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         Skaters Biographies Men:     more detail
  1. Gold!: The Todd Eldredge story by Alicia Styles, 2000
  2. Rolaboi - Renegade Skater by Jayson Sutcliffe, 2004-11-30
  3. Superstars of Men's Figure Skating (Male Sports Stars Series) by Pohla Smith, 1998-03
  4. Icebreaker Spanish Edition: The Autobiography of Rudy Galindo by Rudy Galindo, 1998-06-01

21. Nicholas LaRoche Biography (Unseen Skaters)
A webzine deditcated to up and coming American ice skaters (ladies, mens, Nicholas LaRoche Senior men. 2002 US National Junior men s Champion

Articles Discussion Contact ... Home
Nicholas LaRoche > Senior Men 2002 US National Junior Men's Champion Nicholas LaRoche, born on July 29, 1983, in Gardner, MA, is the 2002 U.S. National Junior Men's Champion. In a February 2002 interview with Unseen Skaters , he said: "Winning Nationals was definitely an amazing feeling... I have had problems with the long program in the past, but with all my hard work, I proved to everybody, including myself, that I am capable of being the best!" LaRoche began skating at the age of nine after watching Kristi Yamaguchi win the 1992 Olympic Games. His favorite jump is the triple lutz, which he describes as "a very large jump for me, and with the speed I get it's very exciting." LaRoche trains in El Segundo, CA and represents the All Year FSC. He is coached by Nedda Soltani, and his 2002-2003 senior programs are choreographed by Grant Rorvick and Phillip Mills.
    Competitive Record
  • 2003 U.S. Championships - 8th 2002 Junior Grand Prix (Germany) - 3rd 2002 Junior Grand Prix (Canada) - 5th 2002 Junior World Championships - 10th
  • 2002 U.S. Championships-Junior - 1st

22. Skate-Mart International - Catalog Index
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23. SkateWeb: Elite Skaters
Pages devoted to individual elite skaters are grouped by discipline. Some of these national skating federations have biographies of their current

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Other Skating Pages
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Elite Skaters
Pages devoted to individual elite skaters are grouped by discipline. Please choose one of these categories: Coaches and other people Gone, but not forgotten Collections

24. SkateWeb: Pro Shop
Perfect Sixes custom made figure skating apparel for men and women Other stuff for skaters. Bunga Pads gel padding for skaters

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25. CM Magazine: Super Skaters: World Figure Skating Stars
skatersBiography-Juvenile literature. Grades 4 and up / Ages 9 and up. of the Olympic gold medalists in the four skating disciplines (men s, women s,
CM . . . . Volume IV Number 1 . . . . September 5, 1997 Super Skaters: World Figure Skating Stars. Steve Milton.
Toronto: Key Porter Books, 1996.
48pp., hardcover, $xxxx.
ISBN 1-55013-806-5. Subject Headings:
Skating-Juvenile literature.
Skaters-Biography-Juvenile literature. Grades 4 and up / Ages 9 and up.
Review by Irene Gordon.
Not only will Super Skaters be of great interest to avid figure skating fans, but it will also be very useful for school research projects. The book is introduced by a history of figure skating, from the first use of animal bones as skate blades some 4000 years ago, to the use of metal blades in Holland in the 14th Century, to the founding of the first skating club in the world in Scotland around 1650, to the present. As well, there is a description of how skaters prepare their programs, illustrated explanations of how the various jumps are done, a listing of the Olympic gold medalists in the four skating disciplines (men's, women's, pairs and ice dance), and an explanation of how competitions are judged. "As more and more people in Europe and North America discovered the pleasures of skating, they began to skate together on ponds and lakes. The first skating club in the world, the Edinburgh Skating Club in chilly Scotland, came into being around 1650. To join the club, you had to be able to skate in a circle on one foot, then on the other foot, then jump over a pile of three hats. Perhaps these tricky exercises could be considered the first skating competition. "(Page 3)

26. CM Magazine: Figure Skating Now: Olympic And World Stars. 2nd. Ed
skatersBiography. Skating. Grades 5 and up / Ages 10 and up. then sections on the men, the women, the pairs, and the ice dance couples.
CM . . . . Volume X Number 12. . . . February 13, 2004 Figure Skating Now: Olympic and World Stars. 2nd. Ed.
Toronto, ON: Firefly Books, 2003.
127 pp., pbk., $19.95.
ISBN 1-55297-833-8. Subject Headings:
Skating. Grades 5 and up / Ages 10 and up. Review by Lorraine Douglas. excerpt: These are times for greatness. They are trying times, too, for figure skating is dealing with new scoring systems, new structures and new challenges. But in the midst of turmoil, great skating still shines. And the list of talented skaters sparkles with new names. In each section. the biggest stars, like Evgeny Plushenko, Sasha Cohen, Shen and Zhao, and Bourne and Kraatz, are given several pages for their biographies. Their write ups include personal quotes as well as describing how they started skating and overcame challenges to achieve their dreams. Steve Milton, a sports writer, has a highly readable and energetic style. Sidebars provide vital information like birth dates, coaches, choreographers, etc., and some special tidbits of information are bulleted. There is a complete listing of the stars' standings in recent competitions. There are over 25 individual skaters featured as well as ten pairs teams and 13 ice dance couples. The shorter biographies are often one page in length accompanied with a striking photograph. These artists include the Canadian Jeff Buttle who was runner-up to Plushenko at Skate Canada 2003, a number of talented Chinese skaters like Chengjiang Li, and dancers Grushina and Goncharov.

27. Rainbow Ice - Flavor Of The Month
When it comes to autobiography or authorized biography, male skaters have He also never addresses whether or not he has ever been attracted to men.
Graphic by YIKES,Inc.
Skaters and autobiographies
Homophobia affects all male skaters, regardless of their personal sexual orientation. Many assume that all male skaters are gay; even when individual male skaters are known to be straight, they are frequently the target of anti-gay slurs just for being in the sport. When it comes to autobiography or authorized biography, male skaters have taken a number of approaches to this phenomenon. In a few cases, the silence has spoken loudly. Of the male skater autobiographies Rainbow Ice is aware of, only one, Icebreaker: the Autobiography of Rudy Galindo , with Eric Marcus, acknowledges the subject as gay. Another, Toller Cranston's Zero Tollerance , with Martha Lowder Kimball, describes a same-sex rendezvous, although Cranston does not identify as gay or bisexual. Of the other male skater autobiographies, there are a few which employ a curious "don't ask, don't tell" strategy. It cannot be easy to decide to collaborate with a writer on the story of one's life while omitting any mention of a love life whatsoever, but this is the choice made by Brian Orser in his 1988 book A Skater's Life with Steve Milton, and by the 1998 authorized biography

28. Untitled Document
Schedule. Entries skaters Biography. Results. Medallists men. Short Program. Capital Gymnasium. 1845. PAIRS. Free Skating. Capital Gymnasium ContinentsFigureSkatingChampionshi

29. Evgeni Plushenko-HIStory-Biography
The Junior stage was already over for him where other skaters with that age still need The first day of the men s practice Zhenya was seen in the boards
HIStory Chapter Home
First success at competitions
In 1996, Evgeni started to participate in competitions. One of his first competitions was the 1997 Junior World Championship in Australia where he reached the 6th place. He earned $1,500 and he bought a TV-set and a costume for his mom. The Junior stage was already over for him where other skaters with that age still need some years to go over to the seniors. For Evgeni, it was time for him to prove how he would do against the seniors. In figure skating, if you want shine, you need to be good and if you are Russian, you better be very good. Why? The Soviet Union was really known for his strength when it comes to figure skating, as well as other sports. After the separation, that title went to Russia, especially when it comes to men. Russia has the strongest and the best male skaters in the world, to name a few: Victor Petrenko (Soviet Union then Ukraine), Alexei Urmanov, Ilia Kulik, Alexei Yagudin and Evgeni Plushenko, the first four are Olympic champions. Evgeni's first shot at an international event came with the 1998 European championship at Milan, this event ended up with a total sweep of medal by the Russian, at least in the men field. Evgeni won silver in this event with a program that included one quad and eight triples (a quad-triple combination).

30. Evgeni Plushenko-HIStory-Biography
Zhenya is one of the very few male skaters that perform the Biellmann spin. Especially because men very rarely do this spin and it is fascinating to see
HIStory Chapter Home
Alexei Nikolaevich Mishin, a champion's coach
Every time Evgeni wins a competition, or it's recognize by something that he has done, he thanks everybody: God, his family, his friends, his fans but also, one of the most important person on his life, his coach. It's been years since Alexei Nikolaevich Mishin took him as his student, even so, Evgeni has never forget a thing about what Mr. Mishin did for him and what he represents to him. Evgeni says "I need him everyday at every practice, without him I would be maybe no one". When Mr. Mishin received Evgeni in 1993, he already had what you can call a "champion's field", just to mention a few names he had Oleg Tataurov, Alexei Urmanov (who a year later would become Olympic champion) and Alexei Yagudin. To make it happen, took a couple of years. It's not like Mr. Mishin was not paying attention to Evgeni, but he had priorities, in this case his first priority was Alexei Urmanov. The first years were really hard for Evgeni, if it was not hard enough his living conditions. Evgeni did not have friends in the ice rink, maybe because he was the new one, maybe because he was the youngest one. Miguel Alegre, now one of his good friends remembers those times: "It was very, very sad. He wanted to fit into the group, but he didn't have any friends." Alexei Nikolaevich also remembers how hard it was for Zhenya: "Not everything went well at the beginning but he has never complained to me. He probably already knew that work would be the most important thing for him."

31. Short Canadian Figure Skater Biographies: Dance
Short Canadian Figure Skater biographies Dance Back in those days 8), pair skaters often competed as dance skaters and vice versa.
Short Canadian Figure Skater Biographies: Dance
Jennifer Boyce and Michel Brunet
Basic Stats
Competative History
  • 17th, Worlds '95 (Birmingham, England, Grb)
  • , Canadian Nationals '95 (Halifax, NS)
  • Nations Cup '94 (Gelsenkirchen, Germany)
Shows and Exhibitions
Frances Dafoe and Norris Bowden
Back in those days 8), pair skaters often competed as dance skaters and vice versa. With some success as dance skaters, Dafoe and Bowden are probably still better remembered as pairs skaters.
Marie-France Dubreuil and Tomas Morbacher
A young dance team.
Basic Stats
Tomas Morbacher
  • Home Town: Czechslovakia (sp?) somewhere. 8)
  • Trains: near Montreal, QC
Competative History
Isabelle and Paul Duchesnay
Paul was born in France. Isabelle was born in Canada. They were both raised in Canada and competed for same until they became dissatisfied with their progress. Feeling too restricted, they took advantage of Paul's dual citizenship and decided to compete for France in 1985, where success has brought them a rabid fan following. In the end, I find it totally irrelevant that they compete for France.

32. Short Canadian Figure Skater Biographies
Short Canadian Figure Skater biographies. The list of skaters was getting long and rather difficult to manage so I have broken it down to just the
Short Canadian Figure Skater Biographies
The list of skaters was getting long and rather difficult to manage so I have broken it down to just the categories (which has the added side benefit that the page itself is smaller and easier to load for you the user! 8) I'll probably highlight new additions to the list here on the main page when they come.

33. Olympics 2002: Figure Skating
The men s and women s singles competitions and the pairs competition each Some of its most famous Olympians were figure skaters, including Sonja Henie
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Daily Almanac for
Sep 25, 2005

34. Olympics 2002: Speed Skating
In the 500 and 1000-meter events, four skaters are on the track for men s speed skating has been an Olympic sport since the first Winter Games in 1924.
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Sep 25, 2005

35. Alexander Hale Smith Biography
wild men and wild beasts and the intrigues and hatred of the western church. of the best skaters and one of the two surest shots in the community.
(pages 145 are blank and 146 is a portrait that did not scan well)
development of a man born for a message and a mission when in the beautiful heights of the Green Mountains of Vermont their son Joseph was born. Moving westward, this boy met his work in the hills of Pahnyra, New York, and delivered to the world the Book of Mormon and founded by revelation the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
By reason of his translation and presentation of the Book of Mormon to the world, he was known to them as the Mormon Prophet. This man joined his life fortune to Miss Emma Hale of Harmony, Pennsylvania, a woman coming through a line of refined, “well-to do” pioneers of excellent and strong character and of good repute. To this union came the subject of our sketch, Alexander H. Smith, the fifth son and sixth child. The fortunes of the church had led the parents, Joseph and Emma (Hale) Smith, onto the western frontier and into the acquaintance of General Alexander W. Doniphan, with whom Joseph Smith was counseling in the matters of church property and with whom he was studying law. This intimacy being ripe at the time of his birth, the little son born in Missouri was named for the hero of Sacramento, Alexander, the mother’s name, Hale, following it in his signature and record.
The Church rallied to this point and grew to a people of thousands. When the man was but a child of six years there were imprinted upon his mind the horrors attending the killing of his father and uncle by a mob in Carthage. Blurred and terrorized into more or less confusion, the scenes attending those months were like a hideous dream to the man in after years. Swiftly there came dissension

36. Markus Leminen (Finnish Men's Figure Skater)
Markus and Lisa, Gala 2001. Biography Senior men s Figure Skater What would be your advice to up and coming skaters just starting out competing?
Finnish Figure Skating Assoc. About Markus Competitive History Favorites Fan Comments Links Page
Mariposa Mariposa's School Of Skating's Elite Skaters -A links to Page With Special Attention to: Jeff Buttle Blair Smith Christopher Mabee And others: Carl Issariotis Michael Hopfes Contact me View the Guestbook ... Sign The Guestbook Please sign the guest book! It's not only for my interest in seeing who has come to the site and enjoyed the work and effort I have put into it, but for the Skater too... you can leave messages for Markus as well! Its easy, just hit the sign the guest book link and fill out the form then hit submit. Your comments are appreciated!
"I think he's a great talent." Debbie Wilkes "ICE TIME" We just want to say an extra special thank you to Markus for all his help, we've had an absolute blast doing this....see yah at the rink! Rink Rat Rate This Site This page created by Lisa, any questions or comments would be appreciated! All pictures are personal property (or the photographer mentioned). Any content on page was either by personal observation or information provided directly by Markus through extensive interviews over these 4 years. Content cannot be duplicated unless given permission! Markus Leminen's Official Page!

37. CMTR / RCSPP : Coaching Association Of Canada (CAC)
CMTR Member Biography / RCSPP biographies des membres and athletes (woman s and men s basketball, men s and woman s soccer, and woman s field hockey)
CMTR Member Biography
RCSPP biographies des membres
CMTR Registry
Tara Costello c/o Sport PEI
P.O. Box 302
Charlottetown, PEI
Fax: 902-368-4548
e-mail: University of Prince Edward Island
Bachelor of Arts - Major in Psychology
University of Ottawa
Masters of Arts - Human Kinetics - Sport Psychology
NLP Personal Excellence Training Applied Work
  • individual consultations with professionals (baseball and golf)
  • presentations and consultations with amateur golfers
  • development of mental training material for golf academy
  • developed and taught golf psychology college course
  • presentations and consultations with junior and senior men's and woman's curling teams and coaches
  • development and implementation of the mental training component of an off-ice program for figure skaters
  • individual and group consultations with figure skaters
  • individual and group consultations with ice hockey goal-tenders
  • consultation with hockey players, teams and parents

38. Emanuel-Sandhu.Net --- Biography & General Information
He s also the most exoticlooking among the men s competitors, thanks to his one of only a handful of skaters not to fall during the men s free skate!
Emanuel Sandhu
CHOREOGRAPHER: Nov. 18, 1980 (Toronto, ONT)
6'0" (183 cm)
North Vancouver, BC, Canada
Vancouver Skating Club B.C. Centre of Excellence Joanne McLeod Joanne McLeod Emanuel Sandhu, who was born in Toronto, ONT, started skating at age 8. He has a strong background in dance and ballet, which is quite apparent in his programs. He's also the most exotic-looking among the men's competitors, thanks to his Indian-Italian background. Emanuel is fluent in three languages - English, French, and Italian. What many people don't know ... he loves to sing!!! In his free time Emanuel enjoys spending time at Karaoke bars, and he would like to pursue a career in singing and performing at some point in his future. He's known to be headstrong, to speak his mind, and to sometimes be downright rude. Well, all I can say about that is that the first two are good virtues to have ... and the third ... well, we all have bad days every now and then, and personally, he was nice, friendly and polite to everyone whenever I met him, so go figure. In Canada, Emanuel has been one of the brightest stars in men's singles skating for years. He placed second at the Canadian National Championships five times ... in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, and 2005, and has been Canadian Champion three times, in 2001, 2003, and 2004!!!

39. Speed Skating Biography .ms
skaters wear bands around their upper arm to identify which lane they started in. format is used for the World Sprint Championships (both men and women)
Speed skating
Speed skating (as well Speedskating ) is a form of ice skating in which the competitors attempt to travel a certain distance over the ice as quickly as possible. Related sports are short track speed skating and inline speed skating
  • origins in a.o. Netherlands founding of ISU (IEV) development of the competitions
Speed skating is a Winter Olympic Games medal sport. The sport was revolutionized in the 1990s with the introduction of clap skates which can reduce lap times by a second.
Speed skating is currently conducted on outdoor or indoor ovals, often with artificially frozen ice. For the Olympic Games , rules demand a closed (indoor) oval. According to the rules of the International Skating Union , a standard track should be either 400m or 333 m long. 400m is the standard used for all major competitions. Tracks of other, non-standard lengths, such 200 or 250 m, are also in use in some places for training and/or smaller local competitions. On standard tracks, the curves have a radius of 25-26 m in the inner lane, and each lane is 4-5 m wide. All races are held in pairs, for which two lanes on the track are used. Skaters wear bands around their upper arm to identify which lane they started in. The colors are white for inner lane and red for outer lane. At the back straight, the skaters switch lanes which causes them both to cover the same distance per lap. Occasionally, quartet starts are used to allow more skaters to start in a shorter time. This involves having two pairs of skaters in the lanes at the same time, but with the second pair starting when the first have completed approximately half of the first lap. The skaters in the second pair will then wear yellow and blue arm bands instead of the usual white/red.

40. EMailman: Figure Skating Bookstore
New Figure skating discussion forum for fans and skaters. (1998) Superstars of men s Figure Skating by Pohla Smith; (1997) Boitano s Edge Inside the
New: Figure skating discussion forum for fans and skaters. Accessible via the web or via newsreader.
  • Skating publications (magazines, newspapers, newsletters, etc.)
  • Skating Usenet newsgroups and mailing lists
  • Movies and soundtracks
  • Videotapes of competitions and shows
  • Skating Fiction ...
  • Merchandise, posters/prints, and greeting cards
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