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  1. Hidden Agendas (Tempting SEALs) by Lora Leigh, 2007-06-26
  2. The Element of Surprise: Navy Seals in Vietnam by Darryl Young, 1990-03-28
  3. The Sultan's Seal: A Novel by Jenny White, 2007-02-12
  4. SEAL Sniper Training Program by U.S. Navy, 1992-09
  5. Team Secrets Of The Navy Seals by Ltd Lionheart Books, 2003-05-02
  6. The Navy SEAL Physical Fitness Guide by Patricia A. Deuster, 2002-01
  7. SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs Combined Assault Signature Series Guide (Bradygames Signature Series) by BradyGames, 2006-11-10
  8. First Seal by Roy Boehm, 1998-08-01
  9. To Be a U.S. Navy SEAL by Cliff Hollenbeck, 2003-08
  10. Who Can Open Michelangelo's Seven Seals? (Museum of Adventures) by Thomas Brezina, 2006-03-30
  11. Killer Secrets (Tempting SEALs) by Lora Leigh, 2008-03-04
  12. Forget Me Not (Navy SEALs, Book 1) by Marliss Melton, 2004-12-01
  13. The Leadership Lessons of the U.S. Navy SEALS: Battle-Tested Strategies for Creating Successful Organizations and Inspiring Extraordinary Results by Jeff Cannon, Jon Cannon, 2002-12-11
  14. Andre the Famous Harbor Seal by Fran Hodgkins , 2003-10-25

21. Navy SEALs Covert Operations
Team Mirage Support Team Mirage - NSCO Server Stats - Server Variable Editor - Navy - Schakalweb - NSCOLeague - Mod

22. The Easter Seal Society, Ontario - Helping Kids With Physical Disabilities Succe
Dedicated to helping children, youth and young adults with physical disabilities achieve their full individual potential and future independence.
Get your tax receipt right away via e-mail
Other ways to give

Car and Booster Seats Now Mandatory for Young Children in Ontario

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and check out the Living with Disabilities section

The Easter Seal Society Ontario, Canada
Our Mission and Commitment

Hot Nite
in the City
Ongoing Web site Toronto Maple Leafs Skate for Easter Seals Kids December 11 Web site Power Play Ongoing Web site View Regional Events by Date It’s safe to donate to Easter Seals online using your credit card. Our payment processing technology protects your personal information. The Computer Industry Swings for the Green September 15, 2005 Subscribe to the e-News! Your Privacy 2005 Easter Seals Calendar [Order] Now updated with the June, July, and August winners What Your Money Does Testimonials to the difference you make Camp and Recreational Choices Program 2006 applications available in mid-December Book with Intercontinental Hotels 3% goes to help Easter Seals Kids Easter Seals Comments Forum Want to say something? Click here!

23. Security Seals, Name Badges, Luggage Tags, Key Fobs, Unisto
Develops and produces security seals and offers worldwide identification. Based in Germany.


24. A.W. Chesterton Chesterton
seals Mechanical Seal Mechanical seals Dry Gas seals Automotive seals Bearing Isolators Boiler Feed seals Carbon Face seals Chemical seals

25. HSUS Protect Seals
Protect seals campaign the humane society of the united states. Don t Buy While seals Die Boycott Canadian Seafood. Help save baby seals by signing the

*How we calculate this number
Tell a Friend Donate Learn More ... Join Our Seals Team The 2005 Seal Hunt: From Brutality to Boycott Following this year’s Canadian seal hunt, the official kill count stood at 317,672 seals, a number that solidifies the hunt's reputation as the largest commercial slaughter of marine mammals on the planet. Of the dead, 98.5% were seals three months or younger. Appalled by our on-ice reports, people worldwide are clamoring for an end to the hunt, and many have already joined our boycott of Canadian seafood. Now we're turning our attention to companies and restaurants to get them to join the boycott. Some already have , but the world's largest seafood chain, Red Lobster, has so far refused our pleas. Help convince the chain to change its mind.
Updated September 18, 2005 September for Seals Show Red Lobster that it's past time to join the responsible people and businesses boycotting Canadian seafood until the seal hunt is ended. Take part in one of the rallies across the United States and Canada. Click here to find the rally nearest you.

26. Dan Seals - Free Music Downloads, Videos, CDs, MP3s, Bio, Merchandise And Links
Includes photos, audio clips, biography, album information, and bulletin board.
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B.J. Thomas William Lee Golden Glen Campbell ... 1 More
dan seals - u.s. releases
Dan Seals
Make It Home

Dan Seals

In a Quiet Room II
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Dedicated to the US Navy seals, their History, Training, Equipment, Operations as well as News Reviews Interiews and Articles.

28. SEALS Home Page
Home page for seals (A System for Easy Analysis of Lots of Sequences)
SEALS Home Page
SEALS (A System for Easy Analysis of Lots of Sequences) is a software package expressly designed for large-scale research projects in bioinformatics. Using a friendly, scalable command-line user interface, SEALS provides dozens of commands to help the user quickly implement standard sequence analysis protocols, design new investigations, and generally Get Things Done with dispatch.
SEALS is not an automated system for genome analysis. We find that this goal is neither possible nor desirable. SEALS is designed toward a different goal: to facilitate large-scale semi-automatic sequence analysis projects, leveraging human intelligence by simplifying laborious tasks, without taking human judgment out of the loop. Graphical interfaces are avoided, as they tend to be slow and do not scale well. Simple human-readable file formats are used exclusively in order to facilitate human interaction at every stage of a process. In addition to providing user-level sequence analysis tools, SEALS also aims to provide a rapid development environment of sorts, implementing a set of primitives at the appropriate level of abstraction for current research projects in genome analysis. New applications can be rapidly prototyped and non-programmers can easily create and modify novel functions using shell scripts.
SEALS includes such functions as
  • Data retrieval

    • Local database lookups are seamlessly integrated with remote NCBI Entrez retrievals for maximum speed. The HTTP-based Entrez retrieval supports an implementation of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for secure transactions.

29. Seals And
Makers of selfinking stamps, seal presses and embossers.
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Self Inking Stamps Embossers
Clocks ... Wood ELECTRONIC MARKING Electronic Stamps Electronic Embossers Badge Holders SERVICES Security Marking (Holograms) Sandblasting Signage Laser Engravaing Computerized Engraving
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30. Greene, Tweed Co. Introduction
Der Hersteller von Hochleistungsdichtungen aus Spezialelastomeren und Thermoplasten mit hoher chemischer, thermischer und mechanischer Best ndigkeit

31. Harbor Seals
Harbor seals. A Sea World Education Department Publication. Contents. Scientific Classification Habitat and Distribution Physical Characteristics
Harbor Seals
A Sea World Education Department Publication
Scientific Classification
Habitat and Distribution

Physical Characteristics

Books for Young Readers
Goals of the Sea World Education Department: Based on a long-term commitment to education, Sea World strives to provide an enthusiastic, imaginative, and intellectually stimulation atmosphere to help students reach their academic potential. Specifically, our goals are...
  • To instill in students of all ages an appreciation for science and a respect for all living creatures and natural environments.
    To conserve our valuable natural resources by increasing awareness of the interrelationships of humans and the marine environment.
    To increase students' basic competencies in science and other disciplines.
    To provide an educational resource for the entire community.
" For in the end we will conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught . " - B. Dioum. SeaWorld/Busch Gardens Animal Information Database

32. Flowserve Corporation-World Leading Industrial Pumps, Valves And Mechanical Seal
One of the world's largest manufacturers of pumps, valves, seals and components to the process industries. Headquartered in the US.
Flowserve is one of the most recognized and preferred global suppliers of fluid motion and control products and services.
Flowserve will use its collective resources and experience to deliver products, services and solutions that help customers exceed their business goals. Products and Services Flowserve on-site training is tailored to your specific business needs.
Contact Educational Services
Flowserve Supports SPAWARSYSCEN Charleston Automation Efforts.
Flowserve launches new version of Performance! software
Version 9.3.0 adds new features to control valve sizing and selection tool
Flowserve Awarded Order for First Full-Scale Direct Coal Liquefaction Plant
Flowserve Executive Appointed
to Hydraulic Institute Board of Directors
Announcements ... Ethics

33. Navy Fact File: Navy SEALs
Official information from the Navy Office of Information including history, links, the BUD/S warning order, and application information.
The United States Navy Today's SEAL (Sea, Air, Land) teams trace their history to the first group of volunteers selected from the Naval Construction Battalions (SeaBees) in the spring of 1943. These volunteers were organized into special teams called Navy Combat Demolition Units (NCDUs). The units were tasked with reconnoitering and clearing beach obstacles for troops going ashore during amphibious landings, and evolved into Combat Swimmer Reconnaissance Units.
The NCDUs distinguished themselves during World War II in both the Atlantic and Pacific theaters. In 1947, the Navy organized its first underwater offensive strike units. During the Korean Conflict, these Underwater Demolition Teams (UDTs) took part in the landing at Inchon as well as other missions including demolition raids on bridges and tunnels accessible from the water. They also conducted limited minesweeping operations in harbors and rivers.
During the 1960s, each branch of the armed forces formed its own counterinsurgency force. The Navy utilized UDT personnel to form separate units called SEAL teams. January 1962 marked the commissioning of SEAL Team ONE in the Pacific Fleet and SEAL Team TWO in the Atlantic Fleet. These teams were developed to conduct unconventional warfare, counter-guerilla warfare and clandestine operations in both blue and brown water environments.
Concurrently, Naval Operations Support Groups were formed to aid UDTs, SEALs, and two other unique units — Boat Support and Beach Jumpers — in administration, planning, research, and development. During the Vietnam War, UDTs performed reconnaissance missions and SEALs carried out numerous offensive operations. In 1967, the Naval Operations Support Groups were renamed Naval Special Warfare Groups (NSWGs) as involvement increased in limited conflicts and special operations.

34. Harbor Seals
Harbor seals can be viewed in small groups hauled out basking on sand bars, harbor seal at Montauk, May 2004 Male harbor seals generally grow to 5 5
Harbor Seals (Phoca vitulina)
Named common seal throughout Europe, this seal frequently observed around Long Island lives along the shores of eastern Canada, New England and in the winter, as far south as the Carolinas in a variety of habitats. Their scientific name loosely means "sea calf" or "sea dog." This latter nickname is well suited as these seals closely resemble a dog when their head is viewed at the surface of the water. Harbor seals can be viewed in small groups hauled out basking on sand bars, rocks or remote beaches, sometimes popping their heads up in t he waters nearby. Usually wary of humans, they are known to follow fishing boats, feeding on the scraps thrown overboard and occasionally harbor seals will haul out on someone's dock or even in their boat. When hauled out, harbor seals often lie with their heads and hind flippers elevated in what is often referred to as the "banana-like" position. When resting in water, harbor seals can be seen in what we call the "bottling" position, with heads tilted straight back and perpendicular to the surface; thus assuming the appearance of a floating bottle. Harbor seals, like most other seal species, migrate southward every winter, returning to New England and Canada in the summer. On Long Island a large influx of these seals arrive in November and remain through mid- May, although some are thought to stay throughout the year.

35. Error - SeaWorld/Busch Gardens ANIMALS
Information on both the differences and similarities of seals and sea lions.
The page you are looking for has been moved or no longer exists. Here are some tools to help you find the information you're looking for:
We apologize for any inconvenience. If you are age 12 or younger, please don't email us; have an adult (parent, guardian, teacher, etc.) send us an email with your question/request/comment instead. See our for more information.

36. Harp Seals
Harp seals young harp seasl at Montauk, May 8, 2004 (Pagophilus groenlandicus) These seals resemble the harbor seal but are slightly larger,
Harp Seals (Pagophilus groenlandicus)
This species has endured intense hunting beginning with the Basques in the 16th century. During the 1700 and 1800's harp seals provided millions of barrels of oil that was shipped back to Europe where it was used mainly for lamp oil and lubricants. By the mid 20th century they were hunted mainly for their pelts which were used by the European fur industry for clothing. After Canadian Fisheries scientists discovered that the harp seal's population had become drastically reduced in the 1950's, the Government instituted quotas to reduce the killing. Public attention became focused on this massive slaughter, particularly of the white coated pups off the coast of Newfoundland every March. Public outcry and political pressure eventually put a stop to the hunt in 1987, but the hunt began again in the mid 1990's. For a detailed review of the Canadian and other harp seal hunts, go to the Seal Conservation Society's harp seal page

37. Orings, Encapsulated O'rings :: Northerng Engineering :: Molded O-rings, Teflon,
Manufacturers of teflon, encapsulated, viton and silicone O Rings, moulded O Rings and seals.

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39. Hayley Group - The Inventory Management Experts
Stockists of bearings, seals and power transmission, fluids, fasteners, metals, lube and castors and associated products.

40. Año Nuevo SR
Most of the adult seals are gone by early March, leaving behind the weaned The elephant seals return to Año Nuevo s beaches during the spring and summer
California Home State Parks Home Find A Park Adventures in Learning ... Site Index Related Links Año Nuevo SP Birds Elephant Seals Geology ... General Plan Information Adventure No.9 Año Nuevo SR State Reserve Fifty-five miles south of San Francisco and the Golden Gate, a low, rocky, windswept point juts out into the Pacific Ocean. The Spanish maritime explorer Sebastian Vizcaino sailed by the point on January 3, 1603. His diarist and chaplain of the expedition, Father Antonio de la Ascension, named it Punta de Año Nuevo (New Year's Point) for the day on which they sighted it in 1603.
Today, the point remains much as Vizcaino saw it from his passing ship. Lonely, undeveloped, wild. Elephant seals, sea lions, and other marine mammals come ashore to rest, mate, and give birth in the sand dunes or on the beaches and offshore islands. It is a unique and unforgettable natural spectacle that hundreds of thousands of people come to witness each year.
Año Nuevo State Reserve is the site of the largest mainland breeding colony in the world for the northern elephant seal, and the interpretive program has attracted increasing interest every winter for the past 19 years. People who hope to see the seals during the winter breeding season are urged to get their reservations early. The males battle for mates on the beaches and the females give birth to their pups on the dunes.
During the breeding season, December through March, daily access to the reserve is available via guided walks only. Most of the adult seals are gone by early March, leaving behind the weaned pups who remain through April. The elephant seals return to Año Nuevo's beaches during the spring and summer months to molt and can be observed during this time through a permit system.

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