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61. California Academy Of Sciences - Research - Ornithology And Mammalogy
1) Feed all pets indoors. These animals often raid your pet s food bowls at nightand 4) If skunks, opossums, or racoons become a persistent problem,
CALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCES Collections Staff FAQs ... Ornithology and Mammalogy Frequently Asked Questions
Support Research
TOPICS Baby Bird Injured Bird Marine Mammal on Beach Can I Collect Specimens? ... Donations QUESTIONS ANSWERED I FOUND A BABY BIRD, WHAT SHOULD I DO?
If it appears that the baby fell out of a nest, then simply locate the nest nearby and carefully place the bird back in the nest. Despite presistent fallacies, the parents cannot smell your odor on the baby bird, and will usually accept the young back into the nest. Young birds often fall from nests after wind storms, when the nesting sites are disturbed by construction, predators, or children, or when an older sibling kicks them out of the nest. If you cannot locate a nest, keep the bird in a suitable warm container, and contact your local SPCA or a certified wildlife care facility immediately (see contact list below). I FOUND AN INJURED BIRD, WHAT SHOULD I DO?

62. WDFW -- Landscaping For Wildlife
Flying squirrels, raccoons, river otters, skunks, and opossums are heard rummaging Note Use care to prevent injuring any animals, and never approach a
Your browser does not support script Evicting Animals from Buildings Download
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Step 1. Try to identify the suspect Step 5. Evict the family only when necessary ... One-Way Doors Occasionally a raccoon, skunk, tree squirrel, or other animal will find a suitable shelter in or under a house, shed, or other structure. These animals may occupy an area sporadically, using the site only two or three consecutive days or nights usually until available food sources are exhausted. However, some may choose to overwinter there if the surroundings remain favorable. During the mating and nesting season, females attracted to warm, dry, easily defended areas may attempt to den or nest in these settings. Should you choose to remove the animal, you can complete the process yourself or hire someone to do it (see

63. City Of Azusa - Police Department -
Bats, skunks. Bears, opossums. Coyotes, Rattlesnakes skunks are common infoothill communities. They also feed on pet food left outside (particularly

Police Homepage

911 Calls

Animal Concerns

Service Area Policing

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Azusa Municipal Code

City Services

City News

Community Calendar
... Youth Services Departments Building Business Licensing City Clerk City Manager ... Utilities Animal Concerns
Living With Wildlife Humane Society Pet Licensing With increasing human population there becomes less area for wildlife to exist. Many species simply relocate to areas with more resources for them. But many do not and they learn to successfully co-exist with humans. This co-existence can, however, bring some problems with scavenging from trash cans, destruction of plant life in yards and the potential for human/wildlife contact that neither desires. T his information is meant to assist you with some of the wildlife problems you may encounter in your home and in the area in which you live. Remember, the real experts are the professionals at your humane society. If you don’t know what to do and you encounter problems with wild animals in your area contact the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society at (626) 286-1159, or visit them at 851 E. Grand Ave., San Gabriel, 91776.

64. Animal Protection Institute - Euthanasia And The Animal Shelter
skunks, raccoons, opossums, and other wild animals by drowning. Becauseeuthanasia is not an acceptable solution to pet overpopulation.
From Animal Issues , Volume 32 Number 2, Summer 2001
Euthanasia and the Animal Shelter
By Jean Hofve, DVM More than 12 million cats and dogs enter U.S. shelters annually, an endless tide of incoming animals. Few of these animals will be reclaimed, and many shelters lack space to keep even most adoptable animals. Of lost cats that end up in shelters, only 2% will be returned to their homes. Dogs have it better, because they are more likely to be wearing rabies or identification tags, but even so only 16% will be reclaimed. On average, only about 1/3 of animals put up for adoption at shelters will actually find homes. For the rest, euthanasia. "Euthanasia" literally means "good death," and is usually interpreted to mean a quick, painless, and humane method of dying. It seems self-evident that death should also be in the best interests of the animal. The decision to euthanize a sick, dangerous, or otherwise unadoptable animal is relatively uncomplicated to make. However, millions of healthy, friendly animals also end up in shelters. They are adoptable but there are just not enough homes available for all of them. It is the task of shelters to select those who will be placed in the adoption kennels. Animals who have been in the adoption kennel too long, and all the rest who never had the chance, are taken to the euthanasia room.

65. Animal Protection Institute - 2005 State Legislation - Minnesota
Mesopredators, such as raccoons, skunks, and opossums, can have detrimental Tell your elected official that while Minnesota law regulates many pet shop
Minnesota - Legislation 2005
The Minnesota 2005 General Session adjourned 05/23/05.
HF 868 Would Allow Counties to Create a Coyote Bounty
API Position OPPOSE Bill Description : If passed, this bill would allow individual counties to set a bounty for the destruction of coyotes. Individuals then could hunt coyotes and turn in their dead bodies in exchange for a bounty. This bill is founded on the assumption that coyotes pose a serious threat to livestock. Action : Please write your Representative and urge him or her to oppose HF 868. Tell your Representative that there are many humane methods of addressing human-wildlife conflicts, but creating a program that places a bounty on the head of coyotes is not the answer. In fact, a previously-established coyote bounty program was discontinued in Minnesota because the program was ineffective. Bounty programs are costly, ineffective, indiscriminate and inhumane because they do not target offending animals individually. Instead, this bill only offers indiscriminate, broad-scale killing. In addition, it fails to recognize that coyotes play a vital ecological role in healthy ecosystems by reducing rodent populations and keeping meso-predators in check. Meso-predators, such as raccoons, skunks, and opossums, can have detrimental impacts on ground-nesting bird populations, so keeping coyotes around helps maintain a balance within the environment.

66. Cats Natural Hunters- Pets - Indiatimes
Indiatimes Pets Cats care Behaviour The food also attracts nativepredators, such as raccoons, skunks, foxes, and opossums.
var strchannel = 'Pets'; var strpagetitle = 'Pets'; var strfont = ''; var strlink = ''; var strendlink = ''; var bspeedera = false; var bloginbased = true; var bsinglelineformat = false; var strloginip = ''; var strlogoutip=''; Advanced Search
Search Pets Indiatimes Web Indiatimes Pets Cats Care Behaviour Home All About Pets Farewell My Friend Dogs Cats Care Behaviour Training Basic Health Care First Aid Ailment ... Animal Delights Interactive Wallpapers Ask The Expert Find A Vet Chat ... Clubs Other Sources PETA PFA Friendicoes Seca Cats: Natural Hunters
Arvind Joshi
Cats are born hunters. Their hunting instincts are not dulled even if they are domesticated. It is this that leads them to surprise and shock their owners with gifts of dead birds and snakes. Here are some interesting facts about the cat's hunting habits.
Training The Hunter

Animals It Preys On

Myths And Misconceptions

What Can You Do

Training The Hunter
Since cats are natural hunters, try not to teach your cat how to catch mice. Russian writer Anton Chekhov once narrated an anecdote about how his Latin teacher failed in teaching his kitten to hunt. Whenever the kitten refused to chase the mice, the teacher punished the kitten. After the animal grew up into an adult cat, it always cowered in terror in the presence of a mouse.

67. InterLinc: Ci/Co. Health Department Animal Control: Frequently Asked Questions
Can I have a potbellied pig for a pet and what animals are illegal to own? such as raccoons, skunks, otters, opossums, bats, deer, and antelopes.
Where is Animal Control located?
Animal Control is located at 3140 N Street which is in the Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department . The facility is near Woods Park at 33 rd and O Streets. Where is the Capital Humane Society located?
The Capital Humane Society is located at 2320 Park Blvd, which is approximately near 6 th and South Street. Their phone number is 441-4488. What are the hours of operation?
Animal Control Officers are on routine patrol from 7:00am - 11:00pm seven days a week . There is also an officer on stand-by duty after 11:00pm to respond to calls such as injured animals, bites, confined animals, and trapped wildlife. The office is open five days a week from 8:00am - 4:30pm . The office is closed on all City Holidays and on weekends. You can call the office anytime from 7:00am - 11:00pm for general information, license questions, to report lost and found animals, changes in address or ownership, or assistance. Phone 441-7900 TDD 441-7825 Fax 441-8626

68. Animal Control And Rescue, ANIMAL PEOPLE March 1997
America OnLine pet care Forum and Humane Society of Missouri animal emergency Except for geese in July/August 1993 and opossums in September 1994,
Animal Control and Rescue From: Animal People March 1997
Winter flooding hits northwest
For the second time in three years, winter flooding put the Emergency Animal Rescue Service division of United Animal Nations to the test within commuting distance of the UAN headquarters.
The newly founded Ark Refuge, alongside the Tillamook River, was overwhelmed even before securing nonprofit status, by the arrival of animals from flooded neighbors, claimed Ark founder Eddie White, who also runs a riding stable and has apparently come under critical scrutiny from the Oregon Humane Society.
Seeking help from established animal protection organizations all over the U.S., White was assisted by the Los Angeles pet registry 1-800-4-PETS and the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.
The next bad storm hit Washington after Christmas, inundating the Northwest Organization for Animal Help on Camano Island.
Then came California's turn. Terri Crisp of UAN-EARS issued a January 2 alert anticipating animal rescue work along the Russian River and smaller streams in Santa Clara County. The Redwood Empire Veterinary Association set up temporary holding facilities in Sebastopol for the pets of people who were forced out of their homes. But the greater need came when a dike broke near Sacramento. America OnLine Pet Care Forum and Humane Society of Missouri animal emergency relief coordinator Cecily Westerman issued frequent advisories on progress, while the relatively tiny Promoting Animal Welfare Society, of Paradise, California, sent $5,000 to help EARS.

69. The Critters In The Crawl By Ed Kostro (short Story)
raccoons, rabbits, opossums, and skunks can be found on the hospital’s grounds . I have been privileged to be the human chosen to take care of two

70. Dog Owner's Guide: The Call Of The Wild
opossums are unlikely to be a disease threat to pets but they are slowmoving and Liz Palika/Paperback/1997; American Kennel Club Dog care and Training
[Dog Owner's Guide: The call of the wild (] Home Topics Index Newest ... About
The call of the wild
Wildlife + dogs can be a formula for disaster
Raccoons raiding garbage cans and moving into chimneys, birds dining on feeders and fruit, squirrels plotting to steal birdseed, opossums and skunks grazing through gardens, rabbits chomping on veggies and flowers, deer foraging on backyard shrubs — city and suburban neighborhoods are rife with wildlife that enhance the quality of life but tempt Ranger to harken back to his wild wolf days. In spite of predictions of environmental doom and gloom when new subdivisions are built, many species of wildlife seems to recover rather rapidly and adjust well to human presence. Most critters even learn to tolerate a dog or two — or at least to plan their escape routes should Sassy or Sunny zip out the door in hot pursuit. But many dogs manage to get up close and personal with wildlife, much to their peril and the chagrin of their owners. Hunting comes naturally to our domesticated wolves, and the kill is frequently part of the process. Dogs bred for the hunt, dogs with high prey or defense drive, and dominant dogs of any breed will stalk or chase anything that moves or squeals. No animal is safe, not the neighbor's cat or the baby robin or the nest of bunnies in the garden. Once a dog targets its prey, chemical reactions in the brain take over and the chase is on.

71. The Opossum Page - Caring For Orphaned Opossums
I d lay odds that the skunks sneak into the stables at night and plant the possumfeces theopossumpage advises against the keeping of opossums as pets.
WAKE UP CALL! It is very important to find out the laws in your state regarding keeping, rehabilitating and transporting wildlife. The fact that your possum comes when you call his name, eats at your table and sleeps on your bed does not necessarily make him a domesticated pet or family member in the eyes of the law. In some states it is flat out illegal to keep and transport wild animals. In West Virginia, it's your choice, a $2 permit or a $500 fine. Call your local game warden and find out. Just ASK about the laws. If you volunteer information that you have a possum in your possession, you may be told to bring the animal in and/or receive a fine. The animal may be destroyed or put on display in a state game farm. There are many stories about people who were told to bring in the animal they found and then recieved a hefty fine for transporting wildlife. Above all, never carry an unpermitted wild animal in your car, even if you're just being a good citizen taking a injured animal to the game warden. Many people think that the game warden is a drop off for injured wildlife. Some game warden's don't have a sense of humor about this and you will likely be fined for transporting wildlife. So... call before you haul In addition to a license to keep wildlife as pets, some states require wildlife rehabilitators to be licensed as well. See if you are required in your state to have a license to play rehabilitator. Check your laws.

72. Fleas And Your Pet - Paw's Place Animal Rescue
Our mission is LIFE, and we pursue it four ways we save pets, the abandoned,the abused and the neglected, Natural pet care Products for fleas
Still not convinced that you should continually treat your pet for fleas? Read this:
Humans as Tapeworm Hosts

Human tapeworm infestations are most common in regions where there is fecal contamination of soil and water and where meat and fish are eaten raw or lightly cooked. In the case of the human tapeworm most common in the United States (the beef tapeworm, Taenia saginata ) the usual intermediate host is a cow, which ingests the proglottid while drinking or grazing. The round-bodied embryos, equipped with sharp hooks, hatch and bore through the cow's intestinal wall into the bloodstream, where they are carried to the muscles. Here each embryo encloses itself in a cyst, or bladder; at this stage it is called a bladder worm. During the bladder worm stage the embryo develops into a miniature scolex; it remains encysted until the muscle is eaten by a primary host, in this case a human. If the scolex has not been killed by sufficient cooking of the meat, it sheds its covering and attaches to the intestinal wall, where it begins producing proglottids.
A human tapeworm common in Mexico, the pork tapeworm (

73. SurfWax: News, Reviews And Articles On Opossums
We said no pets ; I guess we have to clarify we re not going to post live skunks and opossums make the scene regularly, their middleof-the-night
SurfWax News Index Track News Save/Exchange Information About Us
    News and Articles on Opossums
    More of this story
    Sep 21, 2005
    "We have helped her take care of skunks, opossums and raccoons," Royer said ... This year Busby has personally taken in Barred Owls, a Cooper's Hawk, several deer, raccoons, opossums, flying squirrels, fox squirrels and skunks. (Linton Daily Citizen, IN)
    Stella site may join superfund list
    Sep 16, 2005
    But today, opossums and raccoons run in and out of broken windows. Birds have built nests in corners. (The Joplin Globe)
    Fossil Hunters: A Tale of Discovery
    Sep 14, 2005
    He and Novacek, lying on the other side, thought it could be a little marsupial, perhaps an ancestor to lineages leading to kangaroos and opossums. If so, it would support the hypothesized Asian origins of the marsupials that eventually migrated to Australia and the Americas. (The Ledger)
    Wildlife removal specialists get the best of bats on Lee Street
    Sep 8, 2005
    Trutech Inc. also rids houses of squirrels, raccoons, coyotes, hornets, snakes, beavers, rats and mice, skunks, opossums, voles/moles, chipmunks, yellow jackets, birds, bees/wasps, foxes, armadillos and more. The company also can send technicians out to remove dead animals. (Americus Times Recorder, GA)
    Newspaper carriers work early-morning shift
    Sep 7, 2005

74. Animals, Pets & Critters In General - Info, Fun Facts, Humor, Links & More
All kinds of things about animals, pets and critters complete with relevant humor, pet care Tips Web site Free pet care and health
Your Neighborhood Web Site
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Only $200! Neighborhood Webs for the Western Pennsylvania areas in and near Butler County PA with community information and business directories, Events Calendars and Classified Ads . Plus General Webs for everyone, anywhere with Holidays Recipes Collectibles Inspiration ... Advertise is one of Western PA's most referenced Web sites with over 350,000 visitors every month. Neighborhood Webs
Western Pennsylvania General Webs
For Everyone - Anywhere! 100's of Jokes
Neighborhood Webs

All Areas - Home

Allegheny County
... Events Calendars Free Basic Listings Western PA Only!

75. National Alternative Pet Association - Exotic Animal Owner Education Resource An
pet, Educational or Zoo Exotic Animal care Information Resource for Many Speciesof Alternative or Exotic pets. Exotic pet Education.
National Alternative Pet Association
National Alternative Pet Association
Best of Friends!

(exotic pets and their friends)

NAPA Sponsors!
Menu Home Help support NAPA! Link to NAPA! Add your URL! Adoption/Breeder Classified Ads Breeder / Broker Links Chat Room Definitions Exotic Animal Actors/Entertainment Links Exotic Animal Bookstore Exotic Animal Magazines Exotic Animal Events Exotic Animal Food and Supply Links Exotic Animal Husbandry and Personal Links Exotic Laws/Legislation Exotic Animal Vet Links Lost / Found Exotic Pets Mailing List Archive Misc Exotic Animal Links News Items Ranches For Sale Shelters/Rescue (listed by location) Shelter/Rescue Links Zoos and Zookeeping Due to changes in the directories, please reload your browser. Animal care pages have been moved. See pull-down Menu above.
Is your pet unconventional
Do people put you down because your pet isn't a socially acceptable cat, dog or goldfish?

76. Garter Snakes
An overview of their natural history and care in captivity. skunks and opossumsmay eat garters if they uncover them while scavenging.
Melissa Kaplan's
Herp Care Collection
Last updated August 4, 2004
Garter Snakes
An overview of their natural history and care in captivity. Natural History
Garter snakes (genus Thamnophis ) are one of the most common of snakes. Found in a variety of habitats, they are often the first snake a youngster sees and catches. Varying according to species, garters are generally striped against a plain or checkered background color. Often delicately or subtly colored, even those with vivid red or yellow stripes or yellow ventral scales are quick to blend in with their background in the wild. Living between 3 to 10 years in captivity, these snakes generally do not grow to any great size, reaching about three feet with a very narrow girth. (Click here for information on the natural history of garters in general and the plight of the endangered San Francisco garter in particular.) Garters rely primarily upon sight when hunting, "hearing" (sensing ground vibrations), taste and smell, the latter two combined in use with the Jacobson's organ located in the in roof of the mouth. They are quite agile, a trait which also enables them to successfully capture prey. They encounter their prey while moving through their territory during the cooler parts of the dayearly morning, late afternoon and early evening.

77. Wildlife Care™ - Opossum
All the resources needed for the care and rescue of injured or orphaned opossum . opossums are very resilient animals, so if you find an adult lying
All the resources needed for the care and rescue of injured or orphaned wild animals. HOME ABOUT WILDLIFECARE .ORG ABOUT WILDLIFE REHABBERS ... REHABBER RESOURCES
It's A Possum Alright!
Rescue Or Leave Alone? There are generally three situations that cause a baby opossum to be separated from his mother: either the mother is killed (by man, dogs or a natural predator), the baby falls off the mother as she is fleeing from danger, or the mother is prevented from returning to her nest. Rescuing babies still clinging to their dead mother is a very satisfying act of compassion, especially when the mother was killed by a car because someone couldn't bother to slow down to give her time to cross the road. Opossums hit by a car can have live babies in the pouch, babies still clinging to her back, or babies wandering lost and confused up to 50 feet away from their dead mother. If there are babies anywhere near, they need to be rescued, or they will die a slow death from hypothermia (loss of body heat), starvation, or become the temporary, soon-to-be dead play toy for the neighborhood cat or dog. Babies that have fallen off the mother as she was fleeing from danger will sometimes be reunited if the mother feels secure enough in her own safety to return to the area.

78. Stanford Cat Network Celebrates Fifth Anniversary
Cats competing with raccoons, skunks or opossums for food usually lose. Most of the campus cats, it is believed, were pets abandoned by students upon
NEWS RELEASE CONTACT: Stanford University News Service (415) 723-2558
Stanford Cat Network celebrates fifth anniversary
STANFORD Five years ago this month, concerned Stanford University community members banded together in an attempt to avert a "cat-astrophe" in the making. In January 1989, the university announced that it planned on taking steps to deal with what officials feared had become an unmanageably large feral cat population on campus - estimates ranged from the hundreds to upward of 1,500. After plans were announced to trap the feral cats and ship them off to humane societies, where they would likely be put to sleep, a group of volunteers approached university officials with a proposal to humanely trap the cats and have them spayed, neutered, vaccinated and tagged so that they could remain alive on campus. With the help of Ron Parker and Herb Fong of Facilities, and Ray Busley of Crane Pest Control, the contractor that handles animal removal for the campus, the Stanford Cat Network was born. The informal group now considers itself a model for other campuses facing the problem of humanely dealing with numerous unwanted former pets and their offspring. "Stanford is a model for other institutions," said Carole Hyde, a Stanford staff member who has been with the network since the beginning. "It is in the forefront of a grass-roots movement to deal with homeless animals without killing them."

79. AnyWho: Internet Directory Assistance; Yellow Pages, White Pages, Toll-Free Numb
Information board with an exotic pet chat room on exotic pets and new legislation.opossums Article gives techniques for raising orphaned opossums.

80. All Creatures Animal Hospital - Orphaned Wildlife
If you or a family pet discovers a nest, try not to disturb it. opossums arethe only North American marsupials and carry their babies in a pouch
All Creatures Animal Hospital
Orphans…. Every spring our clients find a variety of wildlife orphans, and call for information. First of all ….Is it REALLY an orphan? Parents often leave their young for long periods of time. If you are sure that this baby is orphaned, then you should know that most very young mammals cannot maintain their own body temperature. They should be placed on a heating pad that has been wrapped in a towel, and set on low. Hypothermia and death can result without proper warmth. The next thing you must know is that in Ohio it is illegal to keep wildlife as pets, and you should contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. In our area, that is Second Chance Wildlife. 875-3433. Contact them, or our office immediately We work closely with Second Chance and can help. In many cases these animals need special foods which are not readily available to the general public. Never give cows milk to wildlife. They cannot digest it. Here are some guidelines on various species Birds
Special note…..don't feed baby birds bread. They cant digest it. Don't try to give them water, it is very easy for them to aspirate. (down the wrong pipe and into the lungs)

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