eddie Proffit experiences a double dose of tragedy when both his father and best friend die in freak accidents within a short period of time. But Billy Bartholomew, his friend, doesn't disappear completely. He comes back to speak with Eddie and to help him find his way again. For a while Eddie talks to Billy only in his head, as he is not speaking to anyone for any reason while he tries to deal with his grief. Eddie needs Billy's help now more than ever in a very confusing time. A Reverend his mother leans on for support is leading a fight to remove the book WARREN PEECE by Chris Crutcher from Eddie's English class. When Eddie read the book, he found friends in the characters, and he doesn't want to give it up. Other people Eddie admire also liked the book and are being punished for it. But popular kids who are involved with the church want Eddie to help fight for decency. Who is right? Crutcher has won a host of awards for his popular and powerful books, including the Young Adult Library Services Association's Margaret A. Edwards Award for his impact on the world of teen literature. His acclaimed previous novel, WHALE TALK, has been challenged and even removed from some high school reading lists in two states due to language. Clearly, he is moved to write about the issue of censorship.

102. Detroit Michigan Area Sledding Hills And Toboggan Runs
A listing of metro Detroit Michigan area sledding hlils and toboggan runs.
zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Detroit Metro Area Winter Sports Sledding Detroit Metro Area Essentials Top 10 Things To Do September 2005 Events ... Help w(' ');zau(256,140,140,'el','','');w(xb+xb+' ');zau(256,140,140,'von','','');w(xb+xb);
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Sledding Hills and Toboggan Runs
A listing of metro Detroit Michigan area sledding hlils and toboggan runs
Recent Up a category The Fridge Tabaggon Run - Waterford Michigan Oakland County Parks at Waterford Oaks offers the Fridge refrigerated toboggan run for winter sledding fun for the whole family Macomb County Michigan Sledding Hills and Toboggan Runs A listing of macomb county, michigan area sledding hills and toboggan runs Wayne County Michigan Sledding Hills and Toboggan Runs A listing of wayne county, michigan area sledding hills and toboggan runs Oakland County Michigan Sledding Hills and Toboggan Runs A listing of oakland county, michigan area sledding hills and toboggan runs Topic Index Email to a Friend
Our Story
Be a Guide ... Patent Info.

103. The Siberian Husky Club Of Greater Chicago
Offering activities such as conformation and obedience showing, dog sledding, agility and flyball. Breed information, upcoming events, member list, and links.

2005 Specialty Info Booklet
The 2005 Premium has been mailed out.
If you did not receive one and would like to,
please contact
the Show Secretary, Danamarie Izzo ****NOTE****
***NEW SITE***
****NEW ROOM****
ROOM - Clayton North
FLOOR 2 VILLAGE OF GLEN ELLYN CIVIC CENTER 535 DUANE ST. ROOM - Clayton North FLOOR 2 GLEN ELLYN LEAVE ALL DOGS AT HOME Take I-355 to Roosevelt Rd. (route38) and get off going westbound. Go to Main St. and turn right. Take that to Duane St. (last street prior to railroad tracks) and turn right. The Civic Center is the second building on the right side and it has a big clock tower on top. The parking lot is to the east of the building and you can park in any spot except the ones marked for Police Cars Only. Do not park in front of the building since it is only 20 minute parking. There is 4 hour parking on Forest Ave., which is the next street to the east and you can park in any of the commuter parking lots. Clayton North is located on the second floor.

Anyone can walk a trail, paddle a river, or mush a team of dogs through the forest. It s not what you do it s what you experience and learn along the way
All prices include all relevant taxes, all food equipment. DAY TRIP Cost per person.......................................................................$ 160.00
Motel/1 Day Dog Sledding.......................................................$ 199.00 GENERAL PACKAGE RATES 1Night Bush/2 Days Dog Sledding.............................................................................$ 355.00
Motel/1 Night Bush /2 Days Dog Sledding.................................................................$ 399.00 2 Night Bush/3 Days Dog Sledding............................................................................$ 455.00
Motel/2 Night Bush /3 Days Dog Sledding.................................................................$ 491.00 3 Night Bush/4 Days Dog Sledding............................................................................$ 705.00
Motel/3 Night Bush /4 Days Dog Sledding.................................................................$ 745.00 4 Night Bush/5 Days Dog Sledding............................................................................$ 885.00

105. Index
Hobby breeder and exhibitor. sledding photographs, pedigrees, and general information. Situated on 56 acres between Moncton and Shediac, NB, Canada.
KANDYKARE SIBERIAN HUSKIES "Click on Image to enter" Welcome to our home page You are guest # Since November 5th 1999 You need Java to see this applet. E-Mail

106. Dogsledding Adventures, Dog Sledding Adventure, Lapland Sweden
Dog sledding tours in the Vindelfjäll nature reserve in Lapland, Sweden. Groups or individual tours of varying lengths, with accommodations in wilderness

Catalogues About Silent Way Lapland - Sweden ... SITE MAP
Welcome to The Silent Way
Adventure dogsledding tours in Lapland - Sweden. Experience the Northern light, Mountains and Forests. Come closer to nature, the great expanses of wilderness. Our tours are high quality tours, we mush in small groups where
The Silent Way is quality marked by Natures Best.
Natures Best is the first national ecotourism quality
label in the Northern Hemisphere. Best for the visitor,
best for the nature. Grand Travel Awards Ecotourism Award 2005
goes to

The Silent Way
... The Silent Way Tours On our tours you will enjoy the vast expanses of Lapland's gorgeous landscape. The terrain we are mushing through varies immensely. From dense forests and mountain birch covering the ground to open mountain highlands with breathtaking views and deep valleys with lakes, full of white untouched snow. The Northern light, the colours, the smell of nature and the silence are something you have to experience because this can not be explained by words alone. As a guest you will enjoy the expert help of our professional dogsledding guides who will take care of you in every possible way. You will be in charge of your own dogsledding team of 5-8 dogs.

107. Dog Sledding Wilderness Adventure Trips In Algonquin Park Ontario Canada
all inclusive Dog sledding trips, tours and rides in Algonquin Park wilderness Ontario, Canada.
Come and join us for an outdoor winter wilderness adventure led by qualified guides and support staff with over 30 years of experience. Your group will trek through beautiful winter forests and wildlife areas as you travel to your winter camp where a hot hardy meal and heated tent awaits you under the shimmering winter stars. After the huskies have been fed and bedded down for the night join your guides in a wolf howl and explore the surrounding area for wildlife tracks. These programs and courses will teach you all the necessary skills required to handle your dog team and sled on as you drive your team a memorable winter holiday. We run our dog sled trips in the beautiful north west corner of Algonquin Park wilderness which insures good snow conditions well into April. We strongly suggest that you plan to spend the night prior to your trip departure in the area so that you will be available to start the training at South River on Hwy 11 at 8:30 am on the first day of your adventure. Comfortable motel accommodation is available (Please call) and round trip transportation from Toronto is also available for the trip dates listed below. 2005 / 2006 Dates: 1 Day Dog Sled Trip: $175.00 (approx. $140.00 US)

108. Resha Sled Dog Equipment - Working Dog Equipment
Offering a range of products for sledding, freighting, weight pulling and skijoring. Includes articles on learning these sports and instructions for measuring dogs for protective clothing.
Welcome to Resha Sled Dog Equipment and Working Dog Equipment. Little did I know that harnessing my first dog at age 13, would lead me to this point 27 years later. I've spent a few miles on the sled runners and have seen some beautiful country by dog team. I still get a thrill hooking up a team of dogs and heading them down the trail! I feel very fortunate to be involved in this unique and fast growing sport of dog sledding, and the outdoor lifestyle it provides. Working on trails during the summer leads to fall training. Winter brings on the racing and winter camping season. It's nice meeting people who work with and train sled dogs. From rescue work and ski-joring to sledding and freighting. Resha's on-line catalog provides all the quality sled dog equipment and supplies needed to enjoy all your dog powered sports. All working dog equipment design and construction has been tested over many trail miles by our distance team and also enhanced by ideas and suggestions from other dedicated dog drivers. All items are guaranteed 100%. Please return anything you're not totally satisfied with within 10 days for refund or replacement.

109. Snow Sledding Safety -
When the snow falls, your child s bike helmet should become an even –more important sledding helmet (over a warm hat). This simple addition to the sledding
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110. Home Page
General breed information, care tips for new owners, and descriptions of the activities of sledding, backpacking, weightpulling, and showing. Melbourne.
PO Box 41 Hurstbridge
Ph: 03 9714 8540
Email: INDEX: Homepage Our Kennel Our Malamutes Oska's Aussie Holiday ... Related Websites
Includes breeders, clubs, equipment suppliers and sledding organisations Thyroid Register Malamute Rescue
Alaskan Malamutes Click on the headings below or on the topics listed in the index at left. Tribute to Tuggy We are heartbroken to have lost our special boy Tuggy to bone cancer. Tuggy was one of Australia's most Working Titled Malamutes, a great companion and loyal friend.
Sadly missed... Our latest Champion: AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION
We are a small but active kennel located near Melbourne, Australia. We are currently owned by 8 Malamutes and participate with our furry family in sledding, weight-pulling, backpacking and showing. Enter our website to meet our Malamutes, find out about the activities we do with them and learn more about the Alaskan Malamute breed. Between them the
Windchill Malamutes
Working Titles
This site is currently being updated so keep watching for new additions On Our Website: ABOUT US: Our Malamutes Meet Tarni, Kiska, Dugan, Laska

111. Safe Winter Sports: Sledding, Skiing, Snowboarding, Skating
You ll enjoy winter sports much more if you follow some easy safety rules so get ready for the snow and let s go!
KidsHealth Kids Watch Out Playing It Safe Outdoors and on the Road
Winter sports are lots of fun - just ask any kid who's just scored the winning goal during an ice-hockey game or finished sledding to the bottom of a giant hill! But when you're sitting on that sled, getting ready to ski, or doing a figure-eight on the pond in your skates, you have to know how to be safe. You'll enjoy your winter much more if you follow some easy safety rules - so get ready for the snow and let's go! Keeping Toasty Is Terrific
One of the most important ways to be safe during winter sports doesn't even have to do with the activities themselves - it has to do with keeping warm! When you're preparing to go sledding, skating, skiing, or snowboarding, you've got to put on the right clothes and accessories before you even think about grabbing your equipment. Keeping warm means you'll have a better - and safer - time while you're outdoors. That's because keeping your body at the right temperature means you won't need to spend as much energy getting warm - so you can spend more energy enjoying your sport. Also, if you're dressed properly, it means you can stay outside longer without worrying about frostbite. Fun in the Sun
Even though it might feel funny in winter, don't forget to put on

Features sport news and information from the official governing body for Olympic Luge sledding.

113. Snow Sledding - Video Of Kid Wipes Out Sledding On Hill. That Gotta Hurt..
Snow sledding video of kid wipes out sledding on hill. That gotta hurt. Video does not open or play for you? Click here to download or play in full screen
Snow Sledding - video of kid wipes out sledding on hill. That gotta hurt.
Video does not open or play for you?
Click here to download or play in full screen

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114. Flagstaff Arizona Sled Dog Inn Bed And Breakfast, AZ Lodging Accommodations
Bed, breakfast and outdoor adventures including dog sleddingmush your own team-ski-joring, climbing, hiking, biking.Beautiful northwoods lodge close to Grand Canyon, Phoenix.Join us for the adventure du jour.
A Country Bed and Breakfast, offering a quiet mountain retreat just outside Flagstaff, Arizona.
Just outside Flagstaff, on the edge of the forest, the Arizona Sled Dog Inn Bed and Breakfast caters to guests seeking a cool mountain getaway. Experience a quiet retreat without the hustle and bustle of downtown Flagstaff or the constant whistle of passing trains.
The Arizona Sled Dog Inn Bed and Breakfast is a custom built, modern mountain lodge with private bathrooms in each of its ten bed rooms; a shared fireplace conversation room, conference/living room, sauna and outdoor jetted hot tub. Historic, reclaimed lumber and rustic, log furnishings decorate the bed rooms and common areas. Full, hearty, lodge style breakfasts are served in the Inn's great room.
The Arizona Sled Dog Inn Bed and Breakfast has been featured in Money Magazine, Arizona Highways and the America West In-flight Magazine. The Inn is also recommended in Frommer’s Travel Guides.
"When you stay at the Sled Dog Inn, the only wake up call you'll hear is the call of the wild."
"We thoroughly enjoyed the Sled Dog Inn. Everything, from the breakfast to the decor was well thought out. Your impeccable attention to detail is evident."

115. Dog Sledding In The Canadian Rocky Mountains

116. Welcome To The Siberian Husky Club Of Gauteng
South Africa. Breed information, upcoming events, show results and photos, sledding. Online eye examination registry, rescue, lost and found notices.
Welcome to the Siberian Husky Club of Gauteng's Website. This site contains information about the Siberian Husky Club including the show and sledding events to take place during the year together with results past and present. We showcase some our our member's personal websites and have a "classified" section for rehoming, rescue and sale of Siberian Huskies. Please feel free to make contact with us should you require any further information. Keep an eye on News and Events for all the latest news, show results etc.
Visit the results page for regular updates (1 August 2005)
Sledding Events - updated 9 June 2005
SHCG Results Champ Show - updated - 14 July 05 - (photos)
19 September '05 Updated SAVA
Visual Impact
. Last Updated 19 September 2005.

117. Dog Sledding In The Upper Peninsula Of Michigan At The Buck Sporting Lodge In Th
dog sled trips from the Marquette, Munising or Escanaba areas, trips are two hours to five days, stay at a beautiful northwoods lodge.

Triple Creek Kennels
Buck Sporting Lodge
E5372 Highway M-94
Munising, MI 49862
or Toll Free: 1-877-275-7533 DOG SLED TRIPS Your Musher is Bob Johnson Guided deer hunts, and bear hunts Drive Your Own Dog Sled Team in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
Enjoy the Ultimate Wilderness Experience Our winter dogsledding packages include a 2 hour, 1 day, 2 day, and 2 to 5 day guided trips, with your option of driving or riding your own dog sled team. With an average of more than 200 inches of snow, the trails are always in great condition. Our dog sled rides are tailored to groups as small as 2 to 12 and also include lodging and meals. The lodge can hold up to 24 people. At the Buck Sporting Lodge we provide you with the opportunity to drive your own team. You will learn all aspects of mushing, including commands, braking, steering the sled, and dog care. You'll find you and your dogs become one unit and the feeling is incredible. Some guests prefer to take on the complete care of their personal team during the trip, while others are happy to simply run the dogs and let the guides take care of the rest. Designed to offer peace and quiet along with action packed adventure, you will travel the historic non-motorized Grand Isle Trail through the Hiawatha National Forest. The Grand Isle Trail follows the ancient Chippewa Indian portage route used to transport supplies and canoes between Lake Superior and Lake Michigan. Along the trail a cache of food will be provided for a trail stop cook-out. Your guide will handle your meals.

118. Sled Riding Locations Across North America - Snow Sledding Hills
Locate or submit a snow sledding hill anywhere in North America.


"Post a hill review today!"
Special Seasonal Links Page
"Coming 10-1-2005"

This website will consist of visitor submitted sled riding locations across North America. In the winter of 2004, I ( Steve King , the webmaster of ) had performed a Google search for sled riding locations around my area in Missouri and came up with zilch, nada! All that I really could find were some good snow sledding tips (ie. types of sleds, waxing, etc.) and . So, what was I going to tell my son Christian ? That we had to go to the same ol' Art Hill that we've been going to for years and years (which was my first post to the database). Well, that would be fine and dandy, but we really wanted to try some new hills that were just as fun, if not better, and permission would be allowed to ride snowsleds on them. I knew that there had to be more hills in the area that would be excellent to go sledding on, but finding them would be the tricky part. I personally didn't want to trespass on someones property. If we did happen upon a hill that looked promising, then the questions started to arise. First and foremost, was the hill on private property or public land? Either way, would permission be granted to go sled riding there? PERMISSION IS A MUST!

119. Wolf River Siberian Huskies
Breeders of Champions, showing in conformation, some obedience and recreational sledding. Photos, pedigrees and general information. Located in Dorion, Ontario Canada just northeast of Thunder Bay at the head of Lake Superior.
Wolf River Siberians CKC REGISTERED photo by: Barry Wojciechowski We are members in good standing of: The Siberian Husky Club of Canada (SHCC) Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) Lakehead Kennel Club (LKC) Northwestern Ontario Working Dog Association (NOWDA) Come and meet some of our dogs..... Sledding New Champions Wolf River Champions Litterbox ... Photography Email Current Stars Boys Girls SLEEPING GIANT PROVINCIAL PARK SILVER SLED RACE photo by: Barry Wojciechowski This Siberian Husky Ring site is owned by Wolf River Siberians Prev Skip It Next 5 ... Next
Want to join the ring? Get the info

120. Across The Divide Charity Challenges & Expedition Management
Offers charitable challenges such as treks, bike rides, community projects, dog sledding and whitewater rafting expeditions in locations around the globe.

Click here to start the charity Challenge of a lifetime.
Across The Divide
- Expedition management, charity treks, charity bike rides, charity projects, kayaking, rafting and corporate challenges since 1996. We pride ourselves on providing the safest charity adventure around and offering the best for our clients.
Charity events are often life changing experiences. You visit amazing parts of the world, learn about different cultures and share the spirit of adventure with like-minded people.
"You'll be very glad you did it and your life will be richer for having done it. In one word - unforgettable! " Sorcha O'Horain, Sahara Desert Trekker.
What is a Charity Challenge
Have you ever dreamed of dog sledding through the frozen wastes of the arctic? Or wished you could trek through the Sun Gate and view the lost city of Machu Pichu? Or wanted to work in a school in Africa and help improve the lives of the impoverished children? Across The Divide Expeditions

Across The Divide text-only
- for printing and accessibility
site design:
media var sc_project=803575; var sc_partition=4; var sc_security="52d9447c";

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