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         Seismology Geology:     more books (100)
  1. Elementary Seismology (Books in Geology) by Charles F. Richter, 1958-06
  2. Geology and Seismology of the Dudley Gulch by EckertAnneDouglas, 1982
  3. Founders of Seismology (History of geology) by Charles Davidson, 1978-06
  4. Geology & Seismology of the Dudley Gulch by Anne Douglas Eckert, 1982
  5. Environmental & Engineering Geology of the Wasatch Front Region (Utah Geological Association publication, 24)
  6. General Geology, Geophysics, and Seismology of Northwest Alabama by J. T. (Prepared by) Kidd, 1980
  8. The Prince William Sound, Alaska, Earthquake of 1964 and Aftershocks. Volume 1: Operational Phases of the Coast and Geodetic Survey Program in Alaska for the Period March 27 to December 31, 1964. Volume 2: Research Studies: Seismology and Marine Geology by Fergus J., ed. Wood, 1966
  9. Founders of Seismology (History of Geology) by Charles Davidson, 1927
  10. California Geology (2nd Edition) by Deborah Harden, 2003-11-14
  11. Introduction to Seismology by Peter Shearer, 1999-09-28
  12. Historical Seismology: Interdisciplinary studies of past and recent earthquakes (Modern Approaches in Solid Earth Sciences)
  13. Geology of Earthquakes by Robert S. Yeats, Kerry E. Sieh, et all 1997-01-02
  14. Seismic Facies and Sedimentary Processes of Submarine Fans and Turbidite Systems (Frontiers in Sedimentary Geology) by Paul Weimer, 1991-07

1. Geophysical Institute, University Of Alaska Fairbanks
Research institute for atmospheric sciences, space physics, ice and permafrost, remote sensing, seismology, tectonics, and volcanology.

2. Brown University
Research areas in geophysics, hydrology, structural geology, planetary geoscience, seismology, and geochemistry.

3. Seismology/ Geology Glossary
Because it relates directly to the energy released by an earthquake, it has become the standard in modern seismology.

4. Galaxy Directory Scales Seismology Geology And Geophysics
White Pages Stock Quotes Galaxy Science Geosciences Geology and Geophysics Seismology Scales. Richter, Charles Francis@ (2)

5. Federal Guidelines For Dam Safety Earthquake Analyses And Design Of
This effort typically starts with literature searches in the fields of tectonics, seismology, and geology, and may include analyses of remote

6. Abitibi-Grenville Transect Home Page
Study of the Archean Abitibi greenstone belt and the middle Proterozoic Grenville orogen.

7. Eric Sandvol, MU Dept. Of Geological Sciences, Geology 395: Introduction To Seis
Introduction to seismology geology 395. Instructor Eric Sandvol, sandvole@missouri.eduMailing address 101 Geology Building
Home Shear-Wave Splitting Regional Wave Propagation Publications ... Teaching Introduction to Seismology: Geology 395 Instructor :  Eric Sandvol,
Mailing address: 101 Geology Building
Office :  Room 9 Geology Building
Office Hours :  Mondays and Wednesdays 2:00 pm-4:00 pm and by appointment
Overview In this course we will be studying the fundamental theories of earthquake seismology.This course will begin by dealing with basic continuum dynamics and elasiticity theory We will then learn the basic tenets of earthquake location, seismic source theory, body waves and surface waves. We will also cover the fundamentals of inverse theory and how we apply this theory to solve for the properties of the earth's interior. This course will require that you have a basic background in Calculus and Calculus based physics. Pn tomography for the Middle East (Al Lazki et al., 2003). Grading 30 % Final Exam
20 % Mid term Exam
25 % Homework
25 % Final Project Primary Reference Book Modern Global Seismology ;  Lay and Wallace Secondary Reference Books (Advanced) An introduction to the theory of seismology ; K.E. Bullen and B. Bolt

8. CICESE Divisi N De Ciencias De La Tierra
Research and study programs by the Centro de Investigaci n Cient fica y de Educaci n Superior de Ensenada. Focus on seismology, geology and applied

9. Seismology, Geology Tectonophysics Group
Seismology, Geology Tectonophysics Group. View Current Seismograms. Lamont Cooperative Seismographic Network. Seismology Datasets

10. Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Facilities. Institutes and Centers. Projects/ Initiatives Publications. Tools. Affiliates. Division of Seismology, Geology and

11. Geology/Geophysics/Seismology
Geology/Geophysics/Seismology Projects. Landfill Siting and Engineering,Dynamic Slope Stability, Environmental Research 3D Ground Penetrating Radar
Monroeville, PA
fax: Home Geology/Geophysics/Seismology GEOLOGY/GEOPHYSICS/SEISMOLOGY Site selection and economic feasibility studies often require evaluation of geologic setting, geological-engineering properties of the subsurface, terrain analysis, and seismic hazard assessment. D'Appolonia's staff includes professionals with advanced degrees and extensive experience in the geological and related sciences. We draw upon this expertise for our projects requiring:
  • Geologic mapping and hazards analysis Geophysical surveys (seismic reflection and refraction, radar, sonar, magnetic, electrical, electromagnetic and gravity) Seismic hazard analysis and establishment of seismic design criteria An understanding of subsurface conditions related to geologic structure, chemical alteration, depositional environment, moisture changes, previous mining and natural voids
Geology/Geophysics/Seismology Projects:
Landfill Siting and Engineering Dynamic Slope Stability Environmental Research - 3D Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) High Resolution S-Wave Reflection Survey for Hydrogeological Investigations Expedited Site Characterization (ESC) Geophysical Site Reconnaissance for Subsurface Sampling, Testing, and Instrumentation

12. America's Best Colleges 2006: Boston College: Services & Facilities
contains a specialized collection of earth sciences monographs, periodicals,and maps, particularly in the areas of seismology geology, and geophysics.
Boston College Services and Facilities Address:
140 Commonwealth Avenue
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467
Admissions E-mail:

Student Services
Basic services offered:
nonremedial tutoring, women's center, placement service, day care, health service, health insurance
Remedial learning services offered:
N/A Counseling services offered: minority student, career, military, personal, veteran student, academic, older student, psychological, religious Career Center Career services include: on-campus job interviews, internships, resume assistance, career/job search classes, alumni network, interest inventory, interview training Graduates who enter job market in field related to major: Within six months of graduation: Within one year of graduation: N/A Within two years of graduation: N/A Firms that most frequently hire graduates: N/A Library School has a library on campus? Yes School is a member of library consortia? Yes Number of books, serial backfiles, and other material including government documents: Number of current serial subscriptions: Number of microforms: Number of audiovisual materials: Number of E-books: Additional library facilities: (Data appear as originally submitted by this school) * The Honorable John J. Burns Library of Rare Books and Special Collections houses the University's rare books, special collections and archives. * Bapst Art Library houses the art and art history collections, graduate and undergraduate study space. * The Educational Resource Center is the curriculum center for the School of Education faculty and students. * The Social Work Library serves the resource needs of the Graduate School of Social Work. * The Weston/O'Connor Library contains a specialized collection of earth sciences monographs, periodicals, and maps, particularly in the areas of seismology geology, and geophysics. * The Law Library houses a legal collection which is national in scope and covers all major areas of American law. * The Newton Resource Center is a 60 seat reading room serving first year students.

13. Seismology/ Geology Glossary
Because it relates directly to the energy released by an earthquake, it has becomethe standard in modern seismology. mainshock
    Any earthquake which occurs after a larger earthquake (a mainshock ) within one rupture-length of the original fault rupture and before the seismicity rate in that area has returned to the background (pre-mainshock) level is generally considered an aftershock. For some earthquakes, a specific "aftershock zone" may be defined, in lieu of the one-rupture-length rule given above.
    Aseismic slip, very similar to creep , that occurs along a fault ruptured by a large earthquake in the months following that event.
    Loose material clay, silt, sand, gravel, and larger rocks washed down from hills and mountains and deposited in low areas.
Alquist-Priolo Act
Basin and Range
    An area of the southwestern United States characterized by roughly parallel mountain ranges and valleys, formed by a series of tilted fault blocks, and brought about by tectonic extension of the region. As is true of any region experiencing crustal extension, normal faulting is common here. (This name can apply generally to any zone of similar landforms and tectonics.)
blind thrust fault
    A shallow-dipping reverse fault which terminates before it reaches the surface. When it breaks, therefore, it may produce uplift, but never any clear surface rupture. Many still-unknown blind thrust faults may exist in southern California. Two examples of known blind thrust faults: the Elysian Park Thrust, which runs underneath downtown Los Angeles and the Northridge Thrust Fault, which ruptured in the 1994 Northridge quake.

14. Ask An Earth-Scientist
Experts at the U of Hawaii answer questions about volcanoes and igneous rocks, earthquakes and seismology, natural disasters, geochemistry, the environment, pollution, hydrology and water quality, minerals, gems and crystals, geophysics, sediments and sedimentary rocks, and just plain ol' geology.
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  • 15. Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
    Division of seismology, geology and Tectonophysics The more than 50 staffand students who make up the seismology, geology and Tectonophysics (SG T)
    LDEO Research Pages LDEO HOME Divisions Databases/ Repositories Facilities Institutes and Centers Projects/ Initiatives Publications Tools Affiliates Division of Seismology, Geology and Tectonophysics Pictured are three seismic events that occurred in Manhattan in 2001: two earthquakes on Jan. 17 and Oct. 27 (black dots) and the World Trade Center (WTC) collapse on Sept. 11 (red dot). These events were recorded at the seismographic station on the Lamont campus (PAL) approximately 34 km north, on the west bank of the Hudson. The dotted ellipses show areas of 95 percent certainty for the locations of the earthquake epicenters. Won Young-Kim is currently working to increase the accuracy of epicenter locations by deploying sensors at further sites throughout upper Manhattan. Illustration: Won Young-Kim Many of our efforts are enriched by our research partnerships with scientific institutions and individual scientists, both in the U.S. and abroad. We are particularly proud of our track record in international cooperation, having a record of experimental success on every continent. Each year, we host visitors from abroad. These visits not only produce good science; they also generate lasting friendships that are the basis for cooperative research on the most interesting problems on (or in!) the Earth.

    16. Sheri Janowski's Website
    Chicago geologist's website including links to many Earth Science topics, including geology, mineralogy, seismology, volcanology, astronomy, plate tectonics, and sedimentology.
    Sheri Janowski FAX# 413-638-7416
    Musicians 4 Hire Website
    What time does today's moon rise? Plate Tectonics
    *Virtual Plate Reconstructions
    *USGS Plate Tectonics Animations *PALEOMAP Project Earthquakes *USGS Earthquake Site *USA Earthquake Map *Photo Glossary *ERS Interferometry Volcanoes *USGS Volcano Site *Photo Glossary of Volcanic Terms Astronomy *Views of the Solar System *Virtual Trips to Black Holes and Neutron Stars *Astronomy Pix of the Day: Black Holes Rocks and Minerals *UNC Virtual Geology Project *Mineralogy Database *Fluorite: The IL State Mineral *Geodes ... *Trilobites in IL Sedimentology *USGS Bedform Site *Mass Movement Site *Geologic Column, UC Berkeley *Geologic Time Scale Hydrogeology *Water Use in the United States *USGS Ground Water Info Pages Glaciers *All About Glaciers *Glacers, Table of Contents
    Please Contact Me At:
    Updated 7/17/2002

    17. Seismology, Geology & Tectonophysics Group
    seismology, geology Tectonophysics Group. View Current Seismograms. LamontCooperative Seismographic Network seismology Datasets

    18. CICESE | División De Ciencias De La Tierra
    Research and study programs by the Centro de Investigaci³n Cient­fica y de Educaci³n Superior de Ensenada. Focus on seismology, geology and applied geophysics.
    Esta página usa marcos, pero su explorador no los admite.

    19. Internet Sources In Geology
    GEOCHEMISTRY, geology, seismology LINKS Links to nearly a hundred seismology,glaciology, and volcanology sites. ONLINE RESOURCES FOR EARTH SCIENCES
    Internet Sources in Geology
    Seismology Volcanology Glaciology Online Journals ... Other Resources There are several locations on the web where geology sources can be consulted. A few of them are listed below. Explore these or consult the meta lists which are also linked here.
    An excellent web biliography of seismological resources and earthquake data.
    This is a summary of recent quakes and links to more information regarding their after effects.
    A server that can answer basic questions regarding quakes and other seismological phenomena.
    The basic guide to earthquakes from the U.S. government.
    Provides some seismological data via ftp and other formats.
    Great place to find some printable or downloadable maps.
    Links to nearly a hundred seismology, glaciology, and volcanology sites.
    An excellent resource with updated geology, meteorology, oceanography, and geography information.
    Seismographic maps of California and other western North American areas.

    20. Web Site Of GERI
    Provides information on research and consultancy in water resources, geology, seismology and geotechnical engineering. Details about membership and publications is also provided.
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