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1. Alleria Archive - Searching For Familiar Faces (Private, Waiter)
Searching For Familiar Faces (Private, Waiter) Click HERE for Original Thread Kemen Amael. Kemen entered the bustling tavern.

2. Searching For The Familiar Ebook
ebook Searching for the Familiar The third story in Rusch's popular series about Winston the magician, who has a very small magic. The story

3. Blogit As I Please Comments On Searching For A Quiet Familiar
Comments on Searching for a Quiet Familiar Place and the Death of Conversation

4. Blogit As I Please Searching For A Quiet Familiar Place And The
As I Please Searching for a Quiet Familiar Place and the Death of Conversation

5. The Familiar Archives Searching This Archive
Searching this archive. This message Message body Respond More options Related messages

6. The Familiar Archives Re Searching This Archive
Re Searching this archive. This message Message body Respond More options Related messages

7. Fuzzy Archive Help With Hopefully A Familiar AI Searching Problem
Help with hopefully a familiar AI searching problem j ( Mon, 2 Mar 1998 165829 +0100 (MET)

8. Tax Forms Have Familiar Look
Many taxpayers searching for something familiar in the New Year will find it in their mailboxes this week the tax packages from the Internal Revenue

9. Novice Searchers' Use Of Familiar Structures In Searching
Novice searchers' use of familiar structures in searching bibliographic information retrieval systems

10. Novice Searcher' Use Of Familiar Structures In Searching
Novice searcher' use of familiar structures in searching bibliographic information retrieval systems Yerbury, Hilary Parker, Joan

11. Less Is More In Web Search Interfaces For Older Adults
In the context of Web searching, most of us might find the difference between If the participant was not familiar with keyword–based search engines,


The number of older adults using the Web is growing all the time (Fox, 2004), but becoming a "silver surfer" is known to include many challenges (Selwyn, et al., et al., Although clearly helpful in the design process, guidelines are not always enough for concrete design solutions. For example, Guideline 14 in WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, 1999) states: "Ensure that documents are clear and simple." Towards this goal, the designers are encouraged to use clear and simple language. What does clear and simple language mean in practise? In the context of Web searching, most of us might find the difference between "Find results with all of the words" vs. "Find results with at least one of the words" obvious. However, our experiences have shown that our own view of clear and simple language is different from what the elderly novice users find clear and simple, notwithstanding the user–centred view we are trying to employ. Thus, in order to ascertain that the design can be used by elderly users, designers should always explicitly involve older adults in the design process. e.g.

12. Dave's Garden: About: Tour Of Dave's Garden
with images of the plants that each of our members are most familiar with, When you re ready to buy, PlantScout does the work for you by searching
News MemberList Extras F.A.Q. ... Login Sep 25, 6:15 PM About: Tour of Dave's Garden
About Dave's Garden
Mission Statement
Acceptable Use Policy
Tour of Dave's Garden
Media Kit
Hello, I'm Dave and welcome to my garden. This site began back in August of 2000, when I realized that the world really needed an open and friendly atmosphere in which to nurture a community of both experienced and new gardeners and farmers. Since then I've added a lot of features. As a new member or visitor, I'd like to take you on a short tour of Dave's Garden and show you around a bit. At any time, please let me know if I can be of service to you.
What is Dave's Garden?
Dave's Garden (or, DG, as it has come to be known) is a website where friends share their triumphs and dilemmas in their gardens and their lives. DG is also a place for gardeners to share seeds or plants with other gardeners. We also specialize in sharing information for the benefit of other gardeners, and we use DG to make our own lives easier. DG has 183,418 members. In the past 7 days, 1,158 signed up. (Our membership has grown by 0.63% this past week). In January, 2004, 275,926 unique users generated 2,483,478 page views. In April 2004, more than 650,000 people from all around the world accessed one or more DG features, generating more than 7,500,000 page views. DG is a very big website.

13. Bioentrepreneur - Home
To a great extent, most of the value of a startup biotechnology company lies in its Although researchers are familiar with searching the scientific about npg naturejobs ... register SEARCH SITE Home Bioe News Building a Business View from the Inside ... About this Site Resources Nature Nature
Biotech Directory ... NPG Subject areas Access material from all our publications in your subject area: Biotechnology Cancer Chemistry NEW! Dentistry Development Drug Discovery Earth Sciences ... Physics
Free articles
New visitors please register
To access Bioentrepreneur , you must first create a free personal account, or update your existing account, by clicking here to register
If you have an existing account , you should then select "Modify", scroll down and click on "Add/ Remove Gateway", and then check "Bioentrepreneur" to add this to the list of sites that you can access.
If you are opening a new account , follow the links from "Register". This will give you access to all the Nature Publishing Group websites, including Bioentrepreneur.
Registered users
Username: Password: Forgotten your password? Click here

14. HighWire Press -- Getting The Right Result: Fine-Tuning Your Search With A Singl
Getting the Right Result FineTuning your Search with a Single Click set ofjournals you are most familiar and comfortable with for your own searching.
WELCOME TO THE NEW VERSION OF OUR SITE details About Us Contact Us Help ... Sign in for more free features or create a free account Key words: any all phrase more options... Authors: e.g. Smith, JS; Jones, D Citation: Year Vol Page Articles: HighWire-hosted only From My Favorite Journals only sign in All (including PubMed) ASBMB Today, January 2003
Getting the Right Result: Fine-Tuning your Search with a Single Click [In early 2002, ASBMB Today introduced the new "portal" site from Stanford's HighWire Press, which allows you to search all of Medline plus 340 journals' full-text at once including the JBC, of course! We began a monthly series of short articles highlighting tools or features of this new site for researchers' sore eyes. The new site is at The HighWire Portal contains over a million full-text articles from hundreds of the world's best journals; that's good news, but even better, it also includes over 12 million article abstracts from MEDLINE in its searching and alerting facilities. But a search across all this content can bring back so many results that you feel you are facing the proverbial "needle in the haystack" problem. With a single click on the search result page you can easily try variations of your search if you see too many - or too few - results.

15. CABI Publishing Databases On CAB Direct - Search Features
carry out the search most suited to their needs and level of expertise Expert For professional searchers familiar with command line searching.

About Us Contact Us Search Features
A quick overview of Searching and Linking to Full Text
Search the literature: Flexible searching and browsing options to help users carry out the search most suited to their needs and level of expertise: 
  • Quick - basic "free text" search, based on keyword/phrase or author name; ideal for inexperienced users.
  • Advanced - 26 "search" fields and a further two "browse" fields to build a more flexible and efficient search.
  • Expert - For professional searchers familiar with "command line" searching.
  • Browse functionality - a quick overview or look up of content to help users without specific search terms in mind.
  • Thesaurus - Use the CAB Thesaurus to select search terms and retrieve information; search the database in a far more systematic and specific way than simply searching on free text. 
Refine the result: Search refinement and management - users can improve search results using these additional functions:
  • Refine search - search within a search to narrow it down quickly and effectively.

16. CAB Direct
to find the most relevant, upto-date and reliable information in the applied supports the needs of those already familiar with professional searching

17. Pre-Class Assignment - McQuade Library - Merrimack College
The purpose of this assignment is to help you become familiar with some of the in class about how to use keyword and subject searching most effectively.
Pre-Class Assignment
The purpose of this assignment is to help you become familiar with some of the research resources available at McQuade Library. You will practice using these resources to locate information on a particular topic and learn ways to search most effectively. Please note: You will be opening new windows to visit other web pages during this assignment. You should read through each section before starting the activity to see what questions you need to answer.
I. Choosing Your Topic
Choose the topic listed below that corresponds to your First Year Seminar class (course number is in parentheses). You will use the topic you choose to search for information. Native American Spirituality (FS111A) Censorship (FS117A) String Theory Communications and society (FS136) Entrepreneurs (FS126A) Catholicism (FS145A)
II. First Stop: The NOBLE Online Catalog
NOBLE stands for "North of Boston Library Exchange" and the NOBLE online catalog lists materials found in 27 member libraries . This is where to you go to find books and other materials related to your topic. To access the NOBLE catalog, go to the McQuade Library Web site (

18. Tips For Linux Explorers - Scot's Newsletter Forums
Bruno searching Imagine you just downloaded or installe Apr 24 2003, 0146 PM Bruno FILESYSTEMS most of you are familiar with the F..

19. Guide To Meta-Search Engines
of them and has to be familiar with the different interfaces and searching rules . most metasearch engines default to the major search engines,
Guide to Meta-Search Engines
Jian Liu
Reference Department
Indiana University Libraries URL: Last Update: June 1999 By now it is fairly safe to assume that most World Wide Web surfers have used one of the Web search engines (such as AltaVista or Northern Light) or Web directories (such as Yahoo! or eBLAST). These resources collect Web pages and create databases for people to browse or search. They can be quite comprehensive (AltaVista claims to have 150 million web pages in its database), or fairly specialized (The Internet Movie Database is for movies). Each of them has its unique content and presents a unique interface, requires a unique set of rules for searching and displays search results differently. To exhaust a search, one often has to use several of them and has to be familiar with the different interfaces and searching rules. It would be highly desirable to have a central place with a uniform interface, where a query can be entered and the search can be conducted simultaneously in as many search engines and directories as necessary, and search results can be brought back and displayed in a consistent format. Tools with these features have come to be called meta-search engines. Unlike the individual search engines and directories, meta-search engines do not have their own databases; they do not collect web pages; they do not accept URL additions; and they do not classify or review web sites. Instead, they send queries simultaneously to multiple Web search engines and/or Web directories. Many of the meta-search engines integrate search results: duplicate findings are merged into one entry; some rank the results according to various criteria; some allow selection of search engines to be searched.

20. BL Health Products And Services
This database compiled by the British Library allows searching of the BritishLibrary’s The staff most familiar with this are those in Science 2 South;

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