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         Sex Offender And Criminal Registries:     more detail
  1. National Conference on Sex Offender Registries proceedings of a BJS/SEARCH conference (SuDoc J 29.9/8:SE 9) by U.S. Dept of Justice, 1998
  2. Retroactive application of sex offender registry statutes: 1995 survey of states by David Niner, 1995
  3. Summary of state sex offender registries, 2001 (Fact sheet) by Devon B Adams, 2002
  4. Summary of state sex offender registries automation and operation, 1998 (SuDoc J 29.29:00008089) by Virginia B. Baldau, 1999
  5. Summary of state sex offender registry dissemination procedures (SuDoc J 29.31:SE 9) by Devon R. Adams, 1999

1. Michigan Public Sex Offender Registry Inquiry
Michigan Public Sex Offender Registry Inquiry Web Site Disclaimer NOTICE commission of future criminal sexual acts by convicted sex offenders.

2. Kentucky Sex Offender Registry

3. Wyoming Sex Offender Registration
the Division of Criminal Investigation cannot guarantee that inaccuracies will not occur. It should be noted that sex offender registration

4. Tennessee Sex Offender Registry
Offender Registry. Requirement of the SOR Program. Sex Offender Law. SOR Internet requirements Criminal Justice Directory The following

5. Delaware Sex Offender Central Registry
Delaware State Police State Bureau of Identification Sex Offender Central Registry Bureau of Identification to release criminal history

6. Sex Your Source For Child Family Safety, Criminal
Violent Criminal Background Check Sex Database Registry serves as a focal point in providing assistance to parents, children, law

7. "Klaaskids Megan's Law Legislation In All 50 States"
Sex Offender Registration Community Notification Internet Access List. State and Federal Offender Search Links

Anyone who uses this information to commit a criminal act against another Crime/Traffic/Sex Offender Select Illinois State Police Home Page

9. Alabama Criminal Sex Offender Community Notification Information
Sex Offenders. SEARCH BY SEARCH BY County to view a list of Criminal Sex Offenders with no known address.

10. Welcome To Arizona's Sex Offender InfoCenter
Home. SERVICES. Sex Offender InfoCenter. Welcome the community notification process, but rather, it allows the criminal justice community to

11. Sex Offenders - Sex Offender And Criminal Offender Registries
sex offender registries and maps. Instant criminal Check Includes sex offender,felony, misdemeanor, and county offense checks on anyone Click Here
HOME About Us Submit A Link Contact Us ... Affiliates First Name Last Name State First Name Last Name State First Name Last Name State

Criminal Check

Includes sex offender, felony, misdemeanor, and county offense checks on anyone
Click Here
Sex Offender Registries

12. Sex Offender Registry And Sex Crime Search, News And Discussion
sex offender registries, sex offenders Search, News, Info and Discussion Should employers be required to conduct criminal background checks before
Sex Offender Registries, Sex Offenders Search, News, Info and Discussion
Home Sex Offender Registry Megan's Law Forums (Message Boards) ... About Us
Current Polls If there was a mass exodus of released convicted sex offenders from the United States to another country, due to how they perceive they're treated by the U.S. government and society, how would you feel? Vote More Polls
Featured News Man gets 30 years for sexually assaul... Task force recommends stricter sex of... Sex offender accused of luring girls ... Questions raised over sex offender's ... ... More Articles
Welcome to
Our site's purpose is to provide information and resources for all types of people to become more educated about sex crimes, sex offenders and related topics. In addition, our forums and private messaging allow users to share their experiences, ask questions, get advice, receive support and discuss and debate related topics. Learn more about the site
Find out about convicted sex offenders Sex offender registries Find out how to acces sex offender registry information. Megan's Law information Legislation, requirements, stats.

13. Sex Offenders And Child Predators
criminal History Checks In the News Internet Crimes Juvenile offenders Law Courts Limitations of sex offender registries

Thought for the Day


TV Documentaries

Internet Crimes

Missing Children
Report Laws Sex Offender Registers ... Sex Offender, Juvenile PREVENTION Abuse Suspicions Background Checks Forum: System Abuse How to Help ... Resources: Prevention VICTIMS Domestic Violence Message for Victims Survivor Passages Victim Assistance MISCELLANY About Dr. Faulkner Inquiries Poetry SEARCH PANdora's Box Index of Topics on Sex Offenders Articles Criminal History Checks In the News Internet Crimes ... Recommend this page to a friend Articles "Adult-Child Sex: Is It Abuse or Misuse?" "Brief Overview of Pedophiles on the Web" "Molesters Don't Fit the Stereotypes" Criminal History Checks FBI Fingerprint-Based Criminal Background Checks Top of Page End of Page Sex Offender Topics Page Two In the News Headlines on Child Abuse Some Moms Let Sex Abuse Slide Sex Offender Notification Protects Children Two Men Executed for Child Assault ... Longer, Mandatory Prison Terms for Sex Offenders [offsite] Internet Crimes "Brief Overview of Pedophiles on the Web" California Internet Crime Law "Child Safety Online" Internet Online Summit, 1998.

14. Bureau Of Justice Statistics Summary Of State Sex Offender Registries Disseminat
for disseminating sex offender registry information to criminal justice Summary of State sex offender registries Dissemination and Procedures
Bureau of Justice Statistics To the BJS
home page


What's new
Summary of State Sex Offender Registries Dissemination and Procedures: Update 1999
This factsheet summarizes State procedures, including use of the Internet, for disseminating sex offender registry information to criminal justice agencies, schools and other youth-serving organizations, and the general public. Information supplied in this report reflects conditions as of May 1, 1999. It updates the "Dissemination of Sex Offender Registry Data" section of the Summary of State Sex Offender Registries: Automation and Operation 1998 . The Acrobat file version of the Factsheet includes working links to registry websites. 8/99 NCJ 177620 Factsheet: Acrobat file ASCII file
1999 State summaries:
Acrobat file ASCII file
About the Justice Records Improvement Program
Help for using BJS products
BJS home page Top of this page
Bureau of Justice Statistics

15. Bureau Of Justice Statistics: Criminal Record Systems Statistics
sex offender registries. criminal history records Summarizes information onthe status of sex offender registries in the 50 States and the District of
Bureau of Justice Statistics BJS home page
Justice statistics improvement programs
Criminal Record Systems Statistics
On this page:
Summary findings
Publications About the data collections Related sites
Summary findings
In this section:
Criminal history records
Background checks for firearms transfers
Sex offender registries
Criminal history records
A criminal history record describes any arrests and subsequent dispositions attributable to an individual. Complete, accurate, and immediately accessible records enable States to:
  • immediately identify individuals with prior criminal records in any State more effectively identify felons and others prohibited from firearm purchases check backgrounds of persons responsible for child, elder and disabled care identify individuals who have a history of domestic violence or stalking make informed decisions relating to pretrial release and detention of offenders, prosecutions of career criminals and appropriate correctional confinement conduct background checks to protect public safety and national security
Criminal records are maintained by each State in a central repository. To facilitate the interstate exchange of criminal history records, the FBI maintains the Interstate Identification Index (III) which is an “index-pointer” system to records of persons arrested for felonies or serious misdemeanors under State or Federal law.

16. Welcome To The Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority
The remaining public sex offender registries are expected to be linked to AUTHORITY SPONSORS INTERNSHIPS IN criminal JUSTICE RESEARCH and PUBLICATION
Skip to ICJIA main content Skip to footer information Skip to left panel links and search Skip to right panel publication links ...
Rod R. Blagojevich, Governor
ICJIA Links ICJIA/Home About Us What's New? Publications ...
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Tools and Services ICJIA Federal Grant Financial Guidelines Get the CJ Dispatch Take the Clearinghouse Survey ICJIA Publications ... Chicago Women's Health Risk Study Forum Application
Community County Profiles Juvenile County Profiles Restorative Justice Center McGruff Inflatable Balloon
Job Links ICJIA Employment CMS 100 Forms
Associate Sites Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Council Illinois Integrated Justice Information Systems Death Penalty Study Reform Committee Illinois Home ...
Planning and Research meeting
The next Planning and Research meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 27, 2005 at 10 a.m. The meeting will be held at the Authority's office building, located at 120 South Riverside Plaza, Suite 1016, Chicago, IL 60606. Teleconference information:
Dial: 1-800-559-0842
Passcode: 7192843#
Authority Publications The Authority regularly publishes or supports publication of criminal justice research and evaluation reports and bulletins, crime prevention brochures, technical manuals, data guides, statistical profiles, annual reports, and criminal justice periodicals. You'll find descriptions of each publication and links to current and back issues under the

17. Sex Your Source For Child & Family Safety, Criminal Records - Natio
Motor Vehicle databases, sex offender databases, Voter databases, and CriminalDatabases. sex offender registries. Cyberstalking Laws. Spam Laws
State Website Computer Crime Laws Sex Offender Registries Cyberstalking Laws Spam Laws Alabama Cybercrime Laws Sex Offenders Cyber-Stalking Laws N/A Online Alaska Cybercrime Laws Sex Offenders Cyber-Stalking Laws N/A Online Arizona Cybercrime Laws Sex Offenders Cyber-Stalking Laws N/A Online Arkansas Cybercrime Laws Sex Offenders Cyber-Stalking Laws ... Cybercrime Laws N/A Online Cyber-Stalking Laws Pending Colorado Cybercrime Laws N/A Online Cyber-Stalking Laws Pending Connecticut Cybercrime Laws ... Cyber-Stalking Laws N/A Online D.C. N/A Online N/A Online
N/A Online
N/A Online Florida Cybercrime Laws Sex Offenders Pending N/A Online Georgia Cybercrime Laws Sex Offenders Cyber-Stalking Laws N/A Online Hawaii Cybercrime Laws Sex Offenders Pending N/A Online Idaho Cybercrime Laws N/A Online N/A Online Spam Law Illinois Cybercrime Laws Sex Offenders ... Cyber-Stalking Laws N/A Online Iowa Cybercrime Laws Sex Offenders Cyber-Stalking Laws ... Kansas N/A Online Sex Offenders Law Pending N/A Online Kentucky N/A Online Sex Offenders N/A Online N/A Online Louisiana N/A Online Sex Offenders Pending Spam Law Maine N/A Online N/A Online Cyber-Stalking Laws N/A Online Maryland Cybercrime Laws Sex Offenders Cyber-Stalking Laws ... Massachusetts N/A Online N/A Online Cyber-Stalking Laws Pending Michigan Cybercrime Laws ... Cyber-Stalking Laws N/A Online Minnesota Cybercrime Laws Sex Offenders Cyber-Stalking Laws N/A Online Mississippi N/A Online Sex Offenders N/A Online N/A Online Missouri N/A Online N/A Online Cyber-Stalking Laws Pending Montana N/A Online N/A Online N/A Online N/A Online Nebraska N/A Online Sex Offenders N/A Online

18. Megan's Law And Sex Offender Registries
Megan s Law and sex offender registries an essay by Lis Riba. Again, thatdoesn t sound like the kind of criminal the sex offender registry is supposed
Megan's Law and sex offender registries
Due to the recent Supreme Court oral arguments, Megan's Law and sex offender registries have been in the news lately. Back in 1999, I got into an Usenet discussion on the topic , in which I did a fair bit of research. Interestingly enough, according to the FBI , California no longer provides information on the Internet concerning registered sex offenders. At any rate, the data may be old, but I believe my point that there are serious flaws in the sex offender registry system still holds true.
Megan's Law and sex offender registries
Lis Riba, July/August 1999
Megan's Law was sold to the public as a way to protect children from dangerous sexual predators. More specifically, it operated on the assumption that anyone who had already committed a "sexual offense" was more likely to commit future crimes. Of course, there's no guarantee that any of these offenders are going to attack again. So this is a list of POSSIBLE, POTENTIAL threats. I have no problem warning the community about threats to the community. My problem is that Megan's Law, by merely providing a laundry list of offenses, puts too many people on the list who are

19. The Steamboat Pilot: Recent Cases Spur Interest In Sex-offender Registries
their criminal histories and physical descriptions, offenders must let Bennett said sex registries are a tool the community can use to be aware of
You are viewing our low-tech edition. Real Estate Reader Forum Classifieds Contact ... Subscribe Weather Community Sections Special Sections Assistance advertisement
Recent cases spur interest in sex-offender registries
By Alexis DeLaCruz Sunday, August 7, 2005 In 1994, a 7-year-old New Jersey girl named Megan Kanka was raped and murdered by a convicted child molester who had moved across the street from her family without their knowledge. After the crime, community members banded together to get a law passed that would force sex offenders to register in their communities. Registered sex offenders in Routt County View Maps See related stories Three years later, President Clinton signed Megan's Law. Now, convicted sex offenders in all 50 states are legally required to enter a registry available for public viewing. Unfortunately, not enough people know the registries exist, said Routt County Sheriff's Office records custodian Elise Bennett.

20. NC Information: Law And Legal Resources
NC offender Information. FREE to the public criminal record checks for Parents For Megan s Law, Inc. (PFML) links to sex offender registries nationwide
NC Law and
Legal Resources
Judicial Branch of the State Government Agencies/Registry
Research Tools
Law Libraries ... Free Legal Services
Judicial Branch of the NC State Government
The North Carolina Court System
  • North Carolina Court Opinions
  • Includes a Judicial Forms site, with a full index to NC legal forms.
  • Links to the NC General Court of Justice, including the Supreme Court of NC, the Superior Court, the District Court, and the Court of Appeals, as well as providing court opinions from 1997 onwards.
  • Links to the Administrative Offices, including press releases and speeches among other resources
  • Also includes the Sentencing Commission and Dispute Resolution Commission amidst many other sources of interest
NC Supreme Court Library
  • Links to various aspects of the library, but be warned that the site does not actually allow access to the collection at this time, though descriptions of what is available can be found
NC Court of Appeals
  • NC Court Records
    • Want to find out if someone has a criminal record? Use the private fee-based service of 123NC for access to North Carolina Criminal records from the Administrative Office of the Courts
    Trial Courts
    • Direct links to trial courts in each county, with clickable map. Court opinions on cases, dockets, criminal calendar by criminal name, etc.
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