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1. Fagan Finder Searching Meta Search Tools
Fagan Finder Searching Meta Search Tools Sponsors Armand Morin Buy Text Links Online Gambling See Meta Search Engines to use

2. Meta Search Engines Fagan Finder
Search many search engines at once with these great metasearch tools, such as ProFusion, MetaCrawler, Vivisimo, Ixquick,, and many more .

3. Search Engine - Meta Searching 10 Engines
A meta multi search engine semiparallel search interface automatically searching 10+ search engines 2 at a time and it's a meta search engine.

4. A Multilingual Indexing, Retrieval, Searching And Meta
Indexing, Retrieval, Searching to that of other metainformation (4) The search engines work in parallel

5. 1st SPOT Metasearch Engines, Meta Search, Searching Thru Multiple
find, look for, search, locate, find out, meta search, meta search engines, searching, metasearch, search agents

6. Meta-Searching (NetAnswers Internet Extra Newsletter, 1998)
MetaSearching When you enter your search term, MetaCrawler starts parallel searches on AltaVista, Excite, Infoseek, Lycos, Webcrawler and

7. Meta Searching Scientific Databases - Search Engines Meeting 2002
Meta Searching Scientific Databases Allow users to choose databases Seeing some demand for automated best sources Parallel submission

8. Compound.htm Fravia's Web-searching Lore Metasearch Engines
Alas! Many 'compound' (or 'meta' or 'parallel') search engines are NOT what they promise to be. are available). Customized searching. The

9. Meta Search Engines - Category Of SunSteam Search - Meta Search The
World Wide Web Searching the Web Meta Search meta search engine multi parallel search engine - metasearch

10. MetaCrawler/HuskySearch/Grouper
making it one of the most popular metasearching services in the world while Rather, it forwarded your query to multiple search services in parallel
MetaCrawler, HuskySearch, and Grouper Note: MetaCrawler, HuskySearch, and Grouper were WWW search services operated by the University of Washington.
MetaCrawler operated at the UW from 1995 - 1997; HuskySearch and Grouper operated at the UW from 1997 - 2000.
MetaCrawler was licensed to Go2Net, now InfoSpace, in 1997. HuskySearch and Grouper were retired from service in 2000.
MetaCrawler: 1995 - 1997
MetaCrawler provideded a single, central interface for World Wide Web document searching. Upon receiving a query, MetaCrawler posted the query to multiple search engines in parallel, and performed sophisticated pruning on the responses returned. Experiments indicated that MetaCrawler was able to Prune as much as 75% of the returned responses as irrelevant, outdated, or unavailable. MetaCrawler received upwards of 60,000 queries daily, making it one of the most popular meta-searching services in the world while operated by the University of Washington. recommended MetaCrawler as the search service of choice!

11. Web Searching, Sleuthing And Sifting: Lesson Six: Using Meta-Search Engines
Most metasearch engines will search several of the major search engines Queries are submitted to each search engine at once (in parallel) or one or
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Web Searching, Sleuthing and Sifting Lesson Six:
Using Meta-Search Engines
What is a Meta-Search engine?
A meta-search, multi-threaded or multi-search engine searches other search engines' databases in parallel (at the same time) and collates the results (which usually consist of a predetermined maximum "number" such as 10, 20 or 30). The search engine does not maintain its own database. Major differences in the meta-search engines include:
  • Selection of databases searches Submission of queries to the search engines Manipulation and presentation of results Response time
Selection of Databases Searched
Most meta-search engines will search several of the "major" search engines at once, usually: Altavista, Excite, Lycos, Webcrawler, Yahoo and Hotbot. Sometimes because of an agreement with one search engine, the meta-search service will not search another, specified, search engine. A number of directories such as Looksmart, Galaxy, and/or smaller search engines and specialized databases such as Deja News (newsgroups), stock quotes, or news wires may also be included. Sometimes this is wonderful but at other times a lot false hits from irrelevant sources can create a bad search set. This is why the ability to customize is so important being able to choose which search engines your query is sent to.

12. Web Searching, Sleuthing And Sifting: Lesson 1: What Is The Web And Why Can’t I
Using metaSearch Engines (searching several indexes at once) querying myfavorite search engines in parallel, then why wouldn t I always use one?
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Web Searching, Sleuthing and Sifting This series of tutorials addresses a range of search topics. Users who have no prior knowledge of how to locate information on the Web as well as searchers with advanced skills have found the lessons to be helpful. Your suggestions and feedback are very helpful and greatly appreciated!
Lesson 1
Lesson 2 Lesson 2a Lesson 3 ... Lesson 6
Syllabus: Course Overview
Course Title: Web Searching, Sleuthing and Sifting
Semester: Begins and ends at your own pace!
Duration: 6 weeks
Instructor: Angela Elkordy
Currently: (Aug. 1999 >) Director of Learning Technologies, MIA
Email address: tech_teacher@
Course Description:
Web Searching, Sleuthing and Sifting " is a comprehensive introduction to web searching methods and techniques. Assuming no prior knowledge, the course will explain ways to find what you are *actually* looking for, instead of a lot of other "interesting" links. The class includes an overview of the World Wide Web (Web), some of the kinds of information for which you can actually search (such as graphics, audio clips, software and interactive tutorials), an overview of different types of searchable Web resources (such as indexes and directories), how to use search engines effectively (such as Altavista, Hotbot, Excite) as well as an overview of multi-search engines (such as Metacrawler, Dogpile).
Course Objectives:
To explore a variety of Web tools and search techniques in order to find useful information in a variety of formats. In other words

13. La Toile; International Search Engines, Moteurs De Recherche Internationaux
All4one Search Machine 4 way metasearch using frames. It provides a singleinterface for both parallel and nonparallel methods of searching multiple
Submit Your Site, it's Free !!! - Proposez Votre Site, c'est Gratuit !!!
Free StarOffice Gratuit Read Me - Lisez-Moi
  • : Visit the original AltaVista for the fastest, most comprehensive and easiest Internet searches around. : All live cameras around the world + media, travel and tourism, transportation, weather; interactive online games, exhibitions, collections, galleries, virtual worlds... : A large-scale hyper textual Web search engine. Its goals are : scaling with the Web, improving search quality, and bringing order to the Web. The most object oriented language in the computing history, the easiest to learn and use. Java increases dramatically programming productivity. This search engine will find all Java development resources, training and hot news for you. The de facto standard for cross-platform application development for all types of desktops: Macintosh, Solaris, Linux, Unix and Windows, and the list is growing... This complete search engine finds for you all the cross-platform development kits that will do easy server-side programming, powerful E-commerce applications, and more...

14. Search Engines
Beaucoup Beaucoup meta/parallel search, plus categorized list. Ask Jeeves Ask Jeeves Natural language searching, meta/parallel searches.
Search Engines
Look at SFF-NET (including author home pages).
Search: All Products Books Popular Music Classical Music Video DVD Electronics Software Kitchen Keywords:
In no particular order...
The Big Hub Megasearch engine. Beaucoup Meta/parallel search, plus categorized list. Ask Jeeves Natural language searching, meta/parallel searches. Seldom comes up with useful links. The justly famous Yahoo index. Not a search engine so much as a library listing, maintained by humans. Perhaps the broadest search engine/index is Lycos. It has the top page per site, rather than every page, however. If you want depth, try Alta Vista . Various translation services are available here too. Be advised that the nice folks from Double-Click (the ones who read your cookies and tell advertisers where you've been) hang out here. One that claims to be more complete than any other search engine is Excite . How true this is I don't know. One of my personal favorites, and one where I often search first, is Google. For another search engine, and a different method of presentation, look at the Webcrawler . Webcrawler and Excite seem to be the same people wearing different hats. Search the Usenet at DejaNews . They've become advertising-driven, and it's somewhat difficult to find useful content amid the ads. You should also be aware that the terms and conditions they've placed on messages posted through them give them rights to your words that most people don't want to give away. Still, if you want to search Usenet, there's nothing like it.

15. Compound.htm: Fravia's Web-searching Lore: Metasearch Engines
Many compound (or meta or parallel ) search engines are NOT what they promiseto be. They are just allin-one simple CGI scripts, trying to attract
~ Compound ("Meta") search engines ~
Compound Updated August
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~ Compound ("Meta") search engines ~
Our own scrolls Compound searches Compound pointers ... Vivisimo (very good parsing!)   Surfwax
Ixquick Clusty ... Queryserver
Regional Metsearches
DE: Metager Corrections and Additions Metacrawler form "Metameta" form
Best compound engines: Dogpile Vivisimo Mamma Surfwax
Introduction "Metasearch" engines (aka "compound" ~ "parallel" ~ "inference" engines, aka "pumps" aka "metas", aka "multi-threaded") Metasearch engines are search tools that send a query simultaneously to several search engines and Web directories... and sometimes to the so-called Invisible (Deep) Web: online informationand databases not indexed by the traditional main search engines. Advantages : they query more search engines at the same time, which is important given the low degree of overlapping among the main search engines. Disadvantages : 1) they are good mostly only for unique terms queries; 2) they spend a short time in each database; 3) they discard complex searching logic; 4) they try to "accommodate" all search engines they drain using always the same query (not very good); 5) they don't drain some important main search engines (which you should always consider using if you want to cover more than 1/3 ~ 1/2 of the Web).

16. Discover Circuits -- Electronic Designer's Resource Pages - Search Engines
Galaxy Geometry parallel meta Search; GO International GO Network Go2Net Google Google Groups - news group searching
sz = "468x60"; Discover Circuits, is a collection of + electronic circuits or electronic schematics cross-referenced into 500+ categories to find quick solutions for electronic design problems.
Contact us
with your comments, suggestions or to report bad links. Thanks!
Schematics DC Forum Electronic Resources ... Contact Info Discover Circuits - Electronic Resources
Last Updated on: Thursday, September 15, 2005 08:07 AM LINK TO US Popular ( and some obscure ) Search Engines iT ools: allows users to search multiple Web references - include search engines, dictionaries, financial, maps - from a single point.

17. Perl/Scripts_and_Programs/Search_Engines
AMSE is a Perl/MySQLbased meta Search Engine script that highly configurable parallel domain search engine, capable of searching for......

search about add ... highest rated Search this Site or ... Adv. Search
Categories ASP


expand directory Find a web host with: CGI Capabilities MySQL Active Server Pages PHP JSP/Java Servlets Cold Fusion Uptime Guarantee/SLA advanced search channels Developer


Internet Lists
Scripts and Programs

Search Engines add my resource here Today:  5 Days:  10 Days:  Perlfect Search Visit Rate Error Description: Perlfect Search comes as a pair of distinct scripts. The indexer, that automatically scans and indexes a Web site, and the search engine, a CGI script that serves search queries for keywords over the index, and displays results pages in HTML, in a standard format including title, description and relevance ranking for each matching document. Version: Platform(s): All Price: GPL Visits: 2372 (~ 2/day) Rating: (3.51 after 24 votes) @extreme Amazon Search Visit Rate Error Description: You can search through books, computers, and more! Your visitor stays on your site right up until they pay at The engine is template driven and very easy to use. Version: Platform(s): All Price: Visits: Rating: (2.14 after 7 votes)

18. Meta Search
meta Search Engines search several engines simultaneously. They are referred toas parallel search engines or multithreaded search engines.
Meta Search Engines search several engines simultaneously. They are referred to as parallel search engines or multithreaded search engines. Meta searches give you fast results, duplicates are removed, and results are ranked in order of relevance. Use Meta Search Engines when you:
Know the question you want answered. Be specific!
You can identify the important concepts and key words within the concepts.

19. Tools For Searching The Web (search Tools) [Nanyang Technological University Lib
Other not so sophisticated ones are the pseudometa searching tools that offer Multithreaded Search Engine Service. Dogpile Multi-engine semi-parallel
Tools for searching the Web General Search Engines
Singapore Search Engines
Meta Search go to [ Subject Guides Main Menu
    [ General Search Engines ]
    Major Search Engines
    Some of the search engines that are popular and are more likely to be better maintained and upgraded than others. Google
    Google, a leading search engine, uses PageRankTM technology to rank pages based on how many other sites link to a site. Users can restrict searches to web pages written in 35 languages, and from over 88 interface languages. What's more, google expands its search into the "deep" or "invisible" web, consists of more than 35 million non-HTML documents, i.e. pdf and other new formats of electronic information. Use Advanced Search to restrict your query to specific domain or file format, or find out who links to your page. Google also offers site search, for instance, narrowing searches within university site such as Nanyang Technology university. Google added video search that searches TV transcripts from C-SPAN adn San Francisco TV stations.

20. Internet Search Mechanisms
Internet Reference Desks metaSearch Combination Sites Stand Alone Cyber411, which requires frames, includes parallel searching of some 15 engines.

Internet Search Mechanisms
Harold Goldstein - - Visit the Goldpages
See Fossilized Insects , and help save the Gorillas
Web Searches
Commercial Products/Sites
FTP/File Searches
... Stand Alone Search Software
There is ALOT here; too much. I also have a one page 'best of' that fits most needs. Beware too, this page may be dated since it is only periodically updated and culled. The first section is for sites that list and access multiple search mechanisms for the web, usenet, Internet databases, documentation, zip codes, phone numbers and much much more. The Internet Reference Desks offer services you'd expect at a library reference desk. Sections that follow are specific to the web, usenet, people searching, etc. Help me keep this up-to-date; send me your comments, corrections, experiences... Complete Planet has one of the best Guides to Web Searching and it includes a structural comparison of the best search engines. Findspot may be the only search tutorial you'll need. It tells you exactly how to use each of the popular search engines. And the BBC tutorial is aimed at the beginner. But if you want more then ...

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