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         Skaters Biographies Men:     more detail
  1. Gold!: The Todd Eldredge story by Alicia Styles, 2000
  2. Rolaboi - Renegade Skater by Jayson Sutcliffe, 2004-11-30
  3. Superstars of Men's Figure Skating (Male Sports Stars Series) by Pohla Smith, 1998-03
  4. Icebreaker Spanish Edition: The Autobiography of Rudy Galindo by Rudy Galindo, 1998-06-01

41. Books & Publications
In this remarkable book he describes both the men and women he has known and how they Harris 13 Coach s Manual Choreography and Style For skaters

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Figure Skating: A History

Figure Skating: A History, by James R. Hines. Is a 456-page volume complete with 226 photos detailing all of the thrills, artistry, and competition from the early days of skating to the present time. Now, the only comprehensive history of figure skating in over 40 years can be yours. Reserve your copy by November 30 and recieve a 15% discount! Reserve your copy by calling (719) 228-3467 or order online.
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Ice Cream
New! The inimitable Toller Cranston is back. After two books devoted to his own life, he now turns an eye (that misses nothing) on thirty skaters who, in his opinion, have changed figure skating - for good or ill.
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[View Cart] When Hell Freezes Over New! In this remarkable book he describes both the men and women he has known and how they shaped and influenced him. [Add to Cart] [View Cart] Zero Tollerance New! An intimate memoir by the man who revolutionized figure skating. [Add to Cart] [View Cart] Forever Two As One New! Tai Babilonia and Randy Gardner have spent more than thirty years as skating partners and best friends. Linked at the ages of eight and ten, they grew up together, developed a unique pairs style and performing persona, then won the Championship Pairs event at the 1979 World Figure Skating Championships.

42. Oztrack Ice Skating Online Bookstore
Young has coached figure skaters for more than 30 years, and has produced short biographies of the most influential and important skaters; lists of US,
Speed Agility and Quickness by Brown, Ferrigno and Santana Sport Stretch by Michael J. Alter(1997) Sports Massage for Peak Performance by Gregory Pike, Greg Pike (1997) by Donald A. Chu(1996) Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage
by Alfred Lansing In the summer of 1914, Sir Ernest Shackleton set off aboard the Endurance bound for the South Atlantic. The goal of his expedition was to cross the Antarctic overland, but more than a year later, and still half a continent away from the intended base, the Endurance was trapped in ice and eventually was crushed. For five months Shackleton and his crew survived on drifting ice packs in one of the most savage regions of the world before they were finally able to set sail again in one of the ship's lifeboats. Alfred Lansing's Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage is a white-knuckle account of this astounding odyssey. Oztrack Ice Skating Bookshop
is pleased to offer the following titles, in conjunction with

43. Skaters In The News
Inline Planet news and articles about skaters who are making news, listed in reverse The inline squad consists of 34 members 25 men and nine women.
Skaters in the News ... Inline Planet news and articles about skaters who are making news, listed in reverse chronological order Roll Bounce Opens Today to Mixed Reviews - The skate industry, especially the roller rink crowd, has high hopes for the new movie Roll Bounce. It would like to see the movie roll in big audiences and give a nice bounce to ticket sales at roller rinks. But the critics don't seem too impressed. ( Read the Planet story.) (Sept. 22, 2005) Urban Adventurer Talks About His 25-Year Skate Odyssey - The annals of inline skating are full of fantastic adventures. To the list, add another: Tim Monroe's skate of the entire street grid of Oakland, Calif. Completed over 25 years, Monroe's trek took him up and down the Oakland hills, through the devastated crack neighborhoods and face-to-mace with legions of vicious dogs. But he survived to tell the story! ( Here it is! (Sept. 8, 2005) Joe's Trek Passes the World Record for Longest Skate - With swollen feet and a sunburned smile, Joe Rehana rolled past the old world record for the longest inline skate on Monday and pushed on in pursuit of the 3000-mile mark. So far, the 35-year-old Illinois resident has skated 2730 miles. The Guinness Book of World Records lists 2595 miles as the length of the longest inline skate. ... Rehana started his unassisted trek on May 31st in Sydney, Australia. He had planned to roll the entire circumference of Australia (about 10,000 miles). But with his feet swelling with edema, he decided to cut short his trip. "I'm thinking, throw the skates into the sea and never look back," he says in his web log. (

44. Salé - : 1999 - 2000 Biography
Other figure skaters who have won the Lou Marsh award include Barbara Ann Scott (1945/47/48); following the figure skating men s free skate competition.
2001 - 2002 Season An Olympic Season
In December, Jamie and David arrived at the Grand Prix Final in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario with great expectations for the last international competition before the Winter Olympic Games. The talk of the media included speculation regarding which long program they would choose to skate at the Olympic Games: Orchid or Love Story. At the Grand Prix Final, Jamie and David would skate both programs because the event required two long programs. "'We're excited about Love Story, but we're also excited about Rachmaninov because it's taking our skating in a different direction,' Pelletier commented. 'Actually, it's a great problem to have, to have two good programs like this. We're so happy and excited that we have two great programs to choose from.'"
The Olympic Games
In 1994, with her partner Jason Turner, Jamie Salé was the youngest member of the Canadian Olympic team in Lillehammer, Norway. The pair finished 12th in the event. The 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City were David Pelletier's first Olympic Games. “I've been telling myself that this is just like any other competition. But Jamie said, 'realize that it's not. It's the Olympics. It's not like any other competition you've done.'” Since their partnership in 1998, Jamie and David have been focused on the 2002 Olympic Games. As world champions, the pressure to win gold was intense. "'Many Canadians want us to win gold,' Pelletier said. 'We obviously would like to win gold. But when the competition is finished and everybody goes back home, if we don't win people will forget - but I won't. So the most important thing for Jamie and myself is to go home feeling at peace about what we've done here because we're going to have to live with the result.'"

45. Addison Vermont Biographies
Addison Vermont biographies. The Indians prepared for a frolic on the ice; many of them had skates and were very good skaters.
Addison Vermont Biographies
Benjamin Kellogg brought his family into the town in 1766. He traded his farm of one hundred acres in Connecticut for 3,000 acres lying in Addison and Panton. When the settlers were driven off, Kellogg went to Mount Hope, N. Y., with his family, and subsequently to Bennington, where he took part in the battle there. Subsequently he and Lieutenant Everest came back to Addison to look after the cattle they had left here, and found that a Mr. Gale had sold them to the British, and had also reported their owners as spies. They were both captured on the strength of this accusation, but Everest escaped, while Kellogg was taken to St. Johns, where he was imprisoned about a year. He was then liberated, but in making his way to a neighboring village was so badly frozen that he died soon after. Mrs. Kellogg died at Ticonderoga in 1792.
Zadock Everest came to Addison in the summer Of 1765 and began his clearing, as before mentioned. On his place he built a log house and there kept the first public house in the county. After the breaking out of the war he fled his family to Whitehall, and from thence sought refuge in Pawlet, Rutland county, where he was elected representative in March, 1784. During that year he returned to Addison, and represented the town of Panton in 1785 and Addison in 1788, 1789 and 1795; he also held the prominent town offices through a series of years and was a prominent man. His dwelling was used for a time as the county court-house, and afterwards as a dwelling and a jail. Mr. Everest's remains rest in Lake View, cemetery, and the following inscription marks his tomb-stone:

46. Holiday On Ice
He has taken a leadership role among professional skaters and has been active At 14, while still in high school, he became the US Junior men s Champion.
Brian Boitano Latest News Press Releases Biography
BIOGRAPHY Few athletes have enjoyed the artistic and popular success that figure skater Brian Boitano has achieved since winning the gold medal for the United States at the 1988 Winter Olympic Games in Calgary, Canada. After turning professional in 1988, Brian won six world professional titles, placing first and scoring perfect 10's in each of the ten consecutive professional championships. As a professional, he won the first 20 out of the 24 competitions he entered, a record unmatched in the history of skating. Brian's skating is characterized by strength, precision, consistency and emotion. He created a unique jump, the Tano Triple, which has yet to be completed by any other skater. His efforts have changed the face of professional figure skating, raising its standard beyond any level seen in the sport's history. He has taken a leadership role among professional skaters and has been active in developing a circuit for professional competitions. Brian's first book

47. Legends Of Hockey The Legends Honoured Player Kennedy
Never the fastest or smoothest of skaters, Ted Teeder Kennedy became a remarkable Known as one of the game s great faceoff men and an antagonistic

48. Legends Of Hockey The Legends Honoured Player Esposito
and stay well back in his crease except when he came out to pokecheck skaters. began to gain a reputation as one of the grand old men of the NHL.

49. ABRAHAM BEERSTRATEN Fine Art Artist: Artists' Art Auction Database + Biography
Capriccio of a Coastal Scene with Dutch meno -War Lying Offshore Winter Landscape with a Horse-drawn Sledge, skaters an Golfers. Dutch harbour scene
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] / Rank: 4074
BEERSTRATEN ABRAHAM top price records:
Painting: "Capriccio of a Coastal Scene with Dutch Men-o'-War Lying Offshore" More details, updated results and all prices at art auction for ABRAHAM BEERSTRATEN, biography, classifieds and marketplace
last works at auction
: (updated: 30-août-2005)
Castle on a frozen Lake with Skaters
The Heiligewegspoort, Amsterdam, from the North-east in Winter
L'Adorazione dei pastori in un paesaggio innevato
Italianate Harbour Scene with Figures on the Shore
Capriccio of a Coastal Scene with Dutch Men-o'-War Lying Offshore
Paysage d'hiver animé de patineurs et promeneurs
Winter Landscape with a Horse-drawn Sledge, Skaters an Golfers
Dutch harbour scene
Winter landscape with a city gate and a bridge
Navires près d'un port en Méditerranée
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50. International Skating Union
In the men s ISU World Championships skaters race over 500m, 1500m, 5000m and 10000m. Events in the ladies competition are 500m, 1500m, 3000m and 5000m.
2002 World Speed Skating Championships After their recent world-record setting exploits at the Olympic Winter Games, the world's best speed skaters will come together again at the indoor ice-rink "Thialf" in Heerenveen, the Netherlands on 15-17 March to determine the men's and ladies' all-round ISU World Champion for 2002. This time the focus is not so much on breaking records as on proving who is the strongest in an exhausting series of four races at different distances over three days. They are sure to be cheered on by a large, enthusiastic crowd. In the men's ISU World Championships skaters race over 500m, 1500m, 5000m and 10000m. Events in the ladies' competition are 500m, 1500m, 3000m and 5000m. Points are awarded based on times to decide the overall winner. Prize money of close to $200,000 is available, with $27,500 for the overall champion in both the men's and ladies' events. 24 ladies and 24 men from a total of 13 countries will take part in the event. Ladies' Competition A tough battle is expected between German Olympic Champions Claudia Pechstein (3000m and 5000m) and Anni Friesinger (1500m). Two months ago it was Friesinger who won gold in the all-round ISU European Speed Skating Championships in Erfurt, Germany, and she is also the reigning World Champion from 2001. A possible challenger is Renate Groenewold (NED), who won the Olympic silver medal in the 3000m to go with her bronze at the European Championships.

51. Team Risk Home
A group of volunteers is raising funds to send the very best USA skaters to the inline skaters or a group shot of Team USA along with their biographies.

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News and Stuff:
In Memory of
Marianne MacEachen
March 4, 1959 - August 2, 2005
We sat beside your bedside,
Our hearts were crushed and sore;
We did our best to the end
'Til we could do no more,
In tears we watched you sinking We watched you fade away; And though our hearts were breaking, We knew you could not stay. You left behind some aching hearts, That loved you most sincere. We never shall and never will Forget you mother dear. She'll stay with you As long as the wind blows She'll always be in your heart She didn't leave you all alone She has eternal life Her spirit is always within you And if the sun shines in the sky And rain should fill the air And a rainbow lights up your day Know that she is there .. 2005 Junior and Senior World Team Junior World Class Ladies Team USA Brittany Bowe (Summerfield, Fla.)

52. I C E - D A N C E . C O M >> News >> Current News
The Professional skaters Association will be holding a Seminar for Dance Coaches on biographies and additional information regarding these and other
Current News News Archive Interviews Features ... Media Sources
  • Note : If you have a press release or other information you would like featured here, submit it via our contact form. Additions are posted at the top of the page.
Last updated: September 18th, 2005 Another Chance for Manon and Forsyth
September 13, 2005 (Skate Today) - Lydia Manon looked like a favorite to represent the United States in ice dancing for the 2006 Olympic Games when she and Ryan O'Meara finished third at the 2005 U. S. Nationals. But the couple split soon after. Now she has another chance and so does her partner, Brandon Forsyth. He narrowly missed a chance in 2002, when he finished third with Jessica Joseph, one spot to low to go to the Olympics in Salt Lake City. But the couple are skating for their personal enjoyment as well as a chance to go to Torino. "Our partnership is for completely different reasons than just results," Forsyth said. "We're skating because we love doing it."
read more
Virtue and Moir take gold in Andorra
September 12, 2005 (Skate Today) -

53. Multnomah County Library Homework Center - Biographies - Homework Center - Multn
Trappers, Traders, Frontiers Mountain men Twentieth Century African American Biography Megasites Individual African American biographies
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54. Figure Skating
Find Topics in our Catalogue; Ice Dancing skatersBiography Skating-Canada now competing on the men s professional figure skating circuit.

55. Find In A Library: Superstars Of Men's Figure Skating
Genre/Form Biography, Juvenile audience • Material Type Biography, Juvenile Juvenile literature., Ice skaters. • Other Titles men s figure skating
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Superstars of men's figure skating
by Pohla Smith Libraries Details ... Subjects Find in Libraries Near You: Enter postal code, state, province or country Please enter a location, see instructions below.
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56. Laurel's TV Picks For Monday 03/01/2004
Figure skaters Jenni meno and Todd Sand perform while Joan Ryan sings, writer Dalton Conley on Why are older women choosing the company of younger men? Picks About Archive ... TV on DVD All Times are for
the Central timezone Daily TV picks since March 1999.
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This is Bruce Springsteen at Asbury Park, partying with skaters from California. For this is an album by the burly Norwegian men in mascara and sailor

Blue collar men, punks, skinheads and my overactive imagination all are at work here Scotland, BBC, non-racist skins, punks, rockabillies, and skaters.
Growing up in a working class neighborhood in Connecticut paved the way for the artwork you see on this site. Blue collar men, punks, skinheads and my over-active imagination all are at work here. Most of my work is based on my experiences, from the age of 15 to the present day, and showcase all the things I enjoy doing with other men. Though intensely horny and personal, I can be proud of it and it's a lot of fun. Most of all, I try to keep things humorous. As of July 1st, 2004 I have been living in San Diego, California - transplanted from Kansas City, where I lived for 13 years. The thing with my work was I always kept it hidden away from prying eyes. It was private. After all, I knew from an early age what I liked and it sure wasn't being mirrored in any of the porno I got my hands on. So began the secret squirreling away of drawings, thoughts, and general things that turned my crank in a secret sketchbook. Eventually, I got up the nerve to show some like-minded people my work and they thought I needed to actually flesh out the sketches into something more solid. With my first PowerMac, I made the move to bring my sketches to life. I developed a process of taking a sketch to a finished, inked in drawing to the computer for

59. U.S. Figure Skating Athlete Bio For Evan Lysacek
US skaters In Position to Medal at Four Continents Buttle Leads Four Continents After men s Short Program; Lysacek in Fourth

60. Eric D. Snider - Snide Remarks - Olympics Report: The Summary Games
The Russian skaters who originally were given the gold are unable to return Day 16 A somber mood settles upon the Games when, following the men s

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