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  1. Seals: Cousteau Nature Adventure Books (The Cousteau Society) by The Cousteau society, 1992-04-01
  2. When You Can't Find The Words by Hollie Seals, 2007-05-30
  3. Synchronicity & the Seventh Seal by Peter Moon, 2004-03
  4. The Great Seal of the United States (First Facts) by Terri Degezelle, 2003-12
  5. The Messianic Seal of the Jerusalem Church by Reuven E. Schmalz, Raymond Fischer, et all 1999-07-01
  6. Seals and Sea Lions of the World (Of the World) by Nigel Bonner, 2004-02
  7. Weapons of the Navy Seals by Kevin Dockery, 2005-11-01
  8. One Perfect Op: An Insider's Account of the Navy Seal Special Warfare Teams by Dennis Chalker, Kevin Dockery, 2002-04-01
  9. Seal Team Seven #20: Attack Mode (Seal Team Seven) by Keith Douglass, 2003-11-04
  10. I Am a Seal: The Life of an Elephant Seal (I Live in the Ocean) by Darlene R. Stille, 2004-08
  11. Southern Elephant Seal: Giants Among Us (Cooper, Jason, Giants Among Us.) by Jason Cooper, 1997-07
  12. Seals and Sea Lions: An Affectionate Portrait (Close Up) by Vicki Leon, 1994-09
  13. Seals: Guerrilla Warfare (Seals) by Jack Terral, 2006-03-28
  14. Near Eastern Seals (Interpreting the Past Series) by Dominique Collon, 1990-12-04

101. EK Hydraulics - 1.800.632.7112
Offers custom manufacturing and rebuilding of hydraulic cylinders, motors, and pumps. Stocks and distributes new hose and fittings, seals, valves, cylinders, pumps, and motors, and chrome rod and honed tubing.
For more information, contact us.
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Tired of High Prices
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EK Hydraulics Has Your Solution!
We, at EK Hydraulics, specialize in rebuilding and custom manufacture of hydraulic cylinders throughout the Midwest. We have the experience inventory , and facilities to restore your cylinders to like-new condition in a reasonable period of time. We stock a large and ever increasing inventory of seals, chrome rod, cylinder tubing, aluminum and steel for replacing rods, barrels and pistons where necessary on your cylinders. From this inventory, we can also custom manufacture to your specifications. To ensure continued success we are constantly striving to improve our productivity, both in sales and quality control. As a leader in the hydraulic repair industry, we are dedicated to the needs of our customers. With a vast network of resources and our website, our goal remains to ensure total customer satisfaction by means of prompt, courteous service and rigid quality standards. We distribute for:
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EK Hydraulics Inc.

102. San Francisco Seals
Played in the Pacific Coast League from 1903 through 1957.
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103. Manufacturers Of Foam Dock Seals, Inflatable Dock Seals, Dock Bumpers, Dockboard
Manufactures door seals, levelers, bumpers, and plates. Describes products and company.
Products Select a Product Air Curtains Air Doors Alarms - Back-Up Back-Up Alarms Bumpers Chocks - Wheel Curtains - Air Dock Bumpers Dock Ladders Dock Levelers Dock Lifts Dock Lights Dock Plates Dockboards Doors - Air Doors - Impact Traffic Doors - Strip Foam Dock Seals Folding Gates Gates Guards Hospital - Mobile Trailer Seals Inflatable Aircraft Hanger Door Seals Inflatable Rail Car Seals Inflatable Truck Seals Jacks - Trailer Stabilizing Ladders Lift Tables Lights - Truck Dock Lights - Warning Mirrors Pallet Pullers Ramp - Walk Ramp - Wheel Risers Ramp - Yard Ramps Shelters - Rigid Stabilizing Jacks Strip Doors Tables - Hyd Lifts Traffic Doors Truck Restraints Vertical Ladders Walk Ramp Warning Lights Wheel Chocks Wheel Ramp Yard Ramps Search
Inflatable Rail Car Dock

Door Seal

Dock Levelers

Foam Truck Dock Seals - T1 Series
Dock Bumpers
Consider Energy
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104. The Pinole Seals Swim Club
Recreational swim team, providing the youth of West Contra Costa County and adjacent communities with the opportunity to learn competitive swimming skills.
The official web site for the Pinole Seals Swim Club, 510/758-7566. (A browser that supports frames is required.)

105. About Antarctica: Seals
All of the seals in Antarctica are true seals (no ears). Unlike other seals found in Antarctica, Fur seals are not true seals.
Although there are 35 species of seals, only six types live in Antarctica: Antarctic Fur Seals, Crabeater Seals, Leopard Seals, Ross Seals, and Weddell Seals. However, these six species make up the majority of the world's seal population. With no natural land predators, such as polar bears or man, Antarctic seals behave much differently than northern sealsshowing little fear of man.
Seals are categorized into three families: true seals, eared seals (common to most zoos), and walruses (found in the arctic). All of the seals in Antarctica are true seals (no ears). Even without ears, seal hearing out of the water is as good as human's. In the water, their hearing is even better. Its theorized that seals use a type of sonar to locate food, much like what dolphins and whales use.
In addition to using sonar for navigation and locating groups of food, its believed seals use their whiskers as a form of radar. The whiskers detect movement in the water and allow the seal to zoom in a particular object. Through the use of their sonar and radar, seals can actually find food in complete darkness better than in the light.
As for their eyes, seals don't really see color but they are particularly sensitive to common sea water colors (greens, green-blues). Seals eyes have a silvery lining behind the retina, just like cats and other nocturnal/low-light hunters. This lining reflects the light back through the eye and increases the total amount of light absorbed by the eyeanother necessary feature when hunting in the dimly lit depths of the oceans.

106. Easter Seals Massachusetts: Services For Children And Adults With Disabilities A
Offers assistive technology information and services to help people of all ages with all kinds of disabilities.
Site Map Printer Friendly Version Contact Us Login ... Register
Easter Seals helps children and adults with disabilities expand their independence.
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Massachusetts Services
Donate Now Help us support people with disabilities in the Gulf Coast

Welcome to Easter Seals Massachusetts Services provided: Subscribe to Easter Seals' Monthly Email Newsletter Email: Zip/Postal Code: Why Subscribe? What's New
Drew Adorno and his little brother, John Scalley, were always best buddies but at Easter Seals camp their bond grew even stronger. Read their story.
Making Technology Affordable The Massachusetts Assistive Technology Loan Program, managed by Easter Seals, has given the Whitman family a big reason to smile. Read their story October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month The theme this year is Workers with Disabilities: Ready for Tomorrow's Jobs Today . Pat Regan is a great example. Read her story.

107. Seal Sanctuary - On
The National Seal Sanctuary is a rescue, rehabilitation and release centre for seals based in Cornwall.
Welcome to the Seal Sanctuary web site, you now have THREE Seal Rescue Centres to visit
just click on the Sanctuary logo of your choice.
VISITOR ATTRACTION The National Seal Sanctuary is set in the picturesque Helford Estuary, by the beautiful village of Gweek, in Cornwall. The Sanctuary is a busy rescue centre, and also has resident Grey Seals, Common Seals, Californian and Patagonian Sea Lions, Goats, Ponies and Otters. The Scottish Sealife Sanctuary is set amidst the pine trees on the shores of picturesque Loch Creran, near Oban in Scotland. The Centre combines a spectacular aquarium with a busy rescue and rehabilitation facility for both common and grey seal pups. You can also watch our Canadian Otters as they dive and swim in their new home "Otter Creek". NORFOLK'S LEADING MARINE ANIMAL RESCUE CENTRE At the Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary you can embark upon a fascinating journey beneath the sea and come face to face with species as diverse as Sharks, Otters, Penguins, Rays and Seahorses. We are also a busy rescue and rehabilitation centre for both common and grey seal pups.

Hawaiian monk seals are pinnipeds, which is the order of marine mammals including This last characteristic does not hold true for Hawaiian monk seals,
Female monk seal days prior to giving birth I. Biology and Natural History
Hawaiian monk seals are pinnipeds , which is the order of marine mammals including seals, sea lions and walruses. There are believed to be about 34 different species of pinnipeds. All are characterized by having large eyes, prominent snouts, streamlined shapes and four swimming flippers which typify the order. In fact, the word pinniped means "feather-" or "fin-footed" in Latin. Although they have successfully adapted to life in the sea, pinnipeds are thought to have evolved from terrestrial mammals about 20 million years ago and continue to retain strong ties to land. Their closest modern day terrestrial ancestors are the bear and the dog. Some biologists consider the pinnipeds to be so closely related to these species as to include them as members of order carnivora which includes the dogs, bears, wolves, raccoons and others. Whichever classification scheme you choose, the pinnipeds can be divided into three distinct families; 1) the Phocidae which are the "true," or earless seals 2) the Otariidae, the eared seals and sea lions, and 3) the Odobenidae, which includes only the walrus.
The three families differ mainly with respect to the possession of external ears and their means of locomotion. The Otariidae or eared seals, have external ears as their name implies. In addition, they have long front flippers that measure up to one-third of their body length which they use to propel themselves through the water. In the water, their hind flippers serve mainly as a rudder or as an aid in steering. On land, the hind flippers are able to turn under the seal's body and provide support, enabling them to make four-footed movements. Eared seals are fairly mobile on land as well as in the water.

109. Windsor Machine Group - Welcome
Product line includes; rubber isolators, body strut mounts, seals, gaskets, pads, in various polymers.

110. Pump Up & Kick Ass With The Navy SEALs!
Offers training and workout videos about seals training, also provides information pictures, posters of seals.
PUMP UP KICK ASS WITH THE NAVY SEALS CLICK HERE TO ENTER Welcome to LOTI Group's Navy SEAL Team website. This site is operated by SEAL Team One veteran Brian Curle . Our contributors read like a who's who in Naval Special Warfare operations. LOTI Group's Navy SEAL associate producers include active duty and veteran SEALs from both coasts. Our coproducers are drawn from every rank in the Teams, including combat veterans, SEAL snipers, tactical trainers, anti terrorism and counter terrorist specialists, hand to hand combat instructors, weapons experts, and ex Team Commanders. You may be familiar with some of them by name through their books and films. You can check them out by clicking on the "WHO ARE THESE GUYS" icon on our contents page. If you are alarmed and concerned by what you have been seeing on the news, you've come to the right place. LOTI Group has spent over a decade making tactical and practical training films that save lives. Just as every terrorist is a criminal, violent criminals are terrorists in their own right. You can either be a victim or you can be prepared. The choice is yours. We make it easier for you to choose because now you can buy any video or DVD and get a 2 nd video or DVD of your choice @ ½ price.

111. Autospin
Manufactures metal cased oil seals, made to order worldwide, provides despatch within 48 hours.
This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

112. : Explore The Navy: U.S. Navy SEALs
Navy seals handle classified missions from the sea, air and land with razorsharp precision, teamwork and cool-headedness. seals are considered the leading
Navy Seals
Current Date and Time: Sun Sep 25 17:07:38 CDT 2005 Tell a friend about this web page Site Navigation Search This Site
Navy Seals
Questions? Get answers. Visit the Navy Message Board.
SEAL training is a process that begins with the basic conditioning phase of BUD/S. Training involves not only intense physical conditioning but also maneuvers that instill the values of teamwork and trust.
Extraction of SEALs from a mission objective may be accomplished in a number of ways, including climbing a rope ladder into a helicopter. The climb requires strength, stamina and coordination.
From the heavily reinforced Combat Rubber Raiding Craft to the extremely fast RiGID HULL Inflatable Boat, inflatable boats are a versatile way to transport SEALs to and from mission objectives.
SEALs are experts at blending in with their surroundings by using camouflage, face paint and other techniques. Reconnaissance missions may involve taking photographs or simply observing a target area for intelligence purposes.
The SEAL Trident represents the honor, courage and commitment required to become part of the elite SEAL teams. The honor of wearing the Trident requires more than a year of intensive training. fewer than one-third of trainees actually receive this elite insignia.

113. Error 404
Information about becoming a SEAL, SEAL training, workout, equipment, pictures, and history.
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Please visit this link instead.

114. Melvin Seals' Melting Pot - Stewing The Sounds Of Melvin's Keys With San Francis
Blues, funk, rock, and bluegrass from this former member of the Jerry Garcia Band. Band information, members profiles, related links, music clips,
C'Mon In




115. SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs For PlayStation 2 Review - PlayStation 2 SOCOM: U.S. Navy
By Ryan Mac Donald. 8.9/10 Simply put, the game works extremely well online and will certainly be enjoyed by anyone who has a broadband connection
GameSpot GameFAQs ...
Publisher: SCEA Developer: Zipper Interactive Genre: Action Release Date: GameSpace Review Previews News Downloads Movies Cheats Check Prices
Hard Learning Curve:
About 1 hour GameSpot Score great About Our Rating System Gameplay Graphics Sound Value Tilt
While PC gamers have been enjoying online multiplayer shooters like Counter-Strike for years, SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs will be the very first such online gaming experience for a great number of PlayStation 2 owners. Sony and SOCOM's developer, Zipper Interactive, obviously knew this would be the case, and in SOCOM, they have constructed an online game that is surprisingly deep but extremely easy to get into, making it an excellent game regardless of whether you've played other multiplayer shooters before.
SOCOM is an impressive multiplayer shooter, but its single-player mode is great, too.
While the major draw of SOCOM is certainly the game's online play component, the game does include a fairly substantial single-player campaign that consists of 12 missions set in a variety of locations around the globe. Almost all the missions have three main objectives that you must complete in order to move on to the next. The main objectives include activities such as blowing up enemy weapon depots, assassinating specific targets, rescuing prisoners, and gathering intelligence by retrieving enemy maps and laptop computers. Each mission begins with a brief overview that gives you a rundown of the situation and your objectives.

116. Easter Seals Wisconsin: Services For Children And Adults With Disabilities And S
Easter seals Wisconsin recently launched its newest program for people with disabilities called Easter seals Camp Wawbeek Features Transition Team Week.
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Easter Seals Wisconsin provides services to children and adults with disabilities and support to their families.
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Wisconsin Services
Donate Now Help us support people with disabilities in the Gulf Coast

Services provided by Easter Seals Wisconsin: Subscribe to Easter Seals' Monthly Email Newsletter Email: Zip/Postal Code: Why Subscribe? What's New We Invite You to Travel the World.
There is still time left to register for Easter Seals Wines Around the World at the Madison Concourse Hotel on October 27. Join us for an elegant evening of gourmet food and wines from other cultures culminating in a wine harvest celebration. This year's event will be even bigger and better and for the first time is presented in conjunction with the Madison Food and Wine Show. (Read More)
Choose Your Favorite Event.
Easter Seals Wisconsin has an array of upcoming fall events. Whether it's a run through the woods, eating your fill of pancakes, an afternoon of fun, food and raffles or enjoying a glass of wine with friends, we've got what you are looking for. Have a great time while helping children and adults with disabilities. Check out our Events page for more information.

117. Brady Seals Fan Page/No Frames/No Java/WebTV
Biography, discography, fan club, photo albums, tour information, merchandise, real video, chat.
News and Info
Guest Book


Cassie Cheeney Memorial
Most Recent Album - Thompson Street
Most Recent Single - The Best Is Yet To Come
Why not buy them ONLINE NOW?
This website will be going out of business soon. You will be able to visit but it will be a new and improved site. Until then visit his newest Venture Featuring Brady and Lisa Stewart at (E2)
Buy his new album Thompson Street online.
Listen to Brady Sing
the Oreo Cookie Blues
Live on WYGY Y-96, in Cincinnati Ohio!
Lets Get Brady On TV Click on the link for details
Check the interview at Fan Fair 2000.
Nick Johnson's caricature of Brady given to him at his Fan Club Party click on the Image to enlarge it
Cassie Cheeney Memorial
Search for when the Next Brady song will be played on Great American Country
Please contact Ken Bates for comments, suggestions etc. This site is provided by This site is intended to provide entertainment and information and in no way produced for monetary gain.
This Page has been visited by Brady Fans since Nov. 4, 1996

118. Stoffel Seals: Security Seals, Printed Packaging And Promotional Items
Stoffel seals is a diversified manufacturing company with broad capabilities in Security seals, Printed Packaging, and Promotional Items.
Manufacturing Your Packaging, Promotional
and Tamper Evident Security Solutions CART
Stoffel Seals is a diversified manufacturing company with broad capabilities. For over 60 years, we have focused on being a SOLUTIONS driven company who provides our customers with quality workmanship, materials and service. Our expansive product lines include:

119. HCC Industries
manufacturer of glassto-metal seals, hermetic connectors, high reliability electrical connection devices.

120. New Zealand Fur Seal
Fur seals look almost black when wet, but may look lighter when dry. Since 1991, fur seals have recommenced breeding on the North Island.
Contact Us Site Map Home About DOC ... Explore Conservation Regional Info Community Publications What's New ...

NZ Fur Seal

Southern Elephant Seal (Sea Elephant)

The marine mammal action plan (PDF)
New Zealand Fur Seal ( arctocephalus forsteri
A pointy nosed seal with long whiskers, visible external ears and body covered with two layers of fur. Fur seals look almost black when wet, but may look lighter when dry. Adult females: average length 1.2m, weight 40 kg. Adult males: average length 1.6m, weight 160 kg.
The New Zealand fur seal is found throughout New Zealand, western and southern Australia.
In New Zealand, minimum estimates of the population are 50 - 60,000, but this is almost certainly an underestimate. Recent work in Otago has shown there was a population increase of 25% per year between 1982 and 1994 and surveys in 1995 indicated this was continuing. A similar rate of increase has been noted in the Nelson/Marlborough region and also in the Subantarctic Bounty Islands. Since 1991, fur seals have recommenced breeding on the North Island. In Australia latest estimates are 30 - 35,000 with an annual increase of 16 to 19%. Although there are no estimates of population growth available for Southland, a nationwide survey in the 1970's showed fur seals in Southland accounted for over 40 % of the total New Zealand population or 70% if the sub-antarctic islands are included.

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