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         Seafood Cooking:     more books (100)
  1. Mccormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurant Cookbook
  2. The Modern Seafood Cook: New Tastes, New Techniques, New Ease by Edward Brown, 1995-11-21

141. 35 Seafood - Cooking With Angus
seafood. View Clip. Episode description coming soon! cooking with Angus. cooking with Angus. seafood. $ 20.00. • 616 234 3830
Grand Rapids Community College
Hospitality Department
Cooking with Angus
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View Clip This episode of Cooking with Angus takes place at Plitt Seafood in Chicago, IL. Rob Solomon, president of the 88-year old company, explains the operations and who his customers are. Chef Angus discusses the process for catching, packaging and delivering seafood across the United States which has changed over time to ensure that the seafood is as fresh as possible. Next, cuts of tuna are examined, and Rob explains the difference between standard tuna and sushi-grade tuna. Another topic for discussion is the machinery and the actual processing of the fish; in past days, workers would use metal brushes to scale the fish. This method has been replaced with a Japanese-designed system that uses high-pressure jets of water to remove the scales, and the water used is oxygenated which simultaneously disinfects the fish. In addition to fish, Plitt carries shellfish, and Rob explains that portion of the business to Angus, beginning with lobster. He notes that Plitt began solely as a shellfish company, specializing in clams and oysters and describes the wide variety of clams, mussels and oysters that the company provides. The final half of the episode features Chef Angus in the kitchen preparing two dishes. The first is an Italian dish called a carpaccio, using some of the sushi-grade tuna. The meat is acid-cooked in lemon juice and vodka, and prepared with shallots, shallots, salt and pepper. The carpaccio is finished off with a garnish of salad.

142. Boiled Lobsters [microwave]
Directions for cooking lobster in a microwave oven.
Boiled Lobsters [microwave] From: Jean-Claude B., Montreal, Quebec, Canada Comments: Oven: 700 watts
Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 5 minutes
Waiting time: none
Boiled lobsters, hot melted butter, crusty bread and small glass good, fresh white wine. What more can one ask for? Servings: Ingredients Preparation
  • 2 live [approximately 1 1/2-pound - 680-g each] live lobsters
  • 3 cups [750 mL] boiling water
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 3 slices of unpeeled lemon
  • Hot, melted butter
  • Arrange one [1] lobster into a glass 1 x 8-inch [30 x 20-cm] dish.
  • Pour boiling water over lobster.
  • Add bay leaves and lemon slices.
  • Cover and microwave, on 'HIGH', for 5 minutes, turning lobster twice.
  • Remove lobster from water.
  • Microwave second lobster [in the same water], on 'HIGH', for 5 minutes, turning lobster twice.
  • Half lobsters lengthwise.
  • Remove and throw away stomach and veins [in tails] from lobsters; break-up claws.
  • Serve, over heated plates, along with hot, melted butter.

143. Fish And Seafood - Cooking Forum - The Friendliest Cooking Site On The Net!
cooking related forum where lovers of cooking can share recipes, ideas and help each other.

144. - Culinary Books Fish & Seafood:Cooking With Great Chefs (Eurodelice
Fish SeafoodCooking With Great Chefs (Eurodelices). Newsletter Special Offers Student Kits Links About Us Affiliates Help Size Chart & Seafood:Cooking Wi

145. Vancouver Community College, British Columbia's No. 1 College - Programs & Cours
The student learns to poach, grill or panfry, broil and deep fry seafood. Emphasis is placed on proper techniques for cutting and cooking seafood.

146. Seafood -
Quality kitchenware and cooking recipes for cooks. Cookware Bakeware Cutlery Small Appliances Knives Cook s Tools Tableware Cookbooks Gift Ideas Housewares

147. Fish And Seafood -
Quality kitchenware and cooking recipes for cooks. Cookware Bakeware Cutlery Small Appliances Knives Cook s Tools Tableware Cookbooks Gift Ideas Housewares

148. Fish And Seafood - Fish And Seafood Top Links
BrothPoach Fish - A simple recipe for cooking fish in the microwave. seafood Recipes - Collection of recipes for fish, crustaceans, squid,
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Sub-Categories Bass


Fish and Seafood Web Site Links Barbecued Fish Fish fillets marinated with lemon juice, honey, and chutney, then grilled.
Baked Fish Fillets
A simple recipe using fish, butter, and lemon juice.
Broth-Poach Fish
A simple recipe for cooking fish in the microwave.
Captain's Shells
Fish in white sauce served on shells.
Coated Fried Fish Fillets
A simple recipe for making fried fish.
Creole Fish Casserole
Fish microwaved with corn and herbs.
Crunchy Fish
Marinated fish microwaved with butter and lemon juice. Deep-Fried Fish A basic recipe for deep-frying fish fillets. Fish in Hot Fanny Sauce Fish steaks served with a pepper, pecan, and lemon sauce. How To Smoke Fish A how-to smoke fish guide for three types of smoked fish. Hot-smoking, Cold-smoking and making lox are covered. Dough for 'Fish and Chips' Basic recipe for making batter for deep-fried fish. English-Style Fish'N Chips Fish fillets dipped in beer batter and deep-fried. Fish Cakes Made with fish fillets, mashed potatoes, lemon juice, and herbs. Winter Fish Wrap Fish wrapped with lemon in cabbage leaves and steamed. Includes recipes for Black-eyed Peas and Red Cabbage Slaw.

149. John's BayLobsters: Quality Seafood Delivered Fresh To Your Home
The optimum cooking doneness for seafood is medium rare. At this state of doneness, Add seafood and sear, then lower heat to finish cooking.
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To be added to our weekly email list, use our Contact Us Form Saturday delivery available. Delivery Schedules Check out the Benefits of the BayLobsters Club General Seafood Cooking Tips
  • Fresh seafood should not smell unpleasantly "fishy". "It should smell fresh and mild ~ like the ocean it comes from, not fishy or ammonia-like." ( U.S. Food and Drug Administration Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition ). If there is a fishy or ammonia smell, it would be safest not to use it.
  • One simple rule covers it all: Cook fish in a preheated 450° F oven for 10 minutes per inch of thickness.
    You don't want to overcook seafood - you will not be happy with the results.
  • Seafood should never be rinsed prior to cooking. Do not rinse your fish prior to cooking as this washes away water soluble proteins that give fish its delicious flavor.
  • Doneness Preparing seafood is easy. Fish is best when cooked at high heat for a short amount of time. This seals in the flavor without drying out fillets. You never want to overcook seafood - you will be disappointed in the end. The optimum cooking doneness for seafood is medium rare. At this state of doneness, whitefish will flake easily yet retain its natural shimmer. Tuna will retain a pink core and the center of scallops will be just lukewarm to the touch. If you prefer fish cooked to medium doneness, just add a couple minutes to cooking time. Do not overcook.

150. Cooks Corner
cooking at Cooks Corner. Your source for cookware, kitchen gadgets, cooking utensils and cooking supplies.

151. Seafood Articles On Texas Cooking
Articles and recipes on oysters, lobster, snapper, crabcakes, and bass.
Texas Seafood
Grandma's Cookbook
Food Features Traditional Texas Fare Dessert Spotlight ... Food Gifts / Coupons
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Click here UK - Great Britain Readers DE/German Readers Website: Texana Visit our sister site devoted to Texas books, travel, people and culture. Texas Events Calendar Food Articles Visit Message Boards Get Our Free Newsletter Texas Oysters, A Holiday Option by Trish Bales T rish Bales praises the goodness of oysters, dispels the myths surrounding them and shares an heirloom, family recipe for oyster dressing. Catfish Are Jumpin' by David Bulla D avid Bulla extols the virtues of the farm-raised variety, including his recipes for Blackened Catfish with Pineapple Citrus Salsa, Smoked Catfish and Crawfish Tail Spread, and Catfish Baked in Parchment with Vegetables and Herbs. Talking Texas Oysters by David Bulla I think it was Stephen F. Austin that once said "Give Me Texas Oysters or Give Me Death." Did you know that over 3.4 million pounds of oyster meat was produced in Texas in 1998? David Bulla shows you several ways of cooking with Texas Oysters.

152. Simply Seafood
Simply seafood is pleased to introduce the premier issue of seafood SOLUTIONS™ We are also introducing our new Simply seafood® brand of highquality,
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Simply Seafood is pleased to introduce the Check back often over the next few months as our site is completed to provide you with information and ideas... everything you've been looking for in a complete seafood resource. At Simply Seafood we're comitted to helping people Make Great Seafood Easy.

153. Fish Stories: Catch A Line On How To Buy, Cook And Eat Seafood From Four Of The
Fish stories Catch a line on how to buy, cook and eat seafood from four of the best in the business. July 15, 2003. BY SYLVIA RECTOR FREE PRESS FOOD WRITER
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  • Dining out
  • Dining al fresco: The sky's the limit outdoors
  • The new food pyramid: 2005 dietary guidelines Books ...

    Fish stories: Catch a line on how to buy, cook and eat seafood from four of the best in the business
    July 15, 2003 BY SYLVIA RECTOR
    Eric Ward of Northern Lakes Seafood Co., left, Matt Barkach of Charley's Crab and Seanne Myers of Mitchell's Fish Market hold, from the left, a grouper, a red snapper and a parrot fish. Let your mind drift to the coast of Maine, the Outer Banks of North Carolina and the laid-back Florida Keys. Envision the California shoreline, Hawaii's beautiful coral reefs and the cool, deep bays of the Pacific Northwest. If you're thinking summer vacations, chances are you aren't Matt Barkach, Gary Mui, Seanne Myers or Eric Ward four of metro Detroit's best seafood chefs. Mention coastal locales to pros like them, and
  • 154. Food City - Terry's Kitchen
    If you are a little unsure of how to cook seafood at home, one of the most important things to keep in mind is not to overcook it. For finfish like catfish,

    155. Neesvigs Home
    Welcome to Neesvigs. purveyors of fine quality meats since 1913. In 2005 we are celebrating our 93rd year in business. We appreciate your patronage,
    ...purveyors of fine quality meats since 1913. In 2005 we are celebrating our 93rd year in business. We appreciate your patronage, and invite you to browse our Web Site. Thank you for visiting our Web Site. Last updated December 14, 2004

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