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         Sierra Leone Culture:     more detail
  1. Sierra Leone (Cultures of the World) by Suzanne Levert, 2007-01-07
  2. West African art form as a reflection of the ideas and culture of the people of Sierra Leone by Susan O'Donnell, 1971
  3. Youth culture and rebellion: understanding Sierra Leone's wasted decade.: An article from: Critical Arts by Ibrahim Abdullah, 2002-07-01
  4. Preliminary oyster culture experiments in Sierra Leone (Occasional paper) by A. B Kamara, 1976
  5. Report on the 1985 history and culture study seminar on Liberia, Sierra Leone, Senegal by James Teah Tarpeh, 1985
  6. Bulletin of the International String Figure Association ( String Figures From Ecuador, Sierra Leone, and Ethiopia) (Bulletin of the International String Figure Association, Volume 7, 2000)
  7. The Underneath of Things: Violence, History, and the Everyday in Sierra Leone by Mariane Ferme, 2001-09-03
  8. Sierra Leone's Settler Women Traders: Women on the Afro-European Frontier (Women and Culture Series) by E. Frances White, 1987-06-15
  9. Defiant Maids and Stubborn Farmers: Tradition and Invention in Mende Story Performance (Cambridge Studies in Oral and Literate Culture) by Donald J. Cosentino, 1982-07-30
  10. Of roots and transplants: The case of Yoruba institutions in the Krio culture by OÌ£lasope O Oyelaran, 1989
  11. The changing culture and family pattern of the West African as a result of education by Jeanne E Maxwell, 1971

1. Sierra Leone Culture
Lorry Slogans Slogans taken from lorries all over Sierra Leone, Links Links to internet websites with additional information on Sierra Leonean culture.
Poems by Sierra Leonean writers, amateur or already published, and by writers with ties to Sierra Leone. More than 400 Krio proverbs and proverbs translated into Krio from various languages of Sierra Leone. Compiled by Peter C. Andersen. Slogans taken from lorries all over Sierra Leone, recorded between 1979 and 1982. Compiled by Peter C. Andersen. The translation and meaning behind names of towns and villages in Sierra Leone. Add your home town to the list! The seasonal guidelines farmers use in Kono District when laying a farm. By Peter C. Andersen. A colonial-era phrase book published by the Bumumbu Press to help Mende speakers learning English. It can, however, also be used by English speakers trying to learn to speak Mende. The words to the Sierra Leone National Anthem and the National Pledge. Click on the flag to listen to the National Anthem. Sierra Leonean Heroes: Fifty Men and Women Who Helped to Build Our Nation" (1988). Commissioned by the Sierra Leone government. Someone once wrote that Sierra Leonean food "has yet to take its place among the great cuisines of the world." Here are the recipes to prove otherwise!

2. Sierra Leone Culture
The ethnic makeup of the Freetown colony in 1848. Governor Clarkson's Prayer for Sierra Leone. with additional information on Sierra Leonean

3. Sierra Leone Web
sierra leone culture sierra leone culture. Includes Krio proverbs, lorry slogans, a farm calendar, and a section on poetry by writers both amateurs and
The Laws Project: A new work in progress to put the laws of Sierra Leone on the internet. Sierra Leone News and Information Archives. News stories, as reported on the Sierra Leone Web, from 1994 to September 2003. Important documents and speeches relating to Sierra Leone. E-Mail and Biographical Directories, uniting Sierra Leoneans and friends of Sierra Leone around the world. Photographs of Sierra Leone reflecting Sierra Leone in peace, in war, and in history. New photos added in August 2004. The laws and government of Sierra Leone. Includes the Constitution and the text of a number of laws (a work in progress), as well as information on the Government of Sierra Leone. Links to the growing number of internet websites with information on Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone Culture. Includes Krio proverbs, lorry slogans, a farm calendar, and a section on poetry by writers - both amateurs and those who have been previously published - with ties to Sierra Leone. Contact Peter C. Andersen at the Sierra Leone Web.

4. Sierra Leone Web
on the Government of Sierra Leone. Links to the growing number of internet websites with information on Sierra Leone. sierra leone culture.

5. Sierra Leone Culture
Cotton Tree becomes a cultural centre. Freetown s giant cotton tree, national symbol of Sierra Leone and a landmark in the capital, is also the address of
BUSINESS TOURISM LIFESTYLE REBUILD ... HOME Cotton Tree becomes a cultural centre Freetown's giant cotton tree, national symbol of Sierra Leone and a landmark in the capital, is also the address of the National Museum which tells the story of the history and culture of the country - particularly the influence of the formidable Mandinka warrior kings. The story goes that the tree started life as a young sapling when settlers came to Freetown in 1787. Amongst the most interesting exhibits in the museum is a copy of the De Ruyter stone which, in 1948, was proclaimed one of Freetown.s oldest monuments. It is buried six inches under the ground just above the high water level at Jimmy market place. This was the spring known to all mariners as on of the best watering places of the west coast of Africa and is inscribed with the names of famous sailors. It has been uncovered and buried many times to protect it from vandalism until funds can be raised for a proper building to protect it. The language
Althought English is the official language in Sierra Leone,each ethnic group in the interior has its own language named after the tribe; Mende, Temne, Limba, Sousou, Kono.

6. Sierra Leone Culture
Sierra Leone has a lot of different customs that they share with different countries.

7. Sierra Leone Culture
sierra leone culture Please submit information or URL about sierra leone culture.
Sierra Leone Culture
Sierra Leone Culture
What is Culture?
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8. African Studies Center Sierra Leone Page
Other OnLine Resources Related to Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone

9. Sierra Leone Culture
Life History Religions Culture Education If you want to know more about daily life in Sierra Leone see

10. Sierra Leone High Commission - London
Accredited to the United Kingdom and Ireland. Includes the Sierra Leone Email Directory, which lists the names, home towns, current residence and

11. - Sierra Leone: Culture Of Forgiveness Presents Hope For Healing The Index on Africa and Africa News Update. Features news on and links to all countries in Africa. With sections on Culture, Development,
find: in Entire Index on Africa News Update Norske sider English Pages May advanced search Fellesrådet The Index on Africa Africa News Update ... English You are here: Archive May Sierra Leone: Culture of forgiveness presents hope for healing Sierra Leoneans have decided to go South African way. A Truth and Reconciliation Commission, chaired by a church elder, began sitting in the country mid April. The second of such in Africa, it is expected to promote the healing of long lasting wounds created by extreme acts of violence on humanity a few years ago. Joyce Mulama, reports.
Sample this: A woman with a child strapped on her back is ambushed by rebels. They grab the child, hit it several times against a tree, and throw it into a nearby bush. With the mother is her brother, who tries to intervene, but in retaliation, the rebels slit open his throat, tear off his body and reach for the heart. As if that is not enough, they order her to eat it raw or face death. When she resists, they take her into their camp and gang-rape her. Sounds like fiction, but such, and many more, were the atrocities committed on the innocent people of Sierra Leone, during a nine-year civil war that commenced in 1991.

12. INCORE Conflict Data Service Internet Country Guides Sierra
Newsgroups. Usenet newsgroup soc.culture.sierraleone. Top of page

13. Sierra Leone Culture
Travel Document Systems; Passport and Visa Services. This is the site for the latest Travel Information and the most complete collection of online Visa
Sierra Leone Africa
CULTURE The most outstanding feature of the country's cultural life is its dancing. The Sierra Leone Dance Troupe is internationally known. The different communities of the nation have their own styles of costume and dance. In addition, certain closed societies, such as the Wunde, the Sande (Bundu), and the Gola, have characteristic ceremonial dances. A wide range of agility, gracefulness, and rhythm is displayed; in addition, there are elements of symbolism in most of the dances. Drums, wooden xylophones (called balaphones), and various stringed instruments provide the musical background. The carving of various wooden masks in human and animal figures for the dances is especially advanced in the southern region. The Sande mask worn on the head of the chief dancer during the ceremony attending the reappearance of the female initiates from their period of seclusion is perhaps the most well-known carved figure in Sierra Leonean art. It is a symmetrically stylized black head of an African woman with an elaborate plaited pyramidal coiffure adorned with various figures and with a facial expression of grave dignity and beauty. Ivory figures are characteristic of the Sherbro, Bullom, and Temne peoples of the coastal and northern regions. Fine examples of these figures, which were bought or commissioned by Portuguese traders during the 16th century, are still extant. There are also steatite human figures, sometimes distorted, called nomoli, or, in wooden form, pomtan (singular, pombo), which certainly date earlier than the 16th century and were used probably for ancestor worship or fertility rites. At present, they are used for ceremonies to ensure abundance of crops.

14. The Sierra Leone Notebook
Personal page about Sierra Leone.

15. - Sierra Leone Culture Of Forgiveness Presents Hope For
sierra leone culture of forgiveness presents hope for healing Sierra Leoneans have decided to go South African way.

16. Sierra Leone Culture
Sierra Leone Africa CULTURE. The most outstanding feature of the country's cultural life is its dancing. The Sierra Leone Dance Troupe is

17. Sierra Leone History & Sierra Leone Culture | IExplore
In 1821, Sierra Leone was merged with The Gambia and the Gold Coast (now Ghana) A century later, Sierra Leone made a quiet transition to independence in Leone/History
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Travel Guides Africa Sierra Leone History E-mail this page Sierra Leone Travel Guide
View Trips to Sierra Leone
Browse Sierra Leone Photos
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Sierra Leone Questions and Answers
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Africa Overview
Tours Where to Go General Info ... Shopping Sierra Leone History
Sponsored Listings Add your listing
adsonar_pid=3019;adsonar_ps=370666;adsonar_zw=540;adsonar_zh=220;adsonar_jv=''; In the late 18th century, British philanthropists decided that freed slaves should have a homeland in Africa and after much discussion amongst themselves (but not with the indigenous people of West Africa), they chose a recently acquired territory which became known as Sierra Leone. In 1821, Sierra Leone was merged with The Gambia and the Gold Coast (now Ghana) to create the British West African Territories. Over the next 50 years, the British navy landed 70,000 slaves in Sierra Leone; the population of Freetown, the capital, was further boosted by the migration of indigenous tribes from the interior. Liberia section) and the Revolutionary United Front, a home-grown Sierra Leonean movement, opposed to both Momoh and Strasser. The RUF, led by Foday Sankoh, made considerable headway in the east of the country in the mid-1990s, overrunning a number of key mineral installations vital to the Sierra Leone economy. Sierra Leone called upon troops from its African neighbors as well as military assistance from South Africa and the UK, but the country had begun an inexorable slide into chaos.

18. OJPCR 6.1 -- Sierra Leone: A Model For A Program For Action For A Culture Of Pea
Application of the Culture of Peace Program for Action to Sierra Leone This is the first stalwart indication that the sierra leone culture is
The Online Journal of Peace and Conflict Resolution
About Archive Contact Search ... Support OJPCR: The Online Journal of Peace and Conflict Resolution is a resource for students, teachers and practitioners in fields relating to the reduction and elimination of destructive conflict. It is a free, yet valuable, source of information to aid anyone trying to work toward a less violent and more cooperative world.
Issue 6.1
The Powerful are Powerless The Launch of a New South Africa
Reconciliation and the Gacaca : The Perceptions and Peace-Building Potential of Rwandan Youth Detainees Three Complete Interviews from the ... Watching, Dreaming, Waiting: Non-Violence, Social Change, and the Re-Imagining of Religion Sierra Leone: A Model for a Program for Action for a Culture of Peace American Disengagement with the International Criminal Court: Undermining International Justice and U.S. Foreign Policy Goals Playing Cat-and-Mouse: Conflict and Third-Party Mediation in Post-Soviet Space Pax Visio: A New Genesis of Peace "The Emperor Carries a Gun": Capacity Building in the North Caucasus ... Bulgarian "Macedonian" Nationalism: A Conceptual Overview
Beyond Neutrality : A Review Essay
Sierra Leone: A Model for a Program for Action for a Culture of Peace
Thomas J. Rippon and Stan Willow

19. Afrol News - Sierra Leone
Culture Arts Society 186 year old court refurbished in Sierra Leone afrol News - A Sierra Leonean court that was established in 1819 for the trial of
Africa News
afrol News
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service to be cancelled in March 2005! afrol Sierra Leone pages:
Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone
Archive ... links
Feature articles
Sierra Leone documents
186 year old court refurbished in Sierra Leone

afrol News
- A Sierra Leonean court that was established in 1819 for the trial of ex-combatants after the Napoleonic war in England but was burned down 180 years later by rebels in the West African country's civil war has been renovated and refurbished by UN peacekeepers. Read more Sierra Leone court asks for greater UN support afrol News - The special court prosecuting the main perpetrators of Sierra Leone's brutal civil war is urging for more support from the UN and its member nations, who founded the court. Despite earlier promises, the court is now lacking funds to continue operations after 30 June and the international community has been unwilling to extradite prime war criminals. Read more Sierra Leone's rich rutile mines reopened Sierra Leone considered safe travel destination Female genital mutilation a vote-winner in Sierra Leone ... news? Our Sierra Leone News Page contains more features about Sierra Leone - latest news, in depth features and all the latest articles.

20. Sierra Leone Vacations, Sierra Leone Travel, Sierra Leone Luxury Safaris, Sierra
Sierra Leone Vacations Virtuoso Sierra Leone Travel Consultants Recommended by Conde Nast Traveler sierra leone culture Sierra Leone Practical Info
Sierra Leone Luxury Vacations, Sierra Leone Safaris, and Sierra Leone Hotels Guide
Sierra Leone Vacation Guide: Romantic Sierra Leone Hotels and Honeymoons
Sierra Leone Vacations and Safari Consultants
Africa Luxury Vacations: Call 1- 415- 446 5252 to book. Open every day!
Africa Vacations Botswana Vacations Egypt Vacations Ethiopia Vacations ... Bookmark this page Sierra Leone: Overview
COUNTRY DESCRIPTION: Sierra Leone is a developing country that has few facilities for tourism and poses considerable risks for travelers. The capital is Freetown.
ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: A passport and visa are required, and the visa must be obtained in advance. Travelers should obtain the latest information and details from the Embassy of Sierra Leone, 1701 19th Street N.W., Washington, D.C. 20009; telephone (202) 939-9261. Overseas inquiries should be made at the nearest Sierra Leonean embassy or consulate.
EMBASSY LOCATION/REGISTRATION: U.S. citizens living in or visiting Sierra Leone despite the Department?s warning are encouraged to register with the Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy in Freetown at the corner of Walpole and Siaka Stevens Streets, and to obtain updated information on travel and security in Sierra Leone. The telephone number is (232)(22) 226-481, and the fax number is (232)(22) 225-471.
Consular services for U.S. citizens are limited to emergency services in Freetown only. The U.S. Embassy?s Consular Section remains closed and will not be able to issue or replace U.S. passports.

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