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         Searching Maximizing:     more detail
  1. Maximizing the effectiveness of online searching: A training and education model by Nancy F Hardy, 1979

21. Untitled Document
“maximizing the Use of FreeText searching” Susan E. Cullen (MicroPatent, USA).Abstract. This presentation discusses the strengths of free-text searching
Susan E. Cullen (MicroPatent, USA) Abstract: This presentation discusses the strengths of free-text searching and demonstrates some of its unique capabilities. Examples show why end-users (domain experts) find free-text searching appealing, and how professional searchers likewise benefit from this approach. Searching free-text and traditional indexed sources provides complementary results, and the methods can be used to meet different types of objectives. Sue will discuss how searching professionals can use a combination of searching approaches to improve their clients' satisfaction and deliver results that are most helpful and useful. Biography: Susan E. Cullen, Ph.D. Sue has a Ph.D. in Microbiology from Albert Einstein College of Medicine, a B.S. in Chemistry, and is a registered U.S. patent agent. She is also an Adjunct Full Professor at Washington University in St. Louis.

22. Executive Information Kits
“Using Faceted searching to Improve Your Web Site,” your free Executive InformationKit on maximizing search effectiveness. In your kit you ll receive
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Executive Information Kits
Use one or all three of the following resources, compiled by Atomz, to help you select and deploy solutions to better leverage your Web properties. Download a free collection of whitepapers, spreadsheets and real-world examples on:
  • “Implementing Agile Content Management” “Using Faceted Searching to Improve Your Web Site” “Improving Web Sales with Guided Commerce”
Register now!
“Implementing Agile Content Management,” your free Executive Information Kit on selecting the right content management system for your organization. In your kit you’ll receive:
  • “How to Choose a Content Management System,” a detailed guide explaining CMS and the process used by successful CMS buyers. “Net-Native Web Content Management: Bringing Order to Chaos” a white paper outlining why companies are choosing online Web content management services over packaged solutions “ROI for Content Management Systems,” an in-depth white paper by Ovum, which helps you calculate the return on investment of a content management system. Ovum, a consulting firm, is a global leader in the rapidly changing world of converging technologies and markets.
“Using Faceted Searching to Improve Your Web Site,”

23. Focal Pair Programs
searching by FFT convolution failed because of the CTF effect. Therefore, theslow searching by maximizing the real space correlation coefficient applied in
focal pair programs
  • REALALIGN Function of the program: Align focal pair images by maximizing real space corelation coefficient. Briefly determined translation and rotation matix can be input to do the refinement. Purpose of the program: In order to use the box information from the high defocus image, the translation and rotation matrix between the two focal pair images must be accurately determined. Searching by FFT convolution failed because of the CTF effect. Therefore, the slow searching by maximizing the real space correlation coefficient applied in the program. The program is parallelized to solve the speed problem. The magnification difference between the focal pair is also considered in the program by the scale-factor. Usage of the program:
    • Usage: realalign [option] Hi_def.pif Lw_def.pif
    • Options: Options explanations -q square_size size inpixel of the center square used in the search, better if usingvalue that is the power of 2. Default is the maximun value that issmaller than the image dimension and is the power of 2. -b start_bin starting bin factor, better if using valuse that is the power of 2. Default is making the initial bined sqare to be 512
  • 24. Online User Guide (How To Run A Boolean Search) -
    When searching through resumes on a job board such as, it canbe invaluable in maximizing your time spent searching!
    Sign In Sales Representative: (877) 235-8978
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    How to Run a Boolean Search
    I. What is a Boolean search?
    A Boolean search is an advanced keyword search method used to target specific results. When searching through resumes on a job board such as, it can be invaluable in maximizing your time spent searching! When running Boolean searches in the Resume Database, it is important to remember that no search is ever final. Once run, you might find that your Boolean string needs to be modified still. II. Running Simple Boolean Searches

    25. SAEP 2004 Library Research
    basic search techniques; maximizing research time when summer library hoursare so short searching the article databases well to maximize retrieval

    26. Fondren Library Internet Searching Strategies
    Internet searching Strategies. Contents Formulating a Strategy. maximizing YourSearch Results; Evaluating Internet Resources; Citing Internet Resources Library- Internet Sear
    Internet Searching Strategies
    Formulating a Strategy
  • Maximizing Your Search Results
  • Evaluating Internet Resources
  • Citing Internet Resources
    Formulating a Strategy
  • Decide if your topic is likely to be addressed on the Internet.You will find excellent Internet resources for:
    • Computers, engineering, physics.
    • Natural sciences.
    • Government information.
    • Product/business information.
    • Popular culture.
    You will find less information (although this is rapidly changing) about:
    • Humanities (literature, history, philosophy, and the arts).
    • Social sciences (anthropology, sociology, psychology, education).
  • Decide on how current materials have to be to suit your needs.
    • Expect to find mostly current information on the Internet.
    • However, the expection is that information posted on the Internet will be updated frequentlyoften, it is not.

    Choose a type of Internet resource that will reflect what you need.
    • For a search of many, many Internet resources, choose HotBot (
    • To search resources by subject area, choose Yahoo (
  • 27. FinAid | Scholarships | Winning | Searching For Scholarships
    This page provides advice on searching for scholarships. It is part of the sectionon maximizing your chances of winning a merit scholarship.
    Searching for Scholarships This page provides advice on searching for scholarships. It is part of the section on maximizing your chances of winning a merit scholarship
    • Start Searching for Scholarships ASAP. It pays to start your search for scholarships as soon as possible. Many scholarships have early deadlines, even as early as August or September. If you start searching in January, you will miss the deadlines for half the awards. Start searching for scholarships at an earlier age. Most students don't start searching for scholarships until their senior year in high school. But there are many awards available for students in earlier grades, even junior high school.
    • Apply to as many awards as possible. Apply to every award for which you are qualified, no matter how small the award amount. Every penny helps, and winning an award adds a line to your resume that can help you win other awards. The less lucrative scholarships are often less competitive, so you have a better chance of winning them. Several small awards can add up to a significant amount of money. You can't win if you don't apply. Even if you are extremely talented, your chances of winning any particular scholarship are low, since you are competing with many other equally talented applicants. To improve your odds of winning a scholarship, apply to more scholarship competitions.

    28. Citations Maximizing Concave Functions In Fixed Dimension - Cohen
    maximizing concave functions in fixed dimension, in PM Pardalos, editor, Geometric Optimization January 24, 1997 Parametric searching 3 Although the

    29. Maximizing The Anti-Cancer Power Of Broccoli
    maximizing The AntiCancer Power Of Broccoli. University of Illinois researcher Can t find it? Try searching ScienceDaily or the entire web with
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    Latest News
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    Source University Of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign / Agricultural, Consumer And Environmental Sciences Date Print this page Email to friend
    Maximizing The Anti-Cancer Power Of Broccoli
    University of Illinois researcher Elizabeth Jeffery has learned how to maximize the cancer-fighting power of broccoli. It involves heating broccoli just enough to eliminate a sulfur-grabbing protein, but not enough to stop the plant from releasing an important cancer-fighting compound called sulforaphane. Related News Stories New Broccoli Compound Appears Promising Against Breast Cancer (August 19, 2002) full story Cancer Protection Compound Abundant In Broccoli Sprouts, Johns Hopkins Scientists Find (September 19, 1997) full story Dietary Component Kills Bacterial Cause Of Ulcers And Stomach Cancer (May 28, 2002) A bacterium responsible for the vast majority of stomach cancers, a leading cause of cancer death worldwide, and ulcers may have met its match, scientists from Johns Hopkins and the French National ... full story University Of Pittsburgh Studies Broccoli-derived Chemicals To Prevent Prostate Cancer (December 26, 2003)

    30. High CTR >> Maximizing Payout
    High CTR maximizing Payout AdSense. Because the people searching for bluemarkers know what they want and if PageX is the most relevant,

    31. Evaluating Sources: New York University Libraries.
    Cited Reference searching via ISI Web of Science (Social Sciences Citation Index) and many of the search tips are very helpful in maximizing the
    Cited Reference Searching via ISI Web of Science (Social Sciences Citation Index) Contents:
    Why use Cited Reference Searching


    How to Search

    Click on camera icon to get a popup box showing a graphic with instructions.
    Click on the red hyperlinked terms to get a definition of the term Why Use Cited Reference Searching?
    Cited reference searching finds journal articles that have cited a specific work (journal or monograph). Using cited reference searching, you can go forward in time from a known work. The assumption is that if an article cites a specific work, it will relate to the ideas articulated in the original work. Through a Related Records search you can expand citation searching into a "family tree" of related articles in a given field of inquiry. Example:
    In 1979 Keith H. Basso published the book: Portaits of "the Whiteman": Linguistic Play and Cultural Symbols among the Western Apache. This book explores Apache joking imitations of "Whiteman" behavior, which highlight Apache behavioral norms and their contrast to white people's norms. Has anyone since then looked at jokes and joking in different cultures, or in culture contact situations?

    32. | Red Hat Magazine - Maximizing Productivity With Evolution
    It is essentially a folder whose contents are the result of a search. For example,if you find yourself often searching for emails that you have labeled as
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    Issue #1 November 2004
    From the Inside
    In each Issue
    Maximizing Productivity with Evolution
    by Rosanna Yuen
    Evolution is a groupware application which allows you to read your email from multiple sources, plan your schedule, and keep contact information in a convenient place. By combining these features, Evolution is able to have them interact in ways that help simplify your activities. The backbone to Evolution is its email client. This article discusses setting up Evolution to read and write email as well as ways to organize these emails. It also discusses the

    33. Revenue Maximizing Taxation Is Not Optimal
    looking at the Laffer Curve or searching for the revenue maximizing rate.If you thought that the revenue maximizing rate was where you should head,
    Revenue Maximizing Taxation is Not Optimal
    by Lawrence B. Lindsey
    Click here to see Figure 1.
    Click here to see Figure 2. The amount of tax revenue the government collects is therefore easily shown as a rectanglethe tax rate times the tax base.
    Click here to see Figure 3. increase in the excess burden of this tax is given by how much bigger the triangle to the right of the revenue box grew. That is graphically depicted in Figure 3 by rectangle "B" plus little triangle "C." To sum up, the government gained rectangle A and lost rectangle B. The taxpayer lost rectangles A and B and little triangle C. Whether it was a good idea or not to raise taxes depends on how much you value the government's need for revenue and how much you value the taxpayer's well-being. Washington Post on February 20, 1990. In the second paragraph, the Post goes through an analysis very similar to the one which I have just performed. A key difference is that the discussion is about CUTTING tax rates, not RAISING them. So, we have to consider the question in reverse: What is the GAIN in taxpayer well-beingor the reduction in EXCESS BURDEN per dollar of revenue lost by the Treasury? Post is talking about area A as a loss to the Treasury and area B as a gain to the Treasury from an expansion in taxable income. The editorial goes on to talk about the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) estimates of the burden of the tax, citing $100 billion as the amount by which taxpayers would be better off over five years. This is the JCT estimate of areas B and C. It then gives an estimate of the net revenue foregone of $11 billion. This is the JCT estimate of area A minus area B.

    34. IMedia Connection: Still Searching For Analytics?
    Effective analytics enable search marketers to generate greater revenue while thus maximizing every marketing dollar spent and providing a greater
    News Summits Resource Connection Job Connection ...
    People Connection

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    Request your invitation today
    Date September 25-28, 2005

    35. How To Maximize Paid Search Results - WebsiteGear
    maximizing Paid Search Results Author Kevin Gold Learn how a search engineworks in order to understand the basics of search engine positioning.
    Tools For Your Website Home Web Poll Rating Tracking ... Contact Home Website Tools
    Web Poll
    Rating Tool
    Click Tracker
    Website Articles

    Site Develop
    Web Hosting
    Site Promotion
    Web Revenue
    Free Magazines

    Info Tech Marketing Management All Categories About Company Privacy Agreement Advertise Contribute Support Forum Feeds Home Content Website Promotion Advertising Maximizing Paid Search Results Author: Kevin Gold Published: Monday, February 14, 2005
    Discover These Proven Strategies to Produce Quick Results
    Because of increasing competition that has led to higher advertising costs with pay-per-click marketing, many battle-scarred - “do-it-yourself” – businesses have not realized their desired objectives. Although publicized as a straightforward, self-service marketing tool, pay-per-marketing involves far more knowledge than most businesses are able to invest in developing in-house. Faced with a moderately or less performing pay-per-click marketing program and the pressure to allocate resources elsewhere, many businesses choose to drop their pay-per-click marketing entirely – leaving a vast potential of sales for their competitors to harvest. If you face pay-per-click marketing challenges, before you decide to drop the program, try these proven strategies to get it producing your desired results.

    36. Turning Clicks Into Leads - Maximizing The Power Of Search By
    Turning Clicks Into Leads maximizing the Power of Search by KnowledgeStorm, Inc Go to the document. Published on April 27, 2005

    37. Job Search Tips
    Interested in maximizing your job search success? Our job search tip of the daywill give you advice and suggestions that may provide the secret to your job
    zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Careers Job Searching Job Search Job Search Tips Careers Job Searching Essentials CV/Resume/Letters: Write / Samples ... Help w(' ');zau(256,140,140,'el','','');w(xb+xb+' ');zau(256,140,140,'von','','');w(xb+xb);
    FREE Newsletter
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    Job Search Tips
    Job search tips, resources and tools to help you find that perfect job.
    Recent Job Search Tip of the Day Interested in maximizing your job search success? Our job search tip of the day will give you advice and suggestions that may provide the secret to your job search success. Keep your job search on track with our job searching tip of the day! Job Search Tips Ten time-saving tips that will help your job search go smoothly. Confidential Job Searching Tips and Techniques When you don't want your current employer to find out that you're job hunting, there are steps you can take to keep your job search is confidential. Here's how to keep your job search confidential and how to protect your privacy. Job Fair Participation Tips Job fair attendance tips and suggestions.

    38. Get A Job Search Tip Every Day
    Are you interested in maximizing your job search success? Sign up for my jobsearch tip of the day. They ll bring you ideas and energize your job search.
    zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Careers Job Searching Careers ... Help w(' ');zau(256,140,140,'el','','');w(xb+xb+' ');zau(256,140,140,'von','','');w(xb+xb);
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    Job Searching Blog
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    Your Guide to Job Searching
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    July 29, 2005
    Get a Job Search Tip Every Day
    Are you interested in maximizing your job search success? Sign up for my job search tip of the day. They'll bring you ideas and energize your job search. The tips bring a friendly reminder to your email box daily that job searching, while hard, is doable. Use these daily job search tips to keep your job searching energies channeled into positive actions. Want ten job searching tips all at once? Take a look at Ten Time Saving Tips to Speed Up Your Job Search Email to a Friend
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    39. Search Methods
    During search, when the maximizing player can show that the pessimistic value ofan arc is greater than or equal to the optimistic values of any other arcs,
    Search Methods
    Table of Contents
    Heuristics (the term was coined by Polya) are rules of thumb that may solve a given problem, but do not guarantee a solution. Put another way, heuristics are knowledge about the domain that helps guide search and reasoning in the domain.

    admissible search algorithm
    A search algorithm that always terminates in an optimal path from the initial node to a goal node if one exists. A* is admissible when the heuristic function never overestimates.

    problem space
    The environment in which the search takes place; it consists of a set of states of the problem and a set of operators that change the states.

    problem instance
    A problem space , together with an initial state and a goal state. The problem is to find a sequence of operators that transform the initial state into the goal state; such a sequence is called a solution to the problem.

    branching factor
    The average number of children of a given node, or the average number of new operators applicable to a given state.

    weak methods
    General search methods that use no domain knowledge.

    40. Career Services :: Case Western Reserve University
    maximizing Your Search Efforts The more focused you are in planning andexecuting your search activities, the more effective they will perform for you
    Alumni Carrer Services
    Maximizing Your Search Efforts Get the Most Out of Targeting Markets
    Getting Job Interviews

    Get the Most Out of Networking Meetings
    Get the Most Out of Using Advertisements ...
    List of Known Recruiters

    Get the Most Out of Targeting Markets Focus is one of the keys to a successful search within a reasonable time frame. The more focused you are in planning and executing your search activities, the more effective they will perform for you as an integrated whole. The synergy that will develop between your networking meetings and cover letters, for example, results from your enhanced understanding of the needs and challenges of a given group of employers (from informational interviews) that you can then apply when communicating with new individuals in that same group (writing cover letters). The best way to ensure that you develop and maintain focus in your search is through the use of target markets - much like the target markets employed by marketers in business. This document will discuss the three steps of developing and using target markets in your search:

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