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         Seventh Day Adventists:     more books (100)
  1. Handbook of Seventh-Day Adventist Theology (Commentary Reference Series)
  2. Seventh-Day Adventist Bible dictionary (Commentary reference series) by Siegfried H Horn, 1960
  3. Historical Dictionary of the Seventh-Day Adventists (Historical Dictionaries of Religions, Philosophies and Movements) by Gary Land, 2005-03-28
  4. Seventh-Day Adventists Believe
  5. Seventh-Day Adventist Encyclopedia (Commentary Reference Series, V. 11)
  6. The Cultic Doctrine of Seventh Day Adventists by Dale Ratzlaff, 1996
  7. Seventh-Day Adventist Reform Movement by Helmut H. Kramer, 1988-04
  8. Official Seventh-Day Adventist Church Hymnal ~ Cameo Edition - Saddle Brown Calfskin {Matches Cambridge Bible 78X or 78XRL} SDA3 Brown
  9. Captains of the Host: A History of the Seventh Day Adventists Part One by Arthur Whitefield Spalding, 2005-03-01
  10. Why I am a Seventh-Day Adventist by H. M. S Richards, 1965
  11. Beloved leaders: Inspirational essays on Seventh-Day Adventist Christian leadership by Robert H Pierson, 1978
  12. Why Jesus waits: How the sanctuary doctrine explains the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church by Herbert E Douglass, 1976
  13. Notable women of spirit: The historical role of women in the Seventh-day Adventist Church by John G Beach, 1976
  14. Seventh-day Adventist Bible Students' Source Book Volume 9 by Editors, 1962

21. History Of Vegetarianism - Seventh Day Adventists
A large collection of articles about the development of vegetarianism around the world for thousands of years.
International Vegetarian Union History of Vegetarianism Seventh Day Adventists

They are, excepting the seventh day adventists and the branch entitled The seventh day adventists. These hold to the observance of the seventh day of
Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... A > Adventists A B C D ... CICDC - Home of the Catholic Lifetime Reading Plan
A group of six American Protestant sects which hold in common a belief in the near return of Christ in person, and differ from one another mainly in their understanding of several doctrines related to this common belief. They are, excepting the "Seventh Day Adventists" and the branch entitled "The Church of God" congregational in government. The sects of Adventists are the outcome of a religious agitation begun by William Miller (1781-1849) in 1831, after a minute study of the prophecies of the Bible. Testing the mysterious pronouncements concerning the Messias by a method exclusively historical , he looked for the fulfillment of every prophecy in its obvious surface reading. Every prophecy which had not been literally accomplished in the first coming of Christ must needs be accomplished in His second coming. Christ , therefore, should return at the end of the world in the clouds of heaven to possess the land of Canaan , and to reign in an earthly triumph on the throne of David for a thousand years . Moreover, taking the 2,300 days of the

23. Religion And Healthcare – Seventh Day Adventist Church - MedHunters
Q What is the seventh day adventists philosophy concerning health and wellbeing? Many seventh day adventists choose a career in healthcare,
Home Magazine For Employers About Us ... EMPLOYERS
By Laura Crane In exploring the views of different religions toward health, well-being, Western medicine, and death, we interviewed a variety of religious spokespersons. Although each religion has its own general guidelines, we found that there are frequently individual differences in interpretation and adherence. If you have questions or opinions that you'd like to share with us, please email our editorial staff The following answers were compiled with information from Mazie Nelson, RN and Health and Temperance Department Head, Toronto. Q: What is the Seventh Day Adventists' philosophy concerning health and well-being? A: From its founding in 1863, the faith has had a strong base in healthcare. Many Seventh Day Adventists choose a career in healthcare, and some visit churches from time to time to give seminars. Good health involves addressing the emotional state, eating and exercise regimens, and spiritual wellbeing. In some cases, the health of the congregation is monitored at the church. For instance, the blood pressures of members may be taken and recorded and, if necessary, visits to doctors are advised. Q: Does the Seventh Day Adventist Church have any dietary restrictions?

24. Seventh Day Adventists
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Seventh Day Adventists
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25. RELS133-Presentations: Seventh Day Adventists
Mainly growing in New England, the Seventhday Adventists became an official Beginning strictly in North America, the Seventh-day Adventist Church
Mainly growing in New England, the Seventh-day Adventists became an official organization in 1863, with the name Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) chosen prior in 1860. Beginning strictly in North America, the Seventh-day Adventist Church quickly grew and soon its Ministries were reaching across the globe into Switzerland, India, Africa, China, the Pacific Islands, and Europe to name a few. With an initial membership of approximately 3,500, today the Seventh-day Adventist Church boasts over 8 million members worldwide. The Seventh-day Adventist Church is considered one of the fastest growing movements in the Christian world with 1 new member being baptized every 50 seconds. Another reason for the success of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is that it is organized in such a way that the individual is the controlling power. The power lies in the church membership with responsibilities given to an executive body. The Seventh-day Adventist Church is organized on four levels: 1. The local church.

seventh day adventists. By Gerald L. Caldwell He speaks about false brethren (like 7th Day Adventists) who spy out the LIBERTY which we (BACs) have in
By Gerald L. Caldwell
Founder, Editor, Bible Believer's Ministries , Miami, FL USA (305) 372-9790
This study will be on the 7th Day Adventist. This cult began in the early 19th century by William Miller (1782-1849), who was a FALSE PROPHET! He predicted that the Lord Jesus Christ would return to Earth in glory on Mar. 21, 1844, and later on Oct. 22, 1844! Neither prophecy was fulfilled! Deuteronomy 18:20-22 "But the PROPHET, which shall presume to speak A WORD in my name, which I have not commanded him to speak, or that shall speak in the name of other gods, even that prophet shall die. And if thou say in thine heart, How shall WE KNOW the word which the LORD HATH NOT SPOKEN? When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if THE THING follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD HATH NOT SPOKEN, but the prophet hath spoken it PRESUMPTUOUSLY: thou shalt not be afraid of him." The FALSE PROPHET is identified by speaking "A WORD" that does not come to pass. It does not matter how many times he's correct, it's how many times he's WRONG! Just ONE error is sufficient to make one a false prophet, regardless of whether he was correct 3000 times. When prophesying, the prophet is to bat nothing short of a 1.000. In other words, his prophesying MUST be accurate EVERY timenot 99.9% of the time. Therefore, William Miller was undoubtedly a FALSE PROPHET! Isaiah 8:20 "To the LAW and to the TESTIMONY: if they SPEAK NOT according to THIS WORD, it is because there is NO LIGHT in them."

27. The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod - Seventh Day Adventists
Q. Is the SeventhDay Adventist church generally to be regarded as a Christian Seventh-day Adventism teaches the doctrine of the Trinity and that

28. General Conference Of Seventh-day Adventists
Official site of the seventhday Adventist World Church.

29. Seventh-Day Adventism
Explores the unbiblical teachings of the seventhday adventists from a Catholic viewpoint.
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Seventh-Day Adventism
Most people know little about the Seventh-Day Adventists beyond that they worship on Saturdays, not Sundays. But there’s more to this unique sect.
Adventist History
The Seventh-Day Adventist church traces its roots to American preacher William Miller (1782–1849), a Baptist who predicted the Second Coming would occur between March 21, 1843, and March 21, 1844. Because he and his followers proclaimed Christ’s imminent advent, they were known as "Adventists."
When Christ failed to appear, Miller reluctantly endorsed the position of a group of his followers known as the "seventh-month movement," who claimed Christ would return on October 22, 1844 (in the seventh month of the Jewish calendar).
When this didn’t happen either, Miller forswore predicting the date of the Second Coming, and his followers broke up into a number of competing factions. Miller would have nothing to do with the new theories his followers produced, including ones which attempted to save part of his 1844 doctrine. He rejected this and other teachings being generated by his former followers, including those of Ellen Gould White.

30. Cayman Islands Mission Of S.D.A.
A conglomerate of seven churches on Grand Cayman and two on Cayman Brac.
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31. What Adventists Believe
As a Christian church, seventhday adventists are a faith community rooted in the beliefs described by the Holy Scriptures , As a Christian church,

32. Home Page
Offers healthrelated articles, including Ask the Doctor column, Health-Wise archives, News You Can Use, and list of Adventist health clinics and dental clinics world-wide.
Health Ministries Department
General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
About Us
AAP Newsletter - Winter 2001

Alcohol - The Heart of the Matter

AIDS Committee Report
News You Can Use
new book available

new section
SDA Dental Clinics

SDA Clinics

Teen Health
Time for Health ... Youth Alive Information Coming: Lifestyles Infant Care For the Health Professional Updated: September 14, 2005 Progress Report on the Adventist Health Study-2 Greetings, We now have 83,000 returned surveys for Adventist Health Study-2. See Progress Report below. With the help of many members we have continued to make steady progress but we still need another 22,000 to reach our modified goal of 105,000. Your support and suggestions of how to quickly achieve that goal will be greatly appreciated. During the next few months our major recruitment focus from Loma Linda will be:
  • To encourage as many of the 58,000 who have not yet returned their questionnaire to do so as soon as possible.
    The origin of the seventhday adventists (SDAs) can be traced to the Millerite seventh-day adventists follow most of the beliefs of conventional
    Origin, beliefs, practices, etc.
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    The origin of the Seventh-day Adventists (SDAs) can be traced to the Millerite Movement of the 19th Century. This movement was largely responsible for what has been called the Great second advent awakening . William Miller (1782-1849) was a farmer who settled in upstate New York after the war of 1812. He was originally a Deist (a person who believes that God created the universe but has not been actively involved since). After two years of private Bible study, Miller converted to Christianity and became a Baptist lay leader. He was convinced that the Bible contained coded information about the end of the world and the Second Coming of Jesus . He also realized that he had an obligation to teach his findings to others. In 1831, he started to preach; the next year, he wrote articles about his findings. In 1833, he published a pamphlet on end-time prophecy. In 1836, his book Evidences from Scripture and History of the Second Coming of Christ about the Year 1843 was published.

    34. Life Assurance Ministries
    Ministry to former seventhday adventists and questioning adventists. Excerpts from bimonthly magazine, many links. Exposing the unbiblical teachings and practices of the SDA church.
    Life Assurance Ministries Two separate entities on this page
    Life Assurance Ministries, Inc. Ministering to former members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church , inquiring Adventists and Sabbath keepers through a gospel-centered, free (donations appreciated) bi-monthly journal, Proclamation, with articles written by former Seventh-day Adventist theologians and pastors. We also have a number of Bible studies, letters from our readers and back issues of Proclamation.
    L AM Publications LLC Books by former Seventh-day Adventist theologians and pastors providing accurate information on the doctrine and practice of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, including information on the following: We now have a number of Spanish books available!
    The Sabbath : Is it still the day of worship? We have several comprehensive, biblical studies on the Sabbath topic. See our Sabbath Packs dealing with Seventh day/First day Sabbath issues. We have three books and two cassette tapes available on the Sabbath topic. Find these in the LAM bookstore
    New book: Sabbath in Christ (Sabado en Cristo) by Dale Ratzlaff, 438 pages. Order Now! See book news in LAM Publications. Also see

    35. GLADventist: Good News For Gay And Lesbian Adventists
    Online support and resources gay and lesbian seventhday adventists, particularly those who are celibate or in heterosexual marriages. Includes support lists and links of particular interest to SDAs.
    Adventist dialog and support site for gay, lesbian, trans-gendered
    or bisexual Seventh-day Adventists and their family and friends
    Good News for
    Gay and Lesbian Adventists
    Search our site for: Home About Us Email List Church Leaders ... Legal Resources You Can Help! Write to Us!
    A Warm to Our GLAdventist Community
    You need not identify as 'gay' or 'lesbian' to feel at home here. If you are a Seventh-day Adventist or have Adventist background and know what it is like to be more strongly attracted to your own gender than the opposite gender, you will find support and encouragement here. Check out What Would Jesus Say to Homosexuals? by Adventist pastor John McLarty, as well as Adventist Ministry magazine articles dealing with homosexuality from several years ago. Former editor of Insight , the Adventist magazine for youth, Christopher Blake, wrote a thoughtful article about "Redeeming Our Sad Gay Situation"

    36. Seventh-day Adventists Believe... FILE: Index.htm
    seventhday adventists Believe . is a Biblical Exposition of 27 Fundamental Doctrines.
    At Issue Index Doctrines Index Table of Contents Seventh-day Adventists Believe ...
    A Biblical Exposition
    of 27 Fundamental Doctrines

    General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
    Printed in the USA by the
    Review and Herald Publishing Association
    Hagerstown, Maryland 21740 Reproduced on the At Issue site by permission. This book is available wherever SDA books are sold,
    or you may click here to
    order online
    A Word About the 27 Fundamental Beliefs of Seventh-day Adventists Through the years Seventh-day Adventists have been reluctant to formalize a creed (in the usual sense of that word). However, from time to time, for practical purposes, we have found it necessary to summarize our beliefs.
    In 1872 the Adventist press at Battle Creek, Michigan, published a "synopsis of our faith" in 25 propositions. This document, slightly revised and expanded to 28 sections, appeared in the denominational Yearbook of 1889. This was not continued in subsequent issues, but it was inserted again in the Yearbook in 1905 and continued to appear through 1914. In response to an appeal from church leaders in Africa for "a statement [that] would help government officials and others to a better understanding of our work," a committee of four, including the president of the General Conference, prepared a statement encompassing "the principal features" of belief as they "may be summarized." This statement of 22 fundamental beliefs, first printed in the 1931 Yearbook, stood until the 1980 General Conference session replaced it with a similar but more comprehensive, summarization in 27 paragraphs, published under the title "Fundamental Beliefs of Seventh-day Adventists."

    37. Lakeview 7th Day Adventist Church
    Features details on its service schedule, address and directions, and calendar of events.
    Lakeview 7th Day Adventist Church Welcome to the Lakeview 7th Day Adventist Church web site.
    About Us
    News and Events Location Church Directions ... Contact Us

    38. Find A Church On
    Leadership, contact information.

    39. Religious Movements Homepage: Seventh-Day Adventists
    This is an objective and neutral seventhday Adventist Page on the Internet. You ll also find a comprehensive gateway to locating web-based resources.
    Seventh-Day Adventists
    Profile History Beliefs SDA Today ... References
      I. Brief Profile
    • Name: Seventh-Day Adventists
    • Names of the Founders: William Miller founded the interfaith Millerite movement on whose doctrine the Adventist Church first formed. Three key leaders arose from this group to found what eventually became the Seventh-Day Adventists: James and Ellen White and Joseph Bates.
      William Miller; Ellen G White; James White; Joseph Bates
      Source: Adventist Pioneer Library @
    • Dates of Birth of the Founders: For a brief biographical sketch, see Gallery of the Adventist Pioneer Library or read the Seventh-Day Adventist Encyclopedia
      William Miller 1782-1849
      Ellen White 1827-1915
      James White 1821-1881
      Joseph Bates 1792-1872
    • Birth Places:
      William Miller: Pittsfield, MA
      Ellen White: Gorham, ME James White: Palmyra, ME Joseph Bates: New Bedford, MA
    • Year group was founded: The Seventh-Day Adventist Church was officially organized May 21, 1863, with around 3,500 members
    • Sacred texts: The Bible (both Old and New Testaments).

    40. Seventh-day Adventists, What Seventh-day Adventists Believe, About Seventh-day A
    Central tenets of this faith, based on the questions in the BeliefO-Matic quiz.
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