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         Sheep Livestock:     more books (100)
  1. Livestock guarding dogs protecting sheep from predators (SuDoc A 1.75:588/996) by Jeffrey S. Green, 1996
  2. Advanced 4-H livestock record book: Beef-swine-sheep (Publication) by Mark L Wahlberg, 2000
  3. 4-H livestock record book: Beef-swine-sheep (Publication) by Mark L Wahlberg, 2000
  4. Our experience in the control of blood cell parasites of livestock babesiosis, anaplasmosis theileriasis of cattle and sheep =: Nashiiat opit v borbata s krvnokletchnite parazitozi po zhivotnite by N Kiurtov, 1985
  5. Livestock trucking guide: Livestock management practices that reduce injuries to livestock during transport by Temple Grandin, 1992
  6. Seeing livestock: A beef, sheep, swine judging guide for 4-H members (4-H circular / Cooperative Extension Service, Ohio State University) by Herbert Barnes, 1971
  7. Big game-livestock relationships on the bighorn sheep winter range, East Fork Salmon River, Idaho by Jerry L Lauer, 1975
  8. Sheep dogs;: Their breeding, maintenance and training (Agricultural and livestock series) by R. B Kelley, 1958
  9. Livestock judging procedures used in the evaluation of sheep, swine, beffe cattle and horses (Scholarly paper--Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville) by Timothy C. F Kleptz, 1987
  10. Sheep: Their breeds, management, and diseases ; to which is added, The mountain shepherd's manual (Library of useful knowledge) by William Youatt, 1878
  11. Stress in sheep and goats : January 1979 - August 1990 (SuDoc A 17.18/4:91-21) by Janice C. Swanson, 1990
  12. Livestock budget estimates for Kentucky for 1986 (Agricultural economics-extension) by Richard L Trimble, 1986
  13. Live stock in Colorado with special reference to beef cattle and sheep by Charles Iseard Bray, 1917
  14. Cattle, sheep and pigs: Their practical breeding and keeping by Frank Townend Barton, 1939

41. Garvie Sheep - Breeders Of Champion Club Lambs
Breeders of Suffolk, Hampshire and crossbred club lambs. Pictures of livestock show winners and list of upcoming sales. Located in Morrison, OK.
21100 Maverick
Morrison, OK 73061
Click here to e-mail garvie@ "Cheyenne" and "Scout" Semen for Sale
"Cheyenne" (RR/NN)
"Cheyenne" has been the backbone of the Garvie breeding program. He or his offspring have sired many winners, including several State Grand Champions. His daughters have been very successful in ours and other breeder's programs. He is the sire of Mike Stitzlein's "Geronimo" and Brad Dale's "Warrior". We have used several rams that are descendants of "Cheyenne", including "Tahoe", "Scout", "Maverick", "Dakota", "Brave", and "Cimarron". "Cheyenne" died in 2002 at 10 years of age.
"Scout" (QR/NN)
"Scout" is a son of "Tahoe", his offspring have also sired several winners, including Reserve Grand Champion Wisconsin State Fair. He is the sire of "Maverick". We had been using him heavily for the past few years. He throws a very hard muscle and has a real square rump, and still has the "look". We retained several of his daughters in the herd, and also retained a ram, "292". "Scout" is now being used by Jason Johnson Club Lambs.

GOATS * sheep * HOGS FOR SALE All Breeds, pets or show, locker or !
Livestock World Sheep
Goats and Hogs
Check here for all breeds of sheep, goats and hogs - exotic or domestic -
you'll find it in Livestock World Sheep, Goats and Hogs.
Livestock World! It's THE PLACE to advertise!
Information on rates and advertising on these pages.
Native to New Zealand now in the United States
Kune Kune Pigs (native to New Zealand) available in the United States. Rare breed, imported pigs arriving in June 2005. Get on the waiting list for Christmas piglets! Very small, extremely friendly and easy to handle. Loads of color.
Make great pets!
Send e-mail
or visit our website. Heritage Hogs Chino, California phone: 951-505-5230 Sheep: 2006 Wall Calendar Just Pigs: 2006 Wall Calendar Goats: 2006 Wall Calendar **Click on the appropriate category below to visit other sections of Livestock World** Business Services Cattle Sheep, Goats and Hogs Ranch Real Estate ... How to place your ad on Livestock World Livestock World
, 665-D Dry Gulch Road, Colville, WA 99114 Phone 509-684-9908 Back to Livestock World

43. Cattle & Sheep Management Software - Livestock Data Systems TDM
Herd management software developed by a farmer .Cattle and sheep Manager provide the commercial producer and pedigree breeder with an easy way to keep all livestock records.
Farm management software for all your cattle and sheep records
Cattle Manager keeps all your cattle management and movement records including all MAFF, SCPS, EPS and BCMS requirements. Available in both milk and beef versions. more details download a demo now!
Sheep Manager has been developed for both commercial and pedigree flocks. Easy to use and set up, it can keep account of multiple flocks over several holdings. download a demo now! more details Livestock Data Systems Limited
19 Sycamore Road, Brookhouse, Lancaster LA2 9PB - email
cattle manager
sheep manager download
... links

44. Saskatchewan Agriculture And Food - Livestock - Sheep And Goats
Links related to crops provided by Saskatchewan Agriculture and Food.

45. Livestock Concepts, Inc. - Your Animal Health Specialists
Supplier of oral, topical and injectable products for cattle, sheep, swine and horses. Includes product catalog and ordering information. Hawarden, Iowa, USA.
Contact Us Privacy Statement Ordering info About Us ... Bargains Click HERE to View pages of our '2005 Cattlemen's Catalog' Search HERE Dairy Products Injectables Oral Products ... Check out the Weekly Specials ! Details Vetisulid Injectable Vetisulid Powder Details Clostratox BCD Antitoxin The Fastest, Cleanest, Most Effective Cauterizer You Can Buy....... Guaranteed !! Details Revitalize Your Insect Control with the First New Insect Control Technology for Cattle introduced in more than 20 years. Details Check Out the NEW Completed Sheep/Goat section and Alpaca/Llama section It's Back ! Win one of 5 - $100 Shopping Sprees from Livestock Concepts Details Congratulations to Holly Miller of Wisconsin Our winner of the ' Question of the Week'. Thank You to Everybody for Playing and the many correct 'Brodifacoum' Keep Playing! You might be our Next Winner!

46. Livestock Library - Sheep Resources
Beef Cattle, sheep, and Goat Research (1994 Report) North Carolina State Univ NebGuide sheep Nitrate Toxicity in livestock (PDF) - Oklahoma State
SHEEP RESOURCES Virtual Livestock Library AnSci Home Comments Help
Breed Associations
Breeds and Selection Information
Breeders List
Commercial Information
Collections of Publications
Diseases, Disorders and Pests

47. Livestock Guarding Dogs
This article first appeared in sheep magazine and in the Dairy Goat Journal in 1995. Giving advice for using livestock guarding dogs against predators.
by Tamara Taylor Too many livestock owners have experienced "predation" problems first hand. These people have discovered that a "predator" is not always a mountain lion or a hungry coyote. It can be a stray dog or even a family pet. When one of these predators strikes either in fun or with the intent to kill, livestock suffers. Goat and sheep owners are two of the primary groups concerned about predator control; however, they are not alone in their desire to control predators. It is an interest they share with small livestock owners, ranchers, farmers, and even suburbanites from Maine to California. A number of animals have been used as herd or flock guardians, among them llamas and donkeys. However, where there is strong pressure from predators, these animals themselves may become prey. More recently, Dean Anderson of USDA and Dr. Charles Taylor of the Texas A&M University Research Station, Sonora, Texas, in conjunction with New Mexico State University, have worked with mixed herds of cattle and sheep. When these species are run together, they can "bond," with the cattle becoming the herd protectors and readily accepting the sheep as herd members. Goats, however, have not been used in this research. Lacking a strong flocking instinct, goats can present a problem in a guarding situation. However, many goat owners have had great success using livestock guarding dogs.
Predator control has always been a concern, but within the past two decades there has been increasing controversy about both the effects and the efficiency of traditional predator control methods (trapping, poisoning, aerial hunting, and scare tactics). In addition, with the current concerns about the eco-system and endangered predator species, there is now more desire to deter predators rather than exterminate them. Thus, for a modern answer to the age old problem of predation, the New World looked to the Old World, and to the livestock guarding dogs.

48. Breeds Of Livestock - Sheep Breeds
Maintained at Oklahoma State University. General information, photos, history of breed, bibliographies.
Sheep: (Ovis aries)
The non-frames version of the Breeds of Livestock project will no longer be updated with new materials. If you are seeing this page please update your browser so you can use frames. There are a number of different theories regarding the origins of domestic sheep. However, most sources agree that they originated from mouflon. There are two wild populations of mouflons still in existence: the Asiatic mouflon which is still found in the mountains of Asia Minor and southern Iran and the European mouflon of which the only existing members are on the islands of Sardinia and Corsica. These two species are closely related with the only difference being the redder coloration and different horn configuration of the Asiatic mouflon. Some sources even hypothesize that the European mouflon actually developed from the first domestic sheep in European being allowed to become feral and that all sheep are actually descendants of the Asiatic mouflon. Sheep were among the first animals domesticated. An archeological site in Iran produced a statuette of a wooled sheep which suggests that selection for woolly sheep had begun to occur over 6000 years ago. The common features of today's sheep were already appearing in Mesopotamian and Babylonian art and books by 3000 B.C.

49. Breeds Of Livestock - Oklahoma State University
Encyclopedia of individual breeds of cattle, horses, sheep, goats, swine, and other species.
Department of Animal Science - Oklahoma State University
W elcome to the Breeds of Livestock resource presented by the Department of Animal Science at Oklahoma State University. This site is intended as an educational and informational resource on breeds of livestock throughout the world. We hope you enjoy the information provided and find it both educational and fun. We see this site as a continually growing resource. As time passes we will be expanding the educational and scientific information pertaining to breeds. We already have breeds from every inhabited continent and we have cooperative projects underway with individuals at a number of other Universities to add to our listings and to expand existing information. We would welcome additional cooperative efforts so please let us know. What is a breed? The classic definition of a "breed" is usually stated as a variation of this statement. Animals that, through selection and breeding, have come to resemble one another and pass those traits uniformly to their offspring. Unfortunately this definition leaves some unanswered questions. For example, when is a crossbred animal considered a composite breed and when do we stop thinking about them as composites? Perhaps this definition from

50. Sheep, Livestock And Other Animal Tags, Roxan ID
Automatic sheep Tagging News. 15. eMatic v2 April 2005 (pictures below) At last the production ADAMATIC 10/10 Birth Breeder livestock Ear Tag

about tagging products contact ...
Automatic Sheep Tagging News
15. eMatic v2 - April 2005 (pictures below) At last the production mould-tool for Electromatic v2 has been completed, and around 10,000 are winging their way towards paid-for trials around the world....
Babe2 Sheep id Tag for Ewes and Ewe Lambs
Minature Flag Tag with high retention and excellent distance readability. Re-designed for 2005 with larger flags and a connection between both halves to give you the option of fitting it in one piece....
New ADAMATIC 10/10 Tag features thicker stronger PINS and a sturdy 10-Tag Magazine Strip. Tough enough for lifetime use yet retaining the fine-pin feature of all our sheep-friendly tags. Fine Sharp pi...
SnapTags - Calf Tags and Cattle Tags for the UK
2 for 1-Tag Livestock Eartag
Affectionately known as the "Bubblegum" Tag, 1-Tag has been designed as a truly all purpose tag. It can be used as a 1 piece or a 2 piece tag, short or long term. Supplied as a 1-piece but y...
Roxan iD Lamb Tag - hand application
UPGRADED but still unusually thin pin (moulded from re-inforced plasic) makes a tiny hole, and all but eliminates pain and bloodshed. It certainly reduces stress, and minimised infection. The sturdy...
ROXAN iD Product Summary
This is our simple product summary brochure 'on-line'....

51. U.S. Animal Genome Site
Features databases, maps, and meetings for horse, sheep, cattle, chicken, swine, and aquaculture.
U.S. Livestock Species Genome Projects
Supported by

Site last updated at 4:28 pm on Sep 25, 2005 and this front page has been visited times since Sep 23, 1998
NAGRP Bioinformatics Team

52. EPA - Ruminant Livestock Home
Ruminant livestock such as cattle and sheep are the largest source of methane emissions resulting from human activity. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas. RLEP is a joint EPAUSDA program helping livestock producers improve their operations' efficiency, preserve natural resources, and reduce methane emissions.
Ruminant Livestock Contact Us Print Version Search: EPA Home Global Warming Home Methane Global Warming Home ... Frequent Questions
To find out more about livestock emissions and how the adoption of improved livestock production practices can help to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, check out the following sites: EPA Home Privacy and Security Notice Contact Us

53. Sustainable Agriculture And Farming - Cholderton Estate
An exercise in sustainable agriculture and farming in Hampshire, UK. Estate and family history, estate map, wildlife, crops, organic farming, livestock including Hampshire Down sheep, and Cleveland Bay horses.
Sustainable agriculture and farming at the Cholderton Estate
Sustainable agriculture and farming at the Cholderton Estate Sustainable agriculture and farming defined: Key principles for sustainable agriculture farming and food
  • Produce safe, healthy products in response to market demands, and ensure that all consumers have access to nutritious food, and to accurate information about food products. Support the viability and diversity of rural and urban economies and communities. Enable viable livelihoods to be made from sustainable land management, both through the market and through payments for public benefits. Respect and operate within the biological limits of natural resources (especially soil, water and biodiversity). Achieve consistently high standards of environmental performance by reducing energy consumption and by minimising resource inputs, and use renewable energy wherever possible. Ensure a safe and hygienic working environment and high social welfare and training for all employees involved in the food chain.

54. Dartmoor Livestock Protection Society
The Society helps ponies, sheep and cattle in distress on Dartmoor or in the markets where they are sold. Includes guidance on emergency help and gift catalogue.
Dartmoor Livestock Protection Society
Registered Charity No. 234747 Lambs at Shaugh Moor Ponies near carpark at Merrivale The Dartmoor Livestock Protection Society (DLPS) was formed after the very bad winter of 1963 to help ponies, sheep and cattle in distress on Dartmoor or in the markets where they are sold. DLPS members go to all the markets where Dartmoor ponies are sold and over the years we have rescued many ponies. We ask members of the public to let us know if they see sick or injured animals or casualties from road traffic accidents on the moor. When calls are received, help is sent as soon as possible and a vet also attends, if necessary. Dartmoor Livestock Protection Society pays the first veterinary bill. DLPS produce an Emergency Help Card which you can keep in your car or take with you when walking on Dartmoor. Our campaigns to promote the welfare of livestock on Dartmoor include trying to stop people dumping rubbish on the moor and warning the public not to feed the ponies as both of these practices can endanger the animals.

55. Meat And Livestock Commission
Works with the British meat and livestock industry (cattle, sheep and pigs) to improve its efficiency and competitive position. Promotes products to the consumer at home and abroad.
About MLC Industry Advice Projects Update Export Directory ... Feedback
to the Meat and Livestock Commission
Thank you for visiting our portal web site giving you easy access to the range of red meat services and information available from the MLC MLC works with the British meat and livestock industry (cattle, sheep and pigs) to improve its efficiency and competitive position; and to maintain and stimulate markets at home and abroad, while taking into account needs of consumers.
What's New:
Advanced Search
Use this facility to find information across all of the MLC web sites.
MLC Federal Bodies and Market Prices
MLC operates as a federal structure. The responsibility for setting and delivering strategies to deploy MLC levy income rests with the executive boards of these four bodies. Roll over the images below for more detail or click on the link to go direct to their web sites:
British Pig Executive (BPEX) BPEX represents the interests of pig levy payers throughout England and Wales giving them direct control over setting and implementing a strategy to create a long-term sustainable future for the pig industry.
English Beef and Lamb Executive (EBLEX)

56. Cattle & Sheep Management Software - Livestock Data Systems TDM
livestock Data Systems animal management software is developed by a farmer. Cattle and sheep Manager computer programs provide an efficient and easy way to
Farm management software for all your cattle and sheep records
Cattle Manager keeps all your cattle management and movement records including all MAFF, SCPS, EPS and BCMS requirements. Available in both milk and beef versions. more details download a demo now!
Sheep Manager has been developed for both commercial and pedigree flocks. Easy to use and set up, it can keep account of multiple flocks over several holdings. download a demo now! more details Livestock Data Systems Limited
19 Sycamore Road, Brookhouse, Lancaster LA2 9PB - email
cattle manager
sheep manager download
... links

57. Rift Valley Fever - A Disease That Can Spread With The Wind
A mosquitoborne virual disease leading to serious economic losses in livestock, particularly sheep. Transmission, symptoms, related links.
Rift Valley fever - a disease that can spread with the wind Rift Valley fever (RVF) - one of the priority diseases identified for attention by FAO's Emergency Prevention System ( EMPRES ) - is a mosquito-borne virus disease affecting ruminant animals and humans. It can cause very serious economic losses in livestock, particularly sheep. Goats, cattle, camels, Asian water buffaloes and possibly some wild antelopes are also susceptible. RVF was first described in the Rift Valley of Kenya in the early 1930s but it is now endemic in restricted sites throughout much of sub-Saharan Africa. Epidemics of the disease typically occur in cycles of five to 20 years. Recent major outbreaks hit Egypt in the late 1970s and Senegal and Mauritania in 1987. Because mosquitoes are easily carried long distances by wind, RVF has the potential to spread rapidly to new countries and even to new continents. The first sign of an epidemic of RVF is normally numerous abortions by pregnant sheep. An exceptionally high mortality rate in new-born sheep and goats is typical, with 90 percent of lambs and kids dying after showing little more than fever, lack of appetite and weakness. In older animals, the illness can also cause vomiting, blood-stained discharge from the nose, diarrhoea and jaundice. Older animals and cattle generally recover.

58. Agridata - The Livestock Software Program For Beef Cattle, Dairy And Sheep Farme
Agridata is the automated record system for beef, dairy and sheep farmers Agridata The livestock software program for UK beef, dairy and sheep farmers
Agridata Information Agridata is a livestock software program designed for todays farmer. The best livestock record program available, Agridata is suitable for UK beef cattle, dairy cattle and sheep farmers. Agridata has the power and flexibility to cover all aspects of cattle and livestock management and record keeping. Manage your farm efficiently and effectively with your computer and Agridata...extensification, DEFRA and SEERAD legislation, passport applications, movement records, BCMS link-up, beef special premium claims...all are incorporated into the easy-to-use Agridata software. And with regular updates, Agridata maintains the value of your investment.
A demonstration CD-ROM is available via the Demo Request page. Our extensive contact details can be found via the Contact Us page.
Thistle Ltd
Brockhole Farm
Tel: +44 (0)870 900 5449

59. Brenco Livestock Genetics - New Zealand
Importers and exporters of pedigree bovine and ovine genetic material. Dairy cattle, beef cattle, sheep and pigs are a specialty.
Home Page
Brenco Profile

Brenco News

Enquiry Form
Dairy Breeds
Holstein Friesian

Finnish Ayrshire

Jersey Island
Brown Swiss

Updated AE Figures (27/09/04) Finnish Ayrshire Ayrshire Holstein-Friesian Additional Sires Dairy Beef French Limousin, Limited Offer Beef Breeds Angus Hereford Charolais Parthenaise ... Maine Anjou, Top Quality International Dairy cattle, beef cattle, sheep and pigs are a specialty. A New Zealand dairy breeds progeny testing program is implemented, with many proven beef cattle pedigree breeds imported. Specialists in all semen and embryo international marketing.

60. Peters Livestock
Raises cattle, sheep and pigs. Includes information about sires, animals for sale and a directions map.

Pigs Sheep Contact Us
Welcome! Come on in and take a look around.
With over 25 years experience in the livestock business,
Peters Livestock has what you need for a successful show season.
Call or stop by today.
Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.
Pigs Sheep Contact Us
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