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41. City Of Chula Vista - Police Department Animal Care Facility
The Chula Vista Animal care Facility thanks you for your interest in such asskunks residing under your house or opossums raiding your pet’s food from
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Chula Vista Animal Care Facility FAQ's
What type of animals do you receive at the CVACF?
I know it's important to get my pet "fixed," but I don't have a lot of
money or a veterinarian. Could you refer me to one that is low cost? ... Why do I need to license my dog or get my pet vaccinated? Welcome...
The Chula Vista Animal Care Facility thanks you for your interest in adopting an animal. Adoption is a lifetime commitment, and our staff is eager to help you find the perfect companion. Selecting a pet that's just right for you can be one of life's most rewarding experiences. All of our animals are spayed or neutered before they leave our facility. Back To Top Finding the Perfect Match
To ensure a perfect match, here are a few tips to keep in mind.
Read about the different breeds of dogs and cats so you can select the one that matches your personality and fits into your lifestyle.
Outline your expectations. Understand your pet will become part of the family. Puppies and kittens can be fun and exciting, however, mature pets are better adjusted and more likely to adapt to your home.

42. Red Door Animal Shelter
It is against the law to try to make a pet out of any kind of wildlife. Animal care and Control will come out and remove the bat for testing. skunks
Wildlife Rescue Information
Chicago may be one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country, but a surprising number of wildlife populates both the city and the suburbs. Do not try to tame them or make them into pets. Wild animals cannot be domesticated, nor do they want to be. For complete information on how to humanely live with and assist wildlife in your neighborhood, Red Door Animal Shelter recommend two books: Wild Neighbors: The Humane Approach to Living with Wildlife Here is a brief guide to the best ways of dealing with wildlife you might encounter: RABBITS
Usually the mother rabbit only comes at dawn. If you accidentally disturb a rabbit nest, try to reconstruct it as best you can. Usually the nests are hidden under leaves, twigs and debris, or located under shrubs. But sometimes you will find a rabbit nest right in the open. You can move a nest up to 10 feet from its original spot if that will provide more cover for the nest. Cover it over with leaves, twigs and grass clippings. The mother rabbit will find it. It is a myth that rabbits will abandon their babies once human beings have touched them.

43. Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control - Wildlife
pet Adoptions How To Adopt pet care Tips Humane Education Field Services Rescues When confronted, opossums often bare their teeth and hiss.
Pet Adoptions How To Adopt Pet Care Tips Humane Education ... Home Wildlife The Department of Animal Care and Control responds to calls within city limits regarding injured wildlife or wildlife causing an immediate public safety hazard. Living in harmony with wildlife in our community often poses some challenging situations to citizens. We have included useful information you may need from the professionals regarding humane alternatives to dealing with nuisance wildlife. Keeping garbage can lids secure, garage doors closed, and possibly suspending your bird feeding activities for a while may be necessary. (never do this in late fall or winter) Humane live traps are available from the department if a wild animal has set up housekeeping in your attic. Call 427-1244 to check on current availability. Wildlife that have actually entered and are currently accessible in the living space of your home can be removed by an Animal Control Officer. Live traps are not dispersed for nuisance wildlife living outside, as exclusion tactics are the best method of dealing with these animals rather than relocation. Injured wildlife may be brought to the shelter for pickup by licensed wildlife rehabilitators. Do not put yourself at risk for a wild animal bite, if there is concern regarding a bite, call us to pick up the injured animal.

44. Nuisance Wildlife - Raccoons & Skunks
Training pet care LOSt, FOUND Surrender petS become a volunteer Make sure your pets’ vaccinations are up to date. Raccoons and skunks also carry
ABOUT US CONTACT US VIRTUAL TOUR ADOPTIONS become a volunteer Ways To Donate shop 'til you drop wildlife Living with Wildlife Injured Wildlife Nuisance Wildlife Woodchucks Rabbits, Squirrels, Rats, and Mice Bats Deer Opossums Mosquitoes Mountain Lions Deceased Wildlife Orphaned Wildlife FAQs nuisance wildlife Raccoons and Skunks What they do:
What you can do
  • Raccoons and Skunks also carry roundworms so occasionally check your pets stool for the parasite. *This is critical because raccoon roundworm, if contracted by people, can cause permanent brain damage and even death. Secure trash can lids with rope, bungee cords or chains. If necessary stake cans to the ground. Cap chimneys and plug siding holes after making sure no nests are inside. Make sure garden fences are buried 6-8 inches under ground, or attached to a board that is sunk below the surface.

45. Mendocino California Bed And Breakfast, Stanford Inn By The Sea, Spa, Ravens Veg
Guests have taken care of damage, but the issue is that their pets were unhappy . We also are home to several raccoons, deer, skunks, opossums,
Pets Welcome This phrase means a great deal: All significant family members can share the experience of the Stanford Inn. We have always traveled with our dogs, Little One, Hopscotch and Gypsy, and extend welcome to your friends here. Over the years we have had a variety of non human visitors: dogs and cats, of course, but also iguanas, parrots, Vietnamese pot belly pigs, and a tortoise. Pets stay for a modest charge. If yours is a dog, you'll find a welcoming treat, stainless steel food and water dishes, "dog sheets" to protect the furniture so that your friend can join you, and Intelligent Products pick-up bags. Hopscotch Our rules are simple. Please do not leave your pet unattended in your room without letting us know in case he or she is uncomfortable in new surrounding. We have had doors chewed and badly scratched. Guests have taken care of damage, but the issue is that their pets were unhappy. We find that dogs are most happy in their accompanying their owners when exploring the area. Our weather is cool and with windows left open, no harm should come to them.

46. Stark Parks Wildlife
Handle injured and orphaned wildlife with care and caution to prevent injury The Sanders Center does not accept raccoons, skunks and opossums for rehab
home Stark Parks Wildlife
Please click to learn more: COMMON WILDLIFE CONCERNS
Table of Contents
  • WHAT SHOULD I DO IF I FIND A WILD ANIMAL EITHER INJURED OR ORPHANED? There is this bird that is banging itself into our windows . Why is he doing this and how can I get him to stop? I found a baby bunny in my yard. What should I do with it? What can I do to take care of it? My cat/dog brought an animal home and it is injured. Will the Sanders Center take it? A tree was cut down and a nest of baby squirrels fell out of a hole. Will the mom return for them? (animal) in my chimney . What am I to do? There is a groundhog/raccoon/critter in my yard. Can I bring it to the Sanders Center? There apparently is a LARGE, possibly injured, hawk-like/ owl-like bird in my yard. It looks mean and I do not want to go near it. What should I do? There is a raccoon/skunk in my yard. Can I bring it to the Sanders Center? I have a bat in my house!!!
  • 47. B Turtle Hibernation - Animal Hospitals-USA
    ants and predatory marauders, such as dogs, cats, rats, skunks and opossums . B Turtle care . B Turtle Feeding . B Turtle Reproduction .
    Hurricane Katrina
    Pet Rescue Info:
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    Health Info

    Pet Care


    Contact Us
    Box Turtle Hibernation Any box turtle that has recently been ill should not Hibernating Indoors Box turtles can be placed in a protected box (wooden or cardboard) partially filled with clean dirt (potting soil is recommended). The soil should be kept slightly damp. A layer of dead leaves or crumpled newspaper should cover the dirt A shallow dish of water should also be provided. The box can be placed in a cool area (such as a garage) and should be maintained rodent-free. The hibernating turtle should be checked periodically. During warm spells, the turtle may temporarily come out of hibernation; food should be offered at these times. Hibernating Outdoors: The hibernation period begins with inappetence in October or November in southern California and ends in March or April, depending on environmental conditions in the spring. Box turtles may be allowed to hibernate in the corner of a dog house or other similar shelter if they are allowed to burrow under some loose cover. Dead leaves or crumpled newspapers can be provided for this purpose. An alternative arrangement involves providing a protected area with loose dirt and a covering layer of dead leaves or dried lawn clippings that cannot be flooded by winter rains. Box turtles may emerge during warm spells, during which time they may feed. Food should be provided at these times as well as a shallow dish of water for soaking, if the turtle chooses to do so. Box turtles hibernating outdoors should be protected from flies, ants and predatory marauders, such as dogs, cats, rats, skunks and opossums.

    48. Meijer - Pet Connection - Dogs - First Aid
    Improved nutrition and better care by dog owners are helping hunting For example, skunks don’t always wait to be attacked before defending themselves.
    Health Select A Veterinarian First Aid Fleas Obesity Care Training Puppy's New Home Household Hazards Seasonal Care First Aid For Dogs In The Field
    by Tom Huggler
    The Nightmare
    Curiosity: Not Just for Cats
    The shock collar often proves effective in teaching a dog to avoid porcupines, skunks, opossums and other vermin (including potentially rabid raccoons). There are also some things you can do in the field. To remove odor, I have no personal experience on which to report. Various sources recommend a bath with tomato or lemon juice or vinegar. Crushed charcoal may also aid in sucking up the smell.
    Traps, Snares and Wire
    Make sure the pair of pliers you carry in your hunting coat has a cutting edge for wire. They may help save a dog pinned in a fence by its hind legs, or caught in a snare, the latter of which can be lethal. Set by trappers for coyotes or foxes, snares work by suffocating an animal. Once your dog is caught around the neck, the only way to free it is to cut the snare. If your dog blunders into a leg-hold predator trap, use the dowel and tape to muzzle him, then gently open the trap and remove the dog. Check the animal for cuts and potentially broken bones.

    49. Opossums: The Great White Rat
    Thankfully, opossums, unlike skunks, don’t spray. opossums will eat almostanything. But they will happily dine on pet food, bird seed, grapes,
    Free Courses

    Directory 22 Communities What's New ... Free e-Courses Search
    Living with Wildlife
    New Topics Backyard Birdwatching Almanac Water for Life Arctic Wildlife Lizards, Turtles and Snakes, oh my! ... More... New Articles Myth and Folklore: Jack-in-the-Pulpit Snow Bunting Update to the Parking Lot Critters Plant Families: Heath ... More... New Discussions b-D-glucosidase Update to the Parking Lot Critters Bacteria in Armpits? Staph. Infections a Common Yet Serious Problem ... More... My Recent Articles Moles Made Easy Video Review Build Your Own Bait Station Mouse Bait Stations Related Online Courses Environmental Organizations: The New World War Habitats for Backyard Birds The Butterfly Garden
    Opossums: The Great White Rat
    Home Applied sciences Agriculture, animal husbandry, conservation Hunting, fishing, conservation Author: Stephen Vantassel Published on: November 30, 2004 Welcome Page My Articles Discussions for You My Bookstore ... Community Bookstore Subscribe to My Topic
    The phone rings and just as I finish my greeting, the caller implores me to remove a white rat that is sitting on her fence. “It won’t move!”, she says. “It just sits there with his rat like tail and his mouth open.” Smiling, I informed the caller that the animal is really a frightened opossum who will leave the area when all the commotion dies down.

    50. Purina ONE: Flea Control & Prevention
    skunks, opossums, raccoons and ferrets can all harbor cat fleas. You willneed to keep treating the environment and your pet until all of these

    51. Washington County, Oregon Animal Services - Wildlife
    Some of the more familiar species are raccoons, skunks and opossums. Instead,contact the Portland Audubon care Center or the Oregon Department of Fish
    Animal Services

    Laws to know

    Animal control

    Animal Shelter
    Dog adoptions

    Cat adoptions

    Adoptable pets

    Other services

    Animal News Animal Tales Animal news Annual Report Animal Services - Wildlife Wild animals are creatures of nature to be respected and enjoyed. We are fortunate to live in an area with such an abundance and variety of wildlife. Many of the recommendations mentioned here involve exclusion of wildlife. We believe, however, that understanding the habits of wildlife animals and using a few preventive measures will allow you to coexist more closely and compatibly with most wildlife creatures and truly begin to appreciate their value. Learning to live with wildlife The Pacific Northwest is graced with an abundance and variety of native mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians, black-tail deer, raccoons, beavers and coyotes, hawks, eagles, ducks and geese, and many other wild animals grace our woodlands and wetlands. We have witnessed and, for the most part, enjoyed the presence of a wide variety of wild animals in our woodlands, in our rural and urban settings, and even in our own backyards. Less than two hundred years ago the Northwest was the domain of wild creatures. With the exception of scattered bands of Native American communities, few people lived in this region. In the early 1800's, wagon trains began to roll into the Northwest bringing with them the beginnings of an enormous influx of people. Most of the newcomers valued wild animals as sources of food, clothing, shelter and transportation. However, they unfortunately believed there was an endless supply of wildlife. Over the years, they destroyed massive acreage of wildlife habitat in order to build railroads, houses, farms and businesses. This loss of habitat has been a major factor in the disappearance of Northwest wildlife.

    52. Article: Leptospirosis And Your Pet: DBMD -
    Medical article Leptospirosis and Your pet DBMD including all symptom, such as raccoons, skunks, squirrels, opossums, or deer that are infected with
    Home Symptoms Diseases Risks ... Newsletter Search our medical database
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    Current chapter:
    Leptospirosis and Your Pet: DBMD
    Next chapters: Leptospirosis: DBMD Lesbian Health: NWHIC Lesbian-Health: NWHIC_1 Let's Talk About Depression: NIMH ... Feedback
    Leptospirosis and Your Pet: DBMD
    Article title: Leptospirosis and Your Pet: DBMD Conditions: Leptospirosis Source: DBMD Leptospirosis and Your Pet Leptospirosis and Your Pet This fact sheet is designed to assist pet owners in answering questions related to leptospirosis in pets and the health risk to humans exposed to Leptospira -infected pets. What is leptospirosis? How do people and animals get leptospirosis? What pet animals get leptospirosis? What are the signs of leptospirosis in pets? ... How can I prevent leptospirosis in my pet? What is leptospirosis? Leptospirosis is a disease is caused by spiral shaped bacteria called leptospires. It occurs worldwide and can affect humans as well as many wild and domestic animals, including dogs and cats. The disease can be serious for both humans and animals. In people, the symptoms are often like the flu, but sometimes leptospirosis can develop into a more severe, life-threatening illness with infections in the kidney, liver, brain, lung, and heart. For more information on leptospirosis in humans, look at the following site:

    53. RSVP In Action: Five Return To Musical Spotlight At Recognition Luncheon
    Baby skunks and opossums, groundhogs, songbirds, kestrels and screech owls also offers an emergency care program in instances where pets are sick or hit
    September, 2005
    Cover Story
    Nancy and Spencer Reed: Music brought them together

    Five return to musical spotlight at recognition luncheon
    By Chris Grape-Harvey You may have seen them at the Pocono Garlic Festival, the Senior Prom or the Senior Walk. Wherever they appear, they get people dancing, smiling and tapping their feet. They’re the RSVP Band, five musicians in their 60s and 70s who love entertaining people. And they’ll be providing the entertainment once again at next month’s annual Retired and Senior Volunteer Program recognition luncheon. “We get great satisfaction making music for other people,” said band leader Don Weightman of Brodheadsville, who plays tenor saxophone and clarinet. “Otherwise we wouldn’t do it.” Specializing in Big Band/swing era music, the group will also play an occasional polka or Latin tunes like a rhumba. “We try to mix it up,” Weightman said. The band will perform before hundreds of people at the recognition luncheon, which honors more than 1,600 RSVP volunteers for their service. This year’s program is set for Monday, Oct. 3, from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Galleria at Split Rock Resort in Lake Harmony. During last year’s event at Tamiment Resort, many volunteers danced to the quintet’s lively beat.

    54. Pets Health
    Rabbits, squirrels, opossums, rats, mice, guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters, chipmunks, pet care in The New Century Cutting Edge Medicine Dogs Cats
    SEARCH THIS SITE: Home Online Resources The Library Rabies-Questions and Answers TOPIC: Please select one... 9/11 Pets Loving Devotion A 9/11 Story Acupuncture and Tellington Ttouch Acupuncture in The Treatment For Animals Acupuncture-Uses and Benefits Addison's Disease (Hypoadrenocorticism) Addison's Disease-Newer Treatment Options Aging and Your Pet Age Analogy For Your Pet Aggression At The Vets Office Aggressive Behavior In Multi-Cat Households Aggression At The Vets Office ALLERGIES Anal Sac Disease ANEMIA- AUTOIMMUNE HEMOLYTIC Anesthesia and Your Pet Antifreeze Poisoning Arthritis Treatments For Cats and Dogs Asthma-Bronchitis in Cats Babesiosis in Dogs Babies and Pets-Introduction of Bacterial Skin Infections Behavior Guides for Cats Behavior Guides for Dogs Behavior Drug Therapy Birds Feeding Guide for Pet Birds Birds- Care of Bladder Stones (uroliths) Cardiac Diseases of Cats and Dogs Cat Breeds Cat Litter Cat Scratch Fever-Bartonellosis Cataracts and Your Pet Cerebellar Hypoplasia Cheytiella Dermatitis in Pets Chocolate Poisoning in Dogs Chronic Wasting Disease Clostridial Enteritis and Diarrhea in Your Pet Constipation and Your Cat Cruciate Ligament Damage and Repair Cushings Disease-Hyperadrenocorticism Cushings-Treatment of Dental Care and Your Cat Dental Tooth Abscess Diarrhea Dietary Management Demodex Mange in Dogs and Cats Dental Care Dental Care and Your Cat Dental Care Special Promotion for Your Pet Dermatomyositis Diabetes in Cats Diabetes in Dogs Digestive Disturbances in Cats Digestive Disturbances in Dogs Disasters and Emergencies-Be Prepared

    55. Orange Villa Veterinary Boarding And Grooming Animal And Pet Newsletter
    Our vet hospital s goal is to provide pet owners of orange county with the most foxes, squirrels, skunks, opossums, raccoons, voles, and people.
    Your browser does not support script September Articles Semptember Articles:
    The Coyote: A Pet Predator
    Hello! Welcome to the Orange Villa Veterinary Hospital Newsletter. We hope that you find it interesting, informative, and educational. We now have the rattlesnake vaccine. Recently, one of our patients was biten. Luckily, she has survived, but a lot of pain and a huge amount of expense would have been saved if she were vaccinated. Please consider protecting your pet if they are at risk. We will tell her story in an upcoming newsletter (mom is too busy with medications for her right now.) Remember to Care to Share: We rely on your referrals. Remember when you refer a friend to us to fill out the care to share cards from our office or from the website. This gives your friend a complimentary exam and gives you $10 credited to your account. Search Past Newsletter Articles:
    Maximum number of files returned:
    The Coyote: A Pet Predator It seems that every year we hear about more and more instances of our patients being attacked and frequently killed by our wild neighbor, the coyote. These attacks are completely preventable, by learning more about coyotes and ways that we can protect our pets from them. While pets that live in the hills are at highest risk, the cunning coyote has figured out how to navigate the storm drain system and are predators in all areas of Southern California. Many coyotes have lost their fear of people (possibly by interbreeding with unspayed or unneutered dogs) and have learned that our pets are an easy food source. Coyotes are thriving because of this, so we need to learn how to protect our pets and children, and in so doing, will help to reduce this threat in the future.

    56. State Legislation List
    Enacts the Cloned and Genetically Modified pet and Consumer Protection Act, mice, moles, voles, gophers, squirrels, chipmunks, skunks, and opossums;

    57. Columbus, Indiana Police Department - Columbus Animal Control
    opossums, snakes, deer, fox, skunks, chipmunks, ground squirrels, bats, There are some costs involved in taking care of pets at the shelter and this
    123 Washington St.
    Columbus, IN 47201
    fax 812-376-2649 AC - Fred the Cat's FAQ Corner General Animal Control Laws Where are you located?
    The Columbus Animal Control Center is located at the Columbus Municipal Airport(Bakalar) 2730 Arnold St. (the far east end of Arnold Street) Where is your telephone number in the telephone book?
    Our telephone number is listed under CITY OF COLUMBUS OFFICES in the business section of the white pages in the telephone book. Our regular office telephone number is: 376-2505 After hours we can be reached through the Columbus Police Department 376-2600 What are your hours?

    58. Services Offered At San Francisco Animal Care And Control
    ACC counter staff accepts pets surrendered by owners during business hours and They also transport injured wildlife, including deer, skunks, opossums,
    The Friends of San Francisco
    Animal Care and Control Home About Us About ACC Donate ...
  • In Case You Were Looking for the SPCA
  • Services Offered at San Francisco Animal Care and Control
    Why is ACC worth supporting? You may be surprised at how many services your city animal shelter provides to the people and animals of San Francisco: * Animal control officers (ACOs) respond to calls from the public about anything animal-related, from stray dogs in their neighborhood to birds trapped in their chimneys. Emergencies get an immediate response, even in the middle of the night every day of the year. * ACC accepts lost, stray or abandoned animals 24/7. Staff enters them into the computer system, gives them medications to protect them from diseases, provides a clean kennel with food and water and other necessities, and holds them five days unless claimed sooner by their owners. (Animals surrendered by their owners have to wait only three days.) If the animal goes unclaimed, veterinary and behavioral experts evaluate him or her and put adoptable animals up for adoption. * ACC counter staff accepts pets surrendered by owners during business hours and processes them as they do lost, stray or abandoned animals.

    Most endocrine diseases are seen in mature and aged pet ferrets. Raccoons,skunks and opossums are maintenance hosts for L. bratislava.

    60. Curb-dogs Victims
    Also, skunks and opossums like to hang out in the bushes near my front door in the Most of them are let on their own to take care of their business.
    J.R. N.Y. I tried a batch of the product along the side of my house and it works great. No dog doo. I witnessed through repeated rainstorms that the stuff kept on working because the dog piles are not back. The only thing is that you have to spray more by the tree roots and the grass because it get absorbed by the soil faster than on concrete. Gus, College Point, N.Y. Vinny, Brooklyn, N.Y. T.S., TX P.G., Corpus Christi, TX .... I ordered it to use outside the fence in front of my house to deter the neighborhood dogs from stopping to do their business as they're passing by, but now I'm thinking of another possible use perhaps you could tell me if it will be useful and appropriate for this purpose. I have a problem with cats getting into my "Bleeding Hearts" in the Spring. I guess the tall, cool, damp plants make a good napping place for cats. I wouldn't mind, but they break the stalks. Once May comes around and the plants are in bloom, I can usually find a cat or 2 hiding among the stalks at any given time. Also, skunks and opossums like to hang out in the bushes near my front door in the warm weather. Is the spray effective against cats and/or skunks and opossums? Would it be harmful to flowering plants? M.M., Waterbury, CT

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