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         Sheep Livestock:     more books (100)
  1. Range sheep improvement: Information for those at Warren Livestock Co. field day, June 2nd, 1941 by Tony Fellhauer, 1941
  2. [Study project] by S. J Kao, 1969
  3. 45 years in the sheep pens by C. A Cleman, 1928
  4. The shepherd's guide: Or, A delineation of the wool and ear marks of the different stocks of sheep in Lancashire, Cumberland, and Westmorland by William Hodgson, 1849
  5. Departmental information report / Department of Agricultural Economics, Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, Texas A & M University System by Kerry K Litzenberg, 1984
  6. Toxicity of arrowgrass for sheep and remedial treatment (Technical bulletin / United States Department of Agriculture) by A. B Clawson, 1937
  7. L by Roger Q Landers, 1981
  8. The toxicity of the ripe fruit of blackbrush or tarbrush (Flourensia cernua) for sheep and goats (Bulletin / Texas Agricultural Experiment Station) by F. P Mathews, 1944
  9. Breeds of cattle, sheep, and goats from Pakistan by Mustajab H Mirza, 1993
  10. A comparison of sheep branding paints (Bulletin / University of Wyoming, Agricultural College Department, Wyoming Experiment Station) by C. J Oviatt, 1912
  11. Proposals for establishing in Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, (which is Australia Felix,) a company on the mutual principle combining the advantages ... Victoria sheep and cattle assurance company by Nathaniel Lipscomb Kentish, 1850
  12. Feeding wild plants to sheep (Bulletin / State College of Washington. Agricultural Experiment Station) by Sofus Bertelsen Nelson, 1906
  13. First practical preventive developed for bitterweed poisoning of sheep (The scientists tell me) by Robert L Haney, 1982
  14. Toxicity of bitterweed (actinea odorata) for sheep (Bulletin / Texas Agricultural Experiment Station) by I. B Boughton, 1937

81. Rural NI | Livestock | Sheep | Livestock Breeding Initiative | Livestock Breedin
Welcome to RuralNI, the gateway to electronic information and services for Northern Ireland farmers and growers. This site is maintained by the Department
publications news discussions login Sheep
Livestock Sheep Livestock Breeding Initiative Livestock Breeding Initiative Search Sheep at Greenmount Technical information Technology projects Links ... Top of page
A Partnership between Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, LMC and Ai Services to Improve the carcase quality of beef/sheep through the selection and use of genetically superior breeding stock in commercial herds and flocks through increasing the number of purebred animals recorded through the Signet Beefbreeder and Sheepbreeder Schemes
A co-ordinated action plan for the genetic improvement of the Northern Ireland Beef herd and Sheep flock
Co-ordinators activities: Develop purebred and commercial breeders competence in using EBV’s and Indexes as a tool when selecting breeding stock through co-operation and support to breed societies, producer groups and development groups Co-ordinators
Steven Johnston and David Rankin,
Greenmount College The quality of beef animals in Northern Ireland has progressively declined over the past 4-5 years. The most significant contributory factor to this decline has been the genetic decline in suckler herds. This genetic decline is due to a number of factors:

82. U.S. Livestock Genetics Export, Inc.
A nationwide livestockspecific, not-for-profit, trade association representing the international market development interests of the U.S. dairy, beef, sheep, swine and horse breeding industries.
Member Links
Government Links

Export Financial Assistance

Useful Resources

Welcome to the World Wide Web Site of U.S. Livestock Genetics Export, Inc.
is a nationwide livestock-specific, not-for-profit, trade association representing the International Market Development interests of the U. S. dairy, beef, sheep, swine and horse breeding industries. Our representation encompasses the embryo and semen industry, livestock export sector, plus leading State Departments of Agriculture from top livestock producing states across the United States.
Whatever your U. S. livestock genetic needs, U S LGE can help direct you to the livestock breed association, semen or embryo supplier, livestock export services provider, State or Federal government agency to assist you in making your livestock genetic selection process easier and more productive.
For additional information or to request U S LGE to put you in contact with leading U. S. CONTACT US button and complete the request form. Your request will be sent to reputable suppliers for their prompt direct response back to you.
The U.

83. Index
A Suffolk and commercial sheep breeder. Also a halter making business.
Welcome Update! Amadeus Livestock has sold 27 of our 37 ewes and the others are going out on lease until I have finished school or found a place where I can keep them again. I will keep the website up for reference and report on the progress of my girls as I hear.
Amadeus Livestock is a Northern Alberta sheep farm. We breed commercial Suffolk/Dorset/Texel crosses. We provide ewes, rams, show lambs and butcher lambs to our area and province. The main aspect of our farm is selling market lambs; because of this our ewes and rams are bred for muscling and quick growth as well as mothering ability. At present there are 25 ewes, 23 lambs and one stud ram on the farm. We lambed this year from January 2nd through February 10th. We started marketing our lambs at the begining of April. Right now we are planning on liquidating our stock, for more information check out "sheep for sale" For more information about our animals, click on the links or email me. Halters Ewes Past
(Word Document)
Heather Bateman
Boyle, Alberta

84. C H Livestock Company
A Texas club lamb breeder who also raises club goats, club calves, broilers, and hair sheep.

Check out our Operation
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85. Cattleration Oviration Boviration Cattle Software And Sheep Nutrition Software
Offering livestock nutrition software for cattle and sheep. Company based in SaintUlric, Quebec, Canada, with an international list of contacts.
Last update
Webmaster: Sylvie Francoeur

86. Livestock Draught Shire Horses Sussex Cattle Southdown Sheep Tamworth Pig
The Museum keeps several types of farm livestock, which can be seen in various parts of the sheep. The Museum has a small pedigree flock of Southdowns,

[Home] The Museum keeps several types of farm livestock, which can be seen in various parts of the site. They are managed in a traditional way, and the main breeds are maintained in small numbers sufficient to be viable for breeding. Horses Cattle Sheep Pigs ... Birds
The Museum keeps draught horses. They are either pure bred Shire horses or crossed with another breed. They represent as nearly as possible the traditional size of cart horse that would have been found on farms from the middle of the 19th century until the mid 1950s. They were used for all kinds of farm work and for heavier local transport. Many of the draught horses seen today have been bred for show purposes, and the trend has been towards larger and larger animals. Click here for a series of pictures showing the Museum's horses working in the traditional way on harvesting, haymaking, mowing and ploughing. [Top of page]
The museum has a pair of Sussex oxen that are being trained by Chris Baldwin, who operates at the Woodland Craft Centre at the Museum. They are learning to work under the yoke, and if successful

87. Global Genetics
A Dutch company selling sheep and goat semen, embryos and livestock.
Onze domeinnaam is geregistreerd via GlobalHome internet services.

88. SheepRiver Great Pyrenees
Breeding beautiful dogs in the Canadian Rockies foothills. Great Pyrenees were originally livestock guardians in the French Pyrenean mountains. Photos and information updated regularly.
Home Pyrenees Photo Album Our Japanese Chin
Welcome to SheepRiver Great Pyrenees (Site last updated 7th September 2004) SheepRiver Great Pyrenees is located just southwest of Calgary, Alberta, in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. With cold snowy winters, warm dry summers, and an elevation of over 4000 feet, it is an ideal location for these rugged mountain dogs.
A litter of SheepRiver Pyr puppies The breeding philosophy at SheepRiver is to produce sound and healthy dogs with excellent temperament. Size and type are of utmost importance and all of our dogs are family companions. We have been participants in a pet therapy program for many years and we are frequent visitors at local schools and kindergartens.
Stradivarius's NINTH Birthday!!!
(BIS. BISS. Am.Can.Intl. Ch. SheepRiver's Stradivarius)
Strad celebrating his 9th birthday with KoKo! You can contact SheepRiver Pyrenees by emailing (N.B. please remove the word "SPAMTRAP" from the address before emailing, it's to stop us getting automated junk email!) or by telephone 403 938 2200 (please use the Canadian dialing code +1 if phoning from overseas).

89. Water Requirements For Sheep And Cattle
British breed sheep need about 20 per cent more water than do Merino sheep in hot weather. Authors, Greg Markwick, Former livestock Officer (sheep)
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  • Animals Feeding and nutrition Field crops and pastures Horticulture ... Watering livestock
    Water requirements for sheep and cattle
    Introduction Water quality Environmental factors Animal factors ... Further information
    Chemical residues and pollutants
    Contamination of water supplies by chemicals and other pollutants is a risk, particularly in mixed farming areas, where the use of pesticides and herbicides is common. Producers should be aware of the risks involved in the use or misuse of these compounds. Contamination of ground water or catchment areas could lead to intake of chemicals by stock and wildlife. While there may not be any direct toxic effect on the stock, some chemicals can stay in the animal as residues which may render the produce of that animal unfit for consumption and expose the owner to the cost and inconvenience of quarantine or prosecution or both.
    Water is an essential nutrient for all animals. It is important for both animal welfare and business profitability that sheep and cattle have an adequate supply of good quality water. Amount and quality of water required vary between species of livestock, between classes of stock within the species, and in response to the environment in which the stock are running. This Agfact describes the factors affecting the water needs of stock and suggests likely consumption and quality requirements.

Links to articles and fact sheets from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs.
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91. Tips For Transporting Cattle And Sheep
See the sheep and lamb NVD Waybill information from the Meat and livestock For information on handling cattle and sheep, see the following ARMCANZ
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92. The Stranraer Show Organised By Stranraer & Rhins Of Galloway Agricultural Socie
Entertainment includes grand parade of prizewinning livestock, children's entertainer, sheep dog trialling display, pipe band, craft fair and over 80 trade stands.
27th July 2005
London Road Playing Fields,
Stranraer. Scotland. Admission:
(Under 14)
Children under 5 - FREE Family Tickets
See what you missed! Visit the 2005 Photo Gallery Featuring ; Rocking Horse Stunt Display Team Sheep Shearing Competition Trade stands and Craft Fair Telephone: 01776 702254
Fax: 01581 500327
2003 - Line up of Champions
Young Handlers Scotch Mules Home Sections Photo Gallery Links Page ... Contact Form Registered Office: Culroy Cottage, Newton Stewart, DG8 0LE. Telephone: Recognised by the Inland Revenue as a Scottish Charity - No: SC002618 Company Limited by Guarantee - No: SC234478 Web site design and development by

93. Livecorp: Live Exports, Livestock, Sheep, Cattle, Animal Welfare
World leader livecorp provides live exports of livestock including sheep and cattle, focused on animal welfare.
Homepage Search:
Membership Renewal Reminder
To ensure continuity of membership benefits please renew your membership now. AWGA/PETA Agreement The live export agreement between PETA and Australian Wool Growers Assocation has been labelled as misguided and unrealistic. LiveCorp CEO Resigns Kevin Shiell Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Australian Livestock Export Corporation (LiveCorp) has announced his decision to stand down from the role later this year. Cormo Express – The Eritrean Solution
A Picture is worth a thousand words
What life was like for the sheep on board the MV Cormo Express and their arrival in Eritrea.
Click icon to watch the video (11Mb)
This video requires Windows Media Player
Trade Enquiry
Country of Destination: Africa Canada China Japan Korea Mexico Middle East North America South America South East Asia Animal: Cattle Dairy Cattle Goats Sheep Stud animal Other Volume: Your Email:
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Industry Updates
Approved Saudi Vaccinator Training Program
The AQIS approved training program for the vaccination of sheep for "scabby mouth". Exploding the Myths A current publication that address’s many of the myths about the livestock export industry STATISTICS LiveCorp compiles livestock export trade statistics on a monthly basis Trade Support
Wool is Best
Industry response to PETA APVMA Austrade provides Help to New Exporters Rural Law Online Law topics for rural Victoria Using this website means you accept its Last Updated 22/09/05

94. ISU Extension Livestock Publications
Articles, in a PDF format, related to sheep selection, colostrum, guard llamas and feed inventory offered by Iowa State University.
These documents are Adobe Acrobat PDF files. If you need more information, check the PDF help section Extension publications Home Ordering information Publications Online Store ... Permission to reprint

Livestock Publications

Iowa 4-H Aminal and Poultry Identification, Weighing, and Exhibiting Requirements for county, State, and Interstate Shows [Electronic Version April 2001] AS 387 Rations for Horses Available only as an electronic file, not stocked as a paper copy.
Adams County CRP Research and Demonstration Project

EDC 162B Value-Added Agriculture
EDC 162H Air Quality and Animal Agriculture
FM 1421 Deductible Livestock Costs for Adjusting 2003 Income Tax Returns
FM 1815 Livestock Enterprise Budgets for Iowa 2004
FM 1855 Estimated Costs for Livestock Fencing LOR 1

95. Livestock: ATTRA - National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service
Pasturage and forage crops are the heart of sustainable livestock production and relating to traditional livestock such as beef and dairy cattle, sheep,
800-346-9140 (English)
Site Map Who We Are Contact Us ...
Master Publication List

Enter your email above and click Go.
Newsletter Archives
ATTRA - National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service
P.O. Box 3657
Fayetteville, AR 72702 Home Livestock
This section spans six principal topic areas: NOTE: Some of the following documents are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs. Download Acrobat Reader
Beef and Dairy
ATTRA Publications
Beef Farm Sustainability Checksheet
- Full Version (16 pages)
- Short Version (4 pages)
HTML PDF / 263 kb
PDF / 284 kb
Sustainable Beef Production Summary HTML PDF / 245 kb Dairy Farm Sustainability Checksheet Summary ] [HTML] [ PDF / 319 kb Dairy Beef Summary HTML PDF / 157 kb Grass-Based and Seasonal Dairying Summary HTML PDF / 211 kb The Economics of Grass-based Dairying Summary HTML PDF / 233 kb Raising Dairy Heifers on Pasture Summary HTML PDF / 153 kb Value-added Dairy Options Summary HTML PDF / 290 kb Alternative Meat Marketing Summary HTML PDF / 401 kb Alternative Beef Marketing Summary HTML PDF / 488 kb Meeting the Nutritional Needs of Ruminants on Pasture Summary PDF / 179 kb
Links to Other Beef and Dairy Information
Eat Wild: The Clearinghouse for Information about Pasture-Based Farming Beef Basics Home Study Courses Northeast Organic Dairy Producers Alliance
Hogs, Sheep, and Goats

96. Sustainable Sheep Production
sheep are less dependent on harvested grains than are cattle, swine, and poultry. Of all domestic livestock, sheep raised on forage require the least use of
    Sustainable Sheep Production
    Livestock Production Guide
    ATTRA - National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service
    PO Box 3657
    Fayetteville, AR 72702
    Phone: 1-800-346-9140 - FAX: (479) 442-9842 By Ann Wells, Lance Gegner
    NCAT Agriculture Specialists
    May 2000
    The PDF version of this document is available at

    kb Index Abstract
    Breeds Nutrition ... Resources
    This publication introduces concerns and practices specifically related to sustainable sheep production. Topics covered include breed selection, controlled grazing, pasture lambing, alternative health management, and innovative marketing of meat and wool products. A list of further resources is also included. Go To Top
    Integrating sheep into a farming operation can contribute to the economic and environmental sustainability of the whole farm. Sheep will enhance the farm's biological diversity, and may fit economic and biological niches that would otherwise go unfilled. The relatively small investment required, and the gradually increasing size of the flock, make sheep production a good choice for the beginning small-scale or part-time farmer. For the established farmer seeking to diversify, sheep offer a number of benefits.

97. Testing Livestock Feeds For Beef Cattle, Dairy Cattle, Sheep And Horses, G89-915
This NebGuide provides tips on how to determine feeds you should analyze and nutrients to measure. It tells how to interpret the results of feed analysis.
(Revised April 1997)
Testing Livestock Feeds For Beef Cattle, Dairy Cattle, Sheep and Horses
This NebGuide provides tips on how to determine feeds you should analyze and nutrients to measure. It tells how to interpret the results of feed analysis. Rick Grant, Extension Dairy Specialist
Bruce Anderson, Extension Forage Specialist
Rick Rasby, Extension Beef Specialist
Terry Mader, Extension Beef Specialist
Previous Category Catalog Order Info
Why Test Feeds?
Nutrient concentration can vary considerably in feeds, especially forages. Protein in alfalfa hay can range from 10 to 25 percent or more of the dry matter; grass hay will contain between four and 18 percent protein. Use feed tests to target specific feeds to different livestock. Feed high quality forage to the most productive livestock or when nutrient needs are highest. Feed lower quality forage to animals with lower nutrient needs. Feed tests can help establish the dollar value of a forage, in the cash market or in personal use inventories. Use these tests to establish the value of your forage and to help determine what forages to feed, buy, or sell. Forage tests are useful to evaluate production practices like fertilization, time of harvest, method of harvest, etc., that may influence forage quality. Management skills can improve by learning how changes in production practices affect the quality of your forages.

98. National Livestock Management Database
Offering livestock farmers a means of keeping their records online. Provides online and catalogue auctions of livestock, including bulls, cows and sheep. Located in The United Kingdom.

99. Virginia Cattle, Horses, Sheep, Swine-Livestock Marketing Services
The livestock Marketing Services professional staff assists Virginia producers in the This information is provided by VDACS livestock Marketing Services




GO DIRECTLY TO: Tel-O-Auction Sales Feeder Cattle Sales Buy with the confidence of Official USDA Grades and
Sell with the satisfaction of Competitive Bidding.
"Bringing Buyers and Sellers Together " Buy
with the confidence of Official USDA Grades and
Sell with the satisfaction of Competitive Bidding. VIRGINIA'S LIVESTOCK PREMISE REGISTRATION We work with Virginia's livestock industry by: individualized producer marketing plans; buyer development and sales promotions; market information and data analysis; and live animal quality grade evaluation. The Livestock Marketing Services professional staff assists Virginia producers in the merchandising of over $100 Million of livestock annually through marketing services that bring buyers and sellers together.

100. Stanford Livestock International - Cattle Import, Genetics Export Agents
Import/Export livestock Agents handling only breeding stock cattle, sheep, pigs, alpacas and llamas. A Member of the British Genetics Export Consortium.
Livestock - Semen - Embryos - Selection - Shipping - Insurance - Consultancy
with his son
Semen Available

Member of the British Livestock Genetics Consortium
Click here for list of semen available
Member of the
British Limousin Cattle Society
Professional Import/Export Livestock Agents
handling only Breeding Stock
Source and supply of semen for beef bulls
Importation and distribution of Limousin semen in Great Britain
International Sales Consultants
Member of the National Beef Association
MADDINGTON PLACE, SHREWTON, SALISBURY WILTSHIRE SP3 4JE, ENGLAND Telephone: +44 (0)1980 621334 Fax: +44 (0)1980 620084 E-mail
home about us contacts ... consultancy

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