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         Sheep Livestock:     more books (100)
  1. Lechuguilla (Agave lecheguilla) poisoning in sheep, goats and laboratory animals (Bulletin / Texas Agricultural Experiment Station) by F. P Mathews, 1937
  2. The Scientists tell me by Marilyn Brown, 1987
  3. Historical data and trends in livestock and poultry numbers and production in Illinois (Illinois agricultural economics staff paper) by Roger E Schneider, 1978
  4. The study of breeds in America: Cattle, sheep and swine by Thomas Shaw, 1902
  5. Keeping Livestock Healthy: A Veterinary Guide to Horses, Cattle, Pigs, Goats & Sheep, 4th Edition by N. Bruce Haynes, 2001-11-01
  6. Keeping Livestock Healthy: A Veterinary Guide To Horses, Cattle, Pigs, Goats & Sheep by N. Bruce Haynes, 1994-01-12
  7. Livestock from South Australia - Sheep Dairy and Beef Breeds by B. C.; Liebelt, M. A.; Williams, R.D. Jeffries, 1979
  8. The Illustrated Stock Doctor and Livestock Encyclopedia Including Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Swine and Poultry by J. Russell Manning, 1880
  9. "Sheep Is Life": An Assessment of Livestock Reduction in the Former Navajo-Hopi Joint Use Area (Northern Arizona University Anthropological Paper) by John J. Wood, Walter M. Vannette, et all 1982-06
  10. The Illustrated Stock Doctor and Livestock Encyclopedia including Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Swine and Poultry, in 1082 pages, Complete, with over 400 Illustrations, incl Steels, Chromos, and Wood Cuts; Includes also A Complete History of Bees by M.D. & V.S. J. Russell Manning, 1889
  11. Robots for Shearing Sheep: Shear Magic (Oxford Science Publications) by James P. Trevelyan, 1992-06-25
  14. Livestock and meat statistics, 1983 (Statistical bulletin / United States Department of Agriculture) by Evelyn Blazer, 1984

101. SHEEP/LAMB/WOOL - VDACS - Livestock Marketing Services
livestock. USDA LAMB ASSISTANCE PROGRAM American sheep Industry Association Feeder Cattle Slaughter Cattle Horses Hogs Feeder Pigs




'A seminar to provide livestock producers with expert advice about marketing meat products."
Omni Hotel, Charlottesville, VA
Info: 804/786-5448
Livestock USDA LAMB ASSISTANCE PROGRAM American Sheep Industry Association Feeder Cattle Slaughter Cattle ... VA Weekly Sales VA Auction Summary

Central Midwest Daily Summary ... Livestock Futures Grain VA Grain Grain Futures Grain Summary National Feedstuffs Review Other Links
American Sheep Industry Association Organic Farming Virginia Beef Industry Council Virginia Radio Broadcast 1-800- 552-5521-Selection/Press 8 NATIONAL 5-DAY ROLLING AVERAGE BOXED LAMB CENTRAL U.S. DAILY LAMB CARCASS REPORT National Price Summary National Slaughter Numbers ... About VDACS This information is provided by VDACS Livestock Marketing Services P.O. Box 1163

102. MCD Welding/Livestock Equipment/Sheep Handling Equipment/Welding/Gates/Custom We
MCD Welding livestock Equipment. sheep pens, gates, feeders, weigh scales, roller mills, panels. Custom design and welding. Located in Nokomis, Saskatchewan, Canada.
MCD Welding

Contact Us
Roller Mill Hay Feeder Corral Panel Headgate Switcher Gate Round Bale Feeder Guillotine Gate Chute Panel Holder Weigh Scale Grain Feeder This site best viewed with Internet Explorer
Design and manufacturing of livestock equipment.
Custom fabrication and welding of sheep handling facilities.
Nokomis, Sk. Canada S0G 3R0 Squeeze

103. National Livestock Producers Association -
A national trade association for livestock marketing and credit cooperatives. NLPA members represent 215,000 beef, dairy, hog, sheep and goat producers in the United States and Canada.
Other Information:
Click here for more information about the National Animal Identification System
In the News:
Senate Rules on Downer Livestock - 9/20/2005 - Click here for more info.
Cattleraisers Mobilize to Help Producers In Wake of Hurricane Rita - 9/21/2005 - Click here for more info
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104. PBS Animal Health - Complete Livestock Health Product Catalog For Dairy Cattle,
product catalog for dairy cattle, beef cattle, swine, sheep, goats and more. Your source for wormers, vaccines and livestock medications and supplies at
Find it....

Cattle Vaccines


Wound Care

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105. Clift Livestock
Breeders of Suffolk sheep for 17 years. Located in Central, WA.
Clift Livestock Registered Suffolk Sheep and Charolais Cattle
9630 Brickmill Rd.
Ellensburg, WA 98926
Phone: (509)968-3451
We have been in the sheep breeding business for 19 years. Beginning with Kerry receiving his first two ewe lambs from his Grandfather when he was eight years old. From there he built his own flock and has shown throughout the Northwest. In order to pay for school he was forced to sell his entire flock in 1993. After obtaining his degree from Washington State University in 1996 and meeting Brigid we began building again. Our ewe blood lines are Darrel Gamble, Windswept Ranch and Five Star J. This years lambs will be sired by Kjeldgaard "Dukeboy" and Gamble "Black Jack". We are located in Ellensburg, Washington in the center of the State. Currently we have 25 ewes which are all either QR or RR. Our Rams have always been either QR or RR and we have a spider free flock. Visitors are always welcome and we encourage inquiries. We wish everyone a fun summer with shows and sales.

106. Feeding Management For Show Lambs (PDF)

107. Livestock - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Some forms of livestock, such as goats and sheep, can be raised in areas inhospitable to cereal crops, allowing larger concentrations of people to live
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Sheep are commonly bred as livestock. Livestock are domesticated animals in an agricultural setting. The process of breeding, raising and caring for livestock is known as animal husbandry and is an important component of modern agriculture . The raising of livestock can be traced to the beginnings of human civilisation , when instead of hunting wild animals , humans began to capture animals for breeding Throughout history, livestock have been considered to be a form of wealth . Livestock are mentioned in many parts of the Bible and were used as forms of trade and given as gifts . In many cultures, livestock have historically been offered as animal sacrifices to atone for sin and appease the gods. Many forms of livestock are herbivorous mammals . Various types of livestock are reared depending on the local conditions: climate , consumer demand, land type, native animals, and tradition all influence the predominant type of livestock in any given area. Given that there are over a hundred large land-based mammals it may be surprising that so few types are domesticated in some countries. The reason for this relative paucity is that a lot of mammals do not meet the basic prerequisites necessary for domestication , such as having a readily available food source that can be controlled or supplied by humans, a rapid rate of reproduction , a moderate temperament , and a social structure that meshes well with human intervention. However, some farmers overcome all of those difficulties if the animal produces something that is demanded by consumers. Such products can include pizzles (animal penises) and deer horn, used in eastern medicine.

108. Maryland Small Ruminant Page - Sheep And Goat Information Resources
The purpose of this web site is to provide information to sheep and goat TABLE Products Used to Treat and/or Prevent Coccidiosis in livestock (79 kb

Site Map

University of Maryland Cooperative Extension
. Susan holds Animal Science degrees from Virginia Tech and Montana State University, respectively. She raises Katahdin sheep and crossbred meat goats on a small farm called The Baalands in Clear Spring, Maryland. Please direct all questions, comments, or suggestions to Susan at Information at this site
Articles and images may be reprinted with permission of the author.
Image sites may take several minutes to download. New Stuff
[CHART-PDF] A Timeline for the Ewe and Her Lambs (by Martha Polkey)
added 09.25.05
Hair Sheep Ewe Lambs Sealed Bid Auction
bids accepted until 09.26.05
new issue added 08.11.05
Pennsylvania Sheep, Goat, and Grazing Conference, Somerset, PA, Oct 28-29 (MS Word file)
added 7.24.05
Sheep Breeds A-Z - Sheep101.
info over 120 breeds from around the world!
Small Ruminant Integrated Parasite Management (IPM) Workshop and Presentation Schedule
General National Sheep and Goat Database at sheepgoatmarketing.

This paper summarizes some of the management guidelines and other factors which may improve the likelihood of a donkey becoming a successful livestock guard animal.
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110. Manitoba Sheep Association - Table Of Contents - Manitoba Agriculture, Food And
Providing information related to industry initiative, coming events, sheep reference manual, sheep shearers, wool depots, constitution, history,
July 2005 Back to Sheep Index The Manitoba Sheep Association has their own web site.
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If it doesn't please go to:
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111. Control Of Internal Parasites In Sheep
Things to keep in mind when developing an effective parasite control program. (Virginia)
Control of Internal Parasites in Sheep Livestock Update, May 1998 Scott P. Greiner, Extension Animal Scientist, Virginia Tech Internal parasites may cause serious economic losses for sheep producers if an effective parasite control program is not implemented. Parasitic infestation can result in decreased production of ewes and lambs on pasture through reduced milk production and poor weight gains, and even death may occur in extreme cases. The two most significant parasites impacting sheep in Virginia are the barber pole worm and the brown stomach worm. These worms thrive under warm and moist conditions of late spring and summer, which emphasizes the importance of an effective parasite control program as sheep go to pasture. Following are a few things to keep in mind for this year's deworming program:
  • Pasture-lambing ewes should be dewormed two weeks prior to lambing. Egg numbers increase significantly in ewes just before and after lambing. Due to the life cycle of the worms, this means that larvae increases around the same time lambs start grazing. If deworming is not done prior to lambing, treatment should be done at lambing and the ewes and lambs moved to clean pasture if available.
  • Use pasture management to enhance the effectiveness of a deworming program. The practice of "dose and move" can reduce the dependence on anthelmentic drugs to prevent and treat parasites by reducing the number of parasites sheep are exposed to. Using the dose and move technique, sheep are moved to a clean pasture after treatment. A clean pasture may be one that has been harvested for hay, previously grazed by cattle, or been without sheep for a year. A clean pasture does not ensure that infective larvae are not present, but has infectivity low enough that susceptible sheep do not become infected rapidly.
  • 112. Auction Mart
    Providing contact details for livestock markets and marts in the UK, Ireland and New Zealand. Advertising livestock cattle, sheep, pigs, deer for sale or wanted for restocking.

    113. Harrison & Hetherington - Livestock Sales
    livestock marketing and UK sales centre helping farmers in the foot and mouth crisis. Dairy and beef cattle, pedigree breeding and store sheep auctions.

    Working Values
    Lleyn Sheep Society Ninth Annual Sale of Accredited and Non-Accredited Lleyn Sheep. [ show results report report The current enthusiasm for all things natural at least ensured that the annual rare, minority and traditional breeds show and sale at Borderway Mart on Saturday 17th September was well supported by exhibitors and by the general public. [ report report Swaledale Gimmer Lambs Catalogues are now available for the sale on Saturday 1st October 2005 at Masham Auction Mart and the on Wednesday 5th October 2005. Catalogues for the sales of Texel Sheep and Roussin Sheep on Saturday 24th September, and the sale of Beltex Rams on Thursday 29th September are now available. 78 Belgian Blue pedigree bulls and females on Wednesday 28th September 2005.
    The catalogues for the Rare Breed Sale and the Black Bonanza sale of Aberdeen Angus Cattle at Frome Agricultural Centre, Somerset on Saturday 24th September are now available.
    Dispersal sale of Cattle, Sheep and Implements on behalf of Messrs Hutchinson, Bail Hill, Middleton in Teesdale on Thursday 29th September. [

    114. Teagasc - Research - Livestock - Sheep
    Major new initiatives in the sheep research programme at Athenry Research Fieldwork on the two projects concerning the impact of livestock on the hill
    Home Press Releases Events Publications ... Centres
    Teagasc - Research - Livestock - Sheep
    Dairying Beef Sheep Pigs
    Sheep Production
    The overall objective of the Sheep Production Programme at Athenry Research Centre is to increase the competitiveness of sheep meat production through development of lowland systems which maximise the efficiency of grass utilisation combined with increased ewe productivity and better product quality while minimising production costs (including labour). In relation to the hill sector, the aim is to develop production systems which enhance the viability of producers while protecting the hill environment.
    • Major new initiatives in the sheep research programme at Athenry Research Centre included a project on labour use on lowland drystock farms designed to establish the labour inputs to lowland sheep production. A new project on technology evaluation and transfer was formulated in collaboration with Teagasc sheep advisory specialists. This implements one of the key recommendations in the review of the Teagasc sheep research and advisory programme carried out by Dr Peter Fennessy, New Zealand scientist. Studies on carcass traits of lambs involved slaughter, for carcass dissection, of all purebred Suffolk and Texel lambs born in the breeding flocks at Athenry. This work will yield genetic parameters required for the national sheep breed improvement programme that is operated by Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development in conjunction with pedigree breeders.

    115. Truax Seed Planting Equipment
    Tip of the Month For increased press wheel travel: Improved press wheel contact can be achieved by increased vertical movement of the press wheel assembly in order to maintain contact with the soil. The original down stop for the press wheel arm restricted the travel by at least one inch. Truax Company is all about precision seed placement in seed planting applications. Truax equipment is designed from the top down to effectively meter and plant grass seeds at the required shallow depth.
    NEW Resource Directory - Add your company listing - FREE! Customer Stories Share your ideas and you will be rewarded. Truax will send a decal kit, value $76.23 to each person who shares with us the story of how they used their Truax Drill to do a particularly difficult job.

    116. Fundamentals Of Livestock Entomology
    Common insect and mite pests of livestock and pets in Kansas Horn Fly, Mostly cattle, but will feed on horses, sheep and goats.
    Fundamentals of Livestock Entomology Common insect and mite pests of livestock and pets in Kansas: Flies Animals Affected Black Flies Cattle, swine, horses, sheep, goats, fowl and to a lesser extent dogs and cats. Cattle Grubs Cattle (However, occasionally horses and people have hosted cattle grubs) Deer Flies Most domestic animals except fowl. Face Fly Cattle and Horses Horn Fly Mostly cattle, but will feed on horses, sheep and goats. Horse Flies Mostly cattle and horses, but may bite swine, sheep, goats, dogs and humans. Horse Bots Horses, mules and donkeys. House Flies All Stable Flies Cattle, swine, horses, sheep, goats, dogs and will bite humans. Sheep Bot Sheep and goats. Sheep Ked Sheep (some success on goats and may bite people). Comparison of House Fly and Stable Fly Biology and Behavior Lice Sucking Lice Most domestic animals except cats and fowl. Chewing Lice Most domestic animals except swine Mites Choriptic mange mite Cattle, horses, sheep and goats (different variety or subspecies for each species of host). Common on cattle and sheep but seldom diagnosed. Demodectic mange mite Cattle, swine, horses, goats, dogs and cats (different species of mite for each host species).

    117. Sugar Creek Stock Farm :: Where The Old Becomes The New
    Raising many of the oldtime breeds of livestock, including Red Poll Cattle, Suffolk sheep, old time shepherd dogs. Located in Garrard County, KY.
    Sugar Creek Stock Farm
    Where the Old Becomes the New
    Please visit us at our new home at

    ©2004 Fred Simpson
    Website built and hosted for free at . Get your own Free Website now!

    118. Mid-States Wool Growers Cooperative Association - Sheep Supplies
    MidStates is one of the largest sheep supply distributors in the US and wool market for A comprehensive catalog offering livestock and sheep supplies.
    Serving the American Sheep Industry Since 1918 Come in and visit our site! Here's what we have to offer.
    The history of one of America's oldest wool cooperatives. A review of the wool market with new and current trends in the wool industry. Cooperative wool marketing opportunities. Wool management practices to improve your wool clip. A comprehensive catalog offering livestock and sheep supplies A Wool Clothing and Wool Novelties store - we're now offering Old Friend Sheepskin Slippers Where we are and how you can contact us Sheep-related information and links Mid-States Wool Growers Cooperative is owned by 6,000 sheep producers in 20 states that join together to market their wool. From its beginnings in 1918, Mid-States Wool Growers has worked to provide the best service to the sheep producer that we possibly can. History Marketing Options Sheep Supplies Contact Us ... Related Links
    Questions? var who = "info"; var where = ""; var both = who + ""@ + where; var what = "E-mail Mid-States Wool"; document.write('' + what + '');
    Mid-States Woolgrowers Cooperative Association

    9449 Basil-Western Road, Canal Winchester, Ohio 43110

    119. Wyoming Sheep Photos
    The Warren livestock Company, still in business, was founded by Francis E. (Webmaster s note The usual rule is, Fence sheep in, fence cattle out.
    W yoming S heep
    P hotos From Wyoming Tales and Trails
    Big Horn Basin
    Black Hills Bone Wars Buffalo ... About This Site
    Sheepcamp near Douglas, cir. 1900 Although in the popular mind Wyoming is mostly associated with cattle, the cattle count having increased from 8,000 in 1870 to 1,500,000 in 1885, the impact of the "Great Die Off" discussed with regard to Chugwater
    Along Nowood Creek, August, 1916 The Spring Creek raid was, however, not the only incident of such violence, it was merely the last. "Sheep dead lines," such as that in the Nowood Valley, were proclaimed by other cattlemen. The Spur Ranch declared a dead line across the Little Colorado Desert from the mouth of Fontenelle Creek to Farson, north of which no sheep were permitted. In southwest Wyoming along the Green River a "sheep war" raged at the turn of the century. It will be recalled that the introduction of sheep into the Upper Chugwater may have resulted in the killing of Willie Nickell by Tom Horn. But why was there an antipathy to sheep? Zane Grey in The Last Man , the tale of a sheep war in Arizona, noted the cause, the total destruction of pasturage:
    Presently his keen nostrils were assailed by a smell of sheep, and soon he rode into a broad sheep trail. From the tracks Jean calculated that the sheep had passed there the day before.

    120. OMAFRA - MAAARO
    The purpose of this factsheet is to aid producers and livestock evaluators in distinguishing between losses caused by predators and nonpredator causes. If predation is the cause of death then it is particularly important to identify the species responsible so additional control measures can be implemented to minimize future losses. Heavy emphasis is placed on distinguishing between coyote predation and dog predation, since they collectively account for almost all predator related losses in Ontario flocks.
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