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         Shooting Olympic Sports:     more detail
  1. Cycling, Shooting, and Show Jumping (The Olympic Sports) by Jason Page, 2008-03-15
  2. Shooting from the Outside by Tara Vanderveer, Joan Ryan, 1998-11-01
  3. Shooting Sport Technique and Practice: A Manual for Shooting Sport Based on Target Rifle Disciplines Bisley Target and Match UIT 3P Prone and Air
  4. Shooting for the Gold: A Portrait of America's Olympic Athletes by Walter Iooss, Dave Anderson, 1984-10
  5. Successful Pistol Shooting by Bob Hickey, Art Sievers, 1996-11

81. ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games
olympic sports. Baseball © ATHOC Get to know all the olympic sports through theeducational animations. more News Articles. 1 Dec
Unforgettable Games, Dream Games
A grand celebration, the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games, which for 17 days returned to Greece, the country where they were originally born and the city where they revived, is completed.
These Games broke many records. Athens hosted 11,099 athletes, the largest number ever and also the most women athletes ever. Representatives of 202 countries took part, more than any other sport event. The Olympic flame traveled for the first time to all continents. Shot Put was held in Olympia and women competed there for the first time.
Four billion viewers all over the world watched these Games. They all saw Greece, inside and outside the stadiums.
With a warm  Closing Ceremony , full of music and singing, Athens bade a final farewell to the athletes and its guests. 
Visit the Closing Ceremony Image Gallery

Highlights of the Games
Read the highlights of the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games and feel again the excitement of the most important events of each competition day.
Olympic Sports
Get to know all the Olympic sports through the educational animations.

82. Shooting (Olympic Sport Since 1896)
From just three shooting events at the 1896 olympic Games to 17 today, But it can also be ascribed to the passion shooters have for their sport.

83. Russian Alipov Wins Men S Trap Shooting Olympic Gold
Russian Alipov Wins Men s Trap shooting olympic Gold. Russian Alexei Alipov hasclaimed the men s trap shooting gold at the Athens olympic Games.

84. BBC Sport Academy | Other Sport | Try A New Olympic Sport
If you want to get into shooting, our olympic guide will tell you all you needto know. Wrestling is possibly the oldest sport known to man. Fancy a go?


... WIN You are in: Other Sport

Other Sport Badminton ... Winter Sport
Try a new Olympic sport Around the Academy:
Fancy a crack at fencing or table tennis?
The Olympic Games are heading to London, and if you want to get involved you've got plenty of time to start honing your skills between now and 2012. Our top guide gives you a taste of every sport on offer, and details of how to get in on the action. Read on to find out more. Archery
This ancient pursuit is more popular than ever. Have a go and you'll find out why! Get into archery Athletics
Running, jumping, throwing...athletics has it all! Why not have a go yourself? Get into athletics Badminton
This fast-paced game will test your reflexes and stamina to the limit. Find out more! Get into badminton Baseball Like rounders? You'll love baseball! Find out how you can get playing. Get into baseball Basketball This high energy, end-to-end sport will leave you cock-a-hoop. Check it out! Get into basketball Boxing Got what it takes to roll with the punches? Have a go at boxing and find out!

85. Guns Magazine: Guns And The Olympics - Proposed Introduction Of Practical Shooti
Full text of the article, Guns And The olympics proposed introduction ofpractical shooting as an olympic sport causes political backlash from Guns
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American Handgunner
American Hunter, The American Rifleman Auto Racing Digest ... View all titles in this topic Hot New Articles by Topic Automotive Sports Top Articles Ever by Topic Automotive Sports Guns And The Olympics - proposed introduction of practical shooting as an Olympic sport causes political backlash Guns Magazine Feb, 2000 by Scott Farrell
Save a personal copy of this article and quickly find it again with It's free! Save it. A Combination For The history Books Every four years, athletes gather from around the world to compete in the Olympic Games, a celebration of the spirit of peaceful competition that embodies all sports. Even for competitors who don't participate of Olympic sports like football or golf, for example the Games embody international unity and teamwork. When someone is up on that platform with a gold medal around his or her neck, they represent every person who has ever run a race, or thrown a ball, or swam a lap. For those athletes whose sports aren't included in the actual Olympics, there are "exhibition games" non-medal events which allow everyone the dream that their sport, no matter how obscure, might someday be part of the Games.

86. Cross Country Skier Shooting Stars - Biathlon Competitions
Full text of the article, shooting stars biathlon competitions from CrossCountry as an official olympic sport, and only six nations participated.

87. - - Olympic Sports Coverage
10.0 Matt Emmons Shooter defends the sport and tells how he prepares for competition.Today s Top olympic sports Stories
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88. UIT (ISSF) Shooting
In the Olympics, the shooting sports continue to draw the thirdgreatest numberof countries and impose participation quotas to keep competitors to a
International-style Shooting
Home Comment Form The Events Pictures ... About the Author
I will no longer be updating these pages except for maybe the Links. My site has fulfilled its original purpose, which was to promote the international shooting sports on the internet when there were very few sites with substantial information.
What is UIT (ISSF) Shooting?
The International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF), formerly the UIT is the governing body of the International Amateur Shooting Sports at international and world-wide levels of competition, including World Championships and the Olympic Games. USA Shooting is the national governing body for ISSF-style shooting in the United States by authority of the US Olympic Committee and the ISSF. In the Olympics, the shooting sports continue to draw the third-greatest number of countries and impose participation quotas to keep competitors to a manageable number. One of the greatest surges in participation came in 1984, when separate women's events were first added to the Olympic program. The ISSF recognizes a huge number of different shooting events in rifle, pistol, shotgun, and running target though only

89. ESPN Outdoors
shooting sports were part of the first modern Olympics in 1896. As shootingsports are part of the Olympics, Resolution 50/13 implicitly endorses
Daily Email

Make the invisible athletes visible The U.S. Olympic shooting team has won the third largest total of medals in any Olympic sport, yet the lack of mainstream American reporting on shooting makes these competitors 'invisible athletes' By James A. Swan, Ph.D. Author
"In Defense of Hunting" The eyes of the world are on Athens, where the Summer Olympics is unfolding. Many of the athletes are appearing on the covers of popular magazines and in splashy newspaper stories and yet, like in George Orwell's "Animal Farm," all are equal but some are more equal than others. Historically, the U.S. Olympic shooting team has won the third largest total of medals in any Olympic sport, after track and field and swimming. But shotgun, rifle, pistol and archery competitions get little recognition in the US print or TV coverage. Shooting sports do better in the mainstream press abroad. In Switzerland, target shooting is the national pastime and a true passion. The winter biathlon is extremely popular in Europe. There were more people watching the biathlon in Lillehammer than any other event. The flag bearers of many European nations are shooting sports competitors. In the United States, however, shooting sports seldom get more than a footnote in coverage. The lack of American reporting on Olympic shooting events makes these competitors "invisible athletes" and another sad example of negative mainstream media bias against shooting sports.

90. Telegraph | Sport | Shooting: Olympic Team Aim High
Daily UK sport news football, horse racing, motor racing and more. Read dailysport news from the UK at Online sport news daily.

91. Telegraph | Sport | Olympics: Life's A Beach For 2012 Olympians
Traditionally, we have been quite strong in shooting but we seem to have I would happily provide seed funding for every olympic sport provided I saw

92. Olympic Shooting Tickets - Athens Summer Games - 2004 Olympics Schedule
Buy olympic shooting Tickets Here The categories for this sport are Men s andWomen s individual events. Browse the schedules below for tickets and event
Home Olympics Tickets Shooting Tickets - Athens 2004 NAVIGATION
Shooting Tickets - Athens 2004
Olympic Shooting Tickets - 2004 Summer Games
The Shooting competition will take place at the Markopoulo Olympic Shooting Centre. This Centre has four buildings and can hold 8,000 spectators.
Buy Olympic Shooting Tickets Here

The categories for this sport are Men's and Women's individual events. Browse the schedules below for tickets and event schedules. If you have any questions please feel free to call us toll free 800-279-4444. Tickets are sold at above the face value. MORE INFORMATION
Please Note:
We buy tickets!
As a ticket broker we also buy tickets from the public. Contact us if you have extra tickets you are looking to sell.
Olympic Events
Opening Ceremonies

Closing Ceremonies

Olympic Sports Archery Atheltics Badminton Baseball ... Las Vegas More Resources Help Desk Bookmark Us Contact Us Shopping Cart ... About Us Men's Shooting Schedule for the 2004 Olympic Games Date Event to Men Trap Qualifications 10m Air Pistol Qualifications 10m Air Pistol Final 10m Air Pistol Medal Ceremony Women 10m Air Rifle Qualifications 10m Air Rifle Final

93. Athens Olympics :: Athens Olympics Shooting Events And Results
International shooting Sport Federation. Read Related olympics News in shootingNews Buy an Athens olympic Pin, Shirt or Momento
Athens Olympics 2004 News, Information and Results Merchandise
Athens Medal Table
Hot News Paris Hilton
Michael Jackson Trial

Michael Jackson Trial Verdict

American Idol
World Cup Football News - Germany 2006
Web Olympics Blog Athens Olympic Sports Aquatics

Athletics (Track and Field)

Athens Olympic News Official Athens Games Site ABC Olympic News (AUS) BBC Olympics Coverage Eurosport Olympic News ... Athens Olympics Schedule Other Athens Olympic Blogs 18 Days in August 2004 Olympics OL Weblog 2004 Olympic Fever ... The Olympics 2004 Contributing Bloggers Ande Darren Ian Kit ... Steve Athens Weather Athens Olympics Merchandise Athens Olympics Books Athens Olympics Apparel Athens Olympics CDs Olympic Games Pins ... Signed Olympic Memorabilia Athens Olympic Archives September 2004 August 2004 July 2004 June 2004 ... May 2004
May 08, 2004
Athens Olympics Shooting Events and Results
Athens Olympic Shooting
Shooting events at the Athens Olympics will take place between the 14th - 22nd August at the Markopoulo Olympic Shooting Centre where a total of 390 athletes will compete for Gold.

94. VPC - Gold Medal Gunslingers - Section One: Targeting The Olympics
Boosters of combat shooting hope that association with the Olympics, One ofthe first nine sports he included in the new event was shooting.6 At the
Gold Medal Gunslingers
Combat Shooting Targets the Olympic Games
Section One: Targeting the Olympics
The Olympic Games are the world's premier sporting event. In the most recent Summer Olympics, held in 1996 in Atlanta, 197 countries competed for medals in 27 sporting events and participated in numerous additional exhibition sports. The Olympic Charter sets out the ideals and the aims of the Olympic Movement. Under the Charter, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) "participates in actions to promote peace" and "dedicates its efforts to ensuring that...violence is banned." The IOC's goals include "the educational value of good example and respect for universal fundamental ethical principles" and "encouraging the establishment of a peaceful society concerned with the preservation of human dignity." As the Charter summarizes these noble aims: "The goal of the Olympic Movement is to contribute to building a peaceful and better world." Now, the peaceful intent of the Olympic Movement is being challenged. The gun lobby—eager to expand the perception of "sporting" activities involving firearms—has launched an international effort to make combat shooting an Olympic sport. Boosters of combat shooting hope that association with the Olympics, under the euphemistic name of "practical" shooting, will legitimize and popularize both their competitions and the increasingly lethal weapons they use. By establishing combat shooting as an international sport, the gun lobby would also advance several of its most cherished goals. Olympic status for combat shooting would create new legal arguments in favor of non-sporting firearms, new opportunities to attract children into the gun culture, and new marketing opportunities for struggling gun makers.

95. VPC - Gold Medal Gunslingers - Section Five: The Road To Olympic Recognition
In 2004, IPSC shooters will march at the olympic stadium in Greece alongside We want to keep the French sport shooting federation recognized as our
Gold Medal Gunslingers
Combat Shooting Targets the Olympic Games
Section Five: The Road to Olympic Recognition
The Olympic process is not a simple one. A place in the Games' opening ceremony is one of the most sought after prizes in all of athletics. At the Sydney Olympics in 2000, just 28 sports will compete with full Olympic medal status. The IOC also recognizes 25 additional non-medal sports. These "sports in waiting" hope that one day they may be granted full Olympic recognition and medal participation. As president of the IOC, Juan Antonio Samaranch, along with a panel of representatives from various countries, is the final arbiter on Olympic recognition. In fact, however, much of the influence over the decision lies with IOC Director of Sport Gilbert Felli, who advises Samaranch on such matters. Interviewed for this report, Felli was oblique in his assessment of the IPSC's application for admission of combat shooting, stating: "All sports applying for Olympic recognition begin with an equal chance. These people [the IPSC] have made application to the Committee, and we will accord them the same consideration as any other applicant." Felli's diplomatic caution offers little hint of the IOC's inclinations on the admission of combat shooting. Most "new" sports take seven years or more to complete the process of admission to formal Olympic recognition.

96. - Handball....Anyone Shot This Olympic Sport Before???
Handball .Anyone shot this olympic sport before? It’s fast paced and lotsof contact near the shooting line, or what ever it’s called.

97. NSLog("@Erik J. Barzeski"); - QotD: New Olympic Sport
Question What new olympic sport would you like to see? My Answer Tactical shooting . A friend and I want to go to a shooting range for our birthday(s).
@import ""; Recurring: QotD: New Olympic Sport
August 22, 2004 4 Comments TrackBacks
Question: What new Olympic sport would you like to see? My Answer: Tactical shooting. In other words, running around a course, ducking behind things, having targets pop up. Kinda like you'd see in the movies. Besides, Jay already took the coolest idea: team fencing You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.
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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or Submission Wrestling. Both are similar sports — in the former, the fighters wear a kimono, and in the latter they do not. When the fight starts, it looks similar to Judo or freestyle wrestling, in that both fighters try to take the other to the ground. Once on the ground, the real action begins — with both looking for a choke or lock in order to submit the other (or improving position to gain points). Very exciting sports. Posted by: Matt Henderson on August 21, 2004 03:13 PM

Now they are members of the Junior olympic shooting Sport Development Team, andwill compete in the national shoot next month in Colorado Springs.
June 29, 2004
Writers: Lorri Jones, (281) 855-5620
Linda Anderson, (979) 862-1460,

Contact: Ron Howard, (979) 845-1214,
Richard Tillman, (281) 756-1564, ext. 116
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Video Script
COLLEGE STATION – Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but 4-H'er Kara Hellard prefers gold. The high school senior is aiming for the gold medal in the Junior Olympic Shooting Sports competition next month in Colorado Springs, Colo. In 2001 she won the bronze medal for third place at the competition and last year placed second and won the silver. "I had altitude sickness and lost eight pounds in five days," at last year's Junior Olympic Shooting Sports competition, Hellard said. "My goal this year is the gold." And after that, she's shooting for the top. "My goal is the 2008 Olympics," she said. "I want to win the gold medal." Hellard said the first time she fired a shotgun she was 12 years old.

99. Olympic Shooting Range 'a Disgrace' - Sport -
Organisers of next week s shooting World Cup in Athens have defended the newlybuiltolympic shooting centre after several Australian olympic gold

100. Olympics: Shooting
ABOUT THE SPORT An olympic sport since 1896, shooting is comprised of 17 eventsspread among four disciplines air rifle, shotgun, running target and
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Other sports
By BRANT JAMES, Times Staff Writer Published August 8, 2004 ABOUT THE SPORT: An Olympic sport since 1896, shooting is comprised of 17 events spread among four disciplines - air rifle, shotgun, running target and pistol. There are 10 events for men and seven for women. In Shotgun, competitors fire at clay targets from stations. The winner is the one who shatters the most. Rifle competitors fire from 10 or 50 meters at stationary targets of ten concentric rings while standing, kneeling or prone. Pistol is the same as rifle, but with one hand. Those in running target fire an air rifle with a telescopic sight - they are not allowed in other events - at a moving paper target from 10 meters away. AMERICA'S BEST: Lance Bade, a 1996 bronze medalist, is posting personal bests right now and appears on track for another podium finish. He won his fifth consecutive trap national championship in July, hitting 25 straight targets in the final round. Matt Emmons, the 2002 world champion in prone rifle, was the first rifle shooter to qualify in three events (air, three-position, prone) in 40 years. Jason Parker missed a bronze medal by seven-tenths of a point in the 2000 Olympics but has qualified for air rifle. In 2003 at the World Cup, he set a final world record when he hit 599 of 600 in qualifying, 103.5 of 109 in the final for a 702.5 total. Kim Rhode could medal in the last women's double trap, which is being eliminated because of reduced competitors. A two-time medalist in her specialty event, Rhode will switch to skeet or single trap.

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